Boris Khlebnikov


Boris Khlebnikov
Birth nameBoris Igorevich Khlebnikov
Date of BirthAugust 28, 1972 (1972-08-28) (aged 47)
Place of BirthMoscow, USSR
Citizenship Russia
Career2003 - present time
AwardsSpecial Jury Prize of the MIFF (2003)
IMDbID 1402557

Boris Igorevich Khlebnikov (born August 28, 1972, Moscow) - Russian film director, screenwriter and producer.


Boris Khlebnikov was born in Moscow. After school, he studied for two years as a biologist, then he entered the film science department of VGIK. Director of two short films (together with Alexei Popogrebsky).

The debut in the feature film was the film “Koktebel” (2003), jointly with Alexei Popogrebsky. The script for the future film won the screenplay competition held by the European Film Academy as part of the Berlin Film Festival. At the same time, in Russia the script was supported by the Cinema Service of the Ministry of Culture. The film "Koktebel" at the 25th Moscow Film Festival received a Special Jury Prize, a FIPRESCI Prize for its debut, and a similar jury award from Russian critics. After that, both directors work separately.

In 2006 he shot the film “Free Swimming”, for which in the same year he received a prize for directing at the Kinotavr festival in Sochi, as well as two National Film Critics and Cinema Press Awards “White Elephant” - for the film and directing.

In 2007, he shoots the documentary “Left” (together with Valeria Gai Germanika), whose main character is a Belarusian guest worker. As Khlebnikov himself admitted, experience with this vital material was necessary for the shooting of the film “Crazy Help”.

In 2009, he shot the film “Crazy Help” and the short film “Shame” for the short circuit short film anthology. In the same year he participated in the television project “Churchill”.

I stood at the origins of the project “Cinema.doс”. He is a member of the selection committee of the festival program "Cinema.doс." Creative producer on TNT. He teaches at the Higher School of Journalism at the Higher School of Economics at the courses of documentary film and theater and the basics of producing television films.

In 2010, he became one of the founders of the Kinosoyuz and before the First Congress was its chairman.

The premiere of the film “A Long Happy Life” took place at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival as part of the main competition program. In 2014, the film was nominated for the Nika Award in three categories: for the best film, for the best directorial work, and for the best screenwriting.

Khlebnikov’s film “Arrhythmia” was awarded the Grand Prix and Audience Award at the XXVIII Open Russian Film Festival “Kinotavr” and many prizes from Russian and international festivals.

Short biography

Born on August 28, 1972 in Moscow. After graduating from high school, he studied for two years as a biologist, then he entered the film history department at VGIK. During this period, Khlebnikov shot the short films “Passing” and “The Tricky Frog”, and made his full-length movie debut in 2003 with the film “Koktebel”, created in collaboration with Alexei Popogrebsky. The script was recognized as the winner of the European Film Academy competition held as part of the Berlin Film Festival, and was positively evaluated by the Russian Ministry of Cinematography. The film itself was awarded a special prize by the jury of the Moscow International Film Festival and was nominated for the Nika Prize in the Best Film category. However, further cooperation of the directors did not work out.

Khlebnikov’s next successful work is the comedy melodrama “Free Swimming” (2006), which received a prize for directing at the Kinotavr festival and nominations for prestigious film awards. In 2007, Boris, together with Valery Gai Germanika, made the documentary “Left”, the experience of which helped Boris very much in creating the film “Crazy Help” (2009), which was well received by critics and was awarded several awards, including the nomination for the main prize Kinotavr. Leading actors were also noted: Anna Mikhalkova, Sergey Dreyden and Evgeny Syty. In the same year, Khlebnikov presented the short film "Shame" for the short circuit movie anthology and participated in the development of the Churchill television project. In 2012, the next picture of the director saw the light, the comedy “Until Night Separates”, and the short film for the film almanac “Nowhere to Hurry.” Currently, Khlebnikov is filming the drama "A Long Happy Life." In addition, he is a creative producer of TNT and teaches at the Higher School of Journalism at the Higher School of Economics at documentary film and theater courses and the basics of producing television films.

Boris Khlebnikov: biography

The director and screenwriter Boris Khlebnikov approaches each film thoughtfully, therefore it is not surprising that many of the works of the talented director are worthy of the attention of critics and receive noteworthy awards, which Boris Igorevich cannot count in the piggy bank. The filmmaker is used not only to show a beautiful picture, but also to reveal the souls of the main characters, for which he earned the love of avid moviegoers.

Childhood and youth

Boris Khlebnikov was born on August 28, 1972, in the capital of Russia. Boris grew up and was brought up in an average family, not close to creativity. His mother worked in the field of physics, while his father studied the works of philosophers. It is known that, as a schoolboy, the boy did not make much progress in his studies: Boris did not like the Russian language and literature, but he was eagerly interested in biology.

Director Boris Khlebnikov

Therefore, it is not surprising that the young man, who treats subjects selectively, also had "deuces" in the diary. But the fascination with the science of living things and their interaction with the environment affected Boris's future: after receiving a certificate of secondary education, Khlebnikov continued to study biology.

Boris Khlebnikov in his youth

Perhaps Boris Igorevich would become as successful a scientist as Charles Darwin or Ivan Pavlov, but fate made its own corrections: after studying for two years as a biologist, Khlebnikov chose a creative path and entered the cinematography department of VGIK. This decision came to the young man by accident, because at that time he began to go to the Museum of Cinema and got the cherished dream of becoming a director.


Boris Khlebnikov began his creative biography with the filming of short films, and then, honing his directorial skills, moved to a full meter. The first serious work of Boris Khlebnikov was the 2003 film "Koktebel", which was filmed in conjunction with Alexei Popogrebsky. Moreover, Khlebnikov admitted that the script was written for himself, so he and Alex were surprised that the picture received state support.

Shot from Boris Klebnikov’s film “Koktebel”

The plot of the tape revolves around a boy and father who, in search of a better life, go to the sea, to Koktebel, because in Moscow, where they used to live, they had nothing left but memories. During the trip, relatives meet different people, both good and evil, and also go through trials - go through dense forests, spiky fields, heavy rain and violent wind.

The novice director reflected in the film, where the main roles were played by Gleb Puskepalis and Igor Chernevich, a kind of parable, which is saturated at the same time with the grayness of being and deep philosophy and romanticism. Critics noted that Koktebel can be compared with the adventure works of great authors.

It is noteworthy that the script of the film won the screenwriting competition of the Berlin Film Festival, and also won a special prize at the 25th Moscow Film Festival. After filming a dramatic picture, the directors Alexei Popogrebsky and Boris Khlebnikov began to work separately (before that they worked together hand in hand with short films).

Then a three-year break followed in the career of Boris Igorevich, and now the director, after searching for inspiration, released a picture that brought him laurels of honor. It was the film "Free Swimming", which was released on television in 2006. The premiere took place in early summer, at the Kinotavr film festival in Sochi. It is worth saying that Khlebnikov won the prize for directing, and also received the Russian film award "White Elephant" and other noteworthy awards.

Shot from Boris Khlebnikov’s film “Free Swimming”

The plot of the comedy with an admixture of melodrama is simple and non-trivial. The protagonist of the film, twenty-year-old Lenya (Alexander Yatsenko), lives a boring and measured life. In his hometown, located on the banks of the Volga, the future of every resident is predetermined, and sometimes it seems that every day resembles a groundhog day. But the young man is trying to dilute the gray canvas of life with bright colors, so he wanders from one work to another, trying to find his place under the Sun.

Following in 2007, Boris Igorevich collaborated with extravagant Valeria Gai Germanika: two talented directors became the authors of the short film “Left”, which tells about Oleg - a resident of a small Belarusian village. The protagonist of the picture decides to try his luck and leaves for work in Moscow, where, as you know, life is in full swing.

Boris Khlebnikov

2009 was a productive year for Boris Igorevich: Khlebnikov presented two films at once to the public. The first is the tragicomedy “Crazy Help”, which won special prizes. In this picture, Khlebnikov tried to mix in one bottle the harsh reality of being and the fictional world in which the main characters are hiding.

Also, Boris Igorevich showed film fans the life of a simple guest worker and his soul, turned inside out, thereby proving that he was not only a professional director, but also a successful psychologist. The main roles were played by Evgeny Syty, Sergey Dreyden, Anna Mikhalkova and Igor Chernevich.

Shot from Boris Khlebnikov’s film “A Long Happy Life”

In the second work, Boris Khlebnikov spoke with several colleagues in his shop because the Short Circuit (2009) tape is a movie album consisting of five short short stories about love. Boris Igorevich became the author of the short film "Shame", which tells about a journalist performing a special task - to interview the residents of the house. However, an unusual find changes the correspondent's plans.

In 2012, Boris Khlebnikov became the director of the film “Until Night Tears Us apart”. Due to an extraordinary approach and an extraordinary plot, this film has earned both positive ratings from film critics and enthusiastic reviews from avid moviegoers. According to the creators, the film is built on real conversations, overheard in fashionable restaurants.

Shot from Boris Khlebnikov’s film “Concerned, or Love of Evil”

Thus, the viewer can not only enjoy the acting game of Sergei Shnurov, Oksana Fandera, Maria Shalaeva, Avdotya Smirnova and Alena Doletskaya, but also find out what men are talking about, as well as what problems a typical catering worker has to face in the midst of dinner.

The director also pleased the fans with the films “Nowhere to Hurry” (2012), “Rescue Tunnel”, “Long Happy Life” (2012) and the series “Concerned, or Love of Evil” (2015), which was broadcast on TNT.

Personal life

Unfortunately, Boris does not like to tell the press about his personal life, preferring to keep what was left overs in the walls of the house. But reporters managed to find out that Khlebnikov is an exemplary family man who has a wife working in the field of cinema, and two sons. The director does not maintain a page on Instagram, so fans cannot be content with family photos of the filmmaker.

Boris Khlebnikov now

In 2016, Boris Khlebnikov became the author of the fantastic drama “The Day Before,” which tells about the impending catastrophe: from early morning all the inhabitants of the planet are concerned about the news that a tailed wanderer is flying to Earth - a comet.

Boris Khlebnikov in 2017

The film shows how people of different classes and from different parts of the world spend the last day in life. The main roles were played by Elena Lyadova, Yuri Stoyanov, Zoya Buryak, Maria Russkikh, Daria Moroz and other actors. Also in the picture appeared the Russian journalist Andrei Malakhov.

In 2017, the director shot the melodrama Arrhythmia, which tells about the difficult life of an ambulance doctor. The brilliant cast included Alexander Yatsenko, Irina Gorbacheva, Nikolai Shreiber, Maxim Lagashkin, Albina Tikhanova and other stars of show business.

Among other things, in October 2017, Boris Khlebnikov visited the Yuri Dudya show, where he answered tricky questions from a journalist.

  • 1997 - "Passing"
  • 2000 - The Tricky Frog
  • 2003 - Koktebel
  • 2006 - "Free swimming"
  • 2006 - “Left”
  • 2009 - Crazy Help
  • 2009 - Short Circuit
  • 2009 - Churchill
  • 2012 - Until the Night Tears apart
  • 2012 - Without Witnesses
  • 2013 - Long Happy Life
  • 2015 - Concerned, or Love of Evil
  • 2017 - Arrhythmia

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Directed by Boris Khlebnikov

The following year, the director worked on the filming of the documentary project “Left” (together with Valeria Gai Germanika), the main character of which was the Belarusian guest worker.

In the short circuit short film in 2009, Boris shot one of the short stories called Shame. The remaining parts of the film were created by Kirill Serebrennikov, Peter Buslov, Ivan Vyrypaev and Alexei German Jr. In the same year, Khlebnikov took part in the creation of one episode of the Churchill detective saga.

The most popular work of Khlebnikov in 2009 was the film “Crazy Help” about the adventures of a simple Belarusian guy in Moscow. The main role in the tragicomedy was played by Evgeny Saty, who had previously starred in small roles in three films by Khlebnikov, as well as Anna Mikhalkova and Sergey Dreyden. Later, the director admitted that on the set of this film he was very helped by the work on the project “Left”.

Khlebnikov's next major project was the drama series Without Witnesses, which takes place in the house of the main character, psychologist Tatyana Dubrovina (Ksenia Kutepova). The first episode of the series was shown on September 3, 2012 on Channel One.

In October 2012, Khlebnikov's comedy “Until Night Tears Us apart” was released. The film about the real stories of the big city, overheard in an expensive restaurant, turned out to be "easy to the air, but by no means superficial." The main roles in the film were played by the actor Alexander Yatsenko and Yevgeny Syty, already familiar to the director.

Also this year, Khlebnikov made one of the short stories of the movie almanac "Nowhere to Hurry." In his mini-film, Boris presented a funny love story against the backdrop of the development of cinema at the beginning of the 20th century.

In April 2013, Boris released the drama “A Long Happy Life” about the difficult life situation of the young businessman Sasha. The main role in the film again went to Alexander Yatsenko, and again worked with the director and Evgeny Syty. In 2014, the film was nominated for the Nika Award in 3 categories: for best film, directing and screenwriting.

In the fall of 2015, the TNT television channel launched the youth series Concerned, or Love of Evil, which tells about the new life stage of a girl from Yekaterinburg, Sasha Gvozdikova. The producer and comedian Semyon Slepakov took part in writing the script for the series.The main role in the series was played by Maria Shalaeva, with whom the director had already worked on the set of the previous project.

In 2016, at the “Window to Europe” film festival, an almanac of four short stories, “Day Until ...”, was presented, united by a common theme of the end of the world and stitched by stylized photography in the studio of Andrei Malakhov. Khlebnikov worked on the latest short story, Heritage of Humanity, which seemed to many critics and viewers as the most dynamic, laconic, and witty.

Boris Khlebnikov out of directing

Khlebnikov also works as a creative producer on TNT and teaches at the Higher School of Journalism at the Higher School of Economics. In 2010, he acted as one of the founders of the Kinosoyuz and for some time served as its chairman.

In 2011, Boris starred in the comedy Avdotya Smirnova "Two Days", playing the role of director.

It is interesting that once the director Alexei Balabanov offered Khlebnikov the role of a maniac in "Cargo 200", but Boris refused.

In 2014, Khlebnikov produced the documentary Healthy and Forever - about the creative path of the poet and musician Yegor Letov.


Watch the video: The Filmmakers @ KVIFF 2017: Interview with Boris Khlebnikov (April 2020).