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Born March 5, 1991 in Moscow.

In 2005 he graduated with honors from a piano school of music.
In 2012 he graduated from TI them. Shchepkina (course of V.I. Korshunov).
Since 2012, he has been an actor at the Mossovet Theater.

"City of Millionaires" (dir. M. Zakharov)

"Hero" (dir. O. Lysak)
"Zoykina apartment" (dir. I. Yatsko)
The Seagull, A. Chekhov (dir. A. Korshunov)
Val - "Orpheus Goes Down to Hell", T. Williams (dir. N. Petrova)
Julien - J. Anouil "Colombus" (dir. A. Shuisky)
Moebius - "Honest con man" (dir. E. Elanskaya)

Theater named after Mossovet:
"Jesus Christ is a Superstar" (dir. P. Chomsky)
"Errors of one night" (dir. P. Khomsky)
Chevalier Danseny - "Dangerous Communications" (dir. P. Khomsky)

Central House of the actor. A.A. Yablochkina:
Knight of the house on Arbat 35 - "Dear, esteemed ... house!" A. Sadovskaya and P. Tikhomirov (2013, dir. P. Tikhomirov)
Pechorin - “We Play Lermontov” A. Sadovskaya, P. Tikhomirov (2014, dir. P. Tikhomirov)
Terkin - "At Six in the evenings after the war" (dir. P. Tikhomirov)

Diploma of the Committee on Culture of Kolomna "VI Kolomna Poetic Marathon", dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of M.Yu. Lermontova (2014)

Gratitude from the Committee on Culture of the Kolomna City District Administration "For participating in the Open Festival of Creative Projects dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of M.Yu. Lermontov (2014)

Gratitude of the Government of Moscow (in connection with the 95-year-old Mossovet Theater) (2018)

Photo: Neil Kropalov

Movie career

After three small roles in other Russian series, in 2007 Neil got his second main role - in the melodramatic series Stepmom Kropalov played high school student Kirill Poplavsky, whom Lesya Simonova (Ekaterina Kabak), the daughter of the head of the Fan youth club near Moscow, unrequitedly fell in love with . Neil also played his role as Poplavsky, now a student at a Moscow university, in the second part of the series entitled Adult Games, which was released in May 2008.

At the same time, Kropalov got the role that made him famous throughout the country. In the youth television series "Ranetki", the premiere series of which was released in March 2008, Kropalov played student Matvey, boyfriend Ani Prokopieva (Anna Rudneva) in the first season, and then her lover Polina Zelenova (Yanina Studilina) and singer Eva (Lada Maris) in the second season.

At the same time, Kropalov did not abandon the music, and by the end of the music school he additionally mastered the saxophone. But after graduation, the life choice was obvious: a theater institute. Neil submitted documents to VTU. Schepkina.

Soon, the viewer was able to see the young actor in the series “Lace”, “Boomerang from the Past” and “Time for Two”. In 2011, undergraduate Kropalov got the main role in the Ukrainian drama Zarevo, in which Oleg Gushchin, Anna Gorshkova, Olga Lukyanenko and others also appeared. The next main role of Neil was the role in Nick Nickles’s detective comedy “Fire, Water and Diamonds” (2012 ), the music of which was written by Kropalov himself.

At the end of Sliver in 2012, Kropalov was admitted to the Theater. Moscow City Council. And today he can be seen in such theater productions as The Idiot, Jesus Christ the Superstar, and Dangerous Liaisons.

In 2013 and 2014, Kropalov played on the stage of the Central House of Actor named after Yablochkina, in particular, played the role of Pechorin in the play “We Play Lermontov” by Pavel Tikhomirov.

Personal life of Neil Kropalov

Judging by Neil's Instagram page, the actor has a lady of the heart, however, Kropalov does not disclose details of his personal life.

For some time, rumors circulated in the press that Neil was the son of Alexander Abdulov. The famous actor played in the Lenkom Theater, where Oksana Kaliberda took her work book to receive money for her son’s performances.

“Since I am in the theater and do not appear, it means that Abdulov is behind it. He attached his mistress in no other way, ”Oksana laughs.

Neil Kropalov

Neil Nikolaevich Kropalov. Born March 5, 1991 in Moscow. Russian actor of theater and cinema.

Neil Kropalov was born on March 5, 1991 in Moscow.

Father - composer Nikolai Kropalov.

Mother - actress Oksana Kaliberda.

He has a younger brother - Vlas.

Its unusual name - the Nile - received the name of a river in Egypt. A rather detective story is connected with this.

As the actor himself said, his mother, the beautiful Oksana Kaliberda, was allegedly called by an Arab sheikh to shoot. Moreover, she was already pregnant at that time. And the sheikh simply stole it. “And when I found out that my mother was expecting a baby, I wanted to kill her. Fortunately, my dad picked up the special services on his ears and was able to track her down. All this happened at the mouth of the Nile River. Everything ended successfully, but this story gave me an unusual name,” explained he is the origin of his name.

His mother was a famous actress in the second half of the 1980s and early 1990s, especially famous for her numerous shootings in erotic scenes. Due to the crisis of the early 90s, she quit domestic cinema and left for Germany to work in the theater.

"Mom was very popular, many fell in love with her. My dad, Nikolai Kropalov, literally scattered the gentlemen. They even wrote that I was the son of Alexander Abdulov. Like, he looks like him. If dad knew something about mom, he would killed her. Mom is now a very beautiful woman, "says Neil.

Neil Kropalov in childhood

From the age of 4 he attended a music school and a ballet studio on the Arbat. Then he took up vocals and even was a soloist in the choir of the Gnesins Sisters of the Russian Academy of Music. He graduated from a music school with honors in piano, in addition to keyboards, he also mastered the saxophone.

From the age of 12 he studied at the theater studio with the director Igor Yatsko. He played in quite adult performances "Zoykina apartment" and "City of Millionaires." The director of the last production was Mark Zakharov himself. The young guy played on stage with such stars as Nikolai Karachentsov and Inna Churikova.

Also engaged in boxing, later - kick-boxing.

He made his film debut at the age of 14 in a serial film "Conductor, or Rails of happiness". There he played the role of the son of the main character, played by Jeanne Epple, his on-screen grandmother was Svetlana Nemolyaeva. In school years, he also starred in the films The Random Travel Companion, the comedy The Marriage Contract, and the documentary production Understanding. Forgive ", the film" Stepmother ".

After school, he entered the Boris Shchepkin Theater Institute. He came to the university, having behind his back roles in famous series, for example, - "Ranetki". After this picture, the audience already knew him well.

In "Ranetki" he played the role of high school student Matvey. After the series, he had a lot of fans.

Neil Kropalov in the series "Ranetki"

At the end of Sliver, he began to serve in the Mossovet Theater, playing in the performances "Jesus Christ is a superstar", "Errors of one night", "Dangerous communications".

Sometimes he collaborates with the Lenk Theater and the Central House of the Actor named after A.A. Yablochkina.

In the romantic comedy “Fire, Water and Diamonds” (2010), which was produced by his mother, he not only played the main character, but also acted as a composer, writing a soundtrack for this picture. He also wrote music for the film "Roof", which also starred.

In 2011, an action-packed detective with his participation was released "Glow". For this picture, he was awarded the main prize of the Yalta Film Festival.

Neil Kropalov in the movie "Glow"

In 2015, the premiere of military drama “In the distant forty-fifth. Meetings on the Elbe »where Neil played the Soviet captain Petrenko, in love with an American soldier. This film, shot by an international cast, won the Silver Rook at the Window to Europe film festival in Vyborg and the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.

During the filming of this film, he was injured. "I was injured when I was crossing the river to pick flowers for the American Wendy. The river is cold, fast. I was tied up with cables and I badly injured my foot on the pitfalls. The Negro-American, who was also crossing this river, was swept away. And he’s also black, he isn’t visible in the water. Everyone was scared, of course. Well, the stuntmen saved him. And I returned to Moscow and spent ten days in the hospital with a swollen leg, "he said.

Neil Kropalov in the film "Back in the Fifty-Fifth. Meetings on the Elbe"

In 2016, the series was released "Stairway to Heaven", in which he played the role of Tristan - a young guy sacrificing himself for a loved one.

Neil Kropalov and Vera Zhitnitskaya on the set of "Stairway to Heaven"

Stairway to Heaven is a Russian adaptation of the Korean TV series Stairway to Heaven. But the creators of the domestic project have changed a lot - they added the childhood of heroes, the story of mother’s love, etc.

Neil Kropalov in the movie "Stairway to Heaven"

In 2017, the actor appeared in the family saga of Zinovy ​​Roizman “Silver Forest” (Kostya).

The growth of Neil Kropalov: 192 centimeters.

Personal life of Neil Kropalov:

Not married. The high-profile novels that would fall into the attention of the press have not yet started.

Filmography of Neil Kropalov:

2006 - Random companion - Alexey
2006 - Conductor, or Rails of happiness - Maxim
2007 - Stepmother - Kirill Poplavsky
2007 - Women's stories
2007 - Lawyer 4 (series “A contract is more expensive than money”) - episode
2008-2010 - Ranetki - Matvey
2008 - Lace - Anton Sinitsyn
2008 - Adult Games - Kirill Poplavsky
2008 - Marriage contract
2010 - Fire, Water and Diamonds
2010 - Boomerang from the past
2011 - Time for Two - Dmitry Sergeevich Platonov in his youth
2011 - Glow - Nikolay
2014 - Roof - Semyon
2015 - In the distant forty-fifth. Meetings on the Elbe - Captain Petrenko
2015 - Stairway to Heaven - Tristan
2015 - In the distant forty-fifth. Meetings on the Elbe - Nikolay Petrenko
2017 - Zolotze - Ivan
2017 - Serebryany Bor - Kostya
2018 - Beautiful Creatures - Glory
2019 - Great Artist - Gleb
2019 - Young wine


Neil Kropalov is a Russian actor whose star was lit up in his youth. Having passed the test with copper pipes at a young age, the artist did not disappear from the screens, but continued to build a career in the cinema and on the stage of the theater. Today Kropalov is part of the leading cast of the Theater. The Moscow City Council is increasingly getting iconic movie roles.

Childhood and youth

Neil was born into a creative family. His mother is actress Oksana Kaliberda, his father is composer Nikolai Kropalov. By the way, Neil is not a pseudonym at all, but the real name of the actor. As his mother said in an interview, being pregnant with her eldest son, she naively agreed to shoot in Egypt. Upon arrival in Cairo, Oksana was abducted, and she was saved only by the fact that she was expecting a baby. After returning to their homeland, together with her husband, they decided to name their son in honor of the African river, in the valley of which she was for a long time.

Parents love unusual names, as the youngest son was also called non-standard - Vlas. By the way, Kropalov Jr. also shows a creative streak and at the age of 12 he has already acted as the director of his own amateur series “Tornado”, which he shoots with friends.

From the age of 4, Neil began attending a music school and a ballet studio on the Arbat. Later, he took up vocals and even was a soloist in the choir of the Gnesins Sisters of the Russian Academy of Music. When Kropalov was 11 years old, the family moved to a less "intelligent" district of Moscow. There, Neal began to have difficulties with peers who looked askance at the boy with a music folder in his hands.

Regular skirmishes and street conflicts led to the fact that Nikolai Kropalov recorded his son in the boxing section, where they managed to make a real fighter out of him in almost one summer. A little later in the life of Neil appeared kickboxing, in which he was able to perfectly realize due to the ballet stretch. But the future actor did not give up piano lessons. The young man graduated from a music school with honors, and in addition to keyboards, he also mastered the saxophone.

In addition to music, sports and choreographic circles, Neil Kropalov from the age of 12 began studying in a theater studio with director Igor Yatsko. In a short time, the boy tried himself in different genres and achieved the opportunity to play in "adult" performances of "Zoykin's apartment" and "City of Millionaires". In the last production, directed by Mark Zakharov, Neil played on the same stage with the stars Nikolai Karachentsov and Inna Churikova.

At the same time, rumors spread that Neil was the son of the famous actor Lenkom Alexander Abdulov. Already from childhood, his external resemblance to a screen star was traced, and work in one theater strengthened the suspicions of ordinary people. But later, the mother of the youth debunked such speculation.

After school, Neil Kropalov entered the Boris Shchepkin Theater Institute. There, the young man came already in star status, because thanks to the filming of the series "Ranetki" he became a popular actor in the country.


After the institute, Kropalov selects the Mossovet Theater as his main place of work, where he plays in the performances Jesus Christ the Superstar, Errors of One Night and Dangerous Communications. The director of the productions was the artistic director of the theater P. Chomsky.

Also, sometimes the actor collaborates with Lenkom and the Central House of the actor named after A. A. Yablochkina, where he plays in the productions of “Dear, esteemed ... home!”, “We play Lermontov”, “At six o’clock in the evening after the war” directed by P. Tikhomirov.

The artist also deals with recitation, participates in poetry projects and marathons. In 2014, Kropalov attended the VI Kolomna poetic marathon dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Mikhail Lermontov’s birth, where he was awarded the diploma of the city’s culture committee and a thank-you note from the district administration for his soulful performance.


Neil Kropalov got his first movie job at the age of 14, having appeared in the serial film “Rails of Happiness”. In the picture, the young man played the role of the son of the main character, who was performed by Jeanne Epple, and Svetlana Nemolyaeva became the screen grandmother of the actor. In his school years, Neil managed to star in a number of films.

In the melodrama “A Random Traveling Companion”, which dealt with the love of a middle-aged woman and an accidental acquaintance who turned out to be a former convict, the young man turned into a friend Katya (Nina Rakova), daughter of the main character Ani (Evgenia Dobrovolskaya). The actor managed to light up in the documentary "Understand. Forgive. "

In the first half of the 2000s, the artist’s filmography was also replenished with participation in the series “Women's Stories”, “Lawyer-4”.

In the series “Stepmother”, Kropalov got the role of heartthrob Kirill Poplavsky. In 2008, Neil got into the cast of the youth melodrama "Adult Games", a continuation of the previous series, about graduates of the school, whose lives were arranged differently. The only thing that remains unchanged is participation in the dance group, in which, after the departure of the mentor, the group dancer Lesya (Maria Klimova) begins.

In the same year, the premiere of the drama "Lace", in which Neil Kropalov also played, took place. After the death of the head of the family, the widow and three daughters had to move from Moscow to the province, where a new life began for the family. The main roles were Elena Yakovleva, Glafira Tarhanova, Stanislav Lyubshin.

A year later, the young artist appeared in the detective series Boomerang from the Past, about the replacement of one of the twin brothers in the hospital. The life of the boys Nikolai and Mikhail (Anatoly Rudenko) developed differently. One of them became a criminal. Accidentally, another brother was accused of crimes. The life-long plot affected all members of the Samoilov family. Neil Kropalov was transformed in the film into the grandson of Mikhail - Dmitry.

But the most famous project of that period with the participation of Neil Kropalov was the youth series "Ranetki", where the artist, whose growth had already reached 192 cm, played the mysterious high school student Matvey. After the film was released, a stream of attention from the fans fell on the Nile. It was difficult for the young artist to cope with this glory, which can turn the head of an adult as well. At that moment, the young man was helped by parents and colleagues who supported and helped to set life priorities.

Released in 2010, the action-packed detective "Glow" showed that the young actor is able to play almost any role in complexity. For this picture, Neil was awarded the main prize of the Yalta Film Festival.

In the romantic comedy “Fire, Water and Diamonds”, which was produced by the actor’s mother, Kropalov played the main character and acted as a composer, writing the soundtrack for this picture. The partner of Neil Kropalova in the film was the actress Tamta Lano. The girl turned into an insidious stranger, before the spell of which the hero of the artist, fisherman Yeremin, could not resist. The young actors helped play the adventure story of the screen star Alexander Semchev, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

Neil also wrote music for the film “Roof”, which also starred. In the same year, the actor gets the main role in the series "Time for Two" about the love of two heroes Mitya and Alena (Yegor Beroev and Lyubov Tolkalina), which they carried through the years. Neil Kropalov appeared before the audience of the lyrical picture in the role of Mitya in his youth. The artist’s partner was Taisiya Shipilova.

In 2016, two films were released immediately with the participation of a young, but already experienced actor. In the love story Stairway to Heaven, which is a mixture of Cinderella and Romeo and Juliet, Neil played the dramatic role of a young guy sacrificing himself for a loved one. And in the military drama "In the distant forty-fifth ... Meetings on the Elbe" recreated the image of the Soviet captain Petrenko, in love with an American military man. This film, shot by an international cast, won the Silver Rook at the Window to Europe film festival in Vyborg and the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.

"Star" or "Star"?

Biography of Neil Kropalov includes not only happy moments of ascension to fame, but also disappointment from unpleasant reviews. After shooting in several series, his fame became so deafening that fans literally tear off his clothes. This prompted one of the observers of the life of stars to write an article about a young man who is quite adult in his glory. However, these were not praises in honor of the young talent. Rather, the journalist tried to hint at the huge number of TV shows and heroes of that time and at how fleeting their fame was. He called the Nile another "star", which many flashed for a moment in the sky of serial glory and then faded away. Many fans of the Nile are still unpleasant to recall that article written in the early 2000s. Now that the fame of Neil Kropalov is undeniable, this article looks pathetic. I would like to hope that the journalist himself, observing the professional growth of the actor, regrets those unpleasant words spoken to Neil Kropalov.

Neal's childhood

A boy was born in a family where mother, Oksana Kaliberda, was an actress, and dad, Nikolai Kropalov, was a composer. As can be seen from the biography of Neil Kropalov, his parents gave him excellent creative genes. March 5, 1991 the boy was born in Moscow, where his parents were actively creative. Oksana and Nikolai called their son an unusual name, having read in the Christmas time about the Nile of Sora. For them, an important factor in choosing was the value of the character by name. The boy was supposed to be kind, responsive, with a wide soul and huge creative potential. When he was 8 months old, his parents had to leave for Germany, and their son was sent to be raised in the province with his grandmother on papal line Marta Pavlovna Blinova. This lady possessed not only outstanding musical talents, but also serious pedagogical skills. Being under her watchful supervision, the boy never became ill, began to walk and talk early, and also, listening to her lullabies, sang along with her, trying to repeat the melody she heard. As they say, fresh air, vitamins and iron discipline helped harden the boy. Eight months later, he again moved to his parents. But the creative potential laid down by nature and the upbringing of the grandmother did not remain unclaimed. Neil created an atmosphere of positive and creative approach to any life situation around him.

Artist's family

In the biography of actor Neil Kropalov, you can see how his parents and grandmother influenced him. But they also had a great influence on his brother Vlas and sister Nikolina. Vlas, a young director, removes his own, while the amateur TV series "Tornado". Nikolina’s sister is seriously involved in acting. For the children of Oksana and Nikolai it is taken for granted - to follow in the footsteps of parents.

Versatile personality

Neil showed interest in music quite early. At the age of four, he entered a music school where he studied piano. At the same time he attended a ballet studio. The boy graduated from music school with honors. But he did not abandon the music, but continued to develop in this direction, doing vocals, playing the guitar and saxophone, and also trying himself as a composer.

Biography of Neil Kropalov is full of absolutely polar facts. The boy, fond of art, was first forced to sign up for the boxing section. His parents had to leave a quiet, prosperous area of ​​Moscow and move to the suburbs of Moscow, where Neil, a fragile musical boy, started having problems with his peers. Children from dysfunctional families began to pursue a quiet novice with music books in a school bag. His father initially enrolled him in the boxing section. Training was nothing like dancing rehearsals, and at first the boy had a hard time. But his versatile nature accepted this test as a given. In just one summer, he learned not just to repulse the insolent, but to beat so that the opponents fell from the first blow. Soon, on his own initiative, Neil enrolled in the kickboxing section, which was closer to him, since in the ballet studio he had well trained legs. Now the stretch, so necessary for dancing, helped the boy master the beloved martial science.


The beginning of the creative path

Studying the biography of Neil Kropalov, one can only admire and wonder how he managed to manage to do everything and combine such a variety of activities. Since 2004, he starred in several series, playing both central and small roles. At age 12, Neil began to attend the studio of Igor Yatsko, where he studied theater art. At the age of 13, after a difficult casting, he began to collaborate with the Lenk Theater, where he was received by artistic director Mark Zakharov. Such success soon allowed the boy to play on stage in absolutely adult performances together with such famous actors as Nikolai Karachentsov, Inna Churikova, Gennady Khazanov and others. However, this did not confuse the young talent. He gained experience from senior comrades in the scene and continued his triumphant ascent to fame. He was again and again invited to star in the series. They began to recognize the Nile on the street. The walls of his house were covered with declarations of love from especially ardent female fans. And someone tried to get his attention with threats.


Neil Kropalov first appeared in films at the age of fourteen. In the television series "Rails of Happiness," he played the son of the main character. Zhanna Epple became his on-screen mother, and Svetlana Nemolyaeva became his grandmother. A year later, the film "Random Travel" was released, in which Neil played the role of a friend of the adult daughter of the main character.

In 2007, the picture "Stepmother" appeared on the screens. The character of Neil Kropalov in this tape is quite bright - the actor played an insidious high school student Kirill Poplavsky, in whom the main character, the young Lesya Simonova, fell in love. A year later, the continuation of the film "Stepmother" was released, but under a different name - "Adult Games", in which the young actor was also involved. In parallel with this project, Neil starred in the film "Lace".

Later, viewers saw Neil Kropalov in the youth comedy series "Ranetki." His colorful character - student Matvey - decently added popularity to the actor.

In 2009, Neil starred in the family saga "Boomerang from the Past," where he once again became the teenage son of the main characters.

The romantic comedy "Fire, Water and Diamonds" in 2012 was produced by Neil's mother. The artist himself not only played the main character, but also acted as a composer, writing a soundtrack for this picture.

At twenty-four, in 2015, Neil starred in the military drama "Back in the Fifty-Fifth ... Meetings on the Elbe," where he played the role of Soviet captain Nikolai Petrenko, in love with an American soldier.

In 2018, the film "Beautiful Creatures" was released, in which Neil Kropalov played one of the main roles. According to the plot of the film, Anna and Ksyusha - the wife and daughter of an unclean millionaire, find out that the father of their family escaped, hiding from the police. House and cars confiscated, accounts frozen. But women come up with an incredible plan: they sell the remaining property and go to Moscow in search of wealthy men in the hope of profitable marriage. There they encounter real life, which turns out to be not at all as friendly as they imagined. Yesterday's secular lionesses are forced to live in the suburbs, get a job and learn to live within their means. The heroines stubbornly seek an easy life, but to their happiness they find love.

About the Hollywood Dream

“I had experience participating in foreign films. This is very interesting, because you can see how art structures work in different countries. For example, it was with the film“ Meeting on the Elbe ”by producer Mira Todorowska in Poland, where most of our group consisted of Americans and Germans. I can’t say that I am very eager to go abroad, I love and am used to working in Russia and I think that our cinema has a great future. Our country has great creative potential in the face of talented directors, actors, screenwriters. "

About strong cinema

“I joined the Union of Cinematographers of Russia and the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation, and also began to work in the Public Chamber for Culture, because I sincerely believe that a lot depends on ourselves. Actors such as Evgeny Mironov and Sergey Bezrukov, along with with a successful acting career, they proved to be worthy leaders of theaters and film companies.I sincerely wish Russian cinema to rise and get on their feet as soon as possible, to shoot as many talented films as possible about our country, about our people, as much as possible It’s time to imitate American cinema so that we don’t see a dead end in front of us. The only way we can do this is to draw useful experience in the field of film production, to take the best, but we must go through our history to understand our path in this matter. And the sooner we will begin "the brighter our future will be and the stronger we will be in it."

Difficult choice

After graduating from school, Neil entered the Higher Theater School. Schepkina. The choice was not easy. The boy passed the exam perfectly. With such results, he could well have entered the Moscow State University at the Faculty of Economics, which he dreamed about back in high school and at the beginning of high school. But as soon as he set foot on the set, his desire to become an actor possessed his dreams. As can be seen from the biography, the artist Neil Kropalov purposefully won the audience with his talent.

Beautiful and famous

His roles in the series “Rails of Happiness”, “Stepmother”, “Adult Games”, “Ranetki”, “Lace”, “Boomerang from the Past”, “Time for Two” were truly stellar, vivid and memorable. Fans of the Nile created a fan club named after him. The young man studied as an actor, continuing to get involved in sports and music, which in both cases had a beneficial effect on his professional qualities. For the comedy “Fire, Water, and Diamonds,” Neil himself composed the music.

It is not surprising that an actor with such appearance and physical data was invited not only to act in films, but also to play on the stages of famous theaters: the Central House of Actor named after Yablochkina, the Mossovet Theater, and the Sphere Theater. His roles in the plays Jesus Christ is a Superstar, Honest Detective, Errors of One Night, Dangerous Connections, We Play Lermontov, etc. do not leave the audience indifferent, and the directors strive to get Kropalov into their productions.

The personal life of the actor

In the biography of Neil Kropalov, personal life is practically not covered. His acting achievements and creative successes, work with famous people and active communication with fans on social networks, sports achievements, praise from his colleagues for his talent - all this can be read on the Internet and in magazines. However, little is said in the biography of Neil Kropalov about his personal life, the children of the actor, his relationship with relatives. Everything remains behind a tightly drawn curtain. The young man is 27 years old, his creative life is at its zenith, but there is no information about the companion of this bright personality. More recently, on Instagram, a photo of a stranger appeared on the page, who was credited with the status of "lady of the heart" Neil. However, the actor has not yet officially introduced his girlfriend. Only one thing is known - officially Neil is still free.


Rumors and gossip have always been faithful companions of people who have devoted themselves to acting. Most recently, many considered the relationship with the famous actor an obvious fact of his biography. Is Neil Kropalov the son of Abdulov? This information can be found on the web. Several paired photos appeared on the Internet, where they compared the two actors, clearly hinting at a certain similarity. Since evidence was never found for these rumors, a question was asked of the actor’s mother, Oksana Kaliberda.

Who, if not her, needs to know who Neil’s father is? But everything turned out to be more than simple. Rumors, according to Oksana, went from Lenkom, where her son worked. Since at the age of 13, Neal could not have a work book, mother had to bring her own. Officially, Oksana Kaliberda became an employee of the theater, received wages, but did not come to work, did not participate in productions. Then whispers crawled that Alexander Abdulov had employed his mistress, and her son was automatically decided to consider Abdulov's illegitimate child.

It is not easy to come to terms with rumors and gossip, which ill-wishers spread behind their backs. But Neil treats them quite professionally - does not pay any attention to them, does not comment on them. Perhaps he simply does not have enough time for this, since the schedule of his work involves a complete commitment of forces. The actor collaborates not only with Russian TV series directors, but also with Ukrainian ones. It is worth to wish a young and talented person to keep the bar of his skill as high for many more years!