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Stephen amell

Stephen Amell (2016)
Date of BirthMay 8, 1981 (1981-05-08) (aged 38)
Place of Birth
  • Toronto Canada
  • Canada
Career2004 - n. in.
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Steven Adam Amell (Eng. Stephen Adam Amell, May 8, 1981, Toronto) is the Canadian actor best known for starring Oliver Queen in the television series Strela and Casey Jones in the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

Life and career

Stephen Amell was born on May 8, 1981 in Toronto, Ontario. Studied at St Andrew's College, a private boys' school located in Aurora, Ontario.

The first fame came to the actor after filming in the series "Coffee Shop" and the drama "Closing the Circle" with Misha Barton and Shirley MacLaine in the lead roles. He also played Adam in the first season of Dante's Bay, but was replaced by John Fleming in the second season.

Amell starred in guest episodes in many popular television series: “Close Friends” (bike run coach - credited as Steve Amell), “Stallion” (Gigolo Jason, a younger competitor to Thomas Jane's character), “90210: The New Generation” ( considered missing fisherman Jim, a friend of the hero Matt Lunter), “New Girl” (with Zoe Deschanel and Max Greenfield), “Private Practice” (character Scottie).

Amell was a regular member of the show “Little Hairdresser”, “Native Lands”, “The Vampire Diaries” (Brady’s werewolf in the second season), and also starred in the television movie Lifetime called “Justice Natalie Holloway”, which premiered in May 2011 of the year .

In January 2012, it became known that Amell got the main role in the pilot of The CW, Strela, about the adventures of the popular comic book character Oliver Queen, nicknamed Strela.

He also participated in WWE as a guest star at PPV Summerslam (2015), where he held a team match in the form of the hero of the Green Arrow comic and won.

In 2016, he played the role of Casey Jones in the movie “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2”.

Personal life

Amell is Robbie Amell's paternal cousin.

In 2007-2010, he was married to Canadian Carolyn Lawrence.

On December 25, 2012, Amell married actress and model Cassandra Jean, a private ceremony was held in the Caribbean. A public wedding took place on May 26, 2013 in New Orleans. The couple has a daughter - Mayvi Alexandra Gene Amell (born October 15, 2013).

Role model

His image on the Web can often be seen next to catchy headlines: “Download the press, become like Amell!”. Stephen’s photos become both advertising and illustration for all sorts of courses and techniques for bringing the male body to a decent appearance. Well, for the sake of the title role in the series "Arrow", the Canadian had to sweat in simulators! He was always a sports guy, and this is important in the acting profession. Rarely, what stars now give way to stuntmen to perform tricks for themselves - a self-respecting performer takes on a risky business himself!


Stephen Amell is an American actor of Canadian descent, an amateur wrestler, an entrepreneur. At the beginning of her career, she appeared in episodic roles on television. Real fame came in 2012 with the release of the Strela series on the CW channel based on DC comics. Amell played Oliver Queen - a superhero in a green hood, fighting injustice with a bow and arrow.

Welcome guest on TV

Stephen Amell’s biography began in the capital of Ontario’s most populous Canadian province, Toronto. There he was born in 1981 - on May 8, he spent the early years there. Parents gave the kid to St. Andrew's College, a private male guesthouse in the town of Aurora. It was not far from home - in the same Ontario.

Stephen did not immediately decide that acting is his calling. Being a relative of the artist Mark Pellegrino (this is the same Lucifer from the “Supernatural”), Steve was a member of cinema circles. Almost by accident, the guy got into the crew of the military drama Closing the Circle. And although this tape is among his chosen filmography, Amell has only an episode in it. The leading roles in the film were played by luminaries - Christopher Plummer and Shirley McClain. With the movie, just the Canadian was always less lucky - however, like his uncle. But on TV, the newly-minted actor Stephen Amell was a welcome guest.

Actor Steven Amell's career, filmography

For the first time, he thought about the possibility of becoming an actor in 2003. Then he worked at an insurance company. In addition, Stephen had five years in the Canadian business. The bad year made me think about acting more seriously.

The career of the actor at first was very difficult and very slow. However, his external data, growth and overall physical development allow him to play handsome men with half-naked torsos. Time passed and the actor with this texture was noticed.

He finally managed to get the role only in twenty-three years. He played in an episode of a cycle coach. It so happened that while he was looking for an opportunity to start acting, he had to somehow stay afloat, and the young man moonlighted as a cycling instructor. When the opportunity presented itself to play the role of a coach, he thought that he would certainly be given this role, so he had real experience in this field.

As it turned out later, it made absolutely no difference. The novice actor thought that if he could not get this role, he would "lose the race." But a small miracle happened, and he played a coach in his first series. Its name is “Close Friends”. Nevertheless, the beginning was laid, and the actor began to act actively.

So, in 2005 he appeared in the project “Dante's Bay”. The role was noticeable, and his hero Adam was remembered by critics and spectators. So the actor took the first step towards popularity, which was just around the corner. The series "Coffee Shop", where Stephen starred in 2006, brought him the nomination "Best Guest Actor" for the "Jammy" award.

Find your role

He appeared in the popular "legal" TV series "Frequent Practice", became Adam in the TV horror film with a "gay bias" "Dante's Bay" (but for some reason he was out of court, and in the second season he was fired), starred in the back off Beverly Hills, several "police" shows, and then - in the cult "Vampire Diaries" and the sitcom "New Girl." But all these were insignificant characters - can such people glorify the artist?

Stephen Amell Currently, The Vampire Diaries

The first role in the big movie Amell played in the 2007th. It was the Canadian drama "Tracy Particles", which told about a fifteen-year-old girl and her hard life.

Then he got a role in the science fiction series "ReGenesis." His play was highly praised, and the actor received the Jammy Award. This award made Stephen more in demand in his profession. In a short time he starred in many popular projects: "90210", "The Vampire Diaries", "Stallion", "Private Practice". The Vampire Diaries project also featured Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Candice Accola and other Hollywood stars.

Fame came to Amell when he played in the series "Arrow", which was created based on the comic book. Before getting this role, he had to go through several auditions, but after the first actor realized that he was interested. When he was informed that he was approved, Stephen first shared his joy with his family by calling his parents and sister, and only then went to bed.

For filming, the actor had to learn to shoot from a bow, which took several weeks, there were also training in fights and parkour. Being a fan of his craft, the actor performed most of the tricks on his own.

Stephen likes archery, but as he himself said, he started to like her only after he stopped clicking the bowstring on his forearm. He considers it an entertaining occupation.

The series has a high bar, events in it develop very quickly. This will prevent viewers from relaxing. Most likely, this project will become one of the most successful and popular. In Arrow, the actor happened to work with Willa Holland and Katie Cassidy.

In mid-2013, he began work on the second season of Strela.

The ambitious project "CW"

It is not known how Stephen Amell’s biography would have gone further if he had not passed the casting in the Strela series, which was launched on the CW channel. Comics gained momentum on movie screens, why not make a show about the hero of a graphic novel on TV - decided the producers of the channel, then still “sheared coupons” from the highly rated “Vampire Diaries”.

They foresaw a “fashion change” (vampires became boring to everyone, and comics open up a wider scope for imagination, there are a lot of characters there!). Telemagnates have chosen for their project a story about a superhero from the comic strip of DC corporation Green Arrow.

Something like Bruce Wayne, only with a bow and arrow

The role of the rich man and the playboy, who spent several years on a desert island, Oliver, was entrusted to actor Stephen Amell. You can’t recognize the former Oliver Cook - dressed in a dark green robe with a hood, he became something like Batman (except without wings) and now stands on guard of mercy and kindness.

The audience at the comic book series turned out to be solid - almost 3.7 million viewers, so others followed the first one. Now is the fifth season of the comic. At the same time, at the end of 2014, a spin-off show (“Flash”) began to appear, in which Oliver-Amell was also involved. By the way, Steven's cousin - Robbie Amell - also acts in it. He is also an artist.

Conqueror Kassandra

For a long time, Stephen Amell’s personal life went unchanged - everything was not that one and only! He married only at the age of 31 - on a charming brunette who managed to win the heart of a handsome man.

Cassandra Jean - an American, a native of Texas, she is four and a half years younger than her husband, starred in the series, but not as successfully as Stephen. A narrow circle of friends was present at the romantic marriage of Stephen Amell and Cassandra in the Caribbean, and the wedding was celebrated on a grand scale in the States - in New Orleans.

In October 2013, Cassandra gave birth to a daughter. Parents called baby Mavi Alexandra Jean, so Stephen successfully masters a new role - his father.

Childhood and youth

Stephen was born into a wealthy Canadian family on May 8, 1981. He spent the early years in Toronto until his parents sent his son to a private boys' school in St. Andrews. Sending Stephen to a boarding house in the town of Aurora was his father's idea. He believed that the child was too spoiled by maternal education.

Stephen Amell and his cousin Robbie Amell

Indeed, life in the men's team was changed by Amella. In an atmosphere of constant rivalry, I did not want to be a "sissy", and the guy began to devote a lot of time to physical training. The result was not long in coming: as a teenager, Amell could boast of an ideal figure, which in the future helped him in his career.

The future actor studied well, he entered college without problems, managing to combine studies and work in an insurance company. Parents saw him as a businessman, and the biography of the young man would go in a completely different direction, if not for his relative - actor Mark Pellegrino. The star of the TV series Lost and Supernatural once took his nephew to the set, and Stephen’s life changed.


Thirsting for the idea of ​​becoming an artist, Stephen began to send his photos to agencies. But the young man without acting education and experience was in no hurry to offer standing roles. For a long time he was content with episodes in second-rate TV shows.

Stephen Amell in the series "Close Friends"

In 2004, Steven worked as a bike aerobics trainer. Upon learning that the series “Close Friends” needed an actor to play the role of a bicycle instructor, he decided to take a chance. Amell promised himself that if the test fails, he will give up trying to break into the cinema. It was approved.

The next notable appearance on television occurred a year later in the series Dante's Bay, aimed at an gay audience. In 2006, Amell got a small role in the television movie Home Next Door - a thriller with Lara Flynn Boyle from Twin Peaks in the title role. In the same year he began acting in the series "Coffee Shop", where he appeared in 18 episodes.

Stephen Amell in the series ReGenesis

2007 became a significant year for Stephen not only in creative, but also in his personal life. He starred in Tracy Slices, the first full-length movie in his filmography. He won the Gemini Award for his work on the ReGenesis series. Got a role in the film "Closing the Circle" with Christopher Plummer and Shirley McLain. And on December 8 he married for the first time.

In 2009-2010, Amell starred in small roles in films and on TV: in the films "Screamers 2: Hunting" and "Golden Ice 4", the series "Hot Spot", "CSI: Miami", "Real Guys", "Marine Police: Los Angeles

Stephen Amell in the series The Vampire Diaries

In 2011, Stephen starred in the TV series Vampire Diaries, C.S.I .: Crime Scene, New Girl, Beverly Hills 90210: The New Generation. The role of the prostitute Jason in The Stallion was memorable. 2012 was the most significant year for the actor: in addition to the fact that Stephen appeared in 7 episodes of “Private Practice”, he got the leading role in a serious project - a series based on DC comics “Strela”.

The protagonist is Oliver Queen - a playboy millionaire who, as a result of a shipwreck, fell on a desert island. After 5 years, he returns to his native Starling City, but already a different person. Having embarked on the path of combating injustice, he becomes the Green Arrow - a superhero without superpowers.

Stephen Amell in the series Arrow

Episodes of the series contain flashbacks that tell the viewer where Queen and the scars came from, how he learned to masterfully handle bow and arrows, etc. Stephen’s partner was Emily Bett Rickards, who played the role of Felicity Smoke. As is the case with comic book adaptations, Strela has released several spin-offs and crossovers. In particular - the series "Flash" with Grant Gastin.

Amell performed all Green Arrow stunts himself. Physical training and perfect shape - 82 kg at 185 cm growth - was not enough, and the actor had to do martial arts and archery. But judging by his hobby - wrestling (the actor even participated in several fights), training was easy for him.

Stephen Amell in the movie “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2”

In 2016, together with her cousin Robbie Amell, also an actor, starred in Code 8. The general producer of this short film was Stephen himself. In the same year, he appeared as Casey Johnson in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

Amell once again demonstrated his athletic character in the charity issue of the American Ninja Warrior program, which was released May 25, 2017. The actor, one after another, went through the most difficult obstacles, earning $ 35 thousand for the needy.

Stephen Amell now

Amell is actively involved in the development of Nocking Point.

Now on Twitter and Instagram Stephen has a lot of posts dedicated to the premiere of season 7 of “Arrows”. The actor does not forget to delight subscribers and photos of his daughter.

Stephen Amell in 2018

In mid-August 2018, Amell demonstrated a selfie with a chic beard. Previously, the actor who did not have such lush vegetation on his face had to change himself for the sake of a new image of Oliver Queen: season 7, one of the few bearded superheroes met in prison.


He was accepted. And the charming coach in his performance became the favorite of the audience. And soon a new invitation arrived - to star in "Dante's Bay", which the actor accepted without hesitation.

The next television series "Coffee Shop" brought him his first cinematic recognition - a nomination for the Jammy Award. The award, however, the actor did not receive then, but his self-esteem increased significantly, and he again believed in himself.

And only in 2007, the 26-year-old actor gets a debut role in a big movie.He starred in the drama "Particles Tracy", where the protagonist teenager experiences very difficult moments in her life. After this role, well-known directors noted his work, and he received several interesting offers at once.

The Jammy Award also went to him - she noted the work of the actor in the science fiction series ReGenesis. And the role of one of the vampires in The Vampire Diaries brought him even greater popularity. 2010-2011 was the most productive in the actor’s creative biography - he managed to work in seven large-scale projects during this period.

The finest hour of the artist struck when he was offered to play a superhero in the series, based on the well-known comic book "Arrow". This turned out to be that rare case when only a perfect body was not enough. Before filming, Stephen had to master many complex tricks, learn how to shoot from a bow and learn martial arts techniques.

“Arrow” brought the actor to a whole new level, securing him the status of a Hollywood star. Immediately after the release of the first season, the actor signed a contract for the second. Currently, his filmography includes more than 20 successful projects. He is one of the most sought after and promising actors.


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