Michael Jordan biography - success story, photos, video, quotes


Name: Michael Jordan

Birthday: February 17 1963 (56 years old)

Place of Birth: New York, USA

Height: 198 cm

Weight: 98 kg

Eastern horoscope: Rabbit

Career: Athletes 19th place

Photo: Michael Jordan

Being a true fighter, Jordan admits that he can forgive people failures, but not refusal of attempts

In this statement, Michael is in agreement with Henry Ford, who argued that the world is much more not defeated, but surrendered - people who abandoned attempts to succeed. So if a person is a fighter, then he will be a leader in sports, and in the automotive industry, and in any other field.

In 2013, Michael Jordan celebrated his 50th birthday. An athlete who has already completed his professional career as a basketball player still has stable cash flow.

Last year alone flying michael earned $ 80 million thanks to ad campaigns with Nike and other companies. According to the rating of marketing attractiveness of athletes, taking into account fame and perception, Jordan ranks first, and no new sports star has yet been able to outshine his fame. His name is known even to people who are absolutely far from sports, and this Michael actively uses. According to the ubiquitous Forbes, Jordan’s fortune has already exceeded the mark in 650 million dollars and continues to grow!

Beyond Profitable Advertising Contracts Jordan owns six restaurants, his own car dealership, a motorsport team, and is also a co-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats NBA team.

Jordan's achievements are impressive and undeniable. All of them can be appreciated - because sport, like no other area, gravitates to quantitative assessments and accurate calculation

The number of points, rebounds, assists and interceptions per game, the percentage of scoring, the number of winning matches - all these parameters will tell experts a lot. Jordan's industriousness and determination led Michael to Five times recognized as the most useful player of the National Basketball Association (NBA), 6 times became an NBA champion 3 times recognized as the most useful player in matches of all NBA stars, 6 times - the most valuable player in NBA affiliates.

Jordan is a two-time Olympic champion, in 2009 he was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame. And the title of “the best basketball player on the planet” is worth a lot! Among other things, Michael Jordan ushered in a new era of basketball - a game that, with his arrival, became a real show of speed and beauty.

Watch this video where 40 of the best basketball moments with the participation of the great master were collected:

However, Jordan has not had any prerequisites for a basketball career since birth. Michael's parents were neither tall nor athletic.


Michael Jordan is a legendary NBA American basketball player who has long played in the position of an attacking defender of the Chicago Bulls team (1984-1998, with a break). Six times he led the team to the title of NBA champion, twice won Olympic gold. Nike brand official, billionaire basketball player.

Childhood and youth

Michael was born in New York on February 17, 1963. The parents of the future sports star were ordinary people by no means basketball growth. The family brought up five children: the elder brothers Michael, Larry and James Jr., the older sister Deloris and the younger sister Roslin. As a child, Michael was fond of baseball and already at the age of 12 with the school team got into the finals of the junior league championship.

Michael Jordan as a child

He was later recognized as the North Carolina State Champion, where his family moved. Another achievement in baseball was the recognition of Jordan as the most valuable player. Then it was time for Michael to get involved in basketball. Father even built a basketball court for the youngest son in the backyard of their house.

The growth of a beginner basketball player at the age of 15 reached 175 centimeters, so he honed the jump. Later, the athlete achieved a height of 198 cm with a weight of 98 kg. Michael had high speed and trained with zeal. But these qualities were not enough to become a high school team player. Failure upset the guy, and he decided to prove to the coach that he was wrong. Michael gave all the best on games, receiving 28 points in each match.

Michael Jordan in his youth

At the same time he was involved in baseball, athletics, got into the school football team. Michael's insistence has brought results. In 11th grade, he finally got into the school basketball team, in which his older brother already played at number 45. Michael chose 23 at his choice, explaining that he would try to become as good a player as Larry, or even would be half.

Jordan remained faithful to this number until the end of his career. Success spurred an ambitious guy, and he continued to work on himself. In the summer of 1980, Michael attended training camps at the University of North Carolina. He made such a lasting impression on the coaches that he was invited to study. In 1981, he became a student at this university.

Basketball Player Michael Jordan

Along with training, the guy began training as part of a local basketball team. He managed to show himself to be an indispensable player, although the coach set higher tasks for him compared to other players. This plan worked, and in the first year, Michael entered the starting five of the university team.


In the first three seasons, Jordan grew to the Naismith Award. Also, the young player took part in the Pan American Games, showing the best results in the national team. Entering the national team, he participated in the 1984 Summer Olympics, where he showed the highest results. Without completing a year, Jordan dropped out of the university to participate in the NBA draft.

Chicago Bulls defender Michael Jordan

He was chosen by the Chicago Bulls club. However, the lack of discipline in the team and the low level of equipment disappointed the guy. Despite these conditions, he continued intensive training and joined the starting five, showing high results of 28 points per game. Michael fell in love with the public, even from the opponent.

After just a month of professional career, Jordan hit the cover of Sports Illustrated with the ambitious signature “A Star Is Born.” 1984 was the time of the first Nike ad contract. For him, Air Jordan sneakers were released in the traditional colors of the Chicago Bulls Club - black and red.

University of North Carolina Michael Jordan

The NBA has banned the use of these shoes for aggressive gamut and lack of white. However, Jordan continued to go on the field in these sneakers, and Nike management paid fines of $ 5 thousand, using this fact to advertise his product. The team’s debutant became a member of the starting five in the game of all NBA stars. This fact provoked the discontent of the veterans of the League.

As a result, the players refused to give passes to Jordan. And even under such pressure, he managed to win the title of the best newcomer to the Association in the finals of the regular season. Then he was declared the third most successful in the NBA and was in the second five of the best NBA players. Thanks to Michael, the team managed to get into the playoffs, for the first time in 3 years.

Michael Jordan - Basketball Legend

For almost the entire second season, Jordan was recovering from a leg injury. By the time the Chicago Bulls reached the playoffs, Michael was already playing and managed to score 63 points in the elimination games. Since then, no one has managed to beat this record. In season 3, the basketball player recovered, becoming the second successful player in the Association.

The third season for Jordan began with the replacement of players in the team, which allowed her to overcome the first round in the playoffs for the first time. The athlete was named the top scorer of the League. And in the next season he was again recognized as the best in terms of total points in the game.

Basketball Player Michael Jordan

In the 1989/1990 season, Michael becomes the captain of the team, which was supplemented by young progressive players. On May 7, 1989, Michael Jordan's team had to confront Cleveland, and after another foul, the Chicago Bulls captain took the free-throw line. The basketball legend was confident in his actions and made the famous jump with his eyes closed. Camcorders captured this Jordan trick. The shots added to the young man sympathy and admiration among the fans.

Interestingly, while scoring a goal, Michael Jordan opens his mouth and protrudes his tongue. The champion inherited this manner from his father, and he, in turn, from his grandfather.

Michael Jordan in the game

The new coach, Phil Jackson, practiced a collective game system, and Michael defended his freedom of action. A compromise was found, and the team was transformed. Jordan first became the NBA's most valuable player and cried with happiness. The following season brought Jordan a second MVP in the regular season. The athlete builds muscle and now already inspires fear to former offenders on the site.

The athlete managed to turn big basketball into a real art. The tricks that Michael Jordan showed on the playing field attracted public interest in the game using the orange ball. Investments in this sport increased up to $ 10 billion.

NBA Champion Michael Jordan

The 1991/1992 season brought the basketball player the third MVP title, and in a row. But in the games of 1992-93, he failed to get this honorary title. As part of the national team, he participated in the 1993 Barcelona Olympics, where the Americans won gold. And in October of the same year he announced that he was leaving the sport, as he had lost interest in him. At this time, the athlete experienced a personal loss, which crippled him - Jordan's father died.

In honor of the completion of the basketball career, the organizers of the Chicago Bulls company decided to erect a monument to the athlete at the entrance to the United Center stadium. The sculpture was created in a short time. She is the figure of a champion hovering in the air before a corporate throw.

Top 40 highlights of Michael Jordan's game

In the spring of 1994, the athlete signed a contract with the Chicago White Sox baseball team, citing his decision that his late father wanted to see him as a player in the baseball league. Throughout his short career, Jordan played for the Birmingham Barons, then as part of the Scottsdale Scorpions. In March 1995, Michael decided to return to the NBA as a player of the Chicago Bulls.

However, this season ended for the team defeat in the playoffs. But the failure was the reason to seriously prepare for the next season. In it, Jordan won the MVP title for the fourth time, in 1997-98 - in the fifth, and then in the sixth. These victories became one of the best moments of his fate.

Basketball Player Michael Jordan

In January 1999, Jordan announced for the second time about farewell to professional sports. And a year later he returned to the NBA, but in a different guise - co-owner and general manager of the Washington Wizards club. And for the same team he began to play since September 2001. After spending two seasons on this team, Michael achieved an improvement in her performance.

Returning to the NBA, Jordan became the best 40-year-old player in all league history. He managed to fill the stadiums during the Wizards matches.

The last entrance to the champion’s playing field took place in 2003 during the competition against the Philadelphia 76 team, at the end of the match Michael Jordan received a three-minute standing ovation.

Last match of Michael Jordan

After the third retirement from the sport, Jordan intended to return to the position of manager, but the club owner dismissed him. Michael regarded this as a betrayal.

To keep fit, the basketball player participated in charity golf tournaments between celebrities. Then motor racing was among his hobbies. Since 2004, the star owns a professional team called "Michael Jordan Motorsports." He also promoted his own clothing brand.

Michael Jordan

According to ESPN, Jordan is considered the best basketball player of all time, LeBron James was only in third place. The basketball player himself said in an interview that he would not refuse to go out with him to the court. Kobe Bryant Michael ranks among the greatest players in the NBA and considers his great friend, despite the fact that he stole from him all the movements.

Fans call Jordan “The God of Basketball,” and the book “Michael Jordan. His Highness ”, dedicated to the biography and success stories of the athlete. In 2009, the name of Jordan was among the names of the best basketball players of the Hall of Fame.

Personal life

The personal life of a basketball player proceeded violently due to the many hobbies of the athlete. Michael has always been considered a favorite of women. The first darling of the famous basketball player was Juanita Vanoy. In 1989, the young couple were married by law, and in 1991, Michael bought a 17-hectare luxury estate for his family in Highland Park. The Jordans had three children: two sons, Jeffrey Michael and Marcus James, and daughter Jasmine. In early 2002, Juanita Jordan announced that she filed for divorce.

Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy

She called the basis of irreconcilable contradictions, but the couple managed to agree and did not divorce. But in 2006, it became known that Michael has a secret mistress, whom he paid for silence. The court rejected the claim of Carla Kneifel to pay her compensation in the amount of $ 5 million. Jordan allegedly promised this money for the fact that she did not inform about her pregnancy from him in 1991.

The DNA analysis proved that the former athlete was not the father of the child. However, this finally ruined the relations of the Jordan spouses, and at the end of the year they divorced by mutual consent. At the same time, Juanita received a compensation of $ 168 million, which was a record at that time among famous people. Five years later, Michael made an offer to the Cuban model for 32 years.

Michael Jordan with his first wife Juanita and children

They met for three years. Yvette Prieto agreed, and soon the couple announced their engagement. On April 27, 1993, the lovers got married on Jupiter Island. In 2012, Jordan decided to sell the estate in Highland Park for $ 29 million. He later purchased a house in Florida. In February 2014, his wife gave birth to two twin girls, Jordan, who were given the names Isabelle and Victoria.

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto

In 1992, the athlete starred in the video of his namesake - Michael Jackson. Two stars play basketball in the video for the song "Jam". It is interesting that the word "Jam" is interpreted in two ways - as a designation of the improvisation of a musical group and as a throw of the ball from above in basketball. In 1996, Michael Jordan portrayed himself in the fantastic animated film "Space Jam." In a team with a superstar in a basketball battle with the aliens, the animated hero rabbit Bucks Bani and world movie star actor Bill Murray participated.

Michael Jordan now

Michael Jordan is now considered the world's wealthiest basketball player in the Forbes ranking. The condition of the NBA champion at the exchange rate for 2018 is $ 1.65 billion. The athlete’s capital consists of those funds that were paid as salaries and bonuses, as well as in the form of profit from work in advertising.

The sports career of Michael Jordan is dedicated to fan pages on Instagram and Twitter. In 2018, the legend of basketball celebrated its anniversary. Michael Jordan is 55 years old.


As is often the case with famous people, Jordan had to experience disappointment before success came to him. If such, of course, can be considered a refusal of admission to the school basketball team. Little Michael was a sports boy from childhood, playing in the yard with his father and brothers - first in baseball, then in basketball.The reason for the refusal was commonplace - low growth and poor physical readiness. Another child would give up, but this is not about Jordan. A year of hard training - and a future legend in the school team - the first step has been taken.

Further more. Having quickly become a leader in children's basketball, the young player receives an invitation from the university team of North Carolina, where his family moved from Brooklyn. Michael starts off the bat - he ends the debut season with the best newcomer to the NCAA and becomes the author of a decisive cast in the student championship finals. He came, saw, and won - this is Jordan's motto - he has been forming since those years.

Michael Jordan in his youth

For the next two seasons, the young star falls into the top five of the League’s stars and in the summer of 1984 decides to participate in the NBA draft, which presented the world with stars such as Hakim Olajuvon, then selected under the first number, and Charles Barkley. It's hard to believe now, but Jordan heard his name only third in the list of newcomers like him. Representatives of the Chicago Bulls got a lucky ticket, not knowing how lucky they were then.


Before his debut in the NBA, Jordan becomes the Olympic champion - the invincible US team easily wins the tournament, and the best player in the competition, you guessed it, is the newly-made “bull” Michael Jordan.

Jordan's good mood is reflected in the game - he instantly becomes the leader of Chicago, gaining an average of 28.2 points per game in the 1984/1985 season - this is the third result in the League. His team is in the playoffs for the first time in a couple of years, Michael falls into the second symbolic team of the League and becomes the Rookie of the Year, demonstrating star level.

The second season is much harder for yesterday's debutant. A serious injury knocks him out of the playing rhythm for almost the entire regular season. This adversely affects his team’s game, but Chicago still clings to the playoffs, by the beginning of which Jordan recovered and was ready to help the bulls.

Of course, they could not cope with the Boston Celtics with the legendary Larry Bird, but they managed to exhaust the latter fairly well. Moreover, in the second match of the series, Jordan sets a performance record for his entire career in the playoffs - 63 points. After such a benefit, Byrd calls Jordan the basketball god. As he looked into the water, well, really!

Michael Jordan at the Chicago Bulls

The 1986/1987 season is again a record statistically. Jordan scored an average of 37 points per game - fantastic performance that finally confirmed Michael's stellar status. However, even this did not help defeat Boston in the spring.

The next three seasons went like a carbon copy. Jordan’s inspirational game, stable 30+ points on average per match - and unsuccessful playoffs with the Detroit Pistons, a played and experienced team led by Isaiah Thomas.

Obviously there was one thing - Chicago and Jordan were on the verge of rising. Michael at that time, in addition to the frenzied performance, as they say, was overgrown with meat, becoming an elite player on both sides of the site - the title of the best NBA defensive player in 1988 - proof of that. “Bulls” were moving forward - first they got to the second round of the playoffs, and the next two seasons stopped in the finals of the Eastern Conference.

Three times

The turning point came after Phil Jackson came to the coaching bridge and the appearance of Scottie Pippen in the Chicago camp - the brilliant coach and the cleverest Association player gave Jordan what he needed - tactical training and help directly on the site. Now the rivals of the “bulls” have more problems - trying to restrain Michael together, they unwittingly let his partners out of sight, one of whom was Scotty - an impeccable star of the second plan.

This tactic of counteracting the Chicago leader this time did not help Detroit. The defeat of 4-0 in the final of the East-1991 - and the “bulls” reach the NBA finals, where they are opposed by the Los Angeles Lakers. That series actually replaced the King of the League - the magnificent Magic Johnson transfers his authority to Jordan, who is now entitled to be called a winning superstar.

Michael Jordan - Leader of Chicago

The next year gives a new confrontation in the finals - the best attacking NBA defenders - Jordan and Drexler - face to face. But the fight did not work - Michael did not let the Portland leader turn around, confirming the status of an excellent defender, and in the attack, as always, he could not be stopped. Of course, Jordan becomes the owner of the MVP and regulars, and playoffs in the winning seasons. Complete dominance!

Jordan's style was finally formed - he scored most of his points with average shots, after passing under the shield, sudden stops and freezes. Watching his flights is a pleasure, which is only throws from above - it is not without reason that he is a two-time winner of the competition of the same name in All-Star Matches. Since then, Jordan has received the nickname His Highness - the ability to soar above the parquet elevated him to the rank of celestials.

But the most important thing that distinguishes Michael from other League stars is the ability to make a result, to be included in the most difficult minutes for his team. He confirmed this in June 1993, when in the finals he had to fight with the Phoenix, the leader of which was the wonderful Charles Barkley, who became the regular season MVP that season. To say that Barkley was determined to win was to say nothing, his motivation was unbelievable! And he played great, leading his team to success. But Jordan played even better, becoming a three-time NBA champion and, as you might have guessed, for the third time in a row he was recognized as the most valuable player in the playoffs.

Michael Jordan in the 1993 NBA Playoffs Final Series

The years 1991-1993 finally approved Jordan in the list of League legends - bright victories, fantastic statistics - all the components of greatness with him. But where triumph is, there is a place and tragedy. Father Jordan is killed that summer. Michael, unable to bear such a shock, leaves basketball, leaving the question open - is he the best in history?


For almost two years he was out of the game - even managed to light up on the baseball team, but that was not it. Chicago, of course, could not dream of a championship without its leader. Pippen tried his best, but still he is not Jordan, who, having a little rest from his favorite game, decided to return in the spring of 1995.

What was happening - all of America seemed to have gone crazy! The idol of millions has returned to the floor - this is the best thing that could have happened with basketball! Pretty quickly Jordan got in shape and helped Chicago reach the finals of the conference, where the bulls were stopped by the young Orlando leaders.

But Jordan returned to win, he does not need anything else! Fantastic regular season (72-10) and victory in the final over Seattle confirm - Jordan is great! With his play, he dwarfs everyone - Robinson, Olajuvona, young Shaquille. Now everyone is interested in one thing - how many more titles Michael will win. Obviously, Jordan is the best NBA player, and he will remain so for as long as he wants.

Michael Jordan

And he wanted the game for two more seasons, which ended the same way - a confrontation with the most experienced Utah Jazz team. Driven by two NBA elders, Malone and Stockton, Utah waited in the West to challenge the bulls. I must say that the fight against Chicago Malone and the company imposed the most serious!

The fate of most matches was decided in the last seconds, where, as you already understand, Jordan spoke his word. Perhaps it was precisely those three years (1996-1998) that approved everyone that Michael was not mistaken. His average performance decreased by several points, but at crucial moments Jordan took the ball and won matches.

Beyond time and comparisons

Five-time MVP of the regular season, six-time MVP of the NBA finals, six-time Association champion - you can’t argue with such a track record. At the age of 35, Jordan took off all the questions - without completing a career, he became the best basketball player of all time.

Note another thing - Jordan is a sought-after media personality. Perhaps he is the first athlete in history to fully master the advertising market. His popularity is colossal - Jordan is known all over the world - from young children to housewives. He starred in the movie and released Air Jordan shoes with Nike.

The 1998/1999 season did not start for a long time, the reason for this was a long lockout. As a result, a shortened season was spent, but Jordan did not enter the floor. He again announced his retirement, as in 1993, having left basketball at the peak of fame ... to return after almost 3 years, but not to Chicago, but to Washington.

Michael Jordan at Washington Wizards

Of course, this was not the same Jordan that everyone knows. Yes, he was still good at attacking - the average 20-22 points per game at 39-40 are not gained only under the influence of name magic, but his team was weak, and new NBA stars grew up - Bryant, Iverson.

We can say that Jordan oiled his career, remained in the memory a vigorous veteran, but this is not true. His last two seasons are proof of his unlimited faith in his capabilities, which made Michael the best basketball player in history. Or do you still have doubts about this when you say “basketball” and the first who comes to mind is Jordan?

The early years, childhood and the family of Michael Jordan

At an early age, Michael always loved sports, but for a long time baseball remained his number 1 game. Jordan dreamed of becoming a famous pitcher, and therefore spent a lot of time with a ball and a baseball glove. It is noteworthy that such zeal pretty soon bore fruit. Speaking in a children's team, Michael Jordan managed to become one of the best pitchers in his age category by the age of twelve.

Playing baseball, the future NBA player managed to become the state champion, as well as the best player in the championship in the minor league. He was prophesied a great future in this sport. However, a young boy always did not take such words very seriously. Perhaps that is why already in high school he suddenly decided

exchange baseball for basketball. One of the reasons for this decision was his older brother Larry, who in his teens became a real star of the school basketball team. Looking at him, Michael dreamed of the same success. But all aspirations for a long time were broken by the indifference of school trainers.

Noting the playing qualities of the young guy, the school team mentors still did not dare to take him into the team because of their small stature, as well as not their athletic physique. Such an attitude towards himself hurt the young guy very much, and therefore, already at classes in the younger group, he always gave all the best for two hundred percent.

Thanks to such zeal, in the eleventh grade, Michael was able not only to decently develop his muscles, but even to gain a good growth. It was during this period that the player was finally accepted into the school basketball team.

From the first games, the basketball player took the position of a heavy striker and, having successfully entered the team game, began to gain an average of 20.8 points in one match. During this period, scouts of many prestigious American universities drew attention to him. Michael always studied quite poorly at school, however, despite this, after graduating from the eleventh grade, he received offers from several leading US universities.

The most insistent in his desire to get a bright young player was the University of North Carolina, which very soon became the home of Michael Jordan.

Star Trek Basketball Player Michael Jordan

Subsequently, our today's hero did not slow down. He played very brightly, and therefore regularly fell into the number of the best basketball players of the championship. In 1983 and 1984, his name was included in the symbolic league team. In 1984, Michael Jordan was recognized as her best player.

In addition, in 1983, a talented young basketball player joined the US team at the Pan American Games. In that tournament, Michael became the most productive player of his team and already in 1984 he went with the team to the Olympics. At the Olympics, our today's hero flashed his skill again and eventually became the best player in the entire draw.

It is worth noting that the year 1984 was a turning point in the career of a star basketball player. During this period, he left the University of North Carolina in order to participate in the NBA draft, but two years later he nevertheless graduated from a university and received a bachelor's degree in geography. At that time, he was already one of the main stars of the NBA and the stellar Chicago Bulls.

Over the course of our careers, our today's hero has played for only two professional clubs - Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. As part of these groups, he was a real star, and therefore a huge number of personal and team awards should not surprise anyone. He was a six-time NBA champion, two-time Olympic champion, and also the owner of countless other awards.

Life of Michael Jordan after leaving sports

Outside the basketball court, Michael Jordan was known as a passionate fan of baseball, motorcycle racing, golf, and a member of numerous charitable companies. One day in his career, our today's hero even managed to prove himself as an actor, starring in the popular film "Space Jam", where he courageously played basketball against a team of aliens.

In addition, Michael often starred in commercials and worked as a model.

What then helped Jordan to succeed?

The future basketball standard was born February 17, 1963 in New York. He was the fourth of five children in the Dolores and James Jordan family. It's funny that Michael's parents met after a basketball game. Maybe this was a sign of fate?

When Jordan was very young, the family moved to North Carolina. My father got a job at General Electric, and his mother found a job in a bank.

Michael often played baseball with his father, which was his first sports passion. Soon, however, he fell in love with basketball, the most popular game among local African American youth. On a basketball court in the courtyard of his house, together with his elder brother Larry, he spent all his free time. Subsequently, in the school basketball team, Jordan will choose a player number "23" (Larry had "45"), explaining that he dreams of playing at least half as good as his older brother.

Will you believe if I say that Michael’s discipline was lame at school, and he also tried to move away from household chores around the house? Jordan's love of basketball could put an end to his natural laziness, otherwise the world would get another "lover of four-legged friend."

Passion for what you love is capable of not only defeating laziness, but also turning mountains! On this occasion, Michael spoke as follows: "I do not do anything without enthusiasm, because I know that this will lead to negative consequences."

At school, when Jordan asked for an older basketball team, he was faced with a denial. Michael was given a turn from the goal, or rather from the basket, because the boy did not reach the basketball growth, and besides, he was rather weak in terms of training.

Our hero did not become depressed, but began to act. “Obstacles should not stop you. Find a way to overcome these barriers. ” - Jordan formulates his credo.

Over the next summer, Michael diligently worked to improve the level of the game, and to compensate for the lack of growth, he further honed the technique of jumping. So I jumped - now Jordan fans call him nothing more than "air jordan", or His Air. Michael Jordan is a two-time top-throw champion.

By the way, in the video below you can see these throws that brought him victory in the competition:

The height of his vertical jump is 1.2 m! If you add Michael’s height to this value - 1.98 m (the boy has grown a little since school time), you will understand why an athlete easily reaches a basketball basket located at a height of 3.05 m from the playground level.

Jordan achieved his goal - he is accepted into the high school basketball team. During basketball lessons, Michael wondered why the coach was not happy with him. He is engaged like everyone else! In response from the mentor, he heard: “ If you want to be the best, you have to train more than others ". He learned this rule 100%, and since then has never tried halfway, because it "leads to only half the result."

Michael Jordan: biography

Michael was born on a frosty morning of February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn. The boy grew up in a large family consisting of two adults and four children:

  • Parents James Jordan and Deloris Peeples.
  • Brothers James and Larry.
  • Sisters Deloris and Roslyn.

The mother and father of the future basketball star did not differ in special complexion. His brothers and sisters did not inherit high growth, which can not be said about Michael. Michael Jordan, whose growth at 15 years old was 175 cm, now boasts 198 cm.

At first, Jordan was fond of not throwing the ball into the basket, but a completely different sport - baseball. The boy played for the school team and achieved impressive results. Together with the guys, he won the junior league championship and became the team’s most valuable player. After the teenager began to grow rapidly, Michael thought about basketball.

Father in every possible way contributed to the development of his son’s talent and, having moved to North Carolina, built a basketball court in the yard. The brothers played basketball all day long, trained to jump and accurately throw the ball. Michael came out better than anyone, which they could not help but notice in high school, where he was taken to the team.

For the school club, Jordan Michael played with great return. His average result in one game reached 28 points. The young basketball player took the “23” number on the shirt, explaining his choice by imitation of his older brother. The thing is that Larry played under the "45" number and Michael wanted at least "half" to repeat the success of his brother.

In the summer of 1980, his stubbornness in sports was noticed at the University of North Carolina. They liked the athletically built young man, and the guy was invited to become a university student. For a long time, the Jordan family did not hesitate and gave their son to study. It was then that began the stellar career of Air Michael.

Michael Jordan: career and sporting achievements

In the United States, sports in educational institutions are developed. Young people are especially appreciated for their achievements in basketball, baseball and American football. Sometimes a sports career comes to the fore, removing training. This happened with Michael: he completely focused on basketball, completely abandoning textbooks.

Jordan successfully entrenched in the university team and regularly went to the site. Not a single game could do without a talented attacking defender. After three enchanting seasons, Michael received the Naismith Award for student players. At the Olympics in Los Angeles, he took gold from the US national basketball team.

After such success, the young man decides that he needs to take the bull by the horns. He drops out of the university one year before completing the course and applies for the 1984 NBA draft. The Chicago Bulls scouts did not even suspect whom they had selected. The draft of that year was generally generous with talents, as their clubs found:

  • Hakim Olajyuvon.
  • Charles Barkley.
  • Alvin Robertson.
  • John Stockton

The debut year of young talent turned out to be eventful:

  1. A place in the starting five of the Chicago Bulls with an average of 28.2 points per game.
  2. The face of the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine with the caption Birth of a Star.
  3. The contract with the sports company Nike and the release of branded Air Jordan sneakers.
  4. Top NBA Rookie of the Year award.
  5. Participation in the annual NBA All-Star Game.

Such a sharp rise in young talent outraged veterans of the association, headed by Isaiah Thomas. Behind the scenes, it was decided to boycott Michael on the site. Even Chicago Bulls players took part in the action. They lost the ball and threw the line, so as not to pass Jordan.

Nevertheless, this did not prevent the club from reaching the playoffs, which could not be done for a long time. The Chicago Bulls did not pass into the second stage and flew out after four meetings with Milwaukee Bucks. Michael Jordan received his first NBA title in the 1990/1991 season. “Chicago Bulls” in the final series defeated the “Los Angeles Lakers” - 4: 1.

The 1992 season confirmed that their victory was no coincidence. The record-breaking dominance of the Bulls in the regular season (67 wins - 15 losses) and Jordan's six three-point shots in the final brought the team a second championship. The following year 1993 was the third in a row gold for the Chicago club.

Jordan Michael also continued to play for the national team. The 1992 Olympics in Barcelona turned into a showcase for the US team. Journalists, seeing the national team, called it the "Dream Team." Together with Air Michael arrived:

  • Magic Johnson.
  • Larry Bird
  • Patrick Ewing.
  • Clyde Drexler and others.

The career of three-time NBA champion and two-time Olympic champion could end in 1993, when Jordan announced his retirement from basketball. He won many awards and lost incentive to develop. In addition, the personal tragedy of Michael - the murder of his father, became an additional reason.

In 1994, Michael Jordan re-shocked fans by signing a contract with the Chicago White Sox baseball club. The athlete commented on his transition to baseball with a desire to honor the memory of his father. For a long time he did not have to hit the ball with a bat. Literally a year later, Jordan officially announced his return to basketball with a simple remark: "I'm back."

In a snap, Michael was not able to take the championship in the same year. Although the team showed a significant breakthrough after the return of the Legend, they could not go beyond the semi-finals. It is interesting that Jordan was forced to spend the whole season at number “45”, since his “23” was forever assigned to him by his “past”.

The next three seasons went down in the history of the Chicago Bulls. The team made a second “three-peat” thanks to the greatest player of all time. After the sixth final won, Michael Jordan triumphantly raised six fingers over his head. Nobody succeeded in this: to take three titles in three years, to leave basketball, to return and win three championships in a row again.

If you list all the achievements of a basketball player, then the smartphone screen is not enough. The achievement of the first throw is overshadowed by the other achievements of the athlete:

  1. 6-time NBA champion (1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998).
  2. 2-time Olympic champion (1984, 1992).
  3. 6x MVP NBA Finals (1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998).
  4. 5x MVP of the regular NBA season (1988, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1998).
  5. Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame (2009) and Member of the FIBA ​​Hall of Fame (2015).

It so happened that even from school, Michael Jordan went to the site for the sole purpose - to win

In addition to hard training in basketball, Jordan in high school takes up his studies. Michael is so successful at the school sports ground that he vying invite him to his team a number of higher educational institutions. Jordan makes his choice in favor of the University of North Carolina, which provides him with a sports scholarship.

In 1981, Jordan became the star of the Tar Hills University team, coached by Dean Smith. This coach was recognized four times as the coach of the year of student championships in the USA, and in 1983 was admitted to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

In the first year of his performance, Jordan is awarded the title best newbie, and next year, having successfully scored the decisive goal, he leads his team to the winning title.

Soon, Michael becomes closely within the framework of student league games, and he decides to try himself in the NBA draft. According to the results of this annual event, when the NBA teams choose promising newcomers, Jordan in 1984 becomes a member of the teamChicos bulls».

There were some difficulties and “grinding in” with other players. However, Jordan, like no one else, perfectly understood that talent could win the match, but team play and intelligence would bring victory in entire championships. Jordan was generally good at playing, and was a kind of "gentleman player": Never acted rudely and did not use forbidden tricks.

However, the athlete still violated some of the rules. The NBA fined Jordan for entering the basketball court in red and black Nike sneakers, as these colors are prohibited by the basketball league. The most popular manufacturer of sportswear and shoes specifically for the athlete developed Air Jordan sneakers, and Michael, practicing 2.5 million contract with the company, gladly shoe sneakers for the game.

Jordan's career at Chicago Bulls was a success. What explains the success of the basketball player himself?

“I never thought about what would happen if I miss during the decisive throw. To think about it is to expect failure. ”

And here is another proof of the benefits of positive thinking!

In 1993, Michael Jordan announces completion of his basketball career. He learns about the death of his father, who died at the hands of criminals, and 3 months later with the wording “there is no desire to play anymore” leaves the Chicago Bulls. In 1994, he tried to professionally engage in baseball, but he did not achieve much success as part of the Birmingham Barons team.

Sensational news soon followed that Jordan was returning to big basketball. After all, the athlete felt that not all heights were conquered: “Everyone dreams of becoming the next Michael Jordan. I have to prove that I'm still Michael Jordan myself. ”

And although in the year of his return he was unable to get the team to the finals, Jordan was able to catch up, winning 3 championship titles in a row in the next 3 years.

In 1999, Jordan's second departure from the sports arena took place. Michael said that “he is 99.9% sure of the correctness of his decision,” and wants to devote more time to his family.

In 2000, the basketball legend became a co-owner of the NBA Washington Wizards team. Unfortunately, the team proved to be unprofitable, occupying the last places in the NVA championships, therefore, to the joy of the millionth army of fans, Jordan again announces his return. Jordan Player Salary donates to victims from the September 11, 2001 attacks. The 2001 Washington Coming made a lot of noise. Speaking now as part of the Washington Wizards, Jordan achieved 100% full of stadiums, and he showed excellent performance in the game, although still not as before.

After the 2002-2003 season, Jordan retires. After the final game, Michael was escorted by standing and applause to all spectators and players

Now Michael Jordan receives stable income from a brand named after himself, and since 2010 he is the main owner of the NBA basketball club Charlotte Bobcats. Recently, in the suburbs of Chicago, his mansion was put up for sale - a huge house with the numbers "23" on the gate and an internal basketball court of real sizes.

After a divorce from his wife Juanita, Michael decided to sell the estate and move to Florida with a new passion. For 17 years of his life together, his ex-wife made him happy with three heirs - sons Jeffrey and Marquez, and daughter Jasmine. To the journalists' question “what is love?”, Jordan simply answers: “love is to play every game as if it were the last.”

The main source of income for flying Michael is an advertising contract with Nike, which created a division of Nike Jordan specifically for Jordan

It is known that the first contract between the NBA rising star and a sports company was concluded in 1984 for a period of 5 years and amounted to $ 2.5 million excluding royalties.

Since then, the amount of remuneration transferred by the corporation to a successful athlete has increased significantly and is kept in the strictest confidence. According to sources familiar with the details of the deal, Nike annually transfers $ 60 million to Jordan's account.

These data are confirmed by studies by SportsOneSource analysts who estimated that in 2012 Air Jordan occupied 58% of the basketball shoe market. Moreover, 34% of the market falls on other Nike models, and the remaining 8% was divided among themselves by Adidas, Reebok and Under Armor.

Sneaker sales alone earned giant Nike last year $ 1.25. And Jordan made a significant contribution to this.

In addition to Nike, the athlete also concluded advertising contracts with Gatorade, which produces sports drinks, with Hanes (sportswear), with Upper Deck (trading cards). Jordan also receives cash rewards from 2K Sports game makers.

“A player for all time,” as journalist David Halberstam, the Pulitzer Prize winner, named Jordan. In fact, one can learn from the attitude to life, the will to victory, perseverance and hard work of our today's hero.

What will Michael Jordan advise us for success? The recipe for a sports legend is simple: "Have fun and enjoy the game." Well, finding yourself in life is very important for success. And today, Michael Jordan showed us by personal example that getting pleasure does not at all mean giving up hard work.

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