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By the example of Gleb and Vadim Samoilovy you can study the history of post-Soviet Russia

Photo: RIA Novosti

The Savelovsky District Court is currently hearing the case of Samoilov v. Samoilov. One Samoilov, Gleb, demands that the court forbid another, Vadim, to perform 172 songs of their common group. Neither one nor the other came to the August meeting. On the table in front of judge Boris Udov is a stack of CDs. And if you press the play button, from the columns you will hear: “Let's die in the evening cheerfully, play decadence ...”

They did not quarrel because of money or even because of politics. Yes, indeed, there is serious disagreement between them on the financial issue. Yes, one adheres to opposition views, and the other supports the government so much that he even played at our military base in Syria. But the reason is much deeper. About the same thing happened with the brothers as with the notorious 14% and 86% - the native people became so incompatible that they could not talk to each other, did not want to meet. In their case, this ended in the breakup of one of the best Russian groups. What will end for the country, I do not even want to think.

It is generally accepted that the main songs of "Agatha" were created under the influence of the great British band The Cure, but in Asbest, where the Samoilov brothers grew up, punk and decadence would be enough for a dozen British bands. Dilapidated houses, low sun over a huge asbestos quarry, atmosphere of decay and hopelessness. Both of them from their youth were “pretty hell”, as the song “Opium for No One” is sung. But they went to him in different ways.

They are very similar, despite six years of difference. In nineties concert videos, faces are equally full, lush whirls hanging over the eyes, like Cure leader Robert Smith. Both of them have a smacked and crying voice in Smith's style. Almost twins. But even then they consciously cultivated this masochistic love-hate: "I love you because you do not love me."

Gleb in those years adhered to leftist and even anarchist views. He was friends with the pro-Khan communist newspaper Zavtra (and is now friends). An important detail: not all oppositionists are liberals, there are also such as Gleb. All this did not prevent Agate from taking part in the Yeltsin’s “Vote or lose” election campaign. And later, at the initiative of Vadim, they supported the Union of Right Forces. He was just the liberal.

Vadim was generally busy with the affairs of the group. Produced recordings, arranged for concerts. They had such a situation: Gleb and keyboard player Alexander Kozlov wrote hits, and Vadim gave it all a commercial look, he cared about success. He, however, is also an excellent musician, without his guitar hardly anything would have happened.

Both then sat on drugs and especially did not hide it. In every second text - opium, hashish, cocaine. It is difficult to say in which of them the craving for self-destruction was stronger, but the words “Khali-Gali, roof, where will you be tomorrow?” Belong to Gleb.

This is a strong rock and roll story with all the frenzy inherent in the genre. The songs mentioned BDSM, the Gestapo, and the red cock ... Few could sing that everything was flying to hell, and there he cared, as convincingly as they are. So that the whole country will sing along. It is important to remember the historical background: old Anpilovskaya women threw cobblestones at riot police, miners pounded helmets on the Humpback Bridge, in clubs there was an incessant rave under ecstasy, Limonovites shouted “Yes, death!”, People became millionaires and beggars overnight ...

But the most rock and roll went to zero, the frenzy reached a new level - they were drawn into politics.

Vadim made friends with Vladislav Surkov. Gleb made friends with the poet Ilya Kormiltsev, one of the most radical cultural tribes. His publishing house "UltraKultura" is a symbol of resistance not even to power, but to control over the way of thoughts, inertia, and dullness. Both Kormiltsev and Gleb Samoilov wanted freedom in its extreme manifestations, were not afraid of the most extreme extreme.

At this time, Vadim almost single-handedly recorded the album of Surkov’s songs “The Peninsula”. Marmots are also not alien to decadence and Gothic. His love of cold, immoral statements is consistent with the ideology of Agatha.

Gleb tandem Vadim Samoilov - Vladislav Surkov actively dislikes, but the group continues to play. In 2004, the album “Thriller. Part 1 "with the key song" In the interest of the revolution ":"I'll be cool when I blow up your store, so dangerous and sexually groovy ... As long as you are clean, while you are fighting, any doll will die of happiness on you". A rare example of their joint work in that period. Only Gleb wrote seriously, glorified heroes and radicals, and Vadim scoffed and mocked.

In the same year the first Maidan takes place. Surkov gathers rockers to a meeting. He does not require any super loyalty from them. He asks not to warm up the protest mood. The meeting is attended by Grebenshchikov, Zemfira, "Chayf" ... And Vadim Samoilov. Gleb, of course, did not come.

Five more years will pass, and the brothers will announce the breakup of the group. The bowl is full, they can no longer work together.

Further, the pace increases, events develop faster.

2010th. Rockers meet with President Medvedev. This time the meeting was organized by Vadim. Present Makarevich, whom Vadim helps to perform the song "For those in the sea." Shevchuk is not present. “He takes a fairly teenage, non-conformist position, but at such meetings, you still need to strive for dialogue,” says senior Samoilov. Gleb, of course, is not there either.

Vadim Samoilov, Andrey Makarevich, Sergey Galanin and Dmitry Medvedev. Photo: RIA Novosti

In these years, Gleb is practically on the street. Partly for personal, partly for financial reasons. In general, unlike Vadim, he is lifeless. A computer, a pair of guitars - that's all he needs for life. Among the fans there is a legend that when Gleb was once again taken to the police, Vadim pulled him out of there. Surely this was, and more than once. Politics is politics, and brotherly love is not so easy to destroy.

2011th Protests begin. Artemy Troitsky, who once advocated the work of Agatha, calls Vadim “a trained poodle under Surkov,” Vadim sues (the trial judge is the same Boris Udov). And Gleb at this time involved in the protest movement.

2012th. Vadim Samoilov is Putin's confidant.

2014th The war begins in Ukraine. Gleb with his new band The Matrixx records the song “Alive” about the events of the second Maidan: “What the special forces will not do, what the riot police will no longer do. Each is aimed at us, each rocket at fire. That means I'm still alive". True, he calls the events a civil war and blames both sides: “Hands in everyone's blood».

Vadim goes with concerts to Lugansk and Donetsk, Gleb to Kiev.

And suddenly they unite for two nostalgic concerts on the initiative of Vadim. The influence of the older brother on the younger is still preserved. True, it is from this moment that financial disagreements begin - Gleb claims that Vadim did not give him money for his speeches, and there are considerable amounts there.

After a short time, Vadim suddenly breaks through. At a recital from the stage, he begins to declare his love to Gleb and wishes him well. It seems that he himself does not understand how this happened. Spontaneous manifestation of feelings.

In June 2016, the film “Agatha Christie. Like in a war. ” The most heartbreaking moment: Gleb sits and waits for a meeting with his brother to finally talk humanly. He drinks tea, looks at his watch. Vadim does not come. Then, in June, the trial begins, which is still not finished. Next meeting in September.

The closest quarrels and quarrels are always, on distant spit. This is evident both in relations between Russia and Ukraine, and in the split within the country.

It’s hard to say why this is happening, but it’s possible: no one has serious plans for the future, which means that it makes no sense to maintain a relationship. People are just waiting for everything to end soon, burn it with fire. Catastrophic consciousness, decadence. This stimulates creativity, but still it is impossible to live like that.

. When once again you hear that the wife has beaten up her husband with a frying pan shouting “Our Crimea” or (on the contrary) “Russia will be free”, the workers of Uralvagonzavod expressed a desire to disperse the rallies, and the residents of the Patriarchs called the locusts of Biryulev, remember the story of the brothers Samoilovs, she explains a lot.

Photo: Gleb Samoilov


In 1965, Gleb’s parents moved to the city of Asbest. The boy’s mother performed operations in the hospital, and his father was a constructor. From an early age, Samoilov and his brother dreamed of creating their own musical group, but the desire of the sons greatly upset the mother.

In the photo: Samoilov brothers in childhood

She thought this was not one of the most magnificent professions at this time. From childhood, Gleb went to school on the piano, but because of the strong pressure of the lessons, he left her.

Then, for a quick time, Gleb learned to play the piano. To all this, as a schoolboy, Gleb decides to learn how to play the guitar, which he performs with the help of self-study. A huge contribution to the work of Samoilov was made by his older brother, who often included American rock on the player and the future star, this style of music sunk into the soul. In 1987, the future musician enters courses at the school in the form of a bass guitar, which is given to him with great success.

But Samoilov decides to leave school, because he does not have enough time to develop his own group. In 1987, after leaving the university, Gleb applied to the RTF-UPI troupe. His close relatives, Peter May and brother Vadim, are already playing there. He is accepted as a bass player. From this moment, the creative road of Gleb begins.

Personal life

Fate did not immediately give the musician love at first sight, but, on the other hand, doomed the performer to an intriguing and long search for his half. And after several unsuccessful marriages, the miracle finally gave his beloved person for Gleb, gave him the strongest support in his life.

In the photo: Gleb and Tatyana Samoilov

The first girl of the artist was Tatyana Samoilova, who won the soul of a rock star. Gleb was much younger than his second half, but did not attach much importance to the difference in age. The girl was also engaged in creativity and always supported her husband.

In the photo: Gleb Samoilov with his son

When the couple got married, they had a son. Gleb and Tatyana had a love relationship, but soon, they came to the conclusion that it was necessary to leave.

Gleb Samoilov and Anna Chistova

The second wife, according to official figures, was Anna Chistova. The girl was a model as well as a designer. Alas, this marriage did not last long and the couple decided to leave. After this divorce, Gleb still could not find a wife, and constantly changed his lovers.

Gleb Samoilov and Valeria Gai Germanika

Gleb possessed good looks and an unusual attraction for himself and charisma, thereby often attracting different girls to his person. After a long search, the star began an affair with a journalist who was called as his first wife - Tatyana.

In the photo: Gleb Samoilov and his wife Tatyana Larionova

No one could imagine their marriage due to the fact that Gleb had a very complex character. Despite all the speculation, young people met for a couple of years. Now, Tatyana is the third wife of Gleb, and the lovers have a strong love for each other, the couple plans to have children. The young girl, who is 18 years younger than the singer, is not at all embarrassed by the age difference.

Tatyana continuously publishes photos of her personal life with Samoilov in social networks. When the musician was ill, his wife helped Gleb undergo a serious operation to remove a benign tumor. Due to illness, the rock star was forced to postpone three concerts that were supposed to happen in 2016.

Often rumors began to circulate that the musician, due to constant mental physical exertion, began to consume and drink again. Rumors went so far that reporters pretended that Gleb had recently suffered a stroke, but the singer quickly knocked over all these speculations.


The group gives its first concert at the Polytechnic Institute on February 20, 1988. This debut is considered the beginning of the existence of a group of Agatha Christie. Then, the group releases an album that calls The Second Front. Further albums such as Insidious Love, The Little Prince are released. Gleb constantly wrote poems to all musical works, since 1991.

Gle and Vadim Samoilovs in their youth

Due to the fact that Samoilov was very afraid of a large audience, he always sat on the stage in the region, but fans will not immediately find out about this reason. This highlighted the highlight of the rock band Agatha Christie.

In this way, the musician felt calm, but at one moment, he had an attack of claustrophobia. Gleb quickly rose from his chair, dropping him, and continued to play in a standing position. The most prolific for the group and Gleb was 1991. A talented, young man released the second collection of songs, which was called Svi100plaska. After the release of the third part of the group, Agatha Christie, the blower begins to actively give concerts after concert. Since then, the group will create six albums additionally.

Despite a successful career, the musician began a strong dependence on alcoholism and drugs. Fortunately, Gleb defeated alcoholism and heroin addiction. Since 2000, the singer generally stopped using drugs when he completed a rehabilitation course in a special clinic in Marshak.

"When drugs appeared in my life, it was just a natural extension of who I am. That's why we say - is there a problem with alcohol? Is there a problem with drugs? The problem is me." - Gleb Samoilov

Since 2009, the group has split up. The team called the reason for the disbandment that the participants formed different tastes and styles of music. After that, some gave the last tour in the regions of Russia, which was called Invasion. The last performance was in 2010, in the summer.

The musician, without losing every precious minute, decides to create his own new band called The Matrixx. The team chooses the main direction for them - Neopostotics.

At first, many works are similar to songs from the group of Agatha Christie, the group gives their first performance in Izhevsk, April 20, 2010. Gradually, the newly formed rock band is working on the album Beautifully Cruel, which comes out that same year. A year later, another work is created, called Tresh. Also, by 2015, the group expanded its existence by releasing a fifth album, entitled Asbestos Massacre.

The Matrixx Group

Sometimes Gleb visits solo tours, while touring. The artist composes poetry and delights his fans with new music. Also, since 2005, Gleb begins to engage in voice acting.

First of all, he voices the character in the cartoon The Nightmare Before Christmas. After that, from 2015, already experienced in this matter, Gleb voiced a documentary called Black Fin.

Childhood and youth

The childhood of the future musician was held in the city of Asbest. Mom is a resuscitator, father is an engineer.

From a very early age he fell in love with the music of Pink Floyd, Vysotsky, Schnittke, operetta, these hobbies had a great influence on the further work of Gleb. The first song, “Janitor,” was written at fourteen.

"Agatha Christie"

Despite the dreams of his own group, in 1987 Gleb Samoilov joined Peter May, Alexander Kozlov and his older brother Vadim Samoilov. The official birthday of “Agatha Christie” is considered February 20, 1988, when the first concert of the group under this name was held in the assembly hall of the Ural Polytechnic Institute.

From 1991 until the end of the existence of the group in 2010, he was the main author of words and music. Most of the songs, including the most famous, were written by him.

He played the guitars Gibson Les Paul Standard, Ibanez Roadstar II Bass, Rickenbacker Bass 4001JG, Schecter.

Group Join and Conflict

Unfortunately, there are often quarrels between brothers over some trifles that have separated people for long, painful decades. A change in tastes and opinions, attempts to take possession of copyright - all this awaits the brothers in the conflicting inter-hostility.

At some point, the former Agatha Christie band joined in 2015 to give nostalgic concerts to loyal fans. However, after the tour, a conflict began between the brothers due to the fact that the elder brother Vadim performed alone old songs with a common performance. Because of this, Somaylov wanted to get compensation, since most of the group’s songs were written by his hand. But the situation was also worsened by the fact that Gleb did not receive a reward for the tour.

The younger brother went to court, submitting two applications for the case, but only the second was approved, Vadim got his authorship. The worst peak of relations between the brothers overtook when Gleb found the opposite opinion about the military conflict in Ukraine and spoke negatively about the people of Eastern Ukraine. Such a statement hurt his brother. On the other hand, Vadim threatened Gleb with a court, because his lyrics from the songs of the Matrix group, in his opinion, called for extremism.

The matrixx

In January 2010, to implement Gleb Samoilov’s creative ideas that went beyond the framework of Agatha Christie, the group Gleb Samoiloff & The Matrixx was created.

The Matrixx is like a delayed story. This is what I should have been doing when I was 17, if “Agatha” had not happened. "Agatha Christie" was not my group, I was invited to it. I was able to do my own work only in 2010. During this time, a bunch of human and moral debts accumulated, with which I paid off in the last album. The idiot's dream came true, late, but came true.

The first albums were a surprise for some critics and fans, shocked the lyrics, the image of the musicians, “dissimilarity to Agatha Christie”, “xx” in the name of the group also caused some irritation. The theme song of The Matrixx was the theme of cruel love, the conflict of the inner man with the outside world and God.

Many other components appear in The Matrixx (...) project. The main one is a one-piece theatrical action, where luxurious light shows, gestures of musicians, their costumes, song order, poetic inserts, dance numbers a la “Tender May”, as well as technical “pieces” like a “puppet” reverb are equally important. on voices in some songs.

The musical matrix of The Matrixx is eclectic, the group uses a variety of styles and their mixing. Critics roughly define it as a dark wave with notes of metal, techno-dance or electro-clash, as well as with the light hand of Gleb Samoilov himself - “neopostotics”. The group recorded six albums, and each of them was followed by mixed reactions from the public and critics. For example, they wrote about the album “Tresh” that his music was banal, the songs “don’t catch”, the name of the album is a kind of recognition of the lack of quality, the refrain “mudatskiy film - horror, mudatskiy film - porn” can be taken as a short retelling of the main songs from the album, the theme of the lyrics is from pedophilia and homosexuality to just an absurd set of words, and - that the album sounds comparable to the best Western samples, is a very diverse and deep work, one of the most interesting and ambiguous records in Russian rock music.

Since 2015, The Matrixx’s repertoire included the hits by Agatha Christie written by Gleb.

Samoilov’s things are more than just a lump of energy, much closer to the category of art than just getting into a drive. Gleb Samoilov really resides in the status of a rock hero (.) There is music for the masses, there are songs for emotions, and there are songs for the mind. And the perfect rock hero is the one who combines all this.

Solo and joint projects

In addition to participating in the Agatha Christie and The Matrixx groups, Gleb Samoilov recorded two solo albums: Little Fritz and Whistle. In 2005-2018, he collaborated with many, both beginners and famous artists and groups. In 2017-2018, he became interested in composing music using the iPhone and iPad. He calls these compositions "electronic experiments" or "collages."

On November 20, 2018, a press conference was held during which Gleb made a number of ambiguous comments about the history of the Agatha Christie band. The press conference was dedicated to the anniversary program Agatha Christie 30: The Dark Side, which premiered on December 2 at the Izvestia-hall Moscow club with the participation of Andrei Kotov and Gosha Kutsenko. The program included rare songs that were not performed at concerts, “Agatha Christie”, which broke up nine years ago.

On January 30, 2019, Gleb Samoilov took part in the recording of “NTV's Apartment House at Margulis”, dedicated to Linda's work. The musicians jointly performed "Good Song" from the repertoire of The Matrixx. The program aired on the night of March 23-24 on the NTV channel.

On November 15, 2019, a concert was held in Moscow in the Palace of Culture. Gorbunova. Artists and rock musicians teamed up with the Globalis Symphony Orchestra and sang songs by Vladimir Vysotsky. Among the participants of the concert was Gleb Samoilov, who sang "The Ballad of Going to Paradise."

Conflict of the Samoilov brothers

In February 2015, at the request of Vadim Samoilov, Gleb Samoilov took part in the “Nostalgic concerts” of “Agatha Christie”, after which the conflict began over the fee that was not paid to him. Vadim went on a tour called “Agatha Christie. All hits ”, and also began to sing songs written by Gleb for himself and as part of“ Agatha Christie ”, performed only by Gleb.

A lawsuit was filed for copyright infringement. This and a parallel lawsuit filed about money was the beginning of a series of lawsuits and an active discussion in the press. The copyright lawsuit was denied, but the money claim was considered substantiated, the case was decided in favor of Gleb.

After that, Vadim filed a cassation for money, and the case was returned for further investigation to the Savyolovsky court.

Gleb Samoilov and Agatha Christie

It was like this: in 1985, his older brother Vadim, along with his comrades (Peter May and Alexander Kozlov) began rehearsals under the name "VIA RTF UPI". In 1987, his brother invited Gleb to the group for the position of bass player. In February 1988, they played a concert for students of the Ural Polytechnic Institute, who took such an initiative with a bang, and at the end of the year the guys released their debut album, "The Second Front," and another year later, "Cunning and Love."

Since 1990, Gleb was the main author of the lyrics of the songs “Agatha Christie”, recorded albums with new friends, and also worked on the first solo album “Little Fritz”. He still played the bass, not standing, as they usually do, but sitting on a chair in the corner of the stage. This feature of the team gave rise to a lot of gossip and speculation, but later Gleb said that he was initially very afraid to speak in public, and his brother advised him to sit - it was calmer. This continued until 1995, when at one of the concerts at Gleb did not begin an attack of claustrophobia. He jumped up, threw off his chair, and since then he played exclusively standing.

In 1991, the band pleased their fans with the next Decadence album, and a few months later Gleb Samoilov's second solo record, Svi100plyaska, appeared on sale.

In the period from 1991 to 2010, the musician actively participated in the development of the group. The guys not only romp around the country, but also work on new tracks. For this entire period 7 albums were recorded. The most hit ones were “Shameful Star” (1993), “Opium” (1995), “Hurricane” (1996), “Miracles” (1998) and Epilogue (2010).

Gleb Samoilov now

After the illness, the artist was again full of energy and already in September 2017 presented the fans the hit “Star” from the new album. The single clip was released on the official video channel of The Matrixx on YouTube. In winter, the release of the disc, called "Hello." According to the musician, the latest songs do not have a pronounced style, but each listener determines for himself the concept of the album on their own after listening. The first performance of Gleb Samoilov with the musical material of the new record took place in the capital's club "Theater" on December 16.

Clip of Gleb Samoilov and The Matrixx - “Star”

Now the artist, along with members of The Matrixx, is performing a new program in major cities of Russia. At the end of September 2018, a performance is planned in Irkutsk, where a symphony orchestra will enter the stage together with rock musicians.