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Pavel Volya

Pavel Volya March 19, 2011 at the premiere of the film "Office Romance: Our Time"
Date of BirthMarch 14, 1979 (1979-03-14) (aged 40)
Place of Birth
  • Penza, RSFSR, USSR
  • Russia
Directionpop music
IMDbID 2910093
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Pavel Alekseevich Vol (March 14, 1979 (1979-03-14), Penza, RSFSR, USSR) - Russian pop singer of the colloquial genre, TV presenter, film actor, resident and host of the Comedy Club.

Prior to Comedy Club, he was a member of the KVN team “Valeon Dasson” (Penza), together with Timur Rodriguez and Leonid Shkolnik. Former presenter of the TV programs “Stump-deck”, “Slaughter League”, “Laughter without rules” and “Comedy Battle”. He currently hosts the Comedy Club and the Improvisation show on TNT. Released the albums "Respect and Respect", "New", "Thoughts and Music".

He is the author of several songs performed by Andrei Shirman under the pseudonym DJ Smash.


Born March 14, 1979 in Penza. He graduated from school number 11.

He was the captain of the Penza KVN team “Valeon Dasson”, in which he won the First League of KVN, having won the right to participate in the Major League. However, in the Premier League, the Penza team was destined to play only one game - losing in 1 8 finale of the 2001 season, “Valeon Dasson” in the official games of the International KVN Union did not take part anymore. He worked as a DJ at Russian Radio in Penza under the pseudonym Pavel Dobrovolsky, hosted the Free Nails program on Moscow's Russian Radio.

In 2001, he graduated from the Penza Pedagogical Institute with a degree in Russian language and literature. Immediately after graduation, he left for Moscow to pursue a career. In Moscow, he began as a foreman a source? at the construction site.

He worked as a screenwriter for Igor Ugolnikov, but when the program "Good Evening" on RTR was closed, Pavel switched to radio. He worked as a host on Muz-TV, voiced Masyanya in the show “Visiting Masyany”, worked as a DJ at the radio station “Hit-FM” in 2003.

On April 9, 2005, a presentation of the Comedy Club program was held at the Atrium shopping center. Volya designated his role - “glamorous bastard”, under the pseudonym Pavel “Snowball” Volya, who builds his performances on insults of other people.

In 2007 he began a solo career. He recorded several tracks and shot clips for the songs “Everything will be awesome”, “Mom!”, “Barvikha”, “The Best Song” and “Penza City”. Released a solo album "Respect and Respect." He starred in several commercials for Khrusteam bread crumbs. A video was distributed on the Internet in which hooligans beat and scolded Paul. Later, this video was recognized as a fake, made to advertise the musician's new album.

From October to December 2010, he was the host of the hypnosis show “What have you done with the past month?” (“What did you do last Friday?”) On the Ukrainian TV channel “1 + 1”.

February 12, 2016 released the studio album "Thoughts and Music". The album includes 11 songs.

Childhood and youth

Pavel Volya was born in Penza on March 14, 1979. Information sources disagree about whether Paul really received this name at birth. Part of the media claim that the comedian’s passport name is Pavel Alekseevich Volya, while others are sure that the stand’s real name is Denis Dobrovolsky.

Pavel Volya in childhood and youth

The artist himself explained the confusion by the fact that he began a creative career in Penza under a middle name, which he came up with as a pseudonym, and later returned to the present. In addition to the eldest son, parents raised their daughter Olga, who was born in 1982.

At school, the boy was fond of literature, history and other humanitarian subjects. Teachers recall that Pavel took an active part in the school’s public life, organized discos and started playing KVN at school, which in the future determined his life.

Pavel Volya played in KVN

After graduating from school with a silver medal, Pavel Volya entered the Penza Pedagogical Institute named after V. G. Belinsky at the Faculty of Russian Language and Literature. At the institute, he continued to play in KVN, playing for the “Valeon Dasson” team, whose participants were also Timur Rodriguez and Leonid Shkolnik.As part of the team, Volya won in the First League of KVN, having won the right to play in the Major League. But the team flew out immediately after the first game and almost ceased to exist.

Pavel Volya

However, most of the members of the “Valeon Dasson” settled in Moscow. Pavel Volya, who moved to the capital immediately after graduation in 2001, was no exception. While still a student, Volya worked as a DJ at Russian Radio in Penza, so in Moscow he was able to get on the Hit FM radio station.

Humor and creativity

Pavel Volya’s further career only went uphill: the comedian voiced Masyan in a popular show on Muz-TV, wrote scripts for Igor Ugolnikov’s program, and also worked as the host of MTV’s Night Flirt.

The comedy show “Comedy Club” became a kind of springboard in the artist’s creative biography. The presentation of the program in the Atrium shopping center was opened by Pavel Volya, whose performance entrenched him with the image of a “glamorous bastard”, who built his speeches on offensive jokes. Then the first victims of the comedian were journalists standing in the VIP zone. The performance was so successful that Volya continued this format in the future.

Pavel Volya in the show "Comedy Club"

Such a peculiar representation of the guests became a “trick” of both Will and the Comedy Club project. Almost every star who came to Comedy Club became the object of cynical, and at times truly boorish, jokes of Pavel Snezhka Volya.

Few tried to repulse the “glamorous bastard,” and even fewer people succeeded. The conflict of Pavel Volya and the late Roman Trachtenberg was widely known. Then the attempt to play a joke on the comedian ended in disrepair for the Comedy Club resident - he himself became the object of ridicule.

Garik Martirosyan and Pavel Volya

Often Pavel Volya performed with his own monologues in the increasingly popular humorous stand-up style. Among the best of them should be noted the “Map of Russia”, a series of monologues “About women”, “About jokes”, as well as an overview of the textbooks he found in bookstores. The humorist’s memorable numbers put him on a par with the most famous residents of the club Garik Martirosyan, Garik Bulldog Kharlamov, Timur Kashtan Batrutdinov and Alexander A Revva.

Pavel Volya took part in other comedy projects of TNT and Comedy Club Production. Together with Vladimir Turchinsky, he led the humorous show “Laughter without rules” and “The Slaughter League”, where he also allowed himself to play jokes on the participants.

Pavel Volya in the show "Comedy Battle"

In memory of Turchinsky on TNT comes the comedy show “Comedy Battle”, which will also be hosted by Pavel Volya.

Along with humorous television projects in the career of Will, filming in films begins to appear.

The first role in the movie Pavel Volya played in the youth series "Club" in 2006. Then he voiced Tsypu Joe in the cartoon “Catch the Wave!”, And in 2008 he played the role of Tima Milan in the film “The Best Movie”. In the same year, the movie Plato by Vartan Hakobyan was released, where Will played a major role. The picture, although it received a very restrained opinion of critics, but with a budget of $ 2.5 million, it raised $ 5.1 million at the box office, which can be considered a success.

Pavel Volya - "Map of Russia"

Among other works in the filmography of Pavel Volya can be noted the films “The Bride at Any Cost” (2009), “Love in the City 2” (2010), “Office Romance. Our time ”(2011) and“ Happy New Year, mothers! ”(2012).

Pavel Volya took up music in 2004, but then all his performances were held as part of the Comedy Club. Subsequently, he began a serious musical career. From 2007 to 2012, the albums Respect and Respect (2007), Miracles Happen (2009), Hot Summer / Cold Summer (2010) and New (2012) appeared.

"City 312" & Pavel Volya - "Mom, we are all getting old"

The singles “Everything will be awesome” won a special love of the listeners, a clip for which held for several months at the top positions of the television charts, “Advanced Cities” for the shows “Our Russia” and “Mom”, in the video for which almost all famous participants “ Comedy Club. " The singles “I dance!”, “Everything is paid for”, “Rainbow song”, “Stop the planet” were also remembered.

Showman Pavel Volya

Together with the Multi-Instrumentalists group, Pavel Volya performed in Moscow clubs and went on tour to the cities of the Baltic states. According to the artist himself, he rather pronounces the lyrics to the music than sings.However, Freedom's singles were gaining in popularity.

Since 2010, Volia has been playing live sets and regularly performs at music festivals, including Winston Freedom Music and KaZantip.

In February 2016, Pavel Volya releases a new studio album "Thoughts and Music", which included 11 songs.

Garik Kharlamov and Pavel Volya in "Comedy Club"

In the same 2016, Volya became a TV presenter of the author's comedy show "Improvisation." The program is released weekly on Fridays. During the TV show, Pavel gives the regular actors of the program and invited guests topics on which speakers prepare funny miniatures. As the name implies, what is happening on the screen is improvisation, the participants do not rehearse the numbers. Instead of rehearsals, the actors of the show organize technical parties, live performances, where spectators can get. Also, as part of the project, artists are touring with performances in Russian cities.

Pavel Volya in the show "Improvisation"

According to the participants of the program, “Improvisation” is shot in one take, rooms are not re-rented, even if star guests ask for it. The show contains two dozen regular headings that determine the direction of future miniatures, for example, “Blind Date”, “Prompter”, “Voice acting”, “Detective” and others. The topic of numerous discussions was the section “Shockers”, in which the actors put on bracelets that shock the speakers when pronouncing a certain letter.

Olga Buzova and Pavel Volya at Comedy Club

At the end of 2016, Pavel Volya performed a humorous program in America. This time, the comedian’s abusive jokes led to scandal. At a concert in New York, the TV presenter unflatteringly spoke about the residents of Yekaterinburg, calling them gopniks. The Russian media indignantly reflected this situation, and a video with a fragment of the speech scattered across the Internet. Residents of the offended city called on the Russians to boycott Paul’s speeches at home.

Laysan Utyasheva and Pavel Volya

The comedian justified the scandalous statement by the fact that it was a joke. Also, the comedian in response accused reporters of inflating the scandal. However, the concerts of Pavel Volya in Yekaterinburg and Tyumen in December 2016 were canceled. As the humorist representatives told the press, the event organizers stopped answering calls.

The incident did not prevent Pavel Volya from continuing to hold large stand-up concerts in different parts of the world. In 2017, a comedian performed in London. In Moscow, the artist regularly collects a full venue in Crocus City Hall.

Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva on the project "Where is the logic?"

In addition to the main project “Comedy Club”, Volya participates in other TNT channel TV shows. Together with Laysan Utyasheva, Pavel became a guest of the program “Where is the logic?” Where the rivals of the couple were the choreographers of the entertainment show “Dances” Ekaterina Reshetnikova and Miguel. And in the Studio Soyuz, the comedian fought with his longtime friend Timur Rodriguez.

Conversational artist, film artist

Pavel Alekseevich Volya (real name and surname of Pavel Volya - Denis Dobrovolsky) - “resident” and host of the TV program “Comedy Club” (Comedy Club) and a number of other programs on Russian TV, conversational artist, film artist, rap artist. Prior to his career at Comedy Club, Pavel Volya was a member of the KVN team “Valeon Dasson” (Penza). On account of the will of the television program “Slaughter League”, “Laughter without rules”, “Comedy Battle” and “Improvisation” on TNT channel. Released the albums Respect and Respect, Miracles happen, Thoughts and Music.

The early years and the formation of Pavel Volya

Pavel Volya was born on March 14, 1979 in Penza. According to the artist’s biography, published on the 24-media website, in addition to the famous “Pavel Volya”, he has another pseudonym - “Snowball”.

Father - Dobrovolsky Alexey Evgenievichworked at the factory.

Mother - Dobrovolskaya Tamara Alekseevna, also worked at the factory, but due to the illness of her daughter Olga (Pavel’s younger sister) she left work.

Pavel Volya was educated in his hometown, graduating from school number 11 with a silver medal.At school, Pavel Volya was more interested in literature, history and other humanitarian subjects. From school, Pavel was an activist. The boy participated in the public life of the school, organized discos, and even in high school began to play in KVN.

Pavel Volya is a philologist by education, he entered the Penza Pedagogical Institute named after V.G. Belinsky to the faculty of Russian language and literature. And at the institute, Pavel continued to deal with his beloved KVN. He played for the Valeon Dasson team. As part of the team, Volya won in the First League of KVN, having won the right to play in the Major League. However, his team quickly flew out, and he himself was not remembered by a wide range of viewers, unlike some other Comedy Club stars.

By the way, the real name and surname of Pavel Volya is an occasion for a whole study. On the Internet you can find information that the real name of the artist is not Denis, but Pavel Dobrovolsky. However, experts say that under the name "Pavel Dobrovolsky" he worked as a DJ of "Russian Radio" in Penza and conducted the program "Free Nails". According to other sources, then he was still Denis Dobrovolsky. However, Volya logically follows from the real surname Dobrovolsky, just “good” Paul left before moving to such a difficult city as Moscow.

Artistic career of Pavel Volya

After graduating from the institute in 2001, Pavel Volya moved to the capital. In Moscow, Volya was able to get on the hit FM radio station.

Due to his energetic character, Paul successfully made a career. Volya voiced Masyan in the show on “Muz-TV”, wrote scripts for transmission Igor Ugolnikov, and also worked as the host of the program "Night Flirt" on MTV.

And here’s a new layer in Paul’s creative biography - this is the comedy show “Comedy Club”, which was created in 2003 by the KVN team “New Armenians” (Arthur Janibekyan, Artak Gasparyan, Arthur Tumasyan, Artashes Sargsyan, Garik Martirosyan other). Pavel Volya in this program came up with the image of a "glamorous bastard." It must be said that the image of Pavel Volya, like the early “Comedy", caused an ambiguous reaction of the audience. And if a young audience was gradually conquered, then adults were critical of the project. Writer spoke negatively about the show Mikhail Zadornov, legend of KVN Julius Guzman and many others. True, “Comedy Club” was changing for the better and some numbers won over everyone. Although the emphasis on vulgar jokes remained the priority of the program. “... Pavel Volya himself is standing in front of you all that way ... and he jokes unobtrusively the same thing, and swears so little, not paying any attention to anyone, as if to himself, just like a neighbor who had drunk on a stairwell, loudly deciding which the door is for him, ”wrote in the article“ SP ” Vitaly Tretyakov

Almost every star that came to the “Comedy Club”, became the object of cynical, and at times truly boorish jokes of Paul “Snowball” Will.

Becoming more and more popular, Pavel Volya switched to performances with his own monologues in the humorous style of “stand up”. The artist’s best numbers are “Map of Russia”, a series of monologues “About Women” and an impressive review of textbooks he discovered in bookstores.

In 2014, Pavel Volya conducted a solo tour “Big Stand up”, visiting 16 cities of Russia. The final “Big Stand up” of Freedom was the New Year’s performance at Crocus City Hall.

Since 2015, Pavel Volya has become a leading Comedy Club, but the comedian devoted time to other projects on TV. Together with Vladimir Turchinsky Pavel Volya led the humorous show “Laughter without rules”, “Slaughter League”. In memory of Turchinsky on TNT came the comedy show “Comedy Battle”, hosted by Pavel Volya.

In 2016, Volya became a TV presenter of the author's comedy show "Improvisation".

The roles of Paul Will in the cinema

Over time, Paul began to film Will. Pavel Volya played his first role in the film in the youth series “Club” in 2006.Then Volya voiced Tsypu Joe in the cartoon “Catch the Wave!”, And in 2008 he played the role of Tima Milan in the film “The Best Movie”, and also starred in the movie “Plato” Vartan Hakobyan.

The filmography of Pavel Volya includes films: “The Bride at Any Cost” (2009), “Love in the City 2” (2010), “Office Romance. Our time ”(2011) and“ Happy New Year, mothers! ”(2012). With the exception of Plato, where Volya played someone like himself, a fashionable party-goer in the capital, and Hakobyan’s comedy Kiss Through the Wall, Pavel has only small roles in films or cameos.

Pavel Volya also starred in the adventure film “The Secret of the Dragon Seal: A Journey to China,” which is scheduled to premiere in October 2017. The film will show the times of Peter the Great and the traveler-cartographer, who received the task from the Russian emperor to draw up a map of the Far East. Pavel Volya played in the Russian-Chinese film of the prince Menshikov. Starred in the picture Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, and the director and producer Alexey Petrukhin recounted that “The Secret of the Dragon Seal. Travel to China ”aims at record fees in the PRC market - 3 billion yuan (more than 26 billion rubles).

Musical career of Pavel Volya

Success in the musical field came when Pavel Volya performed songs as part of the Comedy Club in 2004. The warm welcome given to him by the audience allowed Will to seriously engage in musical creativity. So, from 2007 to 2012, the albums “Respect and Respect” (2007), “Hot Summer / Cold Summer” (2010), “New” (2012), “Thoughts and Music” (2016) appeared.

The singles “Everything will be awesome”, “Advanced Cities” for the shows “Our Russia” and “Mom” won a special love for the listeners, in a video which starred almost all the famous members of “Comedy Club”. The songs “I dance!”, “Everything is paid”, “Rainbow song”, “Stop the planet” were also remembered.

Scandals with Pavel Volya

At the end of 2016, Volya performed a humorous program in America. This time, the insulting jokes of a Comedy Club resident led to a scandal at home. At a concert in New York, the TV presenter unflatteringly spoke about the residents of Yekaterinburg, calling them gopniks. Residents of the city called on Russians to boycott Paul’s speeches. Concerts of Pavel Volya in Yekaterinburg and Tyumen in December 2016 were canceled, the comedian’s biography on Wikipedia says.

And in May 2017, the artist again shocked fans. Pavel Volya fell from the second floor during the comedy club show. The comedian was not injured due to many years of passion for parkour. But then it turned out that the falls were staged and clearly planned.

Comedy Club resident Pavel Volya can also be noted in the Belarusian KGB after he voiced the urgency of the gas issue: “The Belarusian Shepherd Dog is the only one in the world that barks not“ Woof-Woof! ”, But“ Gas! Gas!".

The income of Paul Will

In the Forbes magazine’s ranking of “Top Russian Celebrities”, Pavel Volya is in the top ten. In 2016, Volya was 41st with revenue of $ 1.5 million. In 2017, it fell to 46th place ($ 1.2 million). The biggest achievement was recorded in 2013 ($ 2.4 million).

Personal life of Pavel Volya

Pavel Volya lived in a civil marriage with Maria Kravtsova, a TV presenter for MTV, known under the pseudonym Marika. However, in 2010, Mary and Paul broke up. Their mutual friend was quoted in the news, wishing to remain incognito, claiming that Pavel and Marika are “still a gang,” in particular, they are together at parties and birthday parties of mutual friends, only they come to them separately.

In the same year, Pavel Volya found a new love, she became a famous Russian athlete, Honored Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics Laysan Utyasheva. Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva got married in September 2012, and on May 14, 2013 the young family had a son, Robert. Today, there are already two children in the family of Volya and Utyasheva - two years later, the couple had a daughter, Sofia.

Laysan Utyasheva repeatedly visited the show "Comedy Club", went on stage for humorous numbers. The wife of Pavel Volya was born on June 28, 1985 in the city of Raevsky, Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. World champion, six-time European champion, European champion in the team event (2002), winner of the 2001/02 World Cup. Laysan Utyasheva, due to injuries, ended her career before the Beijing Olympics, then worked as a TV presenter, participated in programs on NTV and TNT. In the television program NTV in the morning, Utyasheva led the morning gymnastics column. She also wrote an autobiography, Unbroken, and prepared her own dance show.

Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva became one of the notable couples in show business, they are sometimes called even the most stylish.

The tabloid news constantly reports on the details of the life of the Paul and Laysan family, various trips. Will and Utyasheva skillfully PR, even if there is no reason for this. So in 2016, the news discussed information that Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva together with the children decided to emigrate from Russia to Spain. The topic was condemned quite actively until Volya posted screenshots of false news on Instagram and pironized over “cheers with seals on avatars” and people who are so worried about moving Volya’s family as if a comedian grabbed “budget money and Amber Room” . Paul assured his fans that he was not moving and that his family was doing well. Pavel and Laysan just like to spend a weekend in Spain together.

Pavel Volya is active in social networks, posting photos of his hectic life in show business, video from the filming of "Comedy Club", addresses his wife and children, congratulates them on the holidays. It also responds to public events from the match of the Russian national football team to the celebration of May 9. There are a lot of photos and videos of his beautiful wife in the Will social networks.

Pavel Volya's Instagram account has nearly 9 million followers; his Twitter account has over 5 million.

Personal life

For 3 years, Pavel Volya lived in a civil marriage with Maria Kravtsova, the TV presenter of MTV, known under the pseudonym Marika. They met on the set of Comedy Club, where friends invited the girl. A couple predicted a quick marriage, but in 2010, Mary and Paul broke up.

Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva

Then Pavel Volya began to meet with Laysan Utyasheva. They hid their relationship for a long time, until in the spring of 2013 the media was struck by the news of the gymnast's pregnancy. As it turned out, the couple married in September 2012, and on May 14, 2013 their son Robert was born. Today the family has two children. After 2 years, the wife gave the showman a daughter, Sofia.

Pavel and Laysan met in the company of mutual friends and occasionally saw each other at movie premieres and exhibitions. The grief brought them closer: when mother Zulfiya died at Laysan, it was Paul who set her on the man’s shoulder and helped her through this difficult period. Currently, the young family lives in their own house in the suburbs.

Another member of the comedian’s family is the 20 kg Mainer Coon boomer cat. Will happily takes pictures with a cat and talks about the life of a pet. The sleek animal in the photo looks even bigger than its owner, although Paul cannot be called miniature (the comedian is 176-178 cm tall and weighs about 60 kg).

Around the life of the family rumors constantly appear. For example, the media speculated, Pavel Volya divorced his wife or moved with Laysan to Spain for permanent residence. Stander is indignantly rejecting the speculation of divorce.

Pavel Volya with his wife in Spain

Pavel Volya wrote an open letter in his own account on Instagram, where he gave screenshots of false news and sneered at “cheers with avatar seals” and people who are so worried about the Volia family’s move, as if the comedian grabbed “budget money and Amber Room. "

The comedian assured fans that he did not move and that his family was doing well. Pavel and Laysan just like to spend a weekend in Spain together.

Paul's childhood

Pavel Volya was not the only child in the family.He has a sister Olga, who is 3 years younger than him. Pasha studied at a regular Penza school and even managed to finish it with a silver medal. Which for sure was the impetus for going to the Pedagogical University. Even before Volya received a diploma of higher education, he began working at local radio stations. Every evening you could hear: "Pavel Dobrovolsky was with you." Pavel Dobrovolsky is a pseudonym that Volya took when he went to work as a DJ on Russian Radio Penza. At the university, Pavel Volya was also a member of the KVN team, this subsequently allowed him to become the captain of the Penza KVN team “Valeon Dasson”.

After graduating from university in 2001 and becoming a teacher of Russian language and literature (probably this helps Pavel Volya to communicate with a variety of people), he moved to Moscow.

Star Trek comedian and actor

Pavel Volya managed to conquer Moscow almost immediately. He began working as a host on Muz-TV, where he voiced Masyanya in the show “Visiting Masyany”, as well as on the Hit-FM radio station, which provided him with the position of host and airtime for the morning entertainment program.

Soon, the guys from the KVN team “New Armenians” - Tash Sargsyan, Artak Gasparyan and Arthur Janibekyan - got the idea to create a new generation comedy program. The new program was to be called Comedy Club and become an alternative to KVN and Full House, because all these programs were already fed up with the viewer, and Comedy could introduce a new format into the comedy market. From the first days, Pavel Volya also participated in the development of the new show.

No one was sure of the success of the project. The first programs were not received by the viewer, and critics said that the show went and was stupid. But this did not stop the creators of the project. They tried to experiment, but one thing remained unchanged: the program began with a speech by Pavel “Snowball” by Volya, the “glamorous bastard” - this was his role immediately. During the performance, he straightforwardly “lowers” ​​the stars, athletes and other famous personalities. He does not “touch” politicians, Russia, medicine, education, he does not spread decadent moods to society. It is important that all the nasty things Will speaks directly in the face of those sitting in the hall.

In 2007, Pasha began a musical career. He shot several clips for his tracks and realized that the actor from him was also nothing. In the same year, he played the role of Tima Milan in "The Best Film", and a little later received his first major role in the film "Plato". He is currently host of the Comedy Battle program on TNT.

Pavel Volya now

In May 2017, the artist shocked fans. Pavel Volya fell from the second floor during the Comedy Club show. The comedian was not injured due to many years of passion for parkour. As journalists later found out, the quarrel with Timur Batrutdinov and the subsequent fall were staged and clearly planned.

Pavel Volya fell during the broadcast

Pavel Volya starred in the adventure film "Wii 2. The Secret of the Dragon Seal", which is expected to premiere in 2019. The film will show the times of Peter the Great and the traveler-cartographer, who was instructed by the Russian emperor to draw a map of the Far East.

Friends of "Comedy Club" are the artists of the label Black Star, which periodically appear on the stage of the show. Together with Demis Karibidis, the show “The Yurets is Blinding” was shown, Pavel Volya participated in the miniature “Timati and Bilan Conflict”, also before the show of the “Bachelor” project in 2018, he talked with the main character of the season Yegor Creed.

Pavel Volya and Garik Kharlamov in a parody of Olga Buzova's clip

Pavel Volya and Garik Kharlamov released a video parody of Olga Buzova’s songs. The video was shown on the air of the Comedy Club, but there were so many people who wanted to see the video on the Internet that Pavel decided to post it on his Instagram account. For a short time, the post was watched by a 2 millionth audience.

Together with colleagues at the Comedy Club, Pavel Volya, on the eve of the World Cup, became a participant in the campaign of Ivan Urgant in support of the Russian team and its coach Stanislav Cherchesov. The online campaign is called The Mustache of Hope. All comers posted on social networks photos with painted mustaches. After the Russians left the group, Pavel Volya posted a post in which he respectfully addressed the Russian players, promising to no longer address them from the stage in a negative way.

Flash mob "Mustache of Hope"

Pavel Volya has a YouTube channel, where the artist posts videos from concerts, musical opuses, recordings of his performances in the Comedy Club. In May 2018, the comedian presented to the subscribers the audio album “Poems # 1”, in which he presented about 30 poems of his own authorship. In September, Paul presented the second audio work, “Add Beauty,” or “Poems # 2,” where he collected poetry dedicated to love. The video’s screensaver was a touching photo of Pavel Volya with Lyaysan Utyasheva.

Pavel Volya - “2018 World Cup in Russia”

Now the artist lives in a busy touring schedule, periodically appearing with concerts in major cities in Europe and the USA. In September, “Comedy Club” together with other stars visited the capital of Armenia. At the same time, he finds time to communicate with family and friends. In August 2018, Pavel and his wife visited a private dinner organized in St. Petersburg by the Omega watch brand for Russian representatives of show business. The event was attended by Hollywood star Nicole Kidman, who for more than 10 years has been an official brand.

Pavel Volya - Comedy Club: biography, instagram, photo, wife, real name

Member Name: Pavel Alekseevich Volya

Age (birthday): 03/14/1979

Education: PSMPU named after Belinsky

Family: married to Laysan Utyasheva, has children

Pavel Volya was born and raised in Penza, he was seriously interested in literature and history at school, while he was never a "jerk".

It was rumored that the real name of Pavel Volya was Denis Dobrovolsky. The young guy always remained the soul of the class, organized holidays and discos, and was part of the KVN school team.

Having received a certificate, Pavel entered a pedagogical university and, in parallel with his studies, continued playing at KVN. With Timur Rodriguez and Leonid Shkolnik, who also studied at PSMPU, he created the Valeon Dasson team.

The guys joked well, managed to win the First League and get a chance to appear on television. However, at the first stage, the team failed miserably. Despite the unsuccessful start, not one of the young people returned to Penza, and by then everyone had managed to seize the chance and move to the capital in anticipation of a career.

Pavel, having experience working at a radio station, immediately got a job at HIT FM. He was lucky, later he worked on the Muz TV channel, voiced the famous Masyan, worked on the scripts of the Igor Ugolnikov show.

But the real success was ahead - the comedy show "Comedy Club". It was invented by the experts, but at first the performances were not in the television format. The presentation took place in the metropolitan center, and it so happened that it was Paul who opened it.

Since then, the image of a “glamorous bastard” has been entrenched to him, and the first people he made fun of were the journalists who were at the event. The performance literally blew the audience, therefore, the next few years, Volya appeared on the scene in this image, although in life he remained a simple, kind and purposeful guy.

Almost all the stars became victims of the Snowball of Freedom, some tried to fend off his jokes, but not many succeeded. Now the late novel Trachtenberg is the only one who managed to repulse Will, so much so that for some time Pavel turned into a laughing stock.

This was the reason for the change of role - now Volya began to go on stage with personally written monologues, reasoning, and they were no less successful than ridicule.Only in them was much more culture and wisdom.

In parallel with the career of a comedian, Volia conducted some programs, among them “Laughter without rules” and “Slaughter League”. His partner was Vladimir Turchinsky - the Comedy Battle project, dedicated to this artist, is still being released.

He is broadcasting "Improvisation" on TNT.

Volya also decided to try his hand in the musical direction - at first one song was written and performed at the Comedy Club, and later the hobby turned into a professional career.

Pavel recorded four albums, and his songs were heard on all radio stations. In 2016, his fifth album was released.but, as the artist himself says, “I don’t sing, but speak to the music” - the demand for his work from this does not become less.

The talented Paul decided to test his strength in the cinema. First he was invited to the series “Club”, then he was engaged in voice acting for cartoon characters, played Tima Milan, a comedic image of Dima Bilan.

In 2008, the Will got the main role in the movie "Plato", it was already a more serious work, and although critics did not appreciate it, at the box office she showed herself well. Then there were several more paintings in which Volya played characters that were not alike.

Personal life Snezhka has always been under the watchful eye of journalists. At first, Volya lived in a civil marriage with the leading Marika, their union lasted three years - everyone believed that the guys would get married soon, but they separated in 2010.

A few months later it became known that Will meets Laysan Utyashevabut then no one knew about it yet. The first news about the emergence of their union appeared in 2013, when the athlete became pregnant.

After 9 months, son Robert was born, and two years later, daughter Sofia. The couple legalized the relationship back in 2012, and journalists still cannot understand how they managed to hide this event from prying eyes.

Today Laysan-Pavel Union is considered the strongestguys work together on television. In parallel, they created the project "Willpower", where the two teach people to be healthy, physically strong and sturdy. "

At the end of 2016, young people were awarded the Glamor Prize in the nomination “Best Couple of the Year”. I wonder what other joint projects this talented, beautiful and purposeful couple will give? After all, Volia can no longer imagine her life without Laysan, either at home or at work.

Pavel Volya tours with StandUp tour in Russia. And Laysan holds webinars “Willpower”, sometimes together with her husband.


To conquer the Russian capital Pavel "Snezhok" Volya came already being known as the captain of the KVN team "Valeon Dasson". Student of the faculty of Russian language and literature of the Pedagogical Institute named after

Belinsky in Penza was distinguished by an active life position, a craving for speeches and general attention, and therefore he participated in public life with great enthusiasm. He was the same at school. But the desire to realize his potential in the extracurricular life of the institution did not in any way affect his performance.

Pavel was not only a good and diligent student, he also attached a silver medal to his school certificate, as well as sincere praise from teachers.

After receiving a diploma of higher education, the future star of the Comedy Club went to Moscow. The capital quite warmly welcomed a young talented guy. Volya got on the humorous scene of TNT, already having some experience and several interesting projects.

Once worked on the radio, and now his name is as an invited guest

At the beginning of the two thousandths, the adventures of the cartoon Masyanya from the cartoon of the same name were shown on Muz-TV. Not everyone knows, but Pavel Volya voiced it, then he worked as a presenter on the channel. Experience in the Penza "Russian Radio" allowed him to get on the "Hit-FM" host of the morning show. In parallel, he was engaged in writing texts for the program of Igor Ugolnikov.

Pavel Volya at Comedy Club

When in 2003 several former participants of the “New Armenians” KVN started the implementation of the Comedy Club project, no one was sure of its success. The show was held in a completely new format for the Russian audience.

One of the producers, Arthur Janibekyan, invited Pasha to participate in a humorous program in company with other former KVN-schiki - Garik Martirosyan, Sergei Svetlakov, Mikhail Galustyan and others.

And it so happened that the “glamorous bastard,” namely such a nickname was received by Volia, did not miss a single episode of the program and continues his sparkling performances in the Stand Up genre in 2016.

Native comedy scene

Over the years, the project, like its participants, has gone only towards success.

The set changed several times, new guys became residents, invented witty humorous sketches.

Comedy Club gathered a lot of noise around itself, there were both supporters and opponents of the new humorous trend. The participation of Pavel Volya and the constantly high ratings of the program remained unchanged.

Comedy gave Pasha the opportunity to fulfill his desires one hundred percent: success, popularity, financial independence, social events and a free lifestyle accompanied the resident constantly. He became one of the very first stand-ups in a modern format and involved thousands of young children across the country in this area.

Phrases from monologues of Will go "to the people"

The unprecedented success of Comedy allowed the producers to implement several more projects under the Comedy Club brand, and the witty Will become their leader:

The guy’s megapopularity, of course, gathered crowds of fans around him. Youth passed violently and under constant female enthusiasm. The family got Pavel after thirty years. But before the first marriage in his life, his personal life repeatedly became an occasion for discussion.

Pasha and Leysan

And the curtain opened in 2013. Now the audience learned: Pavel not only left the category of single men, but moved to the rank of married. His chosen one was the renowned gymnast Leysan Utyasheva. Their wedding, held in 2012, was a secret, the wedding was held without high-profile celebrations, the press and hundreds of guests. Only the closest.

Leysan comes to Pasha’s concerts, and he confesses his love to her

In 2013, Pavel Volya became a father, Leysan gave him his son Robert. And after two years, the family was waiting for replenishment again: in 2015, little Sofia was born. Well, what can I say, Pasha’s story is like a beautiful story in which a guy from the provinces came to conquer Moscow, gained enormous popularity, found his soul mate and became a father.

Cinema and music

Pavel Volya realized his outstanding creative potential not only on the Comedy stage. In 2008, the screening of "The Best Movie" was launched in Russian cinemas with the participation of Pasha and other residents of Comedy Club. Comedy was the first film of this genre in Russia and gathered remakes of popular film projects of that time.

Character from Kiss Through the Wall

In the same year, the comedy drama "Plato" was released in the title role with Will. His hero in many ways echoed the actor himself: a successful guy, sociable, attracting women. Paul’s play was evaluated very positively, but he did not stop there. A year later, fans expected the comedy "The Bride at Any Cost".

Even episodic and secondary roles of Paul did not pass by the viewer. Many remember his Vadik of their “Office Romance. Nowadays". Also, the filmography of the star humorist was replenished with the roles in the films “Kiss Through the Wall” (2011) and “Happy New Year, mothers!” (2012).

Christmas tree and Pasha are good friends

In the musical field, the versatile Will turned out perfectly. The debut album "Respect and Respect" was released in 2007. Fans praised the artist's musical creativity. Paul himself is very fond of music does not stop working in this direction so far.

His songs “Everything will be awesome”, “Mom”, “I dance!” Were in rotation of popular radio stations and music channels, he recorded the title songs for the project “Our Russia”, and also sang in a duet with singer Elka and the group “City” 312 ". In 2016, the album "Thoughts and Music" was released.

The main stander of Russia

In 2016, Pavel Volya continues to remain in the role of the permanent host of “Comedy Battle”, and also hosts the author's humorous show “Improvisation” on the same TNT. Together with Leysan they created a joint project “Willpower”.

Materials taken from the source: topkin.ru

Pavel Volya - biography, personal life, date of birth and facts about celebrities - Mail.ru Lady

Pasha was an exemplary student and graduated from school with a silver medal.

Since he studied in a class with a humanitarian bias, he decided to choose the future profession as the appropriate one - a teacher of Russian language and literature.

In his student years, Pavel was the captain of the Penza KVN team “Valeon Dasson”, worked part-time at one of the local modeling agencies and worked as a DJ on “Russian Radio - Penza”.

After graduation in 2001, Volya went to conquer Moscow. He got a job as a DJ on the Hit FM radio station, worked as the host of the Let's Go program on Muz-TV, voiced Masyanya on the Mashyan’s show, wrote scripts for Igor Ugolnikov’s program “Good Evening” on RTR and was co-host of Marika on the program "Night Flirt" on MTV.

In 2003, Pavel Volya and his friends organized the Comedy Club: first they performed in clubs, then they got on television. Officially, the show was opened on April 9, 2005 in the Atrium shopping center, and then real popularity came to Will. He became known to the general public as Pavel "Snezhok" Volya and received the nickname "glamorous bastard."

Pavel Volya’s film debut took place in 2007 when he played Tim Milan in the comedy “The Best Movie”. A year later, he starred in the youth drama "Plato" and played the main character.

There are other big pictures in the movie career of the TV star: “The Bride at Any Cost”, “Office Romance. Our time ”and“ Happy New Year, mothers! ”

In addition, Pavel proved himself to be a master of dubbing: with his voice talking penguin surfer Tsyp Joe in the cartoon “Catch the Wave!” And the alien Paul from the comedy “Paul: The Secret Material”.


Women, unlike us, from men, are not afraid to fall in love, but they are very afraid that they will stop loving them.

I hate to sleep. While a person is sleeping, something happens. Therefore, I scold human life for having to sleep a lot.

You need to appreciate those who really make an effort to be part of your life.

Who are the parents of Pavel Volya? Who is his dad, who is his mom?

Who are the parents of Pavel Volya? Who is his dad, who is his mom?

  • Some of the best comedians in the country, in the recent past, a member of KVN, and now a resident of Comedy Club, the host of the show “Improvisation”, is all about Pavel Volya.
    Many times in the Comedy it was announced - Pavel Alekseevich Volya. Pasha himself sometimes also includes interesting facts from the life of his family, father and mother in his speeches.
    His father's name is Alexei Evgenievich Dobrovolsky, and his mother is Tamara Alekseevna Dobrovolskaya.
    As you understand, Volya is a stage name (Dobrovolsky). Once Paul said this from the stage.
    According to the latest data, Pavel Volya's parents live in the suburbs.
  • About the parents of Pavel Volya. Pavel Volya's parents lived in Penza, worked at a factory. Mom - Tamara Alekseevna and father - Alexey Evgenievich. Currently, parents moved to the suburbs, where Pavel bought them an apartment.
  • I think that very good people because they don’t speak badly about parents, and those minutes of laughter that he gives us are highly valued!
  • Paul quot, Snowball Volyaquot, was born and raised in the city of Penza. Parents until recently lived in the same place. But in 2014, Pavel moved them to Moscow region. Pavlik’s mother is Tamara Alekseevna, and his dad is Alexei Evgenievich.
  • Comedian Pavel Volya has the most ordinary parents. They can not even be found on the Internet:

  • Dad - Alexey Volya.
  • Mom - Tamara Volya.

I tried to find a photo of Pavel Volya with his parents - it did not work. It seems that Paul does not want annoying media to pester his parents. And rightly so!

The parents of one of the popular host of the Comedy Club show, Pavel Volya, are named as follows: Pope Alexey Dobrovolsky, and Tamara Alexeyevna Dobrovolsky. It is also known that they currently live in the suburbs.

There is very little information about the parents of Pavel Vol. It is only known that his parents can be said to come from the people, very ordinary people. They worked at some factory. My mother’s name is Tamara Alekseevna Dobrovolskaya, and my father’s name is Alexei Evgenievich Dobrovolsky. Accordingly, Paul has the same last name, and Volya is only a pseudonym. Parents moved from Penza to the suburbs.

Pavel Alekseevich Volya - actor, host of programs on television. March 14 of next year he turns 35 years old (do not forget to congratulate). Place of birth - the city of Penza.

His dad - Alexei Evgenievich Volya and mother Tamara Alekseevna Volya, still live there. They also have a daughter, Olga, younger than Pasha for several years. You can read about this and much more here.

If you are interested in something else, then you can ask him a question on his official Facebook page.

Little is known about Dobrovolsky’s parents, there is only data after a conversation with his teacher in French.

In an interview, she said that the parents are quite ordinary people, they worked at the factory, but after the daughter’s long illness, her mother left part-time, and then completely left the factory.

Their name is Alexei Evgenievich and Tamara Alekseevna, both with the surname Dobrovolsky. Will is an artistic surname.

How many I did not search, but I could not find a photo of Pavel’s parents. There is only a photo of his wife, but I know that Pavel’s mother is Tamara Alekseevna, and Alexey Evgenievich is the father. They now live in the suburbs.

And here is a photo of Paul. In with his wife:

Pavel Volya: biography

Pavel Alekseevich Volya was born on March 14, 1979 in Penza. From an early age, Pasha was fond of the humanities, loved history and literature.

The teachers were pleased with the success of the future showman and comedian, who not only studied well, but also managed to take an active part in the life of the school.

The biography of Pavel Volya is replete with bright facts, he liked to organize discos and already at school began to play in KVN.

After graduation, with a silver medal, young Pavel goes to conquer the expanses of the Penza Pedagogical Institute. V.G. Belinsky.

The future teacher of Russian language and literature continues to receive good grades and begins to play for the University team “Valeon Dasson” together with Leonid Shkolnik and Timur Rodriguez.

In such a friendly composition, the guys won the First League and won the right to go to play in the Premier League.

The future showman hoped that the jokes would be competitive, but after the game the team flies out and practically ceases to exist. Pavel Volya decided not to give up and immediately after graduating from the institute in 2001 he set off to conquer the treasured capital.

His student years gave him a wealth of knowledge and experience - working as a DJ on Russky Radio Penza allowed him to get on Hit FM radio in Moscow. Volia worked a lot, among his achievements - the voice acting of the cartoon character "Masyanya" on "Muz-TV".

In the biography of Pavel Volya, the real name is indicated - Denis Dobrovolsky.

Pavel Volya: photos

It is known that under this pseudonym the comedian spoke on the radio, but then stopped using it. Many remembered him as the host of a very piquant program "Night Flirt", which appeared on the open spaces of MTV.

In fact, he’s just Pasha Volya, who until 2003 worked as a scriptwriter on the show “Good Evening” with Igor Ugolnikov, however, then the show was closed, but this did not stop Pasha from going up another notch.

Pavel Volya - resident of Comedy Club

During the fruitful work on the project, Volya gets acquainted with Arthur Janibekyan, who in 2005 will present the new show “Comedy Club” to the court of Russian residents. The presentation took place in the Atrium shopping center, the leader was Pasha Volya, who chose a rather unusual role for himself - a “glamorous saucer”.

The comedian began to insult the journalists who were in the VIP zone, and the performance went off with a bang.

After that, the teacher of the Russian language and literature continued to develop in this direction, touching with his performances the famous stars of show business and politicians who began to come to the performance of the comedy program “Comedy Club”.

Pavel Volya: resident gum

The biography of Pavel Volya and his thorny ascent to Olympus of glory once again proves that everyone can achieve everything himself. It is necessary to make every effort and reveal your talent, as Volia did. The jokes for the project were written by the guys from the New Armenians KVN team: Artak Gasparyan, Arthur Janibekyan and Tash Sargsyan.

Sergey Svetlakov, Alexander Reva, Garik Martirosyan, Semyon Slepakov - they all played in KVN for different teams, and now it's time to unite for the common good. Residents of the club each time come up with something new, interesting and try to intrigue the viewer with jokes in the “below the belt” style.

Pavel Volya in gum

The performances of Pavel Volya are vulgar stories, with historical and poetic elements, with a hint of eroticism. The comedian manages to combine several genres in his miniatures at the same time and the audience is simply delighted with such a reincarnation on the stage.

Personal life in the biography of Pavel Volya occupies a special place, until 2012, the public did not know who is the chosen one of the comedian. In 2012, in September, the wedding ceremony of Pasha Volya and gymnast Laysan Utyasheva, which gave birth to his son Robert on May 14, 2013 and daughter Sofia on May 6, 2015, took place.

A new stage of creativity for Pavel Volya began from the very moment he legitimized his relationship with Utyasheva.

Pavel Volya and Leysan Utyasheva

The jokes have become more meaningful and less offensive to the public. Among the most famous scandals, one can note a conflict with the late Roman Trakhtenberg, Volya’s attempt to play a joke on Roman failed, he himself became an object of laughter from the audience.

The TNT channel broadcast programs that Pavel led with Vladimir Turchinsky, “The Slaughter League” and “Laughter without rules.” Volya often poked fun at the participants and once again drew attention to her person. In memory of the deceased Turchinsky on TNT, the Comedy Battle show continues to be released, led by a comedian.

The biography and personal life of Pavel Volya is often criticized by the public. From the outside it may seem that this person’s life was perfect. In fact, the most ordinary guy from Penza himself achieved everything. In 2010, he almost married the leading Marika, the couple lived in a civil marriage, but then broke up.

Numerous humorist monologues are presented on the Internet, and among them the most popular can be noted: “Map of Russia”, “About Women”, “Advertising on Television”.

Music and cinema in the life of Pavel Volya

Since 2004, the comedian began to record songs, in his arsenal are several albums, which he is very proud of. So in 2007 “Respect and Respect” was born, then the album “Miracles happen” became popular in 2009, “Hot Summer / Cold Summer” (2010) and “New” (2012).

The audience was delighted with the track “Everything will be awesome”, which appeared on TV screens in 2008 and occupied for a long time the top lines of the charts throughout the country.

Volia didn’t stop there, replenished his musical baggage with singles: “Everything is paid”, “I dance”, “Stop the planet”, “Rainbow song”, etc.

According to the artist herself, he says more than sings, however, the audience still supports him at every performance.In 2010, Volya tried himself as a DJ, his live sets became incredibly popular at various music festivals, which he regularly attended. 2016 marked the release of the album "Thoughts and Music", it included eleven songs.

The biography and personal life of Pavel Volya allows us to conclude that a talented person is talented in everything. Pavel Volya starred in films and voiced cartoon characters. In the series "Club" he appeared in 2006, this is his first role. “Catch the wave” - Tsypa Jah spoke in his voice in 2007, “The Best Movie” 2008 brought him the role of Tima Milan.

The adaptation of Plato, in which the comedian got the main role, brought more than 5.1 million dollars at the box office, with a very modest budget of 2.5 million. Among the most striking works is the continuation of the picture “Office Romance. Our time ”, Volya played the mannered secretary Vadik,“ Love in the big city-2 ”- Hamlet,“ Kiss through the wall ”- Kondratyev.

Pavel Volya is sure that he still has many achievements ahead, and he confidently goes to the goal and works on himself.

Creative way of Pavel Volya

Your creative path Pavel Volya started from the stage KVNas captain of the Valeon Dasson team. Pavel Volya performed together with famous showmen today Timur Rodriguez and Leonid Shkolnik.

After receiving his diploma, Pavel Volya came to Moscow and got a job as a screenwriter to Igor Ugolnikov to the program "Good evening".

Then Pavel Volya moved to the radio - listeners still in Penza Russian Radio knew him under the pseudonym Pavel Dobrovolsky.

Pavel Volya managed to work as a DJ at the station Hit FMhosted by Muz TV, voice the famous animated heroine Masyanya and, most importantly, meet the future producer Comedy Club Arthur Janibekyan.

In April 2005, the Atrium hosted the premiere of a new stand-up comedy program, an entirely new format for Russian television.

Pavel Volya first went on stage Comedy club, immediately outlining his role as sharp-tongued "glamorous bastard."

This became the brand name of Pavel Volya - no one except him dared to ridicule the stars of Russian pop music sitting opposite.

“I must say, when we started, we didn’t know what exactly we would do ... We knew that this should be funny. Before that, one of us played in KVN, who reread a little book of jokes in childhood, who just was born a ridiculous freak. But, how funny and what is funny, it was not entirely clear.

Until a clear genre of our “Comedy Club” gradually appeared in the process of parties, we called gay clubs and ordered the boys via speakerphone. I first read the stories. They were called "Names." I wrote them a long time ago and thought they were funny. “Zurab.

Zurab’s childhood was difficult ... ”But I realized what I had to do when some drunk dude came to the party and started screaming. And I began to wrangle with him. It lasted about three minutes, and it was great. Stars began to come.

First come Kirkorov (for which he has a huge curtsy, a deep bow, and in this position I stand for the rest of my life) with Yudashkin. I told Valentin that he was a monster in fashion, he came up with a million of all kinds of different clothes. Himself, as usual, in the "cherinki" ...

Soon new projects appeared on TNT "Slaughter league"And"Laugh without rules», The leaders of which became Pavel Volya and Vladimir Turchinsky. In 2007, Pavel Volya began a solo career, recording several tracks: “Everything will be awesome”, “Mom!”, “Barvikha”, “The best song” and Penza.

A year later, Pavel Volya tried his hand at cinema, appearing in the comedy “The best movie"(2008). Many viewers ambiguously perceived the picture, saying that it was a pathetic attempt to remove the tape in the spirit of “vulgar American humor”, which in no case should be shown to children, to which the showman replied:

"At one time, the Americans planned to close the animated series "The Simpsons" due to the fact that all the boys wanted to become like Bart Simpson.

Matt Groening then he commented on this situation as follows: “If you do not want your son to look like Bart Simpsonthen you should not be like Homer Simpson».

If you are a worthy parent, then you yourself will prove to yourself, your child and everyone else what he needs to watch and what not. A smart psychologist will say that children should not be limited at all. And then we are all free people and no one forces anyone to watch “The Best Movie”.

In the same year, another film was released with Pavel Volley starring. The role of the party-businessman Plato was much closer to Paul. In the story, he introduces beautiful girls to rich people. And in such a case there are no principles or barriers.

"Plato" - This is my first role in a big movie. In "The Best Movie" I had an interesting, but not the main role. Well, in Plato, I really liked the script. Someone says that the role I failed. Someone - that this is a 100% hit in the image.

Personally, Platosha was very interesting to me. In his hands are the levers of fate. He rules, say, the little world in which he lives. He is fussy, all on the road, communicates with everyone on eight phones at once, a million meetings, a million acquaintances, he knows all of Moscow, Moscow knows him ... He is not a bastard and not a scoundrel.

And as for the kind of activity ... A person openly declares everything: “It sells only what it wants to sell, and what is not for sale, not to sell.” To some extent, he is such a modern Ostap that finds new loopholes in people.

At the same time, he, in his own words, brings happiness to people and fights with a rotten demographic situation. ”

In 2009, Volya played one of the main roles in the comedy “The Bride at Any Cost”. In 2010, he played in the sequel to the film Love in the City» along with Vera Brezhneva, Philip Kirkorov, Igor Wernick, Nastya Zadorozhnaya and other actors.

In 2011, the actor starred in a remake of the Soviet film "Office Romance" - "Office Romance. Nowadays". In 2016, Pavel managed to work with Dmitry Astrakhan during the filming of the melodramatic picture “The game».

In 2017, Volya took part in the filming of the Russian-Chinese adventure fantasy “The Secret of the Dragon Seal: A Journey to China,” directed by Oleg Stepchenko.

In the same year he played in Oleg Smirnov’s comedy film “Zomboyaschik”, where Garik Kharlamov, Timur Batrudinov, Garik Martirosyan and other colleagues in the set acted as his partners ComedyClub.

Radio and television projects

The artist’s career began as a DJ on Russian Radio in Penza. After Pasha continued his career as a radio host in the program "Free Nails" on the Moscow "Russian Radio".

For some time he worked as a scriptwriter for the program "Good Evening" on RTR with Igor Ugolnikov. After the close of the television project, he again switched to the radio. He worked on the MUZ-TV channel, voiced the main character in the show “Visiting Masyani”. In 2003, he worked as a DJ at the Hit-FM radio station.

Since October 2010, he has been the host of the television show about hypnosis “What did you do last Friday” on the Ukrainian channel “1 + 1”.

Comedy club (Comedy Club)

Creativity in the Comedy Club began on April 9, 2005 at a presentation in the Atrium shopping center, where Volya acted as a “glamorous bastard”, humiliating other people.

The performances of the young comedian were based on the ironic and caustic presentation of the journalists present at the show. The main comedian feature is an unusual characterization of public people in a ridiculous manner. Such jokes went unpunished and were well remembered by the public.


Will starred in the films:

  • Univer (Cameo),
  • “The Best Movie” (Tima Milan), “Love in the Big City” (Hamlet),
  • Plato (Plato),
  • “The bride at all costs” (Stas),
  • “Kiss through the wall (Kondratiev),
  • "Love affair at work. Our time ”(Secretary Vadim),
  • "Wii-2. The mystery of the seal of the dragon ”(Alexander Menshikov),
  • “Happy New Year, mothers!” (Role of son).

He also voiced the characters in the cinema: “Catch the wave!”, “Gender: The Secret Material”, Parrot Club.


In 2016, at his speech in New York, he spoke unflattering about the residents of Yekaterinburg. The published video of the speech caused a lot of dissatisfied responses on the Internet and calls for a boycott of Paul’s concert scheduled for December of that year in Yekaterinburg. After that, Pavel Volya himself said that it was a joke, and accused the media of fanning the scandal. The concert of Pavel Volya in Yekaterinburg in December 2016 was canceled (as well as the performance in another city - Tyumen): according to the administrator of the comedian, the organizers of the events simply did not answer the phone.

Photo: Pavel Volya

Table of contents

There are many Russians who have ever seen the popular Comedy Club show. The creators were former KVNschiki. This show has both fans and haters. Today we’ll talk about one of the most scandalous residents of Comedy Club - Pavel Wole. “Glamorous bastard,” as the artist is called in a different way. He deserves his attention because of the jokes that showered on those present in the celebrity hall. In today's article, you will read about the life, creative success of the popular showman Pavel Volya.

Height, weight, age. How old is Pavel Volya

This TV presenter has his own circle of fans who follow his life. And they are interested not only in personal life, but also in height, weight, age. How old is Paul Wola? The height of Pavel Volya is 175 centimeters, and the weight is 60 kilograms. “I have been weighing 60 kilograms since grade 10. If I do nothing, then the weight can drop to 59 kilograms, and if we move, then I start to weigh 61 kilograms. But after a while he still returns to his place, ”says Pavel“ Snowball ”Volya. Pasha is 38 years old. Every year, wrinkles on his face are not added, but on the contrary, years make him wiser and more representative. According to the sign of the zodiac, he is Pisces.

Wife Lyaysan Utyasheva - love story

How did Pavel and Laysan meet? Acquaintance took place at one of the social events, where they were leading. For three years the guys were friends, over time, feelings grew into love. From the first meetings, Volia surrounded her lover with attention and care. "Glamorous bastard" has turned into a gentle and loving man.

Before meeting with the famous gymnast Utyasheva, Pavel had a relationship with TV presenter Maria Kravtsova. However, Laysan also met with a wealthy businessman.

The gymnast had a difficult period in her life, when she was left alone, survived the death of her mother. The girl was completely immersed in work, tried to escape from depression. It was at a difficult moment that Laysan saw in Pasha the closest person with whom she wants to be together.

The couple repeatedly appeared in public places, but no one suspected a love relationship. Soon in 2012, lovers signed. The wedding date was marked by a modest event in the circle of close relatives and friends.

On a honeymoon, a star couple actively visited museums and excursions. Soon, the spouse informed her husband that she was pregnant. The gymnast spent most of the child’s waiting period in Spain, visiting the most beautiful places.

Childbirth was easy in a posh hospital in Miami, Paul picked up a baby. From birth, the couple is actively engaged in the development of the baby, rejoices in his small beginnings.

Pasha shows himself a wonderful father and family man, held a man. Despite the fact that his wife is 6 years older than him, next to him she feels protected. And apparently the difference is completely not noticeable. Marriage changed Will beyond recognition: the family came first.

Photo All

Video All

Pavel Volya in the program “Simple Questions” with Yegor Khrustalev

L. Utyasheva, P. Volya, F. and S. Bondarchuki, Noize MC, ST, Vakhtang. Evening Urgant -519 (10/02/2015)


Family of Pavel Volya

The family of Pavel Volya now lives in a suburban house near Moscow.Leysan is completely devoted to children and home, but she has enough time for her favorite job. The couple completely refused the services of a nanny, since they believe that an outsider can not give that care, affection and love, as their own parents. Paul took responsibility for the material support of the family. The sister and mother of Pasha, as well as grandmother Leysan, are helping young parents. The spouses have two children, but they are not going to stop there, because they want to have a large and strong family. In the future, children can be proud of such caring parents.

Pavel Volya - biography

The name of Pavel Volya is always associated with the Comedy Club show, of which he is a resident and one of the presenters. He is a fairly public person, so he is under the scrutiny of the public. At one time, he distinguished himself with scandalous stories and provocative acts that all the media have long relished. But now all this has remained in the past, and Volya has become a real family man and a responsible father.

Pavel Volya became famous as an artist of the colloquial genre. He is known as a movie actor, TV presenter, resident and co-host of Comedy Club.

The son of Paul Will - Robert Will

The son of Paul Will - Robert Will. For the couple it was the firstborn. Upon learning of an interesting situation, Leysan Utyasheva immediately left her homeland and went to Spain. Robert appeared at the Miami clinic in May 2013, and shortly after birth, the mother and son returned to Russia. Now the boy is already 4 years old. Robert looks like a father. He is as active as his parents. Robert is engaged in swimming with a professional trainer. From the age of two, he has mastered the English language in a playful way. Parents consider it necessary.

Daughter of Pavel Volya - Sofia Volya

The daughter of Pavel Volya is Sofia Volya. Sofia became the second joint child in the family of Volya and Utyasheva. Having learned about pregnancy, the gymnast went to give birth to a clinic in Miami. On May 6, 2015, the long-awaited daughter appears in the family. Sofia forms only her own character, but she is already moody and demanding. He loves when they pay a lot of attention to her. Parents are already thinking that Sonya will follow in the footsteps of her mother and become a famous gymnast. But, while she is still too small to decide whether she wants to play sports or in the future she will choose the usual profession.


Every year, the creative career of Pavel Volya developed more and more successfully. Masyanya spoke from his popular program on “Muz-TV” in his voice, he became the author of the script for the programs, which were led by Igor Ugolnikov, went on air with the program “Night Flirt” on MTV.

Pavel Volya in the first issues of Comedy Club

A good springboard in the artist’s creative growth was the Comedy Club project. The presentation of the show was held in the Atrium shopping center, and it was led by Pavel Volya. After this performance, he instantly acquired a role - a glamorous bastard, making insulting jokes about others. The first people to feel the hail of his insults were the journalists who got into the VIP zone. Despite some swagger and insult to his jokes, the audience liked the performance of the young artist, and he decided to continue his performances in the same direction.

Soon, this rather peculiar presentation of those present became Paul's visiting card, as well as the whole project. Star guests were invited to the next issue of Comedy Club, who later became the object of jokes for the host of the show. They were rather cynical, sometimes even frankly boorish, but Pavel “Snowball” Volya did not pay attention to it, and continued to bend his line.

Only a few stars tried to answer Paul with his own coin, but practically no one succeeded. It was all the more interesting to watch the conflict that erupted between Paul and Roman Trachtenberg, now already deceased. When Volya practiced wit about a famous comedian, he received a real flurry of jokes addressed to him, and it should be noted that he felt himself under such an eye quite uncomfortable.

Often Pavel presented the audience his own monologues, which were written in the style of stand-up. Among them, the best were Map of Russia, About Jokes, and About Women. He joked also over the textbooks that he saw on sale on the shelves of bookstores. His numbers were very memorable, and the comedian himself soon occupied a worthy place among the other residents of the club - Garik Bulldog Kharlamov, Garik Martirosyan, Alexander A Revva, Timur Kashtan Batrutdinov.

In addition to Comedy Club Vol, he appeared in other humorous programs. In particular, on TNT and Comedy Club Production. Volya and Vladimir Turchinsky became the leading comic projects “The Slaughter League” and “Laughter Without Rules”. In these shows, Pavel similarly let out jokes towards the participants.

Pavel Volya with Vladimir Turchinsky

After Turchinsky died, Volya became the host of the comedy show Comedy Battle, which is dedicated to the blessed memory of the deceased.

Along with participating in humorous projects, Paul begins to develop a cinematic biography.

The debut project in the cinema was for him the painting "Club", which was released in 2006. Then he took up sounding the image of Tsypa Joe from the animated film “Catch the Wave!”. In 2008, Volya reincarnated as Timu Milan in the film "The Best Movie". In parallel, the artist appears on the set of the picture "Plato", which was released the same year. Director Vartan Hakobyan gave Will the role of the main character. Critics stinted on the laudatory reviews of this film, but it turned out to be quite successful when viewed from the point of view of box office. The budget of the tape amounted to 2.5 million dollars, and the rental brought the creators 5.1 million - an excellent result.

Pavel Volya in the movie "Plato"

In 2009, Will was invited to star in the film “The Bride at Any Cost”, a year later he appeared in the film “Love in the Big City 2”. In 2011, the tape “Office Romance. Our time ”, in 2012, the film“ Happy New Year, mothers! ”Was presented to the audience.

Music in the life of a popular presenter appeared in 2004, but at that time for the most part he did not go beyond the scope of the Comedy Club project. A few years later, Pavel took up music more seriously and even managed to establish himself as a popular singer. In 2007-2012, he worked on the albums Respect and Respect, Miracles Happen, Hot Summer / Cold Summer, and New.

Most of all, the audience liked the hit “Everything will be awesome”, and the video shot on it for several months did not leave the top steps of the charts on TV. The single “Advanced Cities”, which he performed for the project “Our Russia”, also liked. Almost all the residents and guests of the Comedy Club appeared in the video for the song entitled “Mame”. Many fans of the artist are delighted with the singles "" Everything is paid "," I am dancing! "," Stop the planet "," Rainbow song ".

As part of the Multi-Instrumentalists group, Pavel entered the stage of Moscow clubs and toured the Baltic states. As the comedian himself admitted, he does not consider his singing to be professional, it is rather the pronunciation of words to musical accompaniment. But fans think differently because the songs in his performance are becoming more and more popular.

In 2010, he first performed at a music festival, since then these performances have become regular.

In early 2016, Pavel delighted fans with a new studio album, which he called “Thoughts and Music”. It consists of 11 compositions.

Another project was released by Will in 2016 - the author’s humorous program "Improvisation", which is released every Friday. Its meaning is that the regular actors of the program and guests invited to it receive certain topics for the preparation of funny miniatures. Everything that happens on the screen is a real improvisation, there are no homework. Instead of rehearsing in advance, the actors prefer to show live parties with the participation of the audience. As part of this project, the actors have already managed to travel around many cities of Russia.

According to the participants in the program, it is removed from one take, and never staged shots, even if invited stars insist on it. The show consists of several dozens of regular headings, which determine the theme of future issues - “Prompter”, “Blind Date”, “Detective”, “Voice acting”. There was a lot of talk around the “Shockers” section, where actors come out with bracelets in their hands that shock all the speakers when they pronounce a certain letter.

At the end of the same year, 2016, Volya brought his humorous project to the States. This time, after the comedian’s performance, a real scandal erupted. The fact is that during a concert in New York, Pavel called the residents of Yekaterinburg gopnik. The Russian press did not hush up this situation, and the video recording of this concert instantly became the property of the Web.

Residents of Yekaterinburg made an appeal to compatriots, which contained a request to declare a boycott of Pavel Volya's concerts in Russia.

Later, the artist explained that he was just joking, and in no way wanted to offend the townspeople. He said that it was the journalists who inflated the scandalous situation. However, to avoid unforeseen situations, the artist’s concerts in Tyumen and Yekaterinburg did not take place, although they were planned for December 2016. According to Paul’s representatives, they couldn’t get through to the concert organizers.

The scandalous situation did not end the comedian’s career, rather, on the contrary, at his concerts full of rooms, he continues to tour the world. In 2017, Pavel went to London, in the capital his performances are held in Crocus City Hall, where there is always a full house.

Pavel Volya on stage

Pavel does not focus only on his projects, he willingly accepts invitations and comes on the air of other programs as a guest. Volya and Laysan Utyasheva visited the program “Where is the logic?” In which they competed with Ekaterina Reshetnikova and Miguel. Then he was invited to the show “Soyuz Studio”, where Timur Rodriguez, a friend from a young age, became his rival.

The ex-civil wife of Pavel Volya - Maria Kravtsova

The former civil wife of Pavel Volya is Maria Kravtsova. The relationship between Paul and Mary began in 2006, when the couple flew from a joint holiday. After some deliberation, they began to live together. For four years they went to the wedding and the children. In 2010, the “Vice-Miss” of Russia and the showman parted. The reason was jealousy on both sides, as well as a routine in relationships. Maria Kravtsova commented on the breakup of relations as follows: “Relations froze, became routine and there was no future in them.”

Wife of Pavel Volya - Leysan Utyasheva

The wife of Pavel Volya is Leysan Utyasheva. The relationship between the couple initially developed as friendly. They often met at joint events. No one would have thought that a close relationship could arise between them. However, this has happened. Pavel supported Leysan during the period when the mother of the gymnast died. He helped her out of depression and return to a normal and fulfilling life. Soon, a romance started between the gymnast and the showman, which led to the registry office. In 2012, fans were shocked by the news that Leysan and Pasha Volya officially registered their relationship.

Instagram and Wikipedia Pavel Volya

Instagram and Wikipedia Pavel Volya - these are sites where you can learn in detail about the life of a popular showman. Pasha is registered in other social networks: Vkontakte, Facebooke. The showman actively leads the tape on Instagram, where more than 1000 entries: video and photos. In the feed you can see photos with colleagues, family, friends and others. There is also a video of jokes that are not included in the Comedy Club show. About 2 million subscribers are subscribed to Pasha, which proves its popularity and significance among fans. You can subscribe to his website using the nickname pavelvolyaofficial.

Pavel Volya today

Paul often shockes his fans with extraordinary acts.This happened in the spring of 2017, when he managed to fall from the height of the 2nd floor on the air of the Comedy Club. Then it turned out that this fall, which happened after a quarrel with Batrutdinov, as well as the quarrel itself, were planned in advance.

The showman continues to act in films. In 2019, a tape with his participation “Wii 2. The Secret of the Dragon Seal” will be released.

Pavel leads his own channel to YouTube, where you can watch everything related to his concert activity.

He has a fairly tight and busy touring schedule. Will often happens in the USA and Europe. But he does not forget about the family. Together with his wife, he often attends public events, such as a private dinner, which organized the Omega watch brand. The event could not do without a Hollywood star - Nicole Kidman, who has been representing this brand for ten years.


  • 2007 - Everything will be awesome
  • 2007 - Showbiz
  • 2007 - Our Russia
  • 2008 - Barvikha
  • 2008 - Advanced Cities
  • 2008 - Mom
  • 2008 - Train then
  • 2008 - Penza
  • 2008 - Boy
  • 2008 - Plato
  • 2009 - Rainbow Song
  • 2010 - Penza City
  • 2010 - Our Russia
  • 2012 - I am dancing!
  • 2012 - New
  • 2012 - All paid
  • 2012 - Stop the planet
  • 2016 - Good

Maria Kravtsova - ex-girlfriend

The girl Volya met before relations with Laysan was the famous TV presenter, model and actress Maria Kravtsova. Masha claims that parting with her beloved was not easy for her. Relations with the comedian lasted 5 years.

It seemed that the couple had everything in common: interests, friends, a common house, a joint rest. However, after the candy-bouquet period, constant scandals and omissions began.

Among the reasons why Pavel Volya and Marika parted, the couple calls the lack of love, the transformation of feelings into a routine. Young people remained in friendly relations.

The actress admits sincere feelings for Pasha, but still her first lover was Pavel Bure, with whom she did not have a relationship because of her career and parents.

In 2012, Marika married businessman Sergei. The couple secretly married in Italy, and after 2 years the girl had a son, Akim, and in 2016, a second child.

Do the star couple have children? Laysan and Pasha have two beautiful children: son Robert and daughter Sophia. Lovers spend a lot of time together. The first interview about the relationship with comedian Laysan gave after the birth of Robert. The girl in a frank conversation thanked Paul for his help in the experienced grief.

Daughter Sofia

Daughter Sofia was born in 2015. At the age of 1.5, the girl speaks sentences and has not ceased to say so, as the star dad admits.

Since childhood, the baby has been involved in dancing and rhythmic gymnastics.

There are no photos with Sophia and Robert on Instagram, and if so, the faces are vague. The couple does not want to show the personal life of the public.

It is not easy for busy parents to take care of children; the nanny and relatives help cope with upbringing and care.

Cancellation of a concert in Yekaterinburg

Concerts of Pavel Volya in Yekaterinburg were canceled due to abusive treatment of city residents.

The published video caused dissatisfaction of Internet users. As a result, the concert was canceled. Later, the showman said that his words were just a joke, and the media fanned the conflict out of thin air.

Scandalous videos

In 2010, Volya shot a scandalous video for his own song “Penza City”, in which he read poetry, like the famous rapper Guf in the video “Gossip”. Pasha almost completely copied Gufa's intonation and read out a song about the harsh life of Penza’s youth, calling his opponent a capital star. In the song, Volya could not answer why he loves his native province, but lives in Moscow.

In most of his video appearances, the showman makes fun of stars: Timati, Bilan, Buzova and others.

There is a well-known video that shows the beating of an artist in the toilet of a night club. As it turned out later, there was no attack, the fight scene is just a actors' play, conceived with the aim of public relations release of the solo album of Will.

The artist divorced his wife

A star couple has always been considered exemplary.However, as in any marriage, there are certain disagreements between husband and wife. Laysan admits that quarrels occur because of Paul's quick temper and jealousy.

The first time they talked about breaking up in the program "Alone with Everyone" in 2016. In a frank conversation, Utyasheva reassured the public, talking about a happy marriage. It is known that psychics prophesied an early breakup for the couple due to incompatibility.

The last scandal between the spouses took place during the casting for the television project "Dancing 3". Then one of the participants wanted to kiss Laysan, while Paul expressed dissatisfaction in public. There is no official information about the divorce of Utyasheva and Will, the facts indicate a happy family life of the couple.

Last news

Today, the couple is trying a new role - designers. They created their own clothing brand, Volya Wear. Their lookbooks are dedicated to the great Russian writers and poets. Filming, presentation of the collection was carried out in the Library named after V.I. Lenin.

At the beginning of 2018, the comedian again surprised the audience with a sharp change in image: the artist in Instagram appeared bald. The scandalous shot gained 360 thousand views. Volya later admitted that he had played his subscribers.

The latest news was the urgent hospitalization of a resident of the Comedy Club with suspected acute appendicitis. However, Pasha explained to the subscribers that his stomach simply got sick due to the large amount of salted fish eaten. The singer also called on the media to verify information without inflating an elephant out of a fly.

Where does Pavel Volya live with his family now? A star couple with children lives in a townhouse apartment on Novorizhskoye Shosse. The famous artist emphasizes that he is happy, married to a beautiful woman and has wonderful children.

An important place among members of the comedian family is occupied by the animal. Paul Wola's cat is called Boomer.

A huge Maine Coon weighs 20 kilograms. Often, a favorite cat becomes a reason for resident jokes.

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