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The airing of a clip of the Russian group Leningrad with the laconic name Tits blew up the Internet and unexpectedly brought popularity to yesterday’s student of the Moscow Art Theater School Lyubov Konstantinova. Appearing to the audience, an impulsive and purposeful girl with a breast of modest sizes gained thousands of fans in a matter of days and became famous throughout the country.

Childhood and youth

Lyubov Andreevna Konstantinova was born in St. Petersburg on October 21, 1994. As early as 5 years old, Lyuba got a role in a theatrical production in kindergarten, where the girl was carried away by the stage. Then followed a children's theater studio, engaged in which, Lyuba no longer doubted the choice of a future profession. Lyuba prefers not to talk about her parents in her biography, so all that is known about them is a photo on the actress’s page on Instagram.

Actress Lyubov Konstantinova

After graduating from school, Love went to Moscow, where there are undoubtedly more prospects for the young actress than in her native city. Either luck smiled at the girl, or talent and determination played a role, but she simultaneously entered two of the most prestigious theater universities in the Russian capital - GITIS and the Moscow Art Theater School. The ancient building, the talented head of the school-studio conquered the heart of Luba, the choice was made in favor of the latter.

Lyubov Konstantinova in childhood

But the girl studied there only a year, after which she returned to her native St. Petersburg. Lyuba tells in an interview that Moscow did not give her inspiration, she felt like in an anthill. Upon returning home, Love entered the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts (RGISI). There, Konstantinova graduated under the strict guidance of a professor, theater director Sergei Cherkassky, at the faculty of acting and directing.

Lyubov Konstantinova with theater students

In 2016, she received a diploma in theater and film actress, but the first steps in the cinema were given to Lyuba, according to her confession, it was not easy - when she faced the camera, the girl panicked. Nevertheless, the continuation of his career without a movie, Love no longer considers and awaits the very important role that happens in the life of every great actor.


Immediately after graduating from RGISI, in 2016 Lyuba began her career in the young professional “City Theater”, which was directed by Sergey Dmitrievich Cherkassky, who was familiar to the girl at the institute. Then Konstantinova was admitted to the St. Petersburg Academic Maly Drama Theater, called the Theater of Europe. On the stage of the Theater of Europe, Luba plays now.

Lyubov Konstantinova on stage

In the same 2016, the theater actress made her film debut: Lyuba immediately received one of the main roles in the film by Alexei Kozlov, Golden Transit. Konstantinova was delighted with the work on the set and admits her confidence that this is only the beginning of her film career. And fate immediately confirms the girl’s words.

Before the end of 2016, Lyuba again received a proposal for filming. This time, the role in the mini-television series "Well of Forgotten Desires" directed by Peter Amelin. Moreover, Lyuba again starred in the lead role: she plays the young Veronika Bashilova.

Lyubov Konstantinova in the series “Well of Forgotten Desires”

The success of the young actress did not end there: the casting director of the Fancy Shot agency, who noticed Lyuba while still studying at the institute, turned to her with a proposal to star in the video for Leningrad - Tits. Considering that Luba loved the work of the Leningrad group even before filming in the video, she went to the casting with pleasure.

As the girl tells in an interview, at the casting, the director set the task to tell the camera how Lubu threw his beloved man. With this role Lyuba coped brilliantly, according to her, the real situation from the girl’s personal life helped to get used to the image.

The group’s frontman could not attend the filming personally, but even this did not spoil Lyuba’s impressions of the work. By the way, in an interview, the girl emphasizes that in a number of episodes of the clip, her breasts were specially pulled down so that she seemed smaller, although in fact Lyuba does not have such a problem as the heroine of the clip.

Photo: Lyubov Konstantinova

Personal life

To the delight of the fans, Konstantinov’s love is not married, she has not yet met her love, and she prefers not to rush with the creation of a family. Now the girl is giving all her energy and time to her career. And only the only Instagram photo from Valentine's Day in the company of a mysterious young man hints that Lyuba’s heart is not free.

Lyubov Konstantinova

Lyuba devotes free time to reading books of her favorite authors - Marina Tsvetaeva, Erich Maria Remarok, Leo Tolstoy, Mikhail Sholokhov. In addition, the girl enjoys watching films of Emir Kusturica, Quentin Tarantino and others.

Love sadly recalls the music and films of the times of the USSR on which she was brought up, and notes that in contemporary art there is no depth, sincerity. In moments of sadness and emptiness, the girl re-read Brodsky's poetry, which helps her live and create.

Lyubov Konstantinova now

As Lyuba notes in her photos on social networks, all her wishes are fulfilled swiftly, one after another. So, in September 2017, the premiere of the play “Mu-Mu” took place, where Love enthusiastically played the role of Tatyana. At the same time, Konstantinova starred in the film directed by Alexander Baranov "Birch". On the set, Lyuba met with such stars of Russian cinema as Alexei Serebryakov, Evgeny Sidikhin and others.

Lyubov Konstantinova in 2017

On October 1, 2017, the television series “Dawn Rises” was aired on Ukrainian TV channels, where Lyuba starred in the main female role. As for the rest, Lyubov simply does not have it - she is constantly at work. On its pages on social networks there are no breathtaking photos from world resorts and European capitals, only work - shooting, colleagues, stage. The whole career of Lyubov Konstantinova is reflected in a quote from another Russian actress Irina Muravyova: “What to dream? Need to do something!".


Lyubov Konstantinova: biography

The airing of a clip of the Russian group Leningrad with the laconic name Tits blew up the Internet and unexpectedly brought popularity to yesterday’s student of the Moscow Art Theater School Lyubov Konstantinova. Appearing to the audience, an impulsive and purposeful girl with a breast of modest sizes gained thousands of fans in a matter of days and became famous throughout the country.

Career Lyubov Konstantinova

In the same year, a graduate of the academy was invited to shoot the 4-episode detective saga of Peter Amelin “The Well of Forgotten Desires”, in which Love played the main character Veronika (actress Irina Goryacheva) in her childhood.

However, the girl became truly recognizable in September 2016, when the music group Leningrad released a video for the song Tits, the main character of which was Konstantinova.


In the fall of 2016, the Leningrad group presented a new, shocking video for the song "Tits", where Lyubov Konstantinova played the main female role. The clip tells about a young girl named Lena, whom her boyfriend changed. According to the heroine, the reason for the guy’s act is her small breasts. This thought does not give her rest and becomes the idea of ​​fixation.

"During the filming of the clip, make-up artists had to reduce my chest in some frames. For example, during a scene in the fitness room I was pulled off my chest with tape," says the actress. "Although I actually have breasts!"

“In my opinion, now the audience perfectly understands the irony of Sergey Shnurov’s songs and videos,” adds Lyubov. “These are all very relevant topics - they are all about us. You can’t be a hypocrite. There is nothing wrong with such topics, you need to be able to laugh at yourself. Therefore, people love Sergey’s songs. When we shot the video, I myself had to laugh at my complexes. "

About cinema and theater

“In general, when I first came across a movie camera, I realized that this was another profession that I was not taught. And my first feeling was complete panic. I have written in my diploma that I am a theater and film actress, and at the same time I’m on zero percent is a movie actress. When I first starred in Alexei Viktorovich Kozlov’s Golden Transit movie - we shot for three weeks - it was a panic, a disaster, because I came home every day and realized that I didn’t understand anything about the profession .

In the theater, it’s somehow much easier to exist. You are on stage, entered the light - and then play. Soul wide open, play, dive, be in the circumstances. And here it is necessary to keep 100 objects in parallel: do not cast a shadow on the partner, stand in the light so that your face does not, God forbid, anything superfluous, which is the worst thing for a theater actor. Because we used to play the last row. You have to play a movie as if half asleep. That is, it was very, very difficult to put up with. Hands too - they work easier in the theater, but in the movies you have to keep yourself. And at the same time it is not clear what they see on the other side of the camera, whether they see the truth behind what you try. But I fell madly in love with this. "

"For me, cinema is a minefield. You have to go through it so carefully and not stumble anywhere, otherwise it will all be fixed. I am a gambler in this regard, so I want to make a big, big part in the movie and make it worthy."

“I realized that you have to love your destiny and you can’t program it. I once said that I would play only in the theater, I would never act in film, why do I need it, this is the great art of the theater. Now I understand that it’s not. Another time - you have to speak with people from the screen, if you can speak with them in some equally large language from the screen, you must do this while you are young, while you are in energy, while you have something to talk about. Now I have a movie and theater are on a par. Although, of course, theater is what I entered the profession through, and cinema is what I I'm trying to come in. "

About love

“I think I'm in love every day, to be honest. I’m probably just an actress, so I can fall in love with the metro, on the street, and just fine with this feeling, the feeling of living. Firstly, if you are an actress, you are always in love with anyone: in the character, in his partner, because on the stage it is simply necessary. But in life - I don’t know, maybe I'm in love. "

About me, time and music

“For example, I’m a big fan of“ Splin. ”But in general, I was just raised on other music. My parents raised me on the music of Anna German, Muslim Magomayev, Claudia Shulzhenko. This is what I listened to all my life. And I got involved in modern music "Not long ago. But I got involved powerfully, because together with the songs of Anna German, I respect the work of Oxxxymiron, a rap artist."

“It seemed to me all my life that I was born at the wrong time. All these Soviet films, Soviet music - this is what my soul lies for 100%. I like our time, but I don’t like that now there is no depth, sincerity "in the work even more, in the work of musicians, directors. I really want to achieve what happened then."

"You have to say yes to your time, and then it will receive you. I have been told about this for a long time, and I love this thought very much. If you love the place where you live, if you love the time you live, it will accept you "

About poetry

“My whole room is littered with an insane amount of books with verses, and I am an absolute fan of poetry in any form. In this regard, I am a poetic music lover because I read everything from Mandelstam to Ascension, Pasternak, Tsvetaeva and Brodsky. I'm generally an absolute fan of Brodsky "This is what inspires you once. That is, you woke up completely empty, spent half an hour with a book - you are ready to go into the profession today."