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Actor Alexei Lukin, despite his young age, has already managed to fall in love with the general public, starring in the films Ivanov-Ivanov, Combined Fates, Prosecutor’s Check, Ghost and others. The undoubted talent and creative potential of a handsome guy was noted by many directors who starred Lukin.

Actor's childhood

The date of birth of Alexei Lukin is April 22, 1999. The quiet town of Sergiev Posad became its homeland. The boy’s family had nothing to do with cinema or theater. Alexei is the eldest son of his parents - he has two brothers and a sister.

The family moved to live in Moscow when Lesha was still small, and already at the age of 11, the boy began to study acting, stage speech and dance. From 2010 to 2011, he visited the PRESIDENT KIDS modeling agency for children, and in 2013, the Sovremennik culture club.

Secondary education Alexey received in 2016. He studied in the gymnasium class of the capital's school number 1874. From the very first attempt, a talented guy was admitted to GITIS for the course "Acting Art" to Leonid Kheifets.

The beginning of Lukin’s career

Like many young actors, Alexey Lukin had to start his career with advertising videos. He represented the products of Actimel, Doshirak, Klerasil, and advertised Yandex browser.

The first work in the movie for Alexei was the role in the series "Second Wind". The boy starred when he was 13 years old. Then there was an episodic work in the detective reality series "Prosecutorial Verification", which went on television for a long time and won the love of the audience.

In 2014, Lukin was offered the first notable role. He appeared in the dramatic film "Boys + Girls", which tells about modern metropolitan teens. The younger sister of Alexei - Vlad, whose work at the film festival "Fathers and Sons" was awarded the prize "For Best Actress" also participated in the same picture. In the same year, Alexei and his sister were invited to the series “Teachers”. And in the sports tape “Champions” Lukin got used to the image of a young hockey player.

2015 was a very busy year for the young actor in terms of work. He managed to show himself in several film projects:

  • "Teacher" - a student nicknamed Gus,
  • "Violation of the rules" is also a schoolboy,
  • "Ghost" - the son of the protagonist,
  • "Consolidated Fates"
  • Alexei Lukin is a sought-after actor and he does not have to be idle. The year 2016 was no exception, when the young man starred in two film projects: the mystical detective "Fifth Guard" and the youth drama "Box".

In 2017, fans were able to see Alexei in the comedy "To Save Pushkin." In the story, several Moscow schoolchildren are trying to save the great poet from a fatal duel with Dantes using a time machine. The role of Pushkin was made by Konstantin Kryukov.

In October 2017, the comedy series “Ivanov-Ivanovs” was released on the STS channel. There Lukin got the role of Vani - a spoiled major, forced to completely change his life. In the story, two families with the same surnames suddenly find out that 16 years ago their children were mixed up in the hospital. They decide to restore justice, and the hero of Alexei from a rich family ends up in a poor one.

In the process of working on the picture, Alexei was lucky to work with such famous actors as Mikhail Trukhin, Anna Ukolova, Alexandra Florinskaya, Semyon Treskunov.

Photo: Alexey Lukin

Personal life of Alexey

Numerous fans of Alexei Lukin are interested in whether their idol has a girlfriend. Apparently, the heart of the young actor is still free. On his Instagram page, he exposes only his photos, without a lover. In his free time, Alexei plays guitar, plays volleyball, basketball and boxing.

Acting career of Alexey Lukin

A more prominent role went to Lukin in 2014 - in the drama "Boys + Girls =" about the difficult life of modern adolescents in a metropolis. It is noteworthy that the film also starred the younger sister of the actor, Vlad, who received a prize for her work for "Best Main Actor" at the international film festival "Fathers and Sons" in Orel.

Also in 2014, Alexey appeared in a small role in the melodramatic series Teachers (again, together with Vlada Lukina) and the sports drama Champions, in which Lukin played a young hockey player.

Alexey Lukin now

On the set of the series Lukin again worked with the star of the Phantom Semyon Treskunov, as well as with actors Sergei Burunov, Mikhail Trukhin, Anna Ukolova, Alexandra Florinsky, Yuri Itskov.

At the same time, the 17-episode drama “Explosion” by Andrei Marmontov about the tragedy in an ordinary Moscow five-story building was expected. In addition to Alexey, Dmitry Chebotarev, Ekaterina Simakhodskaya and the young actor Yegor Klinaev, who died during an accident in September 2017, will appear in the series.

Alexey Lukin in childhood

The future star of Russian television screens from an early age was interested in how to become a famous artist. Already in school, he studied the basics of stage speech, while his classmates Lesha walked in the yard. Between 2010 and 2012 engaged in a modeling agency "PRESIDENT KIDS“Where he studies choreography and acting.

In 2013, parents decided to support the initiatives of a talented offspring, and give him to the theater studio "Contemporary". Having passed school exams in 2016, Alexey Lukin goes to study at GITIS without much difficulty.

Alexey Lukin in childhood

Alexey Lukin actor

For the first time, a young man appeared on Russian television screens in 2011, starring in various commercials. But this period in Alexey’s life did not last long. A year later he was invited to star in the television series "Second wind". Despite the fact that the role was episodic, a talented artist was noticed. Soon, Alexey Lukin worked on such film projects as “Prosecutor's check"And"Doctors' Case«.

Alexey Lukin actor photo

In 2014, director Evgeny Sokolov decided to give a chance to a young man, and offers a serious role in the movie "Boys + girls =". In this project, the main female role was received by Alexei's sister, Vlad. Which, later, was awarded the prize "Fathers and Sons". In the same year, premieres of films "Teachers"And"Hockey players“, Where the aspiring actor of the Russian cinema was also noted for his acting skills.

The next year was just as fruitful. In total, Alexey Lukin starred in six film projects. The young man received significant roles in such films as "Teacher«, «Violation of the rules«, «Consolidated Fates"And"Ghost«.

In 2016, Alexey Lukin continued to work actively on the set. This year, moviegoers remembered him for such pictures as “Fifth guard"And"Box«.

In 2017, the premiere of the comedy film "Save Pushkin“Where the young man got a cameo role of a schoolboy. At the box office, the movie failed, receiving negative reviews not only from the audience, but also from critics.

Alexey Lukin in the movie Save Pushkin

Alexey Lukin and his girlfriend

It is unlikely that anyone will be surprised by the fact that fans of the young actor’s creativity care only for one question: does he have a lady of the heart. Like teasing fans, Alexei Lukin does not reveal this secret. Analyzing the artist’s photos on VK and Instagram social networks, we can conclude that the young man’s heart is still free, despite the fact that there are photos where Alexey poses with different girls. Alexey has an official account on VK and Instagram.

Alexey Lukin and his girlfriend photo

Aleksey Lukin filmography

The rising star of Russian cinema continues to be actively filmed. In October 2017, the premiere of the television series "Ivanov-Ivanov". In the comedy film, Alexei got the role of the boy Vanya, who lived his whole life in a wealthy family. Together with Lukin, such masters as Anna Ukolova, Mikhail Trukhin, Vasilina Yuskovets, Sergey Burunov, Semyon Treskunov and Yuri Itskov worked on the project. At the end of 2017, the shooting of the television series “Explosion” ended. Together with Alexei Lukin, Ekaterina Simakhodskaya, Dmitry Chebotarev and Yegor Klinaev worked on it. The release of the film will take place in the second half of 2018.

Alexey Lukin and Semyon Treskunov

Life path, work and family.

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Name and surname:Alexey Lukin
Middle name:Vladislavovich
Name in English:Alexey Lukin
Year of birth:1999
Birthday:April 22
Place of Birth:Sergiev Posad
Occupation:actor, russian actor
Height:185 cm.
Weight:60 kg
Eastern horoscope:Rabbit
Social network:Vkontakteinstagram

The childhood and youth of Alexei Lukin

Alex was born on April 22, 1999 in Sergiev Posad, later the family moved to Moscow. In 2010-2012, he studied acting, stage speech and plastic at the children's modeling agency “PRESIDENT KIDS”, and in 2013 he began to study at the contemporary club of culture.

Alexey Lukin in childhood

In 2016, Alexei graduated from school No. 1874, where he studied in a gymnasium class, and on a budgetary basis entered GITIS, for the course "Acting Art" in the workshop of Leonid Efimovich Kheifets.

Alexei has a younger sister, Vlad, and younger brothers, Matthew and Elisha.


Alexey Lukin is a talented actor whose name, despite the young age of Alexei, is already known to both fans and eminent directors. The audience loved the heroes of Lukin in TV shows and movies, the directors note the undeniable talent and potential of the young man. Therefore, there is every reason to say that Lukin’s acting career will be successful.

Alexey Lukin: biography

Alexey Lukin is a talented actor whose name, despite the young age of Alexei, is already known to both fans and eminent directors. The audience loved the heroes of Lukin in TV shows and movies, the directors note the undeniable talent and potential of the young man. Therefore, there is every reason to say that Lukin’s acting career will be successful.


The acting biography of Alexei Lukin began with commercials. The young man advertised yogurts, mayonnaise, instant noodles, and even acne lotion. However, the starting period in Lukin’s career did not last long: already in 2012, as a schoolboy, Alexey played in the series “Second Wind”. The role was episodic, but the boy received invaluable experience on the set.

Actor Alexey Lukin

The following roles Alexey Lukin also played in multi-series projects. “Prosecutorial check”, “Case of doctors” - the filmography of the future star gradually began to replenish with talented, although not large-scale, works.

In 2014, Alexei Lukin was entrusted with a larger role. The young man played in the dramatic film "Boys + Girls =". This picture is dedicated to the experiences, difficulties and problems of adolescents in modern cities. Alexei managed to perfectly convey the inner world of the hero. The film also starred Lukin's sister - Vlad. The girl’s work was awarded the prize of the film festival "Fathers and Sons" for the best leading female role.

Julia Kokryatskaya and Alexey Lukin in the movie "Consolidated Fates"

In the same year, viewers saw the series “Teachers” - a touching melodrama about the lives of schoolchildren and their teachers. Here the young man again starred in tandem with his sister Vlada. Also in 2014, Alexei Lukin played a novice hockey player in the dramatic film "Hockey Players".

2015 was no less fruitful for Alexei Lukin: the young man participated in as many as six different projects. The most notable were the roles in the films "The Teacher" (here the young man played a schoolboy with a funny nickname Goose), "Violation of the Rules", "Consolidated Fates" and the comedy "Ghost". In the last film, Aleksey’s partner on the set was Semyon Treskunov.

Alexey Lukin in the movie "Ghost"

In 2016, Alexey Lukin continued to delight fans with new roles. It is worth noting the detective series with a mystical bias "The Fifth Guard", the frames of which each time make the audience hold their breath in anticipation of the denouement.

Alexey also played in the film “Box” - a youth film about a serious confrontation that is being played between fans of yard football. The main role in this film went to Sergei Romanovich.

Alexey Lukin in the movie "Save Pushkin"

In 2017, viewers saw a fascinating comedy film "To Save Pushkin." Schoolchildren of the capital, using a time machine, carry a brilliant poet these days. Children pursue a noble goal - to save Alexander Sergeyevich from a deadly duel. However, it soon becomes clear that in the 21st century Pushkin faces no less dangers. Will the children manage to cope with the situation - this question does not let the viewers go from the screens to the last frame.

In this picture, the main role was played by Konstantin Kryukov, and Alexei Lukin got the hero Fedya, one of the schoolchildren. Unfortunately, the picture earned unflattering critics and did not win audience love.