Lika Nifontova


Lika Nifontova
Birth nameLiana Alekseevna Simkovich
Date of BirthMarch 5, 1963 (1963-03-05) (56 years old)
Place of Birth
  • Kazan, RSFSR, USSR
  • USSR
  • Russia
Career1993 - present time

Face (Liana) Alekseevna Nifontova (born March 5, 1963, Kazan) is a Russian actress. People's Artist of the Russian Federation (2005).


Born in an acting family, she moved to many cities with her parents. In Tbilisi, she studied at a choreographic school. She graduated from high school in Rostov-on-Don.

She graduated from the Higher Theater School. B.V. Schukin in 1984. Since 1984 he has been working at the Satyricon Theater.

Daughter - Daria Ursulyak, graduated from the Theater School. Schukina, actress of the theater "Satyricon".


Theatrical biography of Lika Nifontova began during the remarkable period of the formation of Satyricon, the brainchild of Konstantin Raikin. The director immediately appreciated the skill of the young actress and began to trust Nifontova first supporting roles, and then the main ones.

Lika Nifontova on the stage of the theater

“Imaginary Sick”, “Hercules and Augean Stables”, “What is our life?” - all these performances would certainly have lost a lot if Nifontova had not played in them. Konstantin Raikin trusted her roles in a wide variety of roles, and at the same time was sure that the artist would certainly cope. The most valuable in her manner of playing is the amazing truthfulness and deep penetration into the psychological image of her heroines.

Whether it was Mrs. Baker from the play Such Free Butterflies, Gertrude from Hamlet or the court lady from The Naked King, Lika Nifontova was excellent.

Together with Arkady Raikin, she played in the productions of “Faces”, “What is our life?” And “Signor Todero is the master”. The last performance made Nifontova a celebrity. Theater critics wrote reviews in her most excellent tones about her play. The role of Fortunata was so vivid that it almost overshadowed the main character - Todero himself, played by Raikin.

Lika Nifontova at the theater

Lika Nifontova and today goes on the stage of the legendary "Satyricon", being one of the leading artists of the theater. By type, the actress is a fragile woman (the height of Lika Nifontova is 163 cm), which does not prevent the actress from playing in a variety of roles. During her career, she played almost two dozen roles. Today in her repertoire there are 3 characters in “The Seagull” at once. Theatrical production of the London Show, in which Nifontova plays Mrs. Higgins, enjoys particular success.


A cinematic biography of Lika Nifontova began in 1983. After a small role in the film "To yours!" Followed by a long 10-year break. The actress worked only in the theater.

The popularity of Nifontova as a film actress came after the release of wonderful multi-series projects of the actress's husband, Sergei Ursulyak. The first was the sensational series "Summer People", where Nifontova played a prominent role.

Lika Nifontova in the series "Liquidation"

But the real fame came to the actress after the release of the series “Liquidation”, where the actress got the role of Nora, the lover of the movie character Vladimir Mashkov. Immediately after the release, the series became a real hit. All the actors who played in it instantly were at the top of popularity.

The series is shot in retro style. The detective’s action takes place in the summer of 1946, when the exiled Marshal Zhukov arrives in Odessa. During this period, Odessa is a terrible place: thieves, murderers, extortionists, the ruthless gang Steppe Wolves, which is robbing military depots, the German spy Academician, who is rumored to be behind organized crime - the city must save all these troubles criminal investigation.

Lika Nifontova on the set of the film "Life and Fate"

Successful can be called the work of Nifontova in the paintings of Ursulyak “Poirot's failure”, “Isaev”, “Life and Fate” and “Quiet Flows the Don”. In the last tape, the actress got a small but bright role - dressmakers. But even more interesting and brighter was the heroine of Lika Nifontova in the drama Life and Fate. Here, the actress played Lyudmila Strum, the wife of the main character of the tape.

Personal life

The first marriage of Lika Nifontova was a student. The young actress married her colleague Yuri Nifontov. The actress bears the surname of her first husband today, because the audience, especially the theatrical, the artist was remembered under the name of Lika Nifontova.

Sergey Ursulyak and Lika Nifontova

In Satyricon, Nifontova met with actor Sergei Ursulyak. Ironically, Sergei turned out to be a classmate of Yuri Nifontov. In addition, the first wife of Ursulyak, Galina Nadirli, studied with them on the same course. The couple grew up the daughter of Alexander Ursulyak (today the girl is also a famous actress). But the erupted romance destroyed two families.

Since 1986, the personal life of Lika Nifontova has been associated with Sergey Ursulyak. At first, the lovers simply lived together, but then they quietly signed in the capital registry office, without advertising the ceremony. Both left the comfortable apartments and wandered around for a long time in foreign corners. At one time, they even lived with a friend of the family of Michael Schirvindt. Then, thanks to Raikin, they got a dorm room.

Fortunately, today, former spouses communicate and do not hold evil at each other. Alexandra Ursulyak, daughter of the director, according to Lika Nifontova, a full member of the family. The girl is friends with her half-sister, the daughter of Nifontova and Ursulyak - Daria Ursulyak. The director does not move away from his daughter from his first marriage and supports both children.

Lika Nifontova with her daughter

Nifontova’s own daughter also went in the footsteps of her parents and became an artist. Daria graduated from the Shchukin Theater School and became an actress of the Satyricon Theater, in which Lika Nifontova shines. In her father’s film “Quiet Flows the Don,” Daria played Natalia Melekhova.

Lika Nifontova now

In 2017, Lika Nifontova received the main role in the new performance of the native "Satyricon." The actress plays Masha in the play based on the play of the American playwright Christopher Durang “Vanya and Sonya and Masha and the Nail”, which was staged by the artistic director of the theater Konstantin Raikin. The play tells about the Americans, whom literary parents named after the heroes of Chekhov.

Actress Lika Nifontova

In the summer of 2017, the question arose about filming the second season of the series “Liquidation,” where the actress played the role of a partner of the protagonist Gotzman. The general producer of the Mars Media film company Ruben Dishdishyan confirmed the intention of the film crew to work on the continuation of the popular detective story.

The shooting was planned to continue in Odessa, but it turned out that Vladimir Mashkov was on the Ukrainian “black” lists and became banned from entering Ukraine. After the producer wrote about this on social networks, proposals began to move to shoot. The president of the international festival of motivational cinema in Rostov, actor and director Oleg Taktarov proposed to shoot the second season of “Liquidation” in Rostov and promised his own help and support.

Today, the second season is only at the stage of work on the script, and the exact location of the filming has not yet been officially determined.

Lika Nifontova in the play "Matryoshka on Earth's Roundness"

In November 2017, the premiere of "Matryoshka on the Earth's Roundness" by Yuri Grymov at the Modern Theater. The plot of the play is filled with drama and a non-trivial outlook on life, fate and death. The production is filled with some gloom and anguish, but at the same time it is dedicated to bright and noble human feelings.

The production is based on the storylines of three desperate women tired of life, each of whom for one reason or another decided to go to the other world. Moreover, women are not driven by fear of life or the desire to escape from problems - not an independent desire to die. The main characters want to sacrifice their own lives for those whom they loved and love: one for the sake of the son, the other for the husband, the third for the beloved.

The leading roles in the production were performed by the People's Artist of Russia Lika Nifontova, as well as Maria Orlova and Nadezhda Menshova.

Lika Nifontova

Men in this production played more passing roles. But the game of Honored Artists of Russia Leonid Tregub and Vladimir Levashev, Alexander Gorelov, Denis Ignatov, Victor Potapeshkin, Alexei Bagdasarov and Shamil Mukhamedov also received a positive rating from the audience.

Theaters appreciated the philosophical meaning of the production, well-designed costumes and scenery, and reliable images, and the final monologue made a number of spectators cry in the hall.

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Lika Nifontova - biography

Lika Nifontova is a Russian actress. Popularity was brought to her by the famous series “Liquidation”, “Isaev”, “Life and Fate”. But she nevertheless considers herself more a theatrical actress than a cinematic and therefore gave all her talent and charm to her native “Satyricon”.

She very often has to hear that all her successful work in the cinema is the merit of her husband. After all, it is he who removes his wife in cult TV shows that enjoy audience love. But the actress Lika Nifontova does not pay attention to evil languages, on the contrary, she invites to her own theater to performances with her participation. After this, no one asks questions about kinship, because everyone understands that she is in demand because she is incredibly talented.

Childhood, youth

Lika Nifontova (Simkovich) was born on 05.03.1963 in the capital of the Tatar SSR, the city of Kazan. The girl’s father, Alexei Simkovich, was an honored artist of the RSFSR and a director, and her mother worked in the pedagogical department of the theater.

Photo: Lika Nifontova in her youth

Their family never stayed for a long time in one place, they changed their place of residence, following the dad, who was in constant search of himself. The family moved to Samara, then to Volgograd and Tbilisi. Lika received her school certificate in Rostov-on-Don.

The family had a cult of the theater, so it is not surprising that the girl practically grew up behind the scenes. When fate brought parents to the Samara Youth Theater, Lika was only three years old.

But despite this, the girl was already taking part in the New Year's party. She no longer remembers whom she played at that time, but she clearly remembers her feelings after entering the stage. The girl was delighted with the light of spotlights and from the many eyes of the audience, who very warmly greeted the young actress. It was at that moment that the girl firmly decided that she wants to be an artist.

During their short stay in Tbilisi, Lika even managed to work out at a choreographic school, and after graduation she decided to conquer Moscow. She went to the capital to fulfill her dream - to become a student at a theater institute. Parents did not like the daughter’s decision a bit, because they knew all the difficulties of the profession, but they were not going to interfere with it. It was the decision of an adult who knows what he wants from life.

Her dream came true - she is a student at the Shchukin school. A. Burov became the teacher of Nifontova, who taught the young actress all the wisdom of the acting profession. Lika received her graduation diploma in the 84th, and immediately turned out to be among those invited to the Satyricon Theater, created by K. Raikin.

Personal life

The first time Lika got married at the theater institute. Her chosen one was the artist Yuri Nifontov. Despite the divorce, the actress continues to bear his last name, because everyone knows her as Lika Nifontova.

Since 1986, Sergey Ursulyak appeared in her personal life. They were introduced by the Satyricon. At that time, Sergei was married to Galina Nadirli, and their daughter Alexander was growing up. They were both classmates of her first husband, Yuri. The novel flared up so much that it did not spare both families.

Photo: Lika Nifontova and her husband Sergey Ursulyak

Sergey and Lika realized that they would not be able to continue without each other and decided to live together, leaving their families behind. Immediately they lived in a civil marriage, then they formed a relationship, quietly, without much glamor, choosing one of the Moscow registry offices for this. They did not have their own housing, so they had to be content with rented apartments. Once they were sheltered by a common friend M. Schirvindt. Then they got a dorm room, which Raikin helped get.

Former spouses managed to maintain normal relations in order to continue to communicate. Nifontova and Ursulyak had a daughter, Daria, who is very friendly with her older sister on her father Alexandra. Sergey is equally kind to both daughters, trying to help them and support in all endeavors. Alexandra continued the dynasty and today she is already a famous actress. Daria also does not lag behind her sister. She graduated from the "Pike" and is now working with her mother in the "Satyricon". She could also be seen in the movie "Quiet Flows the Don" in the role of Natalia Melekhova.

Nifontova today

The actress continues her successful career at the Satyricon Theater. In 2017, she got the main role in the production of “Vanya and Sanya and Masha and Nail,” directed by K Raikin. The play was based on K. Duranga - a playwright from America. Lika played one of the central characters - Masha. The plot of the play is about how the Americans were named after the Chekhov characters.

Also in 2017, it was decided to remove the second season of the famous “Liquidation”. Odessa was already chosen for filming, but it became known that Vladimir Mashkov did not have the right to enter Ukraine, he was on the Ukrainian black lists. The producer reported this on social networks, and soon there was a proposal to shoot in another place. The initiative came from the actor and director O. Taktarov, who proposed Rostov-on-Don for work. He promised to support the filming process of the second season of "Liquidation", to provide him with any feasible help.

To date, the script is being developed and the location of filming has not been selected.

In the fall of 2017, the actress Lika Nifontova could be seen in the new play "Matryoshka on the Earth's Roundness", which was directed by the director Y. Grymov. The premiere took place in the theater "Modern". The plot of the production is very dramatic and is characterized by a peculiar vision of life, fate and death itself. The performance is slightly gloomy and tearful, but it tells about the brightest feelings of a person. The plot of the three heroines who sacrifice their lives for the most expensive - son, husband, beloved man. In addition to Nifontova, the main roles went to M. Orlova and N. Menshova. Performers of male roles remained a little in the background, but received well-deserved applause from the audience.

Theater lovers were impressed by the philosophical design of the performance, perfectly selected costumes and scenery. After the final monologue, the audience was not indifferent - the audience cried.

Selected Filmography

  • 1993 - Russian Ragtime
  • 1995 - Summer People
  • 1998 - Composition for Victory Day
  • 2002 - The Failure of Poirot
  • 2007 - Liquidation
  • 2009 - Isaev
  • 2012 - Life and Fate
  • 2015 - Quiet Don

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Photo: Lika Nifontova

Childhood and family of Lika Nifontova

Lika Nifontova was born in Kazan in a family of actors. They often moved, following the father of the family, who was constantly looking for himself, changing jobs and place and residence. The family lived for some time in Samara, then in Volgograd and Tbilisi. The girl graduated from school in Rostov-on-Don.

The family literally lived in a theater, so Lika was also a frequent guest there. When my parents worked in the Samara Youth Theater, my father worked as an actor and director, and my mother was an employee in the pedagogical department, little Lika was offered one of the roles at the New Year's matinee. Today, she can’t remember what kind of role it was, however, it was then that the future actress first appeared on the stage. She was three years old.

The work of Lika Nifontova in the theater

Immediately after graduating from Pike, the young actress began working at the Satyricon Theater.She was very lucky, Konstantin Raikin, who at that time was just forming the Satyricon, believed in the beginning artist, he invited her to the troupe. During her service in this theater, she played many roles, both main and supporting roles. A feature of the actress is that regardless of the role, she always plays talentedly and from the heart.

Nifontova took part in work on such productions as “The Imaginary Sick”, “What is our life?”, “Hercules and the Augean Stables”. In the play "The Naked King", the actress played the first court lady, in the "Mistress of the hotel" - Mandolin. She played Mrs. Baker's Such Free Butterflies, and Gertrude in Hamlet.

Everyone who works with Nifontova speaks of her as an actress with the ability to surprisingly truthfully play the main roles, and secondary, and extras.

Konstantin Raikin considers Nifontova an actress of a wide range, who has a bright dramatic talent. Even going to the crowd, she knows how to be the best. Nifontova was a partner of Arkady Raikin in such performances as “Faces”, “What is our life?”, “Signor Todero is the owner”.

Currently, the actress plays in the productions of the current repertoire of her native theater. She takes the stage in “Profitable Place” as Kukushkina, in the play “Money” as Fetigny Mironovna, and in “The Seagull” Nifontova plays Polina Andreevna.

Filmography of Lika Nifontova

The actress first played in a movie in 1983, back in her student years. It was a picture “To yours!”. This was followed by a ten-year break. She worked exclusively in the theater and did not act in films.

Popularity came to Nifontova after she played in several films that her husband Sergey Ursulyak made. Viewers saw her in the following tapes: “Summer People”, “Russian Ragtime”, “Poirot Failure”, “Isaev”, “Liquidation”. Her last roles are the wife of the main character of the series "Life and Fate" Lyudmila and the role in the series "The Departing Nature".


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