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American actor Wesley Trent Snipes was born in Orlando, Florida on July 31, 1962. His childhood passed in the South Bronx area in New York. The abundance of slums inhabited by impoverished Latinos and African Americans, and the glory of the area as dysfunctional and criminal, fortunately, did not negatively affect the fate of the boy. He preferred diligent training to severe lawlessness of the streets. Wesley successfully graduated from the Graduate School of Performing Arts in vocal, stage speech and dance.

Then his parents needed to return to their hometown, and further studies had to be postponed for a while. In Florida, Snipes made money performing in the streets as part of a youth theater troupe. Returning to New York, he entered State University, where he received a bachelor of arts degree. read more

While still a student, Wesley began to play theatrical productions as a side job and star in commercials. On their shootings, he was noticed by filmmakers, and in 1986 the aspiring actor made his debut on the screen in the soccer comedy Goldie Hawn and Michael Ritchie “Wild Cats”, and immediately in one of the main roles. After the success of the Snipes tape, many famous filmmakers began to invite, and more and more eminent Hollywood stars became his partners. One of the significant "main roles" of the actor was played by him in Martin Scorsese himself, but not in the film, but in Michael Jackson's video for the song "Bad" (1987).

Snipes' acting skills allow him to embody on the screen polar opposite roles - from the servants of the law and superheroes to the brutal killers and bigwigs of the underworld. He is removed not only in action films, but Wesley’s excellent martial arts and capoeira martial art helps to participate in the latter.

Much to the chagrin of the fans, in 2010 the actor went to jail for tax evasion - harsh US justice does not indulge even the stars in this matter. In 2013, he was released and continues to act in film - Snipes' participation in a number of films was agreed upon during his imprisonment.


After that, he played in the comedy Major League (1989), the action movie King of New York (1990) and Spike Lee’s drama The Blues for a Better Life (1990).

In 1991, Snipes played the drug lord in the films New Jack City and Dance on the Water. Both roles were highly acclaimed, and in 1992 he appeared in his first high-budget film Passenger 57. Very successful was his appearance in the comedy “White People Can’t Jump,” released the same year.

In 1993, he played with Sean Connery in The Rising Sun and Sylvester Stallone in The Destroyer, and after 3 years - with Robert De Niro in The Fan. In 1997, for his role in the melodrama "One Night's Visit" (with Nastasya Kinski), he received the Venice Film Festival "Volpi Cup" award in the nomination "Best Actor".

For a long time, the actor is engaged in the Brazilian martial art of capoeira. He owns martial arts.

Problems with law

On April 24, 2008, the federal court of the city of Ocala (Florida) sentenced the actor to three years in prison for tax evasion. According to the court ruling, Snipes evaded taxes for 17 years, owing more than $ 15 million to the state.

The actor himself pleaded guilty, before the sentencing, he suggested that the state prosecution transfer three checks of $ 5 million to the treasury in exchange for leniency. However, this did not help him, and Wesley Snipes received the maximum term for tax evasion in the United States. But then the actor did not get behind bars. The court agreed to release Snipes on bail until his appeal is examined.

In November 2010, the appeal of the actor was rejected. In December 2010, after two years of unsuccessful appeals, Snipes began serving a three-year sentence at MCKEAN FCI Federal Penitentiary, Lewis Run, Pennsylvania. The release was scheduled for July 19, 2013. A few months before this date, the actor was relaxed, and in early April 2013 Wesley Snipes was released from prison and transferred to house arrest until July 19, 2013.

Wesley Snipes: biography and childhood

That is why he entered the Higher School of Fine Arts. By the way, there he was rightly considered the best student. Unfortunately, he could not complete his education, as the family had to move back to Orlando. Nevertheless, Wesley Snipes was not going to give up his stage career.

While studying in Florida, the guy enters the theater troupe of street actors - often he and his friends entertain with ordinary performers with his ideas. After leaving school, Wesley goes to New York, where he studies at a state university. At the same time, he often earns money by taking part in theatrical performances. Several times he even starred for commercials.

The first audition in the cinema

In the end, luck smiled at the guy - in 1986 he was offered a small role in the film "Wild Cats", where he plays with Goldie Hawn. In the same year, Wesley starred in the role of a boxer in the film "Streets of Gold", where, by the way, he was able to show off his fighting skills. And he appeared in one of the episodes of the popular series “Miami Police. Department of manners. "

But, despite the perfectly played roles, they noticed the young actor thanks to the filming of Michael Jackson’s video for the song “Bad”, where he played the leader of a street gang. It was here that his talent pleased Spike Lee. In addition, in 1988 he received a cameo role in the film "Critical State". And in 1989, he played a young baseball player in the movie "Major League".

Blues for a Better Life and First Success

After the release of the Michael Jackson video, Wesley Snipes is offered the main role in the film, which has become iconic for the guy. In 1990, the premiere of the film “The Blues about a Better Life” took place. Here he played along with Spike Lee, Denzel Washington and Giancarlo Esposita. The image of a talented young musician came out beautiful, which ensured the actor's success.

Wesley Snipes: filmography

In 1991, two more films were released, in which Wesley Snipes starred. His filmography was replenished with "Jungle Fever", where he played the architect Flipper, who cheats on his wife and secretary, as well as the painting "Dance on the Water".

In 1992, he starred in three more films. In the film "White People Can't Jump", he played a street basketball player Sidney, and in "Boiling Point" he successfully showed himself as the ideal hero of the militants. He secured his success in the film "Passenger 57", playing a security officer who is trying to deal with a gang of terrorists alone.

In 1993, the actor works with Sean Connery on the movie Rising Sun, where he got the role of an inexperienced but courageous police lieutenant conducting a murder investigation, in which the Japanese mafia is involved.

The film "Destroyer" and a new round of career

If you are interested in the best films with Wesley Snipes, then, of course, the action movie Destroyer, which premiered in 1993, should be included in the list. Interestingly, this role was originally intended for Jackie Chan, but he refused it. Here Wesley appears in the guise of a scoundrel - the killer of Simon Phoenix. And it is worth noting that the role of a slightly unbalanced criminal with a strange sense of humor has made the actor popular throughout the world, and to this day she is considered one of his most successful works. In addition, viewers liked the Stallone-Snipes tandem.

In 1997, the actor worked on the film "One Night's Visit." Here Wesley Snipes appeared before the audience in a completely unusual role and showed talent in a dramatic game. This British melodrama received a lot of positive reviews, and Snipes won the Volpi Cup in the Best Actor nomination.

The Blade Semi-Wapiline Trilogy: Worldwide Fame

By the way, this film has become really famous. Just renting a movie in theaters brought three times more money than the creators spent on its shooting. In 1999, the picture was nominated for the Saturn Award in the category "Best Horror Movie".

Great success pushed the creators to remove the continuation of the picture. In 2002, the sequel “Blade 2” was released, and already in 2004 - “Blade 3: Trinity”, where Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Bill also starred with Wesley Snipes. Unfortunately, the final part of the trilogy did not become as popular as the two previous ones.

Further career of the actor

In 2002, the premiere of a new film with Wesley Snipes - the drama "Under the Sight". Here he played the extremist Joe, who took hostages in the theater, trying to avenge the death of his daughter. In 2005, Wesley appeared before the audience in the guise of a professional thief Jack Taliver in the action movie called "7 seconds."

In 2005, Snipes, along with Jason Statham, starred in the criminal action movie "Chaos". And two years later, the new film “Shooter” appears on the screens, where the actor got the role of James Diley, a CIA employee. And in the 2009 action movie Brooklyn Police, Wesley Snipes (photos are presented in this article) played Kasanova Philips, a gang member.

In 2010, two action movies appeared in which Wesley Snipes starred. His filmography was replenished with the action-packed film "Death Games", where the actor got the role of a diplomat's bodyguard.

In the same year, the actor worked on the horror film "Hangers", which was released in 2012. Here Wesley appeared in the guise of a tough gunner Aman, who was surprised to find that all the people he killed returned from the next world in the guise of bloodthirsty zombies. Now he, along with the rustic guy Kansa, has to deal with the invasion of the dead.

From 2010 to 2013 followed by a short break in Snipes' career, due to troubles with the law. However, now the actor is working on the continuation of the famous painting “The Expendables 3” along with Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li and other stars.

Personal life

In 1985, Wesley Snipes married Puerto Rican April, with whom he lived for 5 years.

In 2002, the famous actor began dating Nikki Park. And in March 2003 they already played a wedding. And to this day, the couple lives happily together, despite Wesley’s problems with the law. By the way, Nikki gave birth to the actor's daughter Aiset. And in March 2007, the couple had a son, Alimay Moa-Ti.

Law troubles

In April 2008, the federal court of Ocala (a city in the state of Florida) sentenced the actor to imprisonment for tax evasion. According to the prosecution, Wesley Snipes evaded payment from 1999 to 2001, as a result of which he owed the state $ 15 million.

During the trial, the actor pleaded guilty and offered an instant repayment of the debt in exchange for leniency, which he did not wait for. True, the execution of the sentence was postponed for some time. For two years he filed appeals that did not give any result - in 2010 Snipes received the maximum term for tax evasion in the United States. Wesley Snipes in the Lewis Run prison served almost full time - he was released in April 2013 and placed under house arrest until July.

Photo: Wesley Snipes


The family lived in a dysfunctional area of ​​the city - the Bronx. At the suggestion of Marianne, who was afraid of the bad influence of the street, her son was always busy with useful things: he mastered martial arts, earning 5th dan in Shotokan karate and a black belt in Hapkido, read a lot, and also attended the Higher School of Performing Arts, Music and Arts, bearing the name of the mayor of New York, Fiorello La Guardia. Graduates of this unique educational institution were such celebrities as Al Pacino, Lisa Minelli, Jennifer Aniston.

When the young man was in high school, their family moved to Orlando again, and he was forced to interrupt his studies at a prestigious school. But he was still fond of acting - he joined the theater troupe Struttin ’Street Stuff. Together with other members of the collective, he performed in parks and squares, made scenery, made dolls and came up with scripts for puppet shows.

Career development

In 1986, he was auditioned for a role in the comedy Wild Cats, starred in Streets of Gold and a couple of low-budget projects.

To break into the big cinema, he was allowed to participate in the shooting of the video “Bad” (1987) by Michael Jackson, directed by Martin Scorsese himself. The giftedness, incredible energy and unique plastic of the actor did not go unnoticed.

Wesley Snipes Now

In August 2017, viewers could see him in the horror film Armed Response (Snipes was the producer of the tape and starred). According to the plot, a group of commandos went to an abandoned base to find out why the connection with local scientists was lost. However, the fighters fall into the trap, and something unknown begins to hunt them.

At the same time, Wesley starred in the fantasy “Remember Everything: Abduction”, which refers to five friends resting in a house on the lake, when the Earth was subjected to a massive invasion of aliens with massacres and kidnapping.


Wesley Snipes believed in his talent and regularly went to numerous auditions, both during his studies at the university and upon its completion. His first success was his participation in the movie about football, Wild Cats, directed by Goldie Hawn in 1986. Although the picture was not very popular with the viewer, getting a serious role in a full-length film was of great importance for the creative career of the actor.

Wesley Snipes in the movie Passenger 57

This was followed by small roles in the films Golden Streets and Critical State, and in 1987 there was a long-awaited breakthrough. He was not connected at all with participation in the film that exploded the world film distribution, but with the filming in a video clip. The movie was shot on Michael Jackson's song “Bad”. The charisma and artistry of Snipes impressed Martin Scorsese so much (namely, by a happy coincidence, he shot this video) that he decided to continue working with the young actor.

Thanks to him, Wesley got the main role in the film “The Blues for a Better Life,” which was released in 1990. The result was not long in coming: Snipes was noticed and began to offer one role after another. He played both the unprincipled drug lord in the movie “King of New York”, and the courageous security officer in the movie “Passenger 57”, and several other characters.

Wesley Snipes in the movie The Destroyer

In 1992, Wesley starred in a film about basketball "White people do not know how to jump." The main roles went to him and Woody Harelson, and subsequently brought them the MTV Movie Award nominations. But this was not the most valuable thing, but the fact that after this work Snipes found a true friend. By the way, they later starred in the action movie Money Train. And this time their tandem was incredibly successful - the fees at the tape were colossal.

Gradually, Snipes began to be invited to high-budget paintings with great potential. So, in 1993, the actor managed to work with eminent Sean Connery in the crime action movie The Rising Sun. In the same year, Wesley's partner was the equally famous Sylvester Stallone, with whom he starred in the fantastic action movie The Destroyer.

Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes in the movie Fan

In 1996, the growing artist managed to work with Robert De Niro. Actors played the main roles in the thriller “Fan”. The film is about a football fan with a mental disorder and his developing insanity.

In the second half of the 1990s, Wesley proved that he can also cope with dramatic roles, having successfully played in the melodrama “One Night's Visit” with Nastasya Kinski. For this role, the actor was even awarded the prize of the Venice Film Festival.

Wesley Snipes in the movie Blade

However, Snipes became famous worldwide for his role in the action movie: in 1998, he starred in the role of Blade (Eric Brooks) in the movie "Blade" based on Marvel comics. The film is about a half-human half-vampire obsessed with righteous anger and a thirst for revenge. In the same year, the actor got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The sequels to the first Blade were not as popular as the first film, unlike the famous Wesley Snipes. Each year, the actor starred in one or two films, and often they became commercially successful. “At gunpoint”, “Nine Lives”, “Chaos”, “Shooter”, “The Expendables 3” - all these films, like many others, Wesley adorned with a brilliant reincarnation of his characters.

Jason Statham and Wesley Snipes in the movie The Expendables 3

In 2014, information appeared on the Web that Wesley Snipes will play in the new part of the Blade franchise. The actor’s fee will be $ 3 million plus a percentage of the profit if the film is successful at the box office. But so far the film has not been released. Perhaps the matter stopped at the level of conversation.

Wesley Snipes and Jennifer Lopez

The actor’s partners on the set were Tommy Lee Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Statham, Halle Berry and other popular artists. In 2016, Snipes starred in the film "Five Minutes of Life." Today, the actor is still set for serious work and is sure that the best films are not only behind him, but also ahead.


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