Andrey Barilo


Andrey Barilo
Andrei Vladimirovich Barilo
Birth nameAndrei Vladimirovich Barilo
Date of BirthOctober 19, 1973 (1973-10-19) (aged 46)
Place of BirthSiauliai, Lithuanian SSR, USSR
  • Russia
Career1992 - present time
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Andrei Barilo was born on October 19, 1973 in a military family, childhood passed in the Lithuanian city of Siauliai. He studied at the flying club, where he learned to jump with a parachute and fly on a glider. In high school he became interested in music, played the guitar, took part in school concerts and skits.

In 1994 he graduated from the Shchukin Theater School (course of V.V. Ivanov) and was accepted into the troupe of the Satire Theater, on whose stage he made his debut in 1992, while still a student. Collaborates with the theater "Modern".

He began acting in films in the early 90s. The first vivid role in the movie is Valery, the metropolitan rake in the movie "The Thief."

He has two daughters - Alexandra (born in 1995) and Catherine (born in 1998).

Barilo Andrey Vladimirovich

Born October 19, 1973 in Siauliai, Lithuanian SSR, USSR.

In 1994 he graduated from the Theater School. Schukin (course V.V.Ivanova).

Since 1992 - actor of the Moscow Theater of Satire.

* Count de Guiche - A. Dumas "The Youth of Louis XIV",
* Gavrilo - A.N. Ostrovsky "Hot Heart",
* Beck - "Krechinsky's Wedding",
* Sergey - "The battlefield after the victory belongs to the looters",
* Robin - "Time and the Conway Family",
* Lucentio - "The Taming of the Shrew,"
* Alik - G. Gorin "Lucky-Unsuccessful" (dir. S. Artsybashev),
* Sergey - Yuri Polyakov "Homo Erectus" (dir. A. Zhitinkin),
* Lagrange - M. Bulgakov "Moliere. Cabal of the Holy" (dir. Y. Yeremin),
* Giorgio - Aldo Nikolai "Not a centime less!" (dir. A. Shirvindt),
* Chatsky - "We are still funny,"
* Petya Yeletsky - Ksenia Dragunskaya "Apple Thief" (dir. Olga Subbotina),
* Postmaster - "Examiner",
* Val - Tennessee Williams "Between Light and Shadow" (dir. U. Yeremin),
* Alexander Shirvindt, Sergey Plotov, Sergey Kokovkin, Andrey Semenov "Triumph on the Triumphal" (dir. Yu. Vasiliev).

Modern Theater:
- "Uncle's Dream."

Yuri Vasiliev Theater:
* "Veronica decides to die"

Happy childhood

In October 1973, in the Lithuanian city of Šiauliai, a son was born in the family of a military man and a nurse. Little Andrei was the youngest of three children. He spent his childhood years in a military camp. It was there that Andrei Barilo, whose biography is filled with achievements not only in acting, but also in music, jumped with a parachute for the first time in his life. Then he was only thirteen years old. A year later, the boy was able to control the glider, flying at high altitudes under the supervision of an instructor. In Andrei, they saw great potential.

Together with his elder brother, who was also named by his parents in honor of a famous person (Yuri Gagarin), Andryusha often came to work with his father - in the military unit, where his father served as a communications engineer. Very soon, the brothers already determined the model of aircraft flying in the sky by the sounds of their engines. Andrew was so carried away by aviation that he began to go to the flying club. Despite the fact that parents hoped that the youngest son would become a military, like dad, Andrei Barilo chose the acting path.

Dreams, music and study

Despite the fact that the young man was drawn to aviation and airplanes, deep down he dreamed about an acting career. Barilo tried to watch all the films that were broadcast on television. He often went to the cinema, looking for interesting news, followed the news of world cinema, studied the biographies of famous artists.

At some point, the guy was fascinated by music, he learned to play the guitar. In high school, Andrei even gathered a musical group, in which he invited his school friends. This team was invited to all school events, where young musicians performed the compositions of the Nautilus band and Viktor Tsoi.

After receiving the certificate, Andrei moved to Moscow and entered the Shchukin school on the course of Vladimir Ivanov. As a student, he and his classmate Maria Aronova came up with an unusual parody of the scene of the meeting between Tatyana and Onegin. They then put it as a graduation performance.

Theater life

In his student years, Barilo was invited to the play "The Taming of the Shrew" by Valentin Plucek himself for the role of Lucenzo. A little later he played Chatsky.

After graduation, the young actor could be seen on the stage of the Satire Theater in the performances Pygmalion, Hot Heart, etc. He doesn’t refuse other theatrical stages, speaking at the Center for Theater Technologies, Petro Fomenko Workshop, and Yu Theater Vasilieva.

Childhood and youth

Andrei was born on October 19, 1973 in the Lithuanian city of Šiauliai. The father of the future actor was a soldier, and his mother worked as a nurse in a military unit. The ancestors of the future artist were Greeks, Italians and Ukrainians.

Andrey became the youngest of three children in the family. He often went to the military unit with his brother, where his father served as a communications engineer. Thanks to frequent visits, the brothers soon learned to determine the model of an airplane flying in the sky by the sound of engines, and later the young Barilo became interested in aviation and decided to go to the air club.

Andrei Barilo in his youth and youth

The future actor made his first parachute jump as a 13-year-old boy. At the age of 14, Andrey masterfully controlled the glider and flew at high altitudes under the supervision of an instructor. True, once a teenager nearly crashed during an independent flight, there was not enough experience. By happy coincidence, Barilo managed to land the aircraft. Nevertheless, the teacher has repeatedly assured that the boy has great potential.

Andrei's parents were sure that the youngest son would follow in his father's footsteps, becoming a military man. In addition to flying, Barilo attracted football. Together with the youth team, he became the winner of the city championship.

Andrei Barilo was named in honor of Andrei Mironov

Barilo's older brother was named in honor of Yuri Gagarin, and Andrei himself was named in honor of actor Andrei Mironov. Most likely, the names influenced the fate of both boys: the eldest became a Boeing pilot, and the younger was destined for a creative path.

Despite the craving for aircraft and aviation, deep down Barilo dreamed of an acting career. Andrei did not miss a single film that was shown on television. In addition, the future actor often visited the cinema, followed the news of world cinema, studied the biographies of popular artists.

Andrey Barilo

At some point, the young man was fascinated by music, and the young Barilo learned to play the guitar. Soon, he gathered a musical group, which included school friends. The team performed at various school events. Young musicians often performed the compositions of Viktor Tsoi and Nautilus, well-known in those years.

After graduation, the guy decided to enter the theater school, moving to Moscow. Parents did not resist the choice of a son. Barilo was admitted to the Shchukin school, where he began to study on the course of Vladimir Ivanov. The master gathered under his wing future stars of the screen and theatrical stage.

Andrei Barilo graduated from the Schukin School

Nonna Grishaeva, Anna Dubrovskaya, Vladimir Epifantsev, Kirill Pirogov studied with Andrei. With a classmate Maria Aronova, the young man came up with an interesting parody of the scene of the meeting between Evgeni Onegin and Tatyana. The guys put on this parody as a graduation performance.


Barilo received his first roles in the films in the early 90s: the actor played in Oleg Kavun’s drama “Running on the Sunny Side”. The artist also appeared in the episodic scene in the movie "Help mi". In 1994, the young man starred in the comedy of Vladimir Krasnopolsky “The Thief,” where Olga Rodina and Gennady Nazarov acted as Andrei’s partners.

Andrei Barilo in the movie "The Thief"

Soon after, Russian cinema plunged into crisis. In 1999, Barilo appeared in the historical drama by Nikita Mikhalkov, The Siberian Barber, where he played a young cadet in an episode.

With the beginning of the 2000s, the situation changed, and Andrei was invited to the melodrama "The Best City of the Earth", in which he spoke about the inhabitants of the capital of the USSR of the Brezhnev era. After 2 years, the actor received a cameo role in the series "Private Detective."

Andrei Barilo in the series “Medical Secret”

Soon, Andrei got on the television series “Medical Secret”, where he played the role of Dr. Dima, which brought the artist the first wave of popularity among viewers. Barilo's face became recognizable. The tape was released in 2006. The hero, who embodied Andrew, has a complex character. Dmitry can not be clearly called a positive or negative character. Despite the fact that the doctor is overly interested in the female gender, the hero Barilo is able to sincerely love.

After the medical series, the actor appeared in a number of projects. Andrei reincarnated as a painter in the youth sitcom “Everything is So Sudden,” an accordionist in the comedy “Who's the Boss?”, A yard guy in the movie “Elemental Formula”.

Andrei Barilo in the TV series Sklifosovsky

Andrei also played the role of Mikhail Shlamov in the television series Atlantis. This image was contradictory, because Shlamov could simultaneously love a person and be capable of betrayal. In the 2008 medical melodrama General Therapy, Barilo turned into an irresponsible ex-wife of the heroine Anna (Anna Snatkina).

In 2010, in the detective series Zoya, Andrei got the role of an investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who reveals a series of mysterious crimes. Later, Barilo starred in the films "Dasha", "Waltz-Boston." The actor also participated in the filming of the television series "Sklifosovsky", "Runaway Relatives".

Andrei Barilo on the set of the movie "Judah"

In the comedy of Yuri Vasiliev, “The Seller of Toys,” the Russian artist was lucky to work on the same set as Pierre Richard, and in the drama by Andrei Bogatyrev “Judas”, he appeared in the image of Jesus Christ.

In 2016, with the participation of Andrey, the detective series Citizen Nobody was released, with Ivan Oganesyan, Irina Pegova and Anton Makarsky in the lead roles. In the same year, the artist tried his hand at a new role - the TV presenter of the project “Space Legends”. The program goes on the channel "Star".

Andrei Barilo in the movie "Petrovich"

The actor also reincarnated as director Danilov in the family saga “The Hornet’s Nest” with Maria Kulikova in the title role. In the historical drama about the reign of Ivan III “Sofia”, Andrei got the role of the brother of the main character Zoe Paleolog (Maria Andreeva).

In the 2017 television series “Good intentions”, Barilo played Vladik, the weak-willed spouse Natalia Firsova (Yana Sobolevskaya). In the Ukrainian series “Second Life of Eve”, the artist tried on the image of German, a friend of the main character Vlad (Artem Poznyak).

Andrei Barilo in the movie Sofia

In the crime tape “Hostage,” the actor played the role of Max, the husband of the main character Inga (Marina Konyashkina), who became a captive in her own house.

In 2017, new films were released, in which Andrei is involved. These are Sklifosovsky-6, Party, Yellow Brick Road and Hotel of Happy Hearts.

Andrei Barilo in the picture "Dasha"

In the last picture, the artist is busy in the main cast. Barilo got an episodic but vivid role in the detective comedy Captain Krutov's Operetta, where Alexey Chadov, Julia Snigir, Sergey Puskepalis appeared with him.

Personal life

The actor is reluctant to share stories from his personal life. It is known that in the 90s he married the actress of the Satire Theater Svetlana Ryabova (“Do not go, girls, marry”, “You are my only one”), who was 12 years older than her husband. It was a difficult time for the country, and in order to support his family, the artist worked as a realtor. But Barilo never left his profession.

Andrei Barilo and his ex-wife Svetlana Ryabova

The actor has two children - daughters Sasha (born 1996) and Katya (born 1999). For what reasons the family broke up - it is unknown, Andrei does not comment on the divorce from his first wife. Nevertheless, the former spouses managed to maintain friendly relations, Barilo continued to participate in the education of girls. Later, Alexandra entered the directing department of VGIK, and Catherine is engaged in painting and vocals.

While working on the series “General Therapy,” Andrei met actress Alexandra Solyankina, and soon feelings broke out between them. In addition to filming a movie, the girl serves in the theater "Participation". Now the couple is in a civil marriage. According to the actor, he is happy with how the relationship develops.

Andrei Barilo and Alexandra Solyankina

Barilo has a personal account on Instagram, and in 2013, the artist opened a personal website where you can see photos, announcements of theater premieres, and get acquainted with his autobiography.

Andrey Barilo now

Andrei is popular with Russian filmmakers. Each year, the artist’s filmography is replenished with 3-4 works. Barilo is subject to multi-genre roles - bandits, losers, intellectuals. Despite the fact that major work in Andrei’s career has not yet happened, the actor does not seek great popularity. He tries to work with full dedication and does not lose hope to prove himself in a foreign project.

Andrei Barilo in the movie "The Yellow Brick Road"

Several times the artist has already received offers from Polish and American filmmakers, but failed to travel abroad for various reasons. Of the Russian directors, the actor is attracted by the opportunity to work under the leadership of Andrei Zvyagintsev, Alexei Uchitel, Sergei Ursulyak.

In 2018, Barilo managed to reveal the image of the main character in the drama "Eclipse". From his youth, Sergey Mamaev is in love with his classmate Svetlana (Elena Velikanova), who, having met 2 decades after leaving school, continues to love. Feeling develops into an uncontrollable passion, ready to destroy all obstacles in its path.

Andrei Barilo in the 2019 film “The Witch”

Now Andrei is working on a spy film “Fake Flag”, which will appear in the ensemble with Maxim Drozd and Inga Salurand. Together with his Ukrainian colleagues, the artist is preparing to show the Witch project. Also in 2019, with the participation of Barilo, the 7th season of the series Sklifosovsky will be released.

Photo: Andrey Barilo

The childhood and family of Andrei Barilo

Siauliai was Andrei's hometown, all his childhood passed in Lithuania (now the actor’s parents and older sister live in the Krasnodar Territory). Dad was a military man, he served as a communications engineer, and his mother was a nurse in the military unit. The family had three children. Andrei has an older sister and brother. Not surprisingly, most of the time, both Andrei and his older brother spent in the unit. They knew how to accurately determine the model of a flying airplane by sound. Andrei with his peers was engaged in an aviation club.

The boy made his first parachute jump at thirteen. Already at fourteen, he could independently fly a glider, and also performed aerobatics at high altitude with an instructor. According to this instructor, a great pilot would come out of a boy. Andrei’s elder brother is the commander of the Boeing today, he works at Transaero. Parents were sure that the youngest son would become a soldier. According to Andrei, his brother Yuri received a name in honor of Gagarin, perhaps that is why he became a pilot. His parents named after Andrei Mironov, most likely, this influenced the irresistible craving for the movie.

Dreams of Andrei Barilo about the movie

Acting Andrey went to Moscow. Parents believed in him and were not against the choice of the youngest son. He tried to enter all theatrical metropolitan universities. He was admitted to the Shchukin school. Andrey got on the course of V. Ivanov. His fellow students were Maria Aronova and Kirill Pirogov.

Together with Aronova, Andrei came up with an interesting parody of Pushkin's Onegin, namely, the stage where Onegin meets Tatyana.The guys were successful, the parody turned out brilliantly. It was invented specifically for their graduation performance.

Career, gender, life path.

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Name and surname:Andrey Barilo
Middle name:Vladimirovich
Name in English:Andrey Barilo
Year of birth:1973
Birthday:October 19th
Place of Birth:Siauliai, Lithuania
Occupation:actor, russian actor
Height:183 cm.
Weight:78 kg
Eastern horoscope:Bull
Social network:Wikipedia

The beginning of the career of actor Andrei Barilo, the beginning of the filmography

Andrew began to play a movie in the early nineties. He appeared in the movie The Thief. This was followed by work in "Running on the sunny side", where he got the main role. Fyodor Stukov and Inga Ilm also played in this picture. He was noted in the picture "Help mi", however, only in the episode.

When the crisis came to the cinema, the young actor starred from case to case, switching to work in the theater, where he played already from the third year.

New films with Andrei Barilo

More often Barilo had to play negative characters, villains, but in the picture "Zoya" he created a positive image, thanks to which the audience saw him completely different. Like any actor, Barilo seeks to create diverse images on the screen and stage.

Films in which the actor has starred in recent years are Judas, When the Lilac Blossoms, Dasha, and Waltz-Boston. Many serials were released where Andrei starred: Sklifosovsky, Without Witnesses, Petrovich, Black Wolves, Steep Shores, etc.

Theatrical roles of Andrei Barilo

A talented student was invited by Valentin Pluchek when he staged The Taming of the Shrew. He needed a young hero. Andrew played Lucentio. At the graduation performance, Barilo played Chatsky. He believes that in his youth it is impossible to play Chatsky as deep as it will be with a mature actor. Barilo would be happy to play this hero on stage again.

After school, Andrei successfully played on the stage of the Satire Theater. He participated in the productions of Pygmalion, Hot Heart, Lucky - Unlucky, Moliere, Unforgettable Dating, etc.

The actor takes part in some productions of such theaters as “P. Galdin Theater Assembly”, “Modern”, “P. Fomenko Workshop”, “Yu. Vasiliev Theater” and “Center for Theater Technologies”.

Andrey Barilo is currently

In the nineties, the actor was supposed to start shooting in the film of the Polish director Jerzy Hoffmann, where he was approved for the main role, but because of the crisis, they did not start shooting. Later, the actor received a proposal to withdraw from Agnieszka Holadn, but even there the role “did not grow together”.

Andrei admires the work of Quentin Tarantino, of our directors he likes Teacher, Zvyagintsev, Ursulyak. In dreams - to play in films made based on the works of Bunin, Chekhov, Nabokov, Beaumarchais, Oscar Wilde. Andrei teaches English in the hope that he will be able to work abroad.

Recently Barilo, not without the help of Alexander Shirvindt, bought a one-room apartment in the capital, where he lives with Sasha. According to him, he fell in love with her at first sight and considers his beloved his angel. Andrei is not attracted by the prospect of buying a country house; he does not dream of a bathhouse either. All this is not his. As he admits, he is completely unable to save money.

For the sake of unloading, Barilo likes to play computer games, but does not sit in front of the screen for several hours. An hour is enough for him to rest. Occasionally, he plays football with friends, but because of smoking, it is not so easy for him to run for a long time, although in childhood he was the champion of the city.

Film art in his life

The debut in the movie with a novice actor took place in the early nineties - in the episode of the movie "Help mi", where he played a call guy. Later there were Dmitry in "Run on the sunny side" and Valery in "Thief". After 1994, when Andrei Barilo was just beginning to collect the fruits of his own popularity, Russian cinema plunged into crisis. The next interesting work was the episodic role of the junker in the "Siberian Barber" by Nikita Mikhalkov.

In the early 2000s, the situation in the Russian film industry improved slightly. Andrei Barilo, whose films and roles are distinguished by their diversity, played Benjamin in "The Best City of the Earth." The popularity came to him after the television series "Medical Secret", where he was invited to the role of Dr. Dima.

His roles in the television series Atlantis and the film Quiet Pines were interesting. In the first, the actor played Mikhail Shlamov - a controversial character. After all, this hero was at the same time treating a person with love and was able to betray him. In the second project, he played Maxim - a young man who married a rich woman, much older than him. A two-part story tells how once friendly classmates come to the camp site to celebrate the 15th anniversary of graduation. They relax, eat kebabs, drink wine, sing songs with a guitar. And all grace lasts until the moment when there is a misfortune that makes one suspect everyone and makes one turn “dirty linen” inside out. This role brought new colors to the image of the actor, because here he was polite, intelligent and very charming, on the one hand, and sharp and even impudent on the other.

At first, Barilo was invited to negative roles, but after the release of the film “Zoya” in 2010 (the character of the actor is a decent and kind captain Sergey Sorokin), it turned out that he could play positive characters no worse. So he began to play the doctor in the series "Sklifosovsky", Jesus and other equally interesting roles.

Career today

Actor Andrei Barilo is now very much in demand by Russian filmmakers. Each year, his filmography is replenished with three, or even four, works. He can play almost everyone - intellectuals, bandits, military, losers.

The year 2016 was marked for the actor with the series Citizen Nobody and the family saga Hornet’s Nest.

Last year, he went on the set of the film "Second Life of Eve" and the television series "Good intentions." Four more paintings are in production - The Party, The Yellow Brick Road, Sklifosovsky-6 and The Hotel of Happy Hearts.

The actor dreams of acting in films based on the works of Chekhov, Bunin, Beaumarchais. He teaches English, hoping that in the foreseeable future there will be a job offer abroad.

Andrew absolutely does not know how to save money, believing that you need to live here and now. Sometimes he plays football with friends, but due to the fact that he smokes a lot, it is already difficult for him to run for a long time.

A bit about personal

Andrei Barilo, whose personal life cannot but arouse public interest, is laconic, answering questions about his family. Very little is known about this. Even in the nineties, he married with the actress of the Satire Theater Svetlana Ryabova, who played in the films “You are mine alone”, “Do not go to marry girls” (she’s twelve years older than Andrei). Those years were quite complicated. To support a family, the young husband had to earn extra money as a realtor. And yet Barilo remained faithful to his profession, did not give up acting. Two girls were born in the family - Sasha (1995) and Katya (1998). The reasons for the divorce of the spouses are still unknown. Both of them refrain from commenting.

Before the second wife appeared with Andrei Barilo (five children ago), he lived a single life for several years. They had known each other superficially for a long time, but a real feeling flared up only on the set of General Therapy (Alexandra Solyankina is also an actress, she is a member of the troupe of the Involvement Theater). The actor is very pleased with their relationship, considers Sasha a very wise and kind person, with whom he is always easy.


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