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Alexey Pimanov - biography

Alexey Pimanov wanted to connect his life with history. But it so happened that in his youth he fell in love with television, and carried this love through many years. He never regretted his choice, because today he has managed to make an excellent career, while doing his favorite thing.

Alexey Pimanov - journalist, producer, presenter. It has its own program "Man and the Law", which from year to year is gaining more and more popularity and love of the audience.

Childhood and youth

Alexey Pimanov was born on February 9, 1962 in Moscow. The boy was very young when his father abandoned his family, and went to another woman. Mom herself was engaged in raising two sons, trying to provide the boys with everything necessary for a small salary. Alexey was always proud of his mother, and spoke of her with great love and respect. After some time, she met a good man who replaced the boys with his own father.

Alyosha did not like to mess with his peers, preferring the company of his brother and his friends. At the age of six, he already began attending a football school in Luzhniki, then he entered the second Lokomotiv team and passed the standards for the CCM. In addition, the boy was fond of hockey and playing the guitar.

In the photo, Alexey Pimanov in his youth

At school, Alex studied well, the boy's favorite subject was history. It was with this subject that he linked his future life, but once after a frank conversation with the teacher on this subject, Alyosha changed his dream. The fact is that an experienced teacher told the boy that this lesson would not bring much honor, much less a decent salary, and advised me to choose a more profitable and prestigious lesson.

After graduating from eight classes, Pimanov entered a technical school at the Faculty of Automation and Telemechanics, while seriously playing sports. After receiving a college diploma, the guy decided to continue his education, and became a student at the Moscow Institute of Communications. At the same time, his football coaches invited him to seriously engage in sports, because Alexei had every prospect of becoming a famous athlete. Maybe he would have agreed, if for this he did not have to sacrifice the institute.

His sports career was to develop far from the capital, and Pimanov refused. He remained in Moscow to study at the institute, but from the third year he was drafted into the army.

The place of service of Alexei Pimanov became the Baikonur Cosmodrome. His responsibilities included providing communications during missile launch. In 1986, he was discharged, and recovered in the correspondence department of his institute. In parallel with his studies, Alexey found work at the Ostankino television studio, which influenced his entire biography.


At Ostankino, he got a job as a video engineer. At the same time, he was offered to do what he knew best - to lead a sports editorial board, but Pimanov refused in favor of his profession. He owned all the equipment, Alexey assumed not only the responsibilities of a video engineer, but also a cameraman, he took part in the creation of documentary films and videos. Pimanov worked for three years, and only after that he decided to try his hand as a leader. The start of the creative biography of Alexei Pimanov began with the transfer of “Steps”.

Alexey Pimanov

Soon Pimanov realized that he lacked knowledge, and again went to study at the postgraduate faculty of Moscow State University. In order to be more successful in his profession as a journalist, he got a special correspondent in the ViD company, then he began to go on the air himself, presenting the audience his own program “Behind the Kremlin Wall”.

In 1993, Alexey Pimanov became the head of the television studio Resonance, two years later he was already the producer of the largest projects of that time - Football Review, Man and the Law, Seven Days of Sports, and Sports News. At the same time, Pimanov is engaged in journalism, and continues to broadcast with the program "Man and the Law."

In 1996, Aleksey Pimanov’s career reached a completely new level - he was appointed General Director of Ostankino. Now Alexey is one of the co-founders of the Ostankino company, and in addition, since 2013, he has been supervising the work of the largest media holding Krasnaya Zvezda.

Biography of Alexey Pimanov

Alexei Viktorovich Pimanov was born on February 9, 1962 in Moscow.

In 1989 he graduated from the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics.

In 1992 he graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. He came to television in 1986 as a video engineer, then worked as a cameraman at the Telecentre.

In 1989 he transferred to the editorial office of the socio-political programs of the Central Television.

In 1989-1990, he was the host of the Steps program.

In 1990-1991, he was a special correspondent for TC ViD.

In 1992-1994, he was the author, presenter and director of the program “Behind the Kremlin Wall”.

In 1993-1994, he was director of the Resonance studio, the State Television and Radio Broadcasting.

In March 1993, he was included in the Provisional Council under the President of the Russian Federation to improve the protection of freedom of speech.

In 1995-1997, he was the producer of the programs “Seven Days of Sports”, “Football Review”, “Sports News”, “Man and the Law”.

Since 1996, he has been the General Director of Ostankino Shopping Center and the host of the Man and the Law program.

Since 2004 - film producer, screenwriter and director of feature and feature films.

2005 - screenwriter, director and producer of the multi-part art cycle "Alexander Garden".

2007 - screenwriter, director and producer of the multi-part art cycle "Alexander Garden 2".

2007 - screenwriter, director and producer of the film “Three Days”

"Person and law"

Fame came to Alexey Pimanov after the beginning of his work in the project "Man and the Law." He was appointed leader of this program in 1996, and he still remains in this post.

Alexey Pimanov on the air of the program “Man and the Law”

Pimanov is distinguished by his, some particularly intelligible manner of conducting the program, he knows how to present the issue of the issue in such a way that the audience watches his programs in one breath. From year to year, he covers current socio-political issues, thinks aloud about public policy, its successes and obvious mistakes, so his broadcast is so popular with the audience.

Viewers have already awarded Pimanov the title of the best presenter of this program, although many remember and appreciate its previous presenters - Yuri Krause and Konstantin Abaev.

Childhood and the family of Alexei Pimanov

Alex was born in Moscow. As a child, the boy devoted a lot of time to sports, playing hockey and football. He even once tried himself in the metropolitan Lokomotiv, becoming a candidate for master of sports. Pimanov recalls that he often returned from training, knocking and clicking on the stairs with his skates, and literally fell from fatigue.

In his youth, he loved to play the guitar. In the family, as in many families at that time, all the holidays were celebrated at the set table, whether on March 8, May 1 or New Year's.

After school, Alex entered the Technical University of Communications and in 1989 received a diploma. In 1992, he graduated from Moscow State University, having received the profession of journalist.


In the same 1996, Alexey Pimanov made his first debut as a director of documentary projects. Over the years of his work, he has released more than a hundred films, which critics and viewers have highly praised. The most famous among them were the tape “Unknown Kremlin”, “Unknown blockade”, “Svetlana Stalin. Escape from the family ”,“ Vlasik's Diaries ”and many others.

In 2004, Pimanov decided to make his first multi-part feature film. He was a screenwriter, director, and producer of many of his films. Among Pimanov's most notable works are the films Zoya, Alexander Garden, Gypsies, The Hunt for Beria, and Zhukov. Alexey did not refuse himself the pleasure of shooting a full meter - “Three days in Odessa” and “A man in my head”.

Director Alexey Pimanov

The most interesting project of recent times was the tape "Crimea", which reflects the events of 2013-2014. The tape consists of stories about the lives of ordinary people, about how their fate evolved during this difficult time, which was called the Crimean Spring.

Alexey Pimanov explains that the tape has no political background, it reflects exclusively the everyday side of the common people. This film encourages viewers to take a fresh look at events that had previously received an unfair assessment.

The beginning of the career of Alexei Pimanov at the television center: from technician to journalism

On television Pimanov since 1986. His first position was as a video engineer, then he worked as a cameraman at the Telecentre, and since 1989 he began working in the editorial office of the social and political programs of the Central Television, starting with the host program Steps.

Since 1990, Aleksey Viktorovich worked as a special correspondent for the ViD shopping center. Further, for two years, he was the leading and director of his own program “Behind the Kremlin Wall”.

In 1996, Alexey Pimanov headed the Ostankino shopping center, becoming the CEO, and became the permanent host of the Man and the Law program.

Alexei Viktorovich acted as screenwriter and director of about a hundred documentaries.

Since 2004, Pimanov began producing serial films, where he was also a screenwriter and director: Aleksandrovsky Garden, Zoya, The Hunt for Beria, Gypsies, Zhukov, etc. There are also feature films among his films : “A man in my head” and “Three days in Odessa”. First of all, Pimanov considers himself a journalist. Thanks to his main profession, he had the opportunity to try his hand both in politics and in directing. Nothing came easy.

At the beginning of his career, in the absence of useful acquaintances and the necessary connections, he had to deal with the system one on one more than once. Now he, as a journalist, can declare that with open arms of people his profession is not expected anywhere. He had to prove his right to exist in journalism every day. The difficulties that arise in work and life of Pimanov are only angry, forcing them to move on.

Personal life of Alexey Pimanov

At the moment, Alexei Viktorovich is married with a third marriage. His first wife was an economist Valeria Arkhipova, whom Pimanov met while studying at a technical school. From his first marriage, he has two already adult sons: Denis (born 1980) and Artyom. Both connected life with television - directing the program "Man and the Law",

The second wife of Pimanova is a TV presenter and director Valentina. Their daughter is Dasha. She is also a creative person: journalist, screenwriter and director.

There are many animals in the house of Pimanov. This ninety-kilogram Bernese shepherd dog is a real “mountain of fur and love,” as the TV presenter’s daughter put it. In addition, they have a small Chihuahua Nafanya and a furry cat Yeremey. All animals from time to time must be taken to the veterinarian and to the salons. All these concerns lie with Daria.

In 2014, Alexey Pimanov was married to actress and film producer Olga Pogodina. They met in 2007 at a restaurant in the capital. Later, Pimanov invited Olga to his series “Three Days in Odessa,” but she got the role on her own, having gone through all the necessary castings.

Hobbies of the TV presenter

Pimanov, if possible, continues to play hockey and football. He is familiar with many famous athletes. So, he often drives hockey with Sergei Makarov, Vyacheslav Fetisov and Alexei Kasatonov, which surprises Alexei Viktorovich himself.

Today, the Idols project of Valentina Pimanova is the highest rated on ORT. With this, she proved that she is not only just the wife of a famous journalist, she is also a professional in her field.

TV career

  • Alexey Pimanov began his career in television in 1986: he worked at the Ostankino TV and Radio Center as a video engineer for remote cameras, then as an operator.
  • In 1989 he joined the editorial board of socio-political programs of the Central Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee of the USSR.
  • In 1989-1990, he was the host of the Steps program.
  • In 1990-1991, he was a special correspondent for VID.
  • In 1992-1994, he was the author, presenter and director of the program “Behind the Kremlin Wall”.
  • In 1993-1994, he was the director of the Resonance studio, the Ostankino shopping center.
  • In March 1993, he was included in the Provisional Council under the President of the Russian Federation to improve the protection of freedom of speech.
  • In 1995-1997 - producer of the programs "Seven Days of Sports", "Football Review", "Sports News" and "Man and the Law."
  • From 1996 to 2010, he was the General Director of Ostankino Shopping Center and the host of the Man and the Law program.
  • Alexey Pimanov is a co-founder (along with Sergei Medvedev) of one of the largest Russian television companies - Ostankino, which produces a number of programs for the First and other Federal television channels of the country.
  • Aleksey Pimanov is the “face” of Channel One, the author of the programs “Man and the Law” and “Kremlin-9”, as well as the producer of the programs of the TV company: “Man and the Law”, “Health”, “Army Store”, “Live Healthy”, “ Idols "," Tasty stories. " In addition to programs, Alexey Pimanov produces documentary cycles: Lubyanka, Kremlin-9, Shock Force, Emergency Call, Secrets of the Century, Witnesses, Sentence, Documentary Detective, Russian Special Forces "And others. In addition, he is a screenwriter and director of more than one hundred documentaries, including: “Svetlana Stalin. Escape from the family ”,“ Unknown Kremlin ”,“ The riddle of Kirov’s murder. Women's trail "," Special Purpose Garage "," Fetisov. 50 years of Glory ”,“ Vlasik's Diaries ”,“ Lavrenty Beria: from arrest to execution ”,“ Unknown blockade ”and others. His (and S.K. Medvedev) television company Ostankino is one of the largest providers of programs for Channel One.

  • He is co-chair of the Association of Film and Television Producers, the head of the Russian Cinema project, a member of the International Academy of Television and Radio.
  • January 11, 2004 was one of the participants (along with Larisa Verbitskaya and Konstantin Vybornov) of the game “Guess the melody” with Valdis Pelsh on Channel One.
  • In 2007, he became one of the founders (together with Olga Pogodina and Denis Anisimov) of the film company ODA-Film (Moscow), whose main activity is the production of television serial films and feature films.
  • On October 28, 2013, in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper, he officially confirmed that "a few days ago he officially took office, which is called the" president of the Red Star Media Holding "." The media holding includes, in particular, the Zvezda Television and Radio Company of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Zvezda channel and Radio Zvezda) and the Krasnaya Zvezda creative association, which is the managing organization of Zvezda Publishing House LLC (co-founder together with the Zvezda Publishing House) Zvezda weekly), Zvezda Film Studio LLC and Voeninform Information Agency LLC.
  • On October 27, 2017, the television program “Man and the Law” was broadcasted with the theme of the story “Fighting for the environment as a way of confronting new technologies”, during which it went against the Russian population who want to breathe clean air and drink clean water.

Political and social activities

  • On September 23, 2009, Alexey Pimanov was approved as a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation of the third composition (term of office: 2010-2012), where he was a member of the Commission for Public Control over the Activities and Reform of Law Enforcement Agencies and the Legal System.
  • On October 15, 2010, he was elected as a deputy of the Supreme Hural (parliament) of the Republic of Tuva from the United Russia party.
  • On January 17, 2011, he was elected a representative in the Federation Council (senator) from the Supreme Hural (parliament) of the Republic of Tuva, a member of the Defense and Security Committee of the Federation Council.On October 14, 2013, the media reported that Alexey Pimanov early resigned from the senator at his own request, in connection with the transfer to another job.
  • On June 8, 2011, he became one of the proxies of the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF), who must travel to the regions in order to learn about the problems that concern people, to formulate proposals for inclusion in the ONF election program.


  • According to a publication by Ellen Barry in the American newspaper The New York Times on November 15, 2010, Alexey Pimanov suggested he was bribed by jurors in the case of Igor Izmestiev, accused of organizing crimes committed in Bashkortostan in the 1990s , and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Film producer

  1. 2005 - Alexander Garden
  2. 2005 - Elvis Presley. In the grip of rock "(documentary)
  3. 2005 - The Birth of a Legend. Welcome, or No Trespassing ”(documentary)
  4. 2005 - The Birth of a Legend. Mimino "(documentary)
  5. 2006 - The Birth of a Legend. Ivan Vasilievich is changing his profession ”(documentary)
  6. 2006 - The Birth of a Legend. Diamond Hand "(documentary)
  7. 2006 - The Birth of a Legend. Moscow does not believe in tears ”(documentary)
  8. 2006 - Three Plus Two. Sea, Love, Cinema ”(documentary)
  9. 2007 - “The Birth of a Legend. Officers "(documentary)
  10. 2007 - “A film about a film. Watch out for the car ”(documentary)
  11. 2007 - “A film about a film. Autumn Marathon "(documentary)
  12. 2007 - “The Shine and Poverty of the Comedy Queen” (documentary)
  13. 2007 - “Three days in Odessa” (“Alexander Garden 2”)
  14. 2008 - “The Hunt for Beria” (“Alexander Garden 3”)
  15. 2008 - Galina
  16. 2008 - “The Birth of a Legend. Pokrovsky Gate "(documentary)
  17. 2008 - “Lucien Ovchinnikova. Life Awaiting Love ”(documentary)
  18. 2008 - Hate
  19. 2008 - “Memory of Happiness” (documentary)
  20. 2009 - Gypsies
  21. 2009 - “The Man in My Head” (artistic)
  22. 2009 - “Faina Ranevskaya. Beauty is a terrible force ”(documentary)
  23. 2010 - Gangs
  24. 2010 - Zoya
  25. 2010 - Nonna Mordyukova. Nobody knew her like that ”(documentary)
  26. 2010 - “Vladimir Migulya. Countdown "(documentary)
  27. 2010 - The Wayfarers 2
  28. 2010 - “Tatyana Lavrova. I didn’t like it, I didn’t live it ... "(documentary)
  29. 2011 - “Reflection”
  30. 2011 - “Anatoly Papanov. From comedy to tragedy ”(documentary)
  31. 2011 - Zhukov
  32. 2011 - “Igor Talkov. Defeated in battle "(documentary)
  33. 2011 - “Mikhail Pugovkin. The main character of the second plan "(documentary)
  34. 2011 - "Extraordinary Fascism" (documentary)
  35. 2011 - “The Night of the Lonely Eagle Owl” (artistic)
  36. 2012 - “Evgeny Morgunov. Unbearable joker "(documentary)
  37. 2012 - “The Story of a Court” (documentary)
  38. 2012 - “Would You Go to the Bathhouse” (documentary)
  39. 2013 - Lyudmila
  40. 2014 - “Jokes with jokes, and Zhvanetsky - 80!” (Documentary)
  41. 2015 - “Sheep Dolly was evil and died early” (artistic)
  42. 2015 - “The Baboon Riot, or the War in Novoselkovo” (artistic)
  43. 2015 - Glory
  44. 2015 - Vlasik. Shadow of Stalin
  45. 2015 - “Oleg Tabakov. I look at the world in love with my eyes ”(documentary)
  46. 2015 - Margarita Nazarova
  47. 2017 - “Crimea” (artistic)
  48. 2018 - “Indestructible” (artistic)

TV Producer

  1. 1995 - "Man and the Law"
  2. 1995-1997 - Football Review
  3. 1997—2016 - “Army Store”
  4. 1997—2005 - “Documentary Detective” (documentary series)
  5. 1997 - Health
  6. 1999-2004 - “Rescuers. Emergency Call "(documentary series)
  7. 1999 - “The Case Is Hearing”
  8. 1999—2001 - The Process
  9. 1999-2007 - “Tasty stories”
  10. 2000—2010 - “Kremlin-9” (documentary series)
  11. 2001-2007 - Lubyanka (documentary series)
  12. 2001—2010 - “Idols” with Valentina Pimanova (documentary series)
  13. 2002—2010 - “Shock Force” (documentary series)
  14. 2002—2017 - “Secrets of the Century” (documentary series)
  15. 2004—2011 - “Special Investigation”
  16. 2005—2010 - “The Last 24 Hours” (documentary series)
  17. 2006—2009 - “Detective Stories” (documentary series)
  18. 2008—2009 - Living History (documentary series)
  19. 2010 - “Living Great!”
  20. 2010 - Moscow Business (documentary series)
  21. 2011 - Witnesses (documentary series)
  22. 2015 - New Star
  23. 2015 - Military Acceptance
  24. 2015 - The Process
  25. 2015 - “Special Article”
  26. 2016 - “Forecasts”
  27. 2016 - Fetisov
  28. 2016 - “Evidence from the Past” (documentary series)
  29. 2016 - “Sentinel”
  30. 2016 - This Morning
  31. 2017 - “Access Code”

Alexey Pimanov now

In 2016, information appeared in the media that five hundred thousand dollars disappeared without a trace from the bank cell of Pimanov, which he rented at Gazprombank. The director began negotiations with the leadership of this financial institution, in order to return the loss. Pimanov had to prove that this amount was in the cell, although there was no paper evidence of his words. In the lease, the amount was not indicated, an inventory of the funds was not carried out.

Suspicions that something was wrong with his cell arose after Pimanov was once unable to open it with his key. He called law enforcement officers and bank employees, and after opening the section, it turned out to be empty.

He said that he first used the services of this bank in the spring of 2016, and until November did not check the contents. After the investigation, it turned out that Pimanov suffered more than one; six more sections of regular customers were empty. The estimated damage is five hundred million rubles. Police have already detained one of the bank's employees and charged him and his accomplice.

Currently, Alexey Pimanov continues to delight his fans with new projects, and go on the air to the millions of programs “Man and the Law”, which has been loved by millions.


  • 1995 - "Man and the Law"
  • 1995-1997 - Football Review
  • 1999-2007 - “Tasty stories”
  • 1997-2005 - “Documentary Detective”
  • 1999-2007 - “Tasty stories”
  • 2002—2010 - “Shock Force”
  • 2006-2009 - "Detective stories"
  • 2010 - “Living Great!”
  • 2015 - New Star
  • 2016 - “Forecasts”
  • 2017 - “Access Code”

Height, weight, age. How old is Alexei Pimanov

Alex in his country is a very famous person. A lot of people admire him. And of course, they want to know as much as possible about him.

Such simple questions are asked on the Internet, such as height, weight, age. How old is Alexei Pimanov can be easily found on the network. Today, the man is 55 years old. Alexei’s height is 174 centimeters and weight is 70 kilograms.

We can say that with age he became more courageous, which suits him very well. A man in his 55s looks great, he tries to take care of himself whenever possible.

Family of Alexey Pimanov

The family of Alexei Pimanov is very large. Alexey recalls his parents with great love. Yes, they had everything in their family. It even reached the divorce of the parents. But the son accepts everything as it is and loves the two of them. They instilled in him a love of all that is beautiful, and most importantly, to honor traditions and be responsible for their family.

Alexey Pimanov in good relations with his ex-wives and children. The children are madly in love with him and are very glad that he is their father. Alexey is actively involved in the fate of his children. Helps and supports them in everything. Children listen to the opinion of the father and try not to argue with him.

Children of Alexey Pimanov

Children of Alexei Pimanov, according to him, is the best that could happen to him. Despite the fact that there were so many women in his life, he puts children in the first place and never disappointed them. They, too, fondly recall their childhood and interesting moments associated with the pope, and there were a huge number of them.

The son of Alexei Pimanov - Denis

The eldest son of Alexei Pimanov - Denis, was born from his first wife. He is already about 40 years old. In his youth, he, like his father, decided to become a director, and it happened, he followed in the footsteps of the pope. Immediately after studying, he began to work actively with his father in his projects.

It became known that it was he who became the main director in the program "Man and the Law." He also set up a law firm. Denis is a very active person and enjoys extreme sports.

The son of Alexei Pimanov - Artyom

The son of Alexei Pimanov, Artyom, was also born from his first wife. He also followed in the footsteps of his father and brother. Artyom from childhood has become more expensive in everything elder. Alexei likes to remember how brothers often quarreled over trifles, but immediately put up. They shared everything equally and work, too, God forbid, that one had less work than the other.

Artyom is 28 years old, he is married and is waiting for a replenishment. Soon Alexey will again become a grandfather and this is a huge happiness. He is madly in love with young children and very happy for his grandchildren. The sons of Alexei grew up great guys, thanks to his father, who raised them so.

Alexey Pimanov and Olga Pogodina photos from the wedding

Recently, fans are interested in Alexey Pimanov and Olga Pogodina photos from the wedding. They are not yet shown to the public, but they say that the celebration was very chic.

It seems like a third marriage could have been quieter, but Alex decided not to save, so that in the future he would show photos to his grandchildren and children. Therefore, everything was large-scale and beautiful. And they are proud of everything they did. They believe that the wedding is the main event in the life of every loving couple. And it is true.

The ex-wife of Alexei Pimanov - Valery Arkhipov

The presenter was married three times. He met his first wife while still a student. He fell in love with her smile at first sight and could no longer let her go. Alexei made an offer to Lera almost immediately and she agreed. The ex-wife of Alexei Pimanov is Valery Arkhipov, an economist by profession.

Despite the fact that their professions were different, Lera recalls their ten-year marriage with great love. This time she lived in a fairy tale. He never put his interests above the family, they were in his first place. Yes, they broke up, but still maintain friendly relations. Together they raised great sons.

The ex-wife of Alexei Pimanov - Valenitin Pimanov

The ex-wife of Alexei Pimanov - Valentin Pimanov, was a simple editor. They often met at work and discussed joint working moments. Perhaps this led to a close relationship. They fell in love and soon started a family. They have a joint child, daughter Dasha. They both participate in her life.

Valentina's parents were against this marriage, they believed that a person had just divorced and to start a new relationship so quickly was simply not cultural. But Valentine went against the family. And about which I never regretted. She believes that she made the right choice.

Wife of Alexei Pimanov - Olga Pogodina

The current wife of Alexei Pimanov is Olga Pogodina, a wonderful actress and beauty. Alex fell in love with her at first sight. She worked in one of his projects, where he noticed her. Soon they began a whirlwind romance, which grew into something more. And it didn't even hurt that the girl had a husband.

In 2014, they played a gorgeous wedding. The couple has no children yet, but anything is possible. Olga madly wants a child from Alexei, and Lesha himself does not mind. So they live soul to soul for several years and understand each other from the first word.

Instagram and Wikipedia Alexey Pimanov

Alex is a famous person. Instagram and Wikipedia Alexey Pimanov has existed for a long time, although he himself does not often post something new. Although he actively visits the site and comments on the notes of friends and colleagues, which fans are very happy about. He doesn’t really like to show his life. Tries to advertise it less. But it happens that some interesting family photo slips through.

Fans carefully monitor their idol and try not to miss a single moment in his life.


Watch the video: Ольга Погодина и Алексей Пиманов 2018Olga Pogodina and Alexey Pimanov 2018 (April 2020).