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The largest auctions in Europe: where and when


The online auction has become popular due to the fact that the prices there are much lower than in any real store, and the range is amazing - from antiques to books and household items.

Items put up for auction are always described in great detail, several photos are attached to the description, there are customer reviews and ratings. Everyone can make a purchase on e-Bay or sell something through this auction, regardless of the country in which he is located. To participate, you just need to go through the registration process. Neither membership dues nor subscription fees are required for bidding.

The most expensive purchase made at this popular online auction was a used jet. He left the auction for five million dollars. An expensive purchase is the island of Thatch Cay, located in the Caribbean. It was sold in parts, each part went for a million dollars.

A European-level online auction is Thanks to round-the-clock support and a high level of service, it is convenient and safe to make purchases and sales there.

Selling cars, including used ones, is increasingly happening through online car auctions. Such trade was especially widespread in Germany, Belgium, France and other European cities. One of the most popular auction companies is Manheim.

An online auction of jewelery and jewelry is B>


Another titanium in the world of auction business and the main competitor of Sotheby's is Christie’s, whose main location also managed to change from London to New York. The activities of both together account for about 90% of the global market for auction sales of antiques and art.

Christie makes more than six hundred sales a year, that is, an average of two sales a day. Bidding is held in 80 categories: fine and decorative art, jewelry, photographs, furniture and home decoration, and much more. One of the most promising areas of Christie’s development is the permanent Russian department and the prestigious Russian Sales.

The Russian department holds tenders every year in April in New York and in November in London, each time setting new sales records. Recent trades in London, for example, have earned 16.9 million pounds. Like Sotheby's, this auction house sets a minimum price at the auction, which gradually increases, and the lot goes to the buyer who has set the highest price.


Following the two leaders in the sale of World Cultural Heritage sites, experts commonly call the Bonhams auction house. The third largest auction in the world sells in 70 categories, including paintings and cars, musical instruments and interior items. Bonhams has branches in the USA, Australia, South Africa and Hong Kong. Such a wide geography of distribution allows this auction house to conduct more than 700 auctions around the world per year. Auctions are held in different cities, depending on the specifics of lots and the category that is put up for sale.


In German-speaking countries, the leadership belongs to the Vienna auction house Dorotheum. More than 300 years of existence make it the oldest of the major auctions in the world. The headquarters of this house did not move anywhere and is still located in Vienna. The only change in the framework of globalization of the world art market is new representations in some Austrian cities, for example, in Salzburg, as well as in other parts of Europe, for example, in Prague and Milan. Dorotheum holds about 600 auctions annually, most of which are daily "catalogless auctions" in the Dorotheum palace in the Austrian capital. However, the most important part of sales is a series of four major auction weeks. It is during them that auctions of rare works of fine art are held - from the works of old masters to the modernist and contemporary art.

Another feature of this house is its own Dorotheum jewelry store, which is by far the largest in Austria.

Sotheby's (Sotheby`s)

Sotheby's was founded by London-based book seller Samuel Baker. Baker held his first auction in 1744, where he published his first catalog of rare books with fixed prices. For a century, Baker's company specialized only in books, so it organized the auction of almost all famous British libraries.

Initially, Sotheby's was a closed "club", where only representatives of the aristocracy worked. After a period of bankruptcy, in 1983 Sotheby's was bought by an American entrepreneur Alfred Taubman. Today, Sotheby`s has more than 100 offices around the world and organizes trading not only on rare and valuable books, but also on objects of art.


Auctions and trading platforms, today have become a very attractive place to trade. It will probably be difficult to find a person who would not hear about them. Their popularity is growing every day. However, there are so many of them that it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice. Therefore, we decided to make catalog of the best auction sites in the worldto help you in this difficult choice. You will find the catalog below., but from the beginning a little about the history and features of auctions, which you especially need to pay attention to when choosing.

McDouglas (MacDougall`s)

Mas Dougall`s is the only auction that specializes exclusively in Russian and Slavic art. The auction house regularly holds tenders, the lots of which are works of art of the XVIII - XIX centuries. In addition, several records were set for the sale of objects of Soviet non-conformist art. Usually, Mas Dougall`s holds auctions twice a year.

It is worth noting that information technology has begun to be actively introduced in modern auctions, which in turn makes bidding the most convenient and efficient. Thus, anyone can get acquainted with the proposed lots via the Internet, thereby saving time and money.

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Sotbis is one of the oldest auction houses in the world. Together with the auction house, Christis occupies about 90% of the global market for auction sales of antiques, art objects, etc. It is the largest auction house in the world (in terms of total revenue.


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