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For lovers of the underwater world: the most beautiful sea on the planet


The sea is beautiful, hardly anyone will doubt it. Each reservoir has its own unique beauty, which depends on the climate, and on the types of soil at the bottom, and of course, on its inhabitants. The North Seas have their own color and special beauty associated with icebergs and ice floating on their surfaces. But the most attractive are still the southern seas, which captivate not only with views, but also with a climate conducive to relaxation.

Considering the TOP of the most beautiful seas, it is worth paying attention primarily to the southern water bodies - although, without a doubt, each sea is attractive and charming in its own way.

Fifth place - the Mediterranean Sea

From time immemorial, people have settled near the water, especially in beautiful places with a good climate. It is not surprising that the Mediterranean Sea has become the cradle of ancient civilization - connecting Europe and Africa, it still attracts travelers from even the most distant countries. The Mediterranean Sea is sandy beaches and beautiful landscapes. It is famous for its relative calm and even climate, an abundance of historical attractions on the shore and under water. Diving, you can explore the sunken ships and collect elegant shells scattered on the bright sand. Rest in these places gives positive.

Fourth place - Bali (sea)

The Bali Sea is located in the Pacific Ocean, framed by the islands of the same name. This is another paradise for relaxation, collecting many tourists every season - and this is not at all surprising. The sea pleases with a warm climate, creating ideal conditions for relaxing on the islands of Java, Sulawesi, Sumbawa, Madura. And the amazing beauty of this place is largely due to the fact that the bottom here is covered with volcanic ash, which is almost white in color. Here you can relax surrounded by palm trees, admiring the amazingly bright sunsets and sunrises.

Third Place - Caribbean

This is the warmest exotic place where the eye pleases not only the sea, but also plants on its coast. It is located between North and South America, and on its shore there are a number of small countries. These are Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Cuba and others. Many tourists go here, because rest here is inexpensive, and it immerses in truly exotic conditions.

Second place - Red Sea

The Red Sea is a truly magnificent place. It has rich fish stocks, a huge number of amazing creatures live in it, and the underwater world is exceptionally rich. Many corals live only here, and divers are strictly forbidden to break them, or even take them as a keepsake. Holidays on the Red Sea are popular among Russians, and in order to be on its coast, you can go to Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia. It is worth noting the great historical significance of this basin, which for many centuries has been an important trade route.

A sea that can turn into an ocean

It is the Red Sea that is considered the most beautiful in the world.

It is located in the tectonic basin and is the inland sea of ​​the Indian Ocean. The Red Sea is very young, it formed only 25 million years ago. Moreover, the reservoir is still “growing”: continental plates move constantly, and the shores of the Red Sea annually move away from each other by one centimeter (and per meter in a hundred years). Therefore, in 200 million years, the width of the sea will be equal to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Red Sea is the warmest: it is warmed not only by the rays of the sun, but also the earth's surface. Unlike other seas, not warm, but rather warm layers of water rise from the depths. Therefore, even in winter, water in the sea is about 21-23 degrees, and in summer it is usually about 30 degrees.

And also this is the most salty sea, which is part of the oceans (the Dead Sea, of course, is beyond competition). And all because no freshwater river flows into it. There are about 40 grams of salt per liter of water. For comparison, the salinity of the Black Sea is only 18 grams of salt per liter of water. This salinity is due precisely to the warmth: the evaporation in the Red Sea is very strong.

The water in the pond seems really reddish, but the reason for this is still not completely clear. Some say that it is because of the algae that live in the water, while others say that the red color is a reflection of the coastal cliffs. It is noteworthy that the Red Sea is also considered the cleanest in the world: its ecosystem tends to recover quickly, and complete water exchange takes only 15 years.

The most beautiful sea in the world

The most beautiful sea in the world - Coral Sea. If we consider the beauty of the seas, and not their coasts, then the first place should be given to the Coral Sea. This pool washes the shores of Australia and the nearby islands - New Caledonia, New Guinea. The Coral Sea is a dangerous place for sailors, and at the same time one of the most beautiful for diving, and all this is due to the unique coral reefs that are at its bottom, and often reach such heights that rise above water level, forming small islands. The largest coral reef is the Great Barrier Reef, which is located here. A huge number of underwater inhabitants live on coral ridges, many of which have bright colors and an unusual appearance. Scuba diving in these waters promises a lot of impressions that will not be forgotten throughout life.

Each sea is beautiful in its own way. Circumpolar reservoirs fascinate with their ice, southern - with corals, flora and fauna. If we talk about flora - it is worth mentioning the Sargasso Sea, which has no coast, and is surrounded only by ocean currents. It contains a huge number of algae, which is why sailors have been afraid of it for all ages. The world is beautiful in its diversity, and the seas that exist on our planet clearly demonstrate this, because each of them is unique and original.

Paradise for divers

Especially enjoy the rest on the Red Sea for divers, fishermen and people who are fond of spearfishing. Even near the coast you can see the indescribable beauty of the underwater world with a wide variety of colorful corals, sea urchins, sponges and fish. They are all madly bright. All you need is a mask. And for those who want to plunge into the depths of the sea, generally impressive paintings are waiting for them.

Today, 1,500 invertebrates live in the waters of the Red Sea, and about the same number of fish species. And these are only those that are officially described, because, according to ichthyologists, no more than 60% of marine inhabitants are now discovered.

10. Lazarev

Near by the seaLazarev there is not a single state, because it is located off the coast of Antarctica. In the east, it borders the Riser-Larsen Sea, but the border between them is conditional, was drawn along the 14th meridian.

It is not very large, most often covered with drifting ice, its banks are icy, bizarre in shape. When the polar summer comes, tons of ice with water descend into the ocean, forming incredibly beautiful canyons, channels, channels, sometimes turning out shapes that look like geometric ones. Because of these unique views, the Lazarev Sea is loved by tourists visiting Antarctica.

Those who would like to admire the local landscapes, blocks of ice against the background of the sea and the sun reflected in them should visit the seashore. It retains its original appearance, as it is strictly forbidden to litter and disturb the life of animals.

Here you can admire seals, penguins, observe seabirds, schools of fish, killer whales and even whales, which also sometimes sail to the shores of the sea.

10. The Caribbean

Once this sea was teeming with pirates, who for several centuries had a great economic, political and even social influence on the situation in the West Indies. And now this sea is teeming with quite peaceful vacationers who are attracted by picturesque tropical landscapes and a diverse underwater world.

In warm waters, the temperature of which rarely drops below 25 degrees, you may encounter sea turtles, humpback whales, flying fish, butterfly fish, marlin, and even sharks.

Marine life

Of course, the Red Sea is known for its luxurious coral reef. There are 177 different types of corals, they stretch for 2.5 thousand kilometers. This reef is very young: it is about 7 thousand years old. Of course, the warm temperature of the water contributes to its formation.

And coral is a favorite place for fish. There are more than a thousand species here, moreover, about a third of the fish are found here and nowhere else.

Well, in addition to beauty, this sea is very dangerous. Many marine inhabitants should not be touched: an injection of a sea urchin or a bite of a toothy moray eel, a poisonous underwater snake, leads to burns, various allergic reactions, large blood loss, and in rare cases, even death. And in the deep sea of ​​this reservoir lives 44 species of sharks. Of course, some of them are quite harmless creatures that live only at great depths and feed exclusively on plankton or small fish. However, among them there are also species most dangerous to humans: a tiger shark, which quite often attacks people for no apparent reason. And here also lives a great white shark, even scientists consider it a killing machine. True, this fact has not been exactly confirmed.

But for those who are especially curious, it’s worth mentioning which seas are still among the top three: the Caribbean and the Mediterranean rightfully occupy the second and third places in their beauty.


This glamorous region of Italy has long attracted the rich, powerful and famous inhabitants of the planet - from Roman emperors to Hollywood legends. Despite its small territory, Capri is famous for many interesting places. These are Roman ruins, quiet bays, coastal cliffs, as well as streets with designer boutiques and squares with chic cafes.


A Spanish island with beautiful beaches, delicious food and an abundance of parties will make everyone feel welcome. Green hills and open plains, turning into golden sand, bathe in the warm Mediterranean sun. Ibiza is famous for the best night clubs, but traditions are honored on this island.

This Greek ancient city, located on the island of the same name, will leave unforgettable memories thanks to its magical architecture. According to legends, Thira is a lost part of Atlantis. And it is rightly called the island of the "honeymoon."


This island is quite large. Tourists are offered a huge range of activities for families. About a quarter of the island is a national park. Nature lovers will have a great time in Sardinia watching incredibly rare creatures such as the Sardinian fox and the Mediterranean monk seal.

Andaman Sea

The warmest sea is considered Andaman. The water temperature here does not drop below 25 ° C.

Its aquamarine waters are full of surprises for lovers of diving and underwater shooting. In the Andaman Sea, among the 400 different species of underwater fauna, very rare species are also found, for example, sailing fish, the Irrawaddy dolphin, and dugong.

The magical island of Phuket has become a paradise for those who prefer a more relaxing holiday. It is rich in the most beautiful places on the sea. Phuket attracts tourists with the white sand of beaches under palm trees and wooded hills. To meet a beautiful sunrise on this sea is what needs to be done in Phuket. Impressions of how slowly the sun rises from the sea, marking the birth of a new day, will remain in memory for a long time.

In the western part of this beautiful sea are the Nicobar and Andaman Islands, unique in that civilization only barely touched these mysterious places.

An exciting ecosystem also adds intrigue - impressive coral reefs, large crabs and turtles, the brightest fish and butterflies.

Philippine Sea

People who come here remain forever fascinated by the unique nature of the Philippine Sea. These places are difficult to compare with any other part of the world. Clear water, coral lagoons, diverse life in deep waters, as well as regular storms and the most severe hurricanes that rage during the rainy season. But can you imagine tropical islands without them?

The Philippine Sea is the second largest after Sargassov. The Challenger Abyss is the deepest place on the planet. It is located here.

At the bottom of this amazingly beautiful sea there are many underwater volcanoes. Some of them have a height of more than 3 km.

Sea of ​​stars

Our list also has this. A very beautiful sea at night washes the island of Vaadu and reveals its mystical surprise. As soon as the sun hides beyond the horizon, luminous blue waves, as if filled with myriads of fireflies, splash on the sandy shore.

This phenomenon can be observed on one of the tiny islands of Raa Atoll in the Maldives. Only 500 people live here. But thanks to the phenomenon, this place can be safely called the most beautiful night sea.

This phenomenon is called bioluminescence. Phytoplankton in the water begins to glow, because it emits special substances. These are toxins harmful to fish and humans. Glowing "stars" look magical, but in fact they are quite dangerous.

There are about 90 seas on our planet. Each of them is beautiful, each can find a response in the soul of man. Someone prefers active types of recreation, but someone likes to just lie on the sandy shore, listening to the sound of the surf.

What is the most beautiful sea in the world, everyone decides for himself, based on his preferences, desires and emotions that he wants to experience during the holidays.

9. White

It is also called Studenoe and Calm. Fall on The white sea there are storms when the height of the waves reaches 6 m. In winter there is very severe weather, the water is covered with ice.

The nature of the White Sea is unusually beautiful. There are unforgettable sunsets here. The coastline has an unusual structure, the incredible variety of colors of rocks and stones is especially striking when the sun begins to illuminate them.

Along the shores grows a lot of greenery. There are stones, and even mysterious stone labyrinths, the origin of which remains a mystery.

8. Adriatic

Adriatic - part of the Mediterranean Sea, between two peninsulas: Balkan and Apennine. On its shores are located such states as Italy, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Coast Adriatic Sea it looks like paradise, there are mountains and steep cliffs covered with orange groves, cypress trees and various forests. The water in it is clean and clear, even 40 meters from the shore you can see the bottom, this crystal purity is fascinating.

The Adriatic Sea is very warm, in summer it heats up to 26 degrees, but in winter, when the weather is cloudy and rainy, the temperature does not exceed 13 degrees.

You can admire its beauties not only on the shore, but also under water. Fans of diving can see crabs, sea urchins, mussels, octopuses, lobsters.

On the shores of this sea there are many resort cities where cottages and hotels are built for tourists. They are surrounded by green parks and gardens.

7. Sargassovo

Sargasso Sea - the only one that has no coast. You will not be able to relax on this sea, because only professional sailors can enter this part of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Sargasso Sea is one of the most beautiful, and at the same time mysterious. It is located between 4 currents: Gulf Stream, Canary, North Atlantic, North Passatnoe. These currents create an anticyclone zone, so there is practically no storm in this area.This is the calmest sea covered with a carpet of algae.

The water in it constantly moves in a circle, so it is very difficult for ships to cross this territory. Now there are not so many accidents, but once sailing ships that fell into this sea could not get out. It is in this place that the mysterious Bermuda Triangle is located, where planes and ships disappear without a trace, some of which were equipped with the latest technology.

6. Marble

It is located off the coast of Turkey, with the help of straits it connects with the Black and Aegean Sea. The name of the sea comes from the island of Marmara, where marble was once developed.

Sea of ​​Marmara never freezes: in summer, the water temperature is 29 degrees, in winter it does not drop below 9 degrees. It has a very beautiful coast: a rocky relief, on the surface of which forests are spread. There are many bays and bays, and reefs create unique picturesque landscapes.

On the seashore there are attractions that have remained since ancient times. One of the minuses of the Sea of ​​Marmara is water, which is not clean. A huge number of marine vessels polluting the environment pass here. But if you choose places to rest that are far from the port, the water there is cleaner, and the situation is calmer.

5. Caribbean

The sea is washed by Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, as well as the Caribbean. It is very beautiful, color from turquoise to green. Water in the sea is always very warm, about + 26 ° C. There are many bays and bays on the shore. The coast is either rocky or sandy, in places you can see amazing white sand.

The nature of this region is amazingly beautiful. Particularly striking underwater landscapes, as there are extensive coral reefs. About 500 species of fish live here, from the smallest to the largest.

Region The Caribbean called "heaven on earth"Because unearthly beauty is there, therefore tourism is the basis of the economy of local states.

4. Black

The Inland Sea, on the shores of which such states as Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Abkhazia, Bulgaria, Romania are located.

Despite the fact that it has long been called The black sea, it is not at all dark: in the morning on a sunny day - blue-blue, with a greenish tint, sparkles and plays. If a breeze blows, white scallops appear on the surface, but the water still remains clean and clear. When the storm begins, the sea becomes a steel or gray hue, the water becomes cloudy.

Palm trees, pine forests, alpine meadows, many remains of fortresses, dolmens, hillforts flaunt on the shores.

3. Baltic

This inland sea, as closed as possible, there are only a few straits connecting it with the waters of the North Sea. It washes countries such as Russia, Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Finland and Sweden.

Baltic Sea incredibly beautiful, it is admired, because unbridled, raging, with a "character." Sometimes the water in it is bright, turquoise, against its background snow-white gulls harmoniously look. Sometimes the gray, the wind rages, and waves roll frantically onto a narrow strip of sandy beach. The Baltic is magnificent, beautiful.

2. Aegean

This is one of the cradles of antiquity. On its shores are Turkey and Greece. It is distinguished by special beauty, has a unique bright blue color.

Over its surface rises more than 2 thousand islands, some of which have become famous resorts. Between them are many wrecks. Tours to them, diving - the most popular entertainment for tourists.

BeachesAegean Sea unique, with white sand, bays, pine forests, palm trees, olive trees.

1. Japanese

The sea in the Pacific Ocean, separated from it by the Japanese islands. On its shores are Japan, Russia, North Korea, and the Republic of Korea. The weather on the Sea of ​​Japan is changeable, the bright sun can suddenly give way to a thunderstorm and storm. But, nevertheless, it attracts tourists with clear water, underwater reefs and picturesque nature.

Here you will see a variety of landscapes, from sandy beaches to rocky cliffs up to 400 m high, from bamboo thickets to impenetrable taiga.

Summer on the shores Sea of ​​Japan foggy, it often rains, there are typhoons. Another plus is the diversity of flora and fauna. Given the transparency of the water and its relatively high temperature, it is not surprising that these places attract diving enthusiasts who cannot stop looking at the colorful underwater landscapes.

9. The Mediterranean Sea

Calmness and a comfortable climate - this is what those who choose to relax in one of the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea receive. It rarely rains in summer, and in winter it is not too cool and humid enough.

If you are interested in underwater flora and fauna, then be sure to visit Our White Sea (the Romans called it Ours and the Turks White), because about 550 species of fish and over 800 species of plants live in its waters. By the way, 2% of the living creatures of the Mediterranean Sea came into it from the Red Sea, along the Suez Canal.

8. Coral Sea

Between Australia, New Guinea and Vanuatu there is a beautiful sea, named after its coral wealth. And the main treasure of the Coral Sea is the Great Barrier Reef - one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It includes 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands.

It is the largest coral reef in the world, consisting of countless tiny polyps. It serves as a home for a huge amount of flora and fauna. By the way, coral reefs disappear 5% faster than tropical forests, and the Great Barrier Reef itself has lost over 50% of its coral polyps since 1985. So hurry up to enjoy its splendor while it is possible.

7. Sea of ​​Bali

One of the most beautiful corners of our planet is located in the Pacific Ocean and belongs to the mainland inter-island seas. Water temperature in its surface layers reaches 29 ° С.

An interesting feature of the Balinese Sea is the dark color of sand, which creates a beautiful contrast with light water. And its bottom is lined with sediments with a large amount of volcanic tuff (a rock made of particles of volcanic sand and ash). This is due to the presence of large volcanoes on the islands that adjoin the sea from the south.

There are many exotic creatures in the Bali Sea, such as angelfish, scallops, hammerhead sharks and giant turtles. However, fierce competition for survival and territory has led to the appearance of a large number of poisonous and toxic creatures in the waters of this sea.

Arabian Sea

Where isDepth, mTemperature, ◦СArea, km²
Indian Ocean580520-293 860 000

The main feature of the sea is its structure. At depth, it is divided by the Carlsberg Ridge into 2 parts - the Arabian and Somali Depression.

The plant world of the area is not too rich. Plants are located only in some areas on the coast, among them: kelp, brown and red algae. Despite the scarce flora, the number of animals in the Arabian Sea is one of the largest. There are various types of fish, shellfish, shrimp, lobster, crabs, sharks.

Under the water of the Arabian Sea there is a unique fish weighing 420 kg - a grouper. It does not pose a threat to human life, however, due to its large weight, it can accidentally crush or hit. The sea is washed by the popular island of the Maldives, which annually attracts thousands of tourists.

6. The White Sea

The smallest and at the same time the most beautiful sea in Russia is famous for its northern nature and cold climate. One of his old names says so - Studenoye. But this does not prevent physically healthy people from swimming in its waters. True, not for long, because in summer the surface temperature of the water rarely rises above 13 degrees.

If you are determined to plunge into the White Sea, then know that in hot weather you can swim and sunbathe on the Yagrinsky beach in the city of Severodvinsk.

And even if you weren’t able to swim, then you can go fishing notably. In the White Sea, commercial fish species such as saffron cod, Pacific herring, whitefish, catfish and cod are found.

And the White Sea is known for the fact that on its territory there is a popular cultural and pilgrimage center - the Solovetsky Islands.

4. The Dead Sea

Despite its not too beautiful name, the Dead Sea is a huge and pleasing look oasis that adorns the desert mountainous terrain.

Only here you can swim in the water on your back, while reading a newspaper. Although it is not worth drinking the local water, it has a very unpleasant, salty-bitter taste. The salinity of this reservoir reaches 33.7%.

Over the past hundred years, the water level in the Dead Sea has fallen by a quarter, and according to scientists' forecasts, after 800 years, it will turn into an extremely salted Death Valley.

Lincoln Sea

Where isDepth, mTemperature, ◦СArea, km²
Between Greenland and Canada585-1-+137 000

The Lincoln Sea attracts attention not with the scorching sun and resorts, but with its icy beauty. The cold climate on the coast is widespread due to arctic latitudes and the location of the sea in the northern part of the Arctic.

That is why low temperatures persist throughout the year. Water warms up to +1 near the coast as much as possible. Ice reveals a small part of the reservoir only in the summer for several weeks, the rest of the time the thickness of the ice cover can reach 15 m.

Among the inhabitants of the fauna in the Lincoln Sea you can meet:

  • beluga whale
  • narwhals
  • cormorants
  • ducks and geese
  • seals
  • herring, capelin, flounder and cod.

Due to the cold and harsh weather conditions in the sea, agricultural and tourist activities are not developed. However, a military base and a meteorological station located on the sea are distinguished from the sights.

Black Sea

The most beautiful sea in the world is the Black Sea. That is exactly what the inhabitants of the countries adjacent to it believe. It is the most important traffic intersection; military facilities, ships, and coast guard are located on its territory.

Where isDepth, mTemperature, ◦СArea, km²
Inland sea atlantic ocean2215Winter 1-4

Summer 24-25

421 000

Holidays on the Black Sea is popular among tourists from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia. Thanks to the subtropical climate, there are many relaxation areas on the sea coast.

Sea water is clean and warm in summer. Therefore, a large number of representatives of the plant and animal world live in the Black Sea. About 250 species of algae, 150 species of fish and mammals, and 400 species of crustaceans are isolated.

In addition to the peace-loving representatives, there are also dangerous species, for example, a ramp and a sea dragon. However, they do not pose a threat to humans, as they live at great depths. Among the attractions of the Black Sea coast, the village of Divnomorsk and Cape Fiolent are distinguished.

Tourists from many countries come to the territory of the village to look at the Blue Abyss surrounded by white cliffs. Cape Fiolent is known for its steps (there are 785 in all) that lead to the beach along a steep slope.

1. The Red Sea

If you ask where is the most beautiful sea for diving, we will answer: "In the tectonic depression between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa." And his name is the Red Sea.

It is the only sea in the world into which no river flows. And, in addition, it can easily salt your soup. Because 1 liter of water in the Red Sea contains 41 grams of salts. For comparison: in the water of the Black Sea salts of 18 grams per liter.

But they come here not for salt, but for climate and biological resources. Even in January, the air temperature is 20-25 degrees, and in summer it can reach 30 or even 50 degrees.

And the local flora and fauna, can both please with colorful colored fish, important stingrays, leisurely turtles and funny dolphins, or scare them with huge moray eels and sharks. But what really strikes the Red Sea is the diversity and quantity of corals. If you go to the Great Coral Reef - it's too expensive, then beautiful corals can be found in the Red Sea, for example, off the coast of Egypt.

Sargasso Sea

This sea bears the title of the most mysterious and unusual on the whole Earth. The main role in the local ecosystem is played by the Sargassos - brown algae, thanks to which the sea received its name.

Where isDepth, mTemperature, ◦СArea, km²
Atlantic Ocean6990Winter 18-23

Summer 26-28

6 500 000

The main feature of the reservoir is the absence of coasts, since the sea is surrounded by ocean currents from all sides. For many centuries, this area frightened seafarers and was considered fatal to ships. Legends said that, getting into the Sargasso Sea, the ships got stuck in seaweed and went to the bottom.

The vast expanses of water, green islands of algae and clear water attract tourists from all over the world.

Due to the huge amount of algae that come from the Atlantic Ocean, it seems that the pond is motionless. In addition to the rich flora, fauna is also widely developed. Among the representatives: eel, turtles, crab traveler, blue shark, mako shark.


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