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Pedro Almodovar

Pedro almodovar caballero

Born September 24, 1949 in Calzada de Caltrava, province
Ciudad Real, Castilla La Mancha, Spain.

Spanish director, screenwriter, producer, actor, composer.

In 1957 he moved with his parents to the city of Extremadura. He graduated from the Franciscan school.
In 1965, in search of work, he ended up in Madrid. Until 1974 he worked in a telecommunications company. In 1967 he created a musical group, performed songs of his own composition. He wrote stories, published in periodicals and collections.

From 1974 to 1979 - he shot short films, wrote scripts and music for them. During this period he shot 11 short films.

In 1980, he directed his first full-length film "Pepi, Lucy, Bom and the rest of the girl." In 1984, he shot the black comedy “What am I for?”, Which has become widely known among film lovers.

Milestone for the director was the film "A Woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown" (1988, nomination for an Oscar, Goya Prize, Felix, other awards).
The film "All About My Mother" (1999, Oscar, Golden Globe, Prize at the Cannes IFF, two Goya awards) brings Almodovar to the ranks of the leading filmmakers of our time.
In 2002, the film “Talk to Her” reaches another success; the film is awarded an Oscar for the screenplay, Golden Globe.

Films of Pedro Almodovar are cinematography in which kitsch and reality are intertwined, naturalism and earthliness, frank eroticism and sensuality, provocation and avant-garde.

Almodovar is an acting director, in his films such movie stars as Antonio Banderos, Carmen Maura, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Gael Garcia Bernal, Victoria Abril and others performed their best roles.

In 1985, Pedro Almodovar organized a production company in Madrid.

Oscar Award (2002):
Best Screenplay (Talk to Her)

Award "BAFTA" (1999):
Best Director ("All About My Mother")

Childhood and youth

The future master of world cinema was born on September 25, 1949 on the territory of La Mancha in Calzada de Calatrava. At the age of eight, the boy began to live with his relatives in Extremadura. At first he studied at the Salesian school, and then became a student at Franciscan College.

Sixteen-year-old Pedro ended up in the Spanish capital, where he had neither relatives nor a roof over his head. Young Almodovar tried himself as a waiter. He served pizza and collected waste paper. Then Pedro got a job at Telefonika, where he stayed for twelve years. In the same period of his life, he entered the theater group "Los Goliardos" and appeared on stage in small roles. Here Carmen Maura became his new acquaintance. Almodovar later had his own rock band, which also played Fabio McNamara. Together they sang songs in the genre of parody glam and punk. Also, the future filmmaker took up writing stories. From time to time they fell into various collections.

Film debut

In 1980, Almodovar completed the filming of the first tape “Pepi, Lucy, Bom and the rest of the girls” in his own photo novel “Frequent Erections”, ordered by the publication “El-Vibor”. The creation of the picture lasted a whole year. Mostly the director used the weekend for this. The budget of the film amounted to five hundred thousand pesetas, which Carmen Maura and the musician of Los Goriardos Felix Rotaet managed to get. We shot a picture on borrowed equipment. Among fans of independent Spanish cinema, the first Almodovar film became a cult. For four years she went to the Alphaville cinemas, though only at night.

First successes and own film company

The first significant success of the director was the film "What am I for?" The New York Times called it a great black comedy.

In 1985, Pedro and his brother Augustine set about creating their own El Deseo film company. The first tape "Law of Desire" she released a year later.

World success came to Almodovar in 1988 after the premiere of the comedy "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown." This picture was listed in the Oscar nominees. She became the laureate of the European Felix and received about 50 Spanish film awards.

In 1999, the film "All About My Mother" was released. She won an Oscar as the best foreign film. Also, the picture received several dozen Spanish film awards. Director status was raised to an unattainable world level.


For the 2002 painting “Talk to Her,” Almodovar won the Oscar as the best screenwriter. Three years later, the premiere of "Bad Education" took place. This film was not awarded a single Goya Prize. The director and his brother left the Spanish Film Academy due to such injustice.

In 2011, one of the best films of Almodovar of the last decade, “The Skin I Live in,” was released. In it, Antonio Banderas became a talented surgeon who learned to create artificial skin.

Film lovers know that the director is openly gay, but he does not like to talk about his personal life.


Pedro Almodovar is rightly called a classic, legend and even an icon of European cinema. The famous Spaniard managed to achieve unprecedented heights in directing, giving the world genuine movie masterpieces.

Pedro Almodovar Caballero was born in September 1949 in Castile. In the town of Calzada de Calatrava Pedro lived with his family up to 8 years. Then Almodovars moved to the south-west of the country. Here the boy attended two Catholic schools. Faith in the family played a decisive role, so the parents placed the religious education of the son at the head of the upbringing.

Actor Pedro Almodovar

Perhaps this way of life did not suit an inquisitive and creative young man, because after several rebellious actions he fled to Madrid without a penny of money.

In the Spanish capital, 16-year-old Pedro Almodovar took on any job to survive. He worked as a waste paper collector, pizza delivery man and waiter. In the end, the young man found a job to his liking. For 12 years he served in the television company Telefonika. Here Pedro Admodovar took the first steps to the profession, having studied the latest technology and all its possibilities. And he was seriously interested in music and discovered a writer in himself: he sang in his own group and wrote stories that were published in various almanacs.


Once Almodovar came to the theater. This new art form for him so impressed the young man that he could no longer think of anything else. Soon Pedro was accepted into the troupe of the theater "Los Goliardos" and made his debut on stage as an actor.

Pedro Almodovar on the set

Working at Telefonik helped Almodovar understand technical devices, and he bought a small Super 8 camera. Theater work and the availability of shooting equipment pushed Pedro to the start of a cinematic biography. The novice director for his shorts did not need to look for actors and costumes: all this was at hand. He wrote the scripts for his films.

The first picture of the director was the short comedy "Two whores, or a love story that ends with a wedding." Subsequent works also featured provocative titles and content and raised both sexual and acute social and political topics.

Shot from the film "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown"

In 1979, Almodovar's debut full-length film “Pepi, Lucy, Bom and the rest of the girls” was released. This film also had a scandalous plot: the main character of the picture is a girl who was sexually assaulted by a policeman. To avenge the offender, the injured girl decides to force the policeman's wife to leave him.

Money for the production of the film was given by friends. Equipment director lent. The filming process was carried out on weekends, as on weekdays he went on stage. Therefore, the first film, the beginning master made a long 14 months. But the result exceeded the wildest expectations. In Spain, having just overthrown the dictator Franco, this avant-garde tape instantly became a cult.

Such high-profile fame helped the director conclude several lucrative contracts. He did not rest on his laurels and immediately took up the following projects. After only 5 years, in the mid-1980s, Pedro Almodovar made a rapid career and turned into a cult director in Europe. The New York Times called his painting “Why Me All This” the “wonderful black comedy” and the “little masterpiece”.

In 1985, Pedro Almodovar, together with his brother, created his own production company El Deseo. From that moment on, his directorial activity was even more successful. A year later, the Law of Desire movie was released on the basis of El Deseo. In addition, the company managed to earn a lot of money by releasing pictures of other directors.

World recognition came to the brilliant Spaniard with the release of his masterpiece "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown." The film brought the creator about 50 awards domestically, the Felix Prize in Europe and an Oscar nomination. This picture is called the first movie masterpiece of Almodovar. Antonio Banderas starred here.

Pedro Almodovar received the cherished statuette in 1999, when his painting “All About My Mother” was released on world screens. It seemed impossible to surpass this success, but after 3 years the master again surprised everyone. His film “Talk to Her” brought him another Oscar. This time for the best script. List dozens of other awards does not make sense.

At the same time, relations with the Film Academy of Spain at Pedro Almodovar escalated to the limit. The cinema masterpiece “Talk to Her” was nominated for the main prize by no means his native country. And in 2004, when the director presented the world with his next ingenious film called "Bad Education", the Spanish film academics did not give the director a single Goya award. Protesting injustice, Almodovar left the academy.

However, Almodovar continued to create. In 2005, as a producer, the Spaniard had a hand in filming the melodrama Secret Life of Words. In 2006, Almodovar made a new film - the criminal tragicomedy "Return" with Penelope Cruz in the title role. The picture tells about the life of a Spanish woman who works on several jobs to feed her family.

In 2011, the master presented the world with his new creation - the painting “The Skin I Live in”, where Banderas again got the main role. In this dramatic thriller, Banderas played the role of a talented surgeon who discovered the secret of creating artificial leather.

The surgeon is experimenting on a woman locked in a basement, but with every minute the film opens up new details of the relationship between the doctor and the mysterious captive, leading the plot away from the classic story of "evil genius" in the field of avant-garde drama.

And after 2 years the long-awaited film “I am very excited” was released, which, contrary to the name, tells about the crash on a passenger plane.

In addition to the aforementioned Banderas, the director’s “favorites” are Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. Almodovar fundamentally takes on the role in his paintings only Spanish actors.

As for the literary work of the great Almodovar, he released only one book called Patti Difus. This philosophical-naturalistic prose today has been translated into dozens of languages ​​and is also a kind of literary masterpiece.

Personal life

The master of world cinema does not hide that he is gay, and made a cuming out in the 1980s. Personal life of Pedro Almodovar is closed from prying eyes. Who is his "half", no one knows. The director is restrained in an interview, and is also not a fan of Instagram and other social networks.

Pedro Almodovar

As for the female half of humanity, once Pedro admitted that the only woman with whom he would like to have children is his favorite actress Penelope Cruz. But there was never a romance between her and Almodovar. Penelope claims that on the set everything extraneous, except for work, goes far into the background.

Pedro almodovar

Pedro Almodovar (1949) lived in the city of Calzada de Calatrava until he was eight years old, and then lived in Extremadura with his family until the age of 16. At the age of sixteen, he went to Madrid without a penny of money, where he changed jobs like gloves until he got a job at Telefonika. Pedro worked at Telefonik for 12 years, but at some point he joined the theater troupe and began to combine work with participation in theatrical productions.

Short biography

In addition to the theater, Almodovar creates a musical band playing punk glam rock, and also publishes his stories. At the request of the El Vibora magazine, Almodovar takes a photographic film with the bold title Frequent Erections. Working with photos inspires Pedro to create a feature film. So, in 1980 his picture “Pepi, Lucy, Bom and the rest of the girls” was born. The film was shot for a long time, the equipment was taken from friends, someone threw up money - as a result, a year later, after the filming began, the picture came out. The film became very popular among non-conformists and underground movie lovers, and it was played for four years during nightly movie shows.

The second work of Pedro Almodovar “Labyrinth of Passions” was released in 1982, twenty-two-year-old Antonio Banderas appeared in the film, it was his film debut. A year later, in 1983, Almodovr released the black comedy Indiscreet Charm of Vice, in which, like in subsequent films, there are images of religious figures, representatives of show business and minorities. The fourth picture of the Spanish director was recognized in the United States, leading American newspapers spoke of the film “What am I for?” As a masterpiece.

In 1985, the director, together with his brother, creates his own company. “El Deseo” became a production company, and she began her work by producing the film Pedro's “Law of Desire”. In addition to the films of the creator of “El Deseo,” the company helped to release the films of directors: Isabelle Coichet, Guillermo del Toro, Felix Sabroso, Alex de la Iglesia. After the release of the film Pedro “Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown”, Almadovar received fifty national awards and a nomination for the prize of Hollywood film academics “Oscar”.“Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown” were awarded the prize “Felix.

In 1999, a film was released that struck the whole world - “Everything about my mother” - a tough and sincere film that beats in the heart of any person. “All About My Mother” was awarded national prizes and an Oscar. Three years later, Almadovr again takes the Oscar, but already for the picture “Talk to her” (in the nomination “Best Screenplay”). Because of “Talk to Her,” Almadovar had a fight with the Spanish Film Academy, as she did not nominate an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. In 2005, Pedro creates a film that does not receive a single national award and the Almodovar brothers leave the Academy. The picture “Bad Education” discredits religious figures, shows the world of minorities through the eyes of the minority itself - Pedro Almodovar. In 2011, the film “The Skin I Live in” (a story about sophisticated paternal revenge and practicing karma during life based on Thierry Zhonke’s novel) was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes.

Pedro Almodovar is gay, however, he emphasizes that he removes stories about gays and women not because he is driven into his own understanding of the world, but because he wants to show people a world that they don’t know.


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