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Imogen Poots
Imogen Poots

Putts in January 2015
Birth nameImogen Gay Poots
Date of BirthJune 3, 1989 (1989-06-03) (30 years old)
Place of BirthHammersmith, London, England, UK
Citizenship Great Britain
Career2004 - present time
IMDbID 1782299
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Imogen Gay Poots (Eng. Imogen Gay Poots, born June 3, 1989, Hammersmith, London) is an English actress.

Early years

Imogen Poots was born in Hammersmith (London), in the family of Trevor (television producer) and Jonah Poots. She went to school Bute house preparatory school at Brook Green, Queen’s Gate School for Girls, and London’s Latymer Upper School, where she reached 3 A degrees in A-Level. She was a member of the YoungBlood Theater Company.

Photo: Imogen Poots

From the family of a London producer

Imogen was the second child of the Londoners Trevor and Fiona (the first-born is the girl’s older brother, Alex), she was born on June 3, 1989. Trevor Poots works as a producer on TV, so his daughter was on television as a teenager, attended theater seminars, and participated in the Catastrophe show. Not to say that Imogen from childhood dreamed of a scene - she adored animals and wanted to become a veterinarian. But once, being present at a surgical operation, she lost consciousness. Then the girl decided that veterinary medicine was not for her.

Putts was a good student, graduated from high school with excellent grades and entered the Institute of Arts. True, the newly-made student was in no hurry to start classes - she already had a lot of work.

Actor career

For her role in the biographical drama The Lord of Love (dir. Michael Winterbottom, 2013), the actress received the award for Best Supporting Actress.

In 2014, Poots starred in the romantic comedy This Embarrassing Moment with Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, and also appeared in the action movie Need for Speed: A Need for Speed, an adaptation of a series of racing video games.

In the same period of time, Imogen again worked with Yelchin in the independent horror film The Green Room and starred in one of the main roles in the biographical drama Jimi Hendrix about the beginning of the musical career of the famous singer and guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

In 2016, Poots could be seen on the American TV series “Touring” with Carla Gugino and Luke Wilson, the musical comedy Pop Star: Don't Stop, Don't Stop, and the crime drama Frank and Lola with Michael Shannon.


Imogen Poots is an English actress who became famous after the release of the movie “28 Weeks Later”. Also, the artist can be seen in the projects “Night of Fear 3D”, “Lord of Love” and “This Awkward Moment”.

Imogen was born and lived in the Hammersmith district of London. The girl's father, Trevor Poots, was a producer of television programs, and my mother Jonah Poots worked as a journalist and often helped people in different fields as a volunteer. The family also raised an older brother Imogen, whose name is Alex. The guy has become a professional fashion model.

Actress Imogen Poots

Putts studied at three prestigious schools in West London, changing schools as she reached the required level. By the way, the girl graduated from high school, already acting in films, but this did not stop Poots from studying hard and getting an honors degree.

It is curious that for a long time Imogen dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. Putts even underwent appropriate practice in the city animal clinic. And, perhaps, today the world would not have known such an actress if once a girl, having watched a surgical operation, would not have fainted. After such an event, this profession was excluded from the list of possible options.

Imogen Poots

The situation was saved by the fact that Imogen for several years on Saturdays was engaged in the theater studio "Young Blood". Putts decided to focus on this area and entered the rather prestigious London Institute of Art Courto. True, she had to postpone her studies for two years, since then she was just beginning to be invited to film roles. In addition, the girl began to moonlight as a model at Select Model Management, where her older brother had already made a successful career.

Imogen Poots

Imogen Gay Poots Born June 3, 1989 in Hammersmith, London. English actress and model.

Imogen Poots was born June 3, 1989 in the Hammersmith district of London.

Father is Trevor Poots.

Mother is Jonah Putts.

Studied at Bute House Preparatory School, Queen’s Gate School for Girls and London’s Latymer Upper School. She was a member of the YoungBlood Theater Company.

Imogen also worked as a model in Select Model Management.

She began acting in films since 2004. She made her debut in the series "Disaster."

Then she played small roles in the films “V means Vendetta”, “28 weeks later”, “Miss Austin regrets”, “Desire”, “Me and Orson Welles”, “Awakening Madison”, “Centurion”, “Cracks”, “Jane” Air "," Christopher and the like, "etc.

Amy Peterson starred in a horror movie in 2011 "Night of fear". The film tells how high school student Charlie has a new neighbor. His name is Jerry, and at first glance he is the most ordinary person. But one day, Charlie begins to suspect something was wrong and learns that Jerry is a vampire. Neither the mother nor his girlfriend trust the guy until one day the monster wants to enter their house.

Imogen Poots in the movie Night of Fear

Then she starred in the films “Who Will Get the Diamond?” (Mary Bright), “Jimmy Hendrix” (Linda Kate), “Lord of Love” (Debbie Raymond), “Need for Speed: Thirst for Speed” (Julia), “Long Fall "(Jess)," This Awkward Moment "(Ally) et al.

In 2014, she starred in the comedy Izzy. "Miss Trouble". The picture is about Isabella, she is a simple call girl from Brooklyn. But, bursting into the quiet and measured life of the Broadway director Albert, she literally turns her upside down, will cause several scandals and reveal all the unthinkable family secrets.

Imogen Poots in the movie "Miss Trouble"

In 2019, she played the main role - Riley Stone - in the thriller Black Christmas. This is a remake of the 1974 horror film directed by Bob Clark. According to the plot, during the Christmas holidays, a serial killer appears on the Hawthorne College women's campus. An ominous stranger brutally kills students one after another, but the girls come together and offer decent resistance.

Growth Imogen Poots: 163 centimeters.

Personal life Imogen Poots:

She had a relationship with Anton Yelchin, an American film actor of Russian origin. They met in 2011 on the set of the horror comedy film “Night of Fear 3D”. According to some reports, their romance lasted until the tragic death of Yelchin on June 19, 2016 (his own car crushed the actor at his home garage).

Later, she was credited with a relationship with Zack Efrone and James Norton (known for his role as Andrei Bolkonsky in the BBC mini-series War and Peace).

Filmography Imogen Poots:

2004 - Disaster (Casualty) - Alice Thornton
2006 - V - means Vendetta (V for Vendetta) - Valerie in his youth
2007 - 28 weeks later (28 Weeks Later) - Tammy
2007 - Wish - Jane
2008 - Love Failures Jane Austen (Miss Austen Regrets) - Fanny Knight
2008 - Me and Orson Welles - Lorelei Lathrop
2009 - Cracks - Poppy
2009 - Solitary Man - Allison Karsh
2010 - Centurion - Arianna
2010 - Chatroom - Eve
2010 - Christopher and his kind (Christopher and His Kind) - Jane Ross
2010 - Bouquet of Barbed Wire - Prue Sorenson
2010 - Waking Madison - Alexis
2011 - Jane Eyre - Blanche Ingram
2011 - Fright Night - Amy Peterson
2012 - Farewell Quartet - Alexandra Gelbart
2012 - Greetings from Tim Buckley (Greetings from Tim Buckley) - Ellie
2013 - Jimi Hendricks (All Is by My Side) - Linda Keith
2013 - Filth - Amanda Drummond
2014 - That Awkward Moment - Ellie
2014 - A Long Way Down - Jess
2014 - Need for Speed: Need for Speed ​​(Need for Speed) - Julia Maddon
2014 - Miss Trouble (Squirrels to the Nuts) - Izzy
2015 - Knight of Cups - Della
2015 - Frank and Lola (Frank & Lola) - Lola
2015 - Green Room (Amber)
2016 - Roadies (Kelly Ann)
2017 - I fight the giants (I kill Giants) - Karen
2019 - The Art of Self-Defense - Anna
2019 - Vivarium (Vivarium) - Gemma
2019 - Black Christmas - Riley Stone


The debut of Imogen Poots took place in the years when the actress was still a schoolgirl. Of those early paintings in the filmography of the actress, the film adaptation of the comic strip “V” means Vendetta ”and the fantastic thriller“ 28 weeks later. ", After which the girl was on the list of five promising young artists in the UK.

Among the works of an early period of the actress’s creative biography is her participation in the historical melodrama Jane Austen’s Love Failures and the drama Awakening Madison. In both paintings, the girl played key roles. In 2009, Imogen immediately followed four proposals. This is a film with Zac Efron in the title role "Me and Orson Welles", and the drama "Cracks", where the main role was played by Eva Green.

At the same time, the artist appeared in the Hollywood comedy "Sexualist", where she fell into the company of world-class stars. The actress had a chance to play hand in hand with Michael Douglas and Danny De Vito. A year later, Imogen appeared in the historical thriller Centurion about the Spanish legionnaires.

The first major roles began to go to Poots in 2011. The actress starred in the tragicomedy "Lord of Love." There, Imogen played the girlfriend of tycoon Raymond (Steve Coogan). In the melodrama Jane Air, where Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Bell, Judy Dench starred, the actress appeared in the image of the heroine Blanche Ingram. Imogen Poots also starred in the ironic horror movie Night of Fear 3D and the crime action Need for Speed: Craving for Speed.

The actress made a memorable duet with Andre Benjamin in the biographical drama "Jimmy Hendrix", where she played Linda Kate, the beloved of the legendary musician.

Of the recent works, the actresses have enjoyed the success of the melodrama "This Awkward Moment", the comedy "Miss Trouble", the thriller "Green Room" and the musical series "Guest Tours", filmed in the format of a television show.

Personal life

Imogen Poots does not like to talk about his personal life. The official page on Instagram is devoted exclusively to portrait photos of the actress herself. The girl appears in front of the camera in different outfits and with new hairstyles. The media periodically gets information regarding the relationship of the actress.

Anton Yelchin died in 2016 | Cinemaphia

Putts used to date Anton Yelchin, an American film actor of Russian origin. The actors met in 2011 on the set of the horror comedy film “Night of Fear 3D”, but the relationship began later. How long this romance lasted is unknown. According to some reports, Imogen and Anton broke up quite soon, because the couple was divided by the ocean, and according to others - Putts periodically met with Yelchin until his tragic death on June 19, 2016, when his own car crushed a young man at his home garage.

After a while, rumors appeared in the media about the new Imogen passion - Zac Efron, but the artists themselves did not comment on the information. At the end of 2017, it became known that Imogen became the boyfriend of the British actor James Norton, known for the role of Andrei Bolkonsky in the BBC mini-series War and Peace. Young people often appear in public places together, while behaving like a romantic couple, experiencing a candy-bouquet period. The actors met on the stage, James and Imogen played together in the play Belleville.

Now James Norton is on the rise of his acting career, he is considered the successor to the image of James Bond after the collaboration of the creators of the film about agent 007 with Daniel Craig.

Imogen Poots now

Imogen Poots continues to rigorously improve his acting skills. Career for a girl remains in first place. Only in 2017, the actress starred in five films. Among them is the thriller Death in Alaska, the drama Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Mobile Homes.

In Toronto, at the international film festival, the dramatic film “I Fight the Giants” was presented, where Imogen Poots also starred. In the film, we talked about a teenage girl Barbara (Madison Woolf), who constantly wages war with creatures invisible to other people. Sofia’s girl and girlfriend will have to figure out the reality of their visions. In Russia, the first screening of the film is scheduled for the end of March 2018.

WORLD OF HORROR. Horror world

Duplicated trailer for the remake of the horror "Black Christmas" from Blumhouse.

Cast: Imogen Poots, Alize Shannon, Brittany O’Grady, Lily Donoghue, Caleb Eberhardt and Carey Elves.

Sophie Takal ("Always Shine") is responsible for directing the 2nd remake of the horror movie Bob Clark of 1974, and April Wulf designed the script with her.
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The plot unfolds at Hawthorne College, where student life freezes on the eve of the holidays. An unknown maniac is working hard, cutting girls out of local sisterhood. But soon the villain learns that the modern generation of young women refuses to voluntarily assume the role of helpless victims. Girls unite and provide decent resistance.

The premiere in the Russian Federation is scheduled for December 19.

Imogen Poots Daily ▪ Imogen Poots

Surrealistic fiction at the Strelka Film Festival this year was featured by Lorkan Finnegan's Vivarium with Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots.

We understand what it is generally like:

Imogen Poots Daily ▪ Imogen Poots
WORLD OF HORROR. Horror world

Duplicated trailer for the remake of the horror "Black Christmas" from Blumhouse.

Cast: Imogen Poots, Alize Shannon, Brittany O’Grady, Lily Donoghue, Caleb Eberhardt and Carey Elves.

Sophie Takal ("Always Shine") is responsible for directing the 2nd remake of the horror movie Bob Clark of 1974, and April Wulf designed the script with her.
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The plot unfolds at Hawthorne College, where student life freezes on the eve of the holidays. An unknown maniac is working hard, cutting girls out of local sisterhood. But soon the villain learns that the modern generation of young women refuses to voluntarily assume the role of helpless victims. Girls unite and provide decent resistance.

The premiere in the Russian Federation is scheduled for December 19.

Imogen Poots Daily ▪ Imogen Poots

Also, the Entertainment Weekly portal kindly provided a promotional picture of the Art of Self-Defense cast made during the days of the picture showing at the SXSW festival.

Imogen Poots Daily ▪ Imogen Poots

On March 10, Imogen attended a series of events at the South by Southwest Film Festival (abbreviated “SXSW”), which takes place annually in the United States, in Austin, Texas.

At the festival, the premiere of the film “The Art of Self-Defense” took place, in which the actress plays in the company of Jesse Eisenberg. The release date of the picture on Russian screens is June 21.

More pictures can be found in our photo gallery.

Imogen Poots Daily ▪ Imogen Poots
James Norton / James Norton Addiction

The British Academy of Motion Picture and Television Arts hosted a grand event in New York yesterday, honoring Saturday Night Live, or SNL for short, an evening musical and comedy show on the American NBC channel, one of the most popular and long-playing in history US television. And we have wonderful pictures of James along with Imogen from this ceremony.

The silent movie project

# NemoeKino Review of the film “WHO WAS BORN ON FRIDAY”

In the wake of the American Film Festival, AMFEST is another tape that did not make it into Russian distribution, but was shown during the festival.

Richie is 18 years old. Of course, everything is ahead of him. But he is an orphan. And he spent most of his life in the foster care system.
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And here in front of him an adult life. With adult problems. You need not to get lost. Will it be able to?

In fact, behind the most veiled description of the drama “Who was born on Friday” (I don’t know why the Russian name is such - the main character was born on 11/11/1998, and this is Wednesday, the original film is called “Friday's Child”), this is not the most standard drama of growing up . There are a lot of dignity.References to “Crime and Punishment”, the hero’s self-digging, however, they are not shown here, but their presence is clearly traceable. And the hero resembles Rodion Raskolnikov. And "the right raped." What will it all lead to?

A heavy social drama in which you empathize with the main character 100%. Good guy. Not lost. And could get out of it a lot. But the initial conditions didn’t set at once somehow. Removable housing of dubious quality in a not very good area. Lack of money. Lack of family. Doubtful acquaintances. Richie, it seems, was not ready for all this and was simply taken aback.

Richie is played by Tai Sheridan, who is familiar to the viewer in the lead role in the Spielberg geek fiction "First Player Get Ready." The guy is growing. And, in my opinion, it will grow into a good actor, since there are all the makings. His Richie you really believe.

Well, the film is very good technically. Excellent Mounted - Mounted by Samuel Butler and Christopher Branca. The cinematography of Jeff Beerman is just fine. Maximum work on the disclosure of characters. Focus on where you need to emphasize. Close-ups are good. Not the most standard manner of shooting.

Yes, all this under the pumping-oppressive music of Colin Stettson. Oh, good!

Good is good, but this film will certainly drive you into a depression.

And pay attention to the composition that is extremely relevant for the final credits of this particular tape. Listen to her. Delve into.


Imogen also works as a model in Select Model Management.

She got her first film role in the movie V for Vendetta in 2006. Prior to that, in 2004 she also played a cameo role. Alice Thornton in the television series Catastrophe, and then in 2007 starred in the film Juan Carlos Fresnadillo "28 weeks later" and in the short film "Desire" in the role Jane and Jane Austen's Love Failures as Fanny knight .

Putts also appeared in films such as "Cracks" (directed by Jordan Scott based on the novel by Sheila Kochler) and two films by the American producer, "Awakening Madison" and "Sexual Healer."

Putts starred in the role Blanche Ingram in the movie "Jane Eyre". The plans include starring in the movie "Cordelia", as well as in the film End Walsh "play" (Imogen Poots has already starred in one of his films, in the movie "Chat"). Appeared in the series "Bouquet of Barbed Wire", and also starred in the role of Amy Peterson in the remake of "Night of Fear."

The main role - in 17

At the age of 17, she took part in the film “V” means Vendetta, and a year later, the main role appeared in the biography of Imogen Poots. She played in the sequel to the cult Boyle horror “28 days later” (this time the film was called “28 weeks later”, and the master gave the director's chair to the young Spaniard Fresnadillo). A terrible virus was still raging in Britain, and Imogen miraculously portrayed the surviving refugee girl Tammy. Putts gladly took up this work, because she always "breathed unevenly" to all kinds of "horror stories."

Soon Imogen joined the project of the daughter of Ridley Scott, also a director, Jordan Scott. The story of the unusual relationship of a young teacher (Eva Green) and a new student who arrived at an elite school from Spain was called “Cracks”. It was a very successful adaptation of the novel of the same name.

She's lucky for horror!

Hideo Nakata invited Imogen to his new “Chat” horror movie. The underestimated film about the danger that awaits everyone who trusts the Internet too much has gathered good young artists, among whom were not only Putts, but also Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

But shooting in the film “Night of Fear” (a remake of the old thriller about a vampire, the secret of which is revealed by a young neighbor) brought the actress a lot of inconvenience. The director wanted Amy to look more sexy, and Imogen wore a bra that enlarged her bust.

“Sexy babes”

But the roles of sexy babes seemed to be pursued by Poots: either she acted as the daughter of the owner of a prestigious nightclub and porn mogul (The Lord of Love), then she played a very attractive police Amanda in the tragicomedy “Dirt”, and in the new film Peter Bogdanovich (she only just came out for hire) "Miss Trouble" with Imogen - the title role.

Spectators may have associations with Beauty: after all, in the film with Poots, her heroine, a call girl, also comes across a very compassionate client (Owen Wilson) who gives Izzy money so that she abandons her “craft”. Imagine Arnold’s surprise when he sees Izzy at the casting for his new performance (he is a director from Broadway): she decided to become an actress. Critics called this work of the British simply excellent.

Imogen proved herself in the modeling field (she advertised the fragrance from “Chloe”, worked for “Marni” and “H&M”).

Non-binding novels

Imogen failed the test for the role of Cinderella (Lily James became the heroine of the next film adaptation of the tale), but Poots has a lot of projects without this. She is considered a workaholic, which, of course, impedes the personal life of Imogen Poots.

Her boyfriend was Anton Yelchin (partner in the thriller Night of Fear), but they say this alliance has already broken up.

After that, rumors associated the name of the actress with another colleague - Zac Efron. However, the work of the British is in the foreground!


Watch the video: Imogen Poots Real Life Pictures (March 2020).