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Emilia Clark is a famous British actress who gained popularity after the premiere of the cult series Game of Thrones. The girl acted as the Mother of Dragons, under the name Daenerys Targaryen. And after Emilia starred in the movie Terminator: Genesis, they started talking about her as a talented and promising actress.

Thanks to the brilliant acting, the young star several times fell into the list of the best actresses in the world. In 2019, Emilia got the opportunity to speak at the annual Oscar ceremony as a presenter of the award to the winners.

The actress really hopes that in the near future she will also become the owner of the Oscar, but for this she needs to work hard, perhaps the last part of the series Game of Thrones will give the girl such a chance! For fans, we have prepared an article about the star, how Emilia Clark lives, the biography of the star, and what is hidden behind the attractive appearance of the girl.

Even in her youth, Emilia Clark performed in the theater, her biography and personal life evolved more and more interesting every year. Husband, children or career - Emilia had to make such a choice at a very young age.

How was childhood Emilia Clarke

A star was born on October 23, 1986 in a vibrant area of ​​London. Emilia was not the only child in the family, she has an older brother. The parents of the actress were also popular in their environment, the mother first worked as a secretary in college, and then began to do business. And the star’s father went a long way from a simple worker to a sound engineer in a London theater.

Even at this time, as an adult woman, Clark says that her personal life was different if it were not for the determination of her parents, who by their own example showed how to achieve what you want. Despite the fact that Emilia was born in the capital of Britain, her childhood passed in the provincial town of Berkshire.

The parents of the girl realized that Emilia would become an actress in the future when she was three years old. Once, his father took the baby with him to work, after which he saw that she had a huge interest in music and theater.

Having revealed her daughter’s potential, Emilia’s mother decided to support the future star, and regularly accompanied her to various cultural events, which were often organized by local authorities near Berkshire.


Emilia Clark is a British theater and film actress. International popularity came to her after participating in the television series "Game of Thrones" and the film "Terminator: Genesis."

Actress Emilia Clarke (Instagram)

Thanks to the brilliant acting, the star repeatedly fell into the lists of the most beautiful women in the world and the most promising actresses in the UK. She became the nominee and winner of prestigious television awards, and in 2019, her candidacy was included in the list of participants in the Oscars, who were honored to present awards to the winners.

Photo: Emilia Clark

Childhood and youth

Emilia was born on October 26, 1986 in London. Her mother was engaged in business, and her father worked in the London theater as a sound engineer. The family brought up two children - a girl and her older brother.

Emilia Clarke (Instagram)

Emilia chose her future profession as early as 3 years old when she got to work with her dad. In childhood, the future star of the screen began to show interest in classical music and theater. Parents encouraged her daughter's desire, accompanying her to cultural events organized near Berkshire, the area where the future actress spent her childhood.

The magical world of the scenes charmed the girl, and she decided to connect her life with the scene, the family was not against such a daughter’s desires. Clark received a good education. The girl graduated from the Catholic school of St. Anthony, and already at the school of St. Edward in Oxford she began to perform on stage in serious productions.

Studying at the college, which is part of the famous University of the Arts in London, will be the beginning of her brilliant career. In this largest university of fashion, art and design in Europe, the first theatrical elements were laid that influenced the future of Emilia.


Although Emilia Clarke is now known for her role in the TV series Game of Thrones, her main acting achievements are on the stage. In 2007, the girl became one of the leading drama theater actresses after her role in Chekhov's play “Wild Honey” received positive reviews from critics. In the same year, she played a major role in Pygmalion.

The young actress was noticed by the directors of various theaters and began to invite in their productions. The next 2 years for Clark were as busy as possible - she participated immediately in 8 performances, including “A Midsummer Night's Dream”, “Wake up and Sing”, “Emilia Galotti”.

After graduating from the London Drama Center, Emilia Clark moved to Los Angeles, where she settled in Company Of Angels, one of Hollywood's oldest theaters. The play “Feeling” became a successful debut for the girl in the theater, but it turned out to be the only one. At this time, the actress began to seriously think about the movie.


Emilia Clarke first appeared on television in 2009 - her debut was the role in the series "Doctors". And although the work was relatively successful, it did not bring success. Despite the faded beginning of her creative biography, Emilia did not give up, continuing the struggle.

Initially, she had a hard time, the girl constantly tried to make ends meet, and shooting in 2010 in the science fiction film "Attack from the Triassic Period" does not bring what she wants. This role did not become significant in a professional biography, but the girl was soon noticed. Gradually, the roles in the series will become more and more interesting for Emilia.

Emilia Clark at the beginning of a film career

Soon, all the same, the film “Attack from the Triassic Period” will help to get a role that will provide the actress with the opportunity to realize and reveal herself in the cinema. One day, an agent informed her about an audition on the American television channel HBO, where samples were taken in the new film “Game of Thrones”. The girl drew attention to the project, deciding to become a participant in the casting without much hope of success. From that moment on, her life changed, she got one of the main characters in the popular television series.

Emilia Clark and Jason Momoa (Instagram)

In Game of Thrones, Clark reincarnated as the most important character - Daenerys Targaryen. She is the daughter of Ayeris the Mad, deposed king of the Seven Kingdoms from the Targaryen dynasty. At his wedding with the Dothraki khal Drogo (played by Jason Momoa), Daenerys receives 3 dragon eggs from Master Pentos Ilirio Mopatis, which will allow her to become the mother of Dragons in the future.

It was originally planned that the role of the mother of Dragons will be played by another actress, but she refused to shoot for several weeks. Emilia took this opportunity, brilliantly playing the character, and bed scenes with her heroine recognized as one of the sexiest in the history of cinematography. After the first few episodes, the director suggested that Clark sign a contract for the 2nd and 3rd seasons of the project.

Emilia Clarke in the movie Game of Thrones (Instagram)

The role in the television series "Game of Thrones", which is based on the series of books "A Song of Ice and Fire" by the American writer and screenwriter George Martin, becomes the main one in the filmography of the British film actress. The girl received positive reviews from film critics.

As a result, she appeared in all 6 seasons of the film, and was also announced by the directors to participate in the seventh part of the fantasy dramatic film, which premiered in July 2017. At the same time, the artist’s salary in the project was announced. Emilia became one of the highest paid television actresses with a fee of $ 2 million per episode of the series.

Emilia Clark turned into a blonde (Instagram)

Before filming the 8th season of the popular science fiction saga, Emilia did the act that fans of the series expected from her - dyed her hair blonde. Earlier, appearing on the screen in a blonde wig, the actress assured fans that she was afraid to spoil her hair with paint. Now on the screen and in life, Clark got the opportunity to demonstrate a natural hairstyle. Fans were delighted with the new image of the artist.

The success that Emilia brought the series “Game of Thrones” was simply overwhelming - critics adored her, not to mention the audience, and the British photo appeared on the covers of the most popular glossy magazines in the world. The actress received the EWwy Award, and in 2012 she entered the hundred of the most attractive women in the world (according to the results of Ask men).

Early years and education

Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clark was born on October 23, 1986 in London and raised in Berkshire. Her father worked as a sound engineer in the theater and was originally from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, he died of cancer on July 10, 2016, his mother, Jennifer Clark, is the director of the Anima charity foundation. Emilia also has an older brother, Bennett, who was one of the cameramen filming Game of Thrones.

Clark showed interest in acting at the age of three after watching the musical The Floating Theater. ”, On which her father worked. She studied at the school of St. Anthony (Eng.) Russian. and at the school of St. Andrews , which she graduated in 2005. After she studied at the London Drama Center (English) Russian. who graduated in 2009.


Emilia K.'s career and personal life is eventful.

The actress was born on October 26, 1986 in London. Shortly after the birth of a daughter, the family moved to the suburbs - the town of Berkshire. Emilia's father worked as a sound engineer in a local theater, and from early childhood, the baby spent time behind the scenes.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark worked tirelessly to provide her daughter with a decent future - her father went a long way from an ordinary worker to a major producer. In her free time, Emilia came to her father to work, watching the work of adult actors, and imagined herself in their place.

The girl appeared at the school to show herself on stage - she shone in the theater circle and delighted her parents with her success.

The British public could appreciate Miss Clark's talent by attending theater productions of the London Drama Theater. There she played the first major roles - Anna Petrovna in the Chekhov play, Eliza Dullittle in Pygmalion and others. She managed to work with Russian directors - Vladimir Mirodan and Oleg Miroshnikov.


Having received a diploma from the drama center in 2009, the actress moved to Los Angeles, where she quickly received an offer to enter the staff of one of the theaters. At the same time, she decided to try her hand at a big movie and accepted the offer of director Colin Ferguson. The fantastic picture “Attack from the Triassic period” was called “strange” by critics, but the game of the aspiring actress did not receive harsh responses.

Photo from the series “Game of Thrones”: the personal life of the main actors was under close attention, it was believed that the couple actually

Initially, the role of the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys, was chosen by Tamzin Merchant, already known to the viewer by the role of Katherine Howard in the TV series “The Tudors”, but when she shot the pilot series “Game of Thrones”, she abandoned her role for unknown reasons. It was then that it was decided to invite the young actress Emilia Clark to the project. This moment was crucial for the career and life of a British student.

Now Emilia is in demand in the world of cinema, she decides which projects she likes and which ones are not worth the time. The actress successfully combines shooting in a television series and a feature film. As for Emilia Clarke’s personal life - talking to the press, she emphasizes that she is not busy with her thoughts.

Emilia Clark as Mother of the Dragon Daenerys

About character

Despite the fact that everyone is accustomed to the main screen image of Emilia Clark - miniature growth, silver curls, a serious look of bright eyes, the actress looks completely different in life. Bright brown hair, often loose over the shoulders, laughter and irony in the interview, and incredible positive energy. By her own admission, she is rarely recognized on the streets even in the company of colleagues in the series.

Emilia Clarke is passionate about reading - even in between filming she can be found in the dressing room, immersed in the next book. The girl says that she does not like social events, but she enjoys spending evenings with friends. Favorite place - karaoke. There, the actress demonstrates her excellent vocal abilities, performing her favorite song “Moonlight River” from the musical “Breakfast at Tiffany's”.

Emilia Clark and Keith Harrington in the TV series Game of Thrones: rumors circulated in the press that they were together

With the heroine of the saga, Daenerys, Emilia is related by flexibility and the ability to accept all life situations. In the series, the young princess goes a difficult way from a timid and naive girl to a warlike leader of her people, proudly bearing her title Mother of Dragons. Emilia’s internal struggle with the need to participate in bed scenes and often expose herself to nakedness contributed to the realism of her image.

Photo by Emilia Clark 2018

Clark admitted that she was brought up in a family of strict rules and categorically does not accept full exposure, if this makes no sense to complete the picture. Only by the third season, she was able to overcome herself and play in frank scenes without a shadow of embarrassment. She was able to find a balance between preserving principles and serving the art.

The star is in great shape, photos of Emilia Clark in a swimsuit show the results of her passion for horse riding and classes in the gym.

Photo of Emilia Clark in a swimsuit

Relationship with men

Frankly speaking in an interview about her personal life, Emilia Clark spoke about her ideal man - in her opinion, the main thing in a man is not to listen to others, be smart and be able to make her lover laugh. Sports achievements are not as attractive as shared interests and the opportunity to have long conversations, says the star.

In 2010, at the first run of the Game of Thrones saga, Emilia met almost the man of her dreams. Famous Hollywood comedian, creator of the animated series "Family Guy" and "American Dad", 40-year-old Seth MacFarlane liked the 24-year-old beauty and her feelings were mutual. In 2012, they officially announced their romance. For several months, the lovers were together and even prepared for the wedding, but in the spring of 2013 they decided to part.

In the photo, Emilia Clark and Seth MacFarlane

For a long time, the reasons were not revealed by either side, only a couple of years later Emilia allowed herself to discover this part of her life in an interview with one American publication. She thanked Seth from the pages of the magazine for his brightness and note of eccentricity in their relationship, and also said that the former partner showed great jealousy with her lover's colleagues on the set.

McFarlane especially did not like the relationship between Clark and Harry Lloyd, who played the Daenerys sibling - Viseris in the saga. But to sacrifice a friendship that began back in childhood, the actress did not agree even for the sake of love. Mutual distrust and frequent quarrels eventually ruined the relationship.

Emilia Clark and Harry Lloyd Game of Thrones

After the breakup, many began to ascribe to Emilia Clarke’s personal life an affair with her co-star Keith Harington, who plays John Snow in the saga. Yellow publications issued photographs in which young people spend a joint evening in a restaurant or walk along the street. But the actors themselves denied all the rumors, talking about each other in a friendly tone and not allowing liberties to photographers.In 2016, Harington began dating another actress from Game of Thrones - Rose Leslie. In the series, she played the "wild" Igrit.

Emilia and Keith: did they together guess for a long time

Actor Jason Momoa, who played husband Daenerys in the first season of Game of Thrones khala Drogo, was also spotted on Emilia Clarke's list of potential guys. The reason was one of the first interviews of the girl, released after the world premiere of the saga. Speaking of her partner, the girl did not hide enthusiastic emotions.

In the photo, Emilia Clark and Jason Momoa

Emilia and Jason Momoa in the series “Game of Thrones”: photo

In 2013, Emilia Clarke received the coveted role in the play "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Partner on the site was actor Corey Michael Smith. Emilia, in her usual manner, admired the man and praised him to reporters, calling it “the love of her whole life”. Joint outings and piquant scenes in the play gave rise to a lot of speculation, which, however, did not receive development.

The resonance caused news about the personal life of the actress, which says about the long romance and engagement of Emilia with writer and actor Jace Franco. The actress learned about this from the newspapers and hastened to refute the rumors, stating that she had seen Franco a couple of times in her life and did not even have time to get to know him properly.

In the photo, Emilia Clark and James Franco

In 2018, details about the personal life of Emilia Clarke did not appear. In one of the new interviews, she casually mentioned possible feelings that she has for a certain person, but changed the subject and did not reveal the main secret.

Interesting Facts

  • Before filming a big movie, a theater actress had to earn extra money in a restaurant and call center in order to independently pay bills in London,
  • then Emilia acted in film for an advertising campaign of a charity that helps people with mental disorders and in difficult situations,
  • In 2014, Emilia Clarke received the title of the sexiest woman on the planet from Esquire magazine. She considers this title a strange and even degrading woman, reducing it all to her external attractiveness,

Emilia Clark for Esquire

Emilia Clarke for Dolce & Gabbana

The image of Daenerys Targaryen helped the novice actress cope with internal fears and deal with personal rules of life. Now she takes on the complex roles of strong women, talking about how important it is to continue the struggle, even if the familiar world is collapsing and no one supports you.

The personal life of actress Emilia Clark in 2018 is still calm, but this does not prevent her from making big plans. Among the life goals that she voiced in the press are her own happy family with a large number of children, work in the National Theater of Great Britain and participation in major productions, as well as the desire for interesting and deep roles that open up space for creativity and encourage the audience to think.

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English theater and film actress

Emilia Clark (Eng. Emilia Clarke) - famous English theater and film actress. She was glorified by the American TV series Game of Thrones, where the girl appeared in the image of Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons. The bed scenes in the Game of Thrones featuring Emilia made her one of the sexiest actresses of our time, according to fans of the saga, photos of Emilia Clark can often be seen in the media.

The early years and the family of Emilia Clark

Actress Emilia Clarke was born on October 26, 1986 in London. However, the girl’s childhood passed in Berkshire.

Emilia’s family was not rich. But thanks to his willpower and perseverance, his father was able to make a career and go from a worker to a producer in charge of popular musicals.

Emilia Clarke's mother began her career as a college secretary, and after a while she was also able to succeed in life - she became a businessman. Emilia recalled how at the age of three she was first brought to "dad for work."

The mysterious life covered by the curtain affected the imagination of the baby. Since then, all her thoughts were about the theater.

Emilia was actively engaged in drama club at the school of St. Edward in Oxford. Her performances in school theater productions were successful.

After receiving secondary education in 2004, Emilia Clarke entered a very prestigious metropolitan school of art - the London Drama Center, in which many of the most popular English artists in the future studied.

Emilia Clarke's Theater Debut

Emilia Clark was remembered by the English public for her talented roles in the London Drama Theater. In 2007, the actress received the role of Anna Petrovna in adapting Anton Chekhov’s play “Wild honey”(“ Fatherless ”). The acting debut was successful, and very soon Emilia Clark became one of the permanent actresses in the theater troupe.

In the same 2007, she got the role of Eliza Dullittle in the play "Pygmalion»Bernard Shaw. And many directors began to send her scripts themselves, vying to invite the young actress into their performances. Emilia played with the greatest enthusiasm, took part in many productions. The most successful works at that time were roles in the plays “Emilia Galotti», «Wake up and sing», «A dream in a summer night". Clark also collaborated with Russian directors - Oleg Miroshnikov (in the “Examiner”) and Vladimir Mirodan (plays "Substitution", "Hamlet").

Film career Emilia Clarke

However, Emilia understood that in our time only cinema and television can bring glory. And here is the debut in the filmography of Emily Clark. The actress played a modest role in the series "Doctors". But unfortunately this role did not bring the desired popularity.

In 2009, Emilia Clarke received a diploma from the London Drama Center. The girl decided to try her luck in the United States and left for Los Angeles. In the capital of film-dreams and movie stars, Clark joined the oldest non-profit Hollywood theater - Company of Angels. The first and only work of this period for the young Englishwoman was the play “Feeling”, Which critics and the public welcomed favorably.

Emilia Clark nevertheless decided in her biography to focus on the film career. In 2010, the actress ventured to star in the movie "Attack from the Triassic". In the film, Clark was supposed to play the courageous girl Savannah, heroically fighting dinosaurs.

The series "Game of Thrones"

But all these were passing roles, and Emilia was waiting for something fateful, something that could drastically change life. And waited. Emilia Clarke’s agent reported that HBO * is looking for a girl for the role of Daenerys Targaryen George Martin. Emilia did not even imagine who she would be offered to play in front of demanding producers at the audition. In Wikipedia, the girl read an article about the novel and realized she had to agree, because the character promised to be almost the brightest hero of the picture.

“When I got this role, I almost died of joy,” Emilia admitted. Filming began, full of hours-long flights, bustle and new experiences - but for Emilia Clark it was happiness.

Daenerys Targaryen, performed by Emilia Clark, looked like a mysterious beauty. In all the vestments - whether in silk toga, in plain cloth or completely naked for bed scenes - the actress energetically influenced the public’s imagination. But not only expressive appearance captivated the audience. Emilia’s character was captivating by sacrifice, fearlessness and humanity.

Emilia’s successful play inspired both directors and producers. She was invited to the new seasons of the series. She was nominated for various television awards. By 2015, an Emmy figurine and a Saturn Award appeared on her track record, both for Best Supporting Actress in a television series. In 2012, Emilia Clark was among the 99 most desirable women on the planet according to AskMen. Esquire magazine named the 28-year-old British actress the sexiest woman of 2015.

In 2016, Emilia Clarke was busy filming the sixth season of "Game of Thrones", And also worked on the paintings"See you"(Along with actor Sam Claflin) and" A Voice from a Stone ".

In June 2017, the American company HBO announced the premiere date of the first episode of the seventh season of the television series "Game of Thrones" and since then this topic has not left the news around the world. In the United States, a new episode was released on July 16, and Russian fans of the saga began to learn about the new adventures of their favorite characters the next day - July 17. At the same time, the excitement from the new season of the series was so great in our country that the first episode of the seventh season of “Game of Thrones” was shown in the Moscow metro (on the night of July 17-18 as part of the project “Night on the Metro”).

Only the trailer for the new season of the series on YouTube for the first day was watched by 7 million people. The first episode of the seventh season of the television series Game of Thrones broke the record for the number of people who watched it on the first day.

Further records went one after another, even despite the efforts of hackers who hacked the computers of the American television channel HBO, posted on the Internet parts of the script for the new series of the popular series “Game of Thrones” and even the personal data of the actors who played in the seventh season. The news reported that on the Internet you can now find out phone numbers, home addresses and email addresses of all the actors of the series, including Emilia Clark.

The episode "Dragon and the Wolf" (the longest series of the series for all years), which completed the seventh season of the popular television series HBO "Game of Thrones", as the news wrote, was watched by a record-breaking audience: 16 million people, of which 12 million were directly on HBO, another 4 million have used various Internet services.

The Game of Thrones indicator blocked the show’s best-in-time viewer set during the first episode of this season, not to mention competitors.

The character of Emilia Clark Daenerys Targaryen, by the way, has become the most popular in different cities of Russia.

Apparently, Emilia is also very popular with Ukrainians, at least the former prime minister of this country, Yulia Tymoshenko, received a “new nickname Mother of Dragons” for her new hairstyle for the heroine Clark. Photos of Tymoshenko in the new image caused a stir in the news, although they were criticized in social networks.

In 2019, the Game of Thrones was finally completed. The final episode of the movie "Game of Thrones" set a record for the HBO channel in terms of views. The news wrote that 19.3 million viewers watched the sixth episode of the eighth season of May 19. The previous record was set a week earlier, when the penultimate series of “Game of Thrones” was seen by 18.4 million people.

In general, the last season left many fans of the series unhappy, in their opinion, of all the possible options for the denouement, the scriptwriters chose the most unsuccessful. At the same time, writer George Martin, who promised to release a new book from the “Song of Ice and Fire” series in July 2020, promised another denouement in it.

Also, the last season was remembered for frank advertising disguised as a mistake by decorators, as well as “SP” wrote that social media users found kinolapy in the last episode of the final season of the game “Game of Thrones”. And the creators of Game of Thrones have been accused of sexism.

The news reported that fans of the Game of Thrones series began massively unsubscribing from HBO. By the way, the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) conducted a study, thanks to which it was found out that 71% of the inhabitants of Russia did not watch and do not plan to watch the popular series Game of Thrones in the future.

The personal life of actress Emilia Clark

Emilia Clark is not married, but her personal life is in the sight of tabloid news from around the world, and the paparazzi are hunting for hot photos of the star of the Game of Thrones.

Rumors connected the actress with a famous Hollywood director and animator Seth MacFarlane. A year later, they broke up and all the same journalists believed that the gap was due to Emilia’s romance with Keith Harington.

This was talked about for several years. But Emilia denied the rumors that she had a love affair with Keith Harington, who plays John Snow in the Game of Thrones. Clark stated that all members of the crew are family for her, and she is as warm to Keith Harington as she is to Peter Dinklage, Nikolai Coster-Waldau or Richard Madden.

Emilia Clark is not just an actress, although she has been fond of this skill since childhood. Emilia also plays several musical instruments: flute, piano and guitar. The actress love to sing, and she does it very well. In 2013, she even debuted in the Broadway production of "Breakfast at Tiffany's". By the way, in the spring of 2013, Emilia suffered a rupture of cerebral aneurysm after her speech at the Tiffany's Breakfast on Broadway and underwent treatment at the New York Presbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical Center.

* “HBO” (Home Box Office) - American cable and satellite television network. Included in Time Warner Corporation.

Emilia Clarke: The Latest News

Other roles of Emilia Clark:

  • Saskia Mayer, the series Doctors 2000-2017,
  • Savannah, Attack from the Triassic Period 2010,
  • Sally, Spike Island 2012,
  • Emilia, Hemingway House 2013.

The British did not disdain and voicing cartoons. Cartoons with her participation, or rather, the participation of her voice:

  • Bridget, Robotsyp 2009-2016,
  • Marianne, Futurama 2013,
  • Lumpy, "Beasts" 2016 - a comedy animated series.

Shot from the film “A Voice from a Stone”

The Briton was already able to pick up a good baggage of films, she is now at the peak of her popularity and is gaining more and more fans around the world. In an interview, the actress stated that one of her favorite roles was in the movie “See You”. The actress stated that she loves her hero because she is unusual and “out of this world”, very open and fragile, she drew analogies with herself. The Briton immediately really liked her character, and she decided to make every effort to get the role. Emilia even said: ". finally, it's the real me. ”

Shot from the movie “See You”

All the roles of Emily Clark are vivid and memorable, even if they are not the main ones, this girl knows how to fully devote to art and work on herself, we hope that she will star in a large number of films.

Awards and nominations

Clark was nominated many times for various prizes, and in 4 of them she even won:

  • 2011 - Best female character,
  • 2012 - The best rising star in the drama series,
  • 2013 - Best supporting actress in a drama series,
  • 2013 - Best Actress.

"Game of Thrones"

Of course, worldwide fame came to the British after the main role in the series "Game of Thrones." An interesting fact: she was not immediately invited to participate in the casting, first for the role of Daenerys Targaryen - the white-haired representative of the Targaryen clan, and the daughter of King Seven Kingdoms Airis II Crazy, another actress was chosen - Tamzin Merchant, but after several pilot episodes it was decided that she did not fits. Emilia reacted to the role with great enthusiasm, although not without a share of excitement. In an interview, she said that she was rather scared to play Mother of Dragons - she was very afraid to ruin anything. However, the viewer did not notice this and, moreover, very fond of this character.

The actress said that in order to better get used to the role, she constantly re-read George Martin’s novel, she said that she never read further than those events that were shot - she did not want her character to be reflected in her future knowledge. The Song of Fire and Ice became her favorite book, and Daenerys Targaryen became her favorite character. Therefore, Emilia immediately agreed to sign a contract to continue filming.After the release of the picture, the creators were convinced that Emilia’s choice for the lead role was the right decision, not only the audience, but also the critics were delighted, immediately after the release of the first season, the actress began to receive many new offers. Subsequently, new films featuring Emily Clarke began to be released.

Emilia Clark Appearance

It's no secret that the British actress has a pretty attractive appearance, albeit far from ideal.

Emilia herself does not hide that she has a weakness for flour products - cakes, muffins, buns and pastries. Many accuse the Mother of Dragons of not observing the Hollywood norms of body proportions, but the girl says: before filming in each new project, she sits on a fierce diet and does not even allow herself morning coffee.

Clark in Dolce & Gabbana Commercial

Emilia Clark Eyebrows

Eyebrows are worth mentioning separately. The actress has large and thick ones, and due to the well-developed facial expressions of the girl’s face, it sometimes seems that they are alive and quite live their own lives, but many fans notice that this has a special “trick”.

By the way, Emilia Clarke's eyebrows were the cause of ridicule at her at school, and the girl even wanted to pluck them, but her mother convinced her not to do this and was right.

Shape options

"Mother of Dragons" is far from ideal, but that is why many fans consider her an ideal. The proportions of the body of the British lover of flour are balanced by the fact that the girl is quite well-built. The height of the British is 159 centimeters, weight - 52 kilograms, and body proportions are 86-62-86.

The actress has a 38th foot size, and the bra wears a 2nd size. But even Emilia herself claims that her weight is constantly in motion because of her love for cakes. Many fans note that recently Emilia Clark has recovered, of course, not so much as to call her fat, but slightly acquired - that's for sure.

Fans hope that the girl will soon lose weight, and by the next season Emilia Clarke in a swimsuit will look great.

The figure of Emilia Clark

Is Emilia Clark beautiful without makeup?

On July 16, 2017, the premiere of the 7th season of the beloved series Game of Thrones was premiered, meanwhile, on July 12, a curious photo of the British actress without makeup appeared on the network, which dispelled all fans' fears that Emilia’s beauty was solely due to tons of cosmetics and various photo filters.

Emilia Clark without makeup

On the selfie, the girl is lying in bed with her beloved dog (Clark loves animals) and shines with extraordinary natural beauty without makeup and filters, Emilia looks like she will still be 18, although she actually turned 31. We remind you that in 2012, Clark was considered one of the 99 most desirable women on the planet.

Emilia Clarke's personal life

In February 2019, Emilia announced a breakup with Charlie. According to sources close to Clark, their relationship was affected by a busy schedule of filming. Charlie unsubscribed from Emilia on Instagram and deleted the joint pictures. When worried fans asked the man a question on Twitter, he replied: “This was not my decision,” hinting that Clark was the initiator of the break.

In the summer, Charlie began dating actress Lily Collins, and a week after that, Emily posted Instagram photos of Rose Leslie, writing that she and her friend went to India as a purely female company. The girl looked happy and clearly did not worry due to the lack of a boyfriend in her life.


In August 2017, Emilia became part of the Open Doors team, an organization that helps aspiring actors get auditions in theater schools.

In 2018, Emilia took part in a Sean Penn charity auction. The lot that the actress put on was the opportunity to watch one of the episodes of the Game of Thrones in her company. The lot was bought for 120 thousand dollars, which went to the needs of the J / P Pro and Disaster Relief funds. Both organizations help victims of natural disasters.


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