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Eugene Vladimir Brik (at birth - Khirivskaya , genus. September 3, 1981, Moscow) - Russian theater and film actress.


Evgenia Khirivskaya was born on September 3, 1981 in Moscow. It was named in honor of my father's grandfather - Eugene Abramovich Crane, who was a journalist. It has a Polish-Jewish origin. The actress took the surname Brick in honor of her great-grandmother on her father Sophia Brick as a stage name. At the age of five, she was selected as a fashion model in the All-Union House of Clothing Fashion on the Kuznetsk bridge. First, she studied at the gymnasium with in-depth study of the English language, then she went to school at the school named after Shchepkin.

A graduate of the music school named after Mstislav Rostropovich in piano.

In 2004 she graduated from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (GITIS) (workshop of Alexander Zbruev). At the beginning of 2006 and at the end of 2008, she worked on Mayak radio as the leading night program paired with Oleg Bitov. The actress had to leave this activity in connection with the pregnancy and the birth of her daughter.

In February 2014, she starred for Maxim magazine.

In mid-July 2015, she played the main role in the video of Dima Bilan for the song “Do not be silent,” and the role of her daughter was played by 8-year-old Nika Kirillova, who has Down syndrome. Natalia Vodianova, Dima Bilan and Yana Rudkovskaya starred in the video as a cameo. The clip was directed by Alexey Golubev.

Personal life

My great-grandmother on her father, Sophia Brik, lived with her husband in Kiev in a huge house with a servant.

Paternal grandfather - Eugene Abramovich Crane, a journalist, died of a heart attack before the actress was born.

Father (now deceased) - candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor, taught physics and computer science at the institute.

The younger sister is Valeria.

Since 2006, her husband - Valery Todorovsky, met in 2002. Since 2008, the couple has been living permanently in the USA. Spouses come to Russia to work. In September 2009 she gave birth to a daughter Zoya.


The first films in which young Eugene flashed - "Interesting Men" and "Northern Lights", both of 2001. But, like for many colleagues of the girl, the launching pad for the actress became the popular in the "zero" series "Turkish March" and "Kamenskaya".

Eugene Brik in the series "Kamenskaya"

In 2003, the girl played the role of Lyalya in the film "Elegy of Moscow Region" and for this role received the prize for best acting debut. After that, in 2004, Evgenia Brik participated in the good but underrated series "Men Don't Cry", and already in 2005 she played the more visible and difficult role of journalist Anastasia Gromova in the series "Philip Bay", where the famous stage partner was the famous Konstantin Khabensky.

As Eugene herself admitted, Khabensky made an indelible impression on her - a calm, intelligent man with warmth in his eyes, absolutely not arrogant. Therefore, playing with him was simple and enjoyable. This experience became very important for the actress, and after the role in this series, the young talent was noticed and began to be constantly invited to the shooting.

Evgenia Brik and Konstantin Khabensky

A little earlier, the girl was involved in the role of Kalinka in the mini-series "Matryoshka". Multi-part tape is based on real events.

The following year, Evgenia Brik played the first major role in the adventure film "Count of Montenegro", and again the "star" artist, this time Alexander Domogarov, became the shooting partner. The film was not highly praised by critics, but it allowed Eugenia, still little-known to a wide circle of viewers, to come one step closer to All-Russian fame.

Eugene Brick in the movie "Count of Montenegro"

The actress calls the next film one of her favorite in her career: this is the film "Vise" directed by Valery Todorovsky. There, Eugene played a secondary, but memorable role, of the sister of the main antagonist. Then there was shooting another film by Todorovsky - the musical comedy "Hipsters." The whole country instantly spoke about the strict Komsomol member Kate, and the scene of the song “Chained by One Chain” spread across the Russian-speaking Internet, so even those people who never watched the whole picture found out about Eugene Brik.

Having starred in the role of Katya, Evgenia Brik received the prestigious Nika Award for Best Supporting Actor and the Best Movie Cinematography Award from MTV.

Trailer of the movie "Hipsters"

A memorable appearance on stage is worth noting the five-minute, but very bright role of Brick. With the appearance of naked Eugene begins one of the most successful Russian TV series - "Thaw", filmed by Valery Todorovsky in 2013. As the actress admitted, she initially marked for the role of the main character, but after consulting with her husband she agreed to try not in such a significant, but interesting way.

The notable role of Kira Valerievna, a teacher of German, went to the girl in the drama “Geographer drank the globe” by Alexander Veledinsky, where Eugene again worked on the same set with Konstantin Khabensky. In the story, the hero of Kostya from nothing to do is going to work in school as a geography teacher. But gradually the man is drawn into the process and participates in the life of the students.

The trailer for the film "Geographer drank the globe"

In addition to Brik and Khabensky, Elena Lyadova, Alexander Robak, Anfisa Chernykh and others were involved in the tape.

In the same year, Zhenya appeared in one of the central roles of the fantasy film “The Dark World: Balance”. She played the role of Lisa, an employee of the delivery service. The main characters reincarnated Pavel Priluchny and Maria Pirogova.

Trailer of the movie "Dark World: Balance"

Then followed the memorable role of Katie in the Russian-Irish film "Moscow Never Sleeps." One of the plot stories tells of two half-sisters who hate each other since childhood. But one night, the girls understand and forgive one another. Not without the tape and without a love drama.

Trailer for the movie "Moscow Never Sleeps"

In 2014, Eugene starred for the magazine "Maxim". A year later, appeared in the video of Dima Bilan "Do not be silent."

The pseudonym "Brik" Eugene took after it gained popularity, between 2006 and 2008. In this case, there are no references to the famous Lily Brik: the actress took the surname in honor of her paternal grandmother. Eugene made this decision because the spelling of the girl’s real name was constantly confused, and Eugene did not want to become another Todorovskaya on television. In addition, on the radio, the surname Brick sounded louder and was remembered easier than real.

Evgenia Brik worked on the radio

This happened when Eugene got the position of presenter on Mayak radio and led the night airs with Oleg Bitov. The actress had to leave this job due to pregnancy and the birth of her daughter.

Eugene Brik now

The striking character heroine Marina Poteryaeva went to Evgenia in the series “Adaptation”. According to Brick, the girl values ​​this role. According to the plot, the American spy Ashton Ivy is being introduced into the Russian Gazprom under the name of Oleg Menshov so that he learns new Russian gas production technologies. But the young man does not understand the Russian mentality, and the operation is at risk. At the same time, Ashton met with the local beauty Marina and the guy Valera Pertsov. Ivy has feelings for the girl, and friendship is established with a new acquaintance. And now the spy is torn between business, love and fellowship.

Leonid Bichevin, Arthur Beschastny, Yuri Stoyanov and others became colleagues on the site of Eugenia. In October 2017, the team began filming the second season, the premiere of which is expected in 2018.

Evgenia Brik in the series "Adaptation"

In the same 2017, the Optimists series about diplomats started. And again, Brik appeared on the screen in one of the central roles. Together with the girl, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Artem Bystrov, Victoria Isakova and others were shot in a serial film.

In 2018, Eugene was involved in the series “Mistresses”. This is a story about three girls who in the past were in relationships with other husbands. Once the beauties come together to take revenge on the former. And then they realize that there are many people like them in the world. This forms a kind of alliance to help other deceived women.

Photo: Eugene Brik

Childhood Eugene Khirivskaya (Brik)

Zhenya was born in Moscow. The surname Brick went to her from her grandmother. It is she who she will later take as a stage name. Zhenya’s father is a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, her mother had a creative profession, she dreamed of being an actress and theater expert, but in the end she became a housewife and did not regret it. She devoted a lot of time to raising Zhenya and her sister Lera, even refused to send the girls to kindergarten.

Since childhood, Eugene was a creative nature. At school she took part in all concerts, played in performances. The girl went to music school, studied piano. For the first time, Zhenya went to work at the age of five. She was taken as a fashion model in the All-Union House of Models. She was sewn clothes according to her figure, the girl participated in photo shoots, her photographs were published in Soviet fashion magazines. As a pleasant bonus, the designers left all the clothes to Zhenya. The girl showed dresses up to 13 years.

The beginning of the career of actress Evgenia Khirivskaya (Brik), filmography

After school, Zhenya entered the Russian Academy of Theater Arts GITIS. The student got on the course of the People's Artist of the RSFSR Alexander Zbruev. She studied well, quickly began to work.

The pseudonym Brik Eugene Hirivskaya took when she was invited to work on the radio. The actress decided that Grandma’s surname is more sonorous and better remembered (she has no relation to Lily Brik). Eugene was the host of the nightly program.

The first role in the movie Eugene played in 2001. This would be an episode in the movie Interesting Men. Then there was an episodic role in the film "Northern Lights", and then real success came to the actress. Eugenia played in Valery Akhadov’s drama Moscow Elegy. This is a story about intricate relationships in the family of a folk artist. Eugene Brik played Lyalya - the eldest daughter of the main character’s daughter-in-law. She dreams of going abroad, and herself falls in love with a student. The film starred Mikhail Ulyanov, Irina Kupchenko, Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Ada Rogovtseva.

In 2003, for their work in this film, Eugenia was awarded the “Flashes” festival award in the “Debut” nomination.

After that, Eugene began to be invited to the series. She starred in the television detective “Turetsky March” with Alexander Domogarov, in “Kamenskaya” with Elena Yakovleva, in “Call”. The actress played a major female role in the series “Philip's Bay” with Konstantin Khabensky.

Photo All

Evgenia Khirivskaya (Brik) in the movie "Hipsters"

Actors have already begun to call in other projects. Then Valery Todorovsky invented to fill the forced pause with other shootings. So Eugene "Brik" together with the actors "Dandy" starred in the movie "Vice". This is an action-packed drama with chases and shooting. In the center is the story of two friends who decide to earn extra money and get involved with drugs. In addition to the team “Hipsters” (Anton Shagin, Maxim Matveev, Ekaterina Vilkova, Evgenia Brik, Igor Voinarovsky), Fedor Bondarchuk and Alexei Serebryakov starred in the film.

When the picture was completed, the film crew was able to return to work on "Hipsters". This is a film about the popular subculture of the 50s of the 20th century. The plot is based on the story of the exemplary Komsomol member Mels, who meets a girl from the world of dudes. After that, completely different colors appear in his gray life.

Eugene plays in the film Komsomol member Katya. She is in love with the main character, before they spent a lot of time together, even arranged raids on the dude. But Mels moved away from her, and Katya begins to take revenge, using her influence in the Komsomol organization. One of the most powerful scenes is the expulsion of Mels from the Komsomol. Eugene performed in this episode rap.

In an interview, Eugene said that the heroine costumes made a very vivid impression on her. Everything was recreated to the smallest detail. Under the dress, the actress had a cone-shaped bra, real stockings of that time and knickers. This was not visible in the frame, but created the right mood before going to the set.

For the role of Komsomol member Katie, the actress received two awards at once. “Nick” for the best supporting actress and the prize of MTV for the best movie villain of the year.

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Evgenia Brik in KINOMaxi pr-me (issue No. 152), part 2

Evening Urgant - V. Todorovsky, M. Mironova, A. Bely and E. Brik. 990 (06/19/2018)

Evgenia Brik - About her pets and the cruelty of society towards animals

Eugene Brik - biography

Today it is safe to say that this actress was born under a lucky star, or became the owner of a lucky ticket that she got at birth. Eugenia Brik has everything that she most wanted as a child - she has a well-established career, a loving husband who helped her take part in the profession, and an army of thousands of fans who are looking forward to new work from her.

The fame for the actress Eugenia Brik came after filming in the films "Hipsters", "Geographer drank the globe", "Thaw".

Childhood and youth

Eugene Brik was born on September 3, 1981 in Moscow. By the way, the real name of the actress is Khirivskaya, and Brik is a creative pseudonym. Parents of the girl were intelligent people. Dad was a teacher of physics and mathematics at the university, an assistant professor, defended his thesis and received the title of candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. Mom wanted to go on stage, but when two daughters were born in the family one by one, she left her ambitions and went into raising her daughters headlong. The girls were not even sent to kindergarten, their mother was engaged in their training.

Zhenya was named after his father’s father, the Polish-Jewish journalist Eugene Crane. The youngest daughter received the name Valeria.

Photo: Eugene Brik in his youth

Zhenya very well remembers her happy childhood, her birth was welcome, the girl was spoiled from the very first day. Parents lived in love and harmony for twenty years until dad died. The family respected art with great respect and love, adored theater, cinema, and tried to develop this love in children.

Zhenya's first public appearance took place at the age of five, when she was invited to show off children's clothes at the All-Union House of Models. The young fashion model so confidently stepped on the stage that even experienced colleagues could envy her. She was not at all afraid to be among strangers, on the contrary, she liked to see the admiring eyes of the audience. The girl felt like a real star.

In school, Eugene attended a music school named after Rostropovich, where she learned to play the piano. The actress then admitted that all these skills were very useful to her in the profession. She attended school, where the main emphasis was on foreign languages ​​and mathematics.

From childhood, Khirivskaya was invited to the set in mass scenes. After several such works, the girl finally decided on the choice of profession. She saw herself only as an actress. Eugene found support only from her mother, his father was more categorical. He knew that it was possible to fall into the theater, and disappointment from this failure could adversely affect her self-esteem. Dad urged his daughter to choose science, and offered to work on preparatory courses. Eugene tried, but soon realized that the scientist would not come out of her - she was still drawn to the stage, and in any other capacity she could not imagine herself. In case of failure, she was ready to do it again and again.

But luck was still on her side, because they managed to enter GITIS the first time. She ended up in the workshop of Alexander Zbruev, who taught her the basics of acting. Long before graduating from the institute, Eugene began acting in films, where she was invited to the supporting roles.



However, it seemed to parents that this was just a little daughter’s fantasy. They insisted on her going to school with an in-depth study of English, and dad saw in Zhenya a successor to his profession.

She studied enthusiastically, studied mathematics a lot and seriously, and after classes she attended a piano school in music. But her biggest hobby was still the theater.

The actress recalls that at age 11 she literally fell in love with Smoktunovsky - listened with enthusiasm to the audio tales read by his voice and even persuaded her mother to go to the Cherry Orchard with his participation.

Mom really liked that the baby was interested in the arts, and she also saw how beautiful her daughter was growing. Once she brought a very young Zhenya to the Soviet Model House on the Kuznetsk bridge. They looked for kids for a children's show. Eugenia liked the organizers and remained a model until adulthood.

The actress says: she liked that beautiful dresses were sewn especially for her, and when she goes to the catwalk, all eyes are turned to her. But girlfriends at school, especially music, immediately began to envy and condemn. They said that Zhenya was narcissistic and called her selfish. This girl was very offended.

In school morning performances and amateur performances, she also regularly participated. Among the audience were the parents of young talent. She turned thirteen when mom and dad confessed to themselves: the daughter is talented and she really needs to try to enter the theater.


The plans were "Pike", but ultimately Eugene entered GITIS, but in the studio to the eminent actor Alexander Zbruev.

While still in primary school, the young actress began to look for at least some roles - so she wanted to quickly touch the profession and gain experience. Soon they began to assert it. So Eugene got supporting roles in the films “Interesting Men”, “Men Don't Cry”, “Tariff for Love”. The girl also starred in episodes of the series - in The Turkish March and Kamenskaya.

One of the remembered roles - the role of Lyalya in the Moscow Elegia, went to her in 2002, and three years later, having just received her diploma, Hirivskaya was already on the set with the star Konstantin Khabensky - in the movie Filippa Bay.

The last movie glorified the girl among the directors, she was increasingly offered a variety of roles. But Eugene herself continued to methodically storm the castings. On one of these, for the series "Law", she met witty and charming Valery Todorovsky.

The director noted her talent, intelligence and beauty, but admitted that the actress is not suitable for the role for this series. However, I tried to meet her again.


Only much later did the actress admit that when she saw Todorovsky, for the first time she felt how the earth was leaving under her feet. It was real love at first sight, on which she, however, did not plan to go in cycles.

Evgenia’s life went on as usual. Two years after graduation, she became a radio host, just took her grandmother's last name as a pseudonym, and devoted the most time and effort to the Mayak radio, where she worked.

But Todorovsky did not give up. First, they made several joint projects - including the picture "Vise", which starred Eugene, as well as the famous "Hipsters." In this picture, she did not receive the main role, but so brightly appeared in the background that she received two prestigious awards. The Niku film award for the best supporting role and a special award from MTV - Best Cinema Villain of the Year.

Meanwhile, Todorovsky divorced his legal wife. But even after that, young people did not stop hiding their romance. The public learned about what happens between the director and the actress only when they got married.

After some time, the couple had a daughter, Zoya. Having become pregnant, the actress left the radio, and for the first two years after giving birth she has not yet been removed. She began to spend part of her time in Los Angeles and only visited Russia on short visits.

The actress speaks warmly and lovingly about her little daughter, noting that she is already showing interest in music. However, Eugene clarifies that she will never put pressure on her daughter, giving her the opportunity to choose her own professional path. The actress emphasizes that Zoe has both scientists and creative people in her family, so the girl's talents may turn out to be the most unexpected.


Eugenia worked on Mayak radio as the leading nightly program paired with Oleg Bitov. It was then that she, in order to better remember the audience, decided to change the name of Khirivskaya to a more sonorous and catchy - Brik (the name of her grandmother by father).

Eugenia says that she became the presenter on the radio quite by accident: “Once I was invited as a guest to the Mayak. Before recording, I noticed that I had been dreaming of working on the radio since childhood. After a couple of months, they called me and offered me along with Oleg It’s a bit to lead the author’s program ... After my daughter’s birth, night recordings were unacceptable for me - I had to leave. But Zoya is growing up, and now I’m thinking about someday returning to the microphone. "


Evgenia Brik takes part in the Brodsky performance "Dedicated to Yalta" of the Sovremennik Theater. It plays two roles: a boy and a woman.

This production is based on the eponymous poem by Joseph Brodsky and Sonata No. 1 for cello and piano by Alfred Schnittke. And music in this case is not an illustration, as is customary in dramatic performances, but a full-fledged partner of poetry. It sounds live performed by famous musicians: cellist Boris Andrianov and pianists Kati Scanavi and Andrey Gugnin. For the word "responsible" artists: Arthur Smolyaninov, Natalia Ushakova, Eugene Brik.

The idea of ​​creating a play in which Brodsky’s text and Schnittke’s music are united by a common detective story belongs to Boris Andrianov and Arthur Smolyaninov.

Roles in other theaters:

Jean-Paul Sartre "Behind a Closed Door" - Entreprise


"In life, I realized the ideal scenario: beloved husband, adored daughter, work by profession."

"I decided for myself that I give an interview only about work. And no family stories. This is our closed life, and I am an actress. So watch me in the movies, I can tell everything about the film and my heroine. Of course, I understand that artists are public people, and there is always and will be an interest in their private life. This is normal. But I know for sure that curiosity can be dosed. Perhaps some of my colleagues would like to open more private space to the public in order to be constantly "in the language" But I get such a huge buzz from the filming process that I don’t We don’t need to use this territory, "says Evgenia Brik.

Recognitions and awards

  • Award of the IV Festival of television films "Flashes" (Arkhangelsk) in the category "Debut" for his role in the television movie "Elegy of Moscow Region".
  • MTV Prize for Best Cinematic of the Year for his role in Hipsters.
  • 2009 - nomination for the "Nick" Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in the movie "Hipsters."

Eugenia Brick has a daughter in America

The screening of the film "The Long Way Home" is ending, after which a demonstration of the series about the singer Valery Obodzinsky will begin, in both films Evgeny Brik plays one of the main roles. Ahead of the new series with her participation "Optimists", which will become one of the main premieres of this fall.

Eugene Brick sang a forgotten hit

Eugenia Brick has always been interested in the era of the middle of the last century. Therefore, she takes part in films with pleasure, the action of which takes place precisely at this time, such as, for example, in “Hipsters” or “Thaws”. And now the actress plays in the series of the TV channel "Russia" "Optimists", which talks about diplomats of the 60s.

Eugene Brik has already chosen a name for her son

Eugene Brik played the wife of Valery Obodzinsky in the TV series "These Eyes Are Opposite", which is now shown on Channel One. In addition, the comedy "Friday" will soon be released, in which the actress also took part. Evgenia recalls how she married the director Valery Todorovsky. They just celebrated the wedding in their favorite restaurant with their closest friends, the newlywed was wearing a black dress.

Eugene Brik managed to blaspheme grandmother's things

Evgenia Brik played the wife of the legendary Soviet singer Valery Obodzinsky in the mini-series "These Eyes Are Opposite." Costumers collected outfits and vintage items for filming everywhere. Eugene herself used the blouses worn by her grandmother for filming.

Eugene Brick Enjoys Life in Los Angeles

Eugenia Brick, together with her husband, director Valery Todorovsky and daughter Zoe, spend New Year holidays in Los Angeles. The actress admits how great it is to move from Moscow dank winter to California paradise summer.

Eugene Brik does not know what to choose money or love

Evgenia Brik played a novice singer in the movie "Moscow Never Sleeps", which will be released on September 3rd. The protagonist of this film is Moscow itself. Irish director Johnny O’Reilly decided to break all Western stereotypes about Russia and tried to convey the spirit of the modern capital.

Eugenia Brik played the fatal woman in Long Way Home.

Eugene Brik, according to the audience, became the decoration of the series "Long Way Home". A beautiful girl became a toy in the hands of a villain. On the one hand, she herself became a lover and culprit of the death of Bolshakov’s wife, and on the other hand, she was forced to love this bastard Yuri. As a result, she, too, became a victim of his intrigues.


Watch the video: EVGENIA BRIK SHOWREEL (March 2020).

Evgenia Brik

Evgenia Brik at the Odessa International Film Festival, July 2013
Birth nameEvgenia Vladimirovna Khirivskaya
Date of BirthSeptember 3, 1981 (1981-09-03) (38 years old)
Place of BirthMoscow, RSFSR, USSR
Citizenship Russia