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Natasha Henstridge
Natasha Henstridge

Natasha Henstridge in 2012.
Date of BirthAugust 15, 1974 (1974-08-15) (aged 45)
Place of BirthSpringdale canada
Citizenship Canada
Career1993 - present time
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Natasha Hanstridge (born Natasha Henstridge, born August 15, 1974 (1974-08-15), Springdale, Canada) - Canadian actress, former fashion model.

Early life

Natasha Henstridge was born on August 15, 1974 in the city of Springdale (Canada). She grew up in a family of an oilman, who settled his family in a trailer in Fort McMurray, Alberta. A tall and slender girl (height - 177 cm) was clearly burdened by her surroundings and at the age of 14 she dropped out of school and left her hometown to test herself in the career of a model. After moving to Paris, and then to New York, for five years she worked as a fashion model. At 15, her portrait appeared on the cover of the French edition of Cosmopolitan. Over the years of participation in the modeling business, she has advertised brands such as Lady Stetson, Olay, Old Spice.


In 1994, Henstridge received a contract for three films with MGM - UA. Her first film - a fantastic film "The Individual", in which she played a hybrid of a man and an alien Force, was released in 1995. The film received recognition from the audience, Natasha - the first film award in her life - “MTV Movie Awards” in the category “Best Kiss”, and the producers saw the actress as a performer of beautiful heroines in the genre of science fiction films.

This is followed by participation in the “action” “Adrenaline: Fear of the Chase” (1996) with Christopher Lambert and “Maximum Risk” with Jean-Claude Van Damme. For them, Femme Fatale magazine put Natasha on the first line in the list of the sexiest actresses and actors who starred in fantastic action films.

This was followed by a dramatic role - a series of militants was interrupted by work with the famous Brazilian director Fabiu Barreto, an Oscar winner who invited Natasha to the main role in the melodrama Beautiful Donna, after which there were roles in several TV shows and films, as well as in high-budget films. The year 2000 was the most fruitful: Alien Ticket, Nine Yards. In 2001, the Ghosts of Mars, directed by John Carpenter, returned to the world of science fiction, where the director preferred Natasha to another challenger - Courtney Love.

Personal life

In 1995-1996, Natasha was married to actor Damian Chapa (English) Russian. (b.1963).

In 1996-2004, Natasha was actually married to actor Liam Waite. (b.1971). The former couple has two sons - Tristan River Waite (born 12.10.1998) and Asher Sky Waite (born in September 2001).

Since February 14, 2011, Natasha has been married for the second time to actor Darius Campbell. (b.1980), with whom she filed for divorce on July 23, 2013.

Biography, life story of Natasha Henstridge

Natasha Henstridge is a Canadian fashion model and film actress.

Natasha Henstridge was born on August 15, 1974 in Canada, in the town of Springdale on the island of Newfoundland. She grew up in the province of Alberta, in Fort McMurray. Her father was an oilman.

Natasha did not receive a full education - at the age of 14 she dropped out and focused on a career as a fashion model. However, a surprisingly slender and tall girl (at that time her height was already 1 m 77 cm) and could not choose another profession.

At the age of fourteen, Natasha took second place at the annual beauty contest held by the Casablanca model agency, and moved to Paris, where she worked as a model for five years. Natasha later settled in New York.

Natasha Henstridge was a sought-after and famous model. She advertised such famous brands as Lady Stetson and Old Spice.

At 19, Henstridge was selected from hundreds of applicants and received a contract for three films with MGM-UA.

In 1995, she made her debut in the film Species ("Individual"). Of the other films with her participation, the paintings Adrenaline (1996) with Christopher Lambert and Maximum Risk with Jean-Claude Van Damme are noticeable.

Natasha starred in both TV shows and feature films. And although she was not usually offered the main roles, the episodes with her participation were vivid and memorable for a long time.

In 1995, Natasha became the wife of Damian Chapa, an American actor. This marriage lasted only a year.

In 1996, Henstridge got along with actor Liam Waite. In this union there were children - boys Tristan (born in 1998) and Asher (born in 2001). In 2004, the couple announced their separation.

In 2011, Natasha married the English actor Darius Campbell. The lovers got married on the most romantic day of the year - February 14th. Alas, the symbolism did not help them avoid problems in the relationship - in 2013 the couple divorced.

Natasha Henstr>

Miracle how good this blonde blue-eyed diva with a Russian name Natasha. Model and actress Natasha Henstridge was never shy of her defiant beauty: “I was about 12 years old when my breasts started to grow. I didn’t try to hide it, because I began to understand what advantage it gives me. ”

Short biography

Natasha Henstridge was born on August 15, 1974 in the town of Springdale, Canadian state of Newfoundland. Her mom was a housewife, dad was an agent in the automotive industry. Natasha led a life like most peers in the Canadian province. Having realized her attractiveness early, the girl decided to try her luck outside of Canada, maybe a beautiful appearance will bring good luck. At fourteen, the future actress went overseas to Paris to try to become a model. And a year later, the portrait of fifteen-year-old Natasha Henstridge appeared on the cover of the French edition of the American magazine Cosmopolitain. Further more: working as a model in France brought Canadian fame, she was constantly on the covers of various magazines, led the charts of the most beautiful and sexy women. And at one point, she just got bored.

After several successful years in the modeling business, Natasha Henstridge realized that the only thing she wanted to do seriously and for a long time was to be an actress, and in the mid-90s, Natasha returned to the United States. She was intensely invited to appear in television commercials until one day she got to the casting of the science fiction film "The Person" directed by Roger Donaldson. Among the hundreds of applicants, it was Henstridge's candidacy that was approved for the role of the Forces - an alien in the body of a woman trying to get pregnant in order to give birth to new alien individuals. The debut was successful, the aspiring actress was noted by the MTV music channel, which awarded her the prize in the nomination "Best Kiss", which she sensually "performed" with her partner in the film. Then Natasha was invited to star in the action movies Adrenaline: Fear of the Chase with Christopher Lambert and Maximum Risk with Jean-Claude Van Damme. After the pictures were released, Natasha Henstridge gained the image of the “beauties of action films”, and the popular publication “Femme Fatale” put the actress on the first line of the rating of the sexiest actresses and actors who starred in fantastic action films.

Natasha considers the upbringing of the sons of Tristan and Asher, whom she gave birth in a civil marriage with actor Liam Waite, to be the most important thing in her life. Together they ski, travel and even participate in Henstridge charity missions around the world. Despite the fact that Natasha prefers an acting career, she does not leave the modeling business, because she is still in demand on opposite sides of the Atlantic. In 2011, Natasha got married a second time (the first marriage in the mid-90s with actor Damian Chapa was short-lived). This time, her chosen one was the Scottish popular singer Darius Campbell, who found a common language with the sons of her beloved.

Natasha Henstridge lives in Los Angeles, still acts in action films, does not refuse television works, plays in various shows. She says that in life she was always lucky and there was nothing to complain about in principle.


American actress of Canadian origin Natasha Henstridge is known to the viewer for the roles of fantastic (in every sense) beauties. Her heroines amaze opponents and spectators with pronounced sexuality, swift movements and unpredictability of actions. In addition to aggressive blondes, the actress had a chance to play more complex characters, but they love her precisely for her roles in fantastic action films.

Photo: Natasha Henstridge

Childhood and youth

Natasha Tonya Henstridge was born on August 15, 1974 in the city of Springdale in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The name sounds strange to Russian ears, but Natasha Tonya is the full form of the name given to the actress by her parents. The mother of the future actress and model is the housewife Helen Henstridge, the father is Brian Henstridge, the manager and businessman, the younger brother's name is Shane.

The family lived in the town of Fort McMurray, Alberta, in a car trailer, standing on the site among the same mobile housing. By the age of fourteen, Natasha was literally cramped with everything: a small trailer, a provincial town and old dresses, from which the seductive forms of a young girl stuck defiantly. After Henstridge finished second in the Image of the Year model contest in Casablanca, she went to Paris to pursue a career.

Model Natasha Henstridge

Photo of fifteen-year-old Natasha graced the cover of French Cosmopolitan magazine. In addition to a career as a model, the girl managed commercials for Old Spice and Lady Stetson. She liked working in front of video cameras, and at 19, Henstridge returned to the American continent, where she began her career as an actress, without leaving, however, a modeling business.

The beginning of the career of actress Natasha Henstridge, first roles

Soon, the girl moved to New York, where she continued to star in commercials. Already in America, she realized that she wanted to try something else besides the modeling business. So she got on screen tests.

Henstridge, at the age of nineteen, out of a hundred applicants, was selected and signed a contract for three films with MGM - UA. She first starred in a film entitled "Individual." It was the 2005th year.

After the first shootings, the girl realized that acting would be the thing of her life. Natasha got the role of an alien Force, which in the film appears in the image of a woman seeking to become pregnant in order to give birth to new alien individuals. For this role, an actress with impeccable external data was needed, which was Henstridge. The beginning actress and her model skills helped. Despite the fact that she did not have experience, Natasha coped with the role and created a complex image that critics could not fail to notice. For this role, the aspiring actress was awarded first place in the nomination "Best Kiss". I must say that this kiss was performed by Natasha with her movie partner.

Of course, having played one role, Henstridge did not become an outstanding actress, since she still did not have enough experience and acting skills, but she began to receive offers about the shoot. So, in 1996, a film was released with the participation of Natasha - “Maximum Risk”. Jean-Claude Van Damme starred there.

This was followed by the role of Delon in the film "Adrenaline." Natasha got a role in the television series Borders of Outer Space, which was filmed in the science fiction genre.

Best Movies with Natasha Henstridge

It should be noted that Handstridge is not the only actress who became famous by making a career in cinema. The actresses Rene Russo and Cameron Diaz went the same way. In the 2000th year, Natasha in the movie “Alien Ticket” played with Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow. Not without Natasha and the thriller "Robbery", which was well received by viewers. Was in the career of an actress and a film that failed at the box office - it's "Ghosts of Mars." It should be noted that the actress played a role in it instead of Courtney Love, to whom this role was originally proposed.

For two years since 2002, the comedy television series "Spy" was broadcast on television. Natasha played a major female role in him.

Viewers were able to evaluate the actress in the third "Person" and in "Ten Yards," which was a continuation of the movie "Nine Yards." Ten Yards did not have the same success as Nine Yards. Natasha Henstridge today

Natasha Henstridge is currently working on television

In the drama "Commander-in-Chief", she played a secondary role, portrayed the President of the United States. In the main role, she appeared in a television project called "Become Kings." And in Eli Stone, Natasha got a leading role. This is a story about a man who had cancer.

In recent years, Henstridge has played small roles in television projects Secret Circle, Miami Crime Scene, and others.


In 1994, Henstridge signed a contract for three films at once with MGM - UA. In 1995, the first of them was released - the fantastic action movie "Individual". According to the plot of the thriller, Natasha’s character, an incredibly sexy and aggressive Force, escapes from the laboratory. Scientists and intelligence officers are chasing a hybrid of humans and aliens, while the individual itself seeks reproduction, easily seduces men and kills enemies left and right.

Natasha Henstridge in the movie "The Individual"

The film quickly became popular, brought big box office to the company, and posters from the Sexual Force adorned teenagers' rooms. For the kiss scene, in which an aggressive individual pierces the groom's head with her tongue, the actress received the MTV Movie Awards in the category "Best Kiss". Also, for this film, Natasha Henstridge was nominated for both the Worst Actress and Breakthrough of the Year awards at the same time, but their actress was not awarded.

In the wake of the success of "Individuals" in 1998 and 2004, the sequels of the action movie came out, which were less popular with the audience. However, Henstridge, who played Eve, received the 2005 DVD Exclusive Awards for Best Supporting Role in Person 3. In the same year, the Henstridge creative achievements in general were honored at the International Film Festival in Temecula Valley.

Natasha Henstridge in the movie Adrenaline: Fear of the Chase

After the first success in the role of a beautiful alien, Natasha began to offer similar roles. She starred in the action movie Adrenaline: Fear of the Chase with Christopher Lambert and in Maximum Risk with Jean-Claude Van Damme. In the ranking of sexual actresses of the magazine "Femme Fatale" Natasha is higher than colleagues who starred in science fiction. But Henstridge manages to break the stereotype and get a dramatic role.

In 1998, she played a major role in the melodrama Beautiful Donna of Brazilian Fabiu Barreto. Henstridge starred in the movie Nine Yards and his sequel Nine Yards 2 in 2000 and 2010. Despite prejudice about the science fiction genre, she agreed to a lead role in John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars in 2001. The film was poorly received by the public and film critics.

Natasha Henstridge in the movie Hack

Natasha is actively filming on television - in series and television shows. She starred in the expansion of the video game Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. In 2007, Henstridge was a jury member at Noor's first annual Iranian film festival. And in 2008 she received the Gemini Award (the Canadian equivalent of Emmy) for the mini-series Be Kings. Not all works are translated into Russian, accessible to the general public and included in the filmography of the actress.

Natasha Henstridge Now

In November 2017, as part of the #MeToo movement, Henstridge joined other actresses who accused director Brett Ratner of sexual harassment. Natasha claims that he forced her to have oral sex more than twenty years ago.

Natasha Henstridge in 2018

According to her, in the early nineties there was a date, a walk, and then Ratner did not let the girl out of the house until she gave in:

“At some point, I gave up and it all happened.”

The director considers himself not guilty and hired a lawyer to accuse the libel of actresses Olivia Mann, Catherine Town, Jamie Ray Newman and Natasha Henstridge.


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