Reeves, Steve


Name: Steve Reeves

Birthday: January 21, 1926

Place of Birth: Glasgow, Montana, USA

Date of death: May 1 2000 (74 years old)

Cause of death: find out lymphoma

Place of burial: find out cremated

Height: 180 cm

Eastern horoscope: Tiger

Career: Foreign actors 695 place

Photo: Steve Reeves

Early years

Steve Reeves was born in Glasgow. , Montana, January 21, 1926 and was the only child with Golden and Lester Reeves. In 1940, he began weight training on his own program in the Edd Yarik Hall in Auckland, California. Steve graduated from Castlemont High School. in 1944, and September 12 of the same year was drafted into the army. After six months of training, his unit had already fought in the Philippines. As an ordinary 25th US Infantry Division, he participated in the Battle of Ballet Pass. September 18, 1946 Steve Reeves returned to the United States. After retiring from the service, he immediately went to Auckland to the bodybuilder and trainer Ed Yarik in order to continue training in his gym.

Bodybuilder career

In December 1946, just three months after returning, Steve competed in his first Mr. Pacific Coast competition in Portland, which he won. In May 1947, Steve won the "Mr. West America" ​​competition held in Los Angeles, including several individual awards for the best hands, best breasts and best legs of a bodybuilder. A month later, 21-year-old Reeves became the youngest ever Mr. America to win 35 rivals, including future stars George Eiferman, who was Mr. America in 1949, and John Farbotnik, Mr. America and Mr. World. 1950 year.

During this period, Steve Reeves becomes for the next 20 years the main star of the so-called Muscle Coast in Venice, California. On the beaches, it makes a stunning impression on people who first saw a bodybuilder, at a time new to sports, bodybuilding. Crowds of surprised people walk behind him, thanks to his good looks and unprecedented, hypertrophied muscles. Bodybuilding magazine editor Bill Howard about Steve Reeves:

I myself came to the Muscle Coast in 1963. Then I turned 14 years old. In search of adventure, I left my parental home and went straight to California. The bodybuilding I adored called me there. I will never forget that very first day. Early in the morning I went to the beach and went to the nearest sports ground. And then I saw ... Bodybuilder. Even after so many years, I cannot help but write this word with a capital letter. He was unusually broad at the shoulders, with mighty hands as if carved from stone. Well, the face. When I looked at him, I was dumbfounded. It was Steve Reeves!

In 1948, Bert Goodrich organized in the hall Shrine auditorium in Los Angeles competition "Mr. USA". They were attended by several former "Mr. America", including Reeves. At 22 years old and still not at the peak of his form, he became the second after the famous bodybuilder Clancy Ross.

Failure did not discourage Reeves and he decided to speak at the most prestigious tournament - NABBA (English) Russian. "Mr. Universe" in London, in those days of the competition Mr. Olympia did not exist. Young Reeves lost the title to the legendary John Grimek. who was already 38 years old and who was already thinking of leaving the sport. Wishing victory, Steve went to Cannes (France), and won the title "Mr. Peace". In 1949, he again participated in the fight for the title of "Mr. USA", but lost to the same John Grimek and Clancy Ross.

On July 24, 1950, after a good preparation, Steve Reeves won the Mr. Universe contest, defeating the future legend of bodybuilding and idol Arnold Schwarzenegger - Reg Park. After this victory, Steve decided to switch to cinema.

Building a classic physique. Steve reeves

Steve Reeves is known for his physique, which many recall when looking at modern monstrous bodybuilders. An athletic figure and classic proportions are much more attractive to the eye than excessive muscle hypertrophy and many dream of building a classic physique Steve Reeves. What did the athlete himself say about this?

Steve Reeves training principles for building a classic physique

  • Refusal of the stage of weight gain. Many bodybuilders first work on weight gain, and then go on to dry. Many, but not the legend of bodybuilding Steve Reeves! In his own words, it’s better to have strong, muscular muscles all year round and you should work on these,
  • Concentration of attention. Reeves advised to concentrate completely on the working muscle, for maximum quality of the brain-body connections. All movements must be done slowly, with full amplitude, focusing on the working muscles,
  • Training volume. Three workouts a week is enough! The number of sets should also not go through the roof: with good concentration and full amplitude of movement, a set of three is quite enough,
  • Water. During the training you need to drink up to 2 liters of water,
  • Power Chips. Steve Reeves advised drinking a special drink during the training: 2 liters of water, juice from a couple of lemons and three tablespoons of honey. Also, in addition to regular food (beef, eggs, chicken, etc.), you must take gelatin mixed with chicken eggs.

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Steve Reeves is the best! :-)

Posted by Slalom 02/06/2010 at 5:41 a.m.+3 -0

Yes, he was straight. I also think that he is one of the best! This is what an ordinary bodybuilder can count on without drugs, and then if he works hard.

Posted by Kolyan 08/08/2010 at 18:24+1 -3

Have you been his personal nutritionist?)

Posted by Vadik 08/08/2010 at 1:04+2 -0

Kolyan. Steve Reeves trained when there were no steroids. They had not yet been invented.

Posted by VOVANG 08/04/2010 at 21:58+0 -6

What are you - oh - oh? But Bertold, already in the 49th of the 18th century, experiments on poor cocks for whom did he conduct? For whom since 1929 have they tried to extract testosterone from bull testicles? For whom in 1936 did Ruzhichka synthesize it from cholesterol? And in 1954, our heavies won on it and took away world records with gold medals. For whom? The subsequent scale is not at all difficult to imagine.

Therefore, it will be for you to think in front of, such, next, bold statements. I won’t say anything about literature, it’s ridiculous of course. But do not be lazy to shake the Internet. For your own knowledge.

Posted by Gus 08/05/2010 at 15:08+6 -1

I think he took steroids or not will remain a mystery, in any case he’s done well, and laid a solid foundation in the popularization of bodybuilding as a sport.

Posted by Arigon-l 10/04/2010 at 0:50+1 -0

Happy Mashine, regarding your statement that “And in 1954, our heavies won on it and took away world records with gold medals.”, I can only say that Yury Vlasov in his book “Justice of Force” wrote that steroids in Soviet weightlifting they began to use it for the first time in 1968 (Vlasov himself left the sport in 1964). Yuri Vlasov told the story of how one of the American trainings told him that they had a “bomb” - magic pills, thanks to which they could defeat Russian athletes. Moreover, he gave Vlasov these pills, after which a whole council of doctors, trainers and athletes gathered and for a long time wondered what kind of garbage it was. After one of the athletes decided to experiment on himself and drink these pills. A week later, without feeling any effect, he threw out the "wheels".

Posted by Fedor 10/14/2010 at 19:09+1 -1

They remembered about roosters. Ha ha ha ha)))))) Let it be known that the first steroids appeared, after World War II, like pills for dystrophy. By this time, Reeves already had the proportions he needed for him. Shake the Internet) )) You yourself know that the Internet is full of “information junk.” And finally, compare Reeves and Cutler, and you will see the difference. Cutler takes steroids, he talks about it himself, and besides, he advertises them.

Posted by VOVANG 12/04/2010 at 18:32+1 -4

I myself would love to believe in the inexhaustible potential of natural bb, but I can’t.

Yuri Vlasov in his book "Justice of Force" wrote that steroids in Soviet weightlifting were first used in 1968 - here it is STOP, Vlasov is certainly a great athlete, but I think that he was a little cunning, you are with Soviet policy regarding freedom of speech and print, familiar. I doubt that the Soviet athletes and their coaches could publicly say that their wards used, this is an article and a term ..), I will be silent about the crystallinity of Soviet weightlifters.

There was such a thing: Oralturinabol - an oral steroid that was developed in the early 60s of the last century by the East German company Yenapharm and appeared on the market of the then GDR. I must say that the drug was the number 1 doping drug in the GDR; it occupied the same place in the training of GDR athletes as methandrostenolone in the training of Soviet athletes.

MORE: Methyltestosterone (also known under the Androral trademark) is a synthetic testosterone in tablets, which, due to the methyl group in the alpha-17 position, does not break down in the liver, but this modification makes it very toxic to the liver. Methyltestosterone is one of the oldest anabolic steroids.

that's about information trash, about the fact that AAS appeared after the Second World War, you found trash,

here: For the first time, testosterone was isolated by scientists from the testicles of bulls and obtained in crystalline form in 1935. In the 1940s, injectable testosterone was produced in large quantities in Europe in order to accelerate the healing process of patients with dystrophy, especially prisoners of war.

Perhaps at this time testosterone was also used against German soldiers to increase their aggressiveness. In the late forties, Russian weightlifters discovered a new quality of exogenous testosterone: its ability to stimulate achievements, which then made it possible to set new records.

food for thought: the war ended in 1945, the rive is 19 years old, then we think for ourselves. )

although I do not deny him a really GREAT FIGURE, and his strength: he could use his fingers to lift a 185 kg barbell from the floor to his hips, as with deadlift .. IRONMan 2005 No. 41, there is a photo there, it's cool.

and yet, could not resist)))

finally, compare Reeves and Cutler to see the difference. Cutler takes steroids, he talks about it himself, and he also advertises them.

Finally, compare Petya (1 ampoule of dough per week, enanthate, cypionate, Sustanon, omnadren. It does not matter what is important 1 ampoule) and Vasya (4 grams per week, which is 16 ampoules), and you will see the difference. Vasya takes steroids, this can be seen in any way, and next to him Petya may seem straight, who is cool of course Petya. He is straight.

Posted by dktwho 01/16/2011 at 21:31+2 -1

The guy just developed his already excellent genetics, just look at his photo at 17 years old! His form did not change much after the completion of his bodybuilder career, as they say his muscles are certainly not forever, but for a long time. I think in 48 there were steroids, but it was so easy for individual athletes of an unpopular BB at that time to get it, and there was no need, because aesthetics and athleticism were paramount.

Posted by Kostyanich 01/24/2011 at 2:25+1 -0

Hercules is the idol of Arnold and many many stars from 60 to the present day.

Posted by Alexandr Kravchenko 04/13/2011 at 20:02+2 -0

Eternal memory to him Great man Legend !!

Posted by Alexandr Kravchenko 04/13/2011 at 20:03+2 -0

Here's what Arnold wrote about Hercules. “I wanted to look like Reg Park, I watched his every move, his every gesture. Suddenly I noticed that the light was already on in the auditorium and the audience was taking to the street. From that moment my whole life passed under the influence of Reg Park. He became an ideal for me. His image was indelibly imprinted in my memory. All my friends liked Steve Reeves more, but I did not like him. Reg Park looked much more massive, much more powerful than Steve Reeves. Steve seemed elegant, soft, And I knew that elegance me not interested. I wanted to be massive. "

from the book of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Posted by Alex4x4 07/05/2011 at 12:15+0 -0

You should not forget a man like Steve Reeves.

Posted by Classic MG 02/13/2012 at 16:50+0 -0

VOVANG, testosterone propianate treated male andropause in 1938-1940 in the USA, there is a scientific article about this (H. B. Thomas, R. T. Hill, 1940). It was enough to have a friend of the doctor and it was possible to get any "necessary proportions". And that testosterone propionate from the current one was no different

Posted by Stas 04/10/2012 at 11:46+2 -1

". I will only say that Yuri Vlasov"

Posted by Fedor on 10/14/2010 at 19:09

Dear Yuri Vlasov, this could be done by a group of doctors, a trainer, etc. Or do you REALLY THINK that such an ATHLET, who represents the whole USSR, will be given something to do on their own?

You are either an idiot or a very young person, forgive me.

Anyway, steroids and stuff - this is only an ADDITION, and not a large part. How hard it is to catch up with such a simple truth.

Posted by An December 6, 2012 at 18:08+1 -3

The late 50s and early 60s in the USA were a boom in isometric training. Allegedly, they gave an impetus to the results of Amer. Weightlifters. In fact, just at that time the national team in athletics and throwers under this boom began to chemize.

Posted by Alexander 05/23/2013 at 14:19+0 -0

Here it is a perfectly composed body, not with huge muscle mass and not chemically throaty, a healthy shape, and just a super shape, an ideal combination of muscle size and proportions, I consider it to be one of the best bodybuilders in the history of bodybuilding on a par with zayn

Posted by Alex 08/09/2013 at 23:22+2 -2

This is perfect to look like:

4. and functionally use these muscles.

This is not related to professional sports, it is related, first of all, to aesthetics and the concept of one’s own body.

Posted by Regis 02/03/2014 at 22:11+2 -0

Those who are too lazy to train and eat normally consider Zeynov and Reeves the best

Posted by Kevege 02/14/2014 at 21:44+1 -4

Kavege, this is the same thing to say: those who are too lazy to practice the guitar consider Gilmaor or Clapton the best.

That is, in short, your comment is delusional.

Posted by Regis 02/18/2014 at 23:10+2 -0

Kevege, if you do not like "aesthetes" - these are your specific taste preferences. But the fact that Reeves's figure does not correlate with modern bodybuilding as a normative professional sport, only says that she (the figure) does not fall under specific modern criteria. What is not clear here? There are criteria - there are athletes for them. Someone is comfortable with biceps at 50, someone at 30. And homobuilding is when athletes compete in who is more likely to pump another liter of protein into the ass.

Posted by Regis 02/20/2014 at 23:55+2 -0

And Reg Park and Steve Reeves were chemically impossible. Straight to defeat a chemist under the same conditions.

Steve Reeves in the movie

Steve Reeves becomes the first famous bodybuilder actor. In his footsteps is Arnold Schwarzenegger, known to all of us, who showed how bodybuilding can develop a body as a result of occupation with it. Famous bodybuilders have made an integral contribution to the development of this sport with their films.

Having achieved everything in his life, he decides to leave the career of an actor, a bodybuilder, due to an injury, and moves to California. Decides to do business. There he buys a ranch, starts horses. Engaged in their breeding, sale. Reeves has repeatedly participated in promotions promoting a healthy sport.

Biography of "the most beautiful of people"

Steven Lester Reeves was born of God in a very simple family in 1926 in the winter in pieces. Montana in the northwest of America. As soon as the kid turned one and a half years old, his beloved dad died tragically. All the troubles about the infant son fell heavily on the shoulders of the mother.

Interesting! The star of the screen was the baby Stevie at the age of 6 months, when he was recognized as the country's healthiest baby. For this, his mother received a cash prize.

In his childhood, he drove offhand with the yard guys into the ball, and as a teenager he began to engage in power sports. His hobbies coincided with the dawn of the era of weightlifting, so at that time there were no sources of useful information for beginners. An example to follow the boy was John Grimek.Soon the future champion shared: “My opinion about the real bodybuilder was at variance with the photos I saw on the pages of magazines. One athlete had beautiful breasts, the second had legs, the third had a back. For myself, I wanted an ideal in all respects. ”

Steve Reeves debut experience

  • Having studied the material available in the press, the boy independently developed a training program for himself and even began to work out with a barbell.
  • So he got the initial experience, and went on to engage in a sports club. Surprisingly, the owner of the hall, Edd Yarik, began to engage in Steve. The man immediately realized how great the makings of the young man were, and began to work intensively “with promising raw materials”.
  • Reeves was able to “earn” 16.5 kilograms in just 4 months. After the first successes, a plateau of mass came.

  • It ended another 4 weeks, but no changes were observed, only the muscles became much larger and more prominent. Over time, the athlete gained another 5 kilograms.
  • After 3 months, it was impossible not to note his inflated and tall figure. Colleagues in the audience were shocked by such dramatic changes in the body of a young athlete.

Steve Anthropometry Data

Larry Scott Steve - the first "Mr. America" ​​called Steve Reeves "the most beautiful of people." This title is especially valuable, since the athlete achieved ideal forms without the use of steroids.

The experience of natural bodybuilding became a motivation for beginners, and sparked tens of thousands of acting destinies such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Heath.

Steve Reeves: I do not understand why spoil the body with steroids. If an athlete lacks natural testosterone, then it is better to play ping pong.

Photos of Steve Reeves demonstrate the following data:

  • height - 1 m 85 cm,
  • training weight - 98 kg
  • biceps volume - 47 cm,
  • belt circumference - about 73 cm
  • torso circumference - 1 m 28 cm,
  • neck circumference- 46 cm.

At the time of Reeves, only a few were engaged in bodybuilding, so the figure of Hercules constantly attracted the attention of others. In his incomplete 30 years, the guy became the star of Muscle Coast Beach, and there a retinue of fans followed him.

Reeves Military Sports Youth

  • Immediately in 1944, after completing school, a young man was called up for military service. After six months of training, he was already sitting in the Philippine trenches, after which he participated in the Battle of Ballet Pass.
  • The young man contracted malaria, and went to a military hospital, where he lost 15 kg of body weight. Upon recovery, the athlete was transferred to Otaraon, and then to Tokyo. Already there, the guy bought a barbell weighing 100 kg, which he hid under the bed, and worked hard to return to its former form.

  • After 2 years of service, Stephen returned home, and after 3 months, he already won the “Mr. Pacific Coast” award in 1946.
  • In 1947, the athlete became the best in the competition "Mr. West Olympia "for the best form of quadriceps, biceps, torso.
  • At only 21 years old, the guy received the title "Mr. America ”(1947), where 35 rivals jumped, including the super-star of the world of bodybuilding George Eiferman.

Actor career

Steve Reeves became the first bodybuilder actor widely known in the world: he was an idol for bodybuilders, which Arnold Schwarzenegger became after him. Due to the worldwide popularity of his films, mainly to two films about Hercules that spread even behind the Iron Curtain, many people first learned about bodybuilding (bodybuilding).

World fame brought him 2 films about Hercules in 1957 and 1959, which circled the world at different times and brought a lot of income. The image of Hercules in the role of Steve Reeves is considered unsurpassed. Other famous films are “The Last Days of Pompeii” (1959), “Baghdad Thief” (1961), “Pirate Morgan” (1961), “Trojan War” (1961) and others. During the filming of The Last Days of Pompeii, Reeves gets a shoulder injury, but continues to perform tricks. The aggravation of the injury makes him end his career as a bodybuilder. Before the films, Steve, like later Arnold Schwarzenegger, has to clarify the weight in the contract so as not to seem too unrealistic for the audience.

Reeves began his film career in the United States, but in the late 1950s he moved to Europe and starred mainly in Italian films. Largely because of this, Steve was more popular outside of America.

After 1968, Steve quits his acting career, buys a ranch in California, and begins horse and business. Leaving the show business, he devotes himself entirely to breeding horses. Reeves becomes president of the Morgan Horse Society of the Councils of San Diego and the Grand Marshal of the annual Escondido parade.

In the late 1990s, handwritten information was accidentally found about Steve Reeves training before being drafted into the army. The records were accidentally found by the owner of the house where once young Reeves was conducting his classes. They were written in chalk on a blackboard covered with wallpaper, and stood for more than 50 years intact. Flex Magazine published its sensational discoveries in a special article with photos of a workout board.

Bodybuilder acting career

With the growth of the bodybuilder's career, the demand for such a type of figure in theatrical circles has increased. Steve realized that he could not reach the income from bodybuilding for a long time, so he decided to accept the offer from the agents to act in films.

Reeves's most famous films:

  • "The exploits of Hercules,"
  • The Last Day of Pompeii
  • "Trojan War",
  • "Il figlio di Spartacus",
  • "Romulus and Remus" and others.

At a certain period in his life, Stephen proved himself as an author. His book “Building a classic physique. The Natural Way ”is completely autobiographical, and describes in detail all the life vicissitudes of Steve, his comments and statements about himself.

Mr. Reeves Sports Career

  • The title “Mr. Universe” never went to a natural bodybuilder, however, the King of Denmark invited Reeves to become his personal trainer, he refused such an attractive offer.
  • In 1948, at the feet of a bodybuilder, the French Cannes award, “Mr. of Peace,” fell, the jury of which was struck by the athlete’s natural parameters.
  • In 1950, after powerful training and hard struggle, the athlete became the champion in the competition "Mr. Universe".

Champion Training Fundamentals

All Steve Reeves training is subject to certain principles and rules. In the 90s, the owner of the house, which was filmed by an athlete, found a diary in which the training program was recorded with notes and explanations. Here are the main ones:

  • Prefer basic exercises.
  • Do 12 repetitions in the set, and 20 reps for the legs, and leave them to work out at the end of the training.
  • Work should be technical, and the muscles are loaded to failure. If it fails, increase the weight, and reduce the repetitions to 7, and then again increase to 12 times.
  • Change your weight every 15 workouts.

  • Use a variety of grips. So you pump your muscles "from different sides."
  • Walk more on rough terrain with a weight of 2 kg, hung on the arms, 1 kg on the legs, and 8 kg on the belt.
  • Cardio is the optimal choice for the drying process.
  • Drink plenty of fluids during training. For energy, mix lemon juice and honey there.

Life after retirement

  • Having earned worldwide recognition, Reeves left sports and cinema, and moved to California to organize his own business.
  • His personal life is rich in three marriages. From 1994 until his death in 2000, Ann Angelhorn was married to Deborah. With this Polish noblewoman, the athlete had two children.
  • The bodybuilder bought a ranch, began to breed horses, and continued to promote healthy nutrition and sports in the media.
  • In 2000, in the 74th year, Steve died of lymphoma.
  • The famous athlete has remained for hundreds of thousands of fans an unsurpassed natural bodybuilder with the body of Heracles, a talented sincere and comprehensively developed person.

What is your opinion on the iconic Steve Reeves? Share your thoughts with readers in the comments below.

Childhood memories

Steven lester reeves was born in an ordinary family in the winter of 1926 in the northwestern United States in Montana. When the baby was 18 months old, his father died tragically. Caring for the only child fell entirely on the mother.

In childhood, along with the neighboring boys, he chased the ball, but in adolescence became interested in power sports. In the 40s, the era of iron sports was just beginning, and there was almost no information on this topic. After reading several sports magazines, evaluating the muscles of John Grimek and his rivals, the boy decided to lift the barbell. The athlete later admitted:

“None of the shots shocked me so that I wanted to equal someone. One athlete had excellent legs, the second - well-pumped chest. In my opinion, the figure of a bodybuilder should be perfect, so in my imagination I collected an idol from various puzzles. "

First experience

Based on materials in the press, the teenager drew up a training plan for himself and began to engage in a garage with a barbell. After getting a little experience Steve enrolled in the hall and suddenly fell under the care of Ed Yarik - the owner of the club. He immediately appreciated the guy’s potential and decided to work with “raw material”. For 4 months at the age of 16.5, the young man gained 14 kilos of muscle. Then came the sports plateau.

4 weeks passed, but no changes in mass occurred, only the muscles became more prominent and denser. The next month, the progression in weight was 5 kg. And after a quarter, a high, inflated figure could not be overlooked. The jocks with 4 years of experience were shocked by this transformation.

However, the guy did not train for volumes. “When I came to the gym, the girth of the biceps did not exceed 34 cm, the ankles - 41 cm. In order not to increase the imbalance, I stopped pumping calves and waited for the muscles of the arms to equal the parameters of the legs. Then he pumped his neck and calves up to 44 cm and calmed down. ”


YearRussian nameoriginal nameRole
1949coreKimbar of the jungleKimbar
1951fromHollywood and its starsStars over hollywoodnameless role
1952fromHollywood opening night
  • nameless role
  • 1953fGentlemen prefer blondesGentlemen prefer blondes
  • member of the olympic team
  • 1953fromTopperTopper
  • Joe Manurki
  • 1954fPrison BaytJail baitlieutenant bob lawrence
    1954fAthenaAthenaEd perkins
    1957fromGeorge Burns and Gracie Allen ShowThe George Burns and Gracie Allen Show
  • Foley
  • 1958fFeats of HerculesLe fatiche di ercoleHercules
    1959fThe exploits of Hercules: Hercules and the Queen of LydiaErcole e la regina di LidiaHercules
    1959fHaji MuratAgi Murad il diavolo biancoHaji Murat
    1959fThe horror of the barbariansIl terrore dei barbariEmiliano
    1959fThe last days of PompeiiGli ultimi giorni di PompeiGlaucus
    1959fThe giant of the Marathon, or the Battle of MarathonLa battaglia di MaratonaFidippid
    1960fPirate MorganMorgan il pirataHenry Morgan
    1961fBaghdad thiefIl ladro di BagdadKareem
    1961fTrojan warLa guerra di troiaAeneas
    1961fRomulus and RemusRomolo e remoRomulus
    1962fSon of spartacusIl figlio di spartacusRandus
    1962fThe legend of AeneasLa leggenda di eneaAeneas
    1963fSandokan, tiger of the southern seasSandokan, la tigre di MompracemSandokan
    1964fMalaysian PiratesI pirati della malesiaSandokan
    1968fI live for your deathVivo per la tua morteMichael Sturges

    Anthropometric data

    Height and weight of Steve Reeves:

    • at 185 cm body weight did not exceed 98 kg,
    • biceps girth - 47 cm,
    • waist - almost 73 cm
    • Torso - 128 cm
    • neck 46.35 cm.

    At the time when units were engaged in bodybuilding, the inflated figure attracted universal attention. For 30 years, the athlete was a star on the beach "Muscle Coast" and a crowd of fans followed him.

    Military youth

    In 1944, after graduation, the young man immediately called up for military service. After 6 months of training in training, he was already sitting in a trench in the Philippines, then he fought at Ballet Pass.

    “If I did not perceive myself as a spectator watching the plot from the audience, I don’t know what happened to my psyche when I saw wounded comrades.”

    Then reeves with malaria got to the hospital and lost 15 kg of weight. After treatment, the company was transferred to the Japanese city of Otaraon, then to Tokyo. In the capital of soldiers ordered the bar 100 kg, which he then kept under the bed. A little time passed, and the guy made up for the lost kilos.

    “I imagined myself a winner and it motivated me”

    2 years later, Reeves returned home and immediately went to the hall. After 3 months, the bodybuilder claimed the title "Mr. Pacific Coast" and won. Then showed first result on the "Mr. West America", won prizes in the categories: for the best hands, legs, torso. At 21, Steve got the titleMr. America, where he beat 35 competitors, including the star of bodybuilding George Eiferman. As the athlete admitted, this was helped by visualization and concentration on actions.

    “Athlete from another galaxy”

    These are the words of a photographer who shot bodybuilders. Amazed at the proportions of the athlete, he said that his idea of ​​beauty had changed. The euphoria about the external perfection of a bodybuilder began in theatrical circles. An agent of one of the studios offered the star learn the skill of the actor according to a new technique

    “It’s impossible to live on sports revenues. This was the reason for filming a movie. "

    However, the first experience of actor Steve Reeves was unsuccessful. Steve was annoyed by the imposed role, and he moved to Theodore Irving's school. Together with comedian Dick Burney, he performed at small venues in large cities. Soon he met with the Hollywood movie monster - Cecil DeMail and began acting in Samson and Delilah, losing 5 kg at the request of the director. The athlete was uncomfortable and abandoned the role. He returned to the hall and again gained weight. Ahead was the prospect of winning "Mr. Universe" and face off with John Grimek.

    Main roles Steve Reeves in the films were ahead.
    In his filmography:

    • In 1957, he starred in "The Feats of Hercules,"
    • then in "The Last Day of Pompeii",
    • The Trojan War
    • “Son of Spartacus”,
    • "Romkl and Rem" and others.

    Altogether 17 works.

    How was your career in sports

    Steve not received star status "Mr. Universe". Instead received the offer of the king of Denmark become a personal trainer and an invitation to the movies that he rejected. In order not to return home without rewards, the athlete immediately went to Cannes to "Mr. Peace". French judges were amazed at the posing, and unanimously awarded victory. Returning home, Reeves rested and again began preparations for "Mr. of the Universe", to which a month remained. After frantic training, the mass increased by 9 kg in 25 days. The hard fight for the title in 1950 brought victory.

    “Training is a way of life”

    According to the athlete, if you give in to laziness and abandon training, it will take much more effort to restore shape. For himself, the athlete deduced several rules that helped him build his body. In the 90s, the owner of the house in which the bodybuilder lived found records with Steve Reeves training program and notes. Here is some of them:

    1. Give back preferencesbasic exercises.
    2. Perform up to 12 repetitions per set, for legs, bring the amount to 20 and work them out at the end.
    3. Work to muscle failure and do not forget about the technique. If it does not work out, increase the weight, reduce the repetitions to 7 times. Then bring to 12 and do not forget about the progression of the load.
    4. Every 15 days change weight.
    5. Use different grabs. This technique helps to pump muscles from different angles.
    6. Walk over rough terrain with weighting: hang 2 kg on hands, 1 kg on the ankles, 8 kg on the waist. The best cardio for drying does not come up.

    Life without flashlights

    Having won fame and awards, Steve left film and sports and moved to California to do business. By this time, from marriage with a Polish countess, he was growing up two children. is he acquired a ranch, began to breed horses and promote a sports lifestyle in the media. In May 2000, at 74, a bodybuilder died of lymphoma. For millions of people, Steve Reeves was remembered as an “incomparable” athlete, talented actor, and sincere person.

    The Importance of Steve Reeves

    With their films, Steve Reeves and Arnold Schwarzenegger made the greatest contribution to the popularization of bodybuilding sports. At the time of Steve Reeves, this sport was new and unknown. Reeves films were first shown to the general public by a person who developed his body as a result of bodybuilding, and later Schwarzenegger continued his work.

    Almost three decades collocation "Steve Reeves" in different countries of the world it was the figurative name of a bodybuilder or just a strong person, and from the mid-80s was replaced by the word "Arnold".


    Watch the video: The Original King of Aesthetics: Steve Reeves (April 2020).