Andrey Lysikov (Singer Dolphin)


basic information
Full nameAndrey Vyacheslavovich Lysikov
Date of BirthSeptember 29, 1971 (1971-09-29) (aged 48)
Place of BirthMoscow, USSR
The country USSR → Russia
Years of activity1989 - present
Instrumentsdrums, keyboards
Genresalternative rock, electronic music, trip hop, noise rock, indie rock, post punk, sugasing, trip hop, alternative rap
AliasesDolphin, Dolphin
CollectivesBachelor party
Oak Gaai
Misha Dolphins
Dolphin (English Dolphin)
LabelsElias Records, Cream Records, CD-Land, Universal Records, Mystery of Sound

Dolphin (Eng. Dolphin, real name is Andrey Vyacheslavovich Lysikov, genus. September 29, 1971) - Russian poet and musician. Former member and songwriter of the hip-hop trio “The Bachelor Party”, the group “Oak Gaai” and the project “Misha Dolphins”. He is better known for his solo project of the same name.

Oak Gaai and Bachelor Party

Andrey "Dolphin" Lysikov was born on September 29, 1971, a native of the Moscow region Ochakovo-Matveevskoe. At school, they did not want to accept Andrei as pioneers. In the late 1980s, he traveled to the USSR as a member of dance teams that promoted hip-hop culture. After leaving school, Lysikov entered the radiomechanical college, where he left the 3rd year. He worked in the theater as an illegal dealer. At the same time engaged in break dance.

In the winter of 1989, the Oak Gaai group was founded, founded by Dolphin and Hans Holman. In the winter of 1991, Gaai gave a concert at the rap festival in Riga - the only one at which the band was spotted at that time.

In 1991, Andrei accidentally joined the hip-hop group Bachelor Party, which was assembled by producer Alexei Adamov. The collective recorded their debut album “Let's Talk About Sex” in a studio on Kutuzovsky Prospekt under the clang of tracks of tanks that entered Moscow during the August 1991 coup. The record became a bestseller in the official and pirated release. In its tracks, "The Bachelor Party" deliberately shocked the public - it raised the previously forbidden topic of sex in the USSR. Nevertheless, the label "pioneer of Russian rap" Dolphin refuses. “There are many other people who have been seriously involved in hip hop. They were cut for a word and for music. And we rather used it for commercial purposes ” He said in an interview with Esquire.

Dolphin spends money earned on a tour with Bachelor Party on studio recordings of Oak Guy. So in 1992-1993, the albums “Suicidal Disco”, “Blue Lyrics No. 2” and “Stop Killing Dolphins” appeared. The last album was recorded in collaboration with Alien Pat. Holman. This experience of working with musicians influenced all subsequent work of Dolphin.

After showing the video of “The Bachelor Party” for the song “Sex Without a Break”, a scandal erupted on Channel One of the All-Union Television, as a result of which the firing editor of the 50/50 program was fired. After that, the "Bachelor Party" began problems with television, radio stations and the press. To take part in the TV show “Muzoboz Square”, the collective had to record a phonogram of the song “Dances”, which television censorship could approve.

In the fall of 1994, Stag recorded a new album called Skittles. In it, the texts become even tougher, profanity is used. This reinforced the scandalous glory of the team.

Misha Dolphins

Dolphin leaves Bachelor Party, closes the Oak Gaai project and begins work on two projects that are opposite in style. The first of these is "Misha Dolphins", joint with guitarist Mikhail Voinov.

In it, the musician continued his work, which had begun in his time in the group “Oak Gaai”. Within the framework of the project, one album was released - “Toys” and one concert took place.


The second project was called "Dolphin". In June 1997, Dolphin completed recording material and released a disc entitled "Out of Focus". A video clip about the everyday life of a drug dealer was shot for the song "Dealer".

In the same year, Dolphin recorded a new album, "Depth of Field." The output of the plate was postponed several times. It was published only in 1999. MTV channel took the musician’s videos into rotation, his popularity increased. This contributed to a successful concert activity.

In 2000, Dolphin released the live album "I Will Live" and the new studio album "Fins." Then followed the album "Fabrics". The next disc, "Star", released in 2004, was one of the most commercially successful in Dolphin's career. Four songs from this disc were spinning at once on the radio stations: “Eyes”, “Romance”, “Silver” and “Spring”.

After a three-year break, the sixth record “Youth” appeared. It was released on November 22, 2007 and contained 14 new songs recorded together with guitarist Pavel Dodonov.

“I have always been looking for musicians who could make the music that I would like to hear - while I myself do not own musical instruments. Hence the conflict arose. Therefore, in the early records, instead of live musicians, I used samples from various groups, mainly foreign ones. And when Pavel Dodonov appeared, I realized that this is the person who can really bring something. Yes, at that time he did not play as he does now. In any case, he played what I would like to hear. Over time, he turned into a great musician, ”Dolphin said in a 2012 interview

The seventh album, The Creature, was released on November 25, 2011. For the first time, there is no recitative on the record.

Dolphin’s eighth numbered album, entitled Andrei, was released on December 9, 2014. According to Andrei Lysikov, with the release of this disc, the format in which the team will work will change.

In 2014, the first collection of Andrei Lysikov was released. The publication includes lyrics of existing songs and poems that never became songs. In support of the collection, various famous personalities read excerpts from it. Among them: Artemy Troitsky, Irina Khakamada, Mikhail Efremov, Andrei Loshak, Kirill Serebrennikov and others. The book is illustrated by Spanish street art artist Pablo Herrero (sp. Pablo S. Herrero ).

On November 12, 2015, the eighth album “Andrey” by Dolphin was reissued. The new incarnation of the record is completely different in sound from the December 2014 version. In addition to remastering, the publication is distinguished by two completely new songs - “2030” and “Akhmatova”.

October 19, 2016 released a new album called "She." The plate is fundamentally the opposite of the previously presented material, said Andrei Lysikov. On February 6, 2017, guitarist Pavel Dodonov, who has been a regular member of the group since the early 2000s, has been resigned from the group. The album "She" was recorded already without the participation of Paul. Therefore, some critics called the sound of the record quite ascetic.

On July 1, 2017, Dolphin was supposed to perform at the Atlas Weekend festival in Kiev, but was unable to enter the territory of Ukraine. The rest of the group was allowed to enter Ukraine, despite the fact that they also visited Crimea with the artist. “I lived in duty free for half a day. You can’t buy anything for rubles, but you cannot cash out a card. And the guys pushed hryvnia to me under the door. I was caught for this, but I explained to the border guards that there is no money, but I really want to, and they understood me. They wanted me to get better. ” - said Andrey. The concert performance nevertheless took place - the audience sang to the acoustic accompaniment, while the texts were broadcast on the background screen in karaoke mode.

On March 23, 2018, Dolphin’s jubilee tenth solo album “442” was released, recorded with an updated line-up - drummer Vasily Yakovlev and guitarist Igor Babko. “This is Andrei Lysikov’s most evil record in the last decade and the most politicized of his entire career. Although not giving specific names, it seems that Dolphin here for the first time openly comments on what is happening around - and speaks very harshly, ”the portal estimates Meduza.

The album "442" is an assessment by the author of current events in the country and the world. "The new disc is by no means involved in these processes, but rather a somewhat annoyed commentary on what is happening.", - said Dolphin. The video for the main hit of the record - “520” - was shot by photographer Valentin Bloch, the work became his directorial debut.

“All albums are written for the sake of change. Each recorded album is a completed stage. Then the songs live at concerts, growing up with you. Not all songs: some die quickly. I need to understand exactly what I want - mournful violins or dances. And then just surrender to these sensations and enjoy the music that I hear, ”says Dolphin.

November 15, 2019 released a new album "EDGE".

Life path, show business and family.

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Name and surname:Andrey Lysikov
Middle name:Vyacheslavovich
Name in English:Andrei Lysikov
Nickname:Singer Dolphin
Year of birth:1971
Birthday:September 29th
Place of Birth:Moscow
Height:170 cm
Weight:62 kg
Eastern horoscope:Boar
Social network:VkontakteInstagramYoutubeWikipedia

Dolphin Biography

Dolphin (real name Andrey Vyacheslavovich Lysikov) is an artist who is called one of the main poets and the most mysterious and private musicians of the Russian scene. The lyrics of his songs, shaded by music, impress the audience with courage, sincerity, a wide range of styles, expressionist imagery.

Musician and singer Dolphin

His contribution to the national culture was marked by the Triumph youth award in the Poetic Genius category, Rock Alternative Music Prize, ZD-Awards, Stepnoy Wolf and other prestigious awards.

The best hits of the singer (according to the site “Evening Moscow”) are “Love”, “Spring”, “War”, “Romance”, “I Will Live”, “Door”, “Dealer”, “Silver”, “Radio Wave " and eyes".

Childhood and youth

Andrei Lysikov was born on September 29, 1971 in Moscow, grew up in a communal apartment on Plyushchikha.

Dolphin in childhood

At the school with a mathematical bias, where he studied, he had excellent relations with classmates and quite normal relations with teachers. But he admitted that he openly did not like studying, and the school for him was a "disgusting place." After receiving the certificate, he entered the Moscow Radiomechanical College (MRMT), but in the third year he left him, doubting the possibility of good prospects.

Then for about a year he worked in one of the private theaters as an illuminator. The performances there were, according to him, “mad”, and he “felt discomfort”.

Dolphin in his youth

Later he went to Arbat to sell souvenir dolls. Together with other such "entrepreneurs", he sold this popular product, sometimes not only for rubles, but also for currency (in violation of the law), so the police periodically dispersed them.

In those years, he listened to a lot of different music, from hip-hop to Bach, he also became interested in break-dance and repeatedly won various festivals in this type of dance.

Andrey Lysikov is better known as Dolphin


After graduating from school, Andrei entered the radiomechanical college, but three years later he realized that he did not intend to devote his life to the chosen specialty. In order to somehow make ends meet, at first he got a job as an illuminator in the theater, and then began to sell sheepskin coats.

In the second half of the 80s, Andrei was seriously interested in the then fashionable areas - hip-hop and break-dance. As part of youth dance teams, he traveled all over the country, and more than once won a victory. It was during this period that Andrei received the nickname, which later glorified him throughout the country.

Photo: Singer Dolphin

Creative activity

In 1992, an audio cassette from the Talking About Sex group appeared. A large-scale presentation of the album took place in the capital's Druzhba sports complex, which marked the beginning of their triumphant tour of the country. Then they released the bestselling CD Miss Big Breasts, containing the famous hits Breasts, Breasts and Pornography.

At the same time, in 1992-1993, as part of Oak Guy, he created musical material of the opposite, dark philosophical orientation - about hopelessness, about unrequited love and the inevitability of fate - for three records ("Suicidal Disco", "Stop Killing Dolphins" , “Blue Lyrics 2”).

In 1994, a new album, "Bachelor Party," titled Skittles, was released. He combined 12 songs with obscene language and daring stories (about sex with animals, hypersexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.) and became the most politically incorrect in their career.

In 1996, tired of this kind of popularity, Dolphin left the group and organized with the musician from Alien.Pat.Holman Mikhail Voinov the duet “Misha Dolphins”, which was close in style to the Dubovaya Guy activity, as well as the solo project “ Dolphin. "

In partnership with Voinov, he released only one album - "Toys", consisting of 9 tracks. It is interesting that, according to a number of connoisseurs, the verses of the song “Dolphins Misha” were actually written not by Andrey, but by a teenager from Ukrainian Chernigov who wished to remain anonymous. It was as if he had dedicated them to his beloved and put them on free Internet access, from where the Dolphin borrowed him.

During the year, the rock singer worked on a solo project and in 1997 released his first solo album "Out of Focus", later called music critics one of the greatest albums of Russian rap in the late 1990s.

A feature of the disc was the use in its compositions of samples from various songs of popular bands. For example, a fragment of the saxophone part from the song of the American band Morphine “A Head With Wings” (literally “Head with Wings”) was included in the main track “Dealer”. A video was created for the same composition with the participation of actor Vladimir Vdovichenkov, directed by Anton Barmatov. According to the plot, the dealer sold prohibited substances, and during the arrest gave a bribe to a policeman, and he was released.

In 1997, a versatile poet and musician set about creating the second solo disc, Depth of Field. For musical accompaniment of lyrics (no longer containing profanity), he used, along with electronic samples, also “live” musical instruments.

At this time, the singer Nikolai Baskov ordered Dolphin to make for him a translation of the song of the Greek singer Demis Russos. Later, Andrei noted that on the “Initiation” plastic that was released a year later, “music - Demis Russos, words - Dolphin” was amusingly printed.

In 2001, the musician’s fourth solo album, entitled “Fabrics,” consisting of 12 compositions, was released. When it was created, Dolphin refused to use borrowed samples.

The best-selling record of the artist was his 5th disc “Star” (2004). Of his 12 tracks, the songs “Spring”, “Romance”, “Silver” and “Eyes” - the duet with Stella Katsudas - became unconditional hits.

In 2006, at the MTV RMA Award Ceremony, in protest against the obligatory performance of the song “Romance” to the soundtrack, as required by the charter of the event, the musician instead played and sang it all himself, and after he broke the fake instruments with a drill and simply left the stage.

A year later, he pleased his fans with the release of the 6th record, Youth. According to experts, all the compositions included in it were distinguished by a much better sound. The author of the music was guitarist Pavel Dodonov.

In 2011, the next, 7th album was presented - "The Being", called in the press "touching, bright and humble." The placement of Leonardo da Vinci's Madonna Litta on his cover was explained by an extraordinary artist by the fact that the image of mother and child is a symbol of purity and perfection. It was to these qualities that he strove in his compositions.

His eighth album, unique in every sense, was called “Andrey”.It appeared in 2014 and included 14 tracks, more similar, as experts noted, to plays in the genre of “spoken word” or to melodrama, than to songs. The first of these was the Leips solipsist song, where the main character had a dream that he was a dead whale (or vice versa).

According to the author, the album is very personal. All his musical material has a special meaning and "poison the soul", so he recommended it exclusively for home listening, noting that most of the tracks will not be performed in concerts, as this, according to him, is inappropriate

Almost simultaneously with the release of this disc, the musician made his debut in literature with the release of the author's collection of poems. To draw attention to his work, he invited famous people to read their favorite verses aloud. So on his website there were videos where they are recited by Irina Khakamada, Mikhail Efremov, Anna Mikhalkova, Kirill Serebrennikov, Andrey Loshak.

Dolphin's personal life

The couple brings up two children: Eve, born in 1998, and Miron, who appeared in 2006. The wife's sister, Jeanne, is married to his friend and director Alexei Vinogradov.

The musician collected dolphin figurines, a favorite of his many tattoos - a dolphin on his arm. Among his favorite poets, he called Tumas Transtremer, among books - "The Citadel" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

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Music career

Constantly searching, Andrei soon realized that he would like to make music. So in 1989 the “Oak Gaai” team appeared, and after a while - the scandalous group “Bachelor Party”. In those days it was a real sensation - the musicians performed very provocative songs, which, however, quickly found their audience.

Dolphin managed to work on two fronts - he actively performed as a member of the "Bachelor Party" group, and simultaneously recorded songs for "Oak Gaia".

In 1996, the musician decided to leave both projects in order to pursue a solo career. He created two teams at once, which differed from each other - Dolphin and "Misha Dolphins". The latter was short-lived - the group "Misha Dolphins" recorded only one album and performed at one concert, after which it ceased to exist.

Dolphin, by contrast, has proven to be a very successful project, and still exists today. The debut album Out of Focus turned out to be so successful that music critics rightly consider it one of the most significant in the history of Russian rap culture. Dolphin's second album, entitled “Depth of Field,” also sold in a large print run.

The next album, Fins, was not as successful as the previous two. In 2001, Dolphin recorded the album "Fabrics", which included the song "Tenderness", dedicated to his daughter.

The most commercially successful album was “Star”. Many songs from this album have been played on the radio for a long time, but the two songs most popular among listeners are Silver and Spring. Then the albums “Youth” and “Being” were recorded. The latter especially surprised Dolphin fans, as he was distinguished by poetry and tenderness.

In 2014, Dolphin released a collection of poems called "Andrei Lysikov", which included unpublished lyrics, poems. On the title page of the book was a pencil drawing of Dolphin's son, Miron. In the same year, the musician recorded his next album, “Andrey”.

Interesting notes:

Dolphin compositions are often used in movies and computer games. His songs can be heard in the paintings “Tin”, “The Law of the Stone Jungle”, “Warrior”, “Do Not Think!”. In 2016, Dolphin’s ninth album, entitled “She,” was released.

In 2017, Dolphin went on a large-scale tour in major cities of Russia. Soon musician fans got the opportunity to evaluate Dolphin's tenth album, which was called "442". The artist created an intrigue with such a laconic name, because he did not explain the meaning of these figures.

During his long musical career, Dolphin has been repeatedly awarded prestigious prizes. Twice he became the best artist, was recognized as a poetic genius, nominated for the "Fifth Real Music Box 2017 Award" in the category "Out of Format".


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