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Ciara (born Ciara) became famous in Hollywood thanks to her talents. But first of all, she is a performer of songs in the style of R&B. This direction is based on dance and song performance of blues and jazz. In addition, Ciara is a television actress, model, as well as composing her own songs and directing. Separately, it is worth emphasizing the mastery of her dances, as she is fluent in it.

  • Real Name: Ciara Princess Harris
  • Date of birth: 10.25.1985
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Height: 177 centimeters
  • Weight: 56 kilograms
  • Waist and Hips: 61 and 90 centimeters
  • Shoe Size: 39.5 (EUR)
  • Eye and hair color: Brown, brown hair

Biography and the first stages of a career

The future star grew up in the family as an only child, therefore she was not deprived of attention. Due to the fact that her father was a soldier, Ciara was forced, along with her family, to move from state to state, from one country to another. Thus, she managed to live in various states of America, as well as in New York and Germany.

From a very early age, Ciara grew up as a creative person. In her free time, she loved to watch Destiny's television shows, which inspired her greatly. She was also inclined to compose her own poems and songs at a young age, which could not but affect her future profession.

There is an interesting fact that somehow in childhood, burning up the desire to become a famous singer, Ciara decided to express her dream on a small piece of paper. So, she set herself a specific goal and promised herself, by all means, to get the recognition of Hollywood.

Our heroine took the first steps in her musical career when she decided to create her own band with her friends. The composition was named “Hearsay,” which literally translates from English as “Rumor” or “Hearing.” Unfortunately, the group broke up at the very beginning of its development. The guys managed to do only one demo. But despite the early collapse of the composition, our heroine managed to benefit from it. She only increased her songwriting skills and began to do this even more actively.

The real climax in Ciara’s career took place at the moment when she managed to sign a contract with the famous label. The producer Jazze Pha offered her cooperation, as he was able to consider the girl’s wide potential, high vocal and dance skills. In addition, the girl has a bright, very attractive appearance and a charming smile. Therefore, the label “LaFace Records” considered that the contract would be extremely beneficial for both parties. It is worth noting that at the time of signing the contract, Ciara just managed to finish high school.

Music career

From the moment the singer signed the contract, her successes began to develop rapidly. The label gave her the opportunity to release her first song, “Goodies,” which the audience really liked. Due to the fact that “LaFace Records” was a fairly well-known campaign, Ciara’s song became an everyday hit of club parties and just blew up charts.

It is not surprising that our heroine achieved such success in show business, since her idols from childhood were such great people as the king of pop music Michael Jackson and the unsurpassed American Whitney Houston.

Also, Ciara once admitted that she wants to be an actress. And soon she managed to star in three films. The girl is full of ambition and wants to realize herself in various areas of life. So, she wants to continue to engage in the modeling business, as well as develop her own line of clothing.

Personal life

On the personal life of Ciara, there has recently been heated discussion that can be read on the Internet. The singer many times started a relationship, and her partners were famous rap artists in show business. However, fans with particular enthusiasm prefer to discuss the relationship of our heroine with only one person - rapper Future.

The history of the singer’s relationship with this young man contains many interesting points. So, the couple managed to go through parting. And even after Ciara and Future got engaged, they had a period of breaking up. Earlier, her young man had already raised doubts about fidelity, and then the news of the betrayal was accurately confirmed and spread around the Internet. Ciara could not bear such a betrayal, so immediately broke up with Future.

Interestingly, during a relationship with Future, our heroine made herself a tattoo in the form of the letter "N". So she designated the first letter of her fiance's real name. But as the singer regained her relationship with Future, the tattoo was reduced. The former couple has a son - Future Zahir Wilburn (born 2014).

Since July 6, 2016, Ciara has been married to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The couple has a daughter - Sienna Princess Wilson (born 2017).


Born October 25, 1985 in Austin, Texas, Ciara traveled the world as an only child from military parents. After she settled in Atlanta as a teenager, she decided to pursue music as a career. Ciara joined a women's group that did not work, but she was inspired to hone her songwriting skills, which led to a meeting with Jazze Pha, Atlanta's distinguished producer at the time. She was signed to LaFace Records in Atlanta in 2003 and released her 2004 hit single and debut album, Goodies.

Early life

Ciara was born on October 25 in Ciara Princess Harris 1985, in Austin, Texas. As the only child of Jackie and Carlton Clay Harris, she grew up at US Army bases around the world, including stops in Nevada, New York, California, Arizona and even Germany. Ciara settled in Atlanta when she was a teenager, and after watching a pop group Destiny's Child on TV, she decided that music was what she wanted to do.

She wrote poems and stories as a young girl, but Ciara never dealt with her writing seriously until she joined a group of call girls Hearsay Although the group split up, she saw this as an opportunity to work on her songwriting skills - a smart move, given Atlanta’s reputation as a center for urban musical talent. She signed with a publisher and met with Atlanta-based producer Jazz Fa, who helped her contract LaFace Records.


The single that placed Ciara on the map, “Goodies,” was written by her together with producer popular rapper / producer Lil John. The song reached the top of the singles charts in the US and the UK. Subsequent singles “1, 2 Step” featuring Missy Elliott and “Oh” with rapper Ludacris were also successful, both reaching No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart.

Ciara's debut album, Goodies, was an unexpected hit certified triple platinum (3 million in sales) by the American Recording Industry Association. The album also received a new artist in four categories for the 2005 Grammy Award. Her second studio album, 2006, Ciara: The Evolution, excelled in the United States, reached No. 1 on the album chart and reached platinum status. However, her third album release, Fantasy Ride 2009, marked a serious decline in sales, despite her popular single “Love Sex Magic.” Featuring superstar Justin Timberlake and an unusual video that accompanied the song.

Always known for her flexible dancer body and unique dance moves, Ciara has also become popular in fashion magazines, thanks in part to her deal with Wilhelmina Models, which focuses on filming her for photo shoots and commercials. Her career has led to the release of eight of the best singles on the Billboard Hot 100, three MTV Video Music Awards, and one Grammy Award. She has also written or co-written songs for some of the biggest music stars, including Missy Elliott and Bow Wow.

Childhood and youth

The future popular American singer was born on October 25, 1985 in the city of Austin. Ciara’s father, Princess Harris (this is the artist’s full name) was a soldier, so the girl’s family constantly moved from place to place. Ciara managed to visit New York, California, Arizona and even live in Germany. After some time, Ciara's parents settled in Atlanta, where most of the girl’s childhood and youth passed.

Ciara in her youth

As Ciara admitted in an interview, in childhood she dreamed of a modeling career. The girl presented herself on the catwalk in fashionable outfits, and her photographs on the pages of magazines. However, as a teenager, Ciara saw a Destiny's Child concert and realized that this was exactly what she wanted to do.

Classes in music and vocals seriously changed the life of a novice singer: the girl admitted to reporters that she had to forget about carefree walks and going to the cinema with friends - all the time they occupied rehearsals. But as it soon became clear that the victims were not in vain.

Ciara now

In 2018, Ciara's photos, after a break, reappeared on the pages of news publications. This time, the cause was the outfit of the singer, in which she appeared on the red carpet of the Billboard Music Awards 2018.

Ciara in 2018

A light silver dress impressed the audience with frankness and courage, however, everyone noted the taut figure of the artist. Photos from this event gathered a lot of “likes” on Instagram and other social networks where fans share news and pictures of their favorite singer.

Early years

Ciara was born on October 25, 1985 in Austin, Texas, and was the only child in the family of Jackie and Carlton Harris. Since her father served in the U.S. Army, Ciara spent her childhood at military bases in Germany, New York, Utah, California, Arizona, and Nevada. As a teenager, Ciara moved with her family to Atlanta. There, together with her two friends, she created a group called Hearsay. The team recorded a demo, but after a while it broke up due to disagreements between the participants. After the breakup of the group, Ciara began writing songs for other artists. The first success came to her with the song “Got Me Waiting” for the debut album of R & B-singer Fantasia Barrino Free yourself . That was when she met producer Jazze Pha en. Together with him, she recorded four demos: “1, 2 Step”, “Thug Style”, “Pick Up the Phone” and “Lookin 'at You”. These songs later entered her debut album, which was released two years later. “1, 2 Step” was released as the second single from the album and became a hit.

Biography of Ciara (Ciara)

Ciara (Ciara) - she is Ciara Princess Harris - author, producer, dancer from America. A military-born girl often moved to different cities until the family settled in Atlanta. There, the girl quickly found friends, and very soon gathered her own group, which even managed to release a joint demo. However, as often happens in adolescence, members of the group did not find a common language, and quickly parted.

However, the talented girl was still noticed - Ciara received an invitation to record MP3, which was included in the album of the famous singer Fantasia Barrino. In the biography of Ciara, this was the first outstanding success. Just after graduating from high school, Ciara entered into a partnership with LaFace Records, led by renowned producer Jazze Pha. Already at the age of 19, the young singer had a full debut - the summer single Goodies successfully took the leading place on the chart, and the album, named after the successful single and released in the autumn of that year, exceeded all the singer's expectations. Its sales amounted to more than five million copies, which was simply incredible sensation.

The fame of the performer jumped to peak indicators, her photo was everywhere - in the press, on the album, on television. Continuing to work on herself, the girl mastered the dance art, and also began to try to write songs and music, which she also successfully coped with. On account of Ciara a large number of awards, awards of various dignity, including the well-deserved Grammy.

You can order a performance by the artist on the official website of Ciara (Ciara).

Photo: Ciara

Biography of Ciara

Ciara, whose full name is Ciara Princess Harris, is one of the most charming and successful American R&B singers, a dancer and a model who captivated the audience with her vocals, stunning choreography and beautiful outfits.

Her first studio album, Goodies (2004), was thrice awarded the platinum status by the RIAA in the USA (that is, the number of copies sold exceeded 3 million) and certified as "silver" in Britain. The album included three hit singles - with the same name (Goodies), 1, 2 Step and Oh - and brought Ciara an award in four nominations for the 2005 American Academy of Recording Grammy Award.

The development of a musical career Ciara

The first Goodies album ("Pros") became a landmark for the singer. In the first week after its release in the United States, 125 thousand copies were sold. It was written by her in collaboration with rapper / producer Lil Jon, and immediately reached the top of the charts in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. The complementary album, the single 1, 2 Step, recorded in collaboration with Missy Elliott, and Oh, created with the participation of rapper Ludacris, were so successful that they turned out to be number 2 in the "Hot Hundred Billboard" of the most popular songs in the USA and received many other awards.

The second author's album, released in December 2006 under the name - Ciara: The Evolution ("Ciara: Evolution"), became the leader in the official charts of the country. He received the status of "platinum" (according to RIAA certification). Based on it, no less popular three singles were created - Get Up ("Get Up"), Promise ("Promise"), Like a Boy ("Like a Boy"). According to the singer, his name implies not only her personal growth, but also the evolution of musical accompaniment, the compositions themselves and the dance. During the first week of sales, 338 thousand copies of the album were sold, and in total globally - about 2 million. The song Get Up was used as a soundtrack in the youth musical melodrama Step Up ("Step forward").

However, the third album of the singer of 2009 Fantasy R>

Ciara's roles in the movie

The singer’s film debut took place in 2006, when she starred in the movie All You've Got (“Everything You Have”) as a teenager in a volleyball tournament. Then in 2012 there was a music film Mama, I Want to Sing! (“Mom, I want to sing!”) And That's My Boy (in the Russian interpretation of “Papa dosvidos”), as well as the television series Idols South Africa (“Idols of South Africa”) and The Game (“Game”) with the participation of the star.

Ciara's musical compositions eight times hit the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100, and the singer received MTV V>

Earlier, from 2003 to 2006, Ciara met with actor and rapper Shad Gregory Moss, who has the stage name Lil Bow Wow or just Bow Wow. They remained friends. In particular, they sang the song Just Stand Up for a charity single! during a tele-fundraising campaign to support cancer research. Ciara also took part in the programs of the international Make-A-Wish Foundation (“Fulfill the Dream”), designed to fulfill the wishes of terminally ill children.

It is known that in her youth, Ciara was a supporter of the classic r'n'b-style of clothing, growing up she began to choose more elegant outfits, and recently - sexy and luxurious. Among her favorite designers are Givenchy, Alexandre Vauthier, Emilo Pucci, Versace.


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