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Alec Baldwin
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Alec Baldwin at the 65th Cannes Film Festival, May 2012
Birth nameAlexander Ray Baldwin III
Date of BirthApril 3, 1958 (1958-04-03) (61 years old)
Place of BirthAmityville, New York, USA
Citizenship USA
Career1980 - present time

US Screen Actors Guild Award (2007, 2008, 2009 - twice, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Alexander Ray (Alec) Baldwin III (English Alexander Rae "Alec" Baldwin III, born April 3, 1958) is an American actor, film director, and a representative of the Baldwin dynasty. Winner of the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.


Born April 3, 1958 in the village of Amityville, New York, USA.

He graduated from George Washington University in Washington with a degree in Political Science, New York University in Drama, and Lee Strasberg Institute in New York. He made his film debut in the soap opera Doctors in 1980. He also worked in the theater and on Broadway (Craig Lucas's fairy tale Prelude to a Kiss and Caryl Churchill's satirical grotesque Big Money). Alec’s younger brothers - Daniel, William and Stephen Baldwin - are also actors.

February 14, 2011 Alec received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at number 2433.

Leads his column in an online newspaper The huffington post.


Alexander Ray Baldwin III, better known by the diminutive name Alec Baldwin, is an American actor and film director, winner of the Golden Globe and Emmy awards, star of the films On the Edge, The Habit of Marrying, and Studio 30.

He was born in the village of Amityville, located in the US state of New York. His father, Alexander Ray Baldwin II, was a high school history and sociology teacher and coached a youth soccer team. Mom Carol Newcomb Martino devoted most of her time to raising children, because she had six of them.

Actor Alec Baldwin

Alec has two sisters - Jane and Elizabeth, as well as three younger brothers - William, Daniel and Stephen, who also became actors. So Alexander is a representative of the Baldwin acting dynasty.

In childhood, Alec did not even think about the scene. He loved sports, played American football and was keen on politics. Therefore, having received a document on secondary education, the young man enters George Washington University in the US capital and becomes a student in the political science department. He really wanted to make a career as a politician, and for a start he planned to become a student president of his university, but lost to another candidate, gaining two votes less.

Alec Baldwin in his youth

In order to provide for his life, the young man worked as a waiter in a restaurant, a warehouse chauffeur, and a male linen seller in a store while studying. In general, he took on any proposals that brought income. And once visited an extra in a television series. It was then that the producers persuaded Baldwin to change his specialty, since he had amazing photogenicity and naturally kept himself in front of the cameras.

Alec still learned the science of political science, but did not work in his specialty, but went to New York and began to study dramatic art at a local university. He also took acting lessons at the famous Lee Strasberg Academy. In parallel with his studies, the aspiring actor made his debut on the Broadway stage in the fairy tale Prelude to a Kiss and the grotesque satire Big Money, and even received a prestigious theater prize.

However, Alec Baldwin’s interest in the humanities and social sciences did not disappear forever. Much later, having already become a big Hollywood star, he will lead his own column in The Huffington Post as a columnist for all significant events in the world.


On the movie screen, Alec Baldwin first appeared in the soap opera Doctors. At first he came as an extras, but in the end he stayed there for two and a half years. There were other television projects: Hotel, Houston Massacre, Quiet Pier. The actor played the first major role in the military drama Sweet Revenge, and came in popularity after the black comedy Beatlejuice, the crime film Married to the Mafia and the thriller Miami Blues.

Alec Baldwin and Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie "Married to the Mafia"

In the 90s, Alec Baldwin enters the first line of Hollywood actors. His duet with Sean Connery in the action movie "Hunt for Red October", collaboration with Kim Basinger in the romantic comedy "The Habit of Marrying" and with Al Pacino in the drama "Americans" make the actor a star of the first magnitude. The crime thriller “Escape”, the mystical fantasy “Shadow”, the detective “Prisoners of Heaven” and the adventure drama “On the Edge” became even more loud.

In the XXI century, Alec Baldwin continued to act in films, collecting more than 100 paintings in the filmography. Of the many works of this period, it is worth noting the comedy “The Last Frame”, the melodrama “A Girl from the Suburbs”, the family picture “Luxurious Life” and the comedy series “Studio 30”, for which the actor received the Golden Globe Award.

Alec Baldwin in the movie Red October Hunt

The audience also warmly received the duet of Baldwin and actress Meryl Streep in the unobtrusive comedy about love “Simple Difficulties”. The actors reincarnated on the screen into spouses, who, after a divorce, begin a new round of relationships. For work in the comedy, Alec Baldwin received a BAFTA nomination for Best Supporting Role.

When Woody Allen offered Alec Baldwin the role of an architect who grew up in the capital of Italy in the next masterpiece, Roman Adventures, the actor could not refuse. Traveling around the city of his youth, the hero of Baldwin meets an architect in whom he sees himself in his youth. The film also starred Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page. A few years later, the creative union of the actor and director was repeated in the drama "Jasmine", where Cate Blanchett became Baldwin's partner.

Alec Baldwin in the movie "On the Edge"

In 2004, Alec Baldwin opened the director's page in his creative biography. He directed the philosophical and mystical drama The Devil and Daniel Webster, where he himself played the main role of a writer selling his soul for fame. Alec also invited Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Love Hewitt to the picture. It would seem that the project should have thundered all over the world, but due to financial disagreements with the producers of the movie, it only appeared on the screens three years later, so it no longer had the deafening success that Alec had hoped for initially.

Alec later produced the independent film, The Luxurious Life, where Martin Scorsese became its co-producer. Baldwin also participated in the creation of the paintings "Seduced and Abandoned" and "The Incredible Journey of Barney Frank."

Personal life

In his youth, at the dawn of his film career, Alec Baldwin met with actresses Holly Ganyer and Janine Turner. He was even engaged to the last of them in 1983, although a year later the couple announced their separation.

In the early 90s, the actor began a romantic relationship with the star of the films “Nine and a Half Weeks” and “My Stepmom is an Alien” Kim Basinger. The actors met for three years, during which time they even managed to star together in the comedy “The Habit of Marrying”. As a result, in 1993, the wedding of Alec and Kim took place. The ceremony was held in the hometown of the groom, Amityville.

Alec Baldwin and Holly Gannier

I must say that many of Baldwin's acquaintances were sure: Basinger is getting married solely for financial reasons. The fact is that literally on the eve of the actress lost the court and was obliged to compensate for the damage to the film company in the amount of $ 6 million. This completely ruined the woman, and marriage to a successful actor compensated her condition.

Whatever the case, Alec married Kim Basinger, and two years later became the first father. Young people had a daughter, Island Alice, who has now become a famous fashion model. By the way, it is interesting that animals always lived in the house of Baldwin and Basinger, and in large numbers. In some period they simultaneously had 11 dogs, 7 cats and a wolf.

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger

The family life of the actors lasted seven years. In 2000, they parted, and a year later formalized a divorce. The main reason for the breakdown of relations Kim and Alec indicated "insurmountable contradictions."

Immediately after that, Baldwin had affairs with spectacular actresses Christine Davis, Tatum O’Neill and Anna Rothschild. Then he had a rather long relationship with the prosecutor Nicole Seidel and the star of the film “Short Editing” Laurie Singer.

Nicole Seidel and Alec Baldwin

In 2011, Alec met with yoga teacher Hilary Thomas, who was 25 years younger than the actor. The couple went down the aisle on June 30, 2012. The wedding ceremony was held at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. With Hilary, the actor is happy to this day. Moreover, the young wife three more times helped Baldwin experience the joy of fatherhood.

First, they had a daughter, Carmen Gabriela, then their son Rafael Thomas was born, and in September 2016 the world saw the fourth child of Alec and the third for his wife - the son of Leonardo Angel Charles.

Alec Baldwin and Hilary Thomas with children

Actor Alec Baldwin loves animals. He is an activist of the society "People for the humane treatment of animals", and also completely abandoned the use of meat food, becoming a vegetarian.

Alec Baldwin now

In recent years, Alec Baldwin has been participating in the humorous sketch show Saturday Night Live, where he began to parody current US President Donald Trump even before the election politician won. After the inauguration of Trump, Alec continued to appear on television in the guise of the head of state, and once even met with the hero of the parody. Sketches are always topical and ostentatious every time, which the public likes, but does not like the president.

Donald Trump even appealed to the artist with calls to stop depicting him. To this, Alec responded that he would stop transforming into Donald Trump after he published his tax return. Jokes about the president regularly get on Instagram by Alec Baldwin, and in 2017, the actor even received an Emmy Award for his starring role.

In November 2017, on the account of the wife of Alec Hilary on Instagram, her photos began to appear surrounded by children, which were accompanied by ambiguous comments about a possible replenishment of the family. To the question of the followers who are expected in the Baldwin family, Alec's wife posted a photo of a cake with blue filling. Fans of the artist, who turned 60 in 2018, considered that the birth of a boy would be the best gift for the anniversary.

As for film projects, today the artist’s popularity among directors and the public is not weakening. In 2017, with the participation of the actor, the drama “The Blind Man” was released, in which Alec appeared in the role of a writer who was blind after a car accident. Actress Demi Moore became his partner on the set. Another premiere of the year is the film “The Private Life of a Modern Woman”, where Alec Baldwin starred with Sienna Miller. In 2018, the comedy “Parents of easy virtue” was released with Alec Baldwin and Salma Hayek, who turned into a married couple.

Now the next part of the adventure thriller Mission Impossible: Consequences is being prepared for release, in which Alec Baldwin will reappear as CIA Director Alan Hanley.

Short biography

Alec Baldwin (full name Alexander Ray Baldwin the Third) was born on April 3, 1958 in the village of Amityville, which is located in New York State. Father, Alexander Ray Baldwin II, worked as a teacher of historical and sociological sciences in high school and was a mentor to the youth soccer team. Mom, Carol Martino, watched the hearth and raised six children.

Alec has two sisters - Elizabeth and Jane. William, Stephen and Daniel are younger brothers who also became artists. Alec is one of the representatives of the dynasty of actors - Baldwin.

From childhood, Alexander did not even think about the scene. He liked going to American football training and to the political circle. After graduating from high school, the young man entered the political science faculty at John Washington University, which is located in the capital of the United States of America. Alec dreamed of a career politician and the first step towards the goal was becoming the president of the institution. However, the ambitious young man lost the election, having received a couple of votes less than the winner.

In addition to his studies, the young man worked a lot to live in the capital. He undertook any activity that could bring income: a restaurant waiter, a warehouse driver and a male underwear seller.

Once a young man managed to visit the set as an extra for the series. Then the producers were delighted with the photogenicity of Alec and his naturalness in front of the cameras. They even persuaded the guy to change his occupation.

Still, Alexander graduated from the university, but he was not able to work in the profession. He went to New York, closer to home, where he entered another higher education institution at the faculty of dramatic art. Parallel to his main studies, Alec went to acting classes at the famous institution of Lee Strasberg. The young man did not want to waste time in vain and quickly joined the creative team with which he first performed on Broadway in Prelude to a Kiss and in the comedy Big Money.

It is worth noting that Alec Baldwin "has not cooled" to the social and human sciences. Already a Hollywood star, having received fame and recognition, he began to review political news and write in the newspaper The Huffington Post about the most significant events in the world.

Movie career

Alec appeared on screens for the first time in a soap opera called Doctors. Initially, the young artist tried as an extras, but in the end he got a good role and starred for two and a half years. After that, Alexander played in other projects on television:

The actor got his first major role in the military film Sweet Revenge. But the real popularity came to Alec after filming in the "black" comedy "Beatlejuice" in the role of Adam, in the crime-themed film "Married to the Mafia", where he played Frank de Marcano, and in the thriller "Miami Blues" - the role of Frederick.

In the last decade of the 20th century, Alec Baldwin confidently stands next to the stars of Hollywood. Alexander himself became world famous thanks to the filming in several important films:

  • Action "Hunt for the" Red October "with Sean Connery.
  • Romantic comedy “The habit of getting married” with Kim Basinger.
  • Drama "The Americans" with Al Pacino.

After successfully working in tandem with the stars, Alec starred in other famous films of various genres, which became just as popular. This is the thriller “Escape”, the detective film “Prisoners of Heaven”, the fantasy “Shadow” and the drama “On the Edge”.

In the XXI century, Alec continued to act in film. The number of works of the actor exceeded one hundred. Among the many roles, one can distinguish several of the most striking: the comedy film "The Last Frame", the family movie "Luxurious Life", and the series "Studio 30". For the role in the last project, the actor was awarded the Golden Globe.

The actor received the BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Role after filming with Meryl Streep in the love comedy Simple Difficulties. The artists played a married couple, in which after a divorce feelings flared up again.

In 2011, Woody Allen offered Alec the role of a Roman architect in the comedy Roman Adventures. The actor did not refuse to shoot, especially since he had to work with charming actresses Ellen Page and Jessica Eisenberg. The director liked Alec’s professionalism and a year later he invited Baldwin to his next film “Jasmine” with Cate Blanchett.

In 2004, Alexander decided to try his hand at the directorial field. He began to work on the mystical movie "The Devil and Daniel Webster", where he decided to keep the main role - a writer, changing his soul to fame.Baldwin also invited Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Love Hewitt to play the roles of Daniel and the Devil. It seemed to the whole film crew that the film should become famous all over the world. But disputes with producers over the budget delayed the appearance of the picture on the screens.

The movie was released only after three years and, of course, was not successful., which the director was counting on initially.

After an unsuccessful directorial experience, Baldwin tried his hand at producing. He participated in the creation of the painting "Luxurious Life". Alec's co-producer was Martin Scorsese. In addition, the artist participated in the filming of the films “The Incredible Journey of Barney Frank” and “Seduced and Abandoned”.

Photo: Alec Baldwin

The filmography of the actor

Today, Alec Baldwin’s films are of great interest. His incredible charisma and naturalness on the screen gathered many fans from all over the world. Spectators often celebrate the most striking work of the actor. This list includes:

  • “The Hunt for Red October” (1990).
  • The Habit of Marrying (1991).
  • “Prelude to the kiss” (1992).
  • “Prisoners of Heaven” (1996).
  • “On the sharp edge” (2006).
  • "The Devil and Daniel Webster" (2007).
  • “A Girl from the Suburbs” (2007).
  • “Luxurious Life” (2008).
  • Simple Difficulties (2009).
  • “In the olden days” (2016).
  • The Blind Man (2017).
  • “Parents of easy virtue” (2018).

Despite his age, the actor is quite actively removed. In his youth, Alec Baldwin was a sex symbol, and today he gives the impression of a respectable man.


The full name of the actor is Alexander Ray Baldwin III, he was born on April 3, 1958 on the coast of Long Island, in the village of Amityville. This happened 15 years before the tragic episode with Ronald Defeo, a local resident who brutally murdered his entire family, thereby giving rise to the legend of “Amityville horror.” In childhood, Alec was a small provincial town, whose population did not exceed 6 thousand inhabitants.

Baldwin has Irish and French roots. The actor received his name in honor of his father, Alexander Ray Baldwin II, who was a teacher of history. Alec’s mother, Caroline, is also a teacher by profession, but was forced to leave work to devote more time to children.

Alec grew up with two sisters and three younger brothers. Despite the fact that Alec was the most handsome guy in the school and was well aware of this, he did not aspire to the acting profession. The young man saw his future in politics.

In 1976, Alec entered a political science course at Washington University. Learning was easy for Alec, but life in the capital attracted many temptations, and in order to have money for entertainment, Alec took on any part-time job. He was a bartender, and a driver in a warehouse of industrial goods, and a seller in the department of men's clothing.

Having once answered an announcement about a set of extras, he came to a television studio, where he was supposed to appear in extras for very little money. Seeing in the frame a tall young man with piercing blue eyes, the producers advised the young man to do acting.

In 1979, Alec moved to New York, where he began studying at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, and a year later he got a role in the television series Doctors, in which he starred for two seasons.

Actor career

In the crime comedy Married to the Mafia, Alec played the unlucky gangster Frank-Cucumber, joining the company Joan Cusack, Oliver Platt, Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew Modine.

In the thriller “Miami Blues”, the actor played the role of Fred Fanger, who leaned back after the next deadline and arrived in Miami in style to rob and kill in the afternoon, and spend nights in the arms of a nearby prostitute who did not understand who she had contacted. For obvious reasons there was no happy end in the picture, but despite the abundance of blood and violence, the picture was wildly popular. The main Hollywood critic Leonard Maltin noted the skill of the young actor, with whom Fred Ward, Charles Napier and Jennifer Jason Lee starred.

Artist today

For the past few years, Alec has been actively performing on Saturday Night Live comedy show. The actor began to build his sketches, taking as a basis the image of the US President - Donald Trump. It is important to note that Baldwin began making skits even before Trump became head of state. Even after the new president took office, Alec did not stop joking with him. Scenes every time are acutely satirical and topical, which the audience likes, but Trump doesn't like.

Once Donald met Baldwin and asked not to make fun of him, but the actor said that he would stop doing this only after the president presented his tax return to the public. Alec's sharp jokes are often published on Instagram. For his humorous activities, the actor received the Emmy figurine in 2017.

In 2018, the news about the family expecting another child appeared on Instagram of Alec’s wife. Date of birth of the boy Romeo Alejandro David - May 17, 2018. Fans of Baldwin felt that his son is the best gift for the 60th anniversary of the actor.

If we talk about the film career, then we can confidently say that the artist does not lose his popularity with the public, and the directors willingly send invitations to shoot. So, in 2017, Alec played a writer who fell into a difficult life situation after a car accident in the film “The Blind Man”. Another star actress, Demi Moore, was also involved in the filming of the film.

In 2018, the screens out a new comedy film "Parents of easy virtue." Starring were Baldwin and Salma Hayek. In the same year, the thriller Mission Impossible: Consequences was released. The premiere of the drama “Orphan Brooklyn” with Alec’s participation is scheduled for 2019.

Alec Baldwin is an original actor who was able to succeed thanks to hard work and dedication. Each work of the artist opens it from various angles.

Best Roles

Alec appeared in the role of the romantic hero in his next film, Prelude to a Kiss, in which Meg Ryan composed a couple.

The thriller "Ready for Anything" became the highest grossing film of 1993. Alec played the role of Dr. Jeddah Hill, and he, like the hero of Bill Pullman, was not lucky to meet cute Tracy, whose role was played by Nicole Kidman.

The year 2000 gave the world a picture of Nuremberg, in which Alec Baldwin not only played the prosecutor appointed by the prosecutor at the main trial of the 20th century, but also acted as a producer. For this role, the actor was awarded the Golden Globe Award. The contradictory image of Hermann Goering was embodied by Brian Cox, who also received the Golden Globe, the rest of the roles were played by Christopher Plummer, Max von Syudov, Colm Fiori and Christopher Heyerdahl.

From 2000 to 2010, the actor played in more than twenty films! The most significant roles of this period are considered to be the role of Juan Trippe in the biographical drama of Martin Scorsese “The Aviator”, captain Ellerby in the police drama “The Departed”, which was also shot by the great Scorsese, and the role of Mickey Bartlett in the drama of Woody Allen's “Luxurious Life”. The partners of the actor in these paintings were Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen, Rory Culkin, Matt Damon, Jill Hennessy and Vera Farmina.

In the 2015 film Mission Impossible: The Tribe of Outcasts, Alec Baldwin played the role of Director of the CIA. The main role in the film was traditionally played by Tom Cruise, the remaining roles were played by Rebecca Ferguson and Jeremy Renner.

In the same year, the actor starred in the drama "Defender", playing the role of Dr. Julian Bales. The film belongs to the category of paintings with an unpredictable end, the main role in it was played by Will Smith.

Filmography of the actor and career

While studying, Alec worked on television, starred in TV shows, and in 1986 made his successful debut on Broadway. In 1987, Baldwin’s film debut took place in the film Street Frenzy. He was followed by many secondary roles in “She Will Have a Baby”, “Married to the Mafia”, “Business Girl”, “Beetlejuice”. Since then, the appearance of young Baldwin on the screens has become regular.

Alec’s career went uphill in 1990 when Baldwin starred in the Miami Blues movie and gained the long-awaited popularity. However, real fame came with the painting "The Hunt for the Red October", filmed in the same 1990. The film became a hit, collecting more than $ 200 million at the box office, and Alec Baldwin turned into a real star.

The next success was waiting for the actor in 2000. For his role in Pearl Harbor, Baldwin was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Role. Not receiving an Oscar, Alec Baldwin was not left without recognition, this is indicated by his Golden Globe and Emmy awards.

In 2007, actor Alec Baldwin tried himself as a director by shooting the film “The Devil and Daniel Webster”. The film was starred by such stars as Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alec Baldwin himself. However, the film never appeared on the screen.

In 2011, Alec was honored to become the owner of a star with his name on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

To date, Alec is one of the highest paid Hollywood actors, starring in films, playing in the theater and on the board of directors of creative unions People for the American Way, City Center of New York and The Drama League of New York. In addition, Alec Baldwin actively supports animal welfare organizations.

Alec Baldwin’s height is 183 cm and weight is 87 kg.


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