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Natalia Yurievna Medvedeva (born March 9, 1985, Serpukhov, Moscow Region, RSFSR, USSR) is a Russian theater, film, television and KVN actress, TV presenter, ex-participant of the Comedy Woman show and the Fyodor Dvinyatin team of KVN.


Born on March 9, 1985 in the city of Serpukhov, Moscow Region. Mother - Olga Borisovna Medvedeva, - German language teacher and director of school No. 15 in the city of Odintsovo, father - Yuri Andreevich Medvedev, engineer by profession. The elder brother is Andrey Medvedev.

My childhood passed in the city of Chekhov, where Medvedev lived from birth. From an early age, she was interested in art and creativity: she went to music school, studied dancing, sang in a folklore group, attended various circles and participated in all school events and celebrations. source not specified 2605 days

In 1997, the family moved to Odintsovo, where Medvedev entered the Lyceum No. 6 named after A.S. Pushkin, from where she graduated in 2002 with a silver medal.

In 2007 she graduated from the Russian State University of Trade and Economics with a degree in Restaurant and Hotel Business and Tourism.

Since 2003, she started playing in KVN at the university, appearing in episodes for the Megapolis team, which she helped with props. In 2005, she played for the Glamor team in the Moscow Student League and for the Fyodor Dvinyatin team in the Baltika League. In 2006, she was invited to the club project “Made in Woman”, which later switched to television screens and was renamed “Comedy Woman”. At the same time, already in the first team, she played for the team “Fedor Dvinyatin” in the League of Moscow and Moscow Region, in the Northern League, the Premier League and the Higher League of KVN. In 2008, she was recognized as KVN for the year according to the KVN for All website, but with the release of the TV version of the Made in Woman / Comedy Woman project, she left the team the same year and broke up with KVN.

In Comedy Woman, she played the role of a crazy and completely uncontrollable girl. According to the actress, the image was not specially invented, but developed by itself. source not specified 302 days

In 2010, she was invited to the play “Happy Number” (or “I'm Looking for a Wife. Inexpensive!”) Based on the play by Sergey Belov, in which she played three roles. The first performance with Medvedeva took place on December 10, 2010 in St. Petersburg on the stage of Vyborgsky Palace of Culture. source not specified 302 days In 2012, she also took part in the comedy comedy “What Do Men Want?”, Staged by A. Gurney's play “Sylvia”. source not specified 302 days

In 2012, voiced Vanillop von Keks in the animated film "Ralph".

On December 20, 2012, the first film was released with the participation of Natalia Medvedeva: in the comedy melodrama of Armen Adilkhanyan's “New Year's Marriage”, the actress played the role of secretary of Elvira. In 2013, she played in the comedy “What Men Do!”, The play “Wedding”. In 2013, she played a major role in the comedy series Shurochka, aired on the Friday television channel, and also recorded the song La Bomba with Natasha Koroleva and starred in the video for this song. In 2014, the film "Corporate" was released with her participation. Since April 19, 2014, she led the program “Such a movie!” At TNT. In October 2014 she left the Comedy Woman. A participant in the television show "Empire of Illusions: The Brothers Safronov" on the STS channel.

Since September 2016 - as an assistant director in the weekly television show “Saturday Night” on the channel “Russia-1”.

Since October 1, 2016 she was a participant in the show “Ice Age” paired with Maxim Stavisky.

In 2017, she starred in an advertisement for the 35 chocolate bar.

Since March 2019, she took part in the Last Hero project on TV3.

In 2019, Nikita Mikhalkov criticized the release of the Comedy Woman program, in which N. Medvedeva made a joke about General D.M. Karbyshev. Later, Medvedev, justifying herself, said that at that time she believed that General Karbyshev was a fictional person, which caused sharp criticism from Vladimir Solovyov.

In October 2019, she participated in the Fort Boyard television game on STS

Photo: Natalya Medvedeva

Childhood Natalia Medvedeva

From early childhood, Natasha showed a tendency to a variety of eccentricities. As a primary school student, the girl attended a dance section, a song choir (who performed mainly folk songs), and also took an active part in various productions and school holidays. In addition, at the insistence of her parents, the girl attended a music school. However, classes had to be interrupted due to the next move.

This time, the city of Odintsovo became the "home" for the future artist. Then Natalya Medvedeva began to attend Lyceum No. 6, but due to a change of place of residence for a long time she could not find herself in the new team. She became closed, unsociable and did not show her creative abilities in any way. During this period, she went head to head with her studies, which ultimately allowed her to graduate from high school with a silver medal.

Having received a diploma, Natasha thought about entering the theater school, but at the insistence of her mother, she soon refused this idea and submitted documents to the Russian State University of Trade and Economics. Here Natalia began to comprehend the nuances of the restaurant and hotel business. However, this was not the most important thing - at the university she began to play KVN for the first time. It was the Cheerful and Resourceful Club that predetermined the course of her entire future life.

Career Natalia Medvedeva in KVN

In 2005, the artist began to play in the junior KVN-ovskie leagues with the teams “Glamor” and “Fedor Dvinyatin”. It is worth noting that with the last named team, Natalya Medvedeva went through all the hierarchy levels of the Cheerful and Resourceful Club. She played in the Northern League, the League of Moscow and Moscow Region, and then in the Premier League and the elite KVN division. Despite the conflicting reviews of some members of the jury, the team became extremely popular among the audience and, following the results of the 2009 season, made it to the finals of the Highest League of KVN, where they took third place.

Natalia Medvedeva herself received several personal awards. The most significant of them is the prize “KVN-shchitsy of the year” presented to her in 2008.

Her career on the stage of the Cheerful and Resourceful Club was very successful for Natasha, however, she soon left the team “Fedor Dvinyatin” for performances in another project - Comedy Woman, which began to appear on TNT.

Natalia Medvedeva at Comedy Woman, a new career stage

It is worth noting that Natalya Medvedeva for a long time combined performances in KVN with concerts of the project “Made in Woman” (originally called “Comedy Woman”) and left the team “Fedor Dvinyatin” only after the comedy show began to be broadcast on TNT.

As part of this show, the girl got the image of an absolutely crazy and completely uncontrollable person who often shocked the audience with her unexpected tricks. As Natalya Medvedeva herself notes, she first tried on this stage role for herself in the framework of one of the numbers of Fedor Dvinyatin. It was originally planned that the “freaky person” would not stay in the life of the artist and the whole team for a long time. However, the image began to develop and "live your own life." At the moment, he is a visiting card of the artist and it is already quite difficult to imagine a girl in a different role.

The girl writes all of her texts and scripts, which will be realized later in the framework of Comedy Woman, in collaboration with the producers of the comedy program.

In addition to filming on television, Natalya Medvedeva has often appeared on the stage in recent years. So, at the end of 2010, she was noted in the play “Happy Number”, in which she performed three roles at once. In 2012, the artist also took part in the popular comedy “What Do Men Want?”, Based on the famous play by A. Gurney.

In mid-2012, Natasha also tried herself as a voice actor, giving her voice to the Disney heroine Vanilope von Keks, the root character of the popular American cartoon “Ralph”.

In December of the same year, the actress also made her film debut, playing the secretary Elvira in the film “New Year’s Marriage”. In 2013, another picture with her participation was also released - the comedy “What Men Do!”

The wedding of Natalia Medvedeva

The girl tries not to advertise her personal life. Only close people were invited to the wedding. But some of them still shared their joy in social networks on the eve of the event. Thanks to Svetlana Permyakova and Dmitry Gudkov, the public found out that Natalya Medvedeva was getting married. This happened in 2012. The girl’s chosen one was her colleague in KVN, Alexander Koptel. Although the guys played in different teams, they met at festivals and on the set of the KVN program, where they met.

The newlyweds did not want a magnificent celebration. The wedding took place on the banks of the river. There were no oaths, long speeches and photo shoots. In this relaxed atmosphere in nature, everyone danced, joked and sang. Only family members and KVN-schiki close to young people were present.

How happy Natalya Medvedeva is with her husband, the photo clearly shows. The honeymoon of the couple was held in Europe. Young people visited several countries and cities, then returned home.

Table of contents

For 10 years, Natalya Medvedeva has successfully performed in various television projects. She looks a little messy and unpredictable, but it is only on the screen. The girl became popular since 2005, when she participated in the famous KVN team “Fedor Dvinyatin”. She believed that this is how she could show her creativity. Since 2008, she began performing at Comedy Vumen. In 2014, the young comedian left the project, starting her solo career, but she only increased her admirers of talent.

In 2016, she began to participate in the Blue Light, attracting the attention of television viewers with jokes and actions. She even starred in the video with Natasha Koroleva, using makeup so that she became visually similar to a popular singer.

Height, weight, age. How old is Natalya Medvedeva

A popular actress tries to present all the information with humor about her height, weight, age. How old is Natalya Medvedeva is known to all friends and connoisseurs of her work. The girl says that she weighs 54 kg with a growth of 159 kg. She calls herself a plump puff and calls for her to be shot in the right angle, picking up an outfit and directing the lighting well. This will help to make her look beautiful. Many fans began to say that the popular actress was joking again, because her weight at this age looks perfect.

Over the past few years, the girl has been engaged in sports and eats properly and separately. But Natalya claims that happiness in her personal life and success in creative activity allows her to lose extra pounds.

Personal life of Natalia Medvedeva

For several years, a variety of rumors appeared about the girl’s personal life. Among her lovers were many KVN schiki. But with whom in reality Natalia meets, remained a mystery. In 2011, information appeared that the girl was in close relationship with a teammate of the KVN "Fedor Dvinyatin" Alexander Gudkov.

But suddenly, unexpectedly for everyone, the same Alexander Gudkov said that the personal life of Natalia Medvedeva is at the highest point of happiness. He congratulated the girl on the wedding and wished him happiness. At first, many did not believe it, considering it another rumor. But a congratulation appeared on the Instagram page of one of the friends of the comedian, the essence of which was that Natalya Medvedeva and her husband had recently celebrated the wedding, having posted the wedding photo on the Internet. The celebration was numerous, although celebrated according to the traditions of a picnic. There was no cake either, limited to delicious cakes.

Family of Natalia Medvedeva

The family of Natalia Medvedeva had nothing to do with creativity. Mom was a German teacher at a regular school. Natasha’s father worked as an engineer. He was constantly transferred at work to various cities, where the whole family moved together. From childhood, mom read a lot to the girl and her older brother Andrei.

When Natasha decided to become an actress after graduation, it was her parents who insisted that she study in the field of tourism and business. But when she saw that the girl had talent in the dramatic and theatrical sphere, her parents fully supported her daughter.

Natalya Medvedeva considers her numerous KVN schikov as her family, and Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov (President of KVN) as his named father.

Children of Natalia Medvedeva

The actress recently appears often on the screens of the country. Many associate it with the advertising of the chocolate bar, in which she has been filming since 2015. The famous KVN worker Alexander Gudkov recently congratulated the actress on the birth of another child. Many took it at face value, deciding that the actress gave birth to another child. Only they were surprised that the children of Natalia Medvedeva were born with such a small difference. After all, the artist’s son was born in 2015. But it turned out that Natalia was working on one of the projects that will be released on Russian screens soon. It was with this that Alexander congratulated his girlfriend, but did it in disguise.

Natalia is involved in many projects that support sick children and those in orphanages, as well as boarding schools.

The son of Natalia Medvedeva - Ilya

At the beginning of the year, Natalia Medvedeva began to appear at social events, dressed in dress-hoodies. A rumor immediately appeared that the popular comedian was in an interesting position, which they began to ask about. The girl did not answer anything, saying that she did not want to speak on this topic. Some time later, Natalia disappeared. No one knew where she was. Only after some time it became known that the comedian gave birth. Many were sure that the birth took place abroad. But after some time, information appeared that Natalia actually gave birth in the Novosibirsk maternity hospital No. 7.

The gender of the child was also not advertised. Many were sure that the actress gave birth to a daughter. She and her husband were silent, not telling who they were born. The child was always dressed in neutral tones, which also did not indicate the gender of the child. Only a year later, in mid-2016, it became known that a star of a comedian couple had a son, who was named Ilya.

The son of Natalia Medvedeva, Ilya, is brought up by her grandmother by virtue of her parents' employment. He will soon turn 2 years old. Natalia jokes that his son will grow up and outshine his parents in a humorous horizon.

Husband of Natalia Medvedeva - Alexander Koptel

Alexander was born and raised in Novosibirsk. He studied at the Novosibirsk Medical Institute, where he became a member of the KVN team with the name "STEPiKO". Natalia and Alexander began to meet secretly, without telling anyone about their romance.

In 2012, Alexander made Natalia a proposal for marriage, which she immediately accepted. Soon the wedding took place. The comedian himself designed the wedding ceremony, which was in the form of a picnic. At the event there were only relatives and friends. But there were so many friends that the wedding was celebrated on a grand scale. Everyone was happy.

Young people spent their honeymoon in Europe. They visited Amsterdam, Brussels, Italy, France and others.

Natalya Medvedeva’s husband, Alexander Koptel, starred in Comedy Club. He is loved for his unique and original sense of humor. ”

Instagram and Wikipedia Natalia Medvedeva

Natalya Medvedeva is a very active user of the World Wide Web.On their pages on Instagram and Wikipedia Natalia Medvedeva information is constantly updated. Over 55 thousand people have signed here. The actress places a variety of photographs, each of which writes a humorous post. Subscribers are kind to her humorous sketches, write their comments and like the photo.

On the pages on social networks you can see some humorous scenes from the work of Natalia Medvedeva. But you can’t learn about the husband and son of the actress. She believes that if she tells, she can jinx her happiness, so she does not say anything about her personal life.


At the university, Natalia began to appear frequently on stage with KVN teams. The guys participated in competitions and festivals. In 2003, Medvedev appeared in a number of comedy productions of the Megapolis team, but the main work consisted in the selection of props.

Natalia Medvedeva with the award - “KVNschitsa of the year”

In 2005, Natalya Medvedeva had the opportunity to play in the KVN junior leagues as part of the Glamor and Fedor Dvinyatin teams. With the last team, Natasha worked at all stages of becoming a fun and resourceful Club. Despite the fact that the jury members ambiguously spoke about the “strange” team, “Fedor Dvinyatin” gained popularity among fans and in 2009 went to the finals of the Higher League, taking the final third place.

Natalya Medvedeva also managed to receive several personal awards, the most significant of which is “KVNschitsa of the Year 2008”.

Natalya Medvedeva in the team of KVN “Fedor Dvinyatin”

Further development of a comedic career took place rapidly. After some time, the star left KVN for the new project “Comedy Woman” on the TNT channel. In 2006, the club project, in which Natalya participated as an actress and author, was called “Made in Woman” and only two years later the program was called “Comedy Woman”.

In the comedy show, Natalya Medvedeva played the role of an unbalanced and absolutely extraordinary person who is prone to shocking and inappropriate antics. Natasha says that she had to try on such a role repeatedly, being a member of the Fedor Dvinyatin team.

At first, it seemed that the “explosive” image would not stay in Medvedeva’s career for a long time, but he managed to get into the personality of Natalia. The creators of the show did not plan that the “plague” image would be used regularly, it was just an operating time for several issues. But the role of the artist was loved by the audience and as if she began to live her own life.

Natalya Medvedeva wrote all the texts and scripts for her role in Comedy Woman on her own or in collaboration with the producers of the project. Video numbers of the artist gained millions of views. Having worked in the show from the first days of its existence, in 2014 Natasha Medvedeva decided to leave Comedy Woman and pursue a solo career.

In 2010, the actress was offered a role in the play “Happy Number”, where the star of “Comedy Wumen” Natalya Medvedeva managed to play three roles at once. In the same year, the premiere of the production of director Mikhail Tserishenko “Looking for a wife. Inexpensive! ” In 2012, Medvedev played in a comedy production based on the play by Albert Gurney “What do men want?”. Six months later, the artist got into the dubbing of the Disney cartoon "Ralph", where she voiced Vanilopa von Keks. A year later, the actress once again appeared on the stage in the role of bride and mother in the play "Wedding", which was directed by director Nina Chusova.

Natalya Medvedeva in the show “Comedy Woman”

In December 2012, Natalia made her debut as a movie actress. The star received the role of secretary of Elvira in the film "New Year's marriage." Then, in 2013, viewers were lucky to watch idol Medvedev in the comedy film "What Men Do!"

Despite the fact that Natalia left the Comedy Woman, the girl’s career was not affected. A successful comedy project only prompted Medvedev to new roles. The filmography of Natalia has since been growing by leaps and bounds. In the same year, the girl got the main role in the series "Shurochka" on the TV channel "Friday".

Corporate Movie Trailer

In 2014, the corporate movie about the head of the furniture salon (Nikolai Naumov) was released at the box office, which, on the day after the holiday, found the store completely destroyed. Natalya Medvedeva in the comedy, which was watched by millions of viewers, reincarnated as the heroine of Ira.

At the same time, the actress starred in the film "Changing Lives", where she played the role of the heroine of Maya. In the comedy directed by Tatyana Kapitan “30 dates” of the 2015 issue of the loser Dasha and her neighbor, professional photographer Oleg (Nikita Panfilov), the actress played a major role.

Trailer of the film “30 dates”

In the same year, another comedy was launched with the participation of Natalia Medvedeva - “I Remember, I Don't Remember!”. The film talked about how two girls - the nondescript librarian Alena (Natalya Medvedeva) and the gorgeous blonde Lisa (Polina Maximova) - exchanged bodies.

In the same year, the actress pleased the fans with another comedic role in the film “Decent People”. In the sports film “The Duel”, Natalia was transformed into a reporter. The actress never appeared naked on the screen. Natalya also did not star in candid photo shoots for glossy magazines.

Clip “La Bomba” by Queen and Medvedeva

The actress also excelled musically, recording the first song and video “La Bomba” in collaboration with Natasha Koroleva. The first clip of the performer came out quite spectacular thanks to the vocal and external data of Medvedeva. Admittedly, the artist is similar to Natasha Koroleva. She herself knows about this similarity. Natalia was regularly asked about the relationship with the singer and even asked for an autograph. In 2013, the artists co-hosted the culinary show "Time to Lunch", which was broadcast on Channel One.

Natalia Medvedeva devotes a lot of energy to working on the radio. In 2013, Natalya, along with her comedian colleague Comedy Woman, Ekaterina Skulkina, broadcast Nifertiti on Comedy Radio. In 2014, the actress was invited by the TV presenter to the ceremony of presenting music awards RU TV and MusicBox.

On April 19, 2013, Natalya made her debut as a TV presenter in the program “Your Movie!”. February 21, 2015 the premiere of the television program "STS" - "Empire of Illusions: The Brothers Safronov" - with the participation of the actress.

In 2015, the actress participated in dubbing foreign animated films - “The Keeper of the Moon”, “Mi-mi-bears”. The voice of Natalia Medvedeva in the TV series “Virgin Jane” speaks of the heroine of Jane Gloriana Villanueva.

In 2016, the girl tried on the role of assistant director and began working on the weekly television program Saturday Night. But this does not mean at all that now Natalia will finally leave the frame in the television backstage. In the same year, the actress took part in the show "Ice Age", where she performed in tandem with Maxim Stavisky.

Natalya Medvedeva is now

Now Natalya Medvedeva gives most of her free time to her family, but she does not refuse to participate in significant projects. The actress participated in the dubbing of the animated film "Miracle-Yudo." In October 2017, Natalia Medvedeva became the TV presenter of the TEFI national award ceremony. The actress rose to the stage in the company of the charming Leonid Yakubovich.

Natalya Medvedeva

On New Year's holidays in 2018, Natalya Medvedeva appeared on the festive show of the Russia-1 TV channel. With the participation of the actress, the next issue of the Yeralash newsreel was released, where Natalya appeared in the guise of a teacher.

Until her second pregnancy, the actress continued to act in films and led “Saturday Night” on the second button of the country. In October 2018, Natalia Medvedeva became a mother for the second time. While the gender and name of the child, the couple keeps a secret.

Natalia Medvedeva now

Now Natalia Medvedeva gives most of her free time to her family, but she does not refuse to participate in significant projects. The actress participated in the scoring of the animated film "Miracle-Yudo." In October 2017, Natasha became the TV presenter of the TEFI national award ceremony. The actress rose to the stage in the company of the charming Leonid Yakubovich.

Natalia Medvedeva

On the New Year holidays of 2018, Natalia Medvedeva appeared on the holiday show of the Russia-1 TV channel. With the participation of the actress, the next issue of the Yeralash newsreel was released, where Natalia appeared in the guise of a teacher.

Until the second pregnancy, the actress continued to act in films and led “Saturday Night” on the second button of the country. In October 2018, Natasha Medvedeva became a mother for the second time.

In 2019, the star took part in the project "The Last Hero", where the team of actors fought psychics.


Watch the video: Он вам не Димон (April 2020).

Natalia Medvedeva

At the show of the collection of designer Ilya Shiyan, 2013
Birth nameNatalia Yuryevna Medvedeva
Date of BirthMarch 9, 1985 (1985-03-09) (aged 34)
Place of BirthSerpukhov, Moscow region, RSFSR, USSR
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