Juozas Budraitis


With his wife, the actor is happy for more than forty years

Lost rings

- Why is there no information in the media about your spouse?

- I didn’t want to talk. We studied with Vita at the same university, but at different faculties: she is in chemical, I am in law. Vita is five years younger than me. The first time I saw her at a party, at first only her eyes, and that’s it: he aimed like a torpedo. Then he invited her to the cinema. Vita agreed, but was late. As it turned out, she was always late. The girl she was graceful, fragile, but distant, with a solid character.

- Remember how you looked after?

“My wife had eight friends.” And everyone followed her on the heels. I was alone among them, like a goose. I wanted privacy, but it didn’t work: all eight in one go. They sat in a clearing by the river, drained a bottle for nine, and everyone had fun.

We got married in 1968. They didn’t want wedding dresses in principle. We had everything: sometimes they cursed almost before a fight, sometimes plates hit. It’s all because of little things: either thought was misunderstood, or because of literature.

- Why don’t you wear a wedding ring?

- A week after the wedding, we went for a walk in the forest. The snow is soft, fluffy. I shook it off my jacket and my ring flew away. Started to search. He drew a diameter and began to remove snow with his hand.The wife looked, looked: "You are not looking there, look there." And she waved her hand: her ring, too, with a finger flew away. Further rowing. Wife: "I'm cold, stop it, we'll come in the spring, find it." I got on a motorcycle and drove away. I row, my hands froze, finally I find my ring. I put on and row on. Next to her. I put her ring on the other finger. My wife arrives, and I defiantly row my hand with two rings, but she does not see. Let's go to a cafe to drink champagne. I hold a glass with this hand, but she does not see the rings! I had to show.

At the wedding, Vita decided not to wear a white dress

Juozas Budraitis
Juozas budraitis
Birth nameJuozas Stanislavas Budraitis
Date of BirthOctober 6, 1940 (1940-10-06) (aged 79)
Place of Birthvillage Lepinay
Kelme district, Lithuanian SSR, USSR
Citizenship USSR
Career1961 — present time

Juozas Stanislavas Budraitis (lit. Juozas Budraitis, October 6, 1940, der Lepinai, Šiauliai county, Lithuanian SSR) - Soviet and Lithuanian film and theater actor, People's Artist of the Lithuanian SSR (1982), laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize in the field of culture and art (2013).


Born on October 6, 1940 in a peasant family. In 1945 he moved to Klaipeda, and in 1955 in Šveksna. Participated in school activities, was expelled from the 9th grade for hooliganism, worked as a carpenter in Klaipeda. After serving military service in the Soviet Army, he entered the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University.

He made his film debut in 1961 in the episode of the film When the Rivers Merge. Studying in the 3rd year of university, he was invited by the director Vytautas алalakevičius to play the role of Jonas in the famous film “Nobody Wanted to Die”, which made him popular. Transferring to the correspondence department of the university (which he graduated in 1969), he began to act actively, including abroad. Since 1969, the actor of the Lithuanian film studio. Bright representative of the "Lithuanian school".

In 1976-1978, he studied at the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors at the USSR Goskino in Moscow, in the studio of the adventure film V.P. Zalakyavichyusa, after which he was invited by his fellow student, the main director of the KDT, Jonas Vaitkus to work in the Kaunas Drama Theater (until 1988 of the year). He played a number of serious theater roles.

Budraitis’s directorial career did not work out after the actual failure of his debut film “Bird City” (1982) based on the story of Yuri Olesha.

From 1996 to 2011 - cultural attaché of the Lithuanian Embassy in Russia, Minister Counselor of the Embassy.

He continues to actively star in Lithuanian and Russian television series.

Biography, life story of Budraitis Juozas Stanislavas

Born 10/06/1940, the village of Lipinai, Lithuania.

Juozas Budraitis was born on October 6, 1940 in the Lithuanian village of Lipinai. After graduation, in 1958-60 he worked as a worker at a training and production plant in Klaipeda.

In 1968, Budraitis graduated from Vilnius University Law School, but did not become a lawyer. By that time, he had already become famous as a film actor.

In 1976 - 78 years Budraitis studied at the Higher two-year courses of scriptwriters and directors at the USSR State Cinema in Moscow. In 1981-1988 - actor of the Kaunas Drama Theater. The work of Budraitis on the stage is marked by restraint, courage, psychological depth. Among the most famous are: Solnes ("Builder Solnes" by G. Ibsen), Khereya ("Caligula" A. Camus).

Movie. 60s - 90s

The first work of Budraitis in the movie was the film "Nobody Wanted to Die" (1965). This film, milestone for Soviet cinema of the 60s as a whole, and especially for Lithuanian cinematography, turned the little-known actors Adomaitis, Budraitis and Banionis into stars.

In the 60s and 70s Budraitis made a lot of films: “Two Comrades Served”, “Colony Lanfier”, “This Sweet Word Is Freedom” and other films. A memorable work was the role of Budraitis in the psychological melodrama "Dangerous Age" (1981). He played a forty-year-old expert perfumer, as he was called in the movie "sniffer." Having lived with his wife for a couple of decades, they suddenly find complete misunderstanding. The child grew and moved away. It would seem that you can get a divorce. The experiences of family drama deprive the protagonist of the ability to distinguish smells.

In 1983, Budraitis played one of the main roles in the television series "Rich Man, Poor Man" based on the novel of the same name by Irvin Shaw about the life of the Jordash clan against the backdrop of the events of the 20th century. In the same year, he starred in the lyrical comedy "Carousel" with Marina Neyolova.

Thirty years of work in the movie brought Juozas Budraitis an enviable audience love. Ladies wrote such letters! They offered a hand and a heart, sent photos, came with suitcases, ready to stay with their beloved artist for life.

But today it is more important for Budraitis to hold a scientific conference with dignity, to engage in publishing, it is much more interesting to talk with people of science than with some of the colleagues in the acting workshop. He says that he accidentally became an actor, he studied at a lawyer. As it happens: a man walked along the street, jumped in to a friend, thought that for a short while, and sat up until late in the evening. So Budraitis, he said, was walking, and accidentally jumped into a foreign profession for thirty years, and now he returned to where he originally went.

Since 1996, Juozas Budraitis has been living in Moscow, holds an important post of cultural adviser to the Lithuanian Embassy in Russia. He liked this thing. Budraitis likes to meet all kinds of people, not actors. Once he even talked somewhat irritatedly about his acting affairs, quite rightly believing that it was not worth it to appear on stage and on screen between cases. And this is at the time when the film "Classic" was released, in which Juozas Stanislavovich played one of the main roles. But Budraitis stubbornly reiterated that it is hardly worth squeezing cherry oil if it is not there.

However, despite all the statements, he still continues to act in films periodically, and the directors are the most advanced and brave: Roman Kachanov in the ultra-modern film adaptation of Idiot and Yuri Grymov in Collector.

Among the actor’s latest works is the episodic role of Father Jozas in the film Arya by Roman Kachanov and Dungorm in the first domestic blockbuster in the fantasy style Wolfhound of the Gray Dogs family.

Movie career

In 1976, viewers saw Budraitis in a costumed historical film about the Middle Ages "The Legend of Thiel."

In 1977, the actor starred in the film about the war “Blockade. Leningrad metronome. Operation Iskra ”together with such outstanding colleagues in the workshop as Sergey Filippov, Yuri Solomin, Vladislav Strzhelchik, Mikhail Ulyanov and others. This is a continuation of the movie "Blockade. Luga border. Pulkovo Meridian ”, which was released in 1974 with the same cast.

In 1985, the actor played in the popular TV series Rich Man. Poor thing. " This role further increased the army of fans of Budraitis, film critics also very favorably accepted the picture.

In addition, in the 80s, viewers saw the actor in such films as: “European History”, “Confession of his wife”, “Last Visit”, “13th Apostle”, “Sinner”, “House without Exit” and others .

A special place in the list of Budraitis’s works this decade is played by the role in Oleg Mishin’s film according to Ivan Okhlobystin’s screenplay The Publican.

In the 2000s, Juozas Budraitis continued to act actively. It is noteworthy that the actor played in one of the films of the Black Room almanac, which became the directorial debut of Andrei Zvyagintsev.

In 2001, the actor starred in the modern interpretation of Dostoevsky’s novel “Idiot” - the film “Down House”. On the set of this black comedy, a star cast gathered: Fedor Bondarchuk, Ivan Okhlobystin, Alexander Bashirov, Barbara Brylska and others.

In 2005, Budraitis was invited to the costumed historical film “The Saga of the Ancient Burgars”, which consists of two parts: “The Legend of Olga the Holy” and “Ladder of Vladimir the Red Sun”.

The Lithuanian actor was eagerly invited to act in films and TV shows by directors of the entire former Soviet Union in the 2010s. These were mainly small but diverse roles: from the bishop to the truck driver.

Personal life of Juozas Budraitis

In a friendly family two children were born. The son of Budraitis lives in Lithuania, he already has his own family, a child. Justin's daughter lives and works in London, she is married, but she is not going to become a mother yet.

Almost all the women of the Soviet Union fell in love with courageous Budraitis. The actor said in an interview that once a fan from a small town came to him, she came to Budraitis’s apartment with a suitcase and announced that she would live with him and take care of him and his son. When the girl was informed that the actor was married, she got angry and left, leaving her suitcase full of photographs and articles about her beloved actor. Budraitis and his wife burned the suitcase along with the contents, and, according to the actor, it burned with a bright blue flame.

Juozas Budraitis now

The actor and his wife live in Lithuania in a small apartment where they have lived almost their entire family life.

Budraitis is present at the opening of exhibitions of his photographs, which are often arranged. One of the last was held in Minsk in the summer of 2017 and was called “My Paris”.

The actor loves to relax on his small farm, where he reads a lot, draws, photographs nature.

Budraitis still receives many letters from fans, among which, as the actor proudly notes, there are young girls.

Childhood and youth

Juozas was born on October 6, 1940 in a family of Lithuanian peasants (the actor himself is also Lithuanian by nationality). The boy was born in the village of Lipinai and became the first-born of the spouses Budraitis. Later, 4 more children will appear in the family, which Juozas will take care of along with his parents.

Actor Juozas Budraitis

The brightest childhood memory for Budraitis was met with German soldiers in her own barn. The boy, who was only 4 years old, was not afraid of strangers and even ate with the men the soup that the Germans offered the child. Juozas admits that he still remembers the taste of that food.

With school education, the boy did not work out. Budraitis liked to attend an amateur group at school, but the uncomfortable situations in which the teenager put teachers, led to expulsion.

Juozas Budraitis in his youth

In an interview, the man admitted that the last straw for the teaching staff was the question of the reproduction of the person that the young man asked on biology in the 9th grade.

The expelled young man got a job as a carpenter, and when he came of age, he went to serve. After the army, in which Budraitis spent 3 years, the young man enters Vilnius University. Juozas chooses the specialty Jurisprudence. In order not to depend on parents, the young man grabs at any job offers.


Radical changes in the biography of the young man occurred in the 3rd year of the university. Assistant Director Vytautas Zhalakevicius approached Juozas. The student was invited to audition for the film Nobody Wanted to Die. An attractive young man immediately agreed, because for one shooting day Budraitis was promised to pay 13 rubles (the scholarship of the future lawyer was 23 rubles per month).

Juozas Budraitis in the movie Nobody Wanted to Die

After the release of the film, Juozas woke up famous. The young man was transferred to distance learning, as the constant filming did not leave time for anything else. Gradually, the actor began to be invited to work in the film studio of the Soviet Union.

In 1968, Juozas got the role of captain von Dietrich in the film “The Shield and the Sword,” filmed by director Vladimir Basov at Mosfilm. While working on a military drama, the man met Oleg Yankovsky, whose friendship he had kept for many years.

Juozas Budraitis and Marina Neyolova in the film "With You and Without You"

One of the most popular characters played by Juozas was a resident of the farm Fedor from the movie "With You and Without You" in 1973. In order to look organically in the frame with actress Marina Neyolova (the leading actor), they dug holes for the man - the only way the big difference in the growth of the actors was not noticeable (Budraitis's height reaches 1.90 m with a weight of 90 kg).

Having realized that he wants to develop further in the film industry, the man enters the higher courses of screenwriters and directors at the Goskino of the USSR. After 2 years of training, Budraitis accepts the invitation of fellow student Jonas Vaitkus to serve in the Kaunas Drama Theater, from which he was dismissed in 1988.

Juozas Budraitis at the theater

The theatrical stage could not replace the Juozas movie theater. In 1981, the drama "Dangerous Age" was released, which made Budraitis a favorite of Soviet women. Together with the artist, the main roles in the film were played by Alisa Freindlich and Anton Tabakov.

In addition to full-length films, the actor was often involved in series. For example, in the 4-episode film “The Rich Man, the Poor”, shot based on the work of Irwin Shaw, Juozas plays a colorful secondary role, which Lithuanian critics praised quite high.

Juozas Budraitis and Alice Freindlich in the movie Dangerous Age

The movie "Sinner" in 1988 attracted no less attention. The actor got the role of a turner with specific working methods. The hero’s dissimilarity to colleagues delivered a lot of trouble to the man and his family.

During the decline in his acting career, in 1996, Juozas received an offer from the Lithuanian government to take up the post of culture attache for the embassy of his native country in Russia.

Juozas Budraitis and Ada Rogovtseva in the movie "Winter Romance"

The man hesitated for a long time with the answer, but agreed, suggesting that he would serve in the embassy no longer than 3 years. As a result, the actor occupied the chair of the attache until 2011, while periodically acting in films.

One of the most striking works of that period was the New Year’s melodrama "Winter Romance", where Ada Rogovtseva became a partner on the movie platform. The artists played the role of pensioners who abandon their children and grandchildren for the sake of unexpectedly flared feelings.

Kicked out of school

“You were a cultural attaché.” Cool zigzag in life, do not you? After all, you were kicked out of school after 9th grade.

- Not so behaved, naughty a little. He was not particularly active, but he was saying something sharp, sometimes not with that intonation. And sometimes you ask a question that the teacher does not know how to answer. In a biology class, he asked a question about puberty. Once they explained to me that the flower has reproductive organs, let them tell you how this happens in humans. Therefore, I don’t go to my native school for graduate meetings: there is no desire.

- Jozas, tell me how your father, who worked on the ground, reacted to the fact that you began acting in films?

- Fine. I was the eldest of the children: I have two more brothers and two sisters. Therefore, he first flew out of the house. I always tried to help my parents, but they needed little. When father and mother are gone, thoughts come to mind that he could devote more time to his relatives.

- Remember your first fee for shooting in the film "Nobody Wanted to Die", which became a cult? For a third-year law student, did he seem fabulous?

- For me personally, the fee for “Nobody wanted to die” was palpable. The scholarship is 23 rubles, and here for each shooting day I received 13 rubles.

Since then he took off his wedding ring. I was afraid to lose him on the set. But this silver, which was made by one costume designer, I wear.

- Our Russian actors change their spouse so often that sometimes you do not have time to keep track. Do Lithuanians do not accept this?

- Among my friends, almost all changed more than one wife. But I still love Vita. We have been together for 44 years. There were some problems, but not so global as to break off relations. I always thought: who am I better to find?

- Vita is so slim. Dieting?

- There isn’t one that doesn’t eat any product or starve, but it has its own menu, its own preferences. For example, the wife loves white Lithuanian cheese and brown bread.

- Your hero “sniffer” in the film “Dangerous Age” overcomes the family crisis through divorce and separation. How did you survive this age?

- I did not overcome the middle-aged crisis: I lived like I lived, worked, did what I wanted. Age is age. I don’t believe it if people say that they don’t feel their age. Only the head is working normally, it is aging more slowly.

- In this picture, the open end: it is unclear whether the characters remain together or not.

- It’s always better not to say. The wife is the closest person, and my hero yearns after parting. Recently, my friend Regimantas Adomaitis, with whom he starred in the film “Nobody Wanted to Die,” lost his wife. I see how hard it is for him, he loved her very much.

BUDRAITIS masterfully owns a tablet computer

In St. Petersburg, during the performance of The Seagull, he walked so hard, barely dragging his feet. The feeling that he does not care what is happening around. He also lived all his life with his first and only wife - Eugene.

- In the film “Sin,” you played an old man showing others their sins. What does sin mean to you?

- The worst thing is when you inside consider yourself a sinner, although the rest do not think so. I had to feel like a sinner, and more than once. Even if you make a promise that you will not do so, you do. Our fate consists of sins and good deeds. We live our own way based on what is good for us. Everyone is watching how to enrich themselves, grab themselves, and do not think how to share with those who are in poverty. All due to the fact that there is no culture.

Fans tortured

- In Soviet times, you shot a lot abroad: in Germany, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic. Could go west?

- They often ask: “Why didn’t you pull to the West?” I didn’t have such a goal. Family, we made good money. Another question, you come abroad - and eyes run wide. But you understand that all this is not necessary. There was bread, milk, hard-to-get meat - that's enough.

- How did your wife relate to your success? Not jealous of the fans?

- Fans came home and wrote letters to the film studio. The postman at Mosfilm was indignant: “Settle this problem somehow!” I arrive in Vilnius, the postman says the same thing. One “admirer of talent” came with a suitcase from Frunze to raise my son Martin. The neighbors let her into the porch and said that there is a wife who does it perfectly. She: “Ah, wife! What a bastard! Let her take my presents! ”The neighbors handed me this suitcase. My son and I opened, and there are clippings from various magazines with my portraits. They lit a fire in the courtyard and burned a suitcase. The bonfire burned with a blue flame. I used to reply to letters, but I realized: you can’t do this. And now I received a letter, a girl of 25 years writes that she loves my films. These are the messages that delight: young people know the pictures.

In a comfortable armchair, a famous artist loves a cup of coffee latte in the morning

- Why are there few pictures you are attending?

- I didn’t take pictures on purpose, I was accidentally shot and distributed without demand. I remember a funny case: someone brought a purse from Abkhazia with my portrait. I began to look who made: the society of the blind of the Abkhaz SSR. They probably did not know whose portrait they placed.

- Remember your first car?

- The wife earned her. She invented a corrosion-resistant coating at the Institute of Chemistry and Technology. And this process was implemented in Togliatti. Vita went there to control, to comply with the process. During one visit, she was told that they could sell Zhiguli at cost. The wife herself came to them. Successfully reached, only one pebble hit the glass. Then I bought the "eight", which I allocated out of turn. Then there was the “six”, which he gave to his son Martin, since I did not need it. And for 40 years of the wedding, his wife was presented with Audi A4. We went for a while, but my wife was always driving, it was embarrassing for me to drive: her own present. Then I bought a jeep Grand Cherokee, which my wife calls a cow. I ride on it.

- It’s not a shame that, being an attaché for Lithuanian culture, couldn’t keep my daughter at home?

- It's a shame, but what can you do? Justin's daughter lives in London. She never wanted to be an actress, although she was offered. She said: “Never!” In Italy, when she taught the language, she was invited to the podium, she also refused. She graduated from the University of London with a degree in Psychology. Lives with a common-law husband. They don’t want to sign.

- Didn’t give grandson?

- So far only a son has given me a grandson. The daughter has no children, and does not want to start. I asked, but Justina said: "Dad, if you still talk about it, I will not come again."

In Vilnius, BUDRAITIS walks with a camera to take a panorama of his hometown

Neyelova not undressed

- In 1973, the film “With You and Without You” was released with Marina Neyolova, and ten years later - “Carousel”, in which Neyolova was again your partner. It is an accident? Or did you insist?

- No, I was confronted with a fact. They called and said that Neyolov was being filmed. So decided the director Popkov.

- You are tall, Marina is not reaching you on the shoulder. But this is not noticeable in the film.

- Sometimes they dug a hole under me, and it happened to her, they put bricks. Once I found a hollow, I think I’ll get up there. I came across a hornet's nest. One wasp has bitten, the second, it was necessary to transfer shooting: the face was swollen. I remember the scene in the house in the film "With You and Without You" when my hero Fedor brought dresses to his wife, was shot on his knees. It was fun.

- How did you shoot the scene in the bathhouse? For real?

- The doubler played in the bathhouse scenes. Because Neelova tied a stocking to cover up nakedness. I say: “Marina, drop the stocking! We are in the bath. ” She: “No way!” But here I am real, as I am. Director Rodion Nakhapetov managed to make the actor find himself. Here I showed all my qualities. And then usually in films my heroes are gloomy.

Passion for photography began at Jozas on the set, where he made the first shots

- Who voiced your role?

- Nakhapetov, because there was GOST (state standard. - N. M.). And in the following pictures, when there was no longer GOST, he voiced himself.

- Why did they leave the post of cultural attaché?

- The time has come when the law worked: at the age of 70 in Lithuania no one can hold a state post. Now there are shooting, events. In summer, I only really relax when I leave for my old farm.

“I know you are fond of photography.”

- He started taking pictures in 1967 on the set of the painting “Shield and Sword”. The first photos - with Oleg Yankovsky, Vladimir Basov, Valentina Titova. I got some photos of Olga Sviblova - the head of the Moscow House of Photography. She suggested that an exhibition be held in 2010 at the Moscow International Biennale of Photography, where about 70 of my works from the 70s and 80s were presented. I like to take pictures of nature, now I dabble in photo collages. There are already works with Dibrov, Dapkunaite.


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