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Lolita Milyavskaya
Ukrainian Lolita Markivna Milyavska
basic information
Birth nameLolita Markovna Gorelik
Full nameLolita Markovna Milyavskaya
Date of BirthNovember 14, 1963 (1963-11-14) (56 years old)
Place of BirthMukachevo, Transcarpathian region, Ukrainian SSR, USSR
The country USSR
Years of activity1979 - n. in.
Singing voicecontralto
Genrespop romance
Collectivescabaret duet "Academy"
LabelsJRC (2000), Iceberg Music (2003), Gramophone Records (2005, 2007), CD Land Group (2007, 2015), SKY Music (2007-2008), Union (concern) (2014-2017), Universal Music Group ( 2018 - p.t)
AwardsTEFI (2007), Golden Gramophone (1996, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2005, 2008, 2013, 2016)

Lolita Markovna Milyavskaya (nee Gorelik, Ukrainian Lolita Markivna Milyavska, clan November 14, 1963, Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region, Ukrainian SSR, USSR) - Soviet, Ukrainian and Russian pop singer, actress, TV presenter, director. Winner of the TEFI-2007 national television award in the nomination “Leading talk show” for the talk show “Lolita. Without complexes ”on Channel One.

1963-1986: Childhood and adolescence

Born on November 14, 1963 in the city of Mukachevo in Transcarpathia (Ukrainian SSR).

Alla Dmitrievna Nikiforova, mother of Lolita: In Transcarpathia, Lolita is a common name. Everything there is either Lolita, or Diana, or Zhuzhi. I decided that Zhuzha was too much and called my daughter Lolita.

Mother - Alla Dmitrievna Nikiforova (born January 18, 1943), graduated from the Lviv College of Music, was a jazz singer, worked from the Ivano-Frankivsk Philharmonic in the Carpathian Jazz Orchestra, and worked at the Jazz Band Marie for 25 years. Father - Mark Lvovich Gorelik (1932-1978), by profession - actor and stage director, worked as an administrator, entertainer, director of programs in Yoshkar-Ola. Having married, Lolita's parents moved to the Ukrainian SSR and began working at the Ukrkontsert. My father emigrated to Israel in 1974, Lolita was in fourth grade at that time, her mother did not want to emigrate, and her parents divorced. Lolita’s mother was fired from Ukrkoncert because her husband left for Israel and got a job at the Kiev Music Hall, later worked for Boris Sharvarko, and then created her own team. Grandfather on the side of his father - Lev G. Gorelik, artist, director, died after the Stalinist camps, grandmother Lyubov Davydovna Gorelik - dressmaker. Maternal grandfather - Dmitry Andreyevich Nikiforov, worked in the KGB, served in intelligence, knew 4 languages, maternal grandmother Alexandra Nikiforova, they lived in their house near the old Mukachevo castle, they mainly engaged in the education of Lolita in childhood, so how her mother often went on tour. When Lolita grew up, grandparents moved to Lviv, their apartment went directly to the Opera House. Lolita and her grandmother were there and dreamed of becoming a ballerina, at a preschool age she attended a dance club for a year.

Lolita lived in Lviv until the end of 1973, went to Lviv school No. 35. Then her grandmother died and Lolita moved to Kiev, to a hotel-type apartment in Darnitsa, when her mother left, she left her daughter for her friend or took with her on tour. For one concert, the mother received 25 rubles and eventually bought a cooperative apartment.

Lolita’s mother, Alla, once on a tour in Saransk met Julia Malakyants (born May 25, 1946), the director of the director Eduard Smolny, later Malakyants became the theater producer and director of the Konstantin Raikin’s Satirikon theater, and he married him and became Lolita’s stepfather, they bought a house in Boyark, they lived together for 11 years.

After 8th grade, the mother takes Lolita on her tour and she begins to get involved in singing. In 1974, her mother introduced Lolita to a young aspiring singer Irina Ponarovskaya, who worked in the VIA "Singing Guitars" in those years. Ponarovskaya takes Lolita to her reunion, Lolita performs with her on summer vacation until graduation. In 1981, she submitted documents to the Tambov branch of the Moscow State Institute of Culture, specializing in “directing cultural performances and holidays” (course by Anatoly Ivanovich Serkov). Student's diploma performance Milyavskaya was "Miracle of St. Anthony" Meterlinka. At the institute, Lolita met a fellow student Alexander Belyaev, who later became her first husband. In 1984 she graduated from the institute.

In 1984, she moved from Tambov to Odessa, where Alexander Belyaev worked in the theater. She worked at the Odessa Philharmonic, where she met with Alexander Tsekalo, in 1987 went with him to Moscow, first sang in the "Hat" quartet, replacing Alena Shlyafman, Tsekalo's ex-wife. To register in Moscow, she entered into a fictitious marriage with Vitaly Milyavsky, they did not live together.

Cabaret duet "Academy"

In 1985, Alexander Tsekalo and Lolita Milyavskaya created the pop group Cabaret duet "Academy". The duet was popular until the late nineties.

In 1993, the TV Pizza program was created on the Moscow television channel, in which Tsekalo and Milyavskaya acted as hosts.

Since the end of 1995, Milyavskaya and Tsekalo became the host of the TV program “Morning Mail” (ORT), since 1997 they have been conducting the program “Good morning, country!” (RTR). For more than ten years, Lolita performed with her husband Alexander Tsekalo. However, “irreconcilable contradictions” eventually led to a divorce. A few months after the divorce, Lolita gave birth to a daughter, Eve.

2000-2009: Solo career

In the spring of 2000, Lolita began to pursue a solo career and released the song "Flowers." In January 2001, the self-titled album was released, which was sold in a circulation of 50,000 copies. Two and a half years later, Lolita released her second album and the program "Show of a Divorced Woman" (RTR). On sales, the drive exceeded 300,000 copies. Since October 4, 2002, she has been playing Matron "Mom" Morton in the musical "Chicago" on the stage of the Estrada Theater. In December 2002, starred in a photo shoot for the magazine "Playboy" (the gallery is dedicated to the musical "Chicago"). In March 2003, she gave her first big recital - “The Show of a Divorced Woman” at the State Central Concert Hall “Russia”.

In 2005-2007 she led the program “Lolita. Without complexes ”on the“ First Channel ”. Also in 2005, the third disc of the singer “Format” was released, which sold a circulation of 700,000 copies. In September 2008, she became the leading sequel to the Superstar 2008 television project on NTV.

In 2007, Lolita released two albums, Neformat, Orientation North, and the single It Turned Out You Are My Weakness.

In 2008, Lolita's album “Fetish” was released. Censorship does not miss the new creation of the singer because of an erotic photo shoot made specifically for the album. Due to restrictions, Lolita is releasing a special edition of the disc. The new disc includes twelve songs, among which is the already popular track “Farewell to Arms!” Written by Elena Kiper. “My new album is also about love, with high poetry, which is combined with very fashionable musical styles. I am not interested in fashion trends, I sing only what lies on my soul, in this case it is a good combination of fashion music and high poetry, ”Lolita said about the album“ Fetish ”.

2009 - present time

In 2009, the singer released a collection of hits "Sunken", including the new single "Stop the Earth", which many regarded as the LGBT anthem. In 2011, Lolita became a member of the jury "Factor A" - the Russian version of the British project The x factor - a musical talent show, the main purpose of which is the search and development of the song talent of the contestants.

In February 2012, the performance of Madame President was broadcast on NTV channel. Lolita decided to dream up and present herself as a candidate for the presidency of the country. The singer was tested for aptitude, introduced to modern political technologies, and the best songs of Lolita were sounded as an election campaign. In the same year, the singer became the host of the popular TV program “Saturday Night” on the TV channel “Russia-1” along with Nikolai Baskov and Andrei Danilko (Verka Serdyuchka). On August 30, 2012, at the second International Music Festival Crimea Music Fest, Lolita represents the young Ukrainian singer Alexander Onofriychuk, who wins the song contest of performers.

According to Forbes, in 2013, Lolita became one of the twenty richest Russian musicians. In March 2014, the premiere of the video for the song "Anatomy" (G. Titov - N. Kasimtseva) took place. In August 2014, the premiere of the video for the song “On tape” (E. Bardachenko - A. Belyaev) took place. November 17, 2014 Lolita Milyavskaya releases an album Anatomy.

In March 2016, Lolita released a new song “On the Titanic” (A. Frolov), which quickly became very popular, and at the end of the year the song “Miracle of the Miracle” (M. Kuvaldin).

On April 23, 2017, at the Ukrainian border crossing, the border guards were removed from the Moscow-Kiev train in Konotop in connection with the Ukrainian Security Service's ban on entry into Ukraine for a period of three years after speaking in Kerch in 2015. According to Lolita, she was going to visit her sick daughter. Milyavskaya noted that the actions of the border guards were "very tactful." She also added that the border guards themselves expressed their condolences to her because of the situation.


Lolita Milyavskaya took part in the election campaigns of Boris Yeltsin (1996), Viktor Yanukovich (2004), Alexander Lukashenko (2006). In 2013, she negatively assessed the prospect of Ukraine’s European integration, preferring an alliance with Russia. She expressed support for the annexation of Crimea, noting that she did not see pressure from the Russian Federation in the situation and condemned EU sanctions. In an interview with Radio Says Moscow, in the summer of 2014 she called Vladimir Putin “genius”, and Barack Obama - “idiot” and “moron”. She criticized Alexey Navalny and the activities of the Russian opposition as a whole. In anticipation of the presidential election in 2018, she announced her readiness to vote for Ksenia Sobchak. She actively opposed the mandatory deductions of owners of residential premises for major repairs, which she called a scam.

Lolita has repeatedly supported the LGBT community: gave concerts in gay clubs, spoke out against homophobia, took part in television programs and press conferences on these issues. In 2013, in a video from the series “It’s time to say it!” As part of the Week Against Homophobia, she condemned the adoption of laws banning “propaganda of homosexuality”, pointed out the danger of rising nationalist sentiment and urged heterosexuals and LGBT people to unite against fascism. Later, having personally met with the initiator of the bills, Elena Mizulina, the singer said that she began to better understand the reasons for their adoption, mentioning the possibility of the appearance of homosexual characters in children's fairy tales and “propaganda of pedophilia”. Milyavskaya praised the work of the senator, in particular, in the issue of combating destructive sects. In 2017, in response to questions from listeners of Ekho Moskvy radio, the artist called the information about discrimination against LGBT people in Russia “very exaggerated”, noting that none of her gay friends were harassed and did not object to the laws, and called on “not provoke "society by public actions against homophobia and criticized the situation in European countries, where, for the sake of tolerance, they" cripple the psyche "of children. In addition, Milyavskaya declared a negative attitude towards the authorities, the media and public policy of Ukraine.

Personal life

  • First husband (1984-1987) - Alexander Belyaev, actor, classmate of Lolita.
  • The second husband (1987) - Vitaly Milyavsky. According to Lolita, the marriage was fictitious.
  • The third husband (1988-2000) - Alexander Tsekalo (born March 22, 1961), a showman, marriage was officially registered at the sunset of the artists as part of the Academy cabaret duet in 1998 with the aim of registering Tsekalo's daughter Eva, conceived from another man broke up in 2000. Their family relationships lasted 12 years.
    • Daughter - Eva Alexandrovna Tsekalo (November 3, 1998), lives with her grandmother in Kiev.
  • The fourth husband (2004-2009) - Alexander Zarubin (born May 6), a businessman.
  • The fifth husband (from March 20, 2011 - the end of 2019) is Dmitry Ivanov (born January 18, 1975), a tennis player, a squash and fitness trainer.

Photo: Lolita Milyavskaya


Lolita Milyavskaya is a bright representative of Russian show business, a pop singer, TV presenter, actress and just a star without complexes.

The artist, who from the first days of her appearance on the stage began to break stereotypes, and today she regularly gets on the front page of news tabloids.

Remaining a confident and stylish woman, Milyavskaya is not afraid to talk openly about her mistakes, life failures and complexes. Fans love her for her sincerity and compare the singer with the phoenix bird, which does not cease to rise from the ashes.

Childhood and youth: Mukachevo - Lviv - Kiev

Eighth-grader Lolita changed her mind about becoming a ballerina, deciding that a more interesting profession is a hairdresser, and after the eighth grade she wanted to go to college to learn this specialty and earn money, but a strict grandfather insisted on receiving a certificate of secondary education.

When my grandmother died, my mother took her daughter to her place in Kiev and arranged for a sing-along in her team. But when Lolita met the brilliant Irina Ponarovskaya, she switched to the VIA "Singing Guitars" for backing vocals. Until now, the artist considers Ponarovskaya her "godmother" on the stage.

"Academy" and the first husbands

At first they tried to hide their relationship, Lola came up with banal excuses for her husband with night rehearsals in order to stay the night with Tsekalo, who had by then left his wife and rented an apartment.

Belyaev pretended not to notice the betrayals, but Lolita herself soon got tired of it, and she told him about the “service romance”. Since they did not have children, they divorced them quickly. After that, the artist moved to Moscow, where, wishing to obtain a metropolitan registration, she married Vitaly Milyavsky. Having received the coveted stamp in the passport and a sonorous surname, Lolita safely parted with a fictitious spouse in order to take up a career closely.

Divorce from Dmitry Ivanov

Soon after the divorce from Dmitry, Lolita decided in court to seek recognition of the marriage as fictitious, proving that the man initially had no intentions to build a family life, but entered into a marriage for selfish purposes. The singer realized that the young husband simply used her means, and as soon as the opportunity arose, he went to a rich, but more young woman.

In October, unpleasant information was revealed. Star lawyer Sergei Zhorin said that Lolita learned from newspapers about the divorce, that Ivanov became the initiator of the divorce proceedings, and he deliberately made the process public in order to earn money on various invitations to talk shows.

Although the singer was very worried about the divorce, but, according to her, he did it good: "The brains immediately turned on." She plunged into work and lost 14 kilograms thanks to her endocrinologist.

Music career

In 1984, a young girl graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Culture, later went to Odessa and began working at the local philharmonic society. While working at the Philharmonic, Lolita met with Alexander Tsekalo. Their acquaintance became crucial in the life of a girl. Two years later, the couple creates their own creative team called “Academy” and moves to Moscow. The comic duet “Academy” appealed to people, it became very popular and had great ratings. Their concerts gathered full halls, they toured around the world. Lolita and Alexander Tsekalo stayed together for about 11 years, but after the relationship they cracked and the young people decided to disperse.

After breaking up with Tsekalo, the singer began her vocal career. In 2000, she recorded the song “Flowers”, and a year later released her first solo disc. Two years later, the second Lolita album is released. In 2003, the singer for the first time gives a concert on a large stage called “The Show of a Divorced Woman”. As a result of this, the singer began to receive many offers to participate in various programs and television shows.

In parallel with her vocal career, Lolita Milyavskaya participated in New Year's musicals. Among her works as an actress, several projects can be distinguished: “An Evening on a Farm near Dikanka”, “Cinderella”, “The Marriage of Figaro” and “New Adventures of Aladdin”. In 2005, the program “Without complexes” was launched on the country's TV channels, where Lolita is the main presenter. In the same year, the singer released her third disc, “Format”. In 2007, two new albums, Neformat and Orientation North, were waiting for Milyavskaya fans at once.

In 2011, the singer became a member of the jury of the musical show “Factor A”, which became a remake of the British version of the show “X Factor”. In 2013, Milyavskaya was among the twenty richest Russian musicians according to Forbes. In 2016, the singer released two singles “On the Titanic” and “Miracle Wonderful”, which instantly gained popularity.

Last news

Currently, Lolita is completely and completely immersed in the work. She is not going to start a new relationship and search for a soulmate. In an interview, she said that she wants to devote time to herself, her beloved, her career and daughter. Now the singer gives concerts all over Russia, and also releases a new cheeky single "Body", the shooting of which took place in a strip club.

Currently, Lolita is completely and completely immersed in the work. She is not going to start a new relationship and search for a soulmate. In an interview, she said that she wants to devote time to herself, her beloved, her career and daughter. Now the singer gives concerts all over Russia, and also releases a new cheeky single "Body", the shooting of which took place in a strip club.

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Career start

After receiving a diploma of higher education, Lolita decides to move to Odessa. Professionally acquired skills help her prove herself as a talented actress. The brunette was happily accepted for temporary work at the local philharmonic society, where she got numbers of a mostly humorous genre. Popularity helped Lolita find a side job on larger projects.

In Odessa, Milyavskaya met with her partner and future official husband, the father of an only child, Alexander Tsekalo. In 1987, the couple moved together to the cities of Moscow. Wishing to try to develop in the vocal genre, they create a peculiar and unusual cabaret duet, which is called the "Academy".

The first album, dubbed “The Flip,” debuted on a vinyl record in 1992, and was re-released on disk three years later. In general, this work did not go to the masses, however, the artists did not become upset about this and continued to work further in sweat.

The second work was released in 1994 and received the extravagant title of “Sky Dance”. Instantly, she was on top of all the charts that existed at that time. Alexandra Tsekalu and Lolita began to be invited to many national concerts. Along with all this, the couple began to broadcast, under which the whole country woke up, “Morning Post”.

Peak of popularity

In 1995, the couple released another musical album, “Want, but keep quiet.” After a while, the record “Wedding” appeared. The works were awarded with many prizes.

At this time, on the RTR television channel, the Good Morning, Country! Project was launched with the participation of an extraordinary couple. He beat all sorts of ratings. Between hard work in a recording studio, Milyavskaya still managed to go on full-house tours, not only in Russian cities, but also in the States, Germany, Canada, and Israel.

1999 was marked by an album that the public recognized as its best, released as part of the Academy. In the same year, the romantic album Fingerprints was released, but it did not become a format, since there was no advertising and radio rotation. In the same year, Lolita was awarded the prestigious Ovation Prize. Together with Tsekalo, the artist lived for 10 years, but after the relationship ended. Despite this, the couple continued to work together for several years.

Solo project

Lolita Milyavskaya decided to speak individually in 2000. Alla Pugacheva immediately noticed her and invited her to take part in her “Christmas Meetings”. The unusual tone of voice and spectacular appearance allowed the artist to become in demand, both on radio and on TV. Milyavskaya managed to prove herself as a TV presenter.

In November 2000, she released her debut album, entitled "Flowers", which consisted of 13 songs. After a while, a clip for the title track came out. This was followed by a series of successful touring tours. At the same time, Milyavskaya was invited to participate in various television shows.

Lolita proved herself as an actress. She starred in a number of musicals along with her colleagues from the sphere of show business. They sounded her songs.

In 2002, the presentation of the colorful musical "Chicago", which was provoked by Philip Kirkorov, took place. In it, Lolita also took a direct part.

In 2003, the public saw the second solo album of the singer. A “Divorced Woman Show” was put on him, which was shown on TV. Individual singles of the singer have earned many prestigious awards.

Pop singer, actress, TV presenter, director

Lolita Markovna Milyavskaya - Soviet and Russian pop singer, actress, TV presenter, director. Winner of the national television award "TEFI 2007" in the nomination "Leading talk show" for the talk show "Lolita. Without complexes ”on Channel One. Lolita has repeatedly won the Golden Gramophone Prize (1996, 1997, 1998, 2005, 2008, 2013, 2016)

Childhood and education of Lolita Milyavskaya

Lolita Milyavskaya (real surname GorelikShe became Milyavskoy after a fictitious marriage, which the singer concluded to get a Moscow residence permit) was born on November 14, 1963 in Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region.

Father - Mark Lvovich Gorelik (1932−1978) - actor and stage director.

Mother - Alla Dmitrievna Nikiforova (born 1943) - graduated from the Lviv College of Music, was a jazz singer. She sang at the Ivano-Frankivsk Philharmonic in the Carpathian Jazz Orchestra and at the Marie Jazz Band.

Mark Lvovich worked as an entertainer. He had an orchestra with six singers. Such a team was called Swedish. Mark Gorelik invited singer Nikiforova to work with him. He soon proposed to her. They had a daughter, Lolita. But, when the girl was in 4th grade, her father went to Israel. Lolita's parents divorced. Mother refused to emigrate and went to work in the Kiev Music Hall.

As reported in the biography of Lolita Milyavskaya on Wikipedia, the paternal grandfather - Leo Gorelik - He died after returning from the Stalinist camps. Grandmother - Lyubov Davydovna Gorelik - was a dressmaker. Lolita’s mother’s father worked in the KGB, served in intelligence, knew 4 languages, and his wife, Lolita’s grandmother, Alexandra Ermolaevna, raised her granddaughter, as Lolita’s mother was often on tour.

When Lolita grew up a bit, grandparents moved to Kazakhstan. At 3 years old, my grandmother gave Lolita to dance. But for the obstinate character already in 4 years, Lolita was kicked out of the dance club.

Soon they returned to Lviv. Lolita recalled how her grandmother was fined for painting a monument to Lenin in Lviv with colored crayons.

Lolita studied at Lviv school number 35. As Milyavskaya recalled, at that time her mother toured the Far East and sent parcels with red caviar. Grandmother smeared caviar on bread and butter and tried to feed her granddaughter with this delicacy. But the wayward Lolita did not like caviar, and smeared it on the wall.

When Lolita was 10 years old, her grandmother died, and her mother and Lolita moved to Kiev. Then mother on tour in Saransk met Julius Malakyantswho later became a theater producer and director of the theater Konstantin Raikin "Satyricon," and married him.

Lolita continued her studies at a Kiev school, but after 8th grade my mother took her with her on tour, and the girl was carried away by singing. In 1974, the mother introduced Lolita to the singer Irina Ponarovskaya, who sang in those years in the VIA "Singing Guitars". Ponarovskaya took Lolita to her reunion. Before leaving school, Lolita Milyavskaya performed with Irina Ponarovskaya during the summer holidays.

In 1984, Lolita graduated from the Tambov branch of the Moscow State Institute of Culture with a degree in directing cultural performances and holidays.

Cabaret duet "Academy"

After graduation, Lolita Milyavskaya worked at the Odessa Philharmonic. There she met Alexander Tsekalo.

In 1985, Alexander Tsekalo and Lolita created the pop group Cabaret duet "Academy". From this moment, Lolita began climbing the musical Olympus. Until the late 90s, the duo reached great popularity. Lolita recorded several albums, at the concerts of the "Academy" were sold out. The pop group has successfully toured in the CIS countries, Europe, the USA.

After the couple worked on television. The TV Pizza program was created, in which Tsekalo and Milyavskaya acted as presenters (1993).

Tsekalo and Milyavskaya also broadcast Morning Mail on ORT (1995), and since 1997 they have been broadcasting the program “Good Morning, Country!” On RTR. Lolita and her husband Alexander Tsekalo have been performing for more than 10 years, but then still their family broke up. And a few months after the divorce, Lolita gave birth to a daughter, Eve.

Solo career of Lolita Milyavskaya

Since 2000, Lolita began her solo career with the song "Flowers", and in January 2001 the self-titled album was released. Two and a half years later, Lolita released her second album, and the program “Show of a Divorced Woman” appeared on RTR. In March 2003, Milyavskaya gave her first big solo concert of the same name.

Soon on Channel One, her program, Lolita. Without complexes ”(2005−2007). In September 2008, Lolita Milyavskaya became the leading sequel to the Superstar 2008 television project on NTV. During this period, her albums "Neformat", "Orientation North", the single "It turned out you are my weakness" (2007) were released.

In 2008-2009, Lolita presented her fans with the album "Fetish", a collection of hits "Sunken".

In 2011, Milyavskaya was a member of the Factor A jury - the Russian version of the British project The X Factor - a musical talent show, the main purpose of which was to search and develop the song talent of the contestants.

As you know, in 2012 there was a benefit of a shocking singer called “Madam President”. Lolita presented herself as the president of the country. In the same year, the singer became the host of the popular television program Saturday Night on the Russia-1 television channel, together with Nikolai Baskov and Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka). On August 30, 2012, at the second International Music Festival Crimea Music Fest, Lolita introduced a young Ukrainian singer Alexandra Onofriychukwho won the song contest of performers.

In March 2016, Lolita released new songs “On the Titanic” and “Wonderful Wonder”, which instantly gained popularity.

Views of Lolita Milyavskaya, scandals on the topic of Ukraine and Crimea

Lolita Milyavskaya always acted as her heart told her. This applied both to the choice of repertoire and to the expression of her views. Lolita is sincere in her actions.

She participated in election campaigns. Boris Yeltsin, Viktor Yanukovych, Alexandra Lukashenko.

The singer spoke very skeptically about the European integration of Ukraine and supported the accession of Crimea to Russia.

In 2015, Lolita Milyavskaya sang the song of the Ukrainian rock band “Ocean of Elsa” to the residents of Kerch. Before the song “Friend” was performed in Ukrainian, the singer said that her motherland was one for her and she had never divided it into two parts.

Focusing at the end on the line “I will always be, you know this, your friend”, then Lolita said “but to those who don’t want, well, don’t” and showed the middle finger somewhere behind her.

In April 2017, Ukrainian border guards removed Lolita Milyavskaya from the Moscow-Kiev train at the Konotop railway control point (Sumy region).

Lolita herself told about this in her instagram: “I’m in Konotop, I was taken off the train at four in the morning, because I was forbidden to enter Ukraine. For visiting Kerch in the 15th year. "

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in a very incorrect form reacted to the decision of the country's authorities to ban the entry into the territory of the “independent” famous Russian singer Lolita Milyavskaya.

In its microblog on Twitter, the agency posted a photo with a performer, whose chest was partially exposed during the dance. At the same time, the picture was equipped with a sarcastic wish for "Good luck." Before that, a native of Ukraine was removed from the Moscow-Kiev train and banned her from entering the country for a period of three years.

“This photograph was discovered by my husband. Wildly surprised that this is on the SBU website. The first thing he told me when I woke up was a photograph, but not your chest. I looked honestly - but my chest is not mine! Therefore, everyone who knows me closely, and the audience can compare - of course, the forms are different, ”Lolita herself commented on the news.

In an interview with Radio Says Moscow, in the summer of 2014, Milyavskaya called Vladimir Putin "Genius" and Barack Obama - "An idiot" and a "moron." Lolita also criticized Alexey Navalny and the activities of the Russian opposition as a whole. In anticipation of the presidential election in 2018, she announced her readiness to vote for Ksenia Sobchak. Actively opposed the tax on "overhaul", which she called a "scam."

And Lolita has repeatedly advocated for the LGBT community: gave concerts in gay clubs, spoke out against homophobia, took part in television programs and press conferences devoted to this problem.

In 2018, Lolita Milyavskaya told the social network about a curious incident at the checkpoint, where she was mistaken for a man. According to the singer, the Chinese border guards detained her for about 15 minutes. One of the officers conducting the search examined her passport for a long time, and then called for an interpreter. He asked the performer whether she was a man or a woman.

“Well, it seems to me that I am a woman, but I have eggs,” the singer replied. This answer confused the border guards, but after a few minutes, Lolita was nevertheless missed, the news reported.

At the end of 2018, a certain resonance in the news was caused by an interview with Lolita, “Free Press” reported that the singer said that she considers Crimea to be Ukrainian and when she comes to the peninsula, she sings in Ukrainian.

Lolita Milyavskaya herself explained that in her childhood she spent a lot of time on the peninsula, when he was part of the Ukrainian SSR, her parents had an apartment there.

“This is my inner feeling, for me it was Ukraine. I am a Lviv woman, I am a Kiev woman, even in the context it’s hard to call something scary. On the contrary, I talked about the fact that not one of us has ceased to be friends with the artists on either side or this. We use the work of a friend, we do not participate in wars. We don’t understand this, ”she said in a conversation with RT.

In turn, the famous Soviet and Russian actor Stanislav Sadalsky did not blame the singer because she did not consider Crimea to be Russian, but emphasized that she respected her opinion. The head of the Crimean Public Chamber urged Lolita not to confuse show business with politics, calling her words PR.

In this interview to the Ukrainian edition of the Country, in addition to the words about Crimea, Lolita said that she did not consider Kiev fascist, although her 75-year-old mother was beaten 5 years ago in this city after hearing that she speaks Russian.

Revenues of Lolita Milyavskaya

According to Forbes, in 2013 Lolita became one of the twenty richest Russian musicians.

Lolita Milyavskaya together with the brand Frija has released its own collection of bags called "I made myself." The price range of the brand is designed for women with average incomes.

Personal life of Lolita Milyavskaya

About husbands Lolita Wikipedia reports:

First husband (1984−1987) - Alexander Belyaev - actor, classmate Lolita.

Second husband (1987) - Vitaly Milyavsky. According to Lolita, the marriage was fictitious.

The third husband (1988−2000) - Alexander Tsekalo (born 1961) - showman, marriage was officially registered at the dawn of the collapse of the Academy cabaret duet in 1998 with the aim of registering Lolita's daughter Eve on Tsekalo.

“It was necessary to draw up my daughter with papers. Then everyone was afraid of the concept of "illegitimate." Therefore, I asked Alexander Tsekalo to make a couple - and nothing more. It was a pure formality. Yes, and we signed for only three months. Since we no longer had a relationship, ”Lolita recalled.

Lolita and Alexander Tsekalo broke up in 2000. Their family relationships lasted 12 years.

Lolita spoke a lot about the marriage with Tsekalo in an interview, in particular, blaming her ex-husband and partner for many sins. “I had a lot of complexes. I always considered myself ugly - thanks to my former partner, he did everything possible for this. I mean the one who was with me in the duet “Academy” and with whom I had the longest marriage. It was a working marriage, which is much stronger, more emotional, more functional than just a relationship between a man and a woman, ”Lolita shared with OK! Magazine.

The fourth husband (2004−2009) - Alexander Zarubin (born 1968) - businessman, deputy chairman of the board of the Renova company.

Fifth husband (since 2010) - Dmitry Ivanov (born 1975) - tennis player, the seventh racket of Russia in the game of squash, coach in the game of squash and fitness.

“If I knew that I would come across a husband like Dima, I would have met him at the hospital - he is 12 years younger than me,” Lolita spoke of her fifth husband.

In March 2018, Lolita admitted that her husband was flirting with girls on social networks.

In July 2019, Lolita Milyavskaya publicly announced that she was breaking up with Dmitry Ivanov. At first, the singer did not speak about the reasons for the breakup with her fifth husband.

“We began to relate to each other very evenly recently. In order not to turn into people who are constantly sorting out relationships, this is the way out! I had a wonderful “young” husband for 9 years. I wish him all the best completely sincerely, ”wrote Lolita on Instagram, adding that she was worried about this week, and“ then spat. ”

Lolita Milyavskaya promised that she was not going to look for a new man, but lived alone and “would enjoy her family and work.”

However, fans noticed that Lolita is still worried about a divorce.

For the sake of performing in a circus in September, the star decided to transform. Thanks to makeup artists, the singer’s eyes began to look much larger, and her mouth, on the contrary, decreased several times.

“I'm in the circus. I’m already a life clown, so a real mask will not hurt. Moreover, such girls looked after me. The eyes seem to be sad, or it’s a mask, probably a mask, ”Lolita commented on her image.

News later reported that Ivanov was cheating on Lolita. In the fall, the media published his photo with a new girlfriend.

Lolita has a daughter - Eva Alexandrovna Tsekalo (born 1998) - lives with his grandmother in Kiev. In a recent interview, Lolita said that her daughter graduated from school in Kiev and is studying in Poland as a philologist.

Health status

In the fall of 2018, many were struck by the news that Lolita Milyavskaya composed and voiced a will in which she asked to be cremated after her death. As reported, the performer suddenly made a will and even managed to announce it to relatives and close friend Andrei Malakhov.

The last will of Milyavskaya is a request for the cremation of her remains. She asks to be scattered on three sides. As significant places, she chose the estate in Bulgaria, Lyapinsky Lane in Moscow and the Transcarpathian region in Ukraine, where the star was born.

Fans of the star were shocked and trying to find out what caused thoughts of death at such a flourishing age. Many decided that Lolita was hiding a serious illness from journalists, the news said.

At the same time, Lolita herself repeatedly spoke about the fight against diseases and addictions, but recently the singer has not complained about her health.


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