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Creative Dagestan photographer Murad Osmann became famous for his unusual project called “Follow me” (Follow me).

Murad Osmann was born in May 1985 in Kaspiysk. Early childhood spent on the picturesque shore of the Caspian Sea forever left a mark in Murad’s mind. He grew up a creative person and looked at the world through the eyes of the artist. More precisely, the photographer.

Murad Osmann

This fully manifested itself after the Osmann family moved to Moscow. At that time, Murad was 5 years old. Growing up, he discovered for himself a wonderful invention of mankind - a camera. His family often traveled, and Murad really wanted to capture the beauty of nature seen with his own eyes. The camera was always at his fingertips. Filming experiments were Murad Osmann's favorite hobby.

Soon, photographing turned for him from an ordinary hobby into a passion for his whole life. But after graduation, when it was time to decide on a profession, parents sent their son to London. There he entered Imperial College. At the end, Osmann received the specialty of civil engineer.


The work of an engineer did not attract a young Dagestan. A real artist lived in Murad’s soul. Therefore, Osmann chose a different path for himself. Returning from London to Moscow in 2011, he opened his own production company, calling it Hype Production. It gathered young like-minded professionals, who were engaged in the creation of commercials and clips for music groups and artists.

Photographer Murad Osmann

Today “Hype Production” by Murad Osmann is a huge number of various projects in the field of media production. The company cooperates not only with domestic customers, but also accepts foreign orders. Nike, Beeline, Martini, McDonalds, Huawey, Rostelecom, Baileys, Visa, Lego are just some of the companies that used the services of creative producers gathered by Murad Osmann under one roof.

As for the domestic show business, here too many stars turned to Hype Production for help. Among the most famous performers are Noggano, Dima Bilan, MakSim, Timati, Sensei, Ilya Lagutenko, Vlad Sokolovsky, Max Korzh and others. Stars order from specialists compiled by Murad Osmann, not only clips, but also professional photo shoots.

Murad Osmann

Not so long ago, Murad Osmann and his colleagues started a new activity: the company produces young directors and is looking for new talents among young people. And back in 2015, Hype Production began making films. The company already has two paintings on it - The Cold Front by Roman Volobuev and The Martyr Kirill Serebrennikov.


The “FollowMeTo” or “Follow Me” photo project is the brainchild of Murad Osmann and his wife Natalia Osmann. In 2011, Murad and then still his beloved girlfriend Natalya Zakharova went on a trip to Spain. As always, Murad took a camera with him, which he seems to never part with. The young photographer took pictures of the many attractions that are so rich in Barcelona. Natalya wanted to see more beauties, and she pulled Murad's hand. He continued to shoot. This is the first shot, where Natalia is captured from the back, and in front of one of the architectural monuments of Barcelona.

Unusual photo of Murad Osmann

Looking through photographs taken in Spain, the couple caught the novelty of the idea, immediately realizing that photographs of this type and format are a new word in photography. Since then, Murad and Natalia Osmann, each time traveling around the world, take similar photos. They take pictures of various landscapes or architectural sights of the places where they are. All photographs show only the back of Natalia Osmann and the hands of young people.

Acquaintance with world sights in the form of such pictures was appreciated by thousands of subscribers to the account of Murad and Natalya on Instagram. This is where all the photos are laid out. London, Paris, Singapore, Venice, Tokyo, Bali - everywhere this creative couple “spent” the guests of their account. In 2013, several tens of thousands of subscribers gathered here, and the names of Murad and Natalia Osmann became known throughout the world.

Photo by Murad Osmann for the FollowMeTo project

Now on the page has gathered more than 4 million subscribers and fans of the works of Murad Osmann and his wife.

Murad Osmann’s creative biography in our time is a new project, the purpose of which is to show the beauty of our planet and the identity of its inhabitants. Different, but interesting in their own way. To do this, the couple goes on new trips around the world, taking a camera.

Personal life

In the summer of 2014, a young photographer and producer made an offer to Natalya Zakharova. The couple have long been together and managed to test their feelings. The girl agreed, which immediately became known to fans of their FollowMeTo project. Engagement photo instantly scored more than 100 thousand likes.

The Savage of Murad Osmann

The wedding took place in the summer of 2015 in the suburbs, in the estate "Lark". The creators of the #FollowMeTo photo project invited their best friends to the celebration, among whom were such famous personalities as Svetlana Ustinova, Ilya Stuart, Maria Ivakova and Evgenia Linovich. The ceremony was conducted by Artyom Korolev.

The celebration was unforgettable. On the estate's territory during the ceremony fabulous scenery appeared: a staircase to the sky, clouds, flocks of birds and a huge Pegasus. All the time, chamber music from “Harp Sound” sounded.

Murad Osmann and his wife Natalya Osmann

In the morning, the bride was wearing a dress from New York designer Vera Wong, and in the second from the Russian designer Maria Didarova. In it, Natalia and Murad performed a wedding dance, staged by Yevgeny Papunaishvili.

Photo: Murad Osmann

Professional activity of Murad Osmann

Having a creative mindset, the idea of ​​working in the specialty of Murad was not attractive. Therefore, he again picked up the camera and began to create. However, despite the abundance of photo shoots and millions of shots, Murad Osmann still does not call himself a professional photographer. He considers photography rather a hobby than a job.

After returning from the UK to Russia, in 2011 Murad opened his own production company in Moscow under the name Hype Production.

Hype Production is a young company of creative professionals that works in the field of television, the creation of commercials and music videos. The company has a huge number of diverse projects in the field of media production. Hype Production cooperates with both local and international customers. Nike, Beeline, Martini, McDonalds, Huawey, Rostelecom, Baileys, Yota, Visa, PSBank, Lego, KFC, Orion Express - these and many other companies are customers of Hype Production.

Also, professionals of the Hype Production team have shot a lot of videos for such artists as Dima Bilan, Timati, Sensei, Mumiy Troll, Vlad Sokolovsky, Maksim, Noggano, Max Korzh, Lumen and others. Hype Production also has a lot of professional advertising photo shoots featuring stars.

In addition, the company does not stand still and is engaged in producing young directors and searching for new talents. Now, such producers and directors as Yegor Abramenko, Oleg Trofim, Ilya Naisuler, Mikhail Lokshin, Roman Zhirnikh and others are working together with Osmann.

Murad Osmann

Date of BirthMay 15, 1985/34 years
Zodiac signcalf
Place of BirthKaspiysk, USSR

After graduating from a Moscow school, his parents sent Murad to study at Imperial College in London with a degree in civil engineering. Returning from the UK to Russia in 2011, Murad opened his own production company in Moscow under the name Hype Production. In the same year, along with his beloved Natalia Murad, he began to lead the Instagram project “Follow Me To”.

In 2016, Channel One launched a travel show based on this blog. Its leaders were Natalia and Murad Osmann.

Short biography

Murad Osmann is a producer hailing from Kaspiysk (Republic of Dagestan). He founded his production company Hype Production in 2011, immediately after graduating from college in London. In an interview, Murad repeatedly mentioned that despite the specialty of a civil engineer, he was always drawn into a creative channel. During his studies in England, the future photographer repeatedly tried to enter the London College of Fashion (London College of Fashion), but always was refused. Unsuccessful attempts led to the fact that Murad began to independently learn the art of photography.

“I don’t think we are famous”

The popular FollowMeTo project has more than 5 million subscribers worldwide. Amazing photos from all over the world attract attention with their mystery. “Follow me!” - literally screams every work. A mysterious elegant girl who does not show her face leads the photographer’s hand and with it all the spectators.

Over the entire existence of the unique project, Murad has faced both exciting popularity and condemnation, which literally suppressed the photographer’s desire to give up his venture. The first year was the hardest, but the couple withstood the pressure and now “Follow me” is used as an example for teaching students at the London Fashion College, where, by the way, Murad has repeatedly tried to enter.

How it all began

Neither Murad Osmann, nor his assistant Natalia Zakharova planned this project. They repeatedly talk about this in their interviews. Everything happened absolutely spontaneously, this greatly changed the lives of young people. The first photo was taken in Spain, when Murad “clicked” the shutter for his personal portfolio and accidentally caught the famous frame. Thanks to the embarrassment and playfulness of Natalia, who turned away at the right time and right time, pulling the photographer's hand, the idea of ​​the famous project “Follow me” came up.

Murad Osmann did not send the first works to the editorial offices of magazines, but simply posted them in his personal Instagram profile. Even at the time of his stay in Spain, the photographer took several similar shots in order to learn the technique of this style, find a composition and catch the light. One of the famous works of Murad was made in Barcelona, ​​where Natalia pulls the photographer to the door, decorated with bright graffiti.

Wedding with Natalia Zakharova

Murad and Natalia Osmann began their journey more as partners than as lovers. At first, there were no thoughts about relationships, so in “Follow Me” Murad was a producer, director and photographer, and Natalya Zakharova was an actress and model. Fans who watched the fate of the project and its participants were pleasantly stunned by the news that the couple were engaged. A significant day came on June 7, 2015 - it will forever be remembered by all guests of the wedding celebration.

The wedding of Murad and Natalia Osmann was held in the chic castle Zhavoronki Event Hall, which is located just 20 km from Moscow. The festival was everything from chamber music and carpet paths to delicious snacks and sophisticated outfits. Despite the warmth and love that the newlyweds radiated, they managed to please their fans with another photograph from the “Follow me” series, which was shot in real time from the wedding celebration.

Interesting facts from the life of the newlyweds

You can endlessly talk about all the facts from the biography of Murad Osmann and Natasha Zakharova, so we will focus on the most intriguing and popular.

  • “Follow me” was not created for profit. The project is not commercial, but the couple uses branded items or jewelry in their photographs. Murad Osmann personally controls all incoming proposals, not trusting their managers or producers. For example, designer Michael Kors, who offered his help in the project, found out about filming in New York.
  • Although the couple spends a lot of time abroad, they manage to allocate no more than 4-5 days to each locality.
  • Most of the time the couple spends in Moscow, where they have the main work.
  • In 2016, Murad and Natalya Osmann signed a contract with RTC Channel One. It was from this moment that a tourist show began to appear, which talks both about traveling to the most unusual corners of the world, and about the project itself.
  • The program does not reveal the details of the history of Natalia and Murad, it only talks about love, about movement and culture. The couple also often mentions this in their interviews. For this reason, Natalia and Murad do not show their faces in the frame so that the viewer can imagine themselves in their place.
  • They do not seek to gain or gain popularity. The main objective of the project is to help people begin to move forward, to leave their comfort zone, because our world is so multifaceted and unbridled that you can find inspiration and happiness in any corner of the world. All that is needed is to go forward and not stop.

A little about Natalia Osmann

Elegant and sincere Natalia began her journey with the media. She worked for more than 10 years as a journalist on TV channels and in print media, trying to get on Fashion TV. The famous project has changed her life and now she really acts as a model, conducts talk shows about travels and shares amazing shots from around the world. This fragile girl at first glance always aspired to her goal, she was ready to work in difficult conditions day and night. Together with Murad, they opened to the audience the uncharted beauty of the world, which has been inspiring many for 6 years now. Now Natalia writes books and stories, maintains her travel blog and manages to follow her Instagram account.

We are sure that the infinitely beautiful project “Follow me” will delight us for a long time to come. Murad and Natalya accepted the challenge. Their main task is not to lower the bar, discover even more amazing places in the world and invest more in the famous project.


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