Carle Bruni - 50: photos in his youth and now


Name: Carla Bruni

Birthday: December 23, 1967 (52 years old)

Place of Birth: Turin, Italy

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Eastern horoscope: Goat

Career: Models and designers 23 place

Photo: Carla Bruni

Childhood and family Carla Bruni

The full maiden name before marriage is Carl Gilbert Bruni Tedeschi.

The future first lady of France, model, singer and actress Carla Bruni-Sarkozy was born on December 23, 1968 in the city of Turin (Italy). Carla's family was musical. Mother Marisa Borini was the accompanist, father Alberto Bruni Tedeschi, an Italian by birth, an opera composer, and part-time industrialist. The girl had a rather warm relationship with her mother, and she found out that her father was not her family, only after his death. Carla's blood father is businessman Maurizio Roemert, with whom her mother had at one time a rather lengthy affair.

Carla also has a sister who became a popular actress, and a brother, now he is engaged in artistic activities.

Carla Bruni in the fashion world

In order to earn some money, the girl, not really counting on luck, turned to an advertising agency. Unexpected success was not long in coming. Thanks to a contract with City Models, Carla Bruni is at the top of fame and is recognized as the highest paid model in the world. The first advertising campaign for which Carla starred was a photo shoot for Guess Fashion House in 1988. And here he is, dizzying success. There was no end to customers. Everyone wanted to see Carla on their magazine covers, photo sites, commercials. There were proposals from leading world companies in Italy and France, working in the field of haute couture.

Experience came to Karla, she improved, and kept up with the times. Nobody managed to take the palm from her. Her photo first appeared on the cover of Voque Magazine. There were also many years of contracts with companies such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Givenchy, Cesare Paciotti, Christian Dior, Chanel, MaxMara. For 1994-1995 Carla Bruni received royalties totaling $ 7.5 million, which rightfully awarded her the status of the highest paid model in the world.

Carla Bruni - actress and singer

At the age of 29, having tried all the delights of fame and success in modeling, Carla Bruni decides to leave him. And she did it in favor of a solo career. In 2003, Carla released her first debut album, in which most of the songs were written by Carla herself. The disc was called "Someone Told Me", and brought huge success and popularity. The producer of the album was Louis Bertignac. The popularity was overwhelming. In France alone, the disc sold with a circulation of 800 thousand copies, and world figures call the figure 1 million copies! In this regard, in 2004, singer Carla Bruni was awarded the title "Best Singer of the Year", the highest award in the recording field of France. A few years later, the second and third records of Carla Bruni were released, in which the authorship of most of the compositions belonged to the ex-model. Musical critics noted the lyrical mood in Carla's music.

Carla Bruni also tried herself as an actress, starring in 17 films. Among them are the comedy “Paparazzi” (Director Alain Berberyan, Paparazzi, 1998), the fantasy “Midnight in Paris” (director Woody Allen, M>

It so happened that despite the birth of a son, in 2007 the Bruni-Entoven couple broke up. And by the end of that year, information began to appear in the press about the novel by Carla Bruni and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. By then, he had already divorced his second wife. In February 2008, a marriage was officially registered between them, which became the first in Carla’s life and the third for Nicolas Sarkozy.

The presence of a stamp in the passport and the status of the first lady of France did not change the lifestyle of Carla Bruni. She continues to pursue a solo and modeling career. Participates in advertising campaigns, starred in the covers of fashion publications, releases albums. The only restriction in connection with the new status was for Carla the refusal of concert activity.

At the end of 2010, the father of the French president officially confirmed the pregnancy of the first lady, and in November 2011, Carla Bruni gave birth to a daughter, Julia. This event is also significant in that for the first time in the history of France, a child was born to the current president of the country.


Beauty Carla Bruni is known as the charismatic top model and third wife of former French President Sarkozy. However, few people know that in the biography of Carla Bruni there was a place not only for the catwalk and high-profile marriage, but also for creativity. The full name of the model is Carl Gilbert Bruni Tedeschi.

Carla Bruni

The future star was born in the Italian city of Turin on December 23, 1968. The tendency to creativity, perhaps, was laid down thanks to the talented parents of Carla. Mother Marisa worked as a concertmaster. The girl’s father Alberto Bruni composed music for opera parties, and also worked in the industrial field. The fact that her father is not her own, Carla was informed only after the death of Alberto Bruni. The girl’s biological father is Maurizio Roemert, a successful businessman — he did not support communication with the child. Bruni grew up in a large family: Carla has a brother, not alien to creativity, and no less talented sister, who became an actress.

Carla Bruni in his youth

The Bruni family lived in their native Turin until 1974. In that year, a terrorist organization kept Italy in awe. Criminals abducted children. The fear of Carla's parents for their native children was so strong that it was decided to change the country of residence. So the Bruni family moves to France. Carla enters school, learns to play the piano and guitar, and seriously plans to connect her future destiny with art. The girl even enters the Sorbonne in the department of art history. However, fate would have liked to order otherwise: Bruni did not graduate from the institute, succumbing to the lusty charm of starry life and the fashion world.

Model business

Initially, the girl did not dream about the glory of the top model. The advertising agency Karl led a banal desire to earn some money. Moreover, the external parameters of Carla turned out to be consistent with model standards: the growth of Carla Bruni is 175 centimeters, and the weight is 55 kilograms. However, the beauty was waiting for unexpected luck: a contract with the City Models agency brought her many high-paying contracts.

Model Karl Bruni

The first photo shoot, in which the beginning model participated, was held as part of an advertising campaign for the fashion brand Guess. Photos of Carla Bruni were so impressed by fashion critics that subsequent job offers were not long in coming. Famous fashion houses wanted to get Bruni as the face of their products. In the life of Carla, the covers of magazines and advertising posters, the spotlights of cameras and the microphones of journalists dreaming of an interview with the beauty were filled with a string. Iconic French and Italian designers revered the happiness of inviting Bruni as a model on the catwalk.

Carla Bruni on the podium

In the early 1990s, Carla turned out to be one of the highest paid models in the world: in two years, the girl managed to earn $ 7 million. Bruni collaborated with Prada and Max Mara, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy. the list goes on and on. Brands, from the name of which the fashionistas freeze, were at the feet of Bruni.

Model Karl Bruni

The style of Carla Bruni did not leave the lips of women and men, the beauty was imitated and envied. However, not everything was given with such ease as it seemed from the outside: behind such dizzying glory there was painstaking work and hard efforts on oneself. Carla clearly understood that the fashion world, so cute in appearance, inside is a constant tough fight for a place under the spotlight sun.

Carla Bruni Style

The girl carefully monitored her form, her health, ate exclusively low-calorie foods and ran three kilometers daily. Only thanks to incredibly strict discipline and unbending willpower, Karla managed to stay on the fashion pedestal for a long time.

Music and poetry

It seemed that the most interesting was just beginning, but at the age of 29, Karla was bored with the fashion world. Bruni, having experienced all the delights and hardships of the glory of the first beauty, decided to end her modeling career. The question of what to do next did not stand before the girl: musical education reminded of herself. Carla Bruni decided to sing.

The first record of the novice singer Bruni was released in 2003. It is worth noting that the vast majority of compositions composed by Carla on their own. Quelqu'un m'a dit (“Someone Told Me”) received no less praise than Carla’s first appearance on the podium. The success was simply unexpected and incredibly stunning: the circulation of copies sold reached a million copies, and Carla Bruni's songs were heard on all television channels and radio stations. A year later, Bruni received the title "Best Singer of the Year" - the highest award that artists in France can only dream of.

The subsequent albums of Carla Bruni also caused a storm of enthusiasm among the fans, and the song “Loneliness” (Soledad) led the charts in France and abroad for more than a week. Karl did not pass and a passion for acting. The model took part in the shooting of 17 films, among which stand out “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen and “Paparazzi” Alain Berberyan.

Personal life

The personal life of Carla Bruni evolved no less brightly than a modeling and stage career. Among the admirers of the beauty were Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger and even Donald Trump, at that time the former owner of a construction company. In 2003, Carla became the first mother. The son of a model Aurelyan was born from a young man named Rafael Entoven. Bruni was ten years older than her lover. This union, despite the difference in age, seemed strong, but the idyll lasted only four years. In 2007, the couple broke up.

Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy

In the same year, rumors began circulating in the press about the connection of Carla Bruni with the current head of the country, Nicolas Sarkozy, who at that time divorced his second wife and was completely free. In 2008, lovers married. For Carla Bruni, this was the first official marriage. Family life did not change the way of life that Karl was used to leading. The woman still recorded songs, starred in movies and video clips, and even sometimes participated in model shows. The husband of Carla Bruni did not at all oppose such an active creative life of his wife and supported the beautiful wife.

Carla Bruni in 2017

In this marriage, which turned out to be really happy, the daughter of Carla Bruni Julia was born. Despite the busy schedule of the mother, the children of Carla Bruni were never left without parental warmth and attention. Carla once admitted to reporters that only children and family for her are the most important in life of both an ordinary woman and the first lady.

Carla Bruni now

Until recently, the model, actress and singer continued to actively engage in creativity, organized charity projects and shone with new ideas. A couple of years ago, Instagram and other social networks circled Carla's photos, which the woman does not look like herself. The facts indicated that the reason for the strange appearance of Bruni was unsuccessful plastic or inaccurately made “beauty injections”.

Carla Bruni before and after plastics

Already in 2017, Carla Bruni delighted fans with the news that preparations are underway for the release of a new music album, which will be called French Touch. This time, the model and singer will present a performance not of her own songs, but of covers for the compositions of cult world stars: ABBA, The Clash and others. A video clip has already appeared on the network, shot on the song Enjoy The Silence.

Sexy model talked about her activities.

Carla Bruni - a sexy model, singer, ex-first lady of France, celebrated her anniversary on December 23 - she turned 50 years old. Now her name is associated with several professional and personal achievements.

Carla Bruni began her career as a fashion model at age 19. During the work, she entered the TOP-20 of the highest paid models. In 1997, Carla left the podium, and began her career as a singer.

In 2001, when she was 33 years old, she gave birth to the son of Aurelien, 23-year-old student Rafael Entoven. Subsequently, Bruni and Entoven Jr. broke up, she dedicated the song "Raphael" to him in her first album.

Then Bruni repeatedly stated that she was "bored with monogamy," among her many lovers, in addition to her father and son Entovenes, were Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Kevin Costner, Vincent Perez and former French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius.

In 2007, Carla Bruni met with Nicolas Sarkozy - this happened shortly after his divorce. February 2, 2008, the wedding of Bruni and Sarkozy got married. For Nicolas, this was the third marriage. For the first time, the head of the French Republic married as president.

In 2011, a 56-year-old Sarkozy and a 43-year-old Bruni had a daughter named Julia.

Now Carla Bruni is the official representative of the Bulgari jewelry house. As the birthday girl said, most of all she likes to spend time at home. So she can constantly be with her children, educate them.

First person

With the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla met at the same time. A few months later, Sarkozy officially confirmed the fact of the relationship. They got married in February 2008 in the Champs Elysees. This was the first time in the history of the French Republic that a president married while in office. “Ever since I married Nicolas, I have experienced human cruelty more than once or twice. But I always understood that it was aimed not at me and not at my husband, but at our images, ”the former model said in an interview.

Carla never hid that she did not understand politics and, being the first lady of France, did not even pretend that she was interested. “Representing France is a great honor for me, but, fortunately, I am deprived of influence,” Bruni said in an interview. “I could not have disposed of it wisely: I have no preparation.” “I went into my office at the Champs Elysees just to pick up the mail.”

Beauty has established a charity fund to help the poor. “But, actually, as the first lady, I didn’t particularly interfere in anything. Power is not a blessing, but one of the most serious problems that we have encountered. Power is not a pleasure. It makes a person vulnerable, ”Bruni said.

She knows about vulnerability firsthand. When she married Sarkozy, only the lazy did not discuss this union, prophesying to him a short century. Almost all the newspapers in the world published early photos of the nude model and asked the question: “How can such a woman become the first lady?” Bruni was not spared even during pregnancy. In 2011, when she was waiting for their daughter with Sarkozy, the press did not stop. “They wrote that I was fat. The articles were just disgusting. As it turned out, for some people the framework of decency does not exist at all, ”Bruni said bitterly.

Daughter and deliverance

When the daughter Julia was born, in October 2011, the presidential race was just going on. “It was a difficult period,” Bruni says. “I'm tall, and my shoulders are rather big, so eighteen kilograms of extra weight made me not just fat, but really ugly.”

I must say that the model hardening made itself felt: quickly enough, Carla began to look like before pregnancy. She did this not even for herself personally, but in order to appease her husband’s critics, claiming that Sarkozy began to appear with the “cow”. The yellow press around the world published a photo of Carla in crumpled trousers and a spacious blouse. In fact, these things, according to Bruni, were the only ones she got into after childbirth.

“It is very difficult to follow a diet when your nerves are at the limit.And all this against the background of her husband’s difficult election campaign! I almost died. At night, every two hours I breast-fed the baby, and during the day I accompanied Nicolas at protocol events. I would give a lot for not being photographed. It was like bullying. Fatigue and depression on the hair and makeup did not have enough strength. I only wanted one thing: to go home and get enough sleep. ”

When Sarkozy lost the election, the entire world press announced that now Bruni, who is used to relationships with successful men, will abandon this “loser”. However, years later, Bruni lives with Sarkozy in Paris: in the house that the model bought before her marriage to Nicolas. Two children live with them: her son Aurelien and the daughter Julia, who is in common with Sarkozy.

Sarkozy gives lectures at the university, and Bruni continues his musical career, her last album even took second place in the French music charts. Carla says that she considers this period of their life with Nicolas the happiest: the world no longer suspects her of self-interest and does not poison her wrinkled pants. She also realized that monogamy wasn’t boring at all. It was just necessary to meet the same man.

Carla bruni

A successful modeling career, several song albums, work in the largest jewelry company, the title of the first lady of France is what Carla Bruni can be proud of. A woman achieved success thanks to her talent, hard work and ability to charm others.


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