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Olesya Fattakhova is a popular Russian actress. The romantic image and attractive appearance of the performer do not leave fans of her work indifferent. She got into the cinema art by chance, thanks to her amorousness, but she never regretted the chosen path. The ability to reveal new facets of character and try on professions that are far from her life made Olesya a true fan of her own business.

Childhood and youth

Olesya Aleksandrovna Fattakhova was born in Kaliningrad in February 1989. Olesya has Russian-Tatar origin: her mother is Russian, her grandfather is Tatar, papa is half Tatar. Mother Irina Graboreva - a professional musician, engaged with her daughter playing the piano and cymbals. The family brought up two children - in addition to Olesya, her younger brother Nikita grew up.

Fattakhova planned to follow the musical path, but once fell in love with the screen hero Erast Fandorin, played by Ilya Noskov. The girl was eager to meet the actor, but could not just come to him with flowers. She decided that she should become equal to her idol, so she went to study for an actress. Olesya chose VGIK, where she entered the course to Igor Yasulovich.

Photo: Olesya Fattakhova


The learning process immediately captivated the student. In 2010, the girl graduated from high school, and her life spun in samples and filming. The creative biography of Olesya Fattakhova began with melodramas and series. The debut was the role of Lyanka in the film "Two Sisters." Fattakhova got her first main role in 2010 in the series “Oh, viburnum is blooming”, which was shot in China.

In 2012, the filmography of Olesya Fattakhova was replenished with another main role: the actress played the pilot Zinaida Lipko in the serial series “Night Swallows”.

In 2014, after the release of the multi-part melodrama "Bring Back My Love", the actress was waiting for incredible success. Her heroine was the naive and pure cellist Vera, who fell into a tangled love triangle. Together with her, Stanislav Bondarenko and Dmitry Pchela starred in the tape. Filming took place in the Crimea.

In 2017, Olesya participated in the Ukrainian project “One who does not sleep.” And she again got the main role - the pathologist, psychologist and hypnotist Alice. Her partner in the site was Kirill Dytsevich.

In 2018, the filming of the international project “The Sultan of My Heart” was completed, where Fattakhova also played. A large-scale international project was created for several years. For filming, a whole new city was created on 24 hectares: the magnificent palace of the Turkish Sultan was rebuilt, paved streets, recreated noisy markets. Designers prepared over 8 thousand women's, men's and children's costumes of the 19th century. The project turned out to be expensive.

According to the actress, she had never been to Turkey before this incident, so she decided in advance to prepare for the trip, having studied the national traditions of the people. According to the performer, the southern neighbors caused her more sympathy than the Chinese. After filming in China, Olesya concluded that the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom are not as friendly as they seem at first glance.

In the same year, viewers saw a series of melodramas with the participation of the artist in the title role: “Blood of an Angel”, “Alien Life”, “Souvenir from Odessa”. All these films are Ukrainian-made, so the actress has to spend a lot of time away from her relatives in Kiev.

Early years

Already at a conscious age, at the peak of her career, a girl with undisguised vanity will say that she loves her birthday very much - and how can you not love the moment when she was born, Fattakhova Olesya Aleksandrovna. And back in February 1989, in the coastal city of Kaliningrad, in a Russian-Tatar family, a little girl was born, the first child in the family, a favorite of mom, dad, grandparents.

Mom tried to instill in her daughter the concept of “beauty” from the first days of her life, explaining why and why this quality could be useful to a lady. Often, in her instructions, prophetic notes about the future choice of Olesya's profession came through. So, during the treatment of chickenpox, the child continually strove to tear off the crusts, abundantly flavored with brilliant green. Then it was time to think about wearing braces. Each time, the future star resisted common sense and agreed to manipulate only when it came to the fact that when she grows up and, perhaps, wants to become an actress, her flaws may not appeal to many fans.

A tight schedule of music lessons was not in vain - from a young age, Olesya got used to participate in various competitions, concerts, receive awards and applause. The actress herself claims that her musical data is not very high. The merit is everyday hard work, because music, in its personal sense, is nothing but a combination of feelings and mathematics. And if the first is given to her easily and naturally, then with the second she had to learn to get along.

The girl’s innocent first love turned into serious consequences for her. The Azazel television series, popular at the time, based on the first sensational book by Boris Akunin, spoke about the adventures of Erast Fandorin in the person of actor Ilya Noskov. The tender girlish heart could not stand the flood of feelings for the main character. Vowing to be closer to the subject of adoration both physically and spiritually, Olesya worked out a plan of action.

Personal life

Personal life of Olesya Fattakhova is hidden from the prying eyes of strangers. For a long time, interested in the life of the actress did not know what her husband's name is. Olesya herself opened the veil of secrecy, once letting out to journalists that her husband starred with her in the film "Oh, viburnum is blooming." Soon, fans figured out that this is actor Roman Stepensky.

The romance of young people began in his student years. The guy studied at RATI-GITIS. Having returned from the filming of “Oh, viburnum is blooming”, which took place in China, the girl found out that she was pregnant. This was a surprise for her, but she did not think about abortion.

In 2010, in the last year, Olesya gave birth to a daughter, Masha. Sometimes she jokes that her daughter is made in China. Stepensky and Fattakhova officially signed after graduation. The novel is 10 years older than Olesya.

Olesya pays a lot of attention to the upbringing and education of her daughter. Fattakhova is fond of astrology and even made an individual horoscope for Masha. According to the actress, her daughter in the future will be able to engage in organizational activities. Today, the girl masters the piano and drums, learns foreign languages, and in her free time she draws and sculpts.

By the way, with her teenage love Ilya Noskov she nevertheless met. This happened in the summer of 2017. It turned out that they have a lot of mutual friends. Then she asked Ilya if he knew that on his account “one lost soul”.

Fans have repeatedly noted the perfect figure of the actress. Olesya does not hide that she used to have problems with being overweight, so today she is trying to eat right and exercise. In other words, she keeps track of every calorie eaten. Now with a growth of 172 cm, Fattakhova weighs about 63 kg.

According to the artist, today in the family she is the main breadwinner. After the phrase Olesya rumors spread about her separation from her husband. The speculation was aggravated by the assumption of the novel of the actress and Stanislav Bondarenko, with whom she starred in the melodrama "Bring Back My Love." But the performers confirmed that they do not have romantic feelings for each other: they are just colleagues.

A typical Fattakhova day begins with a workout in the gym. She does not stop improving her English, studying with a teacher on Skype, and also attends vocals. During the filming, she also has to communicate with her family through messengers. But the actress does not have her own account on Instagram. Her photos appear only on various fan pages.

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Actor career

You can almost endlessly trace the line of images of Olesya Fattakhova, there is plenty of room for discussion here. It seems that the girl is working "for slaughter", because films with her participation go out one after another. At the same time, the language does not turn to name its conveyor work. Roles can generally be classified into the category of a melodramatic plan, but thanks to the inherent talent of the actress, Olesa manages to not be repeated.

Having her regular spectator, the artist nevertheless wants to move a little away from the beaten track in the “comfort zone” and try herself in the comedy genre. The revival of theatrical career, which, due to the continuous cinematic filming, had to be put aside for a long time, can also be attributed to the section of non-obscured desires.

Olesya Fattakhova now

Among the latest works of Olesya Fattakhova, one can note the mega-popular series “Mommies” among youth. The girl herself as a significant work notes the crime drama “Steppe Wolves”, where she was lucky to work in tandem with the bright and extraordinary Yuri Chursin.

The last year of her life, the girl has been promoting an active lifestyle: judging by posts on social networks, she almost moved to the gym for a permanent residence.

According to Olesya herself, she herself is constantly in two different states: either in the direct process of filming, or in preparation for them. And thanks fate for the fact that at the moment he has the opportunity to choose from the proposed works exactly the one that she likes.



In an interview, Olesya admitted that despite the number of television and film projects, she still misses the stage and wants to prove herself as a comedic actress: “I would like to try myself in comedy, in a funny role. I want to bring good to people, joy and light. Let fate lead me out, and chance will tell me. But I don’t want to guess yet. "

“In the ninth grade, dreaming of getting to the cinema, I first went to the theater, then I entered the Studio of Creative Experiences to test myself, to understand at least something about my future profession. After graduating from VGIK, I touched the dream, but I love the scene and I miss her. It is in the theater, going to the live viewer, that you get what is not in the movie - the energy of an emotional response. There you hone your skills, gain new experience and skills. "

To the journalist’s question, if she wanted her daughter to become an actress, Olesya boldly declares: “I would like my daughter to become a happy woman, and only she should decide who she should be. All I can do is support and help achieve success! "

Olesya Fattakhova - biography

Olesya Fattakhova is a star of Russian, Ukrainian TV shows, international projects, who has earned popularity for her talented game in the films “Oh, viburnum is blooming”, “He who does not sleep”, “Simple life”.

Olesya Fattakhova was born in Kaliningrad on February 13, 1989. This is a real star of Russian TV shows. Despite her youth, about 40 films have accumulated in the filmography of this actress. The audience remembered this lovely face and beautiful figure from the films “The One Who Doesn't Sleep,” “Hugging the Sky,” “Oh, Viburnum is Blooming.”

Creative biography of the actress

The biography of Olesya Fattakhova is very interesting, the future favorite of the public was born in Kaliningrad, February 13, 1989 in a Russian-Tatar family. Mom Irina - a teacher with experience in the piano, instilled in little Olesya from a young age a love of music, Fattakhova studied piano and dulcimer. But the actress herself admitted that her musical abilities were not so good (but most likely the girl is modest, Fattakhova was a laureate of many international music competitions), although she dreamed of connecting her life with music. In the ninth grade, Olesya came to the theater, then entered the Studio of Creative Experiences.

To come to the world of cinema, she was helped by one unusual case - she simply ... fell in love. The subject of her thoughts was Ilya Noskov, more precisely, his hero Erast Fandorin in the film “Azazel”. And Fattakhova, came up with the only (as she thought then) option, to enter a theater higher education institution, for a start she entered the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography.

In 2010, Olesya graduated from VGIK (workshop of Igor Yasulovich), Lyanka in the film “Two Sisters” can be considered the debut role, after that Fattakhova’s life began to change dramatically, invitations to TV shows, auditions, auditions, and theater rehearsals. The fateful multi-part soap opera (after which the girl was noticed by the cinema) “Bring back my love” can be considered the girl’s main success today.

Now the actress plays roles in different roles, there is also the military theme “Night Swallows” and the melodrama “Sultan of my heart”, films with her participation come out one after another, which cannot but please the fans and show it with a real “hard worker”. Olesya Fattakhova wants to try herself in the comedy genre and try again to “revive” the theater career, so disappointingly forgotten due to the ongoing filming in the cinema.

Olesya Fattakhova's husband - photo

Olesya Fattakhova with her husband, despite the great age difference of ten years, are a wonderful couple and a strong family. They met when the actress starred in the film “Oh, viburnum blossoms” (filming was carried out in China, and it was upon arrival from the Heavenly Empire that the girl found out about her interesting situation), and Roman studied at RATI-GITIS, then Stepensky fell in love at first sight with actress and literally carried her in her arms. A photo of Olesya Fattakhova’s husband is presented below.

The husband of actress Olesya Fattakhova may be familiar to viewers from films such as “Shuttles”, “Sklifosovsky Season 4”. Now Roman is a member of the troupe of the Russian Academic Youth Theater and is engaged in stunt tricks.

Olesya Fattakhova and her husband, people are non-public and do not like to talk about their family warmth. The personal life of a creative couple is taboo for journalists, they lead pages on social networks, and little by little the photos of their daughter Mashenka slip through.

Daughter Masha is the only child in the family of Olesya Fattakhova and her husband, while the couple is silent about future children. Masha was born in 2010, Fattakhova then studied in the last year of study. Little is known about Olesya Fattakhova’s wedding with her husband, we only know that she was late, after the birth of her daughter.

Talented, successful, in demand - what more could young Olesya Fattakhova want, having chosen the profession of an actress as her main occupation.

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Selected Filmography

  • 2009 - Two Sisters 2
  • 2010 - Doctor Tyrsa
  • 2012 - Night Swallows
  • 2012 - Hotel for Cinderella
  • 2013 - “Two Voice Melody
  • 2013 - Hugging the Sky
  • 2015 - Who I Am
  • 2015-2017 - “Mom”
  • 2017 - “The One Who Does Not Sleep”
  • 2018 - “Sultan of my heart”
  • 2018 - Alien Life