Nina Petrovna Gogaeva


Name: Nina Gogaeva (Nina Gogaeva)

Middle name: Petrovna

Birthday: January 9 1977 (43 years old)

Place of Birth: north of the Tomsk region

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Eastern horoscope: Snake

Career: Russian actors 413 place

Nina Gogaeva at the school theater

At a certain moment, after dancing and music, acting also appeared in the life of Nina Gogaeva. The girl began to attend extra-curricular lessons in drama mastery out of idle curiosity, but she soon became so carried away by it that she simply fell in love with the enchanting world of the backstage. She began to regularly perform on stage, appear in school performances and play central roles in all theatrical productions that were staged in her native school. She really liked to do theater art, and therefore, already in her teens, Nina Gogaeva firmly decided for herself that in the future she would become a famous actress.

In the end, it all happened. After graduating from high school, the girl moved to Moscow, where she soon filed documents at the Boris Schukin Higher Theater School. She managed to pass difficult entrance exams on the first attempt, and very soon the talented provincial was enrolled in the Shchukin school on the course of Alexander Grave.

The first roles of Nina Gogaeva in Moscow

In 2000, Nina Gogaeva first performed on the theater stage of the Moscow Art Theater. At first, the girl played mainly small roles, but then she often began to appear in front of the audience in the form of various central heroines.

Subsequently, the theater and stage became for the young Russian actress literally a native element. For many years spent in the theater, the girl played a huge number of bright roles. Among her best performances are the productions of “There Was One Man”, “Blue Bird”, “Control Shot”, “Humiliated and Offended”, “For every sage there are quite simplicity”, “Invisible Lady” and some others.

Nina Gogaeva is currently

For the role in the fantastic action movie “Sword”, our today's hero was even awarded a nomination for the prestigious Golden Rhinoceros Prize. Thus, already at the end of the 2000s, the Russian actress could feel like a real star on television. She was loved by the audience, respected by colleagues and recognized directors. That is why the girl could not worry about the course of her future career.

Currently, Nina Gogaeva continues to work on television and in the theater. It is known that in 2014 the actress starred in the detective mini-series “Judge”, and also appeared with Malcolm McDowell in the American film “The Spy's Soul”.


Nina Petrovna Gogaeva is a Russian film and theater actress, starring in the series “Sword”, “Judge”, “Forester”. It so happened that the main role in which the artist appears on the screen is the image of an internal affairs officer, which Nina brilliantly copes with in every new project.

Actress Nina Gogaeva (Instagram)

For acting talent, Gogaev has already been awarded the unspoken title of “the most beautiful investigator of Russian cinema”.

Childhood and youth

Nina was born on January 9, 1977 in the village of Bakchar in the north of the Tomsk Region. Parents were not related to art. By the time the daughter was born, the eldest son was raised in the family, who later became a prosecutor. “Dull Taiga” - can be heard from the actress, however she is proud to have grown in Siberia.

As a child, Nina was not able to attend the theater, concert halls and museums, but there was a favorite choir in which she performed folk songs, and went to the theater circle at school. In school activities, the girl was always the first, she often got the main roles. It was in childhood that the dream of becoming an actress appeared.

Nina Gogaeva in childhood and now (Instagram)

For the fulfillment of a dream, a girl from the province goes to the capital. After leaving school, Nina takes exams at the Shchukin school and enters the course of Alexander Grave. During her studies, she does not act in films, seriously mastering acting at the school. He received a diploma with honors in 2000. At the audition at the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky reads an excerpt from the diploma performance, and Nina is accepted into the troupe.

At first, Gogaeva was trusted only in small roles, but, having examined her talent, she replenished the actress’s repertoire with works in “Humiliated and Insulted”, “Invisible Lady” and “Control Shot”, which was set by Stanislav Govorukhin.

In the year of graduation, Nina participates in the St. Petersburg reader competition and gets 3rd place.

Photo All


In the movie, the actress makes her debut in 2002. She plays the secretary in an episode of the famous TV series The Brigade. But the role is so small that the name of Gogaeva is not even mentioned in the credits. The girl is not upset, because she considers theatrical career to be the top priority. In the coming year, cameo episodes in the films “Oligarch”, “Hello, Capital!”, “Lord of the Air”.

Frame from the film "Sel"

The first notable work in the creative biography of the actress (height 170 cm) can be called the role of Fatima in the project "Sel" in 2003. Then there were the films "Web" and "Cove of the missing divers", where the actress plays the main character. In the last Nina had to act in extreme conditions, under water. After the first significant successes, Gogaeva understands that employment in the cinema does not allow him to fully work in the theater. Then she decides to leave the theater and devote herself to filming.

In 2007, Nina got into the acting ensemble of the popular detective series “Trace” about the work of employees of the experimental laboratory, trying on the image of operative Maria Ulyanova. Thanks to participation in the film, which was broadcast on Channel One for several years, the main performers were Olga Koposova, Pavel Shuvaev, Ruslan Sasin, Stanislav Erklievsky, Alexandra Sobotkovskaya.

Eduard Flerov and Nina Gogaeva (Wikipedia, CHIEFFRUS / Instagram)

Flashed in the episode of the detective series "Volkov Hour", the actress got into the main cast of "Autumn Detective" about the investigation of the mysterious suicide of a successful prosecutor. The episodes in the series “Champion” and “Barvikha” follow.

Great success brought the television series "Sword", filmed in 2009. The actress plays the police captain Tatyana Demina, the beloved of the protagonist Maxim Kalinin (Eduard Flerov). Strength and beauty of the heroine attract the audience. The brilliant cast, which also included Roman Kurtsyn, Daria Poverennova, Alexander Barinov, provided the series with high ratings. Work in the project brought the artist a nomination for the Golden Rhino Award for Best Actress.

Nina Gogaeva and Vladislav Pavlov in the movie "Sword" ("Instagram")

In the late 2000s, the filmography of the actress replenished with work in the series “At All Latitudes. "," Soldiers-16. Dembel is inevitable ”,“ Sleeping area ”. In 2010, she tried on the image of a doctor at a private clinic, playing a supporting role in the medical series “General Therapy - 2”, where Anna Snatkina and Prokhor Dubravin shone in the lead roles. In the social drama "Mine" about a series of mysterious events in a mining town, the actress played the role of the main character Catherine.

In 2011, the artist again plays the captain of the police in the project "Trace". Apparently, the directors believe that Gogaeva is in uniform. Often the image of a cold-blooded, confident Margarita Vlasova is also associated with Nina Gogaeva herself. But she assures that there is a lot of fiction in the role. In 2012, tired of working in the series, a woman announces her exit from the television project.

Shot from the film "Trace"

Gamers may well be familiar with Gogayeva’s voice, because she often voices the Russian versions of the games Fallout 3, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

In 2013, the broadcast of the television series “Sniffer” begins, in which the actress gets the role of an ENT doctor, a consultant to the protagonist (Kirill Kyaro) on the unique sense of smell. She gets the main role in the ensuing crime film "Under the Sight", where she acts as a cold and prudent head of the special department, consisting of experienced employees played by Andrei Stoyanov, Igor Savochkin, Igor Golovin.

Height, weight, age. How old is Nina Gogaeva

In 2004, experts began to talk about Nina Gogaeva, who predicted her a bright future. After filming in the television series "Sword", our heroine woke up famous. The number of fans of the actress is growing every year. In various sources you can find out about the biography of the star and such parameters as height, weight, age. How old is Nina Gogaeva? It will not be difficult to calculate. For this, it is only worth knowing when our heroine was born. The birth of the future actress took place in 1977.

Nina Gogaeva, a photo in her youth and now who is always attractive, crossed the 40-year mark. The artist herself says that she feels an incredible burden on her shoulders. She is responsible for her work. That is what becomes the stepping stone to success.

The actress is young, attractive, successful. She is demanding of others and to herself. A woman with a height of 170 cm weighs 55 kg.

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Filmography: films starring Nina Gogaeva

Nina Gogaeva was incredibly lucky. This is indicated by the actress herself with pride. The filmography began with filming in the famous movie series "The Brigade" of our heroine. Films with the participation of Nina Gogaeva in the title role became popular only after a certain period. First, the girl was entrusted with small roles in "Oligarch", "Hello, Capital" and others.

The first serious role was replenished with the filmography of the artist in 2003. She played the role of Fatima in the movie series "Sel". Then there were shootings in "Crime Games", "Autonomy", "Expresso" and others. The actress was pleased to be invited to their films by many filmmakers.

In 2008, the artist played in several films at once. She attracted the attention of the audience with her work in Trace, Two Fates.

The girl was very lucky in 2009. She said in one of her interviews that she accidentally hit the set in the movie series "Sword", after which she woke up famous. Then the actress played in "Soldiers", "Volkov Hour", "General Therapy" and several others.

Nina Gogaeva considers her work in the quite popular Russian television series Sniffer to be her real luck. She played the role of one of the main characters - Tatyana Alexandrovna Voskresenskaya. Spectators and professionals unanimously say that the artist was able to translate the image realistically on the screen.

Table of contents

Nina Gogaeva is a theater and film actress who was able to achieve significant results in her life. This is not surprising, because she really loves her job and is ready to move forward and move on. Despite the fact that the woman is no longer in her twenties, she is still very much in demand and strives to act as much as possible.

Fame brought her the series of Ukrainian and Russian production. She is often shot, does not appear on the screen in different roles, embodying the images of different heroines. But what exactly is the actress herself, what kind of person is she? Let's look at it in more detail to understand who will be discussed.

Family and children of Nina Gogaeva

The family and children of Nina Gogaeva so far consists of herself and her son, who has already quite successfully played in several films. The son for the actress is, according to her, the main man in her life. But to establish his personal life until a woman manages to establish. She recovered for a long time after a divorce from her ex-husband. The star herself tries not to talk about this in her numerous interviews.

A big influence on the formation of the future actress was her parents. They were absolutely not connected with the world of cinema, but they always supported her daughter in her choice of profession. In 2007, our heroine survived the death of her father. She suffered from this for a long time. A man died in a car accident.

The actress's mother currently lives in Tomsk with the family of her eldest son. She reached retirement age several years ago. Now the woman is giving all her strength to her grandchildren.

The “Sniffer” star has an older brother. He became a professional lawyer. He works in the prosecutor's office of the city of Tomsk. The man is happily married, brings up a son and daughter.

The son of Nina Gogaeva - Vlad

Even in college, our heroine became a mother. She had a son who, from a young age, became the most important man in her life. The boy, already at the age of 3, comforted his mother when his grandfather died. He supported the woman even after breaking up with her husband, although he continued to communicate normally with his father.

The son of Nina Gogaeva - Vlad is studying in one of the capital's schools. A lot of time the guy devotes to music and sports. From the age of 5, he began to attend martial arts school and achieved great success in this area.

Several times the guy played in films with his mother. Perhaps in the future he will follow in her footsteps and become a very successful film actor.

Former husband of Nina Gogaeva - name is unknown

From Wikipedia, you can find out that the “Sword” star fell in love for the first time in his youth. The chosen one studied with her on the same course, then the girl later married her. But it is impossible to find out in more detail who the ex-husband of Nina Gogaeva is. The name is unknown, and the actress herself tries not to say anything on this topic. She only says that breaking up with a guy was expensive. Her little son helped her.

The press builds various assumptions about the former husband of the actress, but all of them are far from the truth, according to the woman herself.

Nina is grateful to her former spouse for the birth of her son. She has established a relationship with a man. Vlad often happens with dad. Gogaev sees this as the upbringing of a son by a real man.

Photo by Nina Gogaeva in Maxim magazine

A photo of Nina Gogaeva in Maxim’s magazine has never yet appeared. But the actress herself does not exclude that she will soon take part in a photo shoot for one of the future issues of the magazine for men. Recently it became known that "Maxim" and "Playboy" are in talks with the actress about this. According to some reports, candid pictures of a woman will decorate the pages of publications in the spring and summer of next year.

The naked artist is not shy about acting. She considers this part of her profession, so she easily undresses in front of the camera.

On a page on Instagram, our heroine often posts her pictures from the rest. In the photo, she poses in a swimsuit that does not hide the perfection and grace of her body.

Instagram and Wikipedia Nina Gogaeva

Instagram and Wikipedia Nina Gogaeva cause genuine interest among numerous admirers of her talent. Here you can find detailed information about the work of the actress and her personal life.

Wikipedia allows you to read about the artist’s parents, her brother. The page provides information about the son of Nina, but nothing can be learned about the spouse, even the name of the man is not reported. Here are listed all the projects in which the star has ever participated.

The page on Instagram has only recently been registered by Gogaeva herself. On it is a page with a biography of the star, as well as pictures of the artist of different years ago.

Nina Gogaeva - biography

The fame of this actress brought numerous crime series. The heroines of Nina Gogaeva remind her of something. Probably attractiveness, self-confidence and some kind of internal strength that is hidden inside this fragile-looking woman. The actress is known not only to fans of cinema, but also to theater lovers.Her face sometimes flashes in advertisements, and her voice sounds in her favorite films and computer games. She is talented and multifaceted, successful and in demand.

Glory came to the actress Nina Gogaeva after the release of the series “Sword”, “Judge”, “Forester”.

Personal life

Nina Gogaeva married at the age of twenty, a second-year student. Her husband was not a creative person, and that may be why disagreements arose in the family. The spouses were not like-minded, each of them had its own scale of values. They lived in marriage for three years, in 2004 they became the parents of Vlad’s son. Divorce was not easy for Nina, she blamed herself for everything. But this was not the last test for the actress. Exactly six months after her divorce, in May 2007, her father died, who was the support and support for the whole family.

Photo: Nina Gogaeva with her family

Today in the personal life of Nina Gogaeva there is no beloved man. Nina gives all her love and energy to her son, mother and brother with his family. The actress managed to maintain normal relations with her husband, and even lets her son go to him for the summer holidays. Nina Gogaeva carefully hides her son from journalists, does not even want to show his face. In all the photos where they are captured with the boy, the actress tries to close his face from the lens.

Nina Gogaeva leads the VKontakte page, where fans can find out the news or see a photo of their favorite actress.

Nina Gogaeva, husband

Nina Gogaev gained popularity by acting in Russian and Ukrainian series, and the demand for the actress among the directors is quite high. Her creative biography is developing quite successfully, but in her personal life, not everything is so smooth, which is probably why the actress does not like to tell strangers about her. The husband of Nina Gogaeva, with whom she had parted for a long time, has nothing to do with the acting profession. She met him when she was in her second year at the Higher Theater School. Schukin, then they played a wedding. When Nina became a married woman, she was only twenty years old, and she did not suspect that her husband would not be able to understand the intricacies of her profession, and this would lead their family to decay. Even the son Nina gave birth to did not help save her relationship with her husband.

The actress does not blame her ex-husband, explaining the divorce by the fact that they just turned out to be different people. Nonetheless, Nina was very upset by her separation from her husband - she was scared of an uncertain future, loneliness, and besides, she felt guilty in front of her little son. Then fate treated her very harshly - a few months after the divorce, Nina Gogaeva's father, who was the closest person to her, died in a car accident. Now that her son has grown up, Vlad is twelve years old, and time has drowned out the pain of loss, she feels more confident. The actress is helped by taking care of her son and work, which, fortunately, she has enough.

The ex-husband of Nina Gogaeva, with whom the actress was able to maintain good relations, does not forget about her son - Vlad spends every summer with dad, and next to Nina are the closest people - mom, older brother and his wife. Despite the fact that they live in another city, they support Nina and help in raising a son.

A huge place in the life of an actress is her work. To her 39 years, she starred in thirty-three projects, the most notable among which were “Judge”, “Under the Sight”, “Trace”, “Autumn Detective”, “Sword”. In addition, she plays on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater and takes part in voicing foreign films.

Nina Petrovna was born in Western Siberia, in the village of Bakchar, and from childhood she fell in love with folk songs. She not only studied in the school choir, but was also a member of the theater club, where all her main roles were trusted to play only her. After leaving school, Nina Gogaeva went to Moscow to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming an actress. She entered the Theater School. Schukina, and in 2000 she graduated with honors, after which she was accepted into the Moscow Art Theater troupe. Nina began acting in films after graduation and immediately got into the cult TV series "The Brigade" for the small role of secretary. And, although in the next film with her participation, “Oligarch”, her last name was not even in the credits, Gogaev was not disappointed, because at that time she saw herself only on stage, and the movie was a little hobby for her. But after her first more serious work - the main role in the film "Sel", Nina changed her priorities, and with pleasure began to accept invitations to television projects.

The real star made the actress a role in the fantastic action movie "Sword", which has become one of the highest rated. For the role of Tatyana Demina, the actress was nominated for the Golden Rhino Award for Best Actress. In 2011, the actress returned to the series “Trace” for the role of police captain Margarita Vlasova, but a year later Nina Gogaeva again left this project. The latest work of the actress was the role in the series "Spy Soul", "Sniffer-2", "Sword-2", "Forester-3", "Judge-2".


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