Gwyneth Paltrow - biography of a successful woman


Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth kate paltrow

American actress and singer.
Born September 27, 1972 in Los Angeles (USA, California), in the family of film director and producer Bruce Paltrow, a descendant of the well-known rabbinical family Paltrovich from Russia, and the famous actress Blythe Danner.

Paltrow grew up in Santa Monica, then attended a private girls' school in New York, after which she studied art history for some time in Santa Monica, California. After some time (in 1991), she dropped out of school, deciding to turn to an acting career.

Paltrow first appeared on stage with her mother in the play "Picnic" by the Williamstown Theater.
She made her film debut in the movie "Scream" (1991). And although in the next few years, Gwyneth Paltrow played several memorable roles, the public knew her mainly as the lady of the heart of actor Brad Pitt.

True success awaited the young actress after the release of the melodrama "Shakespeare in Love" by John Madden. For the role of Viola Paltrow, she was awarded the Academy Award for Best Actress. In the same year, several more films appeared on the screens, confirming that her success was not accidental.

Recently, Gwyneth starred exclusively in the genres of comedy or melodrama, and most often in romantic comedies. She found her niche here too, one might even say that here she has no equal. Many scriptwriters see Gwyneth in advance as the main character of their opuses.

In an interview with The Guardian (January 27, 2006), Gwyneth Paltrow admitted that in her career there are films in which she invested her soul and low-grade crafts in which she participated only because of money. Films such as The Tenenbaum Family (2001), Proof (2005), and Sylvia (2003) are classified in the first category, while Top View is Better (2003) and Love of Evil ( 2001) - to the last.

On December 5, 2003, Gwyneth Paltrow married Chris Martin, a musician for the Coldplay rock band. In 2004, her daughter Apple was born, and in 2006 - the son of Moses.

Screen Actors Guild Award (1998):
Best Actress (Shakespeare in Love)

Satellite Award (1996):
Best Actress, Comedy / Musical (Emma)

Nomination for "Sputnik" (1998):
Best Actress, Comedy / Musical (Shakespeare in Love)


Gwyneth Paltrow is a Hollywood actress who became famous for her roles in melodramas. Especially popular was her sudden change of role - Gwyneth Paltrow played a businesswoman in the comic blockbuster Iron Man, based on the plot of the superhero publisher Marvel. Professional recognition for the actress brought the film "Shakespeare in Love", for the main role in which she received Oscars and Golden Globes.

Childhood and youth

Gwyneth Paltrow was born in Los Angeles in a creative family. Her father is director Bruce Paltrow, her mother is a popular actress Blythe Danner. Gwyneth also has a younger brother, Jake, who followed in his father's footsteps.

The family has other famous relatives. Cousin Gwyneth and Jake are actress Katherine Mennig, known for many television series, and second cousin Gabrielle Giffords is a member of the US Congress. Godfather Paltrow is a famous film director and producer Steven Spielberg.

Gwyneth grew up in the California town of Santa Monica. When she was 11 years old, the family moved to New York, where her mother was offered an interesting job in one of the theaters. In this city, she graduated from a specialized school for girls.

As a teenager, Gwyneth often attended shows with her mother and twice took part in them. The first exit to the professional theater stage for the girl was the play "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" based on the famous classic novel by Mark Twain.

After receiving a certificate of maturity, Gwyneth returned to Santa Monica and entered the University of California at Santa Barbara. She chose to specialize in the history of art, but did not graduate, deciding to give preference to the career of a film actress.

Filmography of the actress

Gwyneth Paltrow first appeared on the screens in 1991. Her film debut was the film "Scream", where the aspiring actress played with the famous American actor John Travolta. In the same year, Paltrow won the role of Wendy in the movie “Captain Hook” by Steven Spielberg. This was followed by several more successful roles in Flesh from the Flesh, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle

Gwyneth was appreciated only in 1995, after the release of the detective film "Seven", in which the stars on the set of the actress became the stars Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt. The film brought Paltrow the long-awaited popularity and fame. And in 1996, Gwyneth only confirmed her acting talent with her impeccable game in the movie Emma.

But the finest hour of the actress was yet to come. Triumphant for Gwyneth was the role of Violetta in the movie "Shakespeare in Love", which was released in 1998 and brought Paltrow an Oscar for Best Actress.

Gwyneth's popularity no longer knew boundaries. Hundreds of fans overpowered her and thousands of offers to participate in various film projects rained down. And Paltrow did not stop there. Subsequently, her creative piggy bank was filled with roles both in complex psychological films, such as Talented Mr. Ripley and Obsession, and in light romantic comedies like Love of Evil and Top View Is Better. Gwyneth is also in demand in the fashion world: for example, in 2005 she was offered to become the face of one of the fragrances of Estee Lauder.

In the 21st century, the list of successful paintings with the participation of Gwyneth Paltrow is growing rapidly, and the actress herself does not get tired of delighting the audience with her talented and bewitching game.

Gwyneth Paltrow has a height of 175 cm and a weight of 50 kg.

Personal life Gwyneth Paltrow

Not surprisingly, a blonde with an angelic face like Gwyneth Paltrow never had a problem in her personal life. Among her admirers were the most coveted and beautiful Hollywood stars: Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Robert Fiennes. However, none of these novels had a happy ending.

But even this obstinate beauty could not escape the ringing of wedding bells. And on December 5, 2003, Gwyneth Paltrow married Chris Martin, a Coldplay musician. The couple married secretly from everyone in Southern California, and only a week later the world learned about this holiday event.

Currently, Gwyneth and Chris are divorced, but they maintain friendly relations and are actively engaged in the upbringing of their two children: daughter Apple (translated from English as "apple") and the son of Moses.


The first appearance on the screens of Paltrow was the episodic role of Rebecca in the 1991 film "Scream", in which John Travolta played the main role. In the same year, she starred in an unusual sequel to the tale "Peter Pan" - the film "Captain Hook" about the grown heroes of this story. Gwyneth got the role of a grown-up Wendy.

Gwyneth Paltrow (frame from the movie "Captain Hook")

In her youth, the actress played in the thriller “Ready for Anything”, the biography of the writer Dorothy Parker “Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle”, the historical drama “Jefferson in Paris”, the famous psychological thriller “Seven”. Gwyneth got more prominent images in the drama "Fatal Eight", where she plays a waitress moonlighting as a night butterfly, and in the romantic comedy "Someone else's Funeral", in which she plays the role of Julie DeMarco - the main character's headache.

The first big character went to the actress in 1996. In the film adaptation of the famous novel by Jane Austen's "Emma", she played a major role. For playing in this film, Paltrow won the Satellite Awards for Best Actress in a Comedy.

Gwyneth Paltrow (frame from the movie "Emma")

After such success, the main roles in romantic fiction followed - the drama "Watch Out, The Doors Are Closing", the film adaptation of Charles Dickens's classic novel "Great Expectations", the thriller "Inheritance" and the remake of Alfred Hitchcock's film "In the Case of a Murder Type" M ", which received the name "Perfect kill."

And the next 2 pictures made it possible for Gwyneth to stand on a par with the brightest stars in Hollywood. Work in the film "Talented Mr. Ripley" caused a stream of positive reviews of film critics, and the main female role in the tragicomedy "Shakespeare in Love" gave the actress the most prestigious award - the Oscar for the best female role. In addition to her, the star received the Golden Globe and the US Screen Actors Guild Award.

Gwyneth Paltrow (frame from the movie "Shakespeare in Love")

In the new millennium, the actress began to choose roles only in melodramas and romantic comedies, such as The Tenenbaum Family, Love of Evil, Alien Ticket, Obsession, Proof, Good Night, and many others. Most of these paintings were commercial projects, and Gwyneth does not hide that she preferred them for the sake of attractive fees.

In 2003, the actress appeared in the comedy “The view from the top is better”, where she reincarnated as a heroine who ran away from home and dreams of becoming a flight attendant. In 2006, in the wake of the popularity of comic book-based films, Iron Man appeared, where Gwyneth appeared in the form of Pepper Potts, who is the assistant to the protagonist.

Gwyneth Paltrow (frame from the movie "Iron Man")

The film became a box office, in 2010 and 2013 followed by 2 sequels. Paltrow's character is secondary to these paintings, however, Pepper Potts was developed and was revealed as an interesting heroine. The girl went from secretary to director of the company, who received the right to manage the corporation independently. Pepper Potts became Tony Stark's love interest, began dating him and broke up, remained friends, fell into hostages, went through dangerous experiments, and even visited as a superhero.

Difficulties in filming were caused by the difference in height between Paltrow and Robert Downey, Jr., who played the main role of billionaire Tony Stark, who became a superhero - Iron Man. Gwyneth, even without heels, is taller than her partner in the film (the actress is 175 cm tall and Robert is 174 cm), and since Pepper Potts is a businesswoman and adheres to the official style of clothing, Paltrow appeared on the heels in stilettos.

Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow (frame from the movie "Iron Man 2")

To comply with the growth ratio of the original comic book, where Stark is taller than the assistant, the directors went to tricks: in the common scenes, Robert Downey Jr. was put on the platform, gave out shoes on a hidden platform, used optical illusions and visual effects. In 2012, the actress reappeared in this role in the superhero crossover Avengers.

Among other works, it is worth highlighting participation in the musical television series "Chorus", in which the star plays the role of Holly Holiday. Gwyneth received an Emmy Award for Best Actress for her. For a vivid play in the romantic drama "Lovers," she was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award. And in the film “I'm leaving - don't cry” she demonstrated her vocal abilities, performing a number of songs for the soundtrack.

Gwyneth performed several times as a singer, recording songs for films with her participation. She first recorded the single “Cruisin” in a duet with Hugh Lewis for the film “Duets”. The song was able to lead the Australian hit parade. And in the film “I'm leaving - don't cry” she performs 4 songs: “Country Strong”, “Shake That Thing”, “Coming Home” and “Me And Tennessee”. In addition, the voice of Paltrow can be heard on the album “C’mon, C’mon” by the American singer Cheryl Crowe, where they sing “It’s Only Love” in a duet.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Hugh Lewis - Cruisin

In 2015, a new movie with Gwyneth appears. The picture "Mordecai", based on the novels of Cyril Bonfolioli, was released. Paltrow's partner on the site was Johnny Depp, who played the role of Charles Mordecai - a rogue, art expert and husband of the heroine Paltrow.

According to Gwyneth, for a long time she did not succeed in kissing with the leading actor: the actress was amused by the comic mustache, which was necessary to create the image of a con man. Due to the frivolous mood, Paltrow had to use several takes. Despite the stellar cast, this movie failed at the box office and received many negative reviews from film critics.

Gwyneth Paltrow (frame from the movie "Mordecai")

In 2016, the actress returned to the role of Pepper Potts in the next film about the Avengers superhero team “Captain America: Civil War”, which talks about a split within the team due to political and ideological differences. Despite the fact that the artist participated in the filming of this part of the franchise, scenes with the participation of her heroine did not fall into the rental version of the film.

The film received positive reviews, the main pluses of the critics called a well-thought-out plot, including character development, and an atypical conflict that deviated from the classic opposition between good and evil for militants and superheroes and shows a clash of concepts of freedom and security.

1991-1999. Debut. The path to fame

The film career began in 1991 and the minor role of Rebecca in the cry. On the set, the debutant's colleagues were John Travolta, James Walters and Heather Graham.

The famous Stephen Spielberg, as a family friend and director, called the goddaughter for the role of young Wendy in the film “Captain Hook”. The film was a continuation of the fabulous story "Peter and Wendy." The actress has collaborated with partners like Justin Hoffman and Robin Williams.

In 1995, touching Tracy Mills from the thriller "Seven" for the first time brought JP widespread popularity. Joint work with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman polished the brink of acting.

A year later, JP first won the International Press Academy Award for the image of a young matchmaker in the film Emma.

The year 1998 was generous with the main characters in the series of films:

  • Helena Qilué in the romantic drama "Caution, the doors are closing."
  • Estella in the melodrama Great Expectations.
  • Emily Taylor in the psychological detective "The Perfect Kill."
  • Helen Baring in the horror movie Legacy.

The role of the young beauty Viola de Lesseps in the film “Shakespeare in Love” was the pinnacle of the actress’s professional success. The film tells about the love of a girl and a young playwright. Viola dreams of a scene, but the ladies of those times had no access to acting. She disguises herself as a young man and enters the theater, where she reveals the secret to Shakespeare. William falls in love with the beauty and creates the great play “Romeo and Juliet”.

The year of fame was 1999. The image of Viola was recognized as the best female role. The actress received an Oscar, was awarded the Golden Globe and the United States Film Actors Guild Award.

Prestigious awards put Gwyneth Paltrow on a par with Hollywood stars.

2000–2019. Film career

At the beginning of the 2000s, JP continued his activity in the work. She clearly shares the cinema for the soul and the picture for a solid fee.

Spiritual films teach empathy, change the usual view of reality and expand consciousness. Gwyneth Paltrow showed the depths of the inner world of the heroines in the tragicomedy “The Tenenbaum Family” (2001) and the film about the American poetess “Sylvia” (2003). And in the drama “Proof” (2005), the role of Katherine, who takes care of a crazy father, a mathematician, helped the actress personally cope with the loss of dad.

Gwyneth ranked the comedies Love of Evil (2001) and Top View Better (2003) as films for earning.

In 2008, the sci-fi action movie Iron Man based on Marvell comics was released. After the 2006 purchase of the right to shoot, project manager John Favreau decided to work on a film in California. So “Iron Man” stood out from the superhero tapes filmed in New York. Together with the action movie, the cinema universe, the American media franchise, a series of films about the superheroes of the Marvel Studios film studio were born.

The central character is the industrialist and great inventor - Tony Stark and Iron Man in a single person, performed by Robert Downey Jr. The main assistant to the superhero is Virginia Pepper Potts, confidently represented by Gwyneth Paltrow.

During the rental, the blockbuster had a solid box office and was in the top ten films of the year 2008.

In 2010, 2012 and 2013, the corresponding sequels were released: Iron Man 2, The Avengers and Iron Man 3. JP turns Pepper Potts into an interesting heroine. Virginia took off in her career from secretary to director of the corporation, became the lover of Tony Stark.

In a pair of paintings with her participation, the actress showed herself as a vocalist.

In the film “I'm Leaving - Don’t Cry” (2010), J.P., as an alcoholic, age singer Kelly Kanter, performed as a country performer and made four soundtracks. She sang three songs herself: Country Strong, Shake That Thing and Coming Home, and Me and Tennessee with Tim McGraw.

In the television series “Chorus” (2010–2014), Gwyneth Paltrow again used vocals and played the role of Holly Holiday, replacing teacher and lover in a short romance with the director of the choir, William Schuster. This time, JP appeared before the audience as a cover performer of a trio of songs. Gwyneth Paltrow performed the song Singing in the Rain / Umbrella with actor Matthew Morrison.

For this work, in 2011, the movie star was awarded the Emmy Award as the best guest actress in a comedy television series.

In 2017, 2018 and 2019, JP again showed Virginia Potts in the movies of the battle saga - Spider-Man. Homecoming, Avengers. War of Infinity "and" Avengers. The final". In February 2019, Paltrow announced that it was completing a partnership with Marvell Studios.

An innovation in the work of the actress was participation in the series “Politician” (2019) - a project for streaming broadcasting by the entertainment company Netflix. Gwyneth Paltrow played the role of a good socialite, the adoptive mother of the protagonist Peyton Hobart.

Business lady

Since 2005, the movie star has been working with Estee Lauder and is the face of the Pleasures cosmetics line. The actress proves the dependence of the appearance of a public person on a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle. Daily sports, diet maintain their shape and weight 50 kg. The woman shares her work on herself in the best-selling book “The Book of Natural Beauty,” and in 2017, Women’s Health magazine showed on the cover a sporty figure and well-groomed skin of J.P.

Self-development prompted Gwyneth Paltrow to the weekly online newsletter of personal health and nutrition tips. This is how the Goop Empire came about. The name includes the first letters of the name of the business woman GP and two “o's” between them. Then came the site and online store goop.com. In the first year, profit amounted to one and a half million dollars. Today the company is developing, new areas of activity are appearing. The assortment of the store contains the Goop Scincare cosmetology line, a collection of clothes, fragrances and food additives, furniture, as well as fitness programs of JP trainer - Tracy Anderson. The number of site subscribers exceeds 700,000.


The following works of J.P. invariably opened up to fans new facets of her acting gift. Each image she played was remembered by the audience. However, J.P. herself was not satisfied with her successes. After her role as Emma Woodhouse, the actress starred in the films The Fatal Eight, Shakespeare in Love and Caution, the doors close, and in 1998 appeared as Estella in the film adaptation of one of the most famous novels of the great Charles Dickens.

The plot of the drama "Great Expectations" transferred the audience from Victorian Dickensian times to modern America, where the hero of Ethan Hawke met the beautiful, unattainable, like a dream, Estella, and decided to achieve her love at all costs. Despite the fact that the picture was not awarded, it became a favorite film for millions of viewers and one of the best roles of J.P.

1. Childhood in Hollywood.

The baby was born 09/27/1972 in the world capital of cinema - the famous city of Los Angeles, located in California.

Her life path was a foregone conclusion even before birth. Her origins contributed to her rapid career advancement: mother Gwyneth (Blythe Danner) was a famous actress, and her father (Bruce Paltrow) was one of the best producers in the United States.

2. Origin.

In the veins of the beauty, blood of different nationalities flows. The ancestors of her mother were immigrants from Germany, and the popes were representatives of the Jewish community.

There is evidence that the relatives of the star come from an old rabbinical family living in the territory of modern Belarus and Poland. Thus, in childhood, the baby was lucky, because in her family there were celebrated not only Christian holidays, but also Jewish ones.

Together with the girl, her younger brother Jake grew up.

3. Favorite hobbies.

The childhood of the future celebrity was completely prosperous. She loved to study birds and even wanted to become a real bird watcher.

Already in high school, the girl was seriously interested in creativity, enrolling at the University of California at a course in art history. She never graduated from this educational institution, having decided to slightly adjust the profile of her activities.

4. The first attempts in the acting field.

The start of the girl’s professional career began in 1989, when she starred in a small role in the framework of the television project “High”. In addition, Gwyneth, along with her mother, participated in theater festivals.

For the beauty, the first serious attempts to show her strength at the international level were the films “Scream” and “Captain Hook”, where she received not very much screen time.

5. Career development.

Occasional roles did not give Gwyneth the opportunity to demonstrate all her creative abilities. She only got a similar chance in 1995, when she played one of the roles in the movie "Seven". As part of this work, a story is told about two detectives trying to solve several crimes related to the seven deadly sins. The tragic image of Tracy Mills will forever remain in the memory of many admirers of Paltrow's work. Recognized celebrities became her partners on the set: namely, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, as well as Morgan Freeman.

6. Worldwide recognition.

One of the main challenges in the career of the girl was the role in the film "Shakespeare in Love", which brought her not only international recognition, but also the Oscar. It was at this point that all critics began to evaluate Paltrow's talent separately from the successes of her parents. As part of the tragicomedy, a very moving story of love affairs is told between the talented English writer William Shakespeare and a beauty named Viola de Lesseps. The events of the film develop in the second half of the sixteenth century and describe the tragedy of the forbidden love of the famous playwright and his lady of the heart.

7. Other best films.

The actress has repeatedly appeared in many films as a leading character. One of her favorite works is the drama Proof. In it, a heroine named Katherine takes care of her father and part-time distraught mathematician. After the death of the pope, his student begins to engage in his scientific work, but Kat herself is not happy about this fact.

In addition, the feature film "Tenenbaum Family" can be distinguished. The plot tells the story of a very interesting family. Gwyneth played a wonderful beauty named Margot.

8. Participation in comic book films.

The beauty starred in several films "Marvel". The film "Iron Man" has become a new challenge for the girl. As part of this sci-fi action movie, the blonde qualitatively played the role of the comic book character Pepper Potts, who has a love interest in Tony Stark.

After Iron Man 2, several parts of Avengers and Spider-Man: Homecoming followed. Recently, a woman announced her departure from Marvel’s projects, because she “is a bit old for superhero costumes.”

9. The film "Love of Evil."

In 2001, Paltrow played in a good romantic film. The film “Love of Evil” tells the story of a man who dreams of finding a lover with good inner qualities. After some time, the protagonist meets a lady named Rosemary (the heroine of Paltrow), but she turned out to be very fat in real life.

The blonde had to apply makeup daily and put on special clothes. In a similar way, the girl decided to look into a regular bar. The reaction of people greatly upset Gwyneth, visitors to the institution openly rude a fat woman.

10. Awards and nominations.

The woman managed to get a large number of awards, starring in several major projects. The most significant victory in her life at the moment is considered the conquest of the Oscars and Golden Globes in 1999 for the movie "Shakespeare in Love." In addition, for participating in this project, the American received the US Screen Actors Guild Award. The girl also won an Emmy, viewers and critics qualitatively appreciated her appearance in the television series Chorus.

11. Former relationship.

Beauty has always met stellar men. During the filming of the film called "Seven", the girl began a relationship with Brad Pitt. Together they stayed for only a few years, because the blonde was not yet ready for such a serious relationship.

The American has repeatedly started "service romances." It was on the set that she met a number of popular actors: Joseph Fiennes, Ben Affleck and Robert Downey Jr.

2001 was a landmark year for the owner of the Oscar, because at one of the concerts of Coldplay she met the soloist of this beautiful group - Chris Martin. A year later, the wedding ceremony took place. In 2004, the girl gave birth to a daughter named Apple, and in 2006, the son of Moses. Relations lasted as long as 11 years, but ended in divorce and division of property.

13. Participation in a scandalous situation.

Famous producer Harvey Weinstein became involved in a big scandal in 2017, when a number of actresses told the public about sexual harassment by this man. More than 80 representatives of the fair sex put forward their complaints against Weinstein. Gwyneth also decided to join this company: the beauty said that she had been harassed during the filming of the Emma film.

14. Social networks.

The girl is an active user of all popular social networks. Her official Facebook page has more than 1 million unique users, and she has about 2.88 million followers on Twitter.

The American is particularly active in promoting her Instagram (5.3 million subscribers). The blonde regularly publishes pictures from her personal archive, her profile will surely appeal to all admirers of her work.

15. Scandalous situation with Scarlett Johansson.

Filming the second part of Iron Man turned out to be very stressful, because on the set the interests of young and promising Scarlett Johansson and Gwyneth clashed. The verbal abuse turned into a little brawl, the shooting was disrupted. Paltrow later admitted that she was enraged by Scarlett's arrogant behavior.

16. The inconsistency of the figure.

Although the girl is a loving wife and a good parent, her identity in Hollywood remains controversial. Not all colleagues in the workshop perceive the beauty from a positive point of view.

Many stars infuriate that Gwyneth is trying to seem the most intelligent and gives everyone advice. For this purpose, she even created a special site called goop.com. In addition, she is not liked for the lack of an active volunteer position. Instead, the beauty is not shy about recommending her fans to buy expensive things and eat expensive food.

Angelina Jolie herself spoke negatively about Gwyneth, because she was outraged by the blonde's words about the poor diet of her children (who sometimes enjoy fast food). Also, Jennifer Lopez expressed her bad opinion about Paltrow, as she was not agreeing with the choice of People magazine (whose representatives called Gwyneth the most beautiful Hollywood star).

17. Plastic surgery.

The girl lay several times under a surgical knife. Changes were made to her cheekbones (which changed shape a bit), as well as the bridge of her nose. In addition, the beauty was subjected to Botox injections several times.

Her teeth deserve special attention, a snow-white smile captivates many men.

18. Scandal at a ski resort.

In 2016, the girl fell into another scandal when she crashed into an elderly skier at high speed. The American sued the star and demanded compensation in the amount of $ 3.1 million. The man was injured in the skull and broke a couple of ribs, and the celebrity, in turn, decided to continue moving and did not even stop.

Short facts

20. The actress is 172 centimeters tall and weighs about 55 kilograms.
21. The blonde's eye color is blue.
22. The girl is one of the most recognizable personalities in Hollywood. Despite its unique model appearance, it is often confused with Kirsten Dunst.
23. A star is not afraid to demonstrate its beauty. In 2002, at the Oscars, she appeared in a transparent dress without a bra.
24. Beauty could lose her job because of a kiss with Johnny Depp. In one of the scenes of the movie “Mordecai”, the actors had to kiss, but the girl could not concentrate due to the non-standard look of the man's mustache. On one simple scene went a few dozen takes.
25. Information appeared in the media that Gwyneth had an affair with her husband Beyoncé - Jay-Z rapper.


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