Ratnikov, Alexander Anatolyevich


Alexander Ratnikov (until 2011 - Skotnikov) was born in the summer of 1979. From the age of 8 he played at the Dynamo club, dreaming of becoming a professional footballer. Physical data (now Alexander’s height is 184 cm and weighs 78 kg) allowed the guy to try karate-do strength in parallel. He periodically participated in amateur performances, in the 8th grade he even played d'Artagnan in the school play Three Musketeers.

Later, the guy began to think about the career of a musician and after 10th grade he entered as a volunteer at the Gnesinsky College, where he studied in parallel with the completion of secondary education. After graduating from the first year, Ratnikov decided to stay at the university, where he studied for another 3 years and received a well-deserved diploma.

However, the drama theater turned out to be closer to Alexander than music, and he decided to enter the Moscow Art Theater School, the course of Yevgeny Kamenkovich. After graduating from the university, Ratnikov took a creative break for a while, after which he got a place in the troupe of Oleg Tabakov's theater.


The heroes of Ratnikov are distinguished by a strong character, genuine charm, an intelligent and penetrating look. Such were the journalist Muratkin in The Last Cordon, Pavel in the melodrama Home for Two, Arkady Kirsanov in the novel Fathers and Sons, and Kotelnikov’s guard in the drama I Will Show You Moscow.

The film "Okolofutbola" brought the actor the greatest recognition. In this film, Ratnikov got the role of Ticher, and the picture tells about the grouping of Spartak hooligans Skullhead Crew, about the leaders of the "company". Often, this work is called the best in the creative biography of the artist.

In 2016, the series “Moms” was released. Another project of the year, which enriched Alexander’s filmography, is the melodrama Love as a Natural Disaster, where he tries on the image of a former classmate of the main character Irina (Irina Tarannik), who becomes the father of her child.

The directors of popular television projects willingly collaborate with Alexander. In a creative duet with Anna Mikhailovskaya, the actor starred in the melodrama Captain. The love story of the heroes begins with hostility, which later develops into a strong feeling.


Alexander Skotnikov was born on August 18, 1979 in Moscow, in a family of engineers.

In childhood, was fond of football, played in the sports club Dynamo (Moscow).

In 1996, he was accepted to the first year of the Gnesins State Music College (Gnesins State Medical University) in the vocal class, while simultaneously studying in the eleventh grade of high school. After graduating from college in 2000, he decided to realize his childhood dream - to get the profession of an actor and work in the Oleg Tabakov Theater.

First starred in a movie in 2004, playing the role of Andryukha in the short film "Dismissal" directed by Alexei Mizgirev.

Photo: Alexander Ratnikov

The childhood of Alexander Ratnikov

Alexander's parents are engineers by education. From the age of eight, the boy was so passionate about football that even teachers at school called him “Zico” (after the famous Brazilian football player). Some acquaintances call him so still. Moreover, Alexander did not like to watch the game - he loved to drive the ball himself and devoted about nine years to this sport. He played in the Dynamo club, at the same time tried his hand at karate-do.

Being in the 11th grade of the school, he entered the Gnesins' Music College (course of Anatoly Akhreev). This turned out to be unplanned: a friend accidentally mentioned that there were not enough boys at the faculty of “musical theater actor” and offered to go for a test together.

Having switched to the second year of school, Alexander became interested in theater and literally fell in love with “Snuffbox” (Oleg Tabakov's theater). According to him, these feelings were comparable to the love of a woman. This was a real shock for the young man. He reviewed the entire repertoire of the studio and longed to enter this scene himself. It was then that young Alexander gave himself the floor: "I will definitely enter the Moscow Art Theater and will play in the Tabakov Theater."

And so it happened. At school, he learned to play the piano from scratch, as he did not finish music school. Four years later, received a diploma. As the instructors advised, he refused to go to the Gnesinsky Academy, or to the “Musical GITIS,” and, setting off to meet his dream, he became a student of the course of the Moscow Art Theater School of Evgeny Kamenkovich.

Alexander Ratnikov: biography, photo

Alexander Ratnikov was born on August 18, 1979. In high school, the future actor seriously thought about his musical career and, after the tenth grade, decided to enter the faculty of the musical theater actor at the Gnesins School as a volunteer. Here he studied, while receiving secondary education.

However, after a while, Alexander realized that acting was much closer to him than music, and decided to enter the Moscow Art Theater School. After her graduation, the actor suddenly began to overcome doubts about the correct choice of his profession.

The name of Alexander became widely known after his main role in the film "Okolofutbola". The actor easily copes with any, even the most difficult role, for which both directors and fans love him.

Acting career of Alexander Ratnikov

In the third year of the school-studio, Alexander tried in several theaters, including "Snuffbox". A month and a half later, Alexander was invited to audition at the Tabakov Theater and over the next year introduced into all the main performances of the repertoire: “Old Quarter” (photographer), “Crazy” (alcoholic), “Descendant” (Yulai), “Running” by Mikhail Bulgakov ( commandant of the station), “Overstocked barrel container” by Vasily Aksenov (Vanya Kulachenko), “When I was dying” (Jules), “Resurrection. Super ”(Philip),“ Soldiers ”(Crunch),“ Adventure ”in“ Dead Souls ”N.V. Gogol (Secretary of the Board of Trustees).

In the movie, the actor made his debut in 2004 in the role of Andryukha in the short sketch “Dismissal” by Alexey Mizgirev. He woke up as a star after the series Trust Service, where he created the image of Dmitry Mysin, a psychologist at the trust service.

Personal life of Alexander Ratnikov

He married Anna Taratorkina (daughter of the famous Georgy Taratorkin and Ekaterina Markova), brings up his son Nikita, maintains relations with his younger (14 years old) brother Dima.

The actor met his future wife on the set of the series “Trust Service”. Anna played the girlfriend of the hero Alexander. The emotions from the film moved into real life - love broke out at first sight. Alexander felt that this was his man, made an offer. But the lovers did not get married soon - both agreed that all the attributes of a "typical Russian wedding": the ransom of the bride, the cries of "Bitter!" And drunken fights - they do not like. Therefore, the newlyweds simply signed in the registry office and staged a celebration for the closest people.

Theater career

The theater is an integral page in the biography of Alexander Ratnikov. As a theater actor, Alexander is no less famous than as a film actor.

Ratnikov’s leader, Oleg Tabakov, almost immediately saw a huge potential in the beginning actor and greatly helped him in revealing his acting talent.

The first years of his work in the theater, Ratnikov, like most young actors, played only episodic roles. The head of the theater gave Alexander the opportunity to take part in the productions of "The Old Quarter", "Descendant" and "Crazy". With Oleg Tabakov, Ratnikov worked soul to soul until 2013.

Film career

Alexander received his first film roles immediately after graduating from the Moscow Art Theater School. The debut in the world of cinema for the aspiring actor was the film "Dismissal" in 2004.

Alexander Ratnikov gained his first popularity after participating in the filming of the series "Trust Service", in which he played the role of trainee Dmitry Mysin. It was for her that the actor was remembered by viewers.

The filmography of Alexander has many vivid and memorable roles. For example, the fans of the artist especially liked the roles of the journalist Muratkin in The Last Cordon, Arkady Kirsanov in the film Fathers and Sons and the guard Kotelnikov in the drama I Will Show You Moscow.

The number of fans of Alexander Ratnikov is growing every day - and it is clear why people like him so much. The role of a strong and courageous man, who in one instant becomes caring and gentle, only the matter concerns his beloved, touches the heart of every spectator and leaves no one indifferent. The heroes of such a plan can be attributed to investigator Sergei Samrin from the picture "False witness."

As a true professional in acting, Alexander Ratnikov does not stop at one type and plays characters completely diverse and unlike each other. Each of them with its own history and outlook on the world. In the sitcom, which was based on the popular American series "How I Met Your Mother", the actor played the role of the main character Dima Nosov. Some time later, Alexander took part in projects such as "Sect" and "Look for Mom."

A huge wave of popularity overtook Ratnikov after his role in the film "Okolofutbola". In it, Alexander played Tichera, and the film tells about the group of Spartak hooligans Skullhead Crew. Many consider this role of Alexander Ratnikov the best for his entire filmography.

Fans pay special attention to the interview with Alexander. On Channel One, the artist commented on the filming of the Victoria series. Ratnikov admitted that during the work on this project he had a lot to think about and rethink. Alexander noted that the film tells about the power of love, which helps the protagonist survive captivity, hunger, pain and fear.

In addition, Ratnikov praised his colleague on the set, Tatyana Arntgolts, calling the actress a wonderful actress and a terrific partner, and also noted her fearlessness - the girl was not afraid to jump from a three-meter fence!

Film critics praise the work of Alexander Ratnikov on the set, paying attention to the positive character traits of the actor. It is difficult not to notice his incredible charm and charisma, but thanks to the insightful mind Ratnikov is a leader in life. At least that's what friends and acquaintances of the movie actor say.

In 2016, the television series Mommy was released with the participation of Alexander. Another sensational project was the melodrama "Love as a Natural Disaster," in which the actor appears before the audience as a former classmate of the main character of the picture, who later became the father of her child.


In addition to the above films, Alexander took part in the filming of such projects as:

  • "Flint".
  • "Honey love."
  • "Test for love."
  • "Everything will be fine".
  • Moscow Greyhound.
  • "Girls don't give up."
  • Salsa
  • "Light from the other world."

Alexander Ratnikov now

At the moment, Alexander is a very sought-after actor, he is constantly invited to shoot and offered to participate in various projects. Together with Anna Mikhailovskaya Ratnikov starred in the film "Captain".

Also, Alexander recently delighted fans with his participation in such films as “When the Past Returns”, “On the Edge of Love” and “Dangerous Cruise”.

In 2017, the actor took part in the filming of the series “Three in One,” in which he appeared before the audience in the guise of investigator Zhuravlev.

On October 1, 2017, the second season of the Moscow Greyhound 2 series was released on Rossiya-1 TV channel, starring Alexander Ratnikov as well.

At the moment, Ratnikov is working on the continuation of the series “The Captain”, and in addition, takes part in the filming of the film “The Other”.

In this article, we talked about Alexander Ratnikov: about biography, personal life. The photos were also placed, focusing on the filmography of the actor. At the moment, Alexander is in no hurry to finish his film career, continuing to delight fans with new interesting roles. We can only wish the actor good luck in his further creative endeavors and in his personal life!

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Height, weight, age. How old is Alexander Ratnikov

Many would like to know what the actor’s height, weight, and age are. How old is Alexander Ratnikov. Answering these questions, I would like to note precisely the growth - 184 centimeters, which combines quite well with its weight - 78 kilograms. Although the colleagues on the site are mostly lower than Sasha, this does not interfere with communication and teamwork.

At 38, Ratnikov already has a family and a small son. Parents want him to become as popular in the future as his father and mother. In the meantime, the heir is growing up, Alexander is doing everything to ensure that his family does not need and does not deny itself anything.

Alexander Ratnikov photos in his youth and now can tell a lot to the audience and fans of his work about the nature of the actor. His eyes speak of him as a man who loves life, enjoys every day he lives. A smile on his face - that he is an open, kind person, ready to help. And the folds on the face reveal to us not only as a successful actor, but also as a person who had to endure a lot before achieving success in life.

Family and children of Alexander Ratnikov

Today, the family and children of Alexander Ratnikov is Anna's beloved wife and Nikita's little son. The head of the family loves his relatives very much and tries to devote as much time to them as possible. The actor’s parents remained the unlit side of his life, but this does not mean that he does not love them. On the contrary, he responds extremely warmly to his parents and is grateful to them for the upbringing and care that they gave.

Ratnikov's wife is an actress, but she does not overlap with her husband on the set. Anya loves her husband very much, for her part, tries to make their house cozy, and makes every effort to this. Their couple, despite their popularity, is not public. Spouses are rarely seen at social parties or in noisy companies. They prefer to spend all their free time away from the hustle, enjoying their quiet, family happiness.

The son of Alexander Ratnikov - Nikita

The pride of any parents is their child. The son of Alexander Ratnikov - Nikita Ratnikov - is no exception, he is a joy and an object of adoration for his mother and father. The boy has not yet won fame and popularity, but this is only because he is only 8 years old. Parents puzzled for a very long time how to name their child. As a result, the grandmother took the initiative in her own hands, and suggested the name Nikita.

Although Nikita's mother always wanted a girl, the birth of a boy did not upset her at all. She takes care of the baby with all the warmth and dedication from the first days of his life. Whether the long-awaited girl will appear in the family is still a secret for everyone.

According to Ani, the son gets along well with everyone, and especially with his grandfather George. He loves to listen to fairy tales that his grandfather is happy to read to his grandson. And when Nikita was very tiny - they talked among themselves and the impression was made that the kid and the adult fully understood each other.

Wife of Alexander Ratnikov - Anna Taratorkina

The wife of Alexander Ratnikov - Anna Taratorkina met her future spouse on the set of the next film. The girl has about thirty works and projects. At the request of the girl, the young couple did not arrange a magnificent wedding, with dresses, numerous guests and a feast until the morning. Lovers went together to the registry office, got married, and in the evening celebrated this celebration in a narrow family circle.

Her parents are the same stars of the screen, but they never wanted her daughter to follow in their footsteps. Father - George Taratorkin, film and theater actor, and mother - Ekaterina Markova, a famous TV presenter. Since childhood, Ani, her parents wanted her to choose some other profession for herself.But Taratorkina, contrary to all instructions and desires, immediately went to acting college after school. TV shows such as The Svaty and Mortal Kombat brought her fame and popularity. Anna is still at the helm of her career, in 2017 new works with her participation came out.

Some time ago, strange information appeared on the networks. The essence of which was that Alexander Ratnikov and Anna Taratorkina divorced. We hasten to reassure - this is nothing more than another “duck” who does not check the information of journalists. The couple are still together and love each other to madness.

Instagram and Wikipedia of Alexander Ratnikov

All celebrities keep their blogs, create pages on social networks and post news about themselves. Instagram and Wikipedia of Alexander Ratnikov also exist. But there is not much information in these resources, in fact this is a brief collection of general information about the actor. He doesn’t really like to write and give interviews, does not blog or post photographs on networks.

Alexander Ratnikov - biography

The name of actor Alexander Ratnikov is known to all moviegoers today. He is popular and in demand, several projects with his participation are published annually. The artist managed to get away from the roles of the same type, he can handle any type, from comedic to dramatic.

Glory came to Alexander Ratnikov after filming in the film “Okolofutbola”, in which he played the main character.


Alexander Ratnikov began theatrical biography under the direction of Oleg Tabakov. An experienced actor and director was able to consider a real talent in a novice actor, and helped him to reveal his full potential.

Photo: Alexander Ratnikov at the theater

At the very beginning of his service in the theater, Alexander had to play exclusively in episodes. Over the years, his characters became more and more noticeable and significant, for some of them the actor was awarded various prizes. The most striking work of Ratnikov in this theater was the production of "The Story of the Seven Hanged Men", his character was awarded the Moscow Komsomolets Prize. Cooperation of Alexander Ratnikov with the Tabakerka Theater lasted until 2013.


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