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Name: Farid Askerov (Farid Askerov)

Birthday: January 27 1977 (42 years old)

Place of Birth: Baku, Azerbaijan

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Eastern horoscope: Snake

Career: Russian musicians 607 place

Childhood and adolescence Farid Askerov

Farid Askerov was born in sunny Azerbaijan in the city of Baku. Even at the age of 4-5 years, the baby's musical abilities and talent began to loudly declare themselves. The boy had excellent hearing, the ability to feel tact and rhythm.

Later a wonderful, soulful and extraordinary voice appeared. The young man loved jazz tunes, and when he honed his mastery of his own performance, he began to sing so that people would like to listen to him again and again.

Farid never pursued fame and exclusive publicity. He, like a real singer, sings for everyone who likes his work.

The adult musical life of Farid Askerov

In 2011, the already famous singer and jazzman moved to Moscow. In the capital, his singing career continued to develop on the stage of Shore House and Zafferano restaurants.

The audience received the Baku singer with interest. He was compared with the Hollywood actor Javier Bardem, whom Farid resembles in appearance, and the stage manner of performance was in many respects similar to the performances of Grigory Leps.

You can evaluate the comparison data in different ways, but for the singer himself, they are neither flattering nor offensive. For him, music is the whole world, he lives on stage a real creative life, and this is felt. Music critics don't compare him to anyone. They say that Askerov is a real talent, an artist of music and song, whose canvases make you cry and laugh.

The singer released his album Zafferano in 2012. He was supported in this work and took part in the creation of the album Konstantin Nonikov, Emin Kerimi, Pavel Klichko. The latest studio edition of Farid Askerov is the disc "Angel".

By the way, the composer Emin Kerimi played a big role in the work of Farid. He is not only the composer of the singer, but also the author of excellent arrangements of works with which the artist has always successfully performed.

In August 2013, the first solo concert of the artist, also called Angel, took place on the stage of the prestigious restaurant Heyva in his native Azerbaijan, in Baku.

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Farid Askerov Biography (Farid Askerov Biography) singer, Azerbaijan, participant of the Voice2 project

Short biography:
Farid Askerov was born: January 27, 1977
Place of birth: Baku
Marital status: married, wife Aygun Askerova, has three children
Work: Baku Jazz Center, Moscow restaurants - Zafferano and Shore House
Creative success: in 2012 released the Zafferano album, in September 2013 he became a member of the Voice project in the team of Leonid Agutin

Farid Askerov was born on January 27, 1977 in Baku. Farid is happy in marriage, married, has three wonderful children and a strong family. Spouse Farida - Aygun Askerova - just like her husband works on the stage, she is a jazz singer. He works as a vocalist in many restaurants in the city, performed a jazz repertoire at the Baku Jazz Center. Two years ago, Farid moved to Moscow, where he continues to work to this day. Farid now sings in restaurants such as Zafferano and Shore House.

From early childhood, Farid clearly demonstrated his musicality. He truly loves music, knows how to feel and hear it, and, having matured, has learned to play it.

The singer does not consider his music focused on a specific audience or place. He sees his listeners driving a car, in clubs and restaurants, and just houses.

Farid Askerov is a talented singer, his voice is bewitching and makes his heart beat. The man is often compared by the style of performing on stage with the famous Russian performers Grigory Leps, and outwardly with the Hollywood actor Javier Bardem. Farid is not flattered, but such comparisons are not offended, although smart people always say that Askrov is only who he is - a real singer.

In 2012, he released the Zafferano album, the creation of which was helped by EMIN, Emin Kerimi, Konstantin Nonikov, Pavel Klichko, etc. The last studio work of the singer is the disc "Angel".

In September 2013, the second season of this project started. Farid took part in the casting, then in the qualifying round and joined the team of Leonid Agutin. At the casting, Farid performed three songs - George Benson - In your eyes and Stevie Wonder - Isn't she lovely. " Farid has many friends among Azerbaijani show business, several of them came to support the artist and cheer for him on the project "Voice". Among them were the wife Farida, the popular television producer Murad Dadashov, the talented composer Emin Kerimi, and the participant in the first season of “Voices”, Achi Purcelladze.

Farid is not so popular in Russia so far, but almost all of Azerbaijan knows him, more precisely, his beautiful voice. And now, with the help of the project on Channel One, Farid will be able to show the whole world what he is capable of. We wish him good luck and great creative success.

Entering the big stage Farid Askerov, the project "Voice"

In September of the same 2013 in Moscow, Channel Two began the second season of “Voices” - a vocal television project. A jazz artist from Azerbaijan also went into the project and became one of the participants in the show.

“Voice” is a somewhat unusual musical contest, since the stars on the jury decided on the presence of vocal talent in the artist without seeing his appearance. As a result of such "blind" listening results, four teams were grouped, each of which had its own mentor.

The star jury was attended by Pelagia, Dima Bilan, Leonid Agutin, Alexander Gradsky. Performed by Farid Askerov, the song "Isn’t she lovely" was sounded. This is the hit of the unique Stevie Wonder - the American blind soul singer who won the Grammy Award 25 times.

The performance of the song to the accompaniment of pianist Samir Sultanov was liked by the public and the jury. Only Alexander Gradsky remained indifferent. Of the three judges, Askerov chose Leonid Agutin as his creative teacher, whom he considers close in spirit and in music.

Highly praised Askerov’s singing Dima Bilan. He was the first to be imbued with music and felt the power of the singer’s talent from Azerbaijan. Farid himself always notes the participation of pianist Samir Sultanov, since he believes that without his skill he could not have performed at such a high level.

Representatives of the Azerbaijani show business came to support Farid at a vocal competition where the best voices of Russia show themselves. He was supported by the popular television producer Murad Dadashov, the famous and talented composer Emin Karimi, as well as Achi Purcelladze, who was a member of Voices in the first season.

Participation in the television show "Voice" made it possible for an extraordinary performer to express himself to thousands of viewers, to show his distinctive and original manner of performance not only to his compatriots, but also to enter the international stage.

Farid Askerov went to a vocal talent contest in order to show himself to the world and find even more of his fans. And he succeeded. Interestingly, the singer never had a personal vocal teacher. The artist learned everything that he knows how to do. And I must say, I learned perfectly.

Personal life of Farid Askerov

Aygun fully supports her husband in creativity, since she herself is a man of art. She is engaged in pop vocals and has found fame as a talented jazz singer.

There are three children in a happy family, which for Farid are the greatest treasure. The eldest son, Maksud, is studying at a music school in the piano department. After some time, he will be waiting for the work of a pianist and it is possible that the father will perform his songs to the virtuoso accompaniment of his son.

Farid Askerov is happy both in life and in creativity. And the project "Voice" opened before him new horizons, new victories and new songs that fans of his work are waiting for.

Personal life, show business.

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Name and surname:Farid Askerov
Name in English:Farid askerov
Year of birth:1977
Birthday:January 27th
Place of Birth:Azerbaijan, Baku
Height:177 cm.
Weight:85 kg
Eastern horoscope:Snake
Social network:Instagram
Official site of agent Farid Askerov

About the project participant Voice

Farid Askerov was born in 1977 in the city of Baku. He, like his wife, works on the stage and is known not only in his homeland, but also in Russia. The artist even has his own studio record, which was recorded with the participation of various stars. According to the official website of the agent Farid Askerov, musical talent woke up in him from early childhood. And today, thanks to hard work, his voice and vocal data are simply mesmerizing. Many even compare him with G. Leps, although the singer has his own unique personality. On the project, the voice of his mentor was Leonid Agutin. The performance of the artist was very popular with all the mentors and spectators who followed this popular project. Although Farid sang a song that was not entirely in his style, in his performance it sounded just great. Today you can invite Farid Askerov to an event, a holiday. This is a very bright and talented singer who will charm you and your guests with his wonderful performance. Give yourself a feast of beautiful vocals!

Organization of the concert Farid Askerov from the Voice project

The concert agency "Big City" has long and successfully held various festive events of any format and technical complexity, from large-scale combined concerts to the performances of performers at family, business and corporate events. We had many interesting projects. Our team is young professionals who approach each project individually, responsibly and creatively. Many customers have already appreciated all the benefits of working with us. Make sure you are!

If you decide to order a performance by Farid Askerov, we will be happy to help you with this. We work with this executor of the Voice project without the participation of intermediaries, and that is why we can solve all problems and issues very quickly. In addition, interaction with a singer from Baku directly allows you to reduce your costs of the event.

In order to order Farid Askerov for a corporate party, you only need to call our manager at the wedding phone number +7 (495) 142-60-10. You can also send an electronic feedback form on our website bigcitystar.ru, and then we will contact you very quickly.

We will always be happy to give you the brightest holiday!

Farid Askerov in Baku

A star from Azerbaijan will perform at the Baku Jazz Center. Together with Farid Askerov, the Moscow Band will enter the stage.

The performance of Farid on the show "Voice" attracted the attention of all members of the jury. Working in a team of Dima Bilan, Farid reached the quarter finals.

The singer discovered his musical abilities early, at about 5 years old Farid was already actively involved in music, developing hearing and rhythm. Later, Farid's beautiful voice showed up, in his native Baku, the singer quickly found popularity. From early childhood, he was attracted to jazz, and he was engaged in this particular direction.


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