Vitaly Solomin


Vitaly Solomin

In the movie The Bat, 1979
Birth nameVitaly Methodievich Solomin
Date of BirthDecember 12, 1941 (1941-12-12)
Place of Birth
  • Chita, RSFSR, USSR
Date of deathMay 27, 2002 (2002-05-27) (aged 60)
Place of death
  • Moscow, Russia
  • USSR
  • Russia
Years of activity1960—2002
TheaterMaly Theater

Vitaliy Mefodevich Solomin (December 12, 1941, Chita - May 27, 2002, Moscow) - Soviet and Russian theater, film and television actor, theater and film director, screenwriter. People's Artist of the RSFSR (1992), laureate of the Moscow Prize (1998), member of the Union of Theater Workers and the Union of Cinematographers of Russia. The younger brother of Yuri Solomin.

He became most famous as the performer of the role of Dr. Watson in the Soviet television series about Sherlock Holmes.


Vitaly Solomin was born in Chita, in the family of musical teachers Zinaida Ananievna Ryabtseva (1910-1992) and Methodius Viktorovich Solomin (1905-1960). From childhood he was fond of music - under the guidance of his parents he studied piano.

After graduating from the Chita School in 1959, he went to Moscow and entered the Higher Theater School named after M.S.Schepkin, which by then had already graduated from Vitaly's older brother, Yuri Solomin. In the class of Nikolai Annenkov, Vitaly was also educated by B. M. Kazansky for a number of years, Oleg Dal, Mikhail Kononov and Victor Pavlov studied on the same course.

Starting from the second year, Solomin participated in the performances of the Maly Theater, including in the play “Your Uncle Misha” by G. Mdivani, at the end of the school he was accepted into the troupe of this theater. Among the roles played by the actor are Chatsky in Woe from Wit, Khlestakov, Protasov in The Living Corpse, Astrov in Uncle Van. Since the 1970s, Solomin was engaged in directing, staging, in particular, “The Living Corpse” by L. Tolstoy and the play “My Favorite Clown” based on the story of Vasily Livanov.

In September 1986, the actor moved to the Mossovet Theater, where he played in the play by G. Trostyanetsky based on the play by V. Astafyev “The Sad Detective”. In December 1988, he returned to the Maly Theater, staged “Savage” by A. N. Ostrovsky (1991), playing in it Ashmetiev, A. Kolker’s musical based on the comedy by A. V. Sukhovo-Kobylin “Krechinsky’s Wedding” (1997) and Chekhov's Ivanov, in which he played the title role.

Vitaliy Solomin first appeared in a movie at the age of 20 in Marlen Khutsiev’s film “Ilyich’s Outpost”, appearing on the screen for just a few seconds (a graduate in a striped tie throwing a bottle into the Moscow River with the words “... she will go to the Black Sea, and then - Ocean ”), however, due to problems with censorship, the film was released only at the end of 1964. Therefore, the first appearance on the screen took place in 1963 in a small episode of the film "Newton Street, Building 1". The role of Zhenya in the popular film by Pavel Lyubimov "Women" brought wide popularity to the actor. In 1978, Solomin auditioned for the role of George (Goshi) in the cult film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears,” but director Vladimir Menshov preferred Alexei Batalov.

The fate of the roles played by Solomin in the films of the director Igor Maslennikov was especially successful, the most famous of these works was Dr. Watson in the series about Sherlock Holmes (1979-1986). The film received recognition in the homeland of A. Conan Doyle, on April 27, 2007 in Moscow, on the Smolenskaya embankment, opposite the British Embassy, ​​a monument was opened to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, and in fact - to the heroes of the film Maslennikov, played by Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin. The actor’s work in the melodrama “Winter Cherry” became memorable for the audience, a little earlier Solomin played Tomsky in Maslennikov’s “Queen of Spades”.

One of Solomin’s last acting works is Lech Kshizhanovsky in the serial film “Pan or Gone”. He participated in the filming of the TV show "Marquise".

Family and personal life

The first marriage from 1963 to 1968, Vitaly Solomin was married to actress Natalia Rudnaya.

His second wife was actress Maria Solomina. The future wife, Maria Leonidova, was a student at a textile institute. Assistant director Todorovsky noticed her on the street and offered to participate in the audition for the role in the film "Urban Romance". Solomin also participated in these tests, and so they met. On October 28, 1970, their wedding took place. In 1973, their daughter Anastasia was born, and in May 1984, their daughter Elizabeth, now an actress, producer, wife of director Gleb Orlov.

According to the documentary biographical film “... And the car of love unspent!”, Which premiered on Channel One on December 10, 2016, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the actor, during the second marriage, Solomin survived two lengthy novels with partners in the Maly Theater - Elena Tsyplakova and Svetlana Amanova.

Illness and death

Vitaly Solomin suffered from hypertension. On April 24, 2002, he played in the play “Krechinsky’s Wedding”, despite the poor state of health, the actor went on stage. He was able to play only the first act, from the stage he was carried away in his arms. Solomin was taken to a hospital where doctors diagnosed a stroke.

For about a month, the actor was in the hospital, for a long time was in a coma, sometimes leaving her. He died on May 27, 2002 at 18 hours 30 minutes.


Vitaly Solomin is a Soviet and Russian actor, one of the most significant figures of Russian theater and cinema. For most viewers, he is associated with the role of Dr. Watson in the film adaptation of "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson." Also in his biography such famous paintings as “Winter Cherry”, “Silva”, “Bat” and many others. For great achievements in the field of art, Solomin was awarded the title People's Artist of the RSFSR, and was also a member of the Union of Theater Workers and the Union of Filmmakers of Russia.

Actor Vitaliy Solomin

Vitaly was born in Chita, and both of his parents were directly related to creativity. Mother Zinaida Ananyevna and father Methodius Viktorovich were music teachers who not only instilled in his son a love for this type of art, but also taught him how to play the piano. However, Vitaly did not really strive for hours of lessons with black and white keys, since in his childhood he liked to study in various sports sections. He devoted especially much time to boxing.

Vitaly Solomin and Yuri Solomin

In 1959, following his elder brother Yuri Solomin, Vitaly left for Moscow to study at the Shchepkin Higher Theater School. He fell on the course of Nikolai Annenkov, and his classmates were future stars of Russian cinema Mikhail Kononov and Oleg Dal. It is curious that the world could not recognize such an artist, because as a maximalist, he almost left the university after the first year. The thing is that Solomin, accustomed to study only "excellently", at one of the examinations of the next session received only "good", and his first impulse was to quit classes.


Already in the 2nd year, the young actor makes his debut on the professional stage of the Maly Theater in the play "Your Uncle Misha." After graduating from college, Vitaly Solomin becomes a full member of this troupe. In the theater, he mainly played the bright heroes of Russian classics - Chatsky, Astrov, Khlestakov, Protasov. In the 70s, Solomin began to try himself in directing. His productions of The Living Corpse based on the play by Leo Tolstoy and My Favorite Clown based on the story of Vasily Livanov were highly appreciated.

Vitaly Solomin

In addition to the Maly Theater, for about two years Vitaly Methodievich collaborated with the Mossovet Theater. Also, the actor is well known as an excellent literary reader. Detective novels from the series “Adventures of Father Brown” and the famous monument of ancient Russian literature “The Word about Igor's Regiment” performed by Vitaliy Solomin are still very popular.


The first film work in the career of Vitaly Solomin was the role of the young philologist Boyartsev in the student drama "Street of Newton, house 1". He had few scenes, but the experience was useful, and soon he played Zhenya, the son of the main character in the melodrama "Women". This role gave him the first popularity.

Vitaly Solomin in the movie "Newton Street, Building 1"

But the all-Union glory brought the actor the role of the right hand of the famous specialist in deduction in the serial film "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson." Partner Solomin became the legendary actor Vasily Livanov. The first 2-part film was released in 1979. Then the director Igor Maslennikov shot 4 more films, consisting of several series. In general, Livanov and Solomin recreated on the screen 12 works by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Vitaly Solomin and Vasily Livanov in the film “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson”

The Soviet film adaptation was recognized not only by the domestic audience, but also throughout the world, and in the homeland of Sherlock Holmes the duet of actors was officially recognized as the best of all who tried to reproduce the images of famous detectives in the movie. In recognition, the British government initiated the installation of a monument to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on Smolenskaya Embankment in Moscow, opposite the British Embassy. Moreover, the figures and faces of Vitaly Solomin and Vasily Livanov are unmistakable in the appearance of the characters of the monument.

Monument to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

Another cult film with the participation of Vitaly Methodievich is the melodrama Winter Cherry. The actor in this picture has an ambiguous, diverse and interesting role of the married egoist-lover Vadim Dashkov. But Solomin managed to bring a piece of himself to this image and made Dashkova also a charming person. The popularity of the picture, especially among the female half of the audience, led to the fact that two sequels of this dramatic story were shot at intervals of 5 years.

Vitaly Solomin in the movie "Winter Cherry"

The actor’s comedy roles in the film adaptation of the classic operettas “Silva” and “The Bat”, directed by Jan Fried, also strengthened the actor’s popularity. In these films, the actor’s comic talent is fully revealed, which brings lightness and comic as a whole to a dramatic plot line.

Childhood and youth

Solominy Vitaliy and Yuri - siblings did not follow in the footsteps of parents who worked as music teachers, but began to play on stage. After a short training at a music school, Vitaly forgot about the piano, because he did not want to associate his future fate with this instrument. In childhood, reading was Vitaly's main occupation. He re-read Conan Doyle. As a result, the parents of the future actor Methodius Solomin and Zinaid Ryabtsev retreated and did not interfere with the choice of a son who was interested in sports. He tried himself in gymnastics, volleyball and basketball, then became interested in boxing. He loved to beat the pear, but never in his youth had performed in the ring, because he would not have allowed himself to strike a man. Bright childhood and the family in which Vitaly grew up could not but make him a creative person. He used his chance to become an actor, which fell to his lot. He spent his youth in Moscow, where his older brother Yuri worked.

The personal life and family of the actor

The first wife, Solomina Natalya Vladimirovna, with whom the actor was familiar with the penultimate course of study, was the daughter of the playwright Rudny. She studied at the Shchukin school. The acquaintance of future newlyweds occurred in 1962 during the performance. Recognized in the Maly Theater, a beauty from a bohemian family, actress Rudnaya, won the heart of a proud provincial who, among her classmates, was reputed to be too cold and secretive. Later, he will receive the nickname Stone Flower from Konchalovsky. In any case, the beautiful Natalya managed to melt the ice in the soul of the artist of the Maly Theater. A couple after 2 months, they got married, but after a while Vitaly realized that he had a different idea about family life. His young wife Natalya Rudnaya devoted a lot of time to work and fun in noisy companies. He once saw her with a man who was of Caucasian nationality. Jealousy made him jump and box this guy for harassing his wife. Vitaliy managed to acquire a corporate apartment, but Natalya chose to leave him for another man.

In the second official marriage in 1970, Solomin did not enter immediately after the divorce, because he decided that he would never marry. On samples of the film "Urban Romance", he accidentally met Maria Leonidova, who studied at a textile institute. Solomin did not go through the casting, and Leonidova played a role in the movie. Vitali's next marriage was successful. Wife Maria Solomina was forced to abandon the career of the actress, listening to her husband, who put this condition before her. The happy family life of Maria Leonidova was twice overshadowed by rumors about her husband's connections with actresses. Despite the fact that the authority of her husband was unquestioning in the family, he allowed himself to flirt with other women. Upon learning that the spouse has lovers, Maria decided to pack up and leave him. Playing in the theatrical production of "Uncle Vanya" in 1993, Svetlana Amanova and Vitaly Solomin, whose romance was short, did not hide the relationship, so the rumors reached the actor’s wife in detail. This made Mary confront her choice. The actor and his women have repeatedly made Vitaly's wife jealous. She suffered another disappointment in her husband, which she forgave him, but often made scandals and almost washed down. Vitaly Solomin and Tsyplakova remained colleagues, since the actor did not leave his wife. Together they lived for 30 years.

Artist's children

The eldest daughter of the great actor was born in 1973, and the youngest - in 1984. Restraint and serious nature did not prevent the artist from being cheerful. The children loved him very much, and he often arranged holidays that happened in the family and on weekdays. One spring, he held a New Year's celebration, which everyone will remember for a long time. The eldest daughter Anastasia Solomina did not plan to begin acting, but entered the team of Igor Moiseev after school with his ensemble. The girl loved to do hairstyles with styling. The youngest daughter Elizabeth Solomina was embarrassed to perform on stage. After the birth of the grandchildren of Cyril and Fedor, Vitaly spent a lot of time with them. To do this, he bought a cottage, where in a specially equipped barn he taught Cyril carpentry. They grew vegetables in a summer house in a greenhouse, which Vitaly built with his own hands.


The beginning of Solomin’s cinematic career is associated with filming in the movie “Newton Street, 1”. In it, he got the episodic role of the philologist Boyartsev. In 1966, the actor became famous after showing the melodrama "Women" on March 7. Also in the same year, he played several roles in movies:

  • "Elder sister",
  • "Toughie",
  • "The kingdom of the kingdom,"
  • "An incident that no one noticed."

In the film "Women" in 1966, he got the role of a young man named Zhenya, who connected his life with a girl who raised a child, but his mother was against the relations of young people. After this picture, Solomin became the idol of many women. The film about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson made Solomin famous throughout the Soviet Union in 1979. Vitaly Solomin with Vasily Livanov, who played detectives, continued to participate in the filming of the film, based on 12 stories of the famous master of detective Arthur Conan Doyle.

On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the publication of his detective story “A Study in Scarlet”, the sculptor Andrei Orlov created a Monument to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in Moscow, in whose characters it is impossible not to distinguish the features of famous actors. Other films are known in the title role with Vitaliy, for example, “Winter Cherry” in which Solomin played Vadim Dashkova. The character really liked the female half of the viewers. In the movie, he has a spouse, but he cheats on her with another woman.The character is negative, but a talented actor managed to invest in the soul in the image of the main character's lover.

Theater roles

Vitaly's theatrical biography began with the classical repertoire based on the works of the great Russian writers L.N. Tolstoy, N.V. Gogol, A.P. Chekhov, A.N. Ostrovsky. These were the roles of Chatsky (“Woe from Wit” by A. Griboedov), Khlestakov (“Examiner” by N. Gogol), Astrov (“Uncle Vanya” A. Chekhov), Protasov (“Living Corpse” by L. Tolstoy).

Director work

Activities on stage as a director at Solomin began to receive the support of the audience since 1994. The first performance of "Living Corpse" was shown on the stage of the branch of the Maly Theater. Among the following directorial productions, “My Favorite Clown” based on the play by V. Livanov, as well as “Siren and Victoria” based on the play by A. Galin, where only 3 actors participated, have been successful since 1979. It was Larisa Udovichenko, Irina Rozanova and Vitaliy Solomin, who toured Russia. Since 1990, the Maly Theater was led by Yuri Solomin, who persuaded Vitaly to leave the Moscow City Council, which he did, staging the play “Savage” based on Ostrovsky’s play in 1991. Vitaly played Ashmetiev in it. The musical performance Krechinsky’s Wedding, staged by him, was a great success. The directorial work of Solomin on the stage allowed the famous actor to create his own film studio. At that time, he worked on the movie “Hunting” at the Lenfilm film studio as a film director. This project and other scenic works by Solomin were warmly received by the viewer.

TV shows and scripts

For the first time, the actor played the role of a bully in the television play "Case at the Hotel" in 1967. Since 1975, he annually participated in the filming of television performances. For example, in 1975 he was appointed to the role of Oleg Moskovkin in the multi-part television play “The Boy with the Sword”. TV shows in which Solomin played from 1976 to 1978, "The Cherry Orchard", "Woe from Wit." The audience fell in love with him in the role of Hippolytus in the play "Not All the Carnival for the Cat." Solomin played the young and mischievous Chatsky under the leadership of Mikhail Tsarev.

Recognition and awards of the actor

Vitaly Methodievich Solomin - Honored Artist (1974), who in 1977 was awarded the Gold Medal. HELL. Popova after a well-played role in the theater in the play "Love Spring". Awards and titles for contribution to the development of theatrical art:

  • People's Artist of the RSFSR (1992),
  • Awarded the Prize of the Government of Moscow (1998),
  • received the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" IV degree (175th anniversary of the Russian Maly Theater) (1999),
  • awarded the National Television Award “TEFI” for Best Actor (Lech Kshizhanovsky in the film “Pan or Lost”) (2003).

Actor's death and funeral

After a short period of stagnation, when the famous actor had no roles on the stage and in the cinema, at 50 he felt his worthlessness. But this feeling did not last long. After filming the movie "Winter Cherry" he worked a lot as an actor and taught, teaching students at VGIK. His favorite affair was dragged on by Vitaly, who did not attach much importance to the headache that gave off to his temples. After his 60th birthday, Solomin played a major role in Krechinsky’s Wedding, he had to sing and dance. At one of the shows on April 24, 2002, he was almost paralyzed due to hypertension, he could not start the second act, Yuri Solomin announced this to the audience. A doctor was on duty near him during intermissions to give the actor an injection and reduce pressure. Having played half of the play, he was forced to leave the stage, as he was taken by ambulance to the Sklifosovsky Institute with a stroke.

The artist’s family did not lose hope of his recovery: after the operation, he periodically recovered. He fought for life a little over a month, but did not survive. The date of death of the actor is May 27, 2002, the cause of death is a hemorrhagic stroke after the operation to remove the hematoma due to ischemic stroke. At 12 o’clock in the morning, when Vitaly Solomin died, a whole staff of medical specialists was present at the intensive care unit near him, but the injections in his heart did not help because of brain edema. The funeral of Vitaly Solomin took place in late spring May 31, 2002, a requiem for him was held at the Maly Theater, the actor’s grave is located at the Vagankovsky cemetery in Moscow.

Photo by Vitaly Solomin

The audience remembered many of the artist’s photos from films and television shows. For example, the spectacular Vitaly Solomin Chatsky. A lot of photos of the actor in the role of Dr. Watson. In 2002, a role was played in the latest film, Pan or Lost. Recent photos in which Vitaly Solomin - Lech Kshizhanovsky. Wikipedia Vitaly Solomin, containing a complete list of acting and directorial work, is a reliable source of data about a famous actor with his photo. From it you can find out how many years the actor lived, in which films Vitaly Solomin starred, why he died and where he was buried. Over the years, he played 25 roles in the theater. From 1967 to 1978, 5 television productions were staged with his participation. You can recall the favorite characters of the great actor from the photo in old age and young age.

Photo: Vitaly Solomin

The beginning of the career of Vitaly Solomin

Vitaly Methodievich Solomin was born in the city of Chita. His parents Zinaida Ananyevna and Methodius Viktorovich were professional musicians. Vitaly had an older brother, Yuri. The Solomins' family lived in a wooden house. Since childhood, Vitaly Solomin was fond of reading, his favorite writer was Conan Doyle. In the evenings, Vitaly liked to sit with a book and a mug of tea near the hot stove, resting his legs on it.

Parents dreamed of seeing their son as a pianist, under their guidance he studied piano for five years. He himself could not stand it, dreaming that this hated instrument would soon fall apart. Once in a severe frost, the boy went to a music school, going to the door, he could not open it. The door jammed from the cold.

Happy Vitaly returned home and told his parents that the school was closed. Parents realized that the musician would not work out of their son and allowed him to do whatever he wanted. He decided to go in for sports, began to attend all sports clubs that were only in Chita. Vitaliy was involved in both the volleyball and basketball sections, athletics, gymnastics, and boxing.

In 1959, Solomin graduated from high school; in the same year, a commission from the M.S.Schepkin Theater School arrived in Chita to enroll in a course from Siberian youth. Vitaly decided to go through an interview and made a pleasant impression on the commission. As a result, he decided to go to Moscow to enter the school, which by that time had already been completed by his older brother, Yuri. Father supported his decision.

Upon arrival in Moscow, Solomin entered the school in the group of People's Artist of the USSR N. A. Annenkov.

The roles of Vitaly Solomin in the movie

The favorite for the actor was the role of Dr. Watson in the series about Sherlock Holmes, which brought him real popularity. Also very successful was the role in the film "Winter Cherry", where Solomin played Vadim Dashkova. The filmography of Vitaly Solomin totals more than fifty paintings, which brought him great popularity and audience love. With great pleasure, he took part in the musical films “The Bat” and “Silva”.

In 1995, Vitaly Methodievich decided to try himself as a film director, and shot the full-length film “The Hunt” based on the novel “Krutoyarskaya Tsarevna” by E. Salias de Turnemir.

One of Solomin’s last acting works was the role of Krzizhanowski in the serial film “Pan or Gone”. For this role, he received the TEFI Prize for Best Actor.

Last performance of Vitaly Solomin

On April 24, 2002, Vitaly Methodievich was supposed to play in the play “Krechinsky's Wedding”. On this day, the actor felt unwell, but still decided to go on stage. He was able to play only the first act of the play, then his state of health worsened greatly. He was carried away from the stage in his arms. Vitaly was urgently taken to the hospital, there was diagnosed with a stroke. He was then transferred to the intensive care unit with a diagnosis of “cerebral hemorrhage”. For about a month, the actor was in the hospital, for a long time he was unconscious, sometimes recovering. And on May 27, 18 hours and 30 minutes, he died.

Farewell to actor Vitaly Solomin on May 31 in the building of the Maly Theater. On the same day he was buried at the Vagankovsky cemetery in Moscow, at the site number 24.

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Revealing the secrets of stars Vitaly Solomin (Dr. Watson)

Vitaly Solomin. Last 24 hours

Vitaly Solomin. "And the car of love unspent!"

Vitaly Solomin - biography

The calling card of actor Vitaly Solomin is the restrained and serious Dr. Watson. Almost always, he was the same in real life. But sometimes he let loose the hussar part of his soul and then there was a feast for the whole world - banquets with friends, mountains of flowers for his wife and fireworks of good jokes.

This actor had a bright and rich creative biography, and several dozens of memorable roles. The first glory to the actor brought the picture "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson." Then there were “Winter Cherry”, “Bat”, “Silva”.

Cause of death

Vitaly Solomin complained of hypertension for many years. An exacerbation of the disease occurred on April 24, 2002, during the production of Krechinsky’s Wedding. From the very morning the actor felt something was amiss, he was very dizzy and had absolutely no strength. But he was a real actor, and did not even imagine what could cause the performance to be canceled. He managed to hold out only the first act, and lost consciousness. The actor had to carry on his hands. Doctors made a disappointing diagnosis - a stroke, and began the struggle for his life. For a month, doctors tried to improve the state of the actor, but almost all the time he was in a coma.

Photo: Tomb of Vitaly Solomin

Solomin often repeated that he would like to die as Moliere or Andrei Mironov, that is, as real artists, on stage. Probably, somewhere in the heavenly office, his words were heard, because he never returned to the stage. Vitaly Solomin died on May 27, 2002. The place of eternal rest was the Vagankovsky cemetery of the capital.

Selected Filmography

  • 1963 - 1 Newton Street
  • 1967 - Indian Kingdom
  • 1972 - The Last Days of Pompeii
  • 1979 - Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
  • 1979 - The Bat
  • 1981 - Silva
  • 1982 - Queen of Spades
  • 1982 - Crossroads Fight
  • 1983 - Return from Orbit
  • 1985 - Winter Cherry
  • 1991 - Cuckold
  • 1996 - Tests for Real Men
  • 2001 - Stop on demand
  • 2003 - Pan or gone

Jealous Dr. Watson and his Helen Stoner

In 1970, the director Pyotr Todorovsky is going to shoot his melodrama City Romance. For the role of Masha, he invited a young student Maria Leonidova. She studied in Leningrad at the Mukhinsky school (now the St. Petersburg Art and Industry Academy named after A.L. Stieglitz). Once on the street, assistant director Todorovsky approached her and invited her to audition. And the main contender for the role of Zhenya’s doctor was Vitaly Solomin and Evgeny Kindinov. The director himself chose Solomin. Yes, and Maria Leonidova really wanted to act with Solomin, she saw him in the film "Women" and she really liked him.

So they decided. They started shooting with Solomin. And during the filming, both Vitaliy and the director Todorovsky suddenly became interested in the young beauty Masha. Vitaly beautifully and actively courted - took to the theaters, gave flowers, sweets. Seeing that Solomin was taking Masha away from under his nose, Todorovsky decided to remove his competitor from the road. He removes Solmin from the role, despite the fact that part of the material has already been shot, and invites Kindinov. And he doesn’t just detach him by saying this personally, but simply sends a note.

When the horizon cleared, Kindinov did not show any interest in his partner, Peter Todorovsky himself began to show signs of attention to Masha. She liked him too, and she did not reject his courtship. Offended Solomin did not forgive Todorovsky for such a fortress.

He continues to successfully star in other directors. And in 1970, the director Viktor Tregubovich began filming at the Lenfilm studio a two-part film "Dauria", and invited Vitaly Solomin to the main role of Roman Ulybin. The film, based on the novel of the same name by Konstantin Sedykh, tells about the fate of the Transbaikal Cossacks during the First World War and the Civil War. The film crew flies to Transbaikalia, the shooting goes to the Chita, the native of the Solomin brothers. But Vitaly Solomin did not forget Masha, and having found time in the busy schedule of filming, he flew to her in Odessa. Just a day and a half that they spent together. And gradually Mary began to like this talented charming smiling guy.

And then suddenly in Odessa in the summer of the 70th, the cholera epidemic began. Introduced quarantine. And then he wrote her gentle letters: “My dear Mashutka!I miss you terribly. And all the while waiting for a telegram.Today is our day off, so I slept late and my mother brought your telegram directly to my bed. Now I’m smiling all morning.We shoot in such beautiful places that are stunned. Flowers change all the time, and it’s a pity that you won’t see it. Nothing, there will be others. We work hard, and I’m very happy - there’s not enough free time left, otherwise I would be completely homesick. So I want to see you that when I remember, my head begins to feel dizzy.I write clumsily, because I'm sitting on the windowsill. The rain has just ended and it smells like needles. Eighth will fly to Chita Yurka for three days - we have a scene with him. (We are talking about Yuri Solomin - approx. "My movie"). They haven’t informed me yet from Leningrad. In general, I finish the letter and wait for yours.I kiss you, with your permission, a million times and endlessly without permission.Ma-a-a-shen-ka-a.Vitaly Methodievich devoted to you. ”

All year Vitaly dangled between the stages, he starred in two films at once. But still, he found time and flew to Masha in Leningrad. During one of these arrivals, the young ran to the registry office. That was October 28, 1970. Vitali dreamed of playing a wedding in his homeland in Chita. By the way, as he dreamed, he would never go to his homeland in Chita. But since time did not allow, the wedding was marked modestly in Leningrad.

For almost a year, the couple live in different cities: he is in Moscow, she is in Leningrad. Then Masha moved to his dorm room. They lived differently. Behind the wall, one started a motorcycle, which he stored right in the room, in the other there lived a janitor - a terrible swindler. And in 1973 their first daughter Anastasia was born.

In the early 70's, Vitaly Solomin was an incredibly sought-after artist. In addition to Dauria, he starred in 7 more films. As in his first marriage, in relations with Mary he was jealous and tough. He was terribly afraid that she would begin to act actively, and some partner would take her away from Solomin. True, he allowed her to act only with him. So in 1977, the couple starred in the musical “Leap from the Roof”, where they played the main roles of lovers: he played Kirill Kosichkin, and Masha - his bride.

And in 1978, Mary was invited to the melodrama "Two in a New Home." The film was about the relationship of the newlyweds. The main roles were played by Maria Solomina and the handsome heartthrob Alexander Abdulov. They arrived from the shoot late, and Abdulov went to accompany her in the car. And there he kissed goodbye. This was seen by Vitaly, who went out for a walk with the dog. The next day, he took his wife's passport. Narrated by Maria Solomina: “He was an extremely jealous man. One day I came home from work a bit: I sat in a cafe with Lena Shanina. The door opens, on the threshold of her husband ... Such ... My shivers hardened. I realized that something incredible was happening in my soul. I say something, but he shoved me off and slammed the door. I spent the night with Lena. And in the morning she came as if nothing had happened. And without any clarification. We never found out a relationship. He hated it. Everything should have been clear and so in our lives ... "

After the incident with Abdulov, Solomin forever forbade his wife to withdraw without him.Therefore, in subsequent paintings they are always together. This happened in the famous film by Igor Maslennikov "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson."

In 1979, the director directed the first episode of “Acquaintance,” where Maria played the twin sisters Helen and Julia Stoner. And her husband Vitaly Solomin films about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes were elevated to an unattainable height. From 1979 to 1986, four serial parts were filmed.

Their next joint operetta film by Jan Fried “Silva”, filmed in 1981. He plays Count Bonifacius Conchiana (Boni), she is Countess Anastasia von Egenberg (Stassi). At the end of the film, Bonnie and Stassi in love with each other receive a blessing from their parents for marriage.

Like all jealous, Vitaly allowed himself weaknesses - novels on the side. It happened when he became interested in the young beauty Elena Tsyplakova. In 1978, she, a graduate of VGIKA, came to the Maly Theater. He was fascinated by Elena, she was then known as one of the most beautiful actresses in Soviet cinema, and Solomin was a real celebrity and turned her head.

She just divorced her husband, also an actor of the Maly Theater, with whom she lived for less than a year. Perhaps Elena expected that Solomin was unhappy in the marriage, and would go to her. And when she realized that no one was going to leave, moreover, he was preparing to become a father a second time, Tsyplakova broke off relations with Solomin. And in 1984, the second daughter Elizabeth was born to the Solomins.

Solomin’s second novel happened during the filming of Igor Maslennikov in the movie “Winter Cherry”, where he plays a married man who plays the novel on the side. Almost like in life, with the difference that in the film the spouses have no children. By the way, the film was very popular, and strangely enough, most spectators were on the side of the charming hero-scoundrel Vadim, who was brilliantly played by Solomin, and not the noble Kalnins hero named Herbert, who was ready to marry a woman with a child, and even take him abroad. The film "Winter Cherry" attracted more than 32 million viewers at the box office.

So, he is starring in Winter Cherry. And again, his chosen one - the young actress of the Maly Theater Svetlana Amanova, who has already won the hearts of the audience, starring in comedy "Sportloto-82" . Their romance began during a tour of the theater in Bulgaria, and continued in Moscow. Fortunately, Vitaly came to his senses in time and returned to his family. These were two of his great novels in life. Of course, Mary was jealous of him too. And worried that he could leave.

And even set him a condition: ". Let's choose. And then he said: “I have to think!” This phrase, like a blade ... He couldn’t say anything worse ... Later in the diary he wrote:"What a clever wife I have." What my mind consisted of is completely incomprehensible. In my opinion, I behaved extremely trivially: I organized tantrums, clarification of relationships. Did everything that is not necessary to do. But I didn’t have experience. What lay on the surface clutched at that. I started drinking ... In general, it was the biggest experience. Although they say that time heals, but it did not heal me very soon. The wound bruised and ached for many, many more years ... "

Even in the family circle Vitaly was reserved, closed. He loved to be silent. I never talked with my wife or children. He didn’t like the sea, he loved to relax in the country, he loved to make something, even tried to make furniture. He loved holidays with his family, especially the New Year, and all sorts of gatherings with friends.

Narrated by Maria Solomina: “We loved the whole family to celebrate the New Year. Always - both at home and in the country - they met him with a Christmas tree, with lights, with fireworks. On April 1, he specially got on the phone and phoned friends, very funny played them, speaking in different voices. He often played out for me. For example, he could call home by phone and invite himself with a Georgian accent. But on March 8 he did not like and was able to convince me that this is a bad holiday, humiliating for a woman. Both flowers and gifts on this day were not fundamentally given. They were given only to his mother, since she was born on March 8. "

And here is what the youngest daughter of the Solomins, Elizabeth, told about the father: ". Mom knew the character of his father well: when he can be asked about something, when he needs to be silent ... He had a very changeable mood, he could literally cheer or get angry, get nervous in two minutes, he was an extremely temperamental person. But at home he never broke.He always said: “God! Three women! And only one man, Romka, supports me! ”Romka is our dog.

It was only then that the grandchildren-boys appeared.He called us all the same - Fish. He was probably afraid to mix up the names ... He also said: “My soul” ...We have a lot of jokes in our house. Sometimes dad came after the performance, grabbed mom in his arms, and they began to dance. They invented jokes, he called friends, spoke in different voices, and my mother told me what to say. Could invite friends late at night, and a noisy company formed at home. There wasn’t just sitting at the table. Be sure to invent something, change clothes, sing songs, arrange dances ... In general, it was fun. ”

In 1995, the spouses of Solomina became grandfather and grandmother, the eldest daughter Anastasia gave birth to a grandson, was named Cyril, and five years later, Anastasia gave her grandson Fedor again.

Solomin didn’t take care of himself at all, He always worked what is called wear and tear. Meanwhile, he suffered from hypertension for many years. On April 23, 2002, as always, the play "Krechinsky's Wedding" was played on stage. The role required Vitaly Solomin to sing, dance and move very actively. Around 20:00 during the first act, he suddenly felt ill. Overcoming pain, he somehow finished the first part of the play. And he didn’t get to the second one. Viewers were told that Vitaly Solomin was ill and asked to disperse.

Solomin was rushed to the Sklifosofsky Institute. The diagnosis is ischemic stroke. Doctors were generally surprised how an actor in such a state played a performance when others with such a diagnosis are in a coma. For two weeks Vitaly was unconscious, then came to himself. But not for long. He had a difficult operation, but he did not feel better. May 27, Vitaly Solomin passed away.

He was buried in the church of St. Athanasius and Cyril, which is located in Bolshoy Afanasyevsky Lane. At the funeral were only close. Vitaly Solomin was buried at the Vagankovsky cemetery.

The widow of Maria Solomina is 70 years old. Being the wife of Vitaly, she was actively engaged in design work. She worked as an editor in the Fashion Magazine and in the Model House. In recent years, she worked as the art director of one of the boutiques in Moscow. Today helps daughters to raise grandchildren.

The eldest daughter Anastasia was actively engaged in dancing in her youth, now she has devoted herself to her husband and raising the sons of Cyril and Fedor.

The youngest daughter, Elizaveta, a graduate of VGIK with a degree in directing, married the like-minded director and producer Gleb Orlov and, together with him, shot the picture Poddubny (2014). They also have two children - Ivan and Vera.


After the death of the actor, many colleagues on the floor spoke out and commented on his sudden death. For instance, actor Evgeny Zharikov spoke very harshly. He said: “Now government officials will shout:“ Ah, he died in the prime of his life! ”But there is nothing surprising in this. Actors in our country are forced to literally survive, torn between the theater, the entreprise, all kinds of trash and side jobs. If the wonderful actor Vitaly Solomin received at least one percent from the proceeds for showing the film “Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson”, he would not have to work hard. So the death of Vitaly Solomin is a deliberate state murder! ”

And the idle journalists hastened to draw “conclusions” and accused the “intentional murder” of Vitaly Yury Methodinovich Solomin’s older brother. Say he was envious of his brother, was the artistic director of the Maly Theater, and his brother did not let him play. In fact, the origins of this dirt lie in those times when Yuri Solomin was the Minister of Culture of Russia. In those years of the destruction of the country and culture, he stood in the way of Western liberals and made a lot of enemies. It was they who “resigned” him. And then dirty gossip creeped about the enmity of the two brothers. What Yuri Methodievich said in an interview: “There is a higher court, which should be considered by those people who, even after the death of my brother, are trying to quarrel with him ...”

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