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Boris Vladimirovich was born on July 13, 1944 in the family of the Soviet actor Vladimir Klyuyev. When the boy was only 4 years old, his father died. Everything happened during the tour. The cause of death was a heart attack. The man was only 36 years old.

Even at school, Borya was carried away by the scene. Having received a certificate of secondary education, he predictably chose an acting path for himself. The guy filed documents at the theater school. Schepkina. His father studied here.

Boris has come a long way.

The young man passed the entrance exams the first time, but he did not succeed in starting his studies immediately. Plans changed the agenda in the army. It's funny, but it was during his service that his film career began. Klyuev starred in the extras of the film "War and Peace" by Sergei Bondarchuk.

After receiving a theatrical education, the young artist was accepted into the troupe of the Maly Theater. A landmark event for him happened in 1969. Klyuev managed to prove himself. Until now, he is considered the leading artist on whom the theater’s repertoire is based.

In Soviet cinema, the actor played many memorable roles:

  • Count Rushfort in The Three Musketeers,
  • Agent Trianon at TASS is authorized to declare
  • Mycroft Holmes in Sherlock Holmes, etc.

No less talented Boris Vladimirovich embodied the images on the theatrical stage and in TV shows, but truly folk love brought him the sitcom “Voronin”. In it, he played the head of the family - Nikolai Petrovich.

Boris in the series "Voronin"

The actor does not stop playing in the theater

Along with filming in the cult series, the artist was involved in many performances of the Maly Theater, which were staged by such famous directors as Vladimir Beilis and Andrei Zhitinkin.

Personal life

Boris Vladimirovich does not like to talk about his personal life. It is known that he had three marriages, two of which broke up.

In 1969, the only son was born to the actor. The guy died at the age of 24 due to heart failure. Boris does not like to talk about this period of his life. The loss of a son who died from the same heart disease as his father became an irreplaceable loss for him.

The third wife of Boris Klyuyev, whose photo often appears in socialite, is not related to the acting environment. With his current wife, the artist has been married since 1975. The couple has no children in common.

Boris Klyuyev with his wife Victoria

The family prefers to spend all their free time at the suburban cottage in Zvenigorod. Also, Boris Vladimirovich is interested in football. He is president of the Maly Theater football team.

Health status

The news that a 74-year-old Klyuev was diagnosed with a serious illness appeared in April this year. The artist himself spoke about this. He stated that he would fight the disease. The man was moderately optimistic and noted that he would go through all stages of treatment.

Many fans began to compare the severity of the detected disease with a similar situation that arose in the late Nikolai Karachentsov. The latter was also diagnosed with lung cancer, which the media called the consequence of a serious car injury. Boris Vladimirovich denied this information. The man explained that in his situation, the hope of a successful outcome is not so illusory.

The actor is optimistic

It is known that in the spring of this year, the man was sent for treatment. The chief director of the Maly Theater Vladimir Beilis said that in the summer, Klyueva is hospitalized as planned. The theater management hopes that the lead artist will return to the stage soon.

At 75, a man looks energetic and cheerful.

More recently, in July 2019, Boris Klyuyev turned 75 years old, his state of health today leaves much to be desired. The artist himself does not intend to give up, despite the rumors of death, the actor is alive - he has not died and is steadily going through the procedures prescribed by the doctors in order to return to his beloved profession again. Experts note that with the right therapy with lung cancer, you can live a very long time.

Do you think Boris Klyuyev is a talented artist?

Photo: Boris Klyuyev

Childhood and family of Boris Klyuyev

Boris's hometown is Moscow. His father was an actor, but died during a tour when the boy was four years old. Mom raised her son herself, never having married. Little Borya was categorically against a possible mother's marriage. At school he studied poorly, and behavior was unsatisfactory. It is not known how the future life of Klyuev would have developed if it were not for the school play in which he got the role of the devil. It was played so that the student became a real star. From this began his path to the acting profession.

Mom also tried to develop a son. She often went to theaters and concerts with him. The financial situation of the family was difficult, because of this the boy began to work early. Sometimes he unloaded wagons, and when he was sixteen, he went to work on a construction site.

Boris wanted to become an actor, while his mother insisted on receiving a technical education. After school, he entered the Shchukinsky school, but took the documents and took them to the Shchepkinsky school, which he graduated with success. However, due to military service, studies had to be interrupted. Klyuev went to the army for three years after the first year of training. During the service, the future actor was lucky to take part in the filming of the film "War and Peace", where he, like all his colleagues, was in the crowd. Also, during the service, Boris had the opportunity to take part in amateur performances, and he took advantage of this opportunity with pleasure.

The last year of service was in the orchestra of the Ministry of Defense. Demobilized, the future actor graduated from the training of L. Volkov and V. Tsigankov.

Filmography of Boris Klyuyev

For the first time in the movie, the actor starred in his student years. It happened in the 1968th year, Boris in the film "The Punisher" played a patrol. A major role was offered to Klyuev in the 1970s in the film "The Collapse of the Empire." His hero is the Minister of the Provisional Government by the name of Shulgin. D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers is the film that made Klyuev a famous actor. He played the Earl of Rochefort. The actor liked working on the set of this picture, but he believed that it was not the director who made it successful, but the young and talented team of actors.

In the eighties, most of all he was remembered in the role of Mycroft Holmes in the serial film about Sherlock Holmes. He was offered the role of Sergei Dubov in the acclaimed film "TASS is authorized to declare", which was warmly received by the audience and had considerable success. Klyuyev also appeared in such popular films as “Mikhailo Lomonosov”, “Attempt on the GOELRO”, “Moonzund” and others. The actor continued to appear even in the nineties, when many other film actors were out of work. In those years, such films as “Queen Margot”, “Countess de Monsoro”, “Schizophrenia”, “Imperial Hunt”, “Genius” were shot.

Klyuev did not remain without roles in television series. He was involved in the project "Criminal Quartet", "Kamenskaya", "Simple Truths", "Mad", "Heartbreakers" and many others.

Since 1969, Boris Vladimirovich began teaching at the school named after Shchepkin. His specialization is “Actor's Skill”. Klyuyev's students were Yegor Beroev, Vladimir Zherebtsov, Elena Velikanova, Alla Yuganova, Kristina Asmus and others.

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Boris Klyuev. Life Line / TV Channel Culture

The meeting of Boris Vladimirovich Klyuyev with applicants of the Shchepkinsky school. 12/07/2014. Part number 1.

Boris Klyuyev - creative evening

Boris Klyuyev - biography

Boris Klyuyev comes from an old Soviet acting school. Like many of his classmates, the path to fame was long, and began with work in the episode and participation in extras. But now he is a popular and sought-after theater and film actor, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, teacher and head of the department in his native “Sliver”.

The first fame came to the artist after the release of the film "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers", in which he played the colorful Earl of Rochefort.

Childhood and youth

Boris Klyuyev was born on July 13, 1944 in Moscow. Father's name was Vladimir Klyuyev, he was an actor. The boy did not know him at all, because once on a tour a man became ill, and he died of a heart attack. Vladimir Klyuyev was only thirty-six, and Boris's widowed mother was twenty-nine. The woman never married, although she was still very young. The reason for this was the son, who literally with his fists rushed at any man who appeared in their house. It seemed to the boy that in this way he preserves the memory of his father. Later, years later, he realized that my mother’s fate could have turned out differently, she could have found her feminine happiness, but such thoughts didn’t occur to him in childhood.

Photo: Boris Klyuyev in childhood

The financial situation of the family was unenviable, so Boris realized that he needed to look for a part-time job. He was thirteen when he began working on unloading wagons; at sixteen he got a job on a construction site.

In school, Boris was torn off his head, he did not want to study at all, his behavior was unbearable. It is not known how far the teenager would go in his pranks, and what troubles they would have turned into if he had not met Claudia Polovikova. The actress offered to arrange a production of “Devil's Mill” at school, in which Boris was to become a feature of the first category. He managed to play it so that literally the next day he became a star of the first magnitude in school. Borya understood that he really liked the stage, he liked the attention of the audience and applause.

Mom was only happy with her son’s new hobby, because she no longer believed that something good would come of him. Together they went to the theater, where Boris stared at the stage without interruption, and seemed to let everything that happened there pass through him. Probably, at that time, the acting genes of his father were seething with all his strength in him.

After receiving a school certificate, Klyuev firmly decided to become a student at a theater university. He chose the Shchukin school, in which his father had once studied. The guy managed to pass all the exams, but they still did not accept Boris, for the reason that he had three years of military service in the ranks of the Soviet army. Klyuyev did not bicker for a long time, just took the documents and went with them to the school named after Shchepkin. The guy was gladly accepted, but he still did not get away from the army.


Boris Klyuyev received the diploma of graduation from the Shchepkinsky school in 1969, and entered the service at the Maly Theater.

But the theatrical biography of the actor started even earlier, in the fourth year of high school. Like many of his classmates, he was busy in extras of different productions. Klyuev’s career in Maly began with episodic roles. The actor played the first memorable role of Sergei Sinitsyn in the play “It Will Be That”. He was so good in this image that he was noticed by both viewers and critics.

Boris Klyuyev in the theater

Since then, Boris Klyuyev outplayed many characters. Forty years of work on the stage of one theater brought more than seven dozen of the most diverse images. It is difficult to single out the most striking productions with his participation, there are a lot of them over the years. His repertoire includes both classical works and contemporary plays. But no matter what role the artist takes, he will surely finely polish it so that the viewer gets real pleasure from visiting the theater.


Boris Klyuyev also began his cinematic career as a student. The debut took place in 1968, when he starred in the film “The Punisher”, in the guise of a patrol guard. In 1970, the actor first played a significant role. In the film "The collapse of the empire," he became Shulgin - Minister of the Provisional Government. His game was noticed, the name was remembered, but nothing more. True fame awaited the actor only in 1979, after the rental of the three-part tape “D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers”.

Initially, the role of Count Rochefort was intended for Mikhail Boyarsky, but after he was approved for the role of Dartanyan, this character went to Klyuev.

Literally after the premiere of the film, all the actors were at the peak of popularity. Critics praised Klyuev’s Rochefort, the audience also liked this character, despite the fact that he was negative. Now it is difficult to imagine this image in a different version. Klyuev worked on his character’s image on his own. The director insisted that the count was with a beard, but Klyuyev managed to convince everyone, and as a result, an aristocratic wedge flaunted on his face.

The actor played another stellar role in 1980, in the film "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson", directed by Igor Maslennikov. In this tape, he reincarnated as Mycroft Holmes, the brother of the protagonist.

After that, the filmography of the artist was annually replenished with several notable paintings. Klyuev never went in cycles in one image, and managed not to become a hostage of a monotonous role.

In the 90s, when the cinema fell into complete decline, Boris Klyuyev continues to act actively. During these years he received roles in the films Queen Margot, Countess de Monsoro, Imperial Hunt, and Genius.

The new century brought the actor new roles in interesting projects. The series that became iconic - Kamenskaya, Simple Truths, Frenzied, Heartbreakers — were added to his filmography. But he played the most memorable role in the comedy "Voronin", where he became the head of the family Nikolai Voronin. Viewers first saw the sitcom in the fall of 2009, and since then it continues to be popular. The film’s partner was actress Anna Frolovtseva, who played Voronin’s wife.

Sitcom "Voronin" was created on the basis of the series "Everyone Loves Raymond", which enjoys continued success with American viewers. But unlike the foreign counterpart in the Russian project there is our, domestic flavor. The genre of this series is called situational comedy, in which there is no specific plot, so this is for the most part an improvisation with original jokes and unexpected storylines. The American sitcom ended after the tenth season, and the Russian counterpart continues to be removed further, because it still has a high rating.

In 2013, actor Boris Klyuyev was invited to shoot the painting “Streets of Broken Lights”. The artist happily agreed, and all the spectators saw on the screen not just a pensioner and a grumpy father-in-law in a stretched T-shirt, but a regular military man. He once again confirmed his ability to transform into any hero, and appeared before the audience as a high-ranking police officer, severe and powerful.

In this series, Klyuyev became police general Merzlyakin, and continued to play him for three seasons of the release of the picture.

Boris Klyuyev is not only capable of working in the cinema. He is constantly involved in the Maly Theater, whose stage has been faithful for four decades. Now in his repertoire of the play “Queen of Spades”, “How to Deceive the State”, “There is Enough Simplicity for Every Sage.” Klyuev is still the leading actor of this theater.

In addition, the students of the Shchepkinsky school know very well Klyuev, a professor who holds the position of head of the acting department. He taught the acting skills of Yegor Beroev, Vladimir Zherebtsov, Elena Velikanov, Alla Yuganov, Kristina Asmus, who have already become famous actors.

Boris Klyuyev now - state of health

In 2016, the sixteenth season of the detective series “Streets of Broken Lights” was released, in which the artist continues to act in the role of Merzlyakin.

Klyuev did not leave work in the sitcom "Voronin". In 2017, three parts of the twentieth season of the favorite series were released. Filming continues, so viewers will soon see new interesting stories from the life of the Voronins. Boris Klyuyev is the permanent performer of the image of Nikolai Voronin.

The actor also starred in the criminal genre - the film "Police Saga". The plot involves four main characters, employees of the criminal investigation department from the territorial office.They consider themselves real detective romantics, because their service in the organs began in the endless 90s. Then they tried to defeat crime during the perestroika period, and continue to fight crime today.

In May 2018, Boris Klyuyev was diagnosed with a severe form of lung cancer. However, our hero does not despair, continues to work, and in an interview with reporters states that he does not complain about health and is not afraid of death.

Selected Filmography

  • 1967 War and Peace
  • 1974 Torment
  • 1979 D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers
  • 1980 Scandalous incident at Brickmill
  • 1980-1986 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
  • 1983 Teen
  • 1987 End of Eternity
  • 1992 Dreams about Russia
  • 2000 Sherlock Holmes Memories
  • 2003 pan or gone
  • 2005 Case of Kukotsky
  • 2009—2018 Voronin
  • 2013—2017 Streets of broken lanterns
  • 2014—2017 Fizruk
  • 2018 Godunov


Boris Klyuyev - Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, member of the board of the Guild of Russian Film Actors, People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Portraying on-screen and theatrical stage taut and elegant dandies - the artist's favorite role, he remains a role model among colleagues in life. According to the actor, he loves beauty and seeks it in everything, whether it be theatrical creativity or the development of a personal plot.

The 75-year-old actor spoke about the fight against cancer. The star of the series "Voronin" underwent surgery, but so far the cancer has not receded. Klyuyev admits that he draws strength from his beloved work, family and hobbies.

A year ago, it became known that Boris Klyuyev was ill with cancer. First, the star of the series “Voronin” turned to doctors because of lung problems, but after the examination they made a disappointing diagnosis. For a long time, the artist did not comment on the situation, but then decided to reveal the truth to fans.

Information is constantly appearing in the press about Klyuev’s “terrible state”, as well as about changes in appearance, but in honor of the 75th anniversary, which the actor celebrated on July 13, he decided to let journalists into the house and spoke about the fight against a terrible diagnosis.

Television people noted that he looks great and is in excellent physical shape. “This is the worst thing,” Klyuyev answered with a smile. The Voronins star refused further discussion on this subject, noting that the disease does not prevent him from doing his favorite thing: playing in the theater and acting in films. He has not taken holidays and weekends for a long time, trying to devote all his free time to work.

Good earnings allowed him to purchase an English luxury foreign car, the approximate cost of which is 10 million rubles. The actor noted that he had long dreamed of such a car, under the hood of which there is a 540 horsepower engine. “It accelerates to 350 kilometers per hour, but I never drove more than 210,” Klyuev joked.

When Boris Vladimirovich has time, he hurries to the cottage, where roses grow on a large plot. It is his favorite flowers that give him the opportunity to escape from all the problems and hardships, and also not to lose heart. He is also supported by his wife Victoria Klyuyev: with her, he lives in marriage for almost 45 years.

The star of the series “Voronin” also talked about how he lost his only son, who died of heart failure at 24 years old. Klyuyev notes that Alexey never drank or took illegal drugs, so his death was a test for him. Father and heir had little contact in life: this was prevented by the first wife of the actor, who was against their meetings. “I found out that he was gone only after a week,” Boris Vladimirovich shared.

Now he is trying not to lose heart and not pay attention to all the sores. During the filming of the documentary film “The Egyptian Power of Boris Klyuyev,” he admitted that he was full of plans and ideas and was not going to stop there.

The role of Count Rochefort

  • One of the most prominent movie roles of Boris Klyuyev was the role of Count Rochefort, the confidant of Cardinal Richelieu in the musical television movie D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers. Not everyone knows that initially the director Georgy Yungvald-Khilkevich supported the candidacy of Mikhail Boyarsky as Count Rochefort, so he did not approve Boris Vladimirovich for this image. When Boyarsky was nevertheless approved for the role of d’Artagnan, then the director wanted to give Rochefort to one of the Ukrainian artists. But since the film was shot by order of the USSR State Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting, the results of all film screenings came from Odessa to Moscow to the higher authorities. And already by the decision of Goskino, Klyuyev’s approval for this role took place, although the director did not like his candidacy. However, the actor himself was very dissatisfied with working with Jungwald-Khilkevich, sharing his opinion in one of the interviews: “I believe that Jungwald-Khilkevich is not a very talented person. And the picture was due to the fact that there was a good company, we were all very young, plus the wonderful music of Maxim Dunaevsky. Then something happened there. Despite the fact that, in my opinion, in the second and in the third series, the picture slightly sags. Here is the first series is very good. Personally, I am very dissatisfied with working with Khilkevich.". In the process of filming, Klyuyev himself had to work not only on the character of Count Rochefort, but also on his appearance. Initially, make-up artists wanted to stick a beard to him. But the artist insisted that they leave only a thin line of mustache and beard with a wedge.
  • On the set, Mikhail Boyarsky was seriously injured when they shot the stage of the Marlezon Ballet at the Odessa Opera House. Count Rochefort, played by Boris Klyuyev, was conceived as a person who never takes out his sword from its scabbard, so they practically did not engage in training in fencing. But in one scene Klyuyev could not stand it and grabbed the blade. As a result, his sword pierced Boyarsky's palate and literally a centimeter did not reach the brain. Fortunately for Boyarsky, everything went without serious consequences. Boris Klyuyev himself commented on the situation as follows: “They shot the scene of the triple duel on the swords of d’Artagnan, Rochefort and de Jussac, played by Vladimir Balon. We had to cross the swords on the stairs, filmed at the Odessa Opera House. When we rehearsed, everything went fine, but on the set we accelerated the rate of fencing. And Misha Boyarsky, strongly swinging his blade, sent my sword straight into his face. She knocked out his tooth and scratched his throat. However, he, as a true professional, continued to act in film. Then I found out that this injury is very common among fencers.» .

A family

  • Father - Vladimir Fedorovich Klyuyev (1912-1948) - actor, graduated from the Theater School at the Vakhtangov Theater, worked in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, and then in Moscow, went into militia in 1941, fought until 1943, and later went with the military concert brigades, after the war he worked as an administrator in the Youth Theater.
  • Mother - Valentina Semenovna Klyueva, worked as an accountant in the House of Composers.
  • Boris Klyuyev was married three times. Third wife (since 1975) - Victoria Klyueva.
  • The only son Alexei (1969-1993) died at the age of 24 from heart failure.

Recognition and rewards

  • Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”, IV degree (April 29, 2019) - for his great contribution to the development of domestic culture and art, many years of fruitful activity .
  • Order of Honor (May 21, 2008) - for merits in the development of domestic culture and art, many years of fruitful activity
  • Order of Friendship (October 25, 1999) - for his great contribution to the development of domestic theater culture and in connection with the 175th anniversary of the State Academic Maly Theater of Russia
  • People's Artist of the Russian Federation (October 28, 2002) - for great merits in the field of art
  • Honored Artist of the RSFSR (October 16, 1989) - for merits in the field of Soviet art
  • Certificate of Honor of the President of the Russian Federation (April 27, 2015) - for merits in the development of culture, education, science, training of qualified specialists and many years of fruitful activity
  • Honorary Worker of Culture of Kuzbass (2007)
  • The annual Moscow Komsomolets Theater Award for 2008
  • Theatrical Star Award (2011) in the nomination "Best Supporting Role"
  • Laureate of the “Theater Star” award in the nomination “Ring of Saturn” (2010)
  • TEFI Prize 2012 in the nomination "For Best Actor" for his role in the television series "Voronin".

Maly Theater

  • 09/12/1969 the cyclist, "Diplomat" S. A. Alyoshin
  • 1969 patient, “Chamber” S. A. Alyoshin
  • 1969 2nd Lord, “Glass of Water” by E. Scribe
  • 1969 dancing, "Smart things" S. Ya. Marshak
  • 1969 man, “The Power of Darkness” by L. N. Tolstoy
  • 1969 2nd policeman, “Vanity Fair” by W. Thackeray
  • 1969 the robber, Schwartz, "The Robbers" by F. Schiller
  • 1970 guest at the ball, “Woe from Wit” by A. S. Griboedov
  • 1970 mass scene, “Masquerade” by M. Yu. Lermontov
  • 1970 Pugovitsyn, The Examiner of N. V. Gogol
  • 1970 Sergei Sinitsyn, “So It Will Be” by K. M. Simonov
  • 1970 Ambassador, “Recognition” by S. A. Dangulov
  • 1970 Nedosekin, “Rasteryaeva street” by M. S. Narokov according to G. Uspensky
  • 1971 mass scene, “Dostigaev and others” by M. Gorky
  • 1971, the knight at the ball, "Stone master" L.Ukrainka
  • 1971 Oleg Morozov, “Your Uncle Misha” G. Mdivani
  • 1972 majordom, “Vanity Fair” by V. Tekkerey
  • 1972 Ivanov, “Fake coin” by M. Gorky
  • 1972, guest at the ball, "Before Sunset" by G. Hauptmann
  • 1973 Job, “Tsar Fedor Ivanovich” by A. K. Tolstoy
  • 1973 Black tailor, “Smart things” S. Ya. Marshak
  • 1973 Valera, “The Last Day” by B. L. Vasiliev
  • 1974 Zamyslov, “Summer Residents” by M. Gorky
  • 1974 Kudryash, The Storm by A. N. Ostrovsky
  • 1975. Molchalin, “Woe from Wit” by A. S. Griboedov
  • 1976 Werner, “Russian People” by K. Simonov
  • 1977 Dionysius, Prince of Mstislavsky, “Tsar Fedor Ioannovich” A.K. Tolstoy
  • 1977 Dr. Wuttke, “Before Sunset” by G. Hauptmann
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  • 1978 Akhmet, “Return to square one” by I. Druta
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  • 1979 Duke of Burgundy, King Lear by W. Shakespeare
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  • 1981 Kutov, “Spring Love” by K. A. Trenev
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  • 1981 Murov, “Guilty Without Guilt” by A. N. Ostrovsky
  • 1982 Prince Khvorostinin, “Tsar Fedor Ioannovich” by A. K. Tolstoy
  • 1984 1st Marquise, “Cyrano de Bergerac” by E. Rostan
  • 1984 Velikanov, “Challenge” by G. Markov, E. Shima
  • 1985 Gratiotti, “From the News of this Day” by G. Markov, E. Shima
  • 1985. De Guiche, “Cyrano de Bergerac” by E. Rostan
  • 1986 Weber, “Shore” by Yu. V. Bondarev
  • 1986 Golovin, “Tsar Fedor Ivanovich” by A. K. Tolstoy
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  • 1989 Prince Amber, "Predators" by A. F. Pisemsky
  • 1990. Teacher of Philosophy, "Tradesman in the Nobility" by J. B. Moliere
  • 1991 Georg von Waldstetten, “Ketchen from Heilbronn” by G. Kleist
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  • 2013 Fromantel, “How to Deceive the State” by L. Verney and J. Berra
  • 2014 Arbenin, “Masquerade” by M. Yu. Lermontov


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