Carano, Gina


Name: Gina Carano

Birthday: April 16 1982 (37 years old)

Place of Birth: Dallas, USA

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Eastern horoscope: Dog

Career: Models and designers 19th place,
Athletes 139 place,
Foreign actors 482 place

Early years

Carano was born in Dallas County, Texas, becoming the second child in the family of Glenn Carano, a professional American football player, and Dana Cason. In addition to Gina, the family of Carano has two more daughters.

Carano graduated from Trinity Christian High School. At school, Carano played in the women's basketball team, which helped lead to the title of state champions. In addition, Gina was fond of volleyball and softball. After school, I entered the University of Nevada in Reno, where I studied for a year, after which I studied at the same university for three years, but already in Las Vegas, specializing in psychology, but never received a diploma.

Childhood and youth

Gina was born in the US state of Texas, in the city of Dallas on April 16, 1982.

Her father, Glenn Carano, was professionally involved in American football. Mom, Dana Cason, houseworked and raised three daughters, Gina was the second child in the family.

Since childhood, the child was distinguished by independence. Gina walked on her own, more like a little girl than a girl who is interested in dolls. She always liked the feeling that she could fend for herself without the help of men and even parents. Moreover, from childhood she constantly defended people herself. Perhaps his father’s upbringing affected, he raised his daughter like a son, whom he always dreamed of.

With such character traits, gymnastics or figure skating could hardly attract a girl. The fact that dad was an athlete affected Gina's hobbies. She played basketball for the women's school team and made a significant contribution to the fact that the team received the state title. If there was time, the girl was still involved in softball and volleyball.

Educated Carano at the Trinity Christian School, and then entered the University of Nevada in the city of Reno. Here she studied for a year and transferred to the same educational institution, only in Las Vegas. For three years she studied at the Faculty of Psychology, but it never came to a diploma.

Meet Muay Thai

Karano began to get involved in martial arts by chance. She went to a Thai boxing club for her friend, who had been practicing there for several years. An old Thai man, a Muay Thai martial art teacher, wisely and at the same time slyly looked at the girl who stood embarrassed at the door and invited him to go into the hall. Gina began to deny, but the Thai insisted and argued that she certainly needed to do this kind of martial art. “What else is this for?” Carano asked in surprise. “Yes, it hurts you, girl, fat,” the Thai replied without a shadow of embarrassment.

The girl was shocked, broke out from such an impudence of the old man, nevertheless he was right, in fact, for a long time she unsuccessfully fought with extra pounds. Gina looked around the Thai boxers and noted for herself that they really are all lean. So Carano fell into the ranks of Muay Thai fighters.

Gina always wanted to engage in fair sports, and martial arts are just such. Unlike basketball or football in martial arts, you are one on one with an opponent, and it all depends on you.

Sports career

Carano came to Muay Thai classes at age 21. She felt that she would like to engage in this kind of martial art seriously, that is, fight in the ring. Moreover, it seemed to her that with the help of her body she could express herself more than verbally.

The organizers of mixed fights in Nevada drew attention to the girl. Gina was invited to take part in the first official duel among women. Her rival athlete Letizia Pestova also showed great promise. Everyone expected entertainment from the fight, but it was not exciting, Gina knocked out an opponent in 38 seconds.

In the following fights, the same bright victories over the athletes Rosie Sexton, Elena Maxwell, Julie Kedzi followed. Assertive and purposeful, Gina won not only through knockouts, she used eyebrow dissection and asphyxiation, for which she received the nickname "Sentence."

The athlete was recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. In life, Gina is very pretty, she has a stunningly charming smile. The organizers of the battles against Carano had only one complaint, they asked her to smile less in the ring. But Gina retorted that she could not help smiling: “You are paid fabulous sums for breaking other people's noses. Isn't that funny? ”As soon as this cutie entered the ring, she turned into a killing machine. Karano has become the best Thai female fighter on the planet.

In the early summer of 2007, due to Gina's illness, the fight against Ian Finney was canceled. According to some reports, her body was dehydrated, and the athlete was hospitalized. But already in the early autumn of this year, Carano fought in the ring with Tony Evinger and defeated her through a strangulation.

In the spring and autumn of 2008, the athlete spent two fights against Kaitling Young and Kelly Kobold, both ended in a victory for Gina. True, the autumn duel was almost on the verge of collapse due to the fact that Carano did not fit into the weight. Despite constant training and enormous efforts, the problem of excess weight haunted her often. This time, the athlete assured the organizers that everything would be in order with weight, as she hired a special nutritionist. But when weighing, it turned out that Gina had extra 1.3 kg. Then Carano took off all the clothes that she was wearing, the advantage was 0.5 kg, and she fit into the weight category.

In the summer of 2009, Gina suffered her first defeat from Brazilian Christian Santos, nicknamed Cyborg. It was a technical knockout, despite which Carano received $ 100,000 for participating in the fight.

She spent fourteen fights in the ring, of which only one lost. Twelve wins and one draw - it was a very high result. After completing sports fights, the athlete decided to focus on a career in the cinema.


2006 Gina considers the beginning of her television career. The cult documentary film "Girls of the Ring" was released on the screens, where they talked about how the formation of Thai female boxing took place in America. Carano took part in the filming of this project.

On the reality show “Fighting Girls”, Gina was invited with another athlete Lisa King as a trainer of the participants.

Carano herself took part in two seasons of the popular project "American Gladiators", where she performed under the nickname the Destroyer.

In 2011, she starred in the documentary I Am Bruce Lee. The athlete shared her memories of what this legendary fighter meant to her and how his professional qualities influenced her own sports career.

The beauty and athlete, model and martial arts masters of Muay Thai, Gina Carano, could not be ignored by Hollywood directors. Her full debut took place with Stephen Soderbergh in the movie "Knockout". Prior to this, Gina had only one episodic role in the film "Blood and Bone", where she played Veretta Vendetta, who won in a street battle.

After the fight in San Jose, Gina returned to San Diego with a huge bruise under her eye. For the first time in her career in MMA, she lost and was completely crushed. An agent called her and said that director Steven Soderbergh would like to meet with Gina. To which the girl replied: "Now is not the best moment, I have one eye completely black, come on another time." The agent continued to persuade her, said that there was no need to worry about the bruise and no need to go anywhere, Soderberg was already going to her by train from Los Angeles.

Gina had to change her route and go to the train station to get acquainted with the director. She met Soderberg, who appeared in front of her in jeans, a cap and black glasses. Together they went for lunch, where they chatted for about four hours. At the end of the conversation, the director asked: “Well, do you want to play a major role in my new film?” What the girl screamed at: “Of course, take me to your place, please!”

The world premiere of the movie “Knockout” took place in early 2012. Carano played the role of Mallory Kane, a professional mercenary and former special forces soldier. She is beautiful, smart and young, from time to time the chief of an international agency instructs her to carry out secret tasks around the world. But after a failed operation, the girl realized that she was only a pawn in someone else's game. And now she will have to avenge her betrayal.

Her partner in the film was American actor and model Channing Matthew Tatum. He is, without a doubt, handsome and very sexy in life. Gina is sure that many girls envy her, because according to the plot of the film, she kissed Channing. For the first time, Carano watched a film with her parents, and when this particular scene was, they all together closed their eyes with their hands. Gina in life is a rather shy girl.

In 2013, the world premiere of the movie “Fast and the Furious 6” directed by Justin Lin, where Gina got the role of traitor Riley Hicks, took place.

In 2014, the film “Bloody Vengeance” was released, where for the first time the director John Stockwell saw in Gin not only a martial artist, but also a deeply psychological heroine who avenged her husband’s kidnappers. After completing the shoot, he confirmed that Carano did an excellent job and was able to realistically convey all the drama of the situation.

Carano has several more films and successful roles:

  • 2015 - “Speed: Bus 657” (the role of a policeman), “Rescue” (CIA operative Victoria),
  • 2016 - Kickboxer (Marcia), Deadpool (angel dust mutant), Sergeant X (sergeant),
  • 2017 - “Scorched Earth” (Gage).

Despite all her childhood boyish ways, Gina still read romance novels in her teens, for example, Pride and Prejudice. Therefore, she would love to star in a comedy or romantic melodrama.


Biography: Gina Joy Carano was born on April 16, 1982 in Dallas, Texas. She graduated from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas with a degree in psychology. Show full ...

Her father's name is Glenn Carano, he acted as a backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys football team from 1977 to 1983, and besides that in 1984 he played at the Pittsburgh Maulers as a starter.

Gina's mother’s name is Dana Joy Cason, she raised three daughters, Gina was an average daughter. Gina has a nickname - "Conviction", which translates as "convinced" Gina Carano before she entered the University of Nevada, graduated from Trinity Christian High School in Las Vegas. There she played in the women's school basketball team and tried to bring her team to the national level. In addition, Gina was fond of volleyball and softball.

Gina Carano went for a very long time to her dream of becoming a good athlete. She devoted a lot of time to sportswear and went to exhausting workouts every day. Her specialty is a species. Date of birth: April 16, 1982


In addition to cinema and martial arts, Carano is fond of dancing and hiking (a type of hiking). But most of all, Gina loves spending time with her family, which she calls the most amazing in the world. The actress believes that she was very lucky with her parents, they supported her and always understood her in all her endeavors and decisions. At the same time, Gina prefers to travel more than stay at home.

As for clothes, Carano loves leather jackets, she has a lot of them. She also likes all sorts of little things that make her unique. And, of course, like any normal woman, Gina loves to feel sexy, happily buys things that emphasize this dignity in her.
Her day begins early. For breakfast, the actress prepares eggs with vegetables. After some time, she goes to the gym for training. You don’t have to go far, the hall is located at her house.

In general, Gin divides all the products into two halves: those that take energy, and those that add. Before the fight, she never ate a fat steak, otherwise you can then fall asleep in the ring. During training days, Gina eats traditional Thai boxing food - rice with spices. During the rest, he eats both fish and meat.

Carano loves strong animals, so pit bull dogs live with her at home. She speaks of her life style as follows: “The fighters in the ring strike all the blows for real, which also teaches you to really live.” So Gina works and rests to the fullest.

Personal life

The actress had such a personal life that all the men with whom she met turned out to be weaker than her. Although it never bothered Gene. Also, she was not stopped by the fact that all former boyfriends earned less than she did. The amount of earnings is not important, the main thing is that the guy, in principle, work, have some kind of hobby or favorite thing, and not sit on the girl’s neck.

She likes men about the same height as herself. Her height is 173 cm, and Carano believes that she does not need grooms above 178 cm. Gina does not like tall guys, because then they need to fit and wear heels, which she rarely wears. Strongly muscular guys are also not attracted to the actress; she prefers skinny, artistic young people. Plus, Gina is absolutely indifferent to blondes, loves dark men. As the actress herself admits: "These are my oddities when choosing the stronger sex."

Her first lover was a sports colleague Kevin Ross.

Then the girl began a love affair with Keith Cope, who also engaged in mixed martial arts. When they broke up, Kit began to blackmail Gina, threatening to make their intimate videos public. Carano then made an official statement that no such films exist. Later, Cope himself admitted the same, after which he apologized to Gina.

Among the latest boyfriends of Gina, British actor Henry Cavill was seen. But in 2015, the actress renewed a romantic relationship with her first lover Kevin Ross.

Acting career Gina Carano

The first film with the participation of Gina was the documentary "Girls of the Ring", in which she starred in 2006.

After that, there were several sports reality shows, a program about Bruce Lee, in which Gina talked about the influence of this master on her formation as an athlete.

Filming Carano in the action movie "Blood and Bone" was her first work in a feature film. Three years later, she starred in "Knockout."

This work was offered to her by director Stephen Soderbergh himself. Critics were pleased with the work of Gina, but Jennifer Lawrence received the award then.

As can be seen from the list of named films, Gene was usually called to participate in projects where she was to demonstrate her fighter skills.

In 2014, Gina was invited to participate in the action movie "Blood Revenge", but here, in addition to the spectacular battle of Carano, it was necessary to show the drama of the situation in which her heroine found herself, and Gina did an excellent job.

In 2016, there will be another tape with the participation of Gina Carano - Deadpool. This film is called one of the most anticipated this year.

Gina Carano and Henry Cavill

A more or less long relationship connected Gina with the British actor Henry Cavill. In 2013, they began to attend various events together, the relationship between them was not denied.

But a few months after the beginning of the novel, Henry was carried away by Kaylee Kuoko, however, his nature was also inconsistent here.Quickly ending the barely begun romance, he returned to Gina.

After the reunion, the couple even began to live together and got a common pet - a puppy named Big Bear. However, fans of their couple were disappointed - at the end of 2014 they still broke up.

Fight with Christian Santos

After Strikeforce bought out the assets of the bankrupt ProElite, the parent company of EliteXC, Carano, like many other former EliteXC fighters, began to perform under the auspices of the California promotion. Strikeforce was the first MMA organization to stage a women's fight at the head of the evening, setting up Brazilian Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Christian Cyborg Santos against Carano. Strikeforce President Scott Cocker noted that although the MMA weight category of 66 kilograms is traditionally referred to as “featherweight,” the fight will be held for the Strikeforce lightweight champion title.

Carano lost the fight by TKO, having received the first defeat in her MMA career. Referee Josh Rosenthal stopped the fight a second before the end of the first round, when Carano, lying on the floor, lost her ability to defend herself. Despite the defeat, Carano received 100 thousand dollars for her performance - the highest fee for a woman in MMA as of 2010. For comparison, her rival received 25 thousand, including a 5 thousandth bonus for the victory.

After losing to Santos, Carano concentrated on a film career, and her re-entry into the ring or octagon for a long time remained in question. Carano's next fight was to take place on June 18 at the Strikeforce Grand Prix, but in early June it was announced that Gina had not received a license for the fight, as she had not undergone a physical examination. The specific reason for the denial of the license is unknown, while the state athletic commission denies the prohibition of fighting Gina.


Gina Joy Carano is an American actress in action films. Prior to her film career, she had made great strides as a fighter in mixed martial arts, better known as fights without rules. Fans awarded Carano with the unofficial title of Queen of the Ring of MMA, which she refuses to recognize.


The cinematic biography of the athlete began in 2009 with participation in the feature film about street fighters “Blood and Bone”. The character of Veretta Vendetta turned out to be one of those fighters who wins in his duel. The film also starred Michael J. White, Eamonn Walker, Shannon Kane.

Gina Carano (frame from the movie "Knockout")

The next time, Carano was invited to the set after 3 years to participate in the thriller “Knockout”. Moreover, the role of Mallory Kane was offered to the girl by the famous director Steven Soderbergh, who saw only Carano in the main character.

On the set, the athlete reincarnated as a former commando and at the same time a charming brunette who works as a hit man in the U.S. secret intelligence system. Once, after failing the mission, Kane realizes that now she has become a victim, which opened the hunt. The main characters in the film were also performed by Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor. Kane's father was played by Bill Paxton.

Gina Carano and Channing Tatum (frame from the movie "Knockout")

In the story, the athlete had to kiss with a partner in the frame, Channing Tatum. As the performer later recalled, this moment became the most exciting for her, because her lover was played by an actor with a multi-million army of fans. Interestingly, when watching the film with her daughter, Carano's parents prudently closed their eyes with their hands during this scene, so as not to embarrass Gina.

The film was shot for more than a year, and it hit the rental in 2011. The aspiring actress was praised by film critics, as a result of which Gina was nominated for the Critics Choice Awards, but lost her Jennifer Lawrence.

Dwayne Johnson and Gina Carano (frame from the movie "Fast and the Furious 6")

In 2013, Carano’s filmography was replenished with work in the 6th film of the American criminal action movie “Fast and the Furious,” which collected $ 800 million at the box office. The star cast, which included Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, reunited in the film. Gina Carano played the role of the character Riley Hicks.

Most often, directors use the actress in such roles where she needs to show her fighting skills. But John Stockwell, who shot the bloody revenge action movie in 2014, insisted that he needed from Gina Carano not only her ability to fight perfectly and effectively, but also a deep psychological understanding of the heroine avenging her husband’s abduction, as well as the realism of the dramatic situation. At the end of the filming, he confirmed that the actress did an excellent job.

Gina Carano (frame from the movie "Deadpool")

A year later, a celebrity appeared in the cast of the thriller Speed. Bus 657 ”on the capture of a regular bus by casino robbers. Gina was lucky enough to work on the same platform with Hollywood stars Robert De Niro and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In the same year, another film was released with the participation of an athlete - the action movie "Salvation", where Bruce Willis became a partner of Carano.

In 2016, one of the most anticipated films of the year, Deadpool, in which Carano took part, was released for worldwide distribution. In September 2016, the world premiere of the sports show “Kickboxer. Retribution, in which the main characters were played by Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dave Batista and Gina Carano.


Carano starred in the cult documentary "Ring Girls" in 2006. Based on real events, Ring Girls is a fast-paced story about five American women from Las Vegas who are set to become the best fighters in the world among Muay Thai women. To do this, they go to Thailand to fight with the best world female fighters in Thai boxing.

Together with Lisa King in 2007, Carano acted as a mentor for beginner women fighters in the Oxygen reality show Fight Girls.

In 2011, the documentary “I am Bruce Lee” was released about the legendary fighter Bruce Lee. Gina tells what Bruce Lee’s personality means to her and how he influenced her.

Gina Carano: biography

Queen of the ring MMA - this is the title of Gina Carano. This brilliant, bright and strong-willed girl-MMA fighter (mixed martial arts) has become famous for impressive victories in the fights without rules, as well as for the memorable performance of female roles in popular action films.

Her biography is an example of diligence and self-improvement, which provided her with stellar status and wealth. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Knockout (2012)

In the action movie of Stephen Soderberg, Gene Carano played the role of Mallory Kane - a former special forces soldier. She is a secret agent of the US special services, and in fact a hired killer used by authorities. After the failure of one operation, she realizes that she has become the goal - she was ordered to destroy it. Now, her life and the life of her father depend on the conspiracy and fighting skills of Mallory.

Shot from the movie “Knockout”

Gina’s colleagues in the film are: Magneto - Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class, Hunger), Ewan McGregor (Angels and Demons, On the Needle), William Paxton (Big Love, Hatfields and McCoy ").

For the role, Mallory Carano was nominated for the Critics Choice Awards, but received her Jennifer Lawrence.

Fast and the Furious 6 (2013)

In the action movie Justin Lin - the continuation of the movie "Fast and the Furious" (2001) - Gina Carano played the role of Riley Hicks - assistant agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Jobs), who wants to stop a gang of racers led by a former commando. They committed a number of crimes in London.

Shot from the movie "Fast and the Furious 6"

In the picture, Gina played along with famous actors, singers and models. Among them are Vin Diesel (The Chronicles of Riddick, Bald Nanny), Paul Walker (Double Fast and the Furious, Boy Raiders), Michelle Rodriguez (Female Fight, Resident Evil), Luke Evans (Dracula "," The Great Train Robbery "), etc.

Speed: Bus 657 (2015)

On the set of the thriller, shot by Scott Mann, Gina Carano met with the famous Hollywood stars: Oscar-winning Robert de Niro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan - the star of the Guardians, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, bodybuilder and wrestler David Michael (Iron Fist "," Riddick ").

Frame from the film “Speed: Bus 657”

Gina played the role of an officer of Krizia Bahos, nicknamed Chris. The girl demonstrated excellent fighting skills in episodes of the release of hostages - bus passengers, who were captured by criminals who robbed the casino of Francis Silva (Robert de Niro).

Kickboxer: Retribution (2016)

This film, created in the martial arts movie genre, gathered a host of legendary fighters. In addition to Gina Carano, it was played by Jean-Claude Van Damme (Kickboxer, Volunteer, Bloody Sport), Alain Mussey (Street Fighter: Resurrection, Titans), Georges Saint-Pierre (First Avenger: Another War ”,“ The Assassination of Salazar ”).

Shot from the movie “Kickboxer: Retribution”

John Stockwell's film was a restart of the 1989 film of the same name. The audience did not find the proper response from the audience, many considered it a parody of the famous Kickboxer. However, the skill of Gina was appreciated by the audience properly.

Deadpool (2016)

Gina Carano played the role of Angel Dust in the highest-rated and highest-grossing sci-fi action movies based on Marvel comics. Her heroine Christina - the assistant mutant of Ajax - has superpower. She takes part in experiments to create mutants that Francis Freeman (real name of Ajax) sells into slavery. She had to torture Wade Wilson, who rebelled against her overlord.

Shot from the movie "Deadpool"

After the Wilson mutation has been activated, Angel Dust and Ajax search for the fugitive, kidnap his beloved Vanessa. In the film's finale, Angel Dust battles Colossus (Andre Tricote) and subsequently dies from the explosion of a supersonic warhead.

Gina Carano, whose fights are highly rated by professional boxing fans, demonstrates martial skills in the cinema format with the same skill. The specific genre of films in which she is shot - thrillers, action films - has a limited but demanding audience.

Gina Carano, whose Instagram is full of photos from the shootings, video frames in which the girl appears in a new role, tirelessly works out fighting technique and improves herself in acting.

Kevin Ross

It seems that this is the first and, as the current state of the heart affairs of Gina Carano shows, the only serious relationship in her life.

Kevin Ross (Bellator), a mixed martial artist, inspired her to study Muay Thai. Their relationship survived the crisis and resumed in 2015. About the rings and the birth of joint children, while the couple are not talking, they enjoy a civil marriage and successfully make a career in film and sports.

Keith Cope

Keith Cope, a forty-two-year-old fighter and film actor (Wrestler, Fear Factor), became Gina's second choice. Their relationship was short-lived, but the gap was loud: after breaking up, Kit blackmailed Carano by publishing their intimate videos.

However, the girl went all-in and made a public statement that such records do not exist. Cope later apologized to her and refused his allegations.

Gina Carano: interesting facts and latest news

Gina Carano was and remains an informational occasion for journalists. Her career, successes, biography facts become relevant as soon as it comes to the new works of a girl who glorified mixed martial arts, showed that female fighters are not only strong, but also beautiful.

We will tell in more detail what facts of the personal life and career of Gina Carano are discussed by her fans:

  • The beauty of Carano is the result of a mixture of blood.

Gina has a bright appearance. Her features resemble the southern beauties of Spain and Italy. This is not surprising, since the blood of descendants from these countries flows in the veins of Carano. Also in her family there are Germans, Dutch and British. In 2019, the MMA star hit the top ten sexiest women fighters in the UFC.

  • Carano: computer version.

The films of Gina Carano brought almost the same fame as performances in the ring. Fighting qualities, beauty and acting data worked for Gina in 2009 - she became the prototype of Natalya Volkova, a sniper girl in the game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

  • Carano: overweight and a smile in the ring.

Stories about the fight against excess weight, which leads Gina Carano, have become the legends of the world of martial arts. The girl went to Muay Thai classes only because the teacher of her friend, whom she came to train out of interest, mischievously noticed that she was very fat and would not prevent her from drying out.

The remark touched the twenty-one-year-old Carano so much that she not only took up Thai boxing, but also soon had 14 fights, of which she was defeated in only one, and finished the second with a draw. This is the highest result in women's Thai boxing competitions.

However, being overweight became her scourge, ruining her career. Once, Gina weighed herself behind a towel and only then fit into the weight category.

The second problem of Carano is her smile. The organizers of the fighting reproached Gina for smiling when she breaks her noses. It looked intimidating, given that the pretty girl had a very charming smile.

  • Gina Carano: preferences in clothing, food and entertainment.

The girl has her own style and preferences in clothes. She loves leather jackets and has put together a collection. Choosing a look, she pays attention to details that emphasize her sexuality.

Gina is fond of hiking and dancing. She loves traditional Thai food (rice with vegetables), but can afford meat and fish. However, Carano traditionally has eggs and vegetables for breakfast.

  • Mandalorets. "

The latest film work by Gina Carano was the space western "Mandalorets" (Mandalorian). The protagonist of the series is Gene Jerin (Pedro Pascal) - a bounty hunter, a Mandalore shooter. Carano played the role of mercenary Cara Dune, a former rebel Alliance attack aircraft. The film version has become very popular. Her rating rose to 9 points out of 10.

Gina Carano once said that the blows that a Muay Thai fighter receives in the ring are always real and very painful. One must have tremendous willpower to withstand them. This is taught by sport. Life strikes no less powerful blows, so it is very important to be able to withstand, so as not to happen. Therefore, Gina Carano lives to the fullest: sincerely loves, realizes herself in work, has fun and improves.


Watch the video: Gina Carano finds a new beginning in Star Wars series 'The Mandalorian'. ESPN MMA (April 2020).