Olga Lomonosova: biography, personal life, family, husband, children


Name: Olga Lomonosova

Middle name: Olegovna

Birthday: May 18 1978 (41 years old)

Place of Birth: Donetsk, Ukraine

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Eastern horoscope: Horse

Career: Russian actors 583 place

Photo: Olga Lomonosova

Childhood and adolescence

Sport came to Olga's life even before school, when a gymnastics coach paid attention to her flexibility in a kindergarten and invited her to develop these abilities. Soon, a school was added to this load. Nevertheless, the girl made progress in sports and in school.

In 1986, Olga’s father was transferred to Kiev, and his family left with him. In the capital, Olga had the opportunity to do gymnastics on a professional level. She was accepted to the Olympic School of Albina Deryugina. Daily training and iron discipline helped Olga win the title of candidate for master of sports.

At the age of 12, despite excellent results in sports, Olya became a student in a ballet school. So decided her mother, who herself from an early age dreamed of dancing. After graduating from school, the girl tried to enter the Vaganovo school of St. Petersburg, but failed. But in the Kiev choreographic school she was met with open arms. Olga's teacher was Valeria Sulegin. The course was very gifted, for example, Svetlana Zakharova, who studied with Olga Lomonosova, later became the prima of the Bolshoi Theater.

Success was also demonstrated by Olga. In the last year, the director of the Stuttgart Ballet drew her attention to her, offering her to continue her studies in Germany. At first Olga agreed, but life judged otherwise. On vacation in Miskhor, the girl met with the artists of "Satyricon" Nadezhda Berezhnaya and Alexei Yakubov. Together with them, she flew to Moscow and literally fell in love with this city, having forgotten about Stuttgart forever.

Actor career

The idea to enter the theater matured with Olga while still studying at the Kiev Choreographic School. She submitted documents to Sliver, Pike, GITIS, Moscow Art Theater School. As a result, the girl was admitted to the Shchukin school, on the course of Roman Ovchinnikov.

Together with her, the masters demanded by today's actors studied: the star of the “Duelist” and “Icebreaker” Peter Fedorov, the permanent hero of the “Cop Wars” Alexander Ustyugov, Grigory Antipenko, Alexandra Reben, Yanina Sokolovskaya and Vyacheslav Manucharov.

The first year of study was not given to the girl, it seemed to her that she was studying in the theater in vain. “I was the first candidate to fly out,” Olga recalled. But by the end of the first year, she firmly realized that her place was here and she would not go anywhere, no matter what it cost her.

Olga Lomonosova already played a major role in the graduation performance “Fine People” (2003). Konstantin Raikin, who was sitting on the commission, then got up and said: “I want to mention one person. You, Olga, have become an artist! ” These words became a reward for her better than the diploma itself.

Height, weight, age. How old is Olga Lomonosova

Our heroine looks just perfect. She has a wonderful slim figure, big eyes and a wonderful smile. Perhaps for some, the physical data of the actress will become interesting, for example, her height, weight, age. How old is Olga Lomonosova at first sight and can not be said. It is known that this year she celebrated her fortieth anniversary. But she looks much younger.

So, the growth of the artist reaches 168 centimeters, and she weighs no more than 56 years. This is a tender, fragile woman. It is hard to believe that she is the mother of three children. In the past, an athlete. She was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics and ballet. That is why her figure is slender and fit. She has incredible body flexibility.

Olga Lomonosova carefully monitors her appearance. She leads an active lifestyle, goes in for sports, adheres to the rules of a healthy diet and often walks in the fresh air.

Olga Lomonosova has a strong and strong-willed character. Purposefulness, perseverance and hard work she received from birth, as she was born under the sign of strong-willed Taurus. According to the eastern calendar, the artist refers to stubborn, creative Horses.

Biography of Olga Lomonosova

Our heroine began her life journey in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk. It happened on May day in 1978. Parents were regular workers. But they worked a lot and often went on business trips. The upbringing of the girl was at her grandmother.

The kindergarten noted the flexibility and ability to dance of the actress. So, she began to intensively engage in rhythmic gymnastics, and a little later, ballet. After moving to the Ukrainian capital, the city of Kiev, she studied at the School of Olympic Reserve. Later she entered the local choreographic school. But soon, due to a leg injury, she decided to end the ballet and moved to Moscow.

There she enters the Shchukin Theater School. It is interesting to know that in the first year Olga Lomonosova was even in a number of students for departure. But she soon pulled herself up and revealed her talent. From a quiet, shy girl, Olga turned into a strong woman who stubbornly went to her goal. She began to be invited to shoot, she was given roles in theatrical productions.

Biography of Olga Lomonosova continues to replenish with new interesting events. She has already managed to build a good career. Her strong-willed and persistent character, as well as charisma and natural charm leave no one indifferent. Acting talent on the face. It seems that she can handle any task. Her characters always look natural and relaxed. It completely merges into the image, and it seems that the picture comes to life. Olga has a large army of fans who follow his creative path. Fans are looking forward to the new work of a promising actress. A colleague on the stage respects her. Film critics also appreciated her talent

Our heroine is a wonderful actress, a good and loving wife, a caring mother of three children. Her favorite work and family make the actress very happy. A lot is given to her. This is a beautiful woman and a very kind and helpful person. She managed to achieve everything on her own. Confidence in herself, in her own strength helped her in many ways.

Filmography: films starring Olga Lomonosova

Our heroine is a wonderful actress. For the first time, she starred in a movie as a student. In 2001, she played in a small episode in the movie "New Year's Adventures." A little later she got the role of Katya Voznesenskaya in the movie “Cobra. Atiterror. "

Further, her filmography only expanded. Films with the participation of Olga Lomonosova are always interesting, fascinating. Her images are pretty smart. She perfectly copes with any task - whether it is a positive hero or a negative. Her characters always look natural and relaxed.

Our heroine gained wide fame and popular recognition thanks to the role of a successful woman in Kira Voropaeva in the television series "Do not be born beautiful."

The filmography of the actress is quite extensive. St. John's Wort, Killer Whale, Four Cats, 45 Seconds are just some of the films where Olga Lomonosova starred.

Personal life of Olga Lomonosova

Our heroine has always been in the center of male attention. But, despite this, the personal life of Olga Lomonosova is not replete with diversity. Her first marriage can most likely be called fictitious, because in order to continue her studies at the theater school, she needed to obtain Russian citizenship. So, the first official husband was Evgenia Ryashentsev, producer. Their marriage was short-lived.

In her student years, the actress met her second husband. Pavel Safronov at that time was working on his thesis in their group. Soon they fell in love and began to live together. They did not officially register their relationship. They don’t need it. The main thing is that they love each other and are happy together. And official marriage is not so important. In their union, three children were born.

Family of Olga Lomonosova

Our heroine was the only child in the family. Her parents often went on business trips. Her grandmother took up the upbringing and development of the girl. Later, Olga Lomonosova with special tenderness recalls her care and affection.

Now the family of Olga Lomonosova consists of herself, a civil husband and three children. Family relationships can be called ideal. The actress speaks very well about her current wife. She often tells what a caring father he is and a wonderful husband. As the artist herself claims, she was incredibly lucky to meet such a real man. Perhaps sometimes she does not notice what Pavel Safronov does for her, but nevertheless appreciates him, loves and is extremely happy with him.

Children of Olga Lomonosova

In the current civil marriage with Pavel Safronov, the actress became a thrice happy mother. They had two girls - Varvara and Alexander. And recently their family was replenished with a wonderful little son - Fedor.

Children of Olga Lomonosova are the most important in the life of the actress. She madly loves them and tries to give them as much attention as possible. The civil husband helps her in every way, he does everything so that his family honors himself happily. They often walk with their children, go on vacation. Their family union can be called exemplary.

The first daughter of Olga Lomonosova - Varvara

For the first time, the heroine of our article felt like a happy mother in the early 2000s. At that time, the shooting of the television series “Don't Be Born Beautiful” was just ending. The first daughter of Olga Lomonosova - Varvara, was born in 2006. Like all other children, the baby is recorded under the name of the civil husband of the actress.

The girl is very developed and raised. Now she is twelve years old, she is a good student at school and is engaged in dancing, like her mother. She has a dream - to become a famous dancer and open her own dance school.

The second daughter of Olga Lomonosova - Alexandra

After some time, namely five years, the second daughter of Olga Lomonosova, Alexander, was born. She grows up as a fairly active child. It should be noted that the common-law husband pampers his daughters very much. He often buys gifts for them, walks with them in the fresh air. They often come up with new games.

Relatively recently, last year in their family there was another replenishment. A son is born. It was customary to call him Fedor. Now their family is large. Despite the almost perfect family relationship, the actress and her husband continue to live with their common-law marriage.

Childhood and youth

Olga is the only child in the family of a builder and economist, was born in Donetsk in May 1978. The girl’s childhood passed under the flag of the embodiment of her mother’s unrealized dream of the stage.

At first, Lomonosova studied ballroom dancing. Having moved to Kiev, parents gave their daughter to rhythmic gymnastics, to the School of Olympic Reserve to Irina Deryugina. Olga showed great hope in sports, but entered the choreographic school.

As a ballerina, she achieved certain successes: a last year student was invited to work in Stuttgart. Lomonosova was seriously planning to go to Germany, but she fell in love with Vladimir Mashkov and decided to move to Moscow.

In 1997, Olga got a seat in the Theater. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. They didn’t give the first installments, besides the girl got better, and they stopped releasing her on the stage. The dancer switched to the Imperial Russian ballet with Gediminas Taranda.

In the end, it didn’t work out with a ballet career: on vacation in the mountains, Lomonosova injured her leg and rethought the meaning of dance in life. So in her biography appeared Schukin School. On the course of Rodion Ovchinnikov, Peter Fedorov, Marina Alexandrova, Alexander Ustyugov, Vyacheslav Manucharov studied with her.

Former husband of Olga Lomonosova - Eugene Ryashhentsev

The first family of our heroine did not last long. The former husband of Olga Lomonosova is Evgeny Ryashchentsev. He graduated from VGIK, producer. They met thanks to Olya’s friend Yana Sokolovskaya.

The marriage was officially registered. Family life did not seem perfect. Later it turned out that young people have different interests in life, they simply did not agree on the characters. It was decided to get a divorce. The couple did not get common children. And yet, Olga, thanks to this marriage, received Russian citizenship.

Theater and films

Since the time of "Pike" Olga has been involved in theatrical productions. In the graduation performance “Fine People”, the actress’s game was praised by Konstantin Raikin. At the end of the school, Lomonosov worked at the Vakhtangov Theater, receiving only secondary roles, but she was also happy about this.

She served for three years at the Stanislavsky Theater. Now she is engaged in projects of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya and the Other Theater, Variety Theater, and is participating in entreprise.

The first point in the filmography was the painting "Death of Tairov", where Olga played a cameo role. Later there were the series "Children of the Arbat" and "My Prechistenka", the detective "Cobra. Anti-terror. "

The status of the star for the actress was brought by the film “Don't Be Born Beautiful”. Initially, Lomonosov admitted, she did not like the character: the angry and selfish Kira was a cardboard, template villain. Therefore, she partially changed the character of the heroine, giving more humanity, responsibility and endowing a bit of nobility.

The serial lover Olga was played by Grigory Antipenko, an old friend at the Shchukin school. Among the joint paintings of the duet is the 45 second melodrama.

After the success of “Don't Be Born Beautiful,” Lomonosov was in danger of becoming a hostage to one image. Both viewers and media representatives perceived the woman as cold and prudent. The actress had to make a lot of effort to convince others around this.

In the next film Olga played a surrogate mother, and in the drama "Goddess of Prime Time" - a brave journalist. The character of the main character, according to rumors, is copied from the TV presenter Arina Sharapova. Lomonosov turned into a representative of the media in the criminal film "Abduction of the Goddess."

A separate line in the artist’s track record is the cheesecake thriller about how two adults were in the center of attention from a psychopath boy. Lomonosova managed to convey the tragedy and hopelessness of the situation in which strangers found themselves. The film collected conflicting reviews: some accused the director of excessive cruelty, while others admired the directness and frankness of the work.

And in the melodrama “Two Love Stories” Olga appeared in an acting quartet with Agnia Ditkovskite, Evgeny Dmitriev and Maxim Drozd. Two pairs of lovers are connected by family ties, which makes life difficult for everyone.

The main and secondary roles of the actress are played in dozens of paintings. Best of all, she succeeds in touching and vulnerable characters in melodramas, such as, for example, in Masha, Object 11, Aerobatics, Black Cats, and Killer Whale.

In the mystical series “Angel on duty”, Lomonosova got used to the image of a surgeon who, after an electric shock, begins to see the souls of dead people.

In 2015, the celebrity appeared in the episode of the epic "And the Dawns Here Are Quiet." In the project of Renat Davletyarov, the star cast from Anastasia Mikulchina, Evgenia Malakhova, Kristina Asmus and Agniya Kuznetsova was selected.

In 2016, Olga’s new work was the detective Citizen Nobody about an employee in the operations department who, after a long coma, met with a new reality, but former criminals.

In the thriller “Secrets and Lies”, Lomonosova appeared in a duet with Pavel Trubiner, in the drama “Remote Consequences” with Yevgeny Sidikhin, in the detective “St. John’s Wort” with Dmitry Ulyanov.

The husband of Olga Lomonosova - Pavel Safonov

As a student, our heroine met her second husband. Pavel Safronov was struck by the talent and beauty of the young actress.At first, they just talked, they struck up friendships. But soon feelings grew into more. Young people began to live together. And now they still live in a civil marriage. Banal registration does not need any of them.

Two beautiful girls were born in the family - Varya and Sasha, and recently their family was replenished with their son Fedor. The husband of Olga Lomonosova - Pavel Safonov in every possible way helps his wife around the house, in raising children, etc.

Photo by Olga Lomonosova before and after plastics

For her age, our heroine just looks great. She has excellent external data. Therefore, it is not surprising that some suggest that the actress sought help from a plastic surgeon. But this was not the case. A photo of Olga Lomonosova before and after plastic surgery, even if there is one, then most likely this is someone’s ridiculous invention. All the beauty and harmony of the artist by nature. And also, we must not forget that a woman has been engaged in gymnastics and ballet for a long time. And now Olga attends gyms, adheres to the rules of healthy eating. The only thing the actress is worried about is wrinkles.

Instagram and Wikipedia Olga Lomonosova

The famous artist has a lot of fans. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Instagram and Wikipedia of Olga Lomonosova are quite popular among Internet users.

Note that the actress is an active user of social networks. She has an account on Instagram, where she uploads fresh photos of her friendly family, from leisure, from film sets and the theater.

Wikipedia tells us about the childhood and youth of the actress. Here are creative ways, filmography, her prizes and awards. All information is reliable.

Biography, show business.

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Olga Olegovna Lomonosova is a fragile blonde with a strong character, a well-known dramatic Russian actress, and in her youth, a ballerina and a gymnast, a promising dancer.

Olga became famous thanks to the role of Kira Voropaeva in the incredibly popular series "Do not be born beautiful." Also, the audience remembers her from such works in the TV series “Duty Angel”, “Citizen Nobody”, “Killer Whale”. The actress every day with confidence is gaining momentum in its popularity and attracts more and more attention of fans. So, what makes Olga attract the attention of the audience? What is it interesting to them? How did Lomonosova achieve such fame? And many interesting facts from the life of this talented actress read in our article.

Daughter of Olga Lomonosova - Barbara

The daughter of Olga Lomonosova - Varvara, was born in 2006, having pleased her parents with this. The news that Olga will have a baby was very pleased with the actress, because next to her was the same person on whom she could rely on in difficult situations. Of course, for this it is generally not necessary to put a stamp in the passport.

At present, the girl is already 11 years old. She goes to school and brings home only good grades. Olga Lomonosova is confident that her daughter will achieve great success in her studies. At the same time, Varya attends dance classes, where she also achieves good results. Parents see a huge potential in the girl, and they develop all kinds of talents of the girl.

Daughter of Olga Lomonosova - Alexander

The daughter of Olga Lomonosova - Alexandra, pleased her parents with the birth in 2011. At this time, she is 7 years old. Paul gave his daughters his last name. A married couple lives with children and brings them up together. Olga says in an interview that she is very happy, because the dad of daughters is the best in the world. Despite the fact that Paul lives surrounded by three girls, with his desires and whims, he continues to pamper them all.

For Sasha, there are no prohibitions at all - start crying when dad immediately fulfills her wish. Olga Lomonosova regrets that she is sorry for the time she can spend with her family while on set. Often she has to be replaced by a grandmother, a nanny, and, of course, a caring and loving father.

Photo by Olga Lomonosova in Maxim magazine

While all the stars visit plastic surgeons more often than shops, Olga Lomonosova remains an adherent of natural beauty. She considers plastic surgery to be something unnatural and wild. Fans who admire the figure of Olga Lomonosova also do not understand what else she needs to change in herself. Therefore, Olga is not going to lie under the knife of doctors.

She appreciates her natural beauty and is not ashamed to show her. That's how recently a photo of Olga Lomonosova appeared in Maxim magazine. Having found this magazine, you can see what Olga is naked in a swimsuit, her candid photos. The actress considers erotic photographs to be completely not vulgar, but real art.

Olga Lomonosova: biography, personal life, children, spouse

Olga Lomonosova hails from Donetsk. She was born on May 18, 1978 in a family where dad is an engineer, mom is an economist. The grandmother was engaged in the upbringing of the girl, the parents worked. Olga studied well at school, was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, from the age of 12 she attended ballet school. At 16, she became a candidate for master of sports.

Upon admission to the Vaganovsky school in St. Petersburg, Lomonosov failed, and in the Kiev choreographic school she studied with the mentor Valery Sulegin. After graduation in 1998, she moved to live in Moscow, got a job at the Musical Theater. Nemirovich-Danchenko. She later worked in the Imperial Russian Ballet, but due to trauma, she had to forget about the profession of a ballerina.

The actress entered the Shchukin school to Roman Ovchinnikov. Her thesis was the role in the play "Beautiful People" directed by Pavel Safonov. After the debut in the series “Cobra. Terror ”with the role of Katya Voznesenskaya. However, another work glorified Lomonosov. In 2005, the success of the series “Do Not Be Born Beautiful” thundered, where Olga got the role of the calculating Kira Voropaeva. So the actress woke up famous.

Later, her filmography was replenished with no less rated works - “9 months”, “Night Sisters”, “Masha”, “Black Cats”, “Indian Kingdom”. In 2006, work in the theater had to be temporarily abandoned.

First husband - Evgeny Ryashentsev

To work in the capital's theater, aspiring actress Olga Lomonosova needs fictitious citizenship. Therefore, being a student of "Pike", she became the wife of the producer of the studio "Amedia" Evgeny Ryashentsev. The couple did not live even a year later, after 6 months the young parted. A year later, officially divorced and this stopped any communication. Joint children did not make money.

Second spouse - Pavel Safonov

Olga met her second husband Pavel Safonov during the preparation of the thesis at the Schukin School. The director of "Fine People" was just Paul, who for a long time doubted whether the young actress would cope with such a complex and controversial role. The success was tremendous, even the Raikin meter noted the excellent work of Lomonosova.

Upon completion of work on “Don't Be Born Beautiful,” Lomonosova became pregnant. December 9, 2006 gave birth to a girl, whom happy parents named Valya. May 25, 2011 in the family of Lomonosova and Safonov, a second child appeared - the daughter of Alexander. Lomonosova learned about the third pregnancy in 2016, and son Fedor was born on April 14, 2017. All children bear the name of their father.

Already 9 days after giving birth, she took part in the production of Cyrano de Bergerac. In 2017, she starred in the thriller Mysteries and Lies. The actress is still involved in theater and cinema, but she always finds time to raise her beloved children. In addition, Pavel Safonov actively helps her in this.


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