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Taylor Swift was born in Reading, Pennsylvania. She was the first-born of the parents of Scott Kingsley Swift and his wife Andrei, nee Gardner. Both were related to banking - my father worked as a financial consultant, and my mother was a housewife.

The daughter's name was chosen in honor of one of the beloved performers of the married couple, James Taylor. The family has a youngest son, Austin, who today graduated from the University of Notre Dame and acts as a dramatic actor.

Young Taylor attended Windcroft Elementary School, high school in Wyomissing. There, Swift began to make music. She mastered playing the guitar. Later, lyrics began to appear on invented melodies.

Country-style was the girl closest in spirit. Little Swift at the local competition performs the song Big Deal and immediately receives an offer to perform at the opening act of country singer Charlie Daniels.

Having signed a contract with RCA Records, the singer still does not seek the release of the disc, therefore she terminates the cooperation agreement. After moving to Nashville, the girl receives more freedom in creativity.

Speaking at the cafe window with her compositions, Swift attracted the attention of Scott Borchetta, who was just opening his own record company Big Machine Records. The conclusion of a contract with the studio served to further develop the successful creative biography of the performer.


First, a single for the song Tim McGraw was released in August, and already in October, the debut album Taylor Swift, which critics considered successful. Taylor was even awarded the local Nashville Prize as the best novice vocalist. Subsequent work of the artist also received prizes.

The third album was released in 2010 under the name Speak Now. Taylor Swift wrote the text and music for all 12 compositions. The disc again topped the Billboard 200 rating and at that time was considered the singer’s most successful work commercially.

American singer

Taylor Alison Swift (Eng. Taylor Alison Swift) - famous American singer (style - country pop), actress. Taylor Swift is a songwriter. She is one of the most colorful and talented young singers. Taylor Swift is very attractive, films with her participation are always warmly received by the audience. Her records diverge in millions of copies, becoming platinum. In 2019, the singer became the highest paid woman in the music industry according to Forbes magazine.

Childhood and Education Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, a small town in Pennsylvania. After the family moved to the city of Wyomissing.

Father - Scott Kingsley Swift - was a popular financial advisor.

Mother - Andrea Swift - was engaged in household work.

Taylor has a younger brother, Austin Swift. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame and performs in various college performances, according to Wikipedia's Taylor Swift biography.

Grandma Taylor - Marjorie Finlay - was an opera singer. The granddaughter inherited the grandmother's pure voice. From childhood, the girl knew that she wanted to become a singer, and her parents contributed in every way to the realization of her creative plans. At an early age, little Taylor began to take vocal lessons.

At 10, Taylor Swift began to learn to play the guitar, and then a talented child began to compose his own songs.

Even a very young girl, Taylor was never afraid of public speaking. Already at ten years old, her innate artistry and stage charm made the singer a real star in her hometown - not a single festival, not a single fair or public competition held in Wyomissing could do without her performances.

At age 12, Taylor Swift sang the US national anthem at the opening ceremony of the 76 Philadelphia Games.

Taylor Swift Career

As a teenager, Taylor Swift moved to the suburbs of the big bustling city of Nashville. This city has gained fame as the capital of the country. And immediately, Taylor began to take private lessons from the songwriter Lil rose. At the same time, the beginning singer performed her songs at the window of one of the local cafes. Then the producer noticed her Scott Borchetta - master of the music industry.

In 2006, seventeen-year-old Taylor recorded with the support of Borchett the first studio single - Tim McGraw. Two months later, the debut album of the young singer appeared. The disc subsequently received the status of a five-time platinum album, and also "sagged" on the Billboard 200 chart for as long as 234 weeks, breaking the record of a decade. The cute, unsophisticated songs of the teenage singer with her emotional feelings and emotions were positively appreciated by the public.

Pretty soon, the young singer was talked about as a rising country style star. The first awards appeared in Taylor Swift's biography: the famous Nashville International Songwriters Association named the girl the best author and performer of the year. In addition, Taylor Swift became the youngest winner of this award.

She surprised others with her efficiency, the desire to improve her abilities. In 2008, the singer presented the second studio album, “Fearless” (“Fearless”) to the public. The disc immediately took off on the first place in the Billboard 200 chart, and also broke the record of the previous one, having received the status of a six-time platinum album. New awards also appeared: Young Hollywood Awards (category “Future Superstar”), MTV Video Music Awards (“Best Video”), People Choice Awards (“Singer of the Year”), American Music Awards (“Best Artist of the Year”).

By the way, Taylor quickly crossed the threshold from the "promising young performer" to one of the most popular stars of the world scene.

In 2010, a new album, Speak Now, was released, and in 2012, Red. Each of them in the USA became four times platinum, and also brought her phenomenal popularity already in Europe. The singer was invited to perform in many countries. The single “Mean” won a Grammy in two categories.

In 2011, Maxim magazine placed Taylor Swift in 20th place in the ranking of the most coveted women on the planet.

In 2014, Taylor Swift released its fifth studio album, titled "1989", which, according to the singer, was supposed to be her "first documented official pop album" with a completely new style. And again tremendous success. The total circulation of the album approached the mark of 9 million copies sold.

Taylor Swift received a Grammy Award for "1989", the record was recognized as the best pop album of 2015.

In this category, Swift rivals were Kelly clarkson with the album “Piece By Piece”, the English group Florence + The Machine with the album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”, an American folk musician James taylor with the album "Before This World" and Mark Ronson with the Uptown Special.

In the Grammy, Taylor Swift participated in seven categories, including the most important - “Record of the Year”, “Album of the Year” and “Song of the Year”.

In November 2017, Tayor Swift introduced the sixth studio album Reputation to its listeners. The disc consisted of 15 tracks with the title track “Look What You Made Me Do” (“Look what you made me do”). In the first week of sales in the United States alone, 1.216 million copies of the album were purchased.

In 2019, the seventh studio album Lover was released. The release took place on August 23, 2019 under the auspices of the Republic Records label and its own label Taylor Swift Productions, Inc. The album topped the charts of many countries, including the United States and Britain.

Taylor Swift Revenues

Taylor Swift has high revenue from album sales. By 2015, she had sold 40 million albums worldwide and Forbes magazine placed her second in the list of highest paid singers of the year.

In 2016, Taylor Swift was named the highest paid celebrity with an income of $ 170 million. The following year, Swift was third in Forbes revenue ranking. At the end of 2018, Taylor Swift took second place in the ranking of the highest paid singers of Forbes magazine, skipping ahead Catti perry. Taylor Swift's revenue was $ 80 million.

In 2019, the singer became the highest paid woman in the music industry according to Forbes. She earned $ 185 million, mainly through the Reputation Stadium Tour. For her parents, the singer bought a four-bedroom mansion in Bell Mead (Tennessee).

Swift itself has a penthouse in the New York area of ​​Tribeca, a three-bedroom cottage in Beverly Hills in California and a penthouse in Nashville. Taylor Swift also owns an eight-bedroom house in Watch Hill in Rhode Island.

Taylor Swift's movie career

The cinema became interested in a beautiful singer. First, Taylor Swift starred in the episode of the series “C.S.I .: Crime Scene” (2009). In the fall of the same year, Taylor Swift appeared in a feature film about Hannah Montana with a cameo.

More prominent was the role of Felicia in the romantic comedy Valentine's Day, which was released in 2010. Subsequently, the American singer was also noted in the little-known film "Todd vs. High School", as well as in one of the episodes of the comedy television series "New Girl" (2013). In 2014, the film "Dedicated" was released with her participation.

Taylor Swift scandals

From Wikipedia it is known that during the 2009 Grammy Award ceremony, the rapper Kanye West went on stage and took the microphone from Taylor when she gave a thank you note for the award in the category “Best Female Video” for the video “You Belong with Me”, and said that Beyoncé’s video “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”, nominated in the same category, is "one of the best videos of all time." This trick was negatively perceived by the audience, Kanye West was escorted. But the upset Taylor did not complete her speech.

Subsequently, West apologized for his actions on his blog. Many criticized West for his trick, including even the president of the United States Barack Obama. Kanye later posted a second apology on his blog and publicly apologized for The Jay Leno Show.

In 2017, Denver ended the trial of the suit of the American singer Taylor Swift against a former radio host To David Mueller about sexual harassment. According to the court, Mueller will have to pay the artist one US dollar.

Reportedly, the reason for the lawsuit was that during a joint photo in 2013, the radio host patted the singer on the buttock, it was this action that was regarded as harassment.

Interestingly, Mueller himself filed the lawsuit, who was sure that due to Swift's complaint, he was fired from the radio station, which ruined his career. Claiming that he did not allow himself any manifestations of harassment, the presenter demanded $ 3 million from the singer, in response to which she filed a counterclaim, they wrote in the news.

Taylor Swift's personal life

Taylor Swift is single. But the beautiful actress has always been in the center of male attention. In 2008, she had a short affair with a musician. Joe Jonas, one of the members of the Jonas Brothers group.

For several months of 2009, Taylor met with Taylor Lautner, famous for the movie "Twilight." Together they played in the romantic comedy Valentine's Day. When they broke up, Taylor dedicated the song “Back to December,” the show business news reported.

Then the girl met with her grandson John F. Kennedy - Connor.

But all her novels were short.

In 2015, after breaking up with another boyfriend, DJ Calvin Harris Taylor Swift appeared in public with a British actor Tom Hiddleston, star of the Torah and Avengers. But this novel ended in 2016. And then the ubiquitous paparazzi spotted the girl in the company of an unknown young man.

The latest news from Taylor Swift's personal life is that she has a relationship with a British actor Joe Alvin.

Incident at MTV Video Music Awards 2009

During the award ceremony, rapper Kanye West went on stage and took the microphone from Taylor when she gave a thank you note for the award in the category “Best Female Video” for the video “You Belong with Me” and said that Beyoncé’s video “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) ”, nominated in the same category, is“ one of the best videos of all time. ” This trick was negatively perceived by the audience. Then West returned the microphone to the discouraged and completely upset Taylor, who did not finish her speech. For his actions, West for the rest of the ceremony was performed. Later, during the ceremony, when Beyoncé received the "Best Video of the Year" award for "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)", she called Taylor to the stage to complete her speech. Subsequently, West apologized for his actions on his blog (the entry was later deleted). Many celebrities have criticized West for his trick, including then US President Barack Obama. Kanye later posted a second apology on his blog and publicly apologized for the program. The jay leno show.

The property

For her parents, Swift acquired a four-bedroom mansion located in Bell Mead. in the state of tennessee. The main residence of Swift itself is a penthouse in the New York area of ​​Tribeca. She also owns: a three-bedroom cottage in Beverly Hills in California and a penthouse located in Nashville in Tennessee. She also owns an eight-bedroom house, which is located in Watch Hill. in rhode island.

Journal Forbes in July 2017, Swift estimated the state at 280 million US dollars, and in August 2018 - at 320 million.


From July to October 2008, the singer met with Jonas Brothers band member Joe Jonas.

In 2009, from October to December, Taylor met with Taylor Lautner, known for the movie "Twilight." Together they played in the romantic comedy Valentine's Day. When they broke up, Taylor dedicated a song to him. Back to december .

In 2010, Taylor Swift's romance with Jake Gyllenhaal was revealed.

From July to September 2012, the singer was in a relationship with Conor Kennedy.

From October 2012 to January 2013, Taylor met with One Direction member Harry Styles.

From 2015 to 2016, Taylor met with DJ Calvin Harris. The first rumors of a romance appeared in March, when the couple often appeared in public together, holding hands, they also attended one of the concerts and, according to eyewitnesses, did not go a step away from each other. In May, rumors began to circulate that the couple was already considering a wedding, but there was no official confirmation from Taylor or Kelvin. In July, information began to spread about the engagement of the couple. Taylor and Kelvin recognized as the highest paid couple in 2015. In May 2016, the couple broke up.

In May 2016, Taylor met with British actor Tom Hiddleston at the Met Gala Costume Institute's annual ball. In June, the first joint pictures of a couple from a vacation on Rhode Island appeared. In September, it was announced that Taylor and Tom had broken up.

Taylor is currently in a relationship with British actor Joe Alvin.

Swift is the godmother of Leo Tams Newman (born July 16, 2015), the youngest son of director Kyle Newman and actress Jamie King. According to King, Swift made a “major donation” to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in which Leo underwent heart surgery due to transposition of the great vessels.

Photo: Taylor Swift

Childhood taylor

One of the brightest country performers of all time considers the number 13, the date of birth, to be his lucky number, often drawing it in her arms during performances. Her father Scott worked as a financial consultant, and Andrea's mother devoted most of her life to household work, stopping work quite early. Taylor has a younger brother, Austin.

The Swift family had several horses, so in childhood Taylor was engaged in horse riding. She also attended classes in the musical theater and often went to Broadway to engage in vocals and acting. T

Taylor Swift began writing songs at the age of 10, learning to play the guitar, and also performed at fairs and festivals in the city of Wyomissing, where she grew up.


In 2013, the girl recorded the soundtrack for the movie The Hunger Games, and her song Safe and Sound was nominated for the Golden Globe, but lost to Skyfall from Adele.

In 2014, Taylor Swift's fifth studio album titled “1989” saw the light, which, according to the singer, was supposed to be her “first documented official pop album” with a completely new style. The novelty was taken with a bang: in the first week, US residents bought 1.2 million copies of the record, while the total circulation of the album approached the mark of 9 million copies sold. The singer’s image has also changed: curls, bright T-shirts and short jeans shorts have been replaced by elegant evening dresses, heels and perfect styling.

Taylor Swift Biography

Taylor Swift was born December 13, 1989 in Reading, and grew up in Wyomissing, PA, USA. Father - Scott Kingsley Swift, Financial Advisor to Merrill Lynch Bank. Mother - Andrea Swift, a housewife, previously worked as a mutual fund marketing executive. The singer has a younger brother - Austin.

Taylor received her primary education at the Wyndcroft paid school. When the girl was nine years old, her family moved to Wyomissing, PA, where she attended junior and senior high school. While studying, Taylor developed an interest in musical theater. She has performed at the Berks Youth Theater Academy in productions of Grease, Annie, Bye Bye Birdi, and The Sound of Music.

The future singer was inspired by the work of Lee Ann Rimes and her maternal grandmother Marjorie Finley, who was an opera singer. Over time, Swift also fell in love with country music. At 10, Taylor began playing the guitar and writing her first songs. It was during this period that she decided to become a professional singer.

At age 12, Taylor Swift sang the US national anthem at the opening ceremony of the 76th Philadelphia Games, ripping off a storm of applause from the public.

As a teenager, Swift moved to a suburb of Nashville. There, the singer performed at the cafe windows with her compositions. Once she caught the eye of one of the veterans of the music industry Scott Borchett, who

Star Trek Singer

At age 14, young Taylor Swift moved to the city of Nashville with the firm intention of becoming a star and being heard. She sang and played guitar right on the street, by the cafe, until she was noticed by the founder of the Big Machine Records label Scott Borchetta.

The debut single of singer Tim McGraw was released in 2006 and brought her fame, as well as the Nashville Songwriters Association Award. At the end of that year, the first album, Taylor Swift, was well received by music critics. The next two years, the performer is working on two mini-albums, as a result of which she becomes a Grammy nominee, but in the end is inferior to Amy Winehouse. The next Fearless album was released on November 11, 2008 and was a real explosion in the US music industry. He took first place on the Billboard music album chart and went six times platinum in the United States and five times in Australia.

In October 2010, Taylor Swift released Speak Now, which reinforced her success. It has again become multi-platinum in many countries, including the USA, Australia and Canada. In his support, Taylor staged a 111-day world tour.

In early 2012, the singer worked on songs for the soundtrack of the movie The Hunger Games. The Safe & Sound song from this album was nominated for the Golden Globe Award, but lost to Adele Skyfall, the theme for the painting is “007: Skyfall Coordinates.”

Taylor Swift's fourth full-length album was released in October 2012. In songs from the RED disc, the influence of not only country music, but also other styles is noticeable: dubstep and pop dance. People who helped the singer work on their fourth album, consider this a big step towards the fame of a pop star and international recognition. A world tour has been organized in support of RED.

In 2014, the album "1989" was released, which became the third album of the singer, sold in millions of copies.

Three years later, the album Reputation continued the winning tradition. He was the last one released at Big Machine Records, as the singer ended the contract with her.

In 2019, Taylor Swift recorded the album Lover, the song Me! from which it rose from 100th to 2nd place on the Hot 100 chart in one week.

Now the singer is suing the old label for the rights to the first six albums.

In addition, she became the highest paid star according to Forbes, earning over $ 190 million in a year.

Taylor Swift’s most famous novel was relations with Twilight star Taylor Lautner. The namesake starred in the film Valentine’s Day in 2010, and after breaking up, the singer dedicated the song Back to December to her boyfriend. Speaking of Taylor’s habit of writing songs in honor of the past guys are already joking.

The rest of Taylor’s novels were quite short: in 2008, she spent four months with singer Joe Johnson, several months in 2009, the artist met with John Mayer, three months in 2010 with actor Jake Gyllenhaal, and quite a bit with Cory Monteith (and before that - with his colleague on the series "Chorus" Cord Overstreet), three months in mid-2012 - with Connor Kennedy and four months at the end of 2012 with One Direction band member Harry Styles. But these are the names of only famous guys!

One of the first Taylor singles Tim McGraw was dedicated to breaking up with a guy named Brandon Borello, the song Picture to Burn talks about an affair with a certain Jordan Alford, Should've Sa>, as a singer named Sam Armstrong changed the singer.

In 2015, Taylor was going to marry DJ Kelvin Harris, then met with actor Tom Hiddleston. Now dating actor Joe Alvin.

Conflict with Kanye West

During a telephone conversation, Swift really agreed to such provocative lyrics, adding that she sounds like a compliment to her. “I could not even think that you would mention my name in your songs. By the way, thanks for the bouquet that you sent me. I posted it on Instagram, and this photo gained an incredibly large number of likes! ”

Taylor continued to stand her ground, insisting that the record was fake. After that, the public attitude towards Swift changed: it became clear that the image of the victim was beneficial to her.

Taylor swift now

The summer of 2019 began for Taylor Swift with major troubles. The Big Machine Records label, under the banner of which the singer’s ascension began 13 years ago, was bought by producer and manager Justin Bieber, Scooter Brown. The deal did not take into account the opinions of Taylor and other label artists, including Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Kanye West.

The rights to all artist albums went to Scooter Brown. It turned out that Taylor Swift lost the rights to all the songs released before the album “Lover” (the release took place in August 2019), since it was already recorded on Taylor Swift's own label (Taylor Swift Productions, Inc).

Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna defiantly unsubscribed from Brown on Instagram. Taylor's other colleagues did not side with her. Scott Borchett, who previously owned Big Machine Records, said that Swift is cunning: her father owns the label and could not know about the sale in advance. Demi Lovato, another Big Machine Records ward, defended Scooter Brown from the attacks, saying that he was a good person and thankful for everything. In response, Taylor Swift fans bombarded her with insults.

According to the results of Forbes for 2019, Taylor Swift again turned out to be the musician with the highest income. ($ 185 million), bypassing his enemy Kaine West and British pop singer Ed Sheeran. And her album “Red” was among the five best albums of the “tenth” years according to the music magazine Rolling Stone. And here Kayne nevertheless took the Taylor palm: his album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” took first place, while Taylor got only the fourth place.


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