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Top 10 Busting Stars


Forbes magazine named the actor one of the highest paid stars in the history of cinema - in 2009 alone, his income was $ 40 million, and from 1996 to 2011 he earned $ 150 million. Cage brought to ruin the passion for extravagant expensive purchases. Among the celebrity’s unusual acquisitions of a handmade octopus for $ 150 thousand, the “haunted house” is the mansion of the famous New Orleans slave torturer Madame Lalori ($ 3.4 million), the first edition of Superman comics ($ 150 thousand) and the dinosaur skull, which the actor acquired on the auction. An artifact worth $ 276 thousand was stolen, and Cage was forced to return the purchase to the Mongolian government.

To date, the celebrity’s fortune is estimated at $ 25 million, more than half of which he owes to the US Internal Revenue Service. The actor blamed his manager for the financial collapse, but this did not save the situation. Cage is forced to take on roles in second-rate films and sell real estate to pay off debts.

Depp's bankruptcy story is reminiscent of what happened with Nicolas Cage: huge fees ($ 20 million for each series of “Pirates of the Caribbean”) and huge expenses, from real estate investments to the realization of unexpected fantasies. For example, Depp spent $ 75 million to buy 14 residences, including a village in France. In 2005, the actor spent $ 3 million to fulfill the last will of his late friend, journalist and writer Hunter Thompson - to shoot him with ashes from a cannon.

In 2016, the artist’s financial affairs were so upset that the owners of TMG - the Depp lawyers, the Mandeli brothers - offered him to sell the main assets. The actor sued the managers, claiming that their actions led him to bankruptcy and demanded compensation. In response, TMG, under whose management Depp earned $ 650 million over 17 years, charged the star with squandering and stated that Robert and Joel Mandeli repeatedly called on the actor to control expenses: he spent up to $ 2 million per month. The proceedings are ongoing, and in May this year, the American weekly Variety reported that Johnny Depp owed $ 350,000 to a law firm representing his interests in the process. The hearing of the new case is scheduled for September.

Now the actor can rely on the box-office success of future films, which is still in question - Depp was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award in the categories of "Worst Male Role" and "Worst Screen Ensemble" for participating in the film "Sherlock Gnoms". The organizers believe that the actor and his “rapidly decaying career” deserve such an award.

The actress declared herself bankrupt in 1993, after the film company Main Line Pictures demanded to recover $ 8.1 million from Basinger. The reason for the lawsuit was the celebrity's refusal to shoot in the film "Elena in the Box." The actress, whose fortune at that time was estimated at $ 5.4 million, managed to agree to reduce claims to $ 3.8 million. In order to pay off her debts, Basinger had to abandon the creation of a cultural center in Braselton in his native state of Georgia. For this project, the actress in 1989 bought the building of a city bank, which she had to sell in order to pay off the film company.

After the scandal with Main Line Pictures, Basinger did not act in film for three years, but then she accepted the offer to play in the movie “Secrets of Los Angeles”. The work earned her an Oscar, a Screen Actors Guild of America Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress and a BAFTA Award for Best Actress. The actress earned $ 36 million and regained popularity.

The notorious artist in an interview with Stephen Fry said that she actually went bankrupt during the Monster Ball tour in 2009-2011. Her desire to constantly reformat the show, add effects, experiment and start from scratch led to the fact that at first a successful tour became unprofitable. Since the artist paid for all the changes from her own pocket, she remained in debt following the results of the tour. “Funny, but I didn’t suspect it! - said the singer. - I gathered the managers and asked: "Why do you say that I have no money? I have five singles in the first place!" And then they told me that I owed $ 3 million. " Lady Gaga took into account the mistakes, and in 2018, Forbes magazine estimated her fortune at $ 50 million.

The hit "U Can't Touch This", released in 1990, brought Stanley Kirk Berel fame and more than $ 30 million in a bank account. However, wealth did not last long - in 1996, the musician filed for bankruptcy. The rapper bought an estate worth $ 1 million, in the repair of which he invested almost all the remaining funds. In addition, he hired 40 servants and built a stable where he kept 19 racehorses. MC Hammer debts amounted to $ 13 million, including $ 700 thousand in tax debt. Berel tried to start his career anew, changed his record company and began to record Christian rap, but his recordings were no longer successful. The musician failed to regain lost popularity and lost fortune.

The five-time Grammy Award winner went bankrupt twice. In 1998, the singer had to sell all property, including awards, to pay off a debt of $ 3.9 million. According to the artist, she did not notice how she spent on the home improvement. A year later, Braxton and the record company LaFace, which forced the singer to declare financial insolvency, ended the case in peace. The label offered Braxton a contract for $ 25 million. The artist continued to record, although she failed to repeat the success of the albums “Toni Braxton” (1993) and “Secrets” (1996).

The second bankruptcy was caused by health problems. In 2008, the singer was unable to complete the show in Las Vegas, as she was hospitalized due to chest pain. Failing to fulfill her obligations, Braxton was forced to re-declare bankruptcy. The singer noted that her condition is not more than $ 10 million, and debts exceed this amount by about five times.

In 2014, the boxer admitted in an interview with CNN that he did not expect to live to be 40 years old. Tyson's bankruptcy was akin to his boxing style: the crash turned out to be just as severe and violent. Having earned $ 300 million, the heavyweight champion declared himself bankrupt in 2003 and later went to jail due to drug problems. Mike Tyson, like Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage, has been let down by an addiction to luxury living and expensive shopping. The athlete bought up real estate, cars, motorcycles, jewelry, clothes and exotic animals, started a hand tiger. Tyson's debts published by The New York Times in 2003 included liabilities to law firms, managers, a trainer, and stores where a boxer ordered things but didn't pay bills. For example, he turned out to owe $ 173 thousand to a jewelry boutique for a gold chain decorated with diamonds. It took Iron Mike more than 10 years to recover. Now Tyson makes money by running the MGM show in Las Vegas and receiving royalties for his autobiography Ruthless Truth. According to the ex-boxer, this time he intends to save the money received.

10. Lindsay Lohan

The famous singer and actress received unashamedly huge fees for her projects. This allowed her to stay in luxurious rooms, wear designer clothes for tens of thousands of dollars, and also sparkle in public with precious stones. Add to this addiction to alcohol and drugs, which not only drain a lot of money, but also interfere with normal work. One fine day, the diva discovered that credit card debt exceeded half a lem of dollars, and after 2 years bankruptcy was expected on all fronts. Banks froze accounts, prisons and rehabilitation centers - this is the destiny of the famous spender.

9. Brendan Fraser

The famous actor of comedies and popular films is no longer in demand in recent years. Inability to monitor finances and invest has led to the fact that by 2000 he was forced to declare bankruptcy. True, the actor earned about 200 thousand dollars a month, but this was still not enough for countless accounts, alimony and PR services. Since Brendan practically does not appear on the screens, no improvement in financial well-being is expected. It’s a pity, because at one time he really “shone” on the screens and broke the hearts of numerous fans.

8. 50 Cent

The famous black rapper conquered the pop art of many countries of the world, and his videos have long held a leading position in the music charts. The state of the singer totaled $ 500 million, but rash acts and egregious luxury led to the loss of what was acquired. The last blow to the bank accounts was the need to pay 7 million damage established by the court. The singer posted an intimate video without the consent of the participants. At the moment, the prospects for 50 Cent are bleak, because show business is actively capturing more ambitious and young rappers.

7. Al Pacino

The famous actor made a large part of his fortune, playing the role of the wise mafia Mike Corleone. At the suggestion of his business manager, Al Pacino managed to stick into the famous “financial pyramid”, where he invested a huge amount and went bankrupt. He also owes the state about 200 thousand for late tax payments. Then the manager stole funds from the unfortunate and other shabby clients (Uma Thurman, Stallone) in the amount of about 30 million. Al was able to get out of bankruptcy on his own, for which he had to play roles in obviously unpopular films. This allowed to increase the state of the star to a size of about 165 million.

Pamela Anderson

Having started major repairs in his mansion in Malibu, Pamela did not expect that he would cost her such a tidy sum. As a result, she remained due to a construction company that was repairing her 5-bedroom mansion, $ 3 million. Then the actress filed for bankruptcy and moved to live in a trailer. It was rumored that Anderson came to such a deplorable state because of her love for plastic surgery, which had to spend almost the entire state.

5. Donald Trump

It is hard to believe that the president of America has become accustomed to bankruptcy since the 90s. He was forced to announce the ruin of companies four times in his life, while the financial condition was eaten by numerous resorts and expensive hotels. The economist assures that it is precisely such turns in business that make it possible to soberly assess the financial situation and be able to find solutions. Well, Donald came up with an excellent way out - he became president of one of the most economically powerful states. In addition to the official salary, we know other ways of increasing the wealth of the ruling elite at the expense of the people.

4. Lady Gaga

An expressive and talented singer managed to go broke in 2009, when she officially filed for bankruptcy. And this is at the peak of popularity and a successful career! As it turned out, her crazy and thereby interesting to the public stage images led to the ruin - expensive costumes and details for them. The debts totaled about $ 3 million, which forced the singer to moderate the costs and rush to improve her financial situation. Fortunately, a successful career and scheduled world tours provide a regular flow of money to a pop diva.

3. Stephen Baldwin

Alec’s older brother is more known to fans, however, the younger also appeared in some popular films that brought him good fortune. Then financial difficulties began, which forced the actor to lay a house and even arrange an auction for the rest of the property. Unfortunate for many stars, 2009 was a momentous year for Stephen - he declared bankruptcy. Since then, the star leads a rather modest life, and directs extra income to charity and sponsorship of Christian programs. The actor also continues to act, but not so actively, and he does not chase high-budget projects.

2. Wesley Snipes

The famous Hollywood actor managed to “knock together” debts of $ 12 million. In 2008, he was caught in financial fraud with taxes, which led to the collapse of popularity and career. It turns out that Wesley managed to evade the mandatory procedure of paying as much as 17 years! Numerous appeals delayed the day of being put in jail, but still justice triumphed, and even “grabbed” the remnants of the star’s state. Now the actor continues to act in not very popular films, which are still very far from Blade. In 2015, the star’s fund totaled about 1 million, but by 2018 the films “Armed Response” and “Return” corrected the financial situation well.

1. Chris Tucker

The charming black actor managed to appear in quite high-budget films, for which he gained popularity and a strong financial position. For only the third part of "Rush Hour", the actor grabbed 25 million. Chris lost the money due to his own stupidity, typical for Hollywood actors - the same tax refusal. In 2014, the debt account exceeded 14 million, which forced the actor to declare bankruptcy and sharply moderate his appetites. However, as of 2017, more than 11 million were recorded on his account, which for our person already seems to be a prohibitive amount. Not so their "bankrupt" and poor, as it turned out.

Glory and popularity are not eternal, and sometimes very fleeting. Financial literacy would help many people stay afloat, especially if they taught it at school.

Tony brexton

The singer with very strong and simply charming vocals (do you remember her “Un-break my heart”?) Was awarded the Grammy Music Award several times, but she never learned how to manage personal finances. For the first time, she declared herself bankrupt in 1998 - she had to put up for auction not only all property, but also prestigious awards. So Tony Brexton managed to pay off debts to creditors.

Tony Brexton - Un-Break My Heart

However, by mid-1999, the singer again earned a large sum of money thanks to her participation in the Disney musical Beauty and the Beast, which was staged on Broadway. But already in 2010, she again had to go through bankruptcy: her debts reached $ 50 million, and the fortune at that time was estimated at only 10 million.

Tony Brexton filed for bankruptcy several times

Just six months after the recognition of the second bankruptcy, the singer acquired a luxurious mansion next door to Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber. However, she worked hard on new albums, and also launched the reality show Braxton Family Values. By May 2017, she managed to pay off her creditors and her fortune amounted to $ 10 million.

Nicolas Cage

The real name of the actor is Nicholas Kim Coppola, he is the thoroughbred of the famous Francis Coppola. Star roots largely determined the career of Nicholas, but did not become a guarantor of his financial success. The actor was awarded an Oscar in the nomination for Best Actor and was actively filmed - for 15 years he managed to earn a fortune of $ 150 million. However, in 2009 Nicholas Cage was declared bankrupt.

Nicolas Cage squandered a fortune living beyond his means

Nicholas lived beyond his means and actively spent money on the maintenance of several huge mansions and a real medieval castle, yachts and strange but terribly expensive purchases like a personal island or a whole zoo of exotic cats. Now it is difficult to call him rich and successful: he lives in a modest little house and agrees to the roles that he is offered. The cost of the entire fortune of Nicolas Cage (bank accounts, real estate and other property) in 2017 was estimated at $ 25 million.

Cage's favorite castle still had to be sold.

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman is a once-successful basketball player who won an introduction to the NBA Hall of Fame in 2011, as well as a slightly lesser known actor and wrestler.He was known as a womanizer, at one time he was married to Carmen Electra and even met with the diva Madonna, and in 2003, the second official wife of the athlete was the girl Michelle, distant from show business, who had already given birth to two children.

The once-popular basketball player has become a laughing stock

Already in 2004, the couple filed for divorce, and then his wife discovered an unpleasant fact: Dennis lost a huge amount of money and could not pay the child support debt for his children and his wife. The financial affairs of the basketball player were so bad that he had to participate in all kinds of entertainment shows and base TV shows. And given the frequent problems with the law that arose due to Dennis's addiction to alcohol, it is not surprising that by 2017 he found himself in debt. His fortune was minus (!) 1 million dollars.

Mike Tyson

The name of the scandalous, but from this no less talented boxer, actor and singer is steadily appearing in the press, although he left the big sport many years ago. Over the years in the professional ring, Mike Tyson set several world records and won a huge number of fights, which helped him earn more than 400 million US dollars. However, in the late 1980s he went broke, losing almost everything.

Money Mike Tyson will no longer litter

Exposure and perseverance helped him to get back on his feet: he continued to perform in the professional ring, and at the same time filed a lawsuit against the former promoter, having sued a quarter of his lost fortune. Today, Mike lives well (and his assets are about $ 300 million), but he doesn’t throw money down the drain, and he also managed to abandon bad habits and become a vegan.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is on the verge of ruin - this news shocked the actor with his financial managers back in early 2017. His multi-million dollar fortune was greatly undermined by the divorce proceedings with Amber Heard, who, among other things, accused him of domestic violence - he spent about $ 7 million on him. But if it was only Amber ...

Johnny Depp is about to go broke

According to conservative estimates, an actor spends about $ 2 million per month. This includes the salary of servants (about 300 thousand per month), spending on a private plane (160 thousand) and wine (25 thousand per month). Depp has many collections: hats, rare guitars, stuffed animals, and he is ready to give anything for his favorite pieces. Johnny has a superyacht and his own island in the Bahamas. And while bankruptcy is already looming on the horizon, Depp is increasingly driven into debt, still dropping $ 2 million a month.

But we are calm for Johnny - even if he squanders all his fortune, he has a charming little daughter who already now promises to become a top model of world level. Who does she look more like - father or mother? Look in our selection of stars and their children as two drops of water similar to their parents.

Elvis Presley

The famous singer at one time generously gave his fans expensive gifts, for example, a case was recorded when Elvis gave one of his most ardent fans a car. However, squandering, as you know, is not forgiven, especially if it is meaningless.

At the peak of his popularity, Elvis Presley had a lot of "wealthy manners." For example, in order to eat his favorite hamburger, he flew after him on a plane to almost the other end of the country.

After some time, Elvis was left almost penniless, and later he bought food and clothes with the money that his friends had lent him.

Lina Headey

Lina lost her fortune earned by honest work on the set of the famous TV series Game of Thrones in an instant, divorcing her husband Peter Logran. Only 5 million dollars was left on her bank account and she was forced to sell her luxury mansion in Hollywood. But Lina did not despair, she got married again, gave birth to a second child and again earned her fortune.

Courtney Love

After the death of her husband, Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love became the heiress of his huge fortune, which quickly squandered. And she had to borrow $ 3 million from her daughter Francis so as not to be left without a roof over her head. The fact that she instantly spent 29 million dollars left from her husband, she does not regret and does not consider it necessary to worry about it.

EMC Hammer

In 1991, EM Hammer earned a huge sum of $ 33 million and his single “U Can’t Touch This” made him a world celebrity. Then he began to buy yachts, cars, houses and record companies. Ultimately, the musician owed about $ 14 million and he had to sell his chic house with a garage for 18 cars.

Tony braxton

The famous vocal singer has sold more than 40 million records - this would be enough to feed 40 million musicians poorer. However, she had to file for bankruptcy already twice! The first time was in 1998, due to the signing of an extremely unsuccessful contract, when the bosses of LaFace Records label threw her. The second - in 2010, after doctors found lupus at Braxton and the singer had to cancel an expensive show in Las Vegas.

Leonard Cohen

The sad songwriter was thrown by his own manager (a frequent story actually). And even the court did not help to return the money honestly earned by chords and rhymes. That is why the already decrepit singer had to go on world tours, instead of quietly raising bees somewhere in a distant Canadian village.


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