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Valentina Ivanovna Golubeva (born November 14, 1954 (1954-11-14), Minsk, Belorussian SSR) - Russian specialist in public relations and political consulting, business coach, participant in the television game “What? Where? When? ”, Holder of two Crystal Owl awards, captain of the first female team in the history of the teleclub.

Education and professional activities

She was an assistant professor at the Belarusian State Polytechnical Academy. The leader of the special course "Culture of Leadership and Team Building" at the Department of World Literature and Culture of MGIMO. From 1995 to 2005, she worked at campaign headquarters for elected bodies at various levels. She served as Director for Development of the Russian branch of Destini Financial Group, Director for Strategy and Development of the consulting firm BureauAccent, Director for Strategy and Development of the Center for Development of Management Technologies. Since April 2006, she served as Executive Director of the Association of Consulting Companies in the Field of Public Relations (AKOS-ICCO).

Participation in the TV show “What? Where? When?"

According to the website of the Game-TV television company, Valentina Golubeva wanted to get to the game table because she fell in love with one of the program’s players in absentia. By sending a letter to the editorial office of the program, she managed to go through the qualifying round and first took part in the television game on December 29, 1982.

In 1985, Golubeva became the captain of a purely female team, first formed in the club, and since then she played only as a captain. In total, she spent about 30 games in the club and is one of the leaders in the percentage of victories won. In 2003, she won two Crystal Owls at once - in the summer and autumn series of games. The last game in the club was played in the autumn series of 2005 as a captain, the game ended in a loss. Periodically present in the club as a spectator.

Childhood and family of Valentina Golubeva

Valentina Golubeva was born in the most ordinary Soviet family, studied well at school. As Valentina admits in one of her interviews, her desire for leadership was manifested in her very early childhood, even in kindergarten. Not without humor, Golubeva clarifies that playing in the sandbox, she was surrounded by the society that circumstances had sent her. But then, realizing that leadership necessarily implies responsibility for subordinates, she began to surround herself with those people who shared her views and life values.

After graduating from school, Valentina enters the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the Belarusian State University. Having successfully graduated from the university, Golubeva defended her thesis. She worked as an assistant professor at the Belarusian State Polytechnical Academy.

Valentina Golubeva in the club “What? Where? When?"

After a tough selection in 1982, Valentina made her debut in the game, and after 3 years became the team captain. The leadership properties inherent in the Dove nature revealed in this game from the brightest side. Here Valentina, in contrast to the children's sandbox, herself picked up the players in the team.

The "expert" believes that each captain of a team of intellectuals has his own methodology for creating optimal intra-team interaction. She has her own secrets. Golubeva shared one of them in a conversation with reporters: “If I do not have the necessary contact with any of the players of my team, I put him on my right hand so as not to see.”

It's a joke or not, it’s hard to say, but one thing is clear - the coefficient of victories in relation to the games held by Golubeva is the second in the history of the club. In this indicator, it is ahead of such well-known experts as Boris Burda, Alexey Blinov, Maxim Potashev and Alexander Druz himself.

Records of Valentina Golubeva in the club “What? Where? When?"

No less than these records, Valentina is proud of the fact that she introduced in the club fashion for evening dresses with a neckline. With her inherent humor, Golubeva says that prior to her “innovation”, women were forbidden to appear in the club even in clothes with short sleeves.

Teleoperators believed that the female hands of intellectuals are full. So, as Valentina herself says, once she came to the game in such an open dress that it was not clear how and what she was holding on to, and she heard the next dialogue. Producer Natalya Stetsenko, referring to cameraman Alexander Fuchs, whispered:

- Sasha, look, Golubeva came naked!
- What, really?
- Well, look at it yourself, it’s worth it.
Fuchs looked and concluded: "Well, let it be."

Since then, thanks to Valentina, intellectuals got the opportunity to show on TV not only their deep knowledge.

City Legends: Bust Ballad

The name of the former noble weaver Worsted Combine Valentina Golubeva recently surfaced on the Internet again. Ironic bloggers save her speech at the then congress of the CPSU and the speech of her colleague Elena Lapshina at another congress, another, but also ruling now party. The analogies are amazing.

XXVI Congress of the CPSU, February 24, 1981, speech by Comrade V.N. Golubeva (weaver of the Ivanovo worsted combine named after V.I. Lenin):

“With all my heart I took the informative and vivid report of Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev. Each of his positions, each thought is deeply consonant with what we live about, what we think, what we strive for. From what the Central Committee report says, an impressive picture of the creative work of the Soviet people, the great achievements of our party and people, appears. We all personally see how much has been done, how much work has been done over the past years under the leadership of the Lenin Central Committee and the Politburo, headed by Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev. (Applause.)

This is our great happiness, dear comrades, that the leadership of the whole party and country has such an outstanding political statesman of our time, the world communist and labor movement, as Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev. (Applause.) He is inextricably linked with the people, devotes all his strength to his service, tremendous life experience, state wisdom and enormous spiritual generosity, takes on the pains and anxieties of our troubled world. The feat of life of Leonid Ilyich, all his tireless activity, are for each of us a constant example of how we must really fight in Leninist style for the triumph of communist ideals. ” (Applause.)

VIII Congress of the United Russia Party, October 1, 2007, speech by Comrade E.N. Lapshina (weaver of the Rodnikovskaya textile factory in the Ivanovo region):

“The years of your presidency, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, have become a time of change for the better for so many. And for simple working people like me, and for rural workers like my parents. (Applause.) Thank you. And of course we would like these changes for the better to continue further. At the same time, unfortunately, we are not sure that everything will continue to change for the better, because you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, refused to run for a third presidential term. And here I see at this congress there are so many big bosses and just smart people. I appeal to all of you: let’s come up with something together so that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin remains our president after the eighth year ... ”

However, in the 70-80s, the name Golubeva was on everyone’s lips. There were no rumors about a noble weaver among the Ivanovites. For example, the fact that the then first secretary of the CPSU regional committee Klyuev was in love with stately Valentina. They even whispered that for her sake he once, taking a light aircraft, flew over her house on her beloved's birthday and showered flowers on her balcony. It was gossiped that Valentina, like a woman, was also liked by the very general secretary Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, a big "walker" in this regard.
But most of all, the rumors that were similar to the truth about the exaggerated labor records and the achievements of Golubeva were passed from mouth to mouth. Indeed, in order to cleanly physically service as many machines as she claimed, one would have to move around the worsted workshop at least on a square. In addition, the deputy, laureate and other others were constantly absent from the workplace by virtue of their powers. At this time, the raised norms for it were fulfilled by the chicks or companions. Not getting a dime for it. Simply put, Valentin Golubev in the city and in her professional environment, to put it mildly, did not like.

Therefore, with such irony, fellow countrymen perceived the discovery of a bronze bust twice by the Hero of Socialist Labor - as it should have been, one and a half life-size, which stood in the square near the Art School, near the current stop "Regional Court". However, he did not stand there for long.

The fact is that the famous sculptor Anikushin did not stint - women's forms were fashioned by Valentina Golubeva luxurious. What provoked the local apolitical youth to a “soft”, so to speak, version of vandalism: from time to time, on the bronze bust of the heroine, a very real, albeit extraordinarily large bra appeared. Where did they take such monstrous bras (maybe they sewed themselves?) And why did they offend the woman? Yes, probably, they didn’t want to offend the woman, they offended the Soviet government, which Golubeva agreed to become a person of fun and rollicking.

At the Second Congress of People's Deputies, Hero of Labor, a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU, laureate of the State Prize, and a deputy of the Supreme Council (from one listing you get tired), weaver Valentina Golubeva spoke twice. “I propose to remove the bronze busts of twice the heroes. And to start with me - I feel awkward all the time for this lifetime monument. ” No one supported her! And other owners of bronze doubles were even offended.

Meanwhile, there was another lifetime monument - a magnificent oil portrait of Valentina Golubeva in the walkway of fame of the worsted gunmen on Stroiteley Avenue. Deliberately or accidentally, but a permanent police post was there right next to the portrait of a celebrity. And the guardians of order vigilantly looked at everyone who, even for a second, lingered on a masterpiece of painting - was not supposed to, citizen, go ahead.

Valentina Golubeva at the HSE and Fort Boyard shows

The last game in the club “What? Where? When? ”Valentina played in 2005. Evil tongues claimed that the Golubev pier was at an age when women tried to avoid close-ups. However, ill-wishers had to bite their tongues after in 2013, a former connoisseur took part in two shows on Channel One - HSE and Fort Boyard.

In the show "Tower" Valentina reached the fourth stage. The main stimulus that prompted her to participate in a sports project was the desire to inspire other women to unusual and courageous actions.

Despite the fact that in the HSE project, Valentina suffered a serious shoulder injury, a few months later she became a participant in another Fort Boyard show. Leadership and fighting qualities of Golubev appeared in this project.

Career Valentina Golubeva

For ten years, since 1995, Golubeva has led the Imageland PR, Niccolo M, and An Affiliate of Edelman projects. She took part in Russian election campaigns at all levels of government. She worked as the director of the consulting company Buro Akzent.

Since 2004 he has been teaching a special course at MGIMO.

In 2010-2012, she conducted seminars and master classes for Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Currently, Valentina Golubeva is the Director for Strategy and Development of the Center for Development of Management Technologies.

Intellectual club

With humor, she later told in an interview that she had to play in the sandbox with those whom circumstances had sent. But she sought to surround herself at a conscious age only by those who shared her views, realizing the leader’s responsibility for the subordinates.

After school, the graduate entered the Belarusian State University at the Department of Applied Mathematics. Valentina Ivanovna successfully completed her education, wrote and defended her thesis. She worked as an assistant professor at the Belarusian State Polytechnical Academy for several years.

Already a well-formed man, Golubev got into “What? Where? When?". The new player had his own outlook on life and a very extensive stock of knowledge. According to one of the most popular versions in the club, Valentina Ivanovna turned out to be thanks to romantic feelings for one of the players.

After a tough selection in 1982, Golubeva made his game debut. Three years later, she was already a captain. The game fully revealed nature’s leadership potential. Unlike the “sandbox partners,” Valentina Ivanovna chose for the team of players herself.

She firmly believes that each captain of intellectuals acts according to his own method, creating optimal interaction within the team. The captain has his own secrets. In an interview, she shared one of them with reporters. True, it is difficult to say whether Golubev was joking, saying that he places weak players on his right so as not to see them.

Success and new records

But it is clear: her team has a very high winning ratio. Valentina Ivanovna herself became a record holder. In the entire history of the club, her personal achievement, about three dozen victories, is the second indicator.

She walked around such luminaries as Maxim Potashov and Alexander Druz. Golubeva became a champion in the game. The women's team created by her three decades ago remains the only one in the elite club of intellectuals.

The owner of a pair of “Crystal Owls” managed to become Elizabeth Ovdeenko. The player herself and the unique captain of her “owls” won in 2003 alone, in summer and autumn. The ex-expert is no less proud of his contribution to the introduction of the fashion for appearing in evening low-necked dresses.

Prior to innovation, Valentina Ivanovna with humor spoke about the ban on appearing on the air even with a short sleeve. Teleoperators believed that the full-bodied, in their opinion, hands of all, without exception, intellectual women, it is better not to demonstrate.

Once, against all the rules, Golubeva came to the game in such an open outfit that she heard replicas of shocked employees about the impossibility of such a flagrant violation. All this was said, though in a delighted whisper.

Since that time, beautiful ladies have gained the right to demonstrate not only erudition. In 2005, Golubeva played in the club’s final game. As a spectator, Valentina Ivanovna sometimes attends games in an intellectual casino.

But in 2013, the famous intellectual took part in two television projects at once. She ventured to go to Fort Boyard and HSE. Golubev's “tower” went through to the fourth stage. Her main desire in her work was the desire to inspire beautiful ladies to courageous and difficult actions.

On the project, the participant received a shoulder injury. But several months passed, and Valentina Ivanovna had already set off to conquer the Boyards. At the show, popular around the world, the ex-player's leadership qualities again showed themselves.

Community Activities and Teaching

Golubev mined one of the keys while standing on the box with gunpowder in the test “Barrel of Death”. According to its conditions, in the course of the assignment, the boxes and the wick explode in turn. As a result, with the passage of time, the support scattered around the participant under her feet.

Unsuccessfully falling, the captain was injured again, but continued to perform. The result was a team victory in the project and a win of three games in a row.

Since 1995, for ten years, Valentina Ivanovna has been the project manager for An Affiliate of Edelman, Imageland PR, and Niccolo M. She participated in election campaigns at all levels of government.

Golubeva ran for the House of National Assembly in the Republic of Belarus in 2004. Valentina Ivanovna headed the Buro Akzent consulting company. Since 2004, the work of a talented mathematician has become the teaching at MGIMO a special course "Culture of Leadership and Team Building."

From 2010 to 2012, she was engaged in conducting master classes and seminars for the IBA and Masters in Business Administration. Golubeva is currently working as Director of Development and Strategy at the Center for Management Technology Development.

Even the most meticulous journalists know nothing about their personal lives, husband, children of a successful player and a charming woman. It is closed enough to allow outsiders to access its own secrets. The only thing Valentina Ivanovna shared with the interviewers is that she adores Sharpeev.

Golubeva is keen on sailing, loves windsurfing. A considerable part of the time of a successful figure is devoted to travel. Golubeva loves and appreciates the abundance of delicious food in the house.


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  • Valentina Golubeva on the website of the TV company Game-TV
  • Valentina Golubeva in the journal PR-files
Valentina Ivanovna Golubeva
Date of BirthNovember 14, 1954 (1954-11-14) (aged 65)
Place of Birth
  • Minsk, Belorussian SSR, USSR
The country
  • USSR
  • Russia
Occupationteacher, player "What? Where? When? ”(1982-2005)
Awards and prizes
Masters of the game
Holders of the epaulettes and title of “The Best Captain of the Club”
Diamond Owl Owners
Crystal Owl Owners
  • ★★★★★★ Alexander Druz
  • ★★★★ Fyodor Dvinyatin
  • Maxim Potashev
  • ★★ ★ Boris Burda
  • Andrey Kozlov
  • Julia Lazareva
  • Dmitry Avdeenko
  • ★★ Alexey Blinov
  • Valentina Golubeva
  • Ales Mukhin
  • Ilya Novikov
  • Alexander Rubin
  • ★ ★
  • Vladimir Molchanov
  • Elizaveta Ovdeenko
  • Mikhail Skipsky
  • Nikolay Silantiev
  • ★ Grigory Alkhazov
  • Rovshan Askerov
  • Gunel Babaeva
  • Boris Belozerov
  • Andrey Bychutkin
  • Alexander Bialko
  • Leonid Vladimirsky
  • Lyudmila Gerasimova
  • Marina Govorushkina
  • Alla Damsker
  • Oleg Dolgov
  • Inna Druz
  • Marina Druz
  • Dmitry Eremin
  • Georgy Zharkov †
  • Dmitry Konovalenko †
  • Nurali Latypov
  • Boris Levin
  • Michael Moon
  • Neyko Neykov
  • Vladislav Petrushko
  • Victor Sidnev
  • Vladimir Stepanov
  • Elman Talibov
  • Sergey Tsarkov
  • Asya Shavinskaya
  • Nikita Shangin
  • ★ Vladimir Antokhin
  • Alexey Kapustin
  • Balash Kasumov
  • Igor Kondratyuk

- “Crystal Owl” conquered as part of the “Crystal Nest”

Valentina Golubeva today

Even meticulous journalists do not have information about the personal life of Valentina Golubeva. There is no information on the Internet either. It can be concluded that Golubev is a secretive person and does not allow anyone to keep his personal secrets.

All that journalists managed to find out about Valentina’s addictions: she loves sharpei, enjoys sailing and windsurfing. She spends a lot of time traveling and loves when she has a lot of delicious food in her house.

Priest of Our Time

I am so old that I remember the last century.

For example, I remember times when butter was healthy. He was put in hot porridge, spread on bread, greased pancakes. Oil was very useful, especially for children.
Show full ...
I also remember when yeast was useful. Especially for teens. When the acne season began at our next young man’s house, my mother started making pancakes with yeast almost every morning for breakfast. Plump, sour, drop dead delicious pancakes were terribly useful because they contained yeast.
The meat was healthy - any. Pork, beef, wild - it was useful to everyone, especially children and those who have physical activity. And the brain bones were helpful. And cartilage.
The whole chicken was useful. Breast, of course, but legs-wings-offal — everything in the chicken was useful, except for the intestines, gall bladder, and feathers.
The fish was wholesome. Especially - oily. Especially for children. Fatty fish was especially useful for children, but for adults, any fish was useful.
Useful was egg yolk. Especially for children too. And the elderly.
Dairy products were healthy - all without exception. Children, pregnant and sick - especially, but generally - to everyone. Cottage cheese of any fat content was useful. In milk there were calcium, protein, vitamins. Lactose was also, and it was also useful. Sour cream was useful - especially village, of course, but the storefront also brought benefits. Especially in borsch.
Borsch was generally useful. First of all, soup. Hot soup once a day was extremely beneficial for any organism. Secondly, there is meat in borsch, and then it was still useful. Thirdly, vegetables.
Vegetables were all helpful. Beets were healthy. Especially for those who have acne and constipation, but actually for the blood it was useful to everyone. Carrots helped grow and see well. Cabbage was famous for vitamins. The peas were healthy. Tomatoes were very useful. Highly.
The cereals were useful. Any cereal was useful. Especially for children. To peasants too - if with meat. Although, in general, meat was useful to everyone.
Apples were healthy. Especially for children.
Oranges were healthy. Especially sick.
The bread was healthy. Especially to everyone.
Honey was healthy. Especially in winter.
Cocoa was very healthy, also for children - especially.
Tea with milk was healthy. Without milk, too.

Only coffee was harmful if drunk a lot. And if not very much, then nothing too.

Today, of course, in many products the character has deteriorated. Harmful such all became, already! Only we - residents of the last century - and remember how cute and helpful they were once before.

My spiritual beacon. Prayer by agreement.

Sacred Martyr Seraphim (Chichagov)

An officer of the tsarist army, an outstanding artilleryman, as well as a doctor, composer, artist ... He left worldly fame for the service of Christ and took the priestly obedience to his spiritual father, St. John of Kronstadt. On December 11, 1937, at the age of 82, he was shot at the Butovo training ground near Moscow.
Show full ...

A descendant of an ancient noble family, a hereditary soldier, Leonid Mikhailovich Chichagov was born in St. Petersburg. His father, Mikhail Nikiforovich was a colonel of artillery (later rose to the rank of major general).

Leonid Mikhailovich had an interest in the Church and spiritual issues since childhood. At the age of ten, Leonid lost his father. Early orphanage, apparently, left a deep mark in the boy’s soul - already in his youth he became very religious. In the Preobrazhensky regiment, where Chichagov entered upon graduation, he surprised his colleagues, in particular, by observing all the posts, although in the army, according to the decree of Peter I, the observance of the posts was not obligatory.

Apparently, during the Turkish war, watching the pain and suffering of the wounded and dying warriors, he felt a desire to help the suffering. Initially, it led Leonid Mikhailovich to medicine.

Much and diligently engaged in self-education, Leonid Mikhailovich compiled his own textbook with the theoretical justification of homeopathy and practical recommendations for the treatment of diseases based on the use of herbal medicines. The treatment system he developed was described in detail in the two-volume book “Medical Conversations”, as well as in the book “Summary of Medical Conversations”, which have not lost their significance today.

Deeply empathizing with everyone who needed help and support, Leonid Mikhailovich spent all his life doing charity work. While still in military service, he established a charity to help the military, who due to illness were forced to resign before acquiring the right to retirement.

He also cared for orphans whose parents died in the war. During the Russo-Japanese War, he organized fundraising for the treatment of the wounded, participated in the formation of ambulance trains.

And yet, at a certain moment, he realized that all this is not enough, and he wants to devote his life to Christ entirely, without a trace. Then, in 1878, in St. Petersburg, Leonid Mikhailovich first met with Archpriest John Sergiev.

The “All-Russian Father” resolved many of the spiritual questions of the young officer and became his confessor, with whose blessings he made many life decisions in all subsequent years. Subsequently, in obedience to St. John of Kronstadt, he will become a clergyman.

The decision to change the type of activity for Leonid Mikhailovich was extremely painful. I must say that, in addition to friends and relatives, the spouse seriously opposed the adoption of the holy dignity.

Natalya Nikolaevna Chichagova, nee Dokhturova, could not imagine herself in the role of mother. She, like Leonid Mikhailovich himself, came from the famous aristocratic family. Her father was a chamberlain of the Court of His Imperial Majesty, a real state adviser. She grew up among the high Petersburg society, and was afraid to break with the usual secular way of life. However, the decisive role in its decision was played by the confessor of the family, Archpriest John Sergiev. He had a personal conversation with Natalya Nikolaevna and persuaded her to agree to the adoption of the holy dignity by Leonid Mikhailovich.

After the death of his wife, Leonid Mikhailovich took monasticism. On August 14, 1898, in the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra, he was tonsured into the mantle with the name Seraphim.

The daughters of Bishop Seraphim Vera, Natalia and Leonid subsequently followed in the footsteps of their father and dedicated themselves to serving God. Natalia and Leonid became a monk with the name of Seraphim, and Vera with the name of Veronica. The youngest daughter Catherine sacrificed her talent and abandoned the profession of a singer for the sake of the well-being of her family, giving herself entirely to raising her children.

The example of grandfather and his mother Leonida was followed by Varvara Vasilievna Chernaya, the granddaughter of the lord. A famous chemist, she did a lot to preserve the memory of Metropolitan Seraphim. Her efforts, fifty years after the execution, on November 10, 1987, Leonid Mikhailovich Chichagov was completely rehabilitated by the government and found not guilty. And in 1997, Metropolitan Seraphim was glorified as a new martyr by the Bishops' Council of the Russian Orthodox Church. Shortly before her death, Varvara Vasilievna also took monastic tonsure under the name of Seraphim (d. 1999).

The legacy of Metropolitan Seraphim, a military historian, artist, theologian, composer, is enormous. In the Moscow church in the name of the Prophet of God Elijah in the Everyday Lane there is an image of the Savior in a white tunic and an image of the Monk Seraphim praying on a stone, written by him. The main creation of the doctor Leonid Chichagov - the book "Medical Conversations" - is still respected by homeopaths. Sacred music, written by Metropolitan Seraphim, today is regularly performed in temples and philharmonic societies.


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