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Catherine Barnabas

Catherine Barnabas (July 2018)
Birth nameEkaterina Vladimirovna Barnabas
Date of BirthDecember 9, 1984 (1984-12-09) (aged 35)
Place of Birth
  • Moscow, USSR
  • Russia
Career2003 - present time
Directionhumor, KVN, television
IMDbID 4959116

Ekaterina Vladimir Varna (born December 9, 1984, Moscow) - Russian film and television actress, TV presenter and comedian. Participant and choreographer of the show "Comedy Woman". Previously - a participant in the KVN teams “National Team of Small Peoples” and “Their Secrets”. The host of the NTV in the morning program on NTV from August 27 to September 10, 2012. She was also one of the hosts of the Battle of the Choirs program on the Russia-1 channel. From 2014 to 2017, she was the co-host of the show “Who's on Top?” On the Ukrainian New Channel. Since 2015 - the host of the show “Dance!” On the “First Channel”, from April 21, 2018 - the host of the show “Songs. Reality "on TNT. Since March 2019, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has been included in the list of people who “pose a threat to national security”.


Ekaterina Vladimirovna Varnava was born on December 9, 1984 in Moscow. Father - Vladimir Petrovich Barnabas - military. Mother - Galina Stepanovna Varnava - general practitioner. Catherine has two older brothers - Igor and Alexey.

Shortly after the birth of Catherine, his father and his family moved to a new duty station - the location of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. There, in the city of Wünsdorf, Catherine lived up to seven years.

She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities at MISiS with a degree in Law.

Photo: Catherine Barnabas


Since 2003, he has been playing for the KVN team “Its Secrets”.

In 2004, Ekaterina Varnava first appeared on the TV screen, she played for the "National Team of Small Peoples" in the musical competition 1/4 of the 2004 Premier League season finals (for now, as an invited participant).

Starting from the Premier League festival of the 2005 season, Ekaterina Barnava has been playing for the “National Team of Small Peoples” already. In 2005, the team played five games in the Premier League (including the festival) and reached the finals, in which they took fourth place. In the same year, the "Team of Small Peoples" took part in the festival "Voting KiViN 2005" with an out-of-competition performance. Along with performances for the “National Team of Small Peoples” in the Premier League, Yekaterina plays for “Her Secrets” in the season of the Higher Ukrainian League, where she reaches the semifinals.

According to the results of the Sochi festival “Voting KiViN-2006”, Ekaterina Barnava, along with the “Team of Small Peoples”, is invited to the Higher League of KVN. However, in the first game (1/8 finals) the team will fail, and the “Small Nations Team” will stop participating in the 2006 season. The team also takes part in the Jurmala KiViN 2006 festival with an out-of-competition performance, but does not get into the final television version. However, Catherine Barnabas and Maria Kravchenko are broadcast due to their participation in the recording of the final song of the festival. In the same year, Catherine as part of "Her Secrets" became the champion of the Volga League after a draw in the final with the Samara SOK.

After the Sochi festival “KiViN-2007”, the “Small Peoples' Team” actually ceases to exist, and from that moment Ekaterina Barnava plays only for the “My Secrets” team, which has been representing Moscow Finance and Law University (formerly MISiS) since 2007. “Your Secrets” falls into the television version of the festival, and is also invited to the Major League 2007 season. The team’s central actresses are Yekaterina Varnava and Maria Kravchenko, who also take part in the recording of the festival’s final song. In their game at the 1/8 final stage, the team “Their Secrets” takes fourth place, ceases to participate in the Premier League season and moves to the Premier League. In the quarterfinals of the Premier League, “Your Secrets” take third place and do not go to the semifinals. In the same year, Ekaterina, as part of “Her Secrets”, with an out-of-competition performance, falls into the television version of the Jurmala KiViN 2007 festival.

Catherine Barnabas also plays for “Her Secrets” for her last season at KVN. As in the previous year, the team takes the fourth place in its 1/8 finals and withdraws from participation in the Premier League season 2008. At the Jurmala festival “Voting KiViN 2008” “Their Secrets” repeat the fate of the “Team of Small Peoples” in 2006: the final television version of the performance of the team does not get, and Maria and Catherine again appear on the air during the opening and closing songs of the festival. Ekaterina Barnava played her last game in KVN as a member of the Moscow National Team at the Special Project KVN 2008.

She took part in the KVN “Out of Game”. Once as a member of the Team of Small Peoples (issue No. 14) and several times as a member of the team “My Secrets” (issues No. 11, 16-19, 21, 24, 26-27). She was the host of issue number 15 (along with Alexander Maslyakov Jr. and Maria Kravchenko).

The childhood of Catherine Barnabas

Ekaterina Vladimirovna Varnava was born in a military family on December 9, 1984. Immediately after her birth, the family went to a permanent residence in Germany, where they sent a girl's dad. Katya returned to Russia only at the age of seven. In the family of a military Cossack and a medic, in addition to Katya, two more children grew up (the girl has two older brothers Igor and Alexei).

In the military city of Germany, Catherine finished first grade. And in the second, she went to a Moscow school. The girl clearly remembers how difficult it was for her to join the new team. From Germany, Katya Barnabas arrived in beautiful things and with colorful toys. Moscow peers, accustomed to the empty store shelves, did not see such luxury and considered that Katya was showing off. As a result, the girl became an outcast. She was avoided for a long time, and the schoolgirl sincerely did not understand why. Only now she knows where the children's dislike came from.

“I just had things that they didn’t have, such as a beautiful lacquered pencil case. For several years it was very difficult for me - because there are no friends, and everything around is not the same as before, ”says Barnabas.

Catherine Barnabas and KVN

In 2003, Ekaterina Barnava, still in the status of a student, began to play for the KVN team “Her Secrets”, and since 2005 she has been a permanent member of the “Team of Small Peoples”. However, together with colleagues from the last team, Katya appeared on TV screens back in 2004. True, as an invited player. Then the comedians took part in the Music Competition 1/4 finals of the Premier League season.

After the 2005 Premier League, Ekaterina Barnava plays in the permanent squad of the Small National Team. In the same year, the girl played 5 games in the Premier League, including at the festival. In the final, Barnabas took fourth place. In 2005, Katya together with the "Team of Small Peoples" made an out-of-competition performance at the festival "Voting KiViN 2005".

In parallel with the appearances for the “Small Peoples National Team” in the Premier League, Katya Barnava plays for the “My Secrets” team in the season of the Higher Ukrainian League and reaches the semifinals. In 2006, following the results of the KiViN festival in Sochi, Ekaterina Barnabas and the “Small Peoples Team” received a ticket to the Highest League of KVN. But in the first game the team will fail.

After the Sochi KiViN-2007 festival, the Team of Small Peoples team ceases to exist, and our heroine plays only in the team “Its Secrets”. However, the team will face the same fate as the Small National Team.

Catherine Barnabas and Comedy Woman

Now on Russian television there are very few comic programs involving women. Comedy Woman is one of the few projects. As Catherine admits, she and her colleagues in the scene are trying to break the stereotype that women do not have or have a poor sense of humor. And he adds that the team does not want to unite with men, since the humor of one gender is not always clear to the other. In addition, if a man-humorist can afford to be rude on stage and speak frank vulgarities, then a woman will not be able to do this.

By the way, Comedy Woman members write jokes to themselves. Comic numbers are born literally on the go. The whole team thinks out the replicas and intonations of each hero.

Personal life of Catherine Barnabas

“My longest romance lasted two years. Everything was complicated, incomprehensible - both on the circumstances and emotionally. I understood that meeting a married man was bad, wrong, and for a long time avoided these relationships. But love made me turn off the right track - I'm not a robot, and I can’t program myself.

Then it was time to move to a new level, change something, but nothing happened. He could not decide what he wanted, but he did not seduce me as an eternal lover. And we broke up. Having finished that novel, I concluded that I would no longer have anything like it. A married man is not for me. ”

Somewhere in April 2012, Ekaterina Barnava began to meet with her work colleague Dmitry Khrustalev. At first, the couple did not advertise their relationship, but the press often forced them together in an informal setting. Although they did not make official statements, one can see from the photographs that they were connected not only by friendly relations. Six months later, Catherine moved to her lover. But the happiness was not long, by the middle of next year the couple broke up.

Russian TV presenter, actress, participant in the show "Comedy Woman"

Catherine Barnabas - Russian TV presenter, actress. In her student years, Catherine played in the teams of the KVN “National Team of Small Peoples” and “Her Secrets”, then became a participant and choreographer of the show “Comedy Woman”. This program made Barnabas the star of show business. Also, Ekaterina Varnava was the host of the NTV Morning television programs and one of the host shows of the Battle of the Choirs on the Russia-1 channel (2012).

Catherine Barnabas collaborated with the Ukrainian New Channel, which hosted the show "Who's on Top?" Until she was banned from entering this country. The host’s biography also included the show “Dance!” On “Channel One” (2015) and the show “Songs. Reality ”on TNT (2018).

The early years and the formation of Catherine Barnabas

Ekaterina Vladimirovna Varnava was born on December 9, 1984 in Moscow.

Father - Vladimir Petrovich Barnabas - a soldier.

Mother - Galina Stepanovna Barnabas - general practitioner.

Catherine has two older brothers - Igor and Alexey.

Some time after the birth, the father’s daughter was sent to serve in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, according to Wikipedia’s biography of Catherine Barnabas. There, in the city of Wünsdorf, Catherine graduated from the first class, and in the second she went to a Moscow school.

From early childhood, Catherine Barnabas was engaged in ballroom dancing. Parents were sure that the daughter as a dancer had a great future. And Katya herself dreamed that she would engage in this sport professionally. However, as a teenager, Barnabas suddenly reached out and outgrew all her dance partners. By the way, the growth of Catherine Barnabas is 181 cm, she is the highest in the Comedy Woman show.

When a partner was finally found, Catherine had to leave ballroom dancing due to an injury - in training, a 14-year-old girl fell and injured her back before the vertebral discs were displaced. The girl was worried about her drama.

After school, Catherine entered the Moscow University of Culture, but did not enter.

In the end, Catherine Barnabas graduated with a degree in Law from the Faculty of MISIS.

Career of Catherine Barnabas in KVN

In her student years, Ekaterina Barnava began to participate in KVN. Her team was called “Its Secrets”, and since 2005 the girl has been a permanent member of the team “Small Peoples Team” - it included only 4 people, two actors and two actresses.

In the same 2005, Barnabas, together with the "National Peoples' Team", performed with an out-of-competition number at the "Voting KiViN 2005" festival.

By the way, in parallel with her appearances for the Small National Team in the Premier League, Yekaterina Barnava played for the team “My Secrets” in the season of the Higher Ukrainian League and reached the semifinals.

In 2006, following the results of the KiViN festival in Sochi, the “Team of Small Peoples” received a ticket to the Highest League of KVN. However, in the first game the team played unsuccessfully.

After the Sochi festival “KiViN-2007” the team of the “Team of Small Peoples” ceased to exist, the team “Their Secrets” suffered the same fate.

Catherine Barnabas career on television

In 2008, Ekaterina Varnava and her KVN partner Maria Kravchenko began to participate in the television program "Comedy Woman" in the form of a "sex symbol of the show", and also took up the production of choreographic numbers. This brought Ekaterina popularity.

The girls from Comedy Woman at first wrote jokes to themselves, giving birth to numbers literally on the go. The whole team thinks out the replicas and intonations of each hero. Catherine said that the team does not want to unite with men, since the humor of one gender is not always clear to the other. In addition, if a man-humorist can afford to be rude on stage and speak frank vulgarities, then a woman will not be able to do this.

However, the show had a male presenter - Dmitry Khrustalev, and then successfully played male roles Alexander Gudkov, Oleg Vereshchagin and other comedians familiar from KVN.

In 2012, Barnabas was the host of NTV Morning programs and one of the host of the Battle of the Choirs on the Russia-1 television channel.

For several seasons, Ekaterina Barnava collaborated with the Ukrainian New Channel, which hosted the show “Who's on Top?”. Barnabas was forced to abandon filming in season 7 of the project after being barred from entering the country. In 2017, representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine announced that Barnabas was prohibited from visiting the country. The SBU explained this ban by the fact that the artist, along with other participants in the Comedy Woman project, performed with concerts in Crimea.

In 2019, Catherine was included in the list of persons “threatening the national security of Ukraine”.

In the creative biography of the host of the show “Dance!” On “Channel One” (2015). Since April 2018, Barnabas has been the host of the Songs show on TNT.

Candid photos of Catherine Barnabas

Ekaterina Barnava was in the image of the sex symbol of the Comedy Woman project, she is one of the recognized beauties in Russian show business.

In 2010, Ekaterina Barnabas was invited to star in an erotic photo shoot for the Russian version of Maxim magazine. True, she was afraid of condemnation from her parents. But dad and mom reacted to her daughter's decision surprisingly adequately. However, after the magazine was published, his father showed his displeasure. In protest, he bought several magazines with Katya on the cover and with the words “I will know that someone will not get this issue” brought the publication home. However, the girl was pleased with the joint work with the photographers.

In November 2012, Ekaterina Barnava appeared on the cover of XXL magazine - the actress was again naked. Probably, the father of Barnabas again had to buy magazines with naked photos of his daughter.

Ekaterina Varnava often gets into the news of show business in connection with the photos posted by her on Instagram. In 2019, social networks discussed a photo of naked Barnabas (in one hat).

To make the photos brighter, Catherine takes care of herself, she managed to throw off 20 kg due to the diet, as reported in the news.

“Do you want to lose weight - you need to use the words Faina Ranevskaya: “Eat naked in front of the mirror!”. At some point, I refused to accept myself as I was. I looked from the side, on the photo and my picture on the TV and I really didn’t like it myself, ”shared Barnabas’s recipe for losing weight.

Although the growth of Barnabas is indicated on the Internet as 181 cm, Catherine herself refutes this information. “My height is 1 meter and 75 centimeters. On the Internet they write that I am more than two meters - this is not true. Firstly, I have 12 centimeters only heels.Secondly, the lion's half of my colleagues are lower than me even without heels. When we stand together without shoes, Natalia Andreyevna is on my shoulder. I can’t do without heels on stage. I’m kind of like a sex symbol, but sex symbols do not go in sneakers! ”She said to her“ Interlocutor ”.

On the Internet you can also find the other parameters of Catherine Barnabas. Weight: 63 kg. Parameters - 100/70/96. Foot size: 40. However, it is difficult to say how accurately the Barnabas breast volume was determined.

Catherine Barnabas career in the cinema

Since 2005, Catherine Barnabas began to act in films and series. In the series "Univer" (2008), she appeared as a cameo. In 2012, she participated in the same way in the series “Happy Together” and “Deffchonki”, then in “Sashatanya” (2015).

Ekaterina Barnava played in the film “8 First Dates” (2012), the series “Studio 17” (2013). In 2017, she starred in the films Zomboyaschik and Sadko.

In 2019, Catherine Barnabas voiced Daisy in the animated film “The Secret Life of Pets 2”.

Personal life of Catherine Barnabas

Catherine Barnabas is not married, but the news about her personal life is very interested in fans of the actress. In 2012, when the naked Ekaterina Barnava appeared on the cover of XXL, in an interview with this publication, the actress said that she has a boyfriend and she feels excellent with him.

“I have a boyfriend and he is my best. Therefore, probably, he appeared now, when I’m 27, when I reviewed different men and realized that I’m best with this man, ”said Barnabas.

“I think it's awesome when people can have sex and laugh at something in parallel. When people laugh and smile, it means that they feel good. And during sex they probably feel good. This is logical, ”Barnabas also said.

In 2015 at the wedding Tatyana Navka and Dmitry Peskov Dmitry Khrustalev and Comedy Woman participant Yekaterina Barnava were invited to lead the celebration. The news reported that at that time, Dmitry and Catherine had a romantic relationship. But they lasted only 2 years, and then the couple broke up.

In June 2017, Catherine Barnabas showed fans a photo with her fiance - a dancer Konstantin Myakinkov. In the personal life of Ekaterina Myakinkov appeared in 2013. “Our relationship began with dancing! We met Katya on the set of Comedy Woman, where I work as a choreographer, ”said Konstantin.

Ekaterina Barnava in the same interview noted that she and the guy are brutal romantics. “We don’t arrange dinners by candlelight and we don’t sleep on the floors with rose petals, but we like to fool around, dance, go on vacation together. Although, of course, Kostya sometimes gives me flowers for no reason or, for example, wakes me up with the smell of coffee. ” And her boyfriend admitted that he could write a book "1000 and 1 way how to tame Katya Barnabas."

Rumors about the wedding of Catherine Barnabas and Konstantin Myakinkov appeared in the news in the summer of 2016. But the artists did not confirm these conjectures. Now the couple is still together, but Barnava and Myakinkov have not yet gone to the registry office.

Childhood and youth

Catherine was born in Moscow on December 9, 1984. A girl with an expressive Spanish appearance prefers not to disclose facts from her life. This caused a lot of controversy regarding her nationality. It is known that the celebrity’s father is from Kazakhstan, his mother is Russian. Catherine has repeatedly stated that in this matter, viewers and fans should draw conclusions themselves.

Shortly after the birth of Catherine, the family, in which two older children had already been raised, moved to Germany, where his father was seconded from the service. The first 7 years, the girl lived in the city of Wünsdorf, grew up surrounded by brothers Igor and Alexei. When in 1991 Barnabas returned to Moscow and went to school, she suddenly became an outcast.

Catherine Barnabas in childhood and now

The reason was the foreign outfits and bright toys of a little schoolgirl. In the Soviet Union at that time there was an era of scarcity, and classmates decided that Katya was showing off to them. The girl with great difficulty managed to join the new team. Today, a celebrity recalls that period of life with mixed feelings. As a result, while studying at school, the girl had to hone her humor, which came in handy in the future for a successful career.

From an early age, the future star was engaged in ballroom dancing, which she loved, and successes in the classes showed that Barnabas had a bright future. As a result, expectations were not destined to come true. First, the girl quickly overtook all partners in growth, and then, when the issue with a suitable partner was resolved, 14-year-old Katya was seriously injured in training.

Catherine Barnabas in her youth

During the fall, her vertebrae shifted, and she had to forget about sports. The future artist was going through this blow hard and, as she herself admits, can not look at the ballroom dancing competition, where her friends are now performing.

However, the desire for art and creative expression was too strong to discard all ambitions. Ekaterina Varnava entered the MISiS National Research Technological University, where she studied at the Faculty of Law. But the girl did not have the chance to work as a lawyer.

Films and TV projects

In the fall of 2012, Catherine made her debut as a TV presenter. The girl begins to conduct the morning television show NTV in the morning. Then, after 2 years, he replaces Olga Freimut as the leading Ukrainian comedy television project “Who's On Top”. The partner of Catherine Barnabas is the Ukrainian actor and TV presenter Sergey Prytula.

Also, Catherine Barnabas participated in the 7th season of the entertainment show "The Invisible Man." Experts tried to find out who was hiding in a secret room, and the audience heard a lot of new things from the life of a celebrity.

Catherine Barnabas in the program "Who is Above"

The actress also starred in commercials. Fans liked the promotional video for Gloria Jeans clothes, viewers did not hide their enthusiasm, demanding new videos.

For the first time, Barnabas appeared on the television screen in a feature film, playing a cameo role in the TV series "Univer." A little earlier, the director Alexander Strizhenov invited the beauty to the comedy "From 180 and above", but the credits didn’t appear in the credits. In the film, based on the story of Irvin Shaw “Unsuccessful Saturday”, Russian movie stars Evgeny Stychkin, Ivan Urgant, Ekaterina Strizhenova, Ekaterina Guseva, Fedor Bondarchuk, Gosha Kutsenko shone.

Catherine Barnabas in the show "The Invisible Man"

Then came the comedies “Happy Together” and “Little Girls”. Around the same period, the actress starred in the romantic comedy "8 ​​First Dates." Of the latest films in which Catherine starred, viewers mark the sitcom “Sasha Tanya”.

In 2015, Catherine Barnabas appeared in the comedy “Double Trouble”. In this film, the actress got the role of Alexandra, a socialite and the owner of the radio station.

Double Trouble comedy trailer

In 2010, Catherine starred in a candid photo shoot for MAXIM magazine. Filming for the Russian version of "Maxim" was not the only one. Fans also saw the actress almost naked in a vibrant photo shoot for the XXL men's magazine. True, the celebrity was hiding behind flowers or underwear, so the fans had to fantasize.

Soon the celebrity decided to fix the furore and lay down under the knife of a plastic surgeon. The social networks immediately began to look for the difference between old and new photos of Barnabas taken before and after the operation. Many users believe that Catherine underwent a rhinoplasty procedure, and her lip volume was also increased.

Catherine Barnabas before and after plastic surgery

Opinions on the achieved effect were divided, although most agree that the plastic went to the benefit of the appearance of the artist. Fans note that the physical data of Barnabas are very impressive even without surgical interventions, because Catherine’s height is 181 cm, and she weighs 63 kg.

Ekaterina Barnabas now

In 2017, representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine announced that Barnabas was prohibited from visiting the country. The SBU explained this ban by the fact that the artist, along with other participants in the Comedy Woman project, performed with concerts in Crimea.

Nevertheless, the year was fruitful for the actress. Catherine played in the comedy film project "Zomboyaschik", which was created by the forces of TNT channel artists. Garik Kharlamov, Timur Batrutdinov, Pavel Volya, Nastasya Samburskaya and others appeared here.

Ekaterina Varnava in the comedy project "Zomboyaschik"

In November 2018, the artist attended the presentation of the book “Diary of the Comedian’s Wife” by the wife of Garik Martirosyan, Jeanne. Catherine appeared not only as a guest of the event. Together with Marina Kravets and Ararat Keshchyan, she read several stories from the stage. All money from the sale of the publication will go to the account of the Konstantin Khabensky Charity Fund. The meeting was attended by Julia Kovalchuk, Alexei Chumakov, Christina Asmus, Tigran Keosayan, Anna Khilkevich, Julia Nachalova and others.

Since April 2018, Barnabas has been the host of the Songs show on TNT.

Ekaterina Barnava at the show “Songs” in 2018

In addition to the television work of Barnabas, fans are also interested in her personal microblog. On her profile, the actress places humorous vines, dance videos and funny personal pictures.


Since the first issue in 2008, she has been participating in the comedy woman television program in the image of the show’s sex symbol source not specified 188 days , as well as staging choreographic numbers.

From August 27 to September 10, 2012 she led the NTV in the morning (NTV) program. She was also one of the hosts of the Battle of the Choirs program on the Russia-1 channel.

In 2014, she became the host of the Ukrainian television project “Who Is Above?” On the New Channel, replacing Olga Freimut. She remained the host of this show until 2017, until she was banned from entering Ukraine for visiting the Crimea.

In 2015, she became the host of the TV project of the First Channel "Dance!" In July 2015, together with Natalya Andreevna, she starred in the video of the band “Record Orchestra” for the song “Lada Sedan”.

In November 2016, she took part in the show “Explorer” on the TV channel “Friday!” And became, together with Andrei Bednyakov, the host of the issue, which was dedicated to Moscow.

In 2017, she became a participant in the TNT show Love is.

In December 2017, she was the host of one episode of the Ukrainian television show Eagle and Tails.

Since April 21, 2018 - the leading show “Songs. Reality "on TNT.

Since August 2019 - the host of the program "Questions for Adults" on the YouTube channel "Futures"


2008 from University cameo
2012 from Happy together cameo
2012 f 8 first dates Ilona Viktorovna, plastic surgeon, bride of Nikita Andreevich Sokolov
2012 from Deffchonki cameo
2013 from Studio 17 Mila
2015 from Sashatanya cameo
2015 f Double Trouble Alexandra
2017 f Zomboyaschik prostitute Elena Dronova
2017 f Sadko Barracuda, Underwater Priestess
2019 f Wish Marathon acted in film

Ekaterina Barnabas: biography

The artist was born on December 9, 1984 in the family of a soldier, while her mother worked as a general practitioner. In connection with the work of his father, the family moved, and for a long time lived in the German city of Wünsdorf, which at that time housed groups of Soviet troops. Catherine lived there from the first year of her life until her seventh birthday. There she finished only the first grade, and already from the second she began to attend a Moscow school.

At first, Katya was an outcast. The thing is that she has a lot of things bought in Germany: beautiful clothes and bright toys. The children envied her and believed that the new one was showing off.

For a long time, the girl did not understand why this was happening and what she was doing wrong, because she had no problems with her classmates at the last school. Little Katya tried to win peer love, she was friendly and joked a lot. In the future, a sense of humor came in handy for her.

Star way

The child was given to ballroom dancing, and Katya's abilities were rated quite high. However, at the age of 14, she suffered a spinal injury, and she had to forget about the career of a professional dancer. Without leaving thoughts of choreography, Catherine tries to enter the University of Culture, and when she doesn’t succeed, she decides to study at the Law Department of MISiS. In addition to studying, the girl became interested in KVN and since 2003 she has become a member of the team “My Secrets”, and a little later - “National Team of Small Peoples”. Over the years, she played for both teams and even performed in the Higher League of KVN. After the failure, both teams ceased to exist.

Ekaterina Barnabas and the Comedy Woman show

A new stage in the life of Catherine was a successful casting, where the producers of the show Comedy Woman drew attention to her vivid image. It was she who made the name of Catherine Barnabas known to the general public. In addition to direct participation in the shows, she is also engaged in her favorite business - staging choreographic numbers.

Catherine talks about work at Comedy Women as a worthy project designed to show that women also know how to joke. At the same time, Barnabas tries herself as an actress, starring in the sitcoms "Univer" and "SashaTanya", the series "Happy Together" and "Studio 17". In the films “Double Trouble” (2015) and “8 First Dates” (2012), Ekaterina Barnava performed the main roles.

In 2012, she works on NTV, and later on Russia 1. One of the latest projects is the Ukrainian program “Who is on Top”.

Husband of Catherine Barnabas

The charismatic presenter Ekaterina Barnabas is always surrounded by a large number of men and fans. And this is quite natural for a bright, young actress. Her fans always want to know more about their idol: if Ekaterina Barnava has a husband and children, if there is no husband, then who is her fiancé, and, of course, all the juicy details of her personal life. The first serious relationship that fell into the sight of paparazzi cameras, Katya had a married man. However, the couple broke up after 2 years. After Catherine began to speak in the Comedy Woman team, Dmitry Khrustalev, a colleague in the workshop, claimed her hand and heart. The artists carefully concealed their relationship from journalists, but as you know, all the secret becomes clear.

Dmitry Khrustalev and Ekaterina Barnava

Khrustalev made an offer to Catherine Barnabas, but the lovers never reached the registry office. Moreover, in 2013 their romance ended. At that time, Catherine worked in tandem with the dancer Yevgeny Borodenko, emotional performances of the artists suggested that between them and in life there are the same relationships that they represent on stage. The situation was “aggravated” by the fact that the popular comedian often posted their joint photos on her blog. And when a slender girl, which everyone was accustomed to seeing Catherine on stage, had a barely noticeable rounded tummy, what could her fans and paparazzi have suggested? “She's expecting a baby.”

Barnava herself, in response to frank questions from journalists, said that she has professional and purely friendly relations with Yevgeny Borodenko. No more. Refuting the speculation about the children, Catherine Barnabas admitted that she has long been dating a man whom he considers to be the man of her dreams, but does not want to reveal his name in the media. In 2015, the name of the groom of Catherine Barnabas became known - this is the young choreographer Konstantin Myakinkov. The acquaintance of colleagues took place during the work of Konstantin with the Comedy Woman team, where he was a choreographer, then a trusting relationship between the two professionals ensued.

In the photo: Ekaterina Barnava and Konstantin Myakinkov

Soon, fate brought them together again. This happened on the show "Dance", where Konstantin acted as a participant in the project, and Catherine was his host. The romance of two talented young people prompted Catherine's fans to the idea that their first meeting at Comedy Woman did not end simply with a working relationship. Allegedly, it was she who led to the transition from tender feelings to friendship between Barnabas and Khrustalev.In one of her interviews, the actress herself did not comment on the speculations of fans and journalists, but admitted that today a serious relationship had been established between her and Konstantin Myakinkov. It is not the first year they have been in a civil marriage and are making plans for the future.

2016 made adjustments to the news column about Russian stars of show business: the novel by Ekaterina Barnava and Konstantin Myakinkov, according to the information of ubiquitous journalists, supposedly ended in a wedding. The news talked about the secret wedding of Catherine and Constantine, and that the young wife openly wears a ring on her ring finger. Indeed, on her Instagram page, Barnabas posted a photo where she makes purchases in a store, and a ringlet flaunts on the ring finger of her right hand. However, the conjectures of her subscribers Catherine ignored. It was in the video of Anna Sedokova that he and Konstantin happened to play the role of the bride and groom, and in life they are still a couple in love.


Since 2003, Catherine participated in the KVN. At the same time, she made her television debut. However, Catherine gained real popularity after the release of the TV show "Comedy Woman" on TNT. In this television program, Catherine acts as the "sex symbol of the show."

It is worth noting that her appearance is spectacular: Catherine is slender and leggy (the height of the artist is 181 cm, and weight 63 kg). Thanks to external data, combined with heels and revealing outfits, Barnabas stands out from the rest of the show. In addition, the girl is also a television program choreographer.

After the success of the Comedy Woman show, the girl took part in many other projects: NTV in the morning, Battle of the Choirs and Dance, and was also a TV presenter of the Ukrainian comedy show Who's on Top.

It’s not uncommon to see Ekaterina in advertising: she starred in the commercials for Gloria Jeans clothes for the online shoe store Sapato. Photos of the artist can be seen on buses in Moscow and St. Petersburg - an advertisement for Loko-Bank.

In recent years, Catherine decided to try herself as an actress. On her account episodic roles in such sitcoms as “Happy Together”, “Deffchonki” and “Univer”, as well as more prominent roles in full-length comedies: “8 First Dates”, “Double Trouble”, “Zomboyaschik”.

Filming in advertising

In the fall of 2013, she took part in the filming of an advertising campaign for the online shoe store Sapato.ru as the main character of the video.

In August 2016, three times took part in the filming of advertising for the Gloria Jeans chain of stores.

Since 2017, he has been an advertising person for Loko-Bank.

Naked Catherine Barnabas

In 2010, Catherine received an invitation to star in Maxim magazine. At that time she was 25 years old. The girl for a long time did not dare to openly shoot, as she was afraid of not understanding and condemnation from her strict parents, but nevertheless agreed to a photo shoot.

Parents were sympathetic to their daughter’s decision, but after the magazine went on sale, his father bought up a large number of magazines so that they would not go to anyone else. Then, in 2012, Barnabas also starred for another men's magazine, XXL.

Catherine Barnabas took photos for magazines before the alleged plastic changes, after which she has not yet been shot.

Plastic surgery and the appearance of Catherine Barnabas

Catherine Barnabas always tries to look spectacular. You can’t see her on TV without bright makeup and false eyelashes.

The first surgical changes in appearance could be noticed in 2011: the girl’s lips significantly increased volume. When compared with old photographs, the difference becomes obvious. Now more and more girls are resorting to lip augmentation with fillers, let alone the stars. The girl admitted openly about these injections.

But the comedian did not stop there: most likely she changed the shape of her eyebrows and made rhinoplasty. The nose of the TV star began to look neater and more elegant, and the eyebrows were more expressive.

Barnabas Catherine before and after plastic surgery (photos prove this) had a different shape of lips. After several years of use, she still removed the fillers. Now the lips of the artist look natural and do not distract attention.

In 2015, the most noticeable changes occurred in the girl's appearance. But the point is not in plastic surgery, but in losing 10 kilograms. She achieved this result by eliminating animal protein from the diet.

Now she also refused to eat fish and seafood. With her fans, the artist shares the secrets of harmony and says that the path to a beautiful figure is vegetarianism and green tea. Thanks to this diet, she manages to keep fit and not starve.

Barnabas Catherine before and after plastic surgery - photos appeared on the network and again became an occasion for heated debate. After losing weight of the artist, fans began to discuss that for sure the matter was not limited to this, and she nevertheless fell under the surgeon’s knife. The fact is that the facial features of the girl became sharper, cheekbones expressive, and sunken cheeks.

This result can be achieved by removing lumps of Bisha surgically. Using blepharoplasty, you can tighten the upper or lower eyelid. And judging by the fact that Catherine’s eyes were miraculously smoothed, we can conclude about the operation.

Approximate prices for these procedures in Moscow clinics:

  • Fillers on the lips - from 40 thousand rubles.
  • Eyebrow plastic surgery - from 50 thousand rubles.
  • Rhinoplasty - from 50 to 300 thousand rubles.
  • Removal of lumps of Bish - from 50 to 80 thousand rubles.
  • Blepharoplasty - about 50 thousand rubles.

If Catherine Barnabas did all these operations, then it cost her about 400 thousand rubles. However, the girl really did these procedures with her face or not - remains a mystery.

The opinion of experts and ordinary people

Surgeons do not doubt that there was surgical intervention in the appearance of the artist, but they say that in many respects the changes are associated with weight loss. This is noticeable when comparing photographs before losing weight and after, where the girl was shot at full height. And most likely Catherine didn’t do a facelift - she’s not yet at that age, when this only requires surgical intervention.

Doctors also question the removal of Bisha's lumps. Given that the girl has lost a lot of weight and has an obvious underweight (with an increase of 181 cm the weight is about 70 kg, Barnabas weighs almost a dozen less), it’s not surprising that her cheeks fell inside and her cheekbones became more noticeable.

Changing the nose could also be due to weight loss. The experienced gaze of the doctor notes that the back and tip of the nose have not changed. Most likely, the nose became sharper as well due to weight loss.

Doctors do not doubt the change in the shape of the lips, but the girl does not deny it. It is noticeable that she made lip correction with fillers with hyaluronic acid.

A smooth forehead gives injections of botulinum toxins. Perhaps, contour plastic surgery of the face in the area of ​​the cheekbones was also done.

Barnava Catherine (before and after plastic surgery) - the photo shared the views of fans: some believe that a girl, and even more a media person, should always look after herself and keep attractive and improve her appearance in all possible ways. Others are sure that Catherine "went too far" with this, and now she is not recognized at all, and subscribers on social networks even ask her to stop.

Ekaterina Barnabas today

Now Catherine is actively sharing her life with fans through Instagram (kativarnava). Every now and then the artist is credited with new plastic surgeries, but the girl denies everything. Also, some think that she "went too far" with weight loss and now she has anorexia. But Catherine assures that everything is fine with her, and in her life finally came harmony.

Recently, the artist began to often change eye color with lenses. By nature, she has dark brown eyes, but in recent photoshoots and pictures on the network she can often be seen with gray or blue eyes. And often because of such changes with the eyes, the girl simply cannot be recognized.

She also experimented with hair: before Barnabas was a burning brunette, now she has lightened her hair. The warm shade of the blonde successfully combines with dark eyes and eyebrows. Fans noticed that in the new image, the artist is similar to Svetlana Loboda or Tatyana Navka.

Catherine denies that she changed her appearance with a scalpel and claims that she is just carefully watching herself. However, the photos before and after the plastic surgery of Catherine Barnabas make one doubt the veracity of these words.

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