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Winnie jones
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Vinnie Jones (2007)
Birth nameVincent Peter Jones
Date of BirthJanuary 5, 1965 (1965-01-05) (55 years old)
Place of Birth
  • Watford, Watford d, Hertfordshire, East of England, England, UK
  • Great Britain
Professionactor, film actor, soccer player, dubbing actor, television actor
Career1998 - to the present time
IMDbID 0005068
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Vincent Peter (Winnie) Jones (Eng. Vincent Peter "Vinnie" Jones, born January 5, 1965, Watford) is a British actor, formerly a footballer who played as a midfielder.

Football career

Winnie Jones started playing football at a very young age, in the school team (he still holds the record for his school as the youngest player to play in the match - Winnie was only 9 years old). He always played with the older guys and was distinguished by good technique, a pass and a shot. Jones played in the children's team of the local Watford club, was the team captain and player in the Hertfordshire county team. The young football player went through an excellent school - his first coaches were Bertie Mee, leading Arsenal to victory in the championship and the FA Cup in 1971, and George Graham. At the age of 12, he was noticed by then-beginning coach Dave Bassett, who later headed Wimbledon. However, Jones was unable to go further than the Watford children’s team - he was expelled, not considering a promising small and feeble boy. After that, Winnie stopped playing football.

1975—1977 Bedmond
Club career
1984—1986 Welston Conference
1986 Holmsund 22 (1)
1986—1989 Wimbledon 77 (9)
1989—1990 Leeds United 46 (5)
1990—1991 Sheffield United 35 (2)
1991—1992 Chelsea 42 (4)
1992—1998 Wimbledon 177 (12)
1998—1999 Queens Park Rangers 9 (1)
National team
1994—1997 Wales 9 (0)

Jones returned to his favorite game in 1984 at the Veldstone club of the highest amateur English league, with which he won the amateur championship and the FA cup, in 1986 he won the 3rd division of the Swedish championship with the Holmsund team and in the same year moved to Wimbledon. He became part of the Crazy Gang, as they called the team of the late 80s, which won the FA Cup in 1988, which is the greatest achievement in the history of the club. Jones later played for Leeds United (1989-1990), Sheffield United (1990-1991) and Chelsea (1991-1992), after which he returned to Wimbledon in 1992 and became the team captain. He played over 250 games for Donov, and in 1998, briefly became the Queens Park Rangers' playing coach. Soon after, he completed his professional career at the age of 33. Throughout his career, speaking in the positions of defender and midfielder, he played 384 official matches and scored 33 goals in them.

Winnie Jones, nicknamed the "The Ax" (Ax) was known for his image of a “tough guy”, for which his game was often criticized. During his career, he received 12 red cards, and in 1992 at the beginning of the game between his Chelsea and Sheffield United, he received a yellow card 3 seconds after entering the field for a tackle under attacking opponent Dane Whitehouse. Immediately after the whistle, Jones ran to an opponent who did not even own the ball, and then kicked him in the legs. The most famous episode with his participation took place in the game with Newcastle - then Jones squeezed the crotch of Paul Gascoigne he cares for (see photo). In another game, Jones inflicted a grave injury to Tottenham defender and England national team Gary Stevens, after which he was forced to prematurely end his career. However, speaking for Leeds, Jones showed that he was able to play without resorting to dirty tricks, and for the whole season, under the leadership of Howard Wilkinson, he received only 3 yellow cards. In Sheffield and Chelsea he was also never removed from the field.

Winnie Jones was the storyteller in the famous video “Football Tough Guys”, released in 1992, which collected moments with the participation of Jones himself and other “tough guys”, as well as advice on rough play. Following the release of the video, Jones was fined £ 20,000 by the English Football Association and received a 6-month suspension for defaming football. Despite this, Jones was very popular in the league, was an idol for fans and the leader of the Wimbledon Crazy Gang during the most successful years of this team. Journalists constantly accused Jones of clumsiness and rudeness, and before the final of the FA Cup, one newspaper wrote: “Imagine how many great players have never won this trophy. If Wimbledon wins, in which there are players such as Vinnie Jones, it will be a mockery of football! ”

At the peak of his career, Jones decided to play for the Wales team. Although he was born in the English city of Watford, he was not destined to play for the England team with such a scandalous reputation, so he found Welsh roots on his maternal side, which allowed him to play nine matches for Wales and even be captain of the team. Interestingly, Jones was previously invited to the Irish national team, but then he was unable to prove his Irish roots.

Actor career

In 1998, having no experience in acting, Jones made his movie debut, starring in Guy Ritchie's film "Cards, Money and Two Trunks" as the London bandit Big Chris. With great growth, good physical shape and a well-known reputation, Jones was ideally suited for the role of “tough guy”. For this role and the role of a similar character, Tony nicknamed “Bullet in the Teeth,” in the next Guy Ritchie film, “Big Jackpot,” Jones received several awards and a considerable number of positive reviews from British critics who noted his peculiar sense of humor, and actor Dustin Hoffman dubbed him “the new Bruce Willis.” Such a successful debut predetermined a further successful acting career. In the future, this image of a tough guy became branded for Jones - he played such heroes in the American films “Gone in 60 Seconds,” “Password Swordfish”, “Eurotour,” “Night in the Golden Eagle” and others. His partners were such famous actors as Nicholas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jason State, Robert De Niro, John Travolta, Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry.

In the 2001 film "The Bonebreaker" (also known as the "Evil Machine"), a remake of the 1974 American film "The Longest Yard" starring Burt Reynolds, Winnie Jones got his first main role - Danny Mina, a famous football player, captain of the national team England, which began a black streak in life. At first, he became a national shame, deliberately missing a major penalty, for which he was accused of bribing (although in fact he would have been threatened with reprisal by creditors if he refused), and then he went to prison for a drunken brawl with two policemen. In the prison, where the majority hates him for that “handed over” match, he gathers a team of prisoners to play soccer with the prison guards - and again they require Ming to sell the game, this time the director of the prison, threatening him with life imprisonment. This is the only movie so far where Jones played a professional footballer. In the youth comedy “She's a Man,” Winnie Jones also played a character close to his athletic past — college football coach Ailirius.

In 2006, the highest-budget film was released with the participation of Johns, already known in Hollywood, the third part of the fantastic action movie X-Men - X-Men: The Last Battle. He played the mutant Juggernaut, dressed in the armor of a giant with incredible strength. In an interview after the premiere of the film, Jones said that he signed a contract for three films at once: “I agreed to shoot in X-Men 3, 4 and 5”.

The first role of a “sensitive” tough guy for Winnie Jones was the role of Johnny Doyle, fleeing from his harsh past, but facing him in a new life, in the film “Johnny Dynamite”, filmed in 2005, but only released in the fall of 2006. The film was included in the program of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in July 2006. Eric La Salle (former star of the TV series Ambulance), Roger Daltry of The Who, Samantha Mamba and former world heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis also starred in the film.

April 27, 2007 the premiere of the new thriller from the World Wrestling Federation (WWE), "Sentenced", in which Jones starred with his old friend Steve "Ice Rock" Austin. Currently, Vinnie is in demand, primarily in Hollywood, and has starred in several projects, including the horror films The Body of the Mire, Midnight Express, and others. In March 2010, he starred in Alma-Ata in the thriller of the Kazakh director Ahan Sataev "Liquidator". In 2010, Jones began acting in the series Cloak as Skales, a scaly-faced mafia.

Jones made his musical debut in October 2006 in Stephen Sondheim's musical Into the Woods.

In 2014, Vinnie Jones played one of the key roles in the Russian film "The Calculator." Also in 2014, he played the role of the villain from the comics Danny "Brick" Brickwell in the series "Arrow".

In 2015, Jones played Guard Gareth in the musical comedy television series Galavant.

Other jobs

Since the mid-1990s, the popular hero of the scandalous press, Vinnie Jones, has become a television star - he was often invited to various shows, commented on football matches, led a sports column in The Sun newspaper and the television program “Men and Motors”.

December 6, 1998, Jones appeared on the show of the World Wrestling Federation, where in his style of “tough guy” he played the role of a special guest-bodyguard in the main fight of the day. Before the fight, he started a fight (stage) with the opponent's bodyguard, Big Bossman, for which he received a “red card” and was deleted. At the end of the show, he returned to drink beer with Steve “Ice Rock” Austin and Judge Earl Hebner.

In November 2002, his first music album was released. Respect (Respect) with blues and soul songs released in the UK via Telstar Records.

Winnie Jones starred in a series of commercials broadcast on British television by major Bacardi spirits maker.

Jones’s image and voice is used in an advertising campaign for Ladbrokes, a British bookmaker, to promote dog racing, which Jones contacted after his film debut, becoming the owner of several running dogs (he also owns a 60-second running horse) and is simply interested in this sport.

In 2013, he starred in the series for the National Geographic channel "Winnie Jones is really about Russia", in which he tried himself in the most difficult professions in Russia.

Personal life

Already in his youth, Jones began to have problems with the law - the police arrested him more than once for drunk driving and drunken fights. The party on his 21st birthday ended in a grand brawl. And in one match a fan of the opposing team spat into a football player who was going into the locker room, in response, Winnie threw himself with his fists on the platform to give back. Hooligan antics were always a part of his life, and when he became a famous athlete, the sports and yellow press made Jones his favorite hero - articles about his tricks on the field and beyond constantly adorned the pages of British newspapers. While playing for Wimbledon, Jones became an integral part of the so-called “Gang of Crazies,” as Tony Stanson of the Daily Mirror first called the Don team, and then the whole country took on this nickname. These guys, including Dennis Wise, John Fashanu (Jones' best friend), Laurie Sanchez and Winnie Jones himself, were eccentric on the field and beyond. Constant parties with drinks and girls, violation of the sports regime and the intervention of the police. However, the team’s game delighted the fans, so the “bandits” got away with it. After Wimbledon's trainer, Dave Bassett, left for Watford, he introduced Vinnie Jones to the famous singer Elton John, a longtime Watford fan and owner of the club. In the late 1980s, Winnie sometimes called Elton to drink beer in some pub with his friends.

In 1997, Jones was close to going to jail - he beat a neighbor whom he did not agree in a dispute over the borders of his land. But Vinnie was lucky, he escaped with a fine of 1,150 pounds and a hundred hours of community service. He painted the walls in a nursing home, helped the poor and orphans.

When Jones started playing for Wimbledon, he met in a nightclub with Milena Elliston, and they began an affair. Although they parted soon, in 1991 they had a son, Aaron. Aaron lives with his mother, but often sees his father. On June 25, 1994, Winnie Jones married his old acquaintance, the former wife of football player Steve Terry, Tanya Lamont, and adopted her daughter from her first marriage, Kylie (born in 1987).

The fee for the film "Cards, money, two trunks" - £ 30,000 - Jones donated to the hospital in which Tanya underwent a heart transplant.

In 2003, Winnie Jones fought on board an airplane flying from London to Tokyo, for which he received 80 hours of community service and a ban on flights by Virgin Atlantic.

In November 2013, Winnie Jones announced that since February of this year he has been fighting skin cancer and underwent three operations to remove tumors.

Winnie Jones's wife died of a long illness at the age of 53 at her home in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 6, 2019. Tanya Lamont struggled with the disease over the past six years, but she did not manage to cope with the disease.

Winnie Jones from childhood supports the London football club Tottenham Hotspur.

Winnie Jones Biography

Winnie Jones is a former English defender born in 1965. After finishing his career, the athlete became a popular actor.

He started playing from childhood in the Watford system, but was deemed unpromising. At a serious level, he was lit up in 1986, when he joined the Wimbledon. The team, nicknamed the "gang of psychos" achieved incredible success for the club, won the FA Cup in 1988.

Jones later played in Leeds, Sheffield, Chelsea. In 1992, he returned to Wimbledon, was the captain of the team. In 1998, he was a playing coach of the KPR, after which he ended his career.

Winnie Jones was a famous football snapper, his tough and sometimes tough game caused conflicting emotions, although among fans of the clubs for which Jones played, he was a favorite.

Jones managed to play for the Wales national team, spent nine matches in it and even went on the field with a captain's armband.

After the end of his career, he got involved in sports and began acting in films. He played the role of tough guys, received a large number of prizes and awards from critics.

Vinnie Jones: biography

Winnie Jones is a charismatic professional actor from the UK, formerly a footballer who played for Chelsea, Wimbledon and Leeds United. This man is known around the world for his unique style of playing football, based on stiffness and aggression, and for his memorable roles in popular films about X-Men.

Childhood and football

The path of Winnie Jones to fame and recognition was a long and difficult one. As a child, at an early age, he became interested in football, began to practice it in a children's sports school. His coaches were the best specialists in England, so after a while Jones had already worked out excellent technique, accuracy of the pass and "reading" of the game. However, the guy’s growth was not suitable, so the road to big football was closed to him - the coaches did not see the prospect of such a “small” player.

Winnie Jones in his youth

Winnie got into the world of professional football through amateur football - he and a team of like-minded people literally burst into the sports proscenium and attracted the maximum attention of professional club coaches with a series of crushing victories at the amateur level and in the country's lower divisions.

Tough game winnie jones

Top-clubs of the country drew attention to the technical and sharp player, such as Vinnie. He managed to play in a number of professional clubs from the top division of England, he also participated in international football tournaments as part of the national team of Wales. The choice of the Wales team instead of England is easily explained - Winnie's behavior on the field blocked his path to the English national team, but thanks to his Welsh roots, his mother could have claimed for neighboring Wales.

Winnie Jones on the Wales national football team

For an overly tough game and aggressiveness on the field, the player receives the nickname Ax. He was removed a huge number of times from the field, his behavior was considered the worst among his contemporaries, he received red cards after a three-second stay on the field. Vinnie has become a kind of legend, an example of how not to do it.

His trick with the Newcastle player is still striking to the public - then the opponent Vinnie Paul Gascoigne during the fight for the ball felt in the innermost spot the steel grip of Jones hand.

Scandalous episode between Vinnie Jones and Paul Gascoigne

Age brought the football player’s career to its logical conclusion - the 33-year-old Vinnie quits sports and goes into the film industry, without having any acting education.


The motivation for success after Winnie’s sports career was an article by a sports journalist in which the author remarked that “Winnie will simply disappear after football and we will never see him again.” And although Jones did not like social life and the fleur of Hollywood, he did not want to become anyone after football.

Winnie Jones in the movie “Cards, Money, Two Trunks”

Winnie’s creative biography in the cinema began with paintings by Guy Ritchie, where he played the “tough stern guy”. The first work in the filmography of Jones was the cult action movie of the late 90's "Cards, Money and Two Trunks", soon followed by shooting in the blockbuster "Big Jackpot".

The image was fixed for this actor, because his high growth (187 cm) and impressive physical data, together with a courageous face, organically fit into the image of a “bad guy”. Over time, Winnie became even more brutal, increasing body weight. During the football career, his weight did not exceed 76 kg, then Jones gained another 13 kg.

Winnie Jones in the movie "Big Jackpot"

It turned out that Vinnie has a hidden talent for the actor, and he is able to play comedic and dramatic roles. For example, the ironic image of a scandalous football player who went to jail and decided to put together a football team there, Winnie Jones recreated in the comedy "Bone".

His play in popular films began to receive positive reviews from film critics, he became the winner of several international awards. But even after that there were film critics who published articles and reviews, predicting the imminent decline of Johns' career. And he starring in the film after the film.

Winnie Jones in the movie "The Bonebreaker"

He began to be invited to appear in high-budget films, in which the main roles were played by top stars - Jason Statham, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Holly Berry and others. Winnie's repertoire is diverse, but best of all he succeeds in roles in fantastic blockbusters and sports dramas. He starred in American and English films and received invitations to European and Asian cinema. True, here he plays the same role as "tough American guy."

During the period from 1998 to 2016, Winnie starred in more than 100 films and television projects. Among his roles are the Juggernaut from the superhero action movie X-Men: The Last Battle, the hitman Sebastian "M" Moran from the detective series "Elementary." Winnie Jones did not refuse the opportunity to embody the image of a bloodthirsty butcher killing people in the horror movie Midnight Express with Bradley Cooper in the title role.

Winnie Jones in the movie Midnight Express

On Twitter in 2016, Winnie Jones told fans that he plays in the movie Kingsman: The Golden Ring (Kingsman 2) along with Hollywood stars Colin Firth, Channing Tatum, Julianne Moore.

In 2013, Vinnie Jones became a member of the original television project. He tried himself as a worker of complex specialties in the project “Really in Russia”. So he finally and irrevocably fell in love with the Russian audience. In one interview, the actor shared his impressions of Russia. According to Winnie Jones, Russian hospitality is similar to the Irish. The artist was also surprised at the opportunity to travel by train without a break for 24 hours, and the fact that in many regions simple movement between settlements is accompanied by extreme sports. Not without the symbol of Russia - the bear, which Jones has repeatedly met in the taiga.

Vinnie Jones about Russia

Winnie also managed to star in a couple of television projects, work in the newspaper (he led a column on sports) and comment on a number of high-level football matches. Winnie Jones is not alien to music either - he recorded several blues albums with his own songs, showing unlimited musical and creative abilities.

Winnie jones now

Proposals from film producers regularly come to the popular actor. Winnie Jones has a lot to choose from. This is an action movie with Stephen Seagal, “Mercenary: Absolution,” and a fantasy film with Brian Austin Green, “The Cross. Part Two: Double Cheating, and the crime thriller with Rob Schneider, Life Outside.

Winnie Jones in the movie Cross. Part Two: Double Deception

Now the artist’s repertoire is ready to replenish with the criminal comedy “Systemic Madness” and the thriller “List of the Assassin,” in which Jones is declared to be involved.

Photo: Winnie Jones

Winnie Jones childhood and family

Vinnie Jones was born into the family of Peter Jones and Glenda Harris Jones. Like any British little boy since childhood, he was in love with football. To this day, Jones holds the school record: neither before nor after anyone managed to play in the school team at the age of 9 years. Soon the boy became a player, and then the captain of the Hertfordshire county team. At the same time he played in the children's team "Warford".

In childhood, Vinnie was a rather small and feeble little boy, and the club management considered him a futile football player and expelled him from the team.

Winnie jones now

Jones's last football club was the Queens Park Rangers, in which Winnie played the role of playing coach. In 1999, at the age of thirty-three, his football career ended. The hero of the scandalous football chronicle became the hero of show business.

Since the mid 90-ies of the XX century, he becomes a real TV star. Vinnie leads on television the program “Men and Motors” and a sports column in the newspaper The Sun, participates in various television shows, comments on football matches.

Vinnie very successfully changed the image of a “cool” football player to a “cool” guy. His image and voice are used by the British betting company Ladbrokes, which accepts bets on dog races. Bacardi commercials promoting strong spirits were very popular with viewers.

Winnie Jones movie career: films and roles

The famous director liked the game of the newcomer, and he invites him to the role of Tony in the movie "Big Jackpot".

The debut of the new actor and film critic was noted. For the roles of Tony and Chris Jones receives several awards, and the famous Dustin Hoffman calls Winnie the new Bruce Willis.

The successfully found image became the hallmark of Jones in subsequent films: “Gone in 60 Seconds”, “Swordfish”, “Eurotour”. In these and other films, Jones becomes a partner of such Hollywood stars as Nicolas Cage, Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie.

How long have you been in soccer

For some time, Jones really quit football, but in 1984 he returned as part of the Veldstone amateur club. Together with him, he won the championship and the FA Cup (in the amateur league), after which he went to play in Sweden. In the Scandinavian kingdom, he, together with the Holmsund team, became the winner of the third division of the local championship in 1986.

Comparing English and Swedish football is pointless. Against the background of the beloved game of the English, their colleagues from cold Sweden cannot be discerned in a microscope. Therefore, in the same 1986, Jones returned to his homeland and moved to Wimbledon. In 1988, Winnie together with this team wins the now professional FA Cup. For existing since 1889, Wimbledon, this victory is still the highest achievement.

Each English club has an unofficial nickname, many have several. It is noteworthy that the Wimbledon players, in addition to the Dons, are also called the “Gang of Psychos”. For the stubborn, extremely moody and, of course, talented Jones, there was no better place then.

After the victory of Wimbledon, players from its composition began to lure clubs with a higher rank. For several years, Jones has consistently played in Leeds United, Sheffield United and Chelsea, after which he returned to the Dons, becoming their captain. For Wimbledon, he played more than 250 matches. In 1998, Winnie was a bit playing coach of another British club, Queens Park Rangers, and at the age of 33 he completed a great football career.

In total, Jones played 384 official matches, on his account 33 goals scored. He usually did not need to break through to the gate of the opposing team - he was always a defender or midfielder.

The difficult character of Winnie Jones

And in everyday life, Jones tries not to leave the image of a guy with a tough character.

He was arrested more than once and fined for driving while intoxicated. In 1997, Jones almost ended up in jail for beating a neighbor with whom he argued about the border of the land. The football player managed to get away with a fine and a hundred hours of community service.

One day, heading to Tokyo, Jones had a fight on a Virgin Atlantic flight. Since then, he has been on the company's blacklist and has no right to use its services.

Vinnie himself, not without pride, recalled that when bananas were thrown at his friend John Fashan, he picked them up and threw them back, because I wanted to show everyone: in order to get to Fashan, you first have to meet with him.

However, Jones is no stranger to charity. He donated his entire fee - £ 30,000 for the film "Cards, Money and Two Trunks" to the hospital, in which his wife underwent a heart transplant.

Apparently the best thing about his controversial character was Winnie Jones himself: he was born in England, was the captain of the Wales team, but he always loved Ireland, although he went to Scotland to fish.

Dirty game

On the football field for Vinnie Jones entrenched image of "tough guy." For this, he was often criticized and called one of those who discredit football. Not particularly complained to Jones and journalists. They constantly accused him of awkwardness and inappropriate rudeness.

When it came to Wimbledon’s victory in the FA Cup, one newspaper wrote that getting this trophy by a team that has players like Vinnie Jones would be a “mockery of football,” because there are so many great players in the country that never received such a title.

Winnie's nickname was appropriate - ‘Ax’, that is, "The Ax" or "Ax." During his football career, he was removed 12 times from the field. Once he received a yellow card just three seconds after reaching the lawn for a tackle to the attacking opponent.

Perhaps the most striking illustration of rudeness will be the case when Jones clenched in a fist, let’s say, the crotch of another English football star, Paul Gascoigne. A photograph of this episode must have been seen by many who were interested in Vinnie's football past.

In another match, Jones inflicted a very serious injury to Gary Stevens, at that time a player in the England national team, on which Stevens career ended. However, Winnie was only so tough on Wimbledon. In Leeds, he received only 3 yellow cards during the season, and during the game for Sheffield and Chelsea he was never removed from the field.

Like any football player, Jones dreamed of playing for England, but because of the scandalous reputation he had no chance to get there. However, he was able to play for the Wales team. Vinnie was born in an English city, but he was able to prove the presence of Welsh maternal roots. For Wales, Jones played 9 matches and even stayed captain of the national team. He was invited to the team of Ireland. However, the search for Irish roots was less successful.

Sudden Guy Ritchie

In 1998, Guy Ritchie released his "Cards, Money, Two Trunks." The low-budget picture was immediately criticized for allegedly shameless copying of Tarantino. But when the film was revealed to the mass audience, it became clear that Richie shot one of the iconic British films of the 1990s.

Winnie Jones had no acting experience before. Richie invited him to his directorial debut after he saw on one of the television shows where he participated as a football player. On the first day of shooting, Jones arrived at the site directly from the police station - the day before he was arrested for a fight with a neighbor.

The “cards” shot so well that Guy Ritchie immediately conceived the next picture on a similar theme - “Big Jackpot”. Naturally, there was a place in it for Vinnie. It was he who was supposed to play the gypsy Mickey. However, a big fan of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Brad Pitt asked Richie for a role for himself in the new film.

Richie simply could not refuse a star of such magnitude. When it turned out that Pitt would not be able to fit into the panopticon of London bandits because of their inability to reliably imitate the local accent, it was decided to give him the role of an inarticulate speaking gypsy. Yes, Mickey’s speech in The Biggest Kush is in many ways precisely to disguise his non-British origin.

As a result, Vinnie Jones had to play hired thug Tony “Bullet in the Teeth”, and he coped with this task just fine. The acting skills of the former football player were noted with several awards and positive reviews from critics. Dustin Hoffman called him “the new Bruce Willis.”

Through the hollywood hills

An incredible debut helped Jones build a fast acting career out of nothing. In the image of a sarcastic thug, he spoke immediately in several large projects - “Gone in 60 Seconds” (2000), “Password“ Swordfish ”(2001),“ Eurotour ”(2004).

Winnie played the football player only once in the movie "The Bonebreaker" (2001), which was produced by Guy Ritchie. However, the film did not get much success, and even comparing it with "Cards" and "Big Cash" is somehow embarrassing. But later, Hollywood made a kind of remake of the picture - “Everything or Nothing” with Adam Sandler and a whole set of famous rasters.

In 2006, Winnie Jones played in his highest-budget film, the third installment of X-Men. Naturally, he got the role of a giant mutant with great power there. After the premiere, Vinnie announced that he had signed a contract for the next two parts of X-Men. However, he never appeared in them.

Image hostage

The permanent role of Winnie Jones to the viewer, alas, soon became boring. After 2006, with all the desire, it was not possible to find a single large or successfully fired project in which the actor would play. He continues to act actively. For example, in 2012, several films were released with his participation: “Pretend to be my husband”, “Hijacked”, “Freelancers”, “Magic Guys”. Can you recall any of this?

It seems that today, Jones takes on any proposed job. He goes to Alma-Ata to act in the thriller "Liquidator" (2010) from the Kazakhstani director Ahan Satayev. In 2014, Winnie plays in the disastrous Russian science fiction "The Calculator." He performs in a musical theater, acts in second-rate series and does not refuse to shoot in documentary and entertainment shows.

In general, the current Winnie Jones on the screen can only be seen by chance. It is unlikely that someone intentionally follows his career.However, this does not deprive Jones of past acting merit. “Big Chris” and Tony “Bullet in the Teeth” will always be with us as one of the most memorable archetypes of the London gangs of the lower classes. And any episode with his participation from the first two films of Guy Ritchie will always cheer up.

Amateur football

“It didn’t turn out to be a pro - I will play for amateurs,”

So Vinnie Jones judged and began to play in the amateur league of England for the “Weldstone”, with whom he became the champion and winner of the FA Cup. Naturally, among lovers.

In 1986, Vinnie Jones moved to Sweden, where he played for the Holmsund team from the third division. It was already semi-professional football - the players received some money at the club, but football was not their main occupation.

Jones helped the club improve its status - Holmsund won in its league, and returned to England, where he offered his services to Wimbledon.

Performances for professional clubs

  • Wimbledon (1986-1989, 1992-1998).
  • Leeds United (1989-1990).
  • Sheffield United (1990-1991).
  • Chelsea (1991-1992).
  • Queens Park Rangers (1998-1999).

That “Wimbledon” was called the “Gang of Crazies” - a nickname, in my opinion, more than eloquent. The championship of England in the late 80s - early 90s could well be called a "meat grinder", but Wimbledon stood out even against this background.

“Before the match with Wimbledon, our players said,“ Uh, today we’re playing with the “killers”, although, in principle, we have not gone far from them, ”

This is how the Russian goalkeeper Dmitry Kharin described this team, playing in the early 90's for London Chelsea.

But loonies and loonies, namely this team was able to win the only trophy (I do not count the titles won in amateur football) for more than a century of Wimbledon history (the club was founded in 1889). In the 1987–1998 FA Cup final, Wimbledon defeated the current Liverpool national champion due to the only goal of the North Irishman Lori Sanchez, and goalkeeper Dave Byzant managed to repel a penalty.

After wandering for a while at various clubs where he did not stay longer than a year, Winnie Jones returned to Wimbledon, where he soon received a captain's armband. Jones' style of play is fully consistent with the image of the club. About his records in collecting yellow and red cards - a little lower, but for now I’ll mention that it was Winnie Jones who put an end to the career of Portsmouth defender Gary Stevens, causing him serious injury.

In addition to the tough game, Winnie Jones was notable for his hooligan tricks on the field - a rare football fan did not see a photo where Winnie, with a distorted face from anger, squeezes the genitalia of young Paul Gascoigne.

“Once I grabbed Gascoigne by the balls. But guys, remember that day! It was Easter! ”

so Jones recalled this incident. In general, this guy's quotes deserve a separate mention.

And outside the field, these tricks were enough - drinking in pubs with teammates, drunk driving, fights with fans, beating up a neighbor because of a land dispute, a scandal on board an airplane. In general, Winnie fully justified the nickname given to him by the fans of Wimbledon - The Ax (as an option - The Ax).

In 1998, Winnie Jones moved to Queens Park Rangers as a playing coach, but spent only 9 matches for the team, after which he ended his player’s career.

National team of wales


The same number of matches - 9, Winnie played for the Wales team. He was somehow not invited to the England team, and with his reputation he would probably be naive to count on it. And here and Winnie found Welsh roots on the maternal side.

But on the international stage, Jones failed to light up, although he still spent several matches in the 1996 European Championship qualifying tournament, having even managed to put on the captain's armband. Already something, but Jones didn’t take charisma.

Winnie Jones - actor

It is not known how the fate of Vinnie Jones would have developed after the end of his playing career, had he not met with the little-known director Guy Ritchie at that time. He considered acting inclinations in a football player and invited him to the role in his debut film “Cards, Money, Two Trunks”.

The low-budget film, shot in the spirit of Quentin Tarantino, was a resounding success. Winnie played the role of the bandit Big Chris, and I must say, played great.

Then it started - Hollywood directors also began to invite Jones, he played in the films Big Jackpot, Midnight Express, Gone in 60 Seconds, Eurotour, People X, and many others.

There is a football role in his acting career. In the film "The Bonebreaker", he played the footballer of the England national team, who ended up in jail. To be honest, the filmets is so-so.

Russian cinema also didn’t pass Vinnie Jones - he played a role in Dmitry Grachev’s sci-fi film “The Calculator”.

Acting life suggests its own rules - Vinnie Jones has become participants in various shows, starred in TV shows, one of which is called "Vinnie Jones is really about Russia." In this documentary series, Vinnie Jones tries himself in our country in various professions. Moreover, the shooting took place not only in the central regions of Russia, but also on its outskirts, for example, in Vorkuta and Kamchatka.

Family and personal life of Winnie Jones

Milena Elliston - this is the name of the first life partner of Winnie Jones. They did not register the relationship, but, nevertheless, in 1991 they had a son, Aaron. The couple broke up, the son lives with his mother, but often sees his father.

And in 1994, Winnie Jones married Tanya Lamont, adopting her daughter Kylie.

Interesting Facts

  • Vinnie Jones holds the record for the school in which he studied - no one was able to play for the school team at 9 years old. This record has not been broken to this day.
  • Winnie Jones earned 12 red cards in his professional career.
  • Once Winnie Jones managed to get a yellow card already on the 3rd, no, not a minute, but a second of the match!

“On a pre-match setup, the coach never spoke to me about tactics or a game scheme. He just called me the name of the opponent’s player, ”Vinnie explains his aggressiveness on the field.

  • In 1992, the documentary film "Tough Football Boys" was released in England, voiced by Vinnie Jones. It demonstrated the game of Jones himself and other bones, who along the way gave advice on rough play. For this film, Vinnie received a 6-month suspension and was fined 20 thousand pounds.
  • Winnie Jones is the author of two autobiographical books: Winnie: An Autobiography and My Life: Winnie Jones.
  • Winnie Jones transferred his fee for shooting in the film "Cards, Money, Two Trunks" to the clinic, where his wife underwent a heart transplant.
  • In the city of Kovrov, Vladimir Region, there is a bar called “Vinnie Jones”.
  • A few years ago, Winnie Jones was diagnosed with skin cancer. After several operations, he was able to defeat this disease.

You know, in modern football there is too much glamor and simulation. Personally, I feel nostalgia for those times when ordinary guys played football, who did not spare either themselves or their opponents. One of these guys was Vinnie "The Ax" Jones.

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