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Judy Greer (2014)
Birth nameJudith Laura Evans
Date of BirthJuly 20, 1975 (1975-07-20) (44 years old)
Place of Birth
  • Detroit, Michigan, USA
  • USA
Career1997 - present time
IMDbID 0339460
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Born in Detroit, but raised in Livonia, Michigan. She studied at the Winston Churchill School. Judy studied classical Russian ballet for 10 years, but then became interested in acting and entered the theater school at De Paul University, which she graduated in 1997 with a bachelor of art.

Judy's mother, Molly Ann (née Greer), is a hospital administrator. At one time she was a nun, but ceased to be her because of bad behavior, and also because of the possession of a red swimsuit. Father, Richard Evans, mechanical engineer. Judy took her mother's maiden name for the stage name, since at that time there were already a lot of actresses Judy Evans.


Judy Greer's debut as an actress took place in the horror film "Stricken" (1998). This was followed by a small role in the drama “Make-believe Kiss” (1998). And in 1999, Judy was already playing her first major role in Darren Stein's black comedy The Queen of the Murder. The picture was destined to become a cult. In 2000-2001, Judy played in the romantic comedies What Women Want and Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez in the title role, in 2002 in the film Adaptation with Nicholas Cage and Meryl Streep, and in 2004 in the fantastic comedy "From 13 to 30" with Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. Also, in 2004, Judy played a cameo role in M. Knight Shyamalan's Mysterious Forest.

In 2005, Judy could be seen in the mystical horror film Werewolves by Wes Craven, as well as in the romantic comedy Elizabethtown with actors such as Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin, and in 2006 in the musical comedy "American Dream" with Hugh Grant, Dennis Quaid, Mandy Moore and Willem Dafoe. In 2008, Judy played the role of Casey in the melodrama "27 Weddings." In 2009, Judy played episodic roles in the television series Ambulance and Doctor House, in 2010 in The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. In the same year, Judy appeared in the films "Marmadyuk", "The Crime Chip from Henry" with Keanu Reeves, as well as in the film "Love and Other Medicines." In 2011, Judy starred in the movie Descendants with George Clooney.

The actress could be seen in several episodes of the "Lascivious California" (2007-2012) in the role of Trixie. In 2012, she also played in the romantic comedy "A Man Like Hot Cakes" with Gerard Butler. In 2013, Judy appeared in a dramatic thriller based on Stephen King’s novel Telekinesis. In 2014, Judy played Caesar's wife Cornelia in the movie Planet of the Apes: Revolution. In the same year, Judy released an autobiographical book entitled “I Don't Know Where You Saw Me: Confessions of a Co-Star”: Confessions of a Supporting Actress.

Among the latest series filmed with the participation of Judy Greer, “Two and a Half Men” (in which Judy played three roles at once), “Married”, “Masters of Sex”, “Slow Development”.

In 2015, Judy Greer took part in three major projects: Land of the Future, Jurassic World, and Ant-Man. In the latest - superhero movie Marvel Studios - the actress played the role of Maggie, the former wife of Scott Lang, the character of Paul Rudd. In 2017, Judy played in the final part of the Planet of the Apes trilogy. In 2018, Judy returned to the role of Maggie in the sequel to Ant-Man, and also played the daughter of Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) in the horror film Halloween, a sequel to the original 1978 movie Halloween.

Starting from August 29, 2019, Judy Greer will be seen in the adventurous comedy "Wheelbarrow for a Million" about the famous inventor John Delorean and the history of his creation of the legendary "time machine" DMC-12, which became a cult after the release of the movie franchise "Back to the Future". The film was presented at the 75th Venice Film Festival. In September, the comedy “Where did you go, Bernadette?”, Based on the seminal best-selling novel by Maria Semple, will be released. Greer performed the role of Dr. Kurtz in the film. source not specified 159 days .

Interesting Facts

For some time, Judy's neighbor was Sean Gunn, known for his role as Craglin in Guardians of the Galaxy.

For the sake of filming in the film “Love Happens” (2009), Greer changed her hair color, as the creators of the picture decided that otherwise she and Jennifer Aniston would be too similar.

In 2014, Judy Greer published an autobiographical book. In the same year, she stated in an interview that she was no longer a practicing Catholic.

Greer has chosen three major roles in her career. They fell on the films "TV" (2006) and "Descendants" (2011), as well as on the series "Miss Managed" (2008).

Childhood and youth

The actress was born in Detroit in a family of convinced Catholics. The future star of screens in the town of Livonia grew. At birth, the girl was named Judy Teresa, and the surname inherited from her father - Evans. Only with the beginning of her acting career did she take her mother's last name. Mom Molly Greer was in charge of administrative affairs at the hospital, and father Richard Evans devoted his life to engineering.

Judy Greer in a swimsuit

In childhood and adolescence, Judy was not popular with peers, as she herself admits, grew up an "ugly duckling." At school, the girl was simply not noticed. In addition to the secondary education program, she learned ballet mastery - for 10 years she was a student of the dance academy.

Judy Greer as a child

I did not even think about the acting path. Everything was decided by a dispute with a classmate who claimed that it was extremely difficult to enter the theater studio of De Paul University, which was reputed to be a forge of actors. Only 10% of applicants successfully pass the selection committee. And a classmate did. For Judy, this was a challenge, she also went to college, where she was enrolled. At 22, Greer held a diploma in theater at the university.


Fate presented a real gift to the newly made actress. Not even a week had passed before Judy was offered a supporting role. The comedy “Make-believe Kiss” with David Schwimmer completely changed the girl’s life. She, too, was on the guest list for the premiere of the film in Los Angeles.

Judy Greer in the movie "Make-believe Kiss"

I went for a short time, “there and back”, but lingered forever. Hollywood received an inexperienced artist with open arms, promising to teach everything. However, he kept his word - the roles fell from Judy like from a cornucopia.

In 1999, a creative biography was illuminated by the work of the “Queen of Murder”, where the girl was entrusted with playing the main character - a notorious schoolgirl. In the story, three friends arranged a rally, as a result of which their friend died. The heroine Greer posed as a dead girl and became the star of the school. The film brings together Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart and Julie Benz.

Judy Greer in the movie "The Killing Queens"

Judy played brilliantly, showing a full range of lyceum abilities. The picture was warmly received by the audience and critics. Greer began to be recognized on the streets, the first fans appeared.

Soon, the girl shone in the pictures where famous stars were shot. Minor roles got, but managed to work with George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Nicolas Cage, Claudia Schiffer. Judy Greer appeared in the film "Three Kings", the comedy "What Women Want", "Wedding Planner", "From 13 to 30."

Judy Greer in the movie "From 13 to 30"

Charming blonde with clear blue eyes appeared in front of the audience in the guise of an unhappy editorial staff member, the romantic girl Penny, a waitress and the first beauty of the school.

All these episodic and secondary roles, one after another, increased the artist's popularity, by 2008 she could safely call herself a star. And not just a big movie. The authors of the series gladly provided the girl with work - Judy is in the serial films "Fashion Magazine", "My name is Earl."

Judy Greer in lingerie in the TV series Lascivious California

She appears in episodes of television projects that are beloved in every corner of the world: “How I Met Your Mother”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “American Family”, “Lascivious California” and even “House House”.

In 2012, the filmography of the actress was decorated by the drama “Fans”, in which the heroine Judy Greer lost her faith in her husband. The actress got the main role, in this work she again met with Clooney. The film thundered at the Academy Award, and Judy herself believes that the role is one of the most important and serious in her career.

Judy Greer in the series The Big Bang Theory

The piggy bank of the actress's film works is full of comedies. However, there was a place for thrillers and even horrors. Judy got a small role in "The Mysterious Forest", and then - in the horror film "Werewolves", which also involved Christina Ricci, Joshua Jackson, Jesse Eisenberg.

In the second decade of the new century, filmmakers did not skimp on the main parts for Judy. The girl lit with Patrick Wilson in the melodramatic comedy "All for the Better." With Gerard Butler and Uma Thurman, she shared the set of the fun film “The Man Like Hot Cakes”. Compiled with Jason Siegel and Ed Helms in the tragicomedy Jeff Living At Home. All these light tapes were to the taste of the viewer.

Judy Greer in the movie "Planet of the Apes" in the image of the monkey Cornelia

And then the time came for science fiction films and paintings based on the plots of superhero comics. In 2014, Matt Reeves adventure action movie Planet of the Apes: Revolution was released. Judy turned into a monkey Cornelia, the wife of the main character Caesar (Andy Serkis).

A year later, director Brad Bird presented the science-fiction film "Land of the Future", collecting all the color of Hollywood movies - George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie and other actors, including Judy. In 2015, the artist joined the crew of Ant-Man, trying on the image of the ex-wife of a superhero.

Personal life

Judy Greer was in no hurry down the aisle, married at 36 years old. The actress’s husband is a well-known American producer Dean Johnson, including promoting the popular show Real Time with Bill Maher (a project by journalist Bill Mara). The couple legalized the relationship after a year of romantic meetings.

Judy Greer and her husband Dean Johnson

The wedding took place in Los Angeles, about 200 guests came to congratulate the bride and groom, among them - Bill Mar, Rashida Jones, Jason Biggs. There are no children in the family yet.

Judging by the filling of "Instagram", Judy loves dogs, the page is replete with photos of four-legged different stripes. Love for “friends of a man” has not fade since youth - at the premiere of her first film back in 1998, the girl went in company with a dog.

Judy Greer now

In recent years, Greer has not left the set. In 2017, the sequel to the fantastic drama Planet of the Apes: War and the 16-episode television project Easy as Easy were released. Spectators enjoyed the cast of the films Our Souls at Night and Wilson. Fans also saw Judy in the crime drama “A Monument on a Scale”.

Judy Greer photoshoot in 2018

2018 is also full of work. The superhero project "Ant-Man and the Wasp", "Halloween" was released. Judy Greer appeared in the image of an aggressive-minded religious single mother in the autobiographical film "Train to Paris" directed by Clint Eastwood.

Judy Greer: biography

The role of the American actress Judy Greer is the girlfriend of the main character. In early youth, roles were often taken, as if written off from her biography: the girl was not popular at school, like her heroine. A pretty, tall (woman's height is 173 cm) blonde quickly conquered the Hollywood Olympus. Immediately after the debut film, she got the main role. And yet there are not many leading parties in the filmography of the actress, but this does not prevent her from being the favorite of the public.

Captured by producers and amphetamines

The studio that gave Judy her fame, roles and the love of the public took her right to privacy. The actress could not only choose films and roles in which she would like to play, but also friends.

Her first marriage with musician David Rose was not approved by MGM, and the company issued an ultimatum: if Judy becomes pregnant, the contract with her will be terminated.

The actress has always been prone to being overweight, already for the role of the girl Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” she had to lose pounds and pull off her bust with a corset. She begins to take drugs that contribute to weight loss. In particular, it is known that her passion for amphetamines is intensifying.

Constant euphoria, tremendous performance, weight loss are just some of the consequences of the drug. In order to compensate for the effect of the "medicine", Garland is forced to take sleeping pills, which is also addictive.

Suicide attempts

Judy Garland had more than 20 serious suicide attempts in some sources. Considering her constant stay in hospitals and her general condition, there is reason to believe this.

The circumstances of Judy's death are still not entirely understood. The voiced versions: a heart attack, intentional or accidental exceeding of the norm of sleeping pills.

The only source of income for Garland in recent years has remained live performances. Due to health problems, both physical and mental, many performances had to be canceled. The owners of the concert venues sued - even Judy's house had to be returned for debts.

Garland's funeral

More than 20 thousand people came to lead the singer on their last journey.


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