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Sevenard Eleanor Konstantinovna

Born September 22, 1998 in St. Petersburg.

From the age of four, she began to practice ballet. In 2017 she graduated from the Academy of Russian Ballet. AND I. Vaganova.

During her studies, she was actively involved in the performances of the Mariinsky Theater, participated in the Academy’s tours in Lithuania and Japan. In the spring of 2017, she took part in the gala concert "Icons of Russian Ballet" in London (Colosseum Theater) and the Gala of the 21st century ballet schools held at the Opera Garnier in Paris.

Since 2017 in the troupe of the Bolshoi Theater. September 21, 2017 debuted at the Bolshoi Theater in the production of Don Quixote.

The great-granddaughter of the ballerina Matilda Kshesinsky.

Photo: Eleanor Sevenard

Over the past two days, the name of the beginning ballerina, Eleanor Sevenard, has spread around almost all Russian media. There were several reasons to get to know her better. Firstly, Eleanor is the grandniece of the famous ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaia, about whose life Alexey Uchitel’s film “Matilda” will be released soon. Secondly, the other day at the Bolshoi Theater she made her debut performance in the play "Don Quixote". And thirdly, today Eleanor celebrates her birthday - she turns 19 years old. We congratulate Eleanor - both on her birthday and on her debut, we wish her great creative success, and we offer you to find out some interesting facts about her.

Matilda Kshesinskaya Eleanor, as already noted, is a grandniece. Her father, Konstantin Sevenard, is the son of Yuri Sevenard, who, in turn, is the son of Tselina Kshesinskaya, and she is the daughter of Matilda Kshesinskaya’s brother.

The family often talked about Matilda Feliksovna, we kept Kshesinsky suits. Now we transferred them to the Academy Museum. I think this also played a role in my decision to choose the path of a dancer, ”Eleanor told Voci dell'Opera last year.

Eleanor Sevenard

Matilda Kshesinskaya

Eleanor's parents have nothing to do with ballet. Father Konstantin Sevenard is engaged in the construction business, was elected to the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg and to the State Duma of the 3rd convocation. Eleanor's mom is a historian.

Eleanor Sevenard's mom

Grandma Eleanor Sevenard

Eleanor began to practice ballet from the age of 4. But she was brought to the Academy of Russian Ballet named after A. Ya. Vaganova, which Eleanor graduated this year, her mother. At that time, Eleanor was 10.

Eleanor at the graduation Academy in the Catherine Palace Diana Vishneva and Eleanor Sevenard

While still a student of the Academy, she began to participate in the performances of the Mariinsky Theater (for example, played the role of Masha in the ballet The Nutcracker) and went on tour, in particular, to Lithuania and Japan.

Favorite artists of Eleanor - Maya Plisetskaya, Ekaterina Maksimova and Vladimir Vasiliev.

Eleanor Academy was trained under the leadership of Tatyana Udalenkova. Also, her teacher was the rector of the Academy Nikolai Tsiskaridze.

He is a very demanding teacher, otherwise it is impossible. I am glad that I have such an opportunity, because after rehearsing with him, you go out with the knowledge, goals and objectives that you must correct at the next rehearsal. And, most importantly, during rehearsals with Nikolai Maksimovich, you gain strength, a desire to work and improve, ”Eleanor said in an interview.

Tatyana Udalenkova and Nikolai Tsiskaridze

On the account of Eleanor - several honorary awards. Last year, she won the second prize of the 7th Vaganova-PRIX International Ballet Competition (senior group), the prize of the Natalia Dudinskaya and Konstantin Sergeyev Foundation and became one of the winners of the All-Russian Competition of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation "Young Talents of Russia". And in 2017, Eleanor was awarded the first prize of the 3rd All-Russian contest of young performers "Russian Ballet".

After graduating from the Academy, Eleanor was offered to enter the troupe of the Mariinsky Theater, where she knew a lot, or the troupe of the Bolshoi. But the heiress of Kshesinskaya nevertheless chose the Moscow theater - now she is training under the direction of Svetlana Adyrkhaeva. This became known last week.

Eleanor Sevenard after her debut performance at the Bolshoi Theater, September 20


Later, the girl admitted that kinship with Matilda was not the main reason for choosing a profession. However, the significant role of Kshesinsky in the world of ballet pulls her along - Sevenard wants to achieve such success in her career.

The young ballerina has already reached considerable heights in her business. On her account - several prestigious awards. Among them is the first prize of the 3rd All-Russian contest of young performers "Russian Ballet".


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