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Jonah hill
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Hill in 2019.
Birth nameJonah Hill Feldstein
Date of BirthDecember 20, 1983 (1983-12-20) (36 years old)
Place of Birth
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
Career2004 - present time
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John hill fieldstein (English Jonah Hill Feldstein, born December 20, 1983, Los Angeles, California, USA), better known as Jonah hill (English Jonah Hill) - American actor, director and screenwriter, two-time nominee for an Oscar (2012, 2014) as the best supporting actor in the films "The Man Who Changed Everything" and "The Wolf from Wall Street."


John Hill was born in Los Angeles into a Jewish family. His mother, Sharon Lin (née Chalkin), worked as a designer and stylist, father Richard Feldstein is a tour manager for Guns N ’Roses. He has a sister, Beanie Feldstein, who is also an actress and brother, Jordan Feldstein, music manager for Maroon 5. Hill first graduated from Brentwood Elementary School, and then Crossroads, in Santa Monica. After school, Hill moved to New York, where he attended Bard College, the University of New School, and the University of Colorado at Boulder.


In college, Hill began to write jokes and present them at the Black and White Bar, in East Village. This helped him to understand that his true desire was to become an actor. He was friends with the children of the famous actor Dustin Hoffman, Rebekah and Jake, they introduced Hill to his father. Hoffman helped the actor debut in Heartbreakers.

After he starred in the comedy Judd Apatow “Forty-Year-Old Virgin”, with which their cooperation begins. She plays a supporting role in "A Little Pregnant" and the main roles in the films "Super Peppers" and "Escape from Vegas", which are produced by Apatow. He also plays supporting roles in various films.

In 2009, Hill was negotiating to play Sam Whitwickey's friend in Michael Bay's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but did not receive the role. In the same year he plays in the film "Funny People", where Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen soloed. Also produced the film Sasha Baron Cohen "Brno", and voiced the character in the episode "Pranks and Greens" of the animated series The Simpsons.

Together with Sam Worthington in 2011, he starred in the pre-release commercial for the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. In the same year, along with Brad Pitt, he starred in the sports drama "The Man Who Changed Everything," for this role he was first nominated for prestigious awards, including the Oscars and Golden Globes.

In 2012, along with Channing Taitum starred in the comedy action movie "Macho and Nerd" based on the television series Jump Street 21. Also, along with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, he starred in the comedy "Warriors". Due to his busyness on the set, Hill had to abandon his full-fledged role in Quentin Tarantino’s western “Django Unchained,” where he nevertheless played a small role.

In 2013, Hill starred in the black comedy Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen with elements of science fiction - "End of the World 2013: Apocalypse in Hollywood." In addition to Hill and Rogen, the movie starred Jay Barushel, James Franco, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride and many other Hollywood stars.

Hill also starred in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street based on the memoirs of the same name by Jordan Belfort. In the film, he played the role of Belfort's financial partner, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. For this role, Hill was unexpectedly re-nominated for an Oscar by most critics, with Hill supplanting another challenger Daniel Bruhl from the shortlist. Giving an interview to Howard Stern, the actor admitted that he starred in the film for only $ 60,000, since he would "do anything" just to work with Scorsese, and therefore he was not worried about the fee.

In July 2018, the trailer for John Hill’s first full-length movie, Mid 1990s, was released, where Hill acted as a director and screenwriter.


The mass audience heard about John Hill in 2007 after the premiere of the comedy Super Peppers. At that time, Hill was the owner of thick curly hair and a big fan of plaid shirts and t-shirts with stupid inscriptions (let's say a secret, any inscription on a t-shirt is considered stupid). Like many aspiring actors, Hill had serious problems with how to dress on the red carpet - and even worse with how to choose a tie. The latter usually ended somewhere in the abdomen. However, Hill had succeeded in something even then: with spectacle frames he did not make mistakes.

Jonah Hill ● John Hill

and who is it here so beautiful.

Jonah Hill ● John Hill

You forgot?
December 20 Birthday is celebrated by a beloved, cheerful, smiling, charismatic, vulnerable, sincere and just a great guy
Jonah hill

Jonah Hill ● John Hill

Happy Birthday, John!

“I never liked being defined in one word:“ Ah, this is that funny guy! Funny kid from comedies. " For a long time I could not get out of one role, because other people wanted to see me only like that - and no other. Therefore, I am so glad that the "Mid 90s" is the first thing that can only be called mine. "

Jonah Hill ● John Hill
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Today, John Hill's two-time Academy Award nominee celebrates his birthday.

Which flashed in a small role in the movie of Quentin Tarantino
"Django Unchained"

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It is worth noting that last year he made his debut as a director and made a good film "Mid 90s"

Happy Birthday Jonah Hill!


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John Hill spoke to the victims of the bullying and filmed a documentary series about them. This is part of Instagram's anti-hatred campaign.

Actor and director Jonah Hill (“The Wolf of Wall Street”, “Macho and Nerd”) shot for Instagram a documentary series about bullying “No Filters” (“Un-filtered”). The show is available in the application and on the IGTV service website, which is designed to watch long videos. In addition, “Without Filters” can be viewed directly on instagram.
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The series consists of four episodes of 4-5 minutes. “Without filters” has no prepared scripts. In each episode, Hill simply interviews its heroes, victims of bullying, between the ages of 13 and 25. His interlocutors tell how it feels to be an object of hatred, to be harassed by appearances and endure inappropriate jokes.

“I tried to create an environment for young people to be heard and listened to,” Hill said. - I would like for my childhood to have a platform where you could learn about the suffering and experience of bullying. I hope this inspires young people to share their stories and feelings - and helps them not to feel so alone. ”

Earlier, Hill said that he himself was the victim and the initiator of the bullying. Recently, the star of "Macho and Nerd" pays a lot of attention to this problem. He personally communicates with bullies on instagram, but instead of aggression, the actor offers them help.

Member of the creative family

In fact, the actor, producer and screenwriter born December 20, 1983, is John Hill Feldstein, his mother and father are Jews. Richard is the manager of the cult group Guns N 'Roses, mother Sharon Lin Chalkin is a stylist and fashion designer. It turns out that the John family is very creative. The elder brother, Jordan, is also associated with the world of music - he is the manager of the famous Maroon 5 band. So the Los Angeles home of the Feldstein was always full of celebrities, and the children of Dustin Hoffman (Jake and Rebecca) and the lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, were Hill’s best friends.

After leaving school, John wanted to escape from parental care, so he moved to New York to go to college at The New School. At the same time, the first writing successes appeared in the biography of John Hill: he composed sketches and small plays and showed them in the East Village area (in the Black and White bar).

Started as a "characteristic" actor

The Hoffman Jr. introduced John to his father, who was about to star in David O. Russell’s film. Dustin invited the director to use a new acquaintance in the episode "Heartbreakers" - this was Hill's movie debut. This was followed by small roles in comedies (“Forty Year Old Virgin,” “A Little Pregnant,” Apatow, “Click”).

In 2007, John, already established himself as an excellent "characteristic" actor, received one of the central roles in the film "Super Peppers". He again appeared in the image of a short, curly bumpkin, a modest “nerd” who could never get to know the girl of his dreams.

Ending a bored role: two Oscar nominations

It seemed that this was John’s destiny to become an American Pierre Richard (no, judging by his complexion, it’s more like Kolyush). But he quickly proved that he was capable of much more. The first step was to participate in the program “Saturday Night Live”: in the spring of 2008, Hill hosted Mariah Carey as the host of the show and amazed everyone with his wit. And later in the biography of John Hill, very serious dramatic roles appeared - in the drama with Brad Pitt “The Man Who Changed Everything” and (two years later) in “The Wolf of Wall Street”. For both of these works, he received Oscar nominations.

According to the artist, he dreamed of filming with Scorsese, so he agreed to a low fee (only 60 thousand dollars). The creators of “The Wolf of Wall Street” saved every cent: they couldn’t start shooting for a long time because of financial problems, although DiCaprio had purchased a script based on the memoirs of a businessman from the Belfort stock market several years earlier. Hill played in Wolf the best friend and partner of Jordan Belfort.

Sweet couple: Jenko and Schmidt

Alone in the biography of John Hill is a movie remake of the cult show of the 1970s, Jump Street 21. He loved this series, so he came up with the idea to shoot a crime comedy based on his motives. John took part in writing the movie script, was a producer and played one of two main roles (graduate of the Police Academy Schmidt).

The result was an incendiary funny sight in which John, along with his colleagues, managed to make a joke on a “real Jewish family” (the actor obviously took his own as a model), and also made fun of the cliches of “police” films. Johnny Depp (star of the original show) starred in a bright cameo, and Channing Tatum became the “partner” of Jones. In our box office, the comedy received a strange, but "talking" name, "Macho and Nerd." Soon a sequel to the tape came out. The plans of the authors - the third part of the franchise.


Hoffman contributed to Hill getting his first role in the comedy Heartbreakers. John's characteristic appearance was the best possible way for the directors to offer comedic roles to the young man.

After “Crackers,” Hill was immediately invited to several projects that received a warm audience and high ratings. These comedic films “Forty-year-old virgin”, “Click: With a remote control for life” and “Boy for three”.

In 2006, John Hill was first nominated for the prestigious Teen Choice Awards. The award found the actor for the brilliant embodiment of the image of Sherman in the film by Steve Pink "They accepted us!".

The greatest success and turning point in Jonah's career happened in 2007. The sensational comedy projects Evan Almighty, Granite of Science, Slightly Pregnant and Super Peppers were released. For work in the latest comedy, the artist was nominated for the second Teen Choice Awards as the best comedian. And John Hill was awarded the MTV Movie Award as the one who made the Breakthrough of the Year.

Each year, John Hill delighted numerous fans with new works. The artist is extremely hardworking and appeared in several projects at once. In 2008, the films “Bigfoot,” “In Flight,” and “Just Add Water” were released. In 2010, the premiere of the comedy "Escape from Vegas", where Hill again appeared in the guise of the protagonist.

In 2011, John Hill showed comedic talent in the family movie Nanny. His character, an ordinary college student, for one day becomes a nanny for two unruly boys and their sister. The artist brilliantly coped with the image of the youth of Noah, falling into ridiculous situations.

Among the new films in which the Hollywood comedian appeared, viewers noted the drama "The Man Who Changed Everything" and the comedy action movie "Macho and Nerd." For the first project, John Hill was first nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe.

Critics and viewers with great pleasure watched the game of his beloved artist in Martin Scorsese's painting “The Wolf from Wall Street”. Hill got the image of the financial partner of the protagonist, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. It is known that John agreed to participate in this project for a modest fee - $ 60 thousand, while DiCaprio received a reward of $ 25 million. Later, the artist admitted that he could not have taken money for the game at all, because he dreams of working with Scorsese every actor.

In 2015, Hill tried himself in a new role, starring in the thriller Rupert Gould's "True Story", where he reincarnated as a New York Times reporter who was fired due to a false article.

In 2016, the actor’s repertoire was replenished with a role in the comedy project of the Coen Brothers “Long Live Caesar!”, In which he talked about the disappearance of the eminent Hollywood star directly from the set. John reincarnated as lawyer Joe Silverman, involved in the investigation into the disappearance of the artist. A successful project of the year was the military comedy “Guys with Trunks,” in which John Hill was joined by Miles Teller.

Personal life

John Hill does not advertise the events of his personal life, but does not hide the relationship with the opposite sex. At one time, John was credited with an affair with Dustin Hoffman's daughter, Alexandra. In 2008, Jordan Klein became the artist’s girlfriend. Young people even prepared for the wedding, but after four years of relationship broke up.

In 2015, Brooke Glaser, who worked as a nutritionist, became the chosen one of the actor, but the romance lasted only a few months. Almost immediately, John began dating a young lady named Camilla. According to some reports, with the girl, the artist still has even spent her holidays on the Mexican coast with her. But according to other information from the American media, since mid-2017, John Hill has a new companion - Erin Galpern. Rumor has it that the couple is already engaged, but there is no talk of a wedding yet.

The figure of the famous comedian in the literal and figurative sense of the word attracts spectator attention. For a role in the Macho and Nerd project, John managed to lose 14 kg. But soon it was necessary to return to the previous form again, which was not difficult for Hill.

John Hill before and after losing weight

Hill continued to grow thin in 2017. As a result, the weight decreased by 50 kg, which turned the artist from a good-natured fat man into a slender and fit handsome man. And until then, not suffering from a lack of female attention, John became an even more desirable hero of female hearts.

John hill now

The actor continues to develop creativity in all directions. John is still playing a movie, writing scripts, directing and producing. For the sake of his film “Mid 90s” Hill started a page on Instagram, where he announces the upcoming project and uploads personal photos. But for now, subscribers are more interested not in Jonah’s creative plans, but in the way they managed to achieve such a great physical shape. In response to requests to talk about diet and exercise, Hill remains silent.

Emma Stone and John Hill on the set of the movie "Maniac"

Acting career does not stand still. In 2018, shooting of the black comedy "Maniac" is planned, where John Hill will appear along with Emma Stone. Now the actor is working on an image in the comedy "Beach Loafer", which also stars Matthew McConaughey and Snoop Dogg. The participation of the artist is expected in the drama “The Ballad of Richard Jewell” and the adventure comedy “Handbook of the Adventurer”.

Shy or too busy?

Many actors deliberately expose the details of their intimate life, dreaming of earning as much “popularity points” from it as possible. However, John Hill is not one of them.Either modest (like the heroes of his films), or too busy to bind himself to a serious relationship.

The only topic discussed by the media is not John Hill's personal life, but his struggle with being overweight. For the role of a policeman, he lost about fifteen kilograms, and then secured success and ceased to be the “cheerful fat man” to which everyone was accustomed.


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