Hannah, Daryl


Daryl christin hannah

Born December 3, 1960 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Full name is Daryl Christine.

From childhood she was fond of dancing, was engaged in ballet in the class of ballerina Maria Tolchieff. Graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles.
She studied drama at the Chicago Goodman Theater and in New York, in the workshop of Stella Adler.

The first movie role is Pam in the movie Rage (1978).

Among the best works of the actress: Price in the film directed by Ridley Scott "Blade Runner" (1982), the mermaid Madison in the movie "Splash" (1984), Darien in the movie drama "Wall Street" (1987), Annel in the film "Steel Magnolias" (1989), Cynthia in the melodrama "Hurry to Love" (2002), etc.

Daryl Hannah acts as a director, cameraman, screenwriter and composer of television films, produced films "Wildflowers" (1998), "Deficiency" (2008) and others.


Daryl's parents divorced when she was a child. Her mother later married again. Daryl has eight brothers and sisters. As a child, doctors suspected her autism, she suffered from insomnia. At the age of 3, Daryl was injured in her grandmother’s house, having lost the phalanx on her left index finger. Later, becoming a movie actress, Hannah hid the injury by putting on gloves or hiding her hands in her pockets.

In the 1970s, she moved to Los Angeles, where she lived with Rachel Ward.


Initially, Daryl dreamed of becoming a dancer, but then she decided to study acting at the University of South Carolina. She learned about the world of cinema from her uncle Haskell Wexler, twice an Academy Award winner for camera work. Daryl Hannah made her film debut in the 1978 film Brian De Palma's Fury.

For the first time, Daryl Hannah with her height of 178 cm attracted the attention of the public in the role of android Pris in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner movie and thanks to the role of the mermaid in the movie Splash. They were followed in 1986 by the main role in the film "Clan of the Cave Bear". In the same year, Hannah appeared in the thriller Eagles of Law, along with Robert Redford and Debra Winger. In 1987, Daryl Hannah played in Oliver Stone's Wall Street, where Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen and Hal Holbrook became her partners, receiving Golden Raspberry as the worst supporting actor for the film.

Then Hannah starred in the films “Game in the Lord’s Fields” (1991), “Confession of the Invisible” (1992), “Attack of the Giant Woman” (1993) and “Two is Too” and hit all the tabloids thanks to her affair with John F. Kennedy the youngest, having broken his long-standing relationship with songwriter Jackson Brown and, according to surveys, was among the most beautiful actresses and owners of the “best body in the history of cinema”.

In 1994, Hannah received the jury prize of the Berlin Film Festival for the 12-minute short film "Last Supper" (1993), being its screenwriter, producer and acting role.

In the late 1990s, she was a model demonstrating the linen of the British House trading house. In 2002, she starred in the music video of British singer Robbie Williams for the song "Feel".

In 2003, Hannah got the role of the antagonist of the heroine Uma Thurman in Quentin Tarantino's film “Kill Bill”.

Turned into a swan

The Hannah family lived in Chicago, where the future actress was born on December 3, 1960. Since father and mother Daryl Christine divorced shortly after her birth, and then entered into new marriages, she has eight sisters and brothers.

When Daryl was three years old, she was injured - the phalanx of her left index finger was torn off. She prefers to hide this flaw (especially when acting in films), wears a prosthesis or puts on gloves. An early biography of Daryl Hannah is going to doctors (the girl grew restless, slept poorly, did not find contact with her peers). Specialists thought she was autistic, but the diagnosis was not confirmed. Suddenly, the ugly duckling grew into a real swan - slender, almost 180 cm tall, with long legs, very fair skin and beautiful expressive features.

Thanks to the uncle Oscar-bearer

Daryl had a famous uncle - the Hollywood cameraman Haskell Wexler, who made cult films (“Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest”, “Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”, “Thomas Crown Scam” with Steve McQueen). He won an Oscar twice and told his niece a lot about the world of cinema. Therefore, hesitating a little - it’s worth going to the dancers or choosing an acting path, Hannah stopped at the second.

She entered the University of South Carolina, but then moved to New York and studied drama at the prestigious studio of Stella Adler. The first work in the movie Daryl was the drama of Brian De Palma's "Fury" with Kirk Douglas. The tape was released when the aspiring actress was only 17 years old.

Sexy android and mermaid

Four years later, Daryl got a job in Ridley Scott’s science fiction film Blade Runner, which starred with Sean Young, Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer.

Hannah played the role of the humanoid robot Pris, who escaped from the "reservation" for androids along with "comrades in misfortune." They wanted to find their creator and find out how long they had been given. In pursuit of the fugitives, detective Rick Deckard (Ford) was sent, only in the process of searching did he reconsider his attitude to artificial intelligence.

The main role - undina Madison, who falls in love with a simple guy (Tom Hanks), in the fantasy romance "Splash", made Hannah famous. Each male spectator wanted to find such a mermaid, Madison was a beauty, and when she stepped to the ground, she gained feet. But as soon as the water hit the girl, her tail immediately grew again.

Successful 1980s

In the second half of the 1980s, Hannah played in the drama about the Neanderthals “Cave Bear Clan”, in Ivan Reitman’s film “Eagles of Jurisprudence” with Robert Redford and in the comedy “Roxanne”, a modern adaptation of Edmond Rostan’s play “Cyrano de Bergerac”. Daryl portrayed a blond enchantress with whom the nosy C Dee (Steve Martin) falls in love.

Despite the success of Stone’s crime drama “Wall Street” and “Oscar”, received by Michael Douglas, critics did not like the play of Hannah, for the role of Darian, she was awarded the Golden Raspberry.

The retro drama Steel Magnolias and Carpenter’s science fiction Confession of the Invisibility, in which Chevy Chase starred, were the last more or less successful films by Daryl in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Then she either starred in episodes, or films with her participation were a failure.

California mountain snake

Only in 2003, the audience again remembered the tall beauty when the action movie “Kill Bill” (and then “Kill Bill 2”) was released. Quentin Tarantino literally reanimated the creative biography of Daryl Hannah.

He invited her to the role of one of the antagonists of the Black Mamba (Uma Thurman). Ally Driver, nicknamed the California Mountain Snake, as the heroine Thurman, was part of the Deadly Vipers squad, and it was her who sent Bill to the hospital to beatrix lying in a coma to inject that poison.

True, while Driver was walking along the corridor and whistling, anticipating the appearance of a defeated rival, the instructions (to the heroine's displeasure) changed. The desperate battle between Mamba and Ellie, as a result of which the second lost her last eye, is one of the most exciting scenes of Tarantino's dilogy.

Not very successful plastic (or Botox injections) changed the face of the actress, so now it seems too “heavy”. But attempts to maintain youth did not return Daryl to its former popularity. Hannah starred in a small role in the crime series "Hawaii 5.0" and got into the cast of the new series of Wachowski sisters "The Eighth Sense".

An affair with the president’s son and a craving for musicians

Daryl is an active environmentalist, video blogger. She is a bachelor, she has never been married, she has no children. At the beginning of her career, the actress had an affair with musician Jackson Brown.

But then the personal life of Daryl Hannah was changed by the handsome John Kennedy Jr., the son of President John F. Kennedy.

True, he married another. And soon crashed on his plane over the ocean.

In the summer of 2014, Daryl began to be seen in the company of Canadian singer Neil Young - they are now together.

Childhood and youth

Daryl Hannah was born December 3, 1960 in Chicago, Illinois. The girl's mother, Susan Metzger, a former school teacher, subsequently became a producer. Father Donald Christian Hannah - owner of a tugboat and a barge, traded in port works. The couple became the parents of three children - the son of Don and daughters Daryl and Page.

Actress Daryl Hannah

After a divorce from her father, the mother remarried the businessman Gerald Veksler, the brother of the famous cinematographer Haskell Veksler. Soon, Daryl had a half-sister Tanya.

Daryl spent his childhood in the town of Long Grove, Illinois. The girl grew very shy, which is why she was even diagnosed with borderline autism. But, as it turned out, this is not the only problem of the child. When Daryl went to school, it turned out that she had dyslexia and had difficulty reading. Therefore, the student began to focus on physical training, played soccer in the school team.

Daryl Hannah in her youth

Also in childhood, Hannah lost the upper phalanx of the index finger of her left hand and to this day wears a prosthesis. As a teenager, Daryl developed insomnia. In an attempt to fall asleep, the girl watched films all night and fell in love with movies.

“I admired the great game of Bette Davis, Vivien Leigh, Ingrid Bergman, Robert Taylor, Gregory Peck, Clark Gable. We can assume that these were the first acting lessons that I received, ”recalls Daryl.

The girl was seriously interested in creativity. At first she was fond of ballet, she took private lessons from Maria Tallif, because she did not take a large girl to a ballet school. And then all her attention focused on acting. And after graduation, Hannah entered the theater department of the University of Southern California.

Daryl hannah

Having successfully completed it, she continued her drama studies at the Chicago Goodman Theater and in New York under the guidance of renowned teacher Stella Adlar.

“I was always so sandwiched and timid. Acting is the only medicine that could help me. When you play other people, all your fears and complexes disappear. ”


She was 18 years old when the fiction drama Brian de Palma's "Fury" was released. Hannah played a cameo role in her, which almost went unnoticed. This made her choose roles more thoughtfully.

Daryl Hannah in the movie Blade Runner

The image of the artificially created girl-android Pryce, a seductive blonde who dreams of becoming a living person, in Ridley Scott's new film “Blade Runner” interested Daryl, she agreed to the shooting and did not lose. Her partners on the set were Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young and others. The film, released in 1982, raised almost $ 33 million at the box office and brought Hannah to promising young actresses.

The first in the filmography, the main role of Hanne is offered by the director Ron Howard in the romantic melodrama "Splash" (1984) about the love of the mermaid and man. The union of two lovers was touchingly portrayed by Daryl and Tom Hanks. After the premiere, both actors added a solid portion of popularity.

Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks in the movie "The Splash"

Now the girl plays mainly the main roles and only in the company of titled Hollywood stars. In the same 1984, she appeared in the comedy-adventure film Papa Greenwich Village, along with Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts. In 1986, she played the role of Ayla, a girl raised by a bear pack, in the film “The Cave Bear Clan”.

All the films in which the actress starred in the 80s are simply impossible to list. The girl played with Steve Martin in the film Fred Skepticism "Roxanne" (1987), which is a modern interpretation of Edmond Rostan's play "Cyrano de Bergerac". She flashed in the picture "Higher Spirits" (1988) in tandem with Peter O'Toole. She played a small but vivid role in Woody Allen's drama Crimes and Misconduct (1989). Appeared in a brilliant company of actresses - Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Shirley MacLane - in the melodrama Steel Magnolias (1989).

Daryl Hannah in the movie Steel Magnolias

In the 90s, Hannah continues a confident march along the avenue of Hollywood fame. Among the works of this period, the role in the military drama of Hector Babenko's The Game in the Lord's Fields (1991) is highlighted. Hannah played Andy Huben - the wife of a preacher who arrived on a mission to the tropics of the Amazon.

In 1995, in the thriller “The Tight Loop”, in tandem with Keith Carradine, they played a criminal couple, Neverwood, who are looking for their daughter, adopted during their stay in prison for the murder. In 1998, natural blonde Daryl Hannah had to repaint black for the role of Morticia Addams in the movie "Addams Family Reunion".

Daryl Hannah in the movie Addams Family Reunion

Another vivid role of this period is in the thriller Chain (2000), in which the heroine of Hannah becomes the victim of a brutal abduction. In 2002, she starred in the music video of British singer Robbie Williams for the song "Feel".

The criminal dilogy “Kill Bill” by Quentin Tarantino, released at the beginning of the new millennium (2003-2004), lifted the artist to the peak of popularity. Her character is the one-eyed Ally Driver, nicknamed the California Mountain Snake, one of Bill's hired killers.

Daryl Hannah in the movie "Kill Bill"

After a stunning success, the actress did not rest on her laurels and until today has played in dozens of films and TV shows. In 2010, appeared in the British drama Closed Book, starred in the fantasy comedy Eldorado (2012). In 2013, Hannah mastered the genre of indie films - “Zombie Night”.

It should be noted and the director's experience of the actress. In 1993, she shot the short film "The Last Supper", for which she received a prize from the jury of the Berlin Film Festival.

Personal life

Hundreds of thousands of articles have been written about the personal life of Daryl Hannah. They are mainly devoted to the high-profile romance of the actress with John Kennedy Jr. - the son of the 35th US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the beautiful Jacqueline.

Daryl Hannah and John Kennedy Jr.

A magnificent blonde was familiar with John from a young age - they rested together on the island of St. Martin, saw each other at Hollywood movie parties, and met once at one of the noble weddings (Aunt John Lee Radziwill married director Herbert Ross), they decided to continue communication. Although Daryl was not free at that moment: for more than 10 years she met with rock musician Jackson Brown.

After parting with her first love, Daryl plunged into a new passionate, beautiful novel, the evidence of which appeared weekly on the pages of the tabloids: here a couple is relaxing on a private beach, here is having dinner in a Chinese restaurant, but wandering around in the streets of European cities. The press was waiting for the moment when the beautiful "Prince" (the so-called John Jr. in society) would make an offer to his Cinderella.

Daryl Hannah in 2018

However, this alignment did not suit John's mother - Jacqueline Kennedy.And she found a way to convince her son not to connect fate with an actress, whose biography and reputation could negatively affect his future political career. It was rumored that Jackie's trump card was the fact of filming Daryl in the nude (in the movie "The Cave Bear Clan").

One way or another, the couple broke up, and soon John became the husband of journalist Caroline Bisset. Hannah steadfastly withstood this blow of fate, but the tragic death of her lover in 1999 (crashed on an airplane) actually broke the young woman. She plunged headlong into work so as not to lose her mind. Subsequently, the media wrote about her romance with Quentin Tarantino, Val Kilmer and the owner of the hotel chain, Sean Macpherson. But none of these rumors, the actress has not confirmed.

Hannah Daryl childhood and family

The girl was born in Chicago. When Hannah was a little girl, her parents divorced. Mom got married. Hannah's stepfather was the billionaire D. Wexler. She studied exclusively in private schools. Studying in high school, she enthusiastically and quite successfully engaged in football.

Daryl decided that after school she would become an actress. To achieve the goal, she became a student at a theater university, having successfully completed all the qualifying rounds. As a student, she starred in commercials, representing the spirits of a famous brand, participated in fashion shows, which was facilitated by her attractive appearance.

Studying at the university only confirmed the girl in the correctness of the chosen profession. In addition, Hannah began to practice ballet, attending classes of the ballerina Anna Talchif.

World fame and career rise

After playing in the movie "Splash" in 1984, the actress showed herself as the best performer of fantastic and fairy-tale characters. The audience saw Hannah in the image of the mermaid Madison and fell in love with the actress even more.

In 1986, Hannah got the role of Cro-Magnon in the film "Cave Bear Clan". Another successful role was Darien Taylor, which Daryl received in the film "Wall Street." And again she worked in the company of the most famous actors - Martin Sheen and Michael Douglas.

Each time, Hannah, with her individual game, proved that she was really a talented actress, and not a spoiled rich heiress who decided to act in film for a whim. Another such confirmation was the work of the actress in the comedy "Roxanne", where she played with Stephen Martin. Due to the fact that Daryl’s career was gaining height, she could accept or reject the proposals received, even if they came from eminent directors.

The best paintings from Hannah Daryl

Over the years, Hannah has played not so catchy, but the style of her game became more expressive and thinner. She successfully created moving film images.

In 2006, Daryl was involved in the filming of a number of films. The most interesting was the picture "Do not give in to the Steins," the actress played the character of Sandy.

The 2008th year brought the actress many roles, all of them were played by her brightly. Hannah always strives to play so that the roles were noticeable in world cinema. Many of the films where the actress appeared at that time turned out to be box office, including The Flock of Sharks, The Flaw, and the Dark Honeymoon film.


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