Bruce Willis


Born March 19, 1955 in Western Germany, in the city of Idar - Oberstein, where his father, David Willis, was a civilian employee in the American military unit. He grew up in Penns Grove (New Jersey, USA). Studied at Montclair College. Of the four children in the family, Bruce was the oldest.

At the age of eight, Bruce Willis began to study in an amateur drama studio (and this despite stuttering!), Tries to sing along with harmonica in the blues ensemble “Luz-Goose”, plays in a student theater group, and then on the off-Broadway stage in New York, for which in 1977 (he was 22 years old) he dropped out of college.

Attempts to get roles in the cinema, on stage, on television did not lead to anything. In the evenings, Bruce Willis filled the mountain with alcohol.
In his desire to become an actor, he showed miracles of perseverance, but his efforts were not adequately appreciated by the luminaries of show business. More precisely, Willis’s talent was truly appreciated not on the stage, but at the counter of the popular New York cafe Cafe Central, where artistic bohemia spent time. “Bruce Willis rode around the bar on roller skates, dressed in pants, wide as a parachute, a torn shirt, with a bandage on his head. He always sang something, or chuckled, or played his harmonica.” Recall the artist’s biographers. Work at the bar was combined with persistent attempts to bring closer his "finest hour" in theater and cinema. Bruce Willis had to play many unremarkable roles in category B films and commercials. He "played" the first role in front of the camera in a Levyce jeans commercial.

In 1984, after one successful role in the off-Broadway stage version of Sam Shepard’s play “The Fool in Love”, where Bruce Willis played the main role, the first praise was written about him and invited to auditions in Los Angeles. Bruce Willis was pleased that he was in Los Angeles and was able to watch the Olympics, it was she who was more interested in him than the proposed role. And it was only by chance that on the last day before Bruce Willis left, they dragged him into the studio for tests in the pilot issue of the series "Moonlight". And then the story began with a capital letter. The well-known New York actor liked the producers so much that instead of an episodic role, Sybill Shepard herself took him into partners. In the very first months of work on the series, Bruce Willis becomes insanely popular, journalists write a "screen" romance with Sybill. The press intensifies interest in Willis. Bruce Willis also at about this time (in 1987) met the aspiring actress Demi Moore, who then starred mainly in the passing films. His relationship with Demi Moore began to develop rapidly. Soon they became husband and wife.

Willis from the mid-80s starred in the series "Moonlight". This series, which went on television in America from 1985 to 1989, made Willis not only a popular performer, but also the embodiment of a new male ideal - the ideal of the second half of the 80s. "Moonlight" was nominated for an Emmy Award in 16 categories, including for the best male role. Bruce Willis, awarded this prestigious award, full of creative strength and self-confidence, made his debut in 1987 in the "first-rate" Hollywood production - a comedy directed by B. Edwards "Absentee Date". The debut was recognized as successful, and opened the actor wide horizons.

The role of the New York policeman John McClain in the movie "Die Hard" (1988) showed how well you can use the features of a popular image. The commercial success of Die Hard allowed Willis to “spin up” the screen biography of his hero in two sequels - Die Hard-2 and Die Hard Strong, filmed in 1990. At a time when viewers associated Willis with the hero of this "McClain Saga", the actor starred in other roles. Still, admirers of Willis' talent prefer to see him in more extravagant situations - for example, hovering (without understudies and combined shooting) on ​​a hang glider in the film "Hudson Hawk" (1991). He plays in comic roles, for example, in the fantastic comedy "Death to her face" (1992).

The actor does not forget about his passion for music: in the film “Look, Who Still Says” (1990), he sings a song of his own composition, and his long-playing solo album “Bruce Willis: Bruno Returns” was published in 1987.

According to the actor himself, he does not consider his personal life a subject for wide discussion. The press, however, does not miss the opportunity to tell in detail about each new event in the "off-screen" life of Bruce Willis.

Bruce Willis considers such idols and role models to be such unlike actors as Robert de Niro, Robert Duvall, Al Pacino, Carey Grant, Bob Hope, Robert Mitchell, as well as Steve McQueen. All the famous colleagues of Willis have many prizes and awards, Willis has nothing but spectator love. In 1994, he was not nominated for an Oscar for Pulp Fiction, although all of Bruce's partners were nominated. The academy passed Bruce's brilliant work on 12 Monkeys. Bruce Willis, fortunately, is a cheerful person and does not make tragedy out of this. Also, this does not affect the material well-being of the actor. Today, Bruce Willis is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.

Golden Globe Award (1986):
Best Actor on TV, Comedy / Musical (Moonlight Detective Agency)

Nomination for the Golden Globe:
1985 - Best actor on TV, comedy / musical (Detective Agency Moonlight)
1987 - Best actor on TV, comedy / musical (Moonlight Detective Agency)
1989 - Best Supporting Actor ("In the Country")

Emmy Award:
1987 - Best actor in a drama series (Detective Agency Moonlight)
2000 - Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series (Friends)

Nomination for an Emmy (1986):
Best Actor in a Drama Series (Detective Agency Moonlight)

Nomination for Saturn:
1992 - Best Actor ("Death to Her Face")
1995 - Best Actor ("12 Monkeys")
1998 - Best Actor ("Armageddon")
1999 - Best Actor (Sixth Sense)

Nomination for the MTV Channel Award:
1992 - Best Screen Duo (The Last Boy Scout)
2000 - Best Actor (Sixth Sense)
2000 - Best Screen Duo (Sixth Sense)

Golden Raspberry Award:
1991 - Worst Screenplay ("The Hudson Hawk")
1998 - Worst actor ("Armageddon")

Nomination for Golden Raspberry:
1991 - Worst Actor (Hudson Hawk)
1994 - Worst Actor (Color of the Night)


About his own popularity, Bruce Willis says, not shy in the expressions. On Earth there remained a couple of countries where, by his own admission, the actor does not need to hide behind dark glasses and a hat. In his youth, the Hollywood star hoped that he would achieve something in life in the interval from 40 to 60 years. And the hopes came true.

Bruce willis

Willis does not regret about the committed deeds, because life is not like a movie, takes are not there, and "what you regret now, in the future leads to something great." The actor is especially pleased that he no longer has to run in front of the camera with weapons in his hands, depicting a hero.

Childhood and youth

"Die Hard" Walter Bruce Willis was born in March 1955 in Western Germany, in the city of Idar-Oberstein. Father David Willis was a civilian employee in an American military unit, an American by birth. Mother is German, a housewife.

Bruce Willis in childhood

In addition to Bruce, three younger children grew up in the family. After completing his father's service in the Armed Forces, the family returned to Penns Grove (New Jersey, USA) in 1957.

As a child, Bruce Willis stuttered a lot. The excitement literally deprived the boy of speech. To overcome this annoying defect, Willis went to school theater club. There he realized that he liked to speak to a large audience. Stuttering is gone. Here, Bruce felt the first thrill of power over the audience. The future action hero played the first roles on the stage of the school drama circle in amateur productions of Shakespeare and Williams.

Bruce Willis in his youth

After leaving school, Willis entered Montclair State University, where he also played in the student theater team. Then - on the off-Broadway stage in New York, for which he dropped out of school.


Bruce Willis's acting talent was noticed not on the stage, but at the bar of the popular New York bar "Centrale", where artistic bohemia spent time. Bruce Willis rode around the bar on roller skates and had a frankly exotic look: a torn T-shirt, parachute-wide pants and a colorful headband. The cheerful bartender constantly sang something, choked, or played the harmonica.

The first "role" in front of the camera guy 183 cm tall played in an advertisement for jeans "Levi's". The creative biography of Bruce Willis began with episodic roles in little-known theaters and television productions. But he did not lose heart and tirelessly visited all kinds of auditions and auditions, without giving up filming in advertising.

Bruce Willis and Sybill Shepherd in the series Detective Agency Moonlight

Great success came to Bruce Willis after his appearance in the series "Detective Agency" Moonlight "." The project was nominated for an Emmy Award in 16 categories, including for best performance of a male role. The actor gained the fame of a comedian. Only in 1988, when Bruce starred in the legendary Die Hard, the artist was seen in a different light. Now the image of an invincible world savior has stuck to him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Gere, Sylvester Stallone claimed for the role of John McClain in Die Hard. However, the producers chose the last guest Willis.

Bruce Willis in the movie Die Hard

This film brought the actor deafening fame and many new roles, as a rule, of the same type. Now Willis appeared on the screen in the image of a courageous lone hero saving lives. Apart from the sequels of Die Hard, Bruce played similar screen images in the films The Fifth Element, Mercury in Danger, and At the Distance of Impact.

In order to destroy the template and break the stereotype of the tough guy attached to it, Willis starred in the film “Out of the City” by the famous director Norman Juison. Here, Bruce is no longer a "tough nut" John McClain, but a much-suffering Vietnam War veteran. Critics approved: psychologically, the image was completely successful for the actor.Soon, in the film “Bonfire of Ambition”, viewers saw another unusual Willis - an inventive reporter for a popular newspaper.

Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer in the film "The Story of Us"

In the tragicomedy "The Story of Us" (1999), Willis showed himself in all its glory as a dramatic actor, starring with the inimitable Michelle Pfeiffer. The star acting duo embodied on the screen the story of a married couple who had a crisis after 15 years of marriage.

Although rare, Willis had to play not only good guys. One of the most striking was the role of a killer named Jackal in the film of the same name (1997). With his brilliant play, Willis, according to many critics, overshadowed the enemy from the good, which was performed by Richard Gere. And the famous grin even made me empathize with the bloodthirsty character.

Bruce Willis in the movie Pulp Fiction

And still, fans of Willis's talent prefer to see their pet as a hero without fear and reproach. Like in the film Hudson Hawk, where Willis hovers on a hang glider without backups and combined shooting, Armageddon, where his hero saves the planet Earth, in Fifth Element, where Bruce prevents a catastrophe of universal proportions. In other images, the artist is perceived with difficulty. So, the comedy action movie “The Hudson Hawk,” where the actor departs from the image of the furious action movie loved by fans, failed at the box office.

But the critics disagreed with the audience: they believe that the actor’s best roles were secondary roles in "Pulp Fiction" by Quentin Tarantino and "No Fools" by Paul Newman.

Bruce Willis in the movie Armageddon

Willis showed himself not only in action films, comedies and dramas, but also in psychological films. The thriller The Sixth Sense (1999) was one of the highest grossing films in American history. This tape brought the artist a surge of popularity and an enviable fee of $ 100 million. Especially for the film "The Sixth Sense", the actor, left-handed in life, had to relearn to write with the right hand in the frame.

During the filming of "The Perfect Stranger," the actor unexpectedly refused to star in the bed price with Oscar-winning Holly Berry. Willis motivated this by the fact that next to Berry he would look stupid. As a result, the actors had to shoot separately, and the film released in 2007 was the first in which computer technology was used to process the bed scene.

Bruce Willis and Holly Berry in the movie The Perfect Stranger

In the crime thriller “Hostage,” Bruce's daughter company was Rumer Glenn. The project “Double KOPets” was remembered by the performer of the main role of a policeman in that, unlike the films where the partners are representatives of different nationalities, this comedy did not focus on the racial affiliation of the heroes. In addition, “Die Hard” was parodied in the picture, and these scenes were included at the insistence of Willis. The actor noted that he had earned the right to laugh at himself.

In 2013, Bruce Willis joined the cast ensemble of the adventure film "Throw Cobra 2". The actor acted as an army general helping the superheroes of the covert Cobra unit fight the G.I. Joe

Bruce Willis in the movie “Throw Cobra 2”

In the thriller Wake, Bruce was entrusted with playing a criminal who had arrived at his brother’s funeral. And this time the hero would have to save the inhabitants of his native city, but the shooting was stopped a week after the start. The reason is the lack of funding. In order not to risk parallel projects, the actor refused to further participate in the film.

The action of the fantastic thriller “Welcome to Paradise” (“Anger”) takes place in the future, in a city inhabited by androids. The character of Willis protects humanity from a robot that intends to avenge people for bullying.

Bruce Willis in the thriller Welcome to Paradise

In the criminal action movie Raiders, Bruce appeared as the owner of a network of attacked banks. Looted thieves donate to charity. The FBI, which investigates crimes, is inclined to think that this is a kind of punishment for a banker who conducts business in an dishonest manner.

A companion to a movie star in the comedy “His Dog Business” was a Jack Russell Terrier dog. Willis reincarnated as the owner of the dog, a private detective who dreams of peace. When a pet is kidnapped, the hero of Bruce has to follow the instructions of the criminals.

Bruce Willis in the movie Split

The Split horror film introduced David Dunn, a character from the thriller Invulnerable, which was released in 2000, already familiar to the audience. True, in “Split” the protagonist, in whose consciousness 23 personalities live, was played by James Makevoy. The new, 24th, personality makes a man abduct and kill women.

In the final part of the picture, visitors to the bar compare the killer with a terrorist nicknamed Mr. Glass. Bruce appears for a moment, thus becoming the link between the two films. And the director Knight Shyamalan added intrigue, saying that the characters of the paintings will collide with each other in a new project.

Biography of Bruce Willis contains many other pages not related to the movie. At the age of 60, he made his Broadway debut in the play Misery, staged from the book of Stephen King.

Bruce Willis on the Broadway Stage

Previously, I tried to prove myself as a businessman. The actor invested a considerable amount of capital in the restaurant business, becoming a co-owner of the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain. But in October 1999, Willis, along with business partners, declared Planet Hollywood bankrupt. There are a dozen restaurants around the world.

In the European branches of Planet, the actor sometimes arranges small recitals with the Accelerators group playing the blues. By the way, Willis released 2 albums in the 80s, performed in the style of a classic country.

Personal life

The personal life of Bruce Willis is not a subject for public discussion. So the actor himself believes. This is probably why the fashionable family mansion in Hollywood is surrounded by a 6-foot-high wall, which, however, does not interfere with the press, and often savor the details of the life of the star.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

Bruce Willis met his first wife Demi Moore during the filming of the series "Detective Agency" Moonlight "." Demi was then an aspiring actress who starred in episodic roles of low-budget films. However, like the future husband. And although Bruce was credited with an affair with Sybill Shepard at that time, in fact it was an advertising move designed to promote the series. Real relationships and a stormy romance developed over the set between Bruce and Demi Moore.

In November 1987, the couple legalized the relationship. Soon 3 daughters were born to them - Rumer, Scout and Talula Bel. But family life, which was considered exemplary, suddenly ended: in 1998 the couple announced the breakup, and in October 2000, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore divorced.

Demi married Ashton Kutcher, and Bruce married actress and model Emma Heming. The chosen one, in whose veins Indian and British blood flows, was included in the list of the 100 sexiest women on the planet. Moreover, the actor and his new wife were also not at all embarrassed by the significant age difference.

Bruce and Emma have 2 daughters growing up: Mabel Ray and Evelyn Penn. The family lives in New York, in an apartment near Central Park.

Height, weight, age. How old is Bruce Willis?

Probably there is not a single person left in the world who would not seek to know such parameters of the legendary actor as his height, weight, age. How old is Bruce Willis - it is possible to clarify by the date of his birth, while realizing what character traits he was endowed according to horoscopes.

Bruce was born in 1955, so in March he celebrated his sixty-second birthday. The zodiac circle gave him a sign of dreamy, ambitious, creative, athletic, unsure Pisces.

According to the Eastern horoscope, in the character of Willis, traits inherent in the Goat appeared, namely, thriftiness, activity, a tendency to train other people, conservatism, hard work, reliability.

Bruce Willis: photo in his youth and now - this is the same person. But only in childhood and adolescence he had a luxurious head of hair, and now he is shining with a signature bald crown. By the way, the guy with brown hair looks unusual, and does not at all look like our militant hero.

The growth of the conqueror of cinema is a meter and eighty-three centimeters, and the weight is established at around eighty-six kilograms.

Filmography: films starring Bruce Willis

Willis made his debut in the movie "The First Deadly Sin" back in 1980, but was not even included in the credits. Then the producers noticed the actor, and his filmography was replenished with the works “Moonlight Detective Agency”, “Blind Date”, “Die Hard”, “Sixth Sense”, “Death to Her Face”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Armageddon”, “ The Fifth Element, Nine Yards, Sin City. To shoot in films, he went to great lengths, was left-handed, but wrote with his right hand, did tricks and even threatened actors who did not want to star with him.

Since 1987, Bruce Willis has been recording musical compositions, releasing albums and platinum discs, and occupying places on the world charts. Some of the author's songs became the soundtracks for the films in which he starred.
The actor’s personal life slid downhill after he broke up with his first wife Demi Moore. Willis had short affairs with Maria Bravo Rosado and Rachel Hunter, Estella Warren and Eva Yasanovsky, Emily Sandberg and Nadia Berlin, Alisha Klass and Brooke Burns, Liv Tyler and Marushka Detmers.

The most interesting thing is that absolutely all relations ended, never starting, because the guy hoped that his ex-wife would return to him.

Family and children of Bruce Willis

The family and children of Bruce Willis are his support and stronghold, he tries to spend all his free time with his family and friends. The guy’s family is international because his mother was German and his father was American to the core. It was dad who moved his family to the States, so this opened up to the kid the world of cinema, theater, music and creativity.

By the way, the Willis family was friendly and having many children, but it became incomplete, since barely sixteen was struck by the eldest son, the parents separated.

Bruce has five princesses, these are his beloved daughters who were born at different times and from different women. Willis just loves the girls, for the sake of them he learned how to cook deliciously a cachiator and lasagna. And he constantly takes to the set and even starred with them in several television series.

Bruce Willis Daughter - Rumer Glenn Willis

The daughter of Bruce Willis - Rumer Glenn Willis was born in 1988, her mother was the first wife Demi Moore. The baby was so active and creative that her parents could hardly cope with her upbringing.

Rumer constantly spent time on the set, played with a clapperboard and amused the film crew. That is why from the age of six she made her debut in the film "Then and Now", and then there were works in the films "Strip", "Nine Yards", "Hostage".

From 2000 to the present, she starred in fifteen films and series, but in the supporting roles. She participated in the program "Dancing with the Stars", then toured with the show. Rumer has a stormy personal life, but she has not yet married and not given birth to a child.

Bruce Willis Daughter - Scout Larya Willis

The daughter of Bruce Willis - Scout Larue Willis - was born in marriage with Demi Moore in 1991, she was also a real charm and actress. The girl studied well, she even starred in several films with her father, however, she did not connect her life with the theater or cinema.

The most interesting thing is that Scout is constantly busy with social activities, she is an activist of the scandalous movement “Freedom to the nipples!”. She impressed all Americans with the fact that in 2014 she walked around the shops and the center of New York, having previously freed herself from the bra.

Daughter of Bruce Willis - Tallulah Belle Willis

The daughter of Bruce Willis - Tallulah Belle Willis - was born in 1994, and again her actress Demi Moore became her mother. She was never a good girl, because she had a hard time surviving her parents' divorce.

Tallulah skipped classes at school and college, and at the age of seventeen she even got to the police station for driving without a license and was intoxicated.

The girl is constantly under strict parental control. But this does not prevent her from constantly being treated for alcohol and drug addiction in private clinics in the USA and arranging scandalous tricks in public places, which will greatly disappoint Willis.

Bruce Willis Daughter - Mabel Ray Willis

Bruce Willis's daughter, Mabel Ray Willis, was born in a second marriage to model Emma Hamming in 2012. The girl does not at all look like her dad and rather has oriental than European facial features.

The girl perfectly draws, dances and tries to sing along to her dad when he plays the harmonica. She is preparing to go to school, so she is engaged in developing children's courses.

Mabel is a frequent guest on the set of films in which her father is shot, so it is possible that she will appear on large screens soon.

Bruce Willis Daughter - Evelyn Penn Willis

The daughter of Bruce Willis - Evelyn Penn Willis - was born in 2014, and her mother was Emma Hamming, which the baby is unrealistic like. The girl is simply adored by parents and an older sister who helps with caring for her.

The baby does not yet know what she wants to become, although she also looks at how her dad is removed, sitting proudly in her mother’s arms. She loves to run around the stage and enjoy clapping the director's clapper. One way or another, but this child is artistic and creative, which means she has a great future.

The ex-wife of Bruce Willis - Demi Moore

The ex-wife of Bruce Willis - Demi Moore - is his first and probably only love, because she believed in him. The girl suffered from the fact that she was left by a gentleman, and the guy had problems with alcohol. But they met at the premiere of the film "Tracking" and began to live together back in 1987.

Bruce stopped drinking and arranged for the beloved the most magnificent wedding celebration in Los Angeles, and then one by one the three daughters of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were born.
The star couple was considered the most exemplary in Hollywood. But the marriage broke up in 1998, although the guys lived together for more than eleven years. The problem was associated with the loving affection of the young man and the tight tour schedules of both spouses.

Bruce Willis Wife - Emma Hemming

The wife of Bruce Willis - Emma Hemming - appeared in the life of an actor after ten years of a bachelor life. In 2009, he married this model, with whom he fell in love with him on his first date.

The man was constantly next to his beloved, but she was constantly jealous of his ex-wife, even being in an interesting position. In 2014, there was even scandalous news that Emma and Bruce decided to divorce, however, it all turned out to be gossip, based on the fact that a pregnant girl took off her wedding ring from her swollen finger.

Emma is twenty-three years younger than her chosen one, but she admits that she is happy with him and does not want to lose.

Instagram and Wikipedia Bruce Willis

Instagram and Wikipedia Bruce Willis are available, while they are completely reliable. From a Wikipedia article, it’s really possible to learn about childhood, family, education, school years, as well as about his spouses and daughters. There is a huge amount of reliable data on filmography, political views, discography, as well as work as a screenwriter and producer.

At the moment, no more than 68,900 people have signed up on Willis’s official Instagram page. There are also profiles in this social network for the three eldest daughters of a famous actor. It will be possible to admire photos and videos from the personal and creative archives, which are timely accessed on the Internet.

Actor career

After that, Willis starred in several less successful films, including the thriller Fred Zinnemann “The Jackal” (1997, in partnership with Richard Gere) and the dramatic action movie Harold Becker “Mercury in Danger” (1998, with Alec Baldwin).

The artist’s career began to stall again, but then soared to new heights with the release of Michael Bay's science fiction film “Armageddon,” which became the box office champion for 1998. Willis partners in this magnificent picture were Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck and Steve Buscemi. When this picture came out on top in terms of revenue for the first week of hire, Bruce jokingly commented: “I am happy that the end of the world amuses people so much.”

Among the other most significant film works of the actor are the crime thriller Paul McGuigan “The Lucky Number of Slevin” (2006, with the participation of Morgan Freeman), the thriller James Fowley “The Perfect Stranger” (2007, with Holly Berry), the fantastic action movie Jonathan Mostow “Surrogates” (2009) , the comedy action movie of Kevin Smith “Double KOPets” (2010), the comedy action movie Robert Schwentke “RED” (2010) and his sequel “RED 2” (2013), etc.

In addition, Bruce Willis starred in the "personal" action movie Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables (2010) and the sequel The Expendables 2 (2012), along with titans of this genre such as Jason Statham, Jet Lee, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Arnold Schwarzenegger , Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris - critics jokingly called this franchise the "Who is Who" encyclopedia of classic actors in the action genre, which lit up the screen with a truly explosive entertainment spectacle. "


The fame did not come right away - Willis had to play in little-known theaters for several years and play episodic roles in television productions before he was noticed and invited to star in the television series Detective Agency Moonlight (1985-1989). Willis gained a reputation as a comedian, but in 1988 he unexpectedly starred in the action movie Die Hard, which brought him world fame. Subsequently, Willis repeatedly returned to the role of a lone hero - it is enough to recall such films as The Fifth Element, Mercury in Danger, as well as four rather successful sequels of Die Hard.

In the career of Willis, there have been downs and ups. For example, in the early 1990s, he starred in several not-so-successful films, but in 1994 played a notable, though not the main role in Quentin Tarantino's film “Pulp Fiction” and won back the lost positions. In the late 1990s, another recession followed, but in 1999, Willis played the main role in the film The Sixth Sense, which fell in love with both viewers and critics. Willis earned about $ 100 million on this film.

In the 2000s, Willis actively collaborated with filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and starred in two of his films (Sin City and Planet of Fear).

April 23, 2009 Belvedere S.A. signed a long advertising contract with Willis, who became the new face of vodka Sobieski en. In the film “RED”, Willis is disinfected with the vodka exactly to the hero. In the same year he starred in the Gorillaz music video “Stylo”.

Known as a member of the band The Accelerators, playing blues standards, but also relatively active and solo - in the 1980s released two albums performed in the style of pop-rock, soft rock and blues. Since 2010 - the face of the advertising campaign of Trust Bank, which takes place under various slogans made as phrases of Willis himself.

Together with Arnold Rifkin, he founded the film company Cheyenne Enterprises, which released about three dozen films.

He is the face of the German company LR.


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