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The millennium generation born after 1981 is characterized by maximum involvement in digital technologies: echo boomers grew on computer games, and the print media and television programs were replaced by Internet and video hosting YouTube. Therefore, it is not surprising that for some people the surname “Oblomov” is associated not with the famous character from the novel of the same name by Ivan Goncharov, but with the name of the channel of the Glorious Druzhom Oblomoff (Oleg Grigoryev).

There are gaps in the friendship biography: the guy did not advertise his true place of birth, and also did not tell who his mom and dad worked. It is known that Oleg moved to the city on the Neva in order to go to university.

Nice Friend Oblomoff

Nice Friend received an architect’s diploma, but didn’t want to work in his specialty: the young man made a living using web programming on the freelance exchange.

Blog and popularity

Oleg Grigoryev started blogging even before monetization began to be used on the famous resource. In fact, the young man considered his passion for cooking and videos not to be the main source of income, but an interesting hobby.

Video blogger Nice Friend

“Oblomoff” is Oleg’s first channel, registered on a popular site in 2010. Initially, Grigoriev did not have expensive video cameras and editing, and his recordings were like unprofessional shooting. In one of the first videos, where the Glorious Friend makes Kiev cutlets, the blogger warned the audience that he was not a cook and did not know how to cook. Indeed, the charismatic blonde does not consider himself Gordon Ramsay, but honestly admits that he regards his skills at the amateur level.

“I do not have a culinary professional education, I frankly cook“ crookedly ”: I have the level of a very slightly advanced amateur,” Grigoryev admitted to his fans.

Although some followers of Druzhay believe that his dishes are not much different from restaurant ones. It can be assumed that the popularity of the Oblomov channel is due to the fact that the guy learned to cook with his viewers. For example, in one of the videos Oleg made pilaf with barberry for the first time and rated this gastronomic creation on a solid four with a plus, because he went too far with zira. By the way, the subscribers of Glorious Friend gave advice in the comments on how to improve the recipe of a traditional Uzbek dish.

Glorious Friend - food delivery thunderstorm

Real glory came to the young man in 2013, when he came up with a new column, “Glorious Review”. Oleg, like Elena Flying, reincarnated as a “revisorro” and arranged a check for local restaurants and deliveries: eminent pizza and sushi deliveries fell under the analysis of flights. The blogger created this section by chance: the blond admitted that he loves to cook, but sometimes he does not have time to create culinary masterpieces. Therefore, in such cases, the guy has to use custom-made food, the price of which often does not match the quality.

The criteria for evaluating Nice Friend were always strict: he paid attention both to the delivery time and taste of the dish, and to weight, temperature, as well as the number of napkins and toothpicks.

Glorious Friend in the project "Glorious Review"

Despite the popularity of Glorious Review, Druzh continues to delight the million-strong army of subscribers with interesting recipes. True, over time, Oleg began to cook not only classic dishes such as Caesar, chicken wings, shawarma or barbecue, but also began to show exotic dishes to the audience, for example, a huge lobster or an overseas octopus.

The blogger used to surprise the audience: Grigoriev lives in a rented apartment and wants to save up for his own real estate, but he was not stingy with spending 24 thousand rubles on a marble Japanese steak - vagu, which was prepared using the flaming technique in cognac.

It is noteworthy that such famous YouTube stars as Yuri Khovansky, Dmitry Larin, Goblin, Andrey Nifedov, Kuzma, SMN and others appear in Oblomov’s videos.

Nice Friend and Yuri Khovansky

In 2016, Friendship Oblomov traveled to Thailand, where he tasted the classic sour-spicy Tom Yum soup and tasted outlandish dishes - fried caterpillars and rats. In 2017, he shared culinary masterpieces of Vietnam and Spain with subscribers. To the delight of the fans, Friends publishes photos of the tasted dishes in his Instagram.

Over time, Oleg appeared two side channels: "The fly did not sit" and "Oblomoff-stuff." At the first, Grigoriev reviews cameras, laptops, telephones, various gadgets and other technical devices, and at the second, the youtuber mainly answers subscribers' questions, and also gives practical advice and tells stories from life.

Personal life

Oleg Grigoryev’s personal life is like a sphinx riddle: the guy does not like to tell reporters about his past. Although the video blogger often has attractive assistants, Oleg claims that these are only close friends. And only the most attentive culinary fans managed to find out that Friendship had been dating a girl named Evgenia for quite some time.

Glorious Friend Oblomov

In 2016, the famous chef and author of books, Stalik Khankishiyev, turned to Oblomov. The roller of contention was the movie where Grigoriev was cooking kebab. According to Khankishiyev, cooking minced meat with a blender is disrespect for his work and the traditional recipe for this Caucasian dish. Thanks to this situation, Oleg’s fans learned that Glorious Friend is a non-conflict person: the blogger accepted the master’s instructions with dignity and promised not to mention the name of Stalik in his videos.

Nice Friend: biography

The millennium generation born after 1981 is characterized by maximum involvement in digital technologies: echo boomers grew on computer games, and the print media and television programs were replaced by Internet and video hosting YouTube. Therefore, it is not surprising that for some people the surname “Oblomov” is associated not with the famous character from the novel of the same name by Ivan Goncharov, but with the name of the channel of the Glorious Druzhom Oblomoff (Oleg Grigoryev).

There are gaps in the friendship biography: the guy did not advertise his true place of birth, and also did not tell who his mom and dad worked. It is known that Oleg moved to the city on the Neva in order to go to university.

Nice Friend Oblomoff

Nice Friend received an architect’s diploma, but didn’t want to work in his specialty: the young man made a living using web programming on the freelance exchange.

Creative path, biography and family.

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Name and surname:Oleg Grigoriev
Name in English:Oleg Grigorev
Nickname:Nice Friend
Year of birth:1990
Birthday:The 4th of October
Place of Birth:Leningrad region, Russia
Occupation:video blogger
Height:187 cm.
Weight:80 kg
Eastern horoscope:Horse
Social network:InstagramYoutube

Youtube Culinary Channel

As stated, the channel was created a long time ago, but the guy began to actively develop it only a year later. And even when it had 25 thousand subscribers, the guy tried to make the video high-quality and interesting.

He always said that he was not a professional in cooking, so he often created various polls about what and when to cook. After some time, a new column “Nice Review” appears, where the guy is testing various food deliveries in St. Petersburg.

Yes, it is in St. Petersburg, because in Moscow there is another surveyor called "Pokashevarim." But, there are a lot of fast foods, restaurants in the Northern capital, so the guy will have a lot of work.

For example, he did reviews of fast foods such as:

  • McDonald's
  • Burger King,
  • Hes burger
  • Mu-Mu Burgers.

In general, a lot of things can be found in these reviews: borscht, pizza, shawarma, barbecue and so on. But, the essence of the review is that the guy is not paid for advertising a particular delivery, Oleg makes an honest review and if something is wrong, then he honestly tells everything.

That is why, as oblomoff himself says, he earns much less than he could.

The most popular videos from Oleg are those where the guy prepares home fast food, for example, “Divine Hamburger”.

Also, delivery reviews gain millions of views, so there are many advertisers on the channel. In general, this channel is the most basic, but the guy also has other projects, such as:

  • Oblomov stream,
  • "The fly did not sit,"
  • solo bodybuilding project (the guy shows how he does in the gym).

How much does Glorious Friend earn?

At the time of writing, the channel has already stepped over the mark of 3 million subscribers. The channel is very actively developing, given that the guy uploads the video often, this does not bother the audience.

There you can always find what to order, in terms of food, as well as how to surprise your guests. This is all, gives the channel a large influx of new viewers, and this affects income.

Let's analyze the channel a little more:

  • it has 3 million active subscriptions,
  • each video gains 500-3 million views.

Metrics are worthy of respect, so the channel brings a solid income. On the social blade shows that Oleg can get 5-10 thousand dollars. But, after all, there are direct advertisers, such as manufacturers of Samura knives.

For such advertising integration, the guy is paid 50-100 thousand rubles. Yes, the money is very good, but you need to understand that the operator works in Oleg’s team, he needs to buy food, products, cooking appliances and various accessories.

In general, it is clear that the guy is shooting high-quality reviews and recipes, and most importantly, gives other bloggers (Khovansky, Larin) the opportunity to do the same.

As a result, Glorious Friend is a really good channel, with high-quality content, for which it is not a shame. The guy does not skimp on high-quality filming, equipment and this gives its results. Good luck, friends.

Glorious Friend Oblomov

Glorious Friend Oblomov (aka Oleg Grigoriev) is a top culinary blogger, video maker, sofa philosopher, gadget reviewer and many others. Charismatic, but extremely simple guy from St. Petersburg. He creates dishes, visits a rocking chair, and sometimes reflects on life on camera (at the request of workers). Since March 2010, his channel has grown from a miserable no-name to a promoted millionaire, respected and with budgets. The quality of the content increased in accordance with requests and audience growth.

Creed Druzh: "I am not a professional chef, I like to experiment, I cook for myself and friends, and reputation and subscribers are above all." He adheres to such a policy for six years. If the recipe, then a specific category: complex or "hand-made" (official terminology), expensive or budget, timeless or seasonal (such as the famous St. Petersburg fried smelt). Everything is honest, in black and white, and if you wish, you can unsubscribe - which Oleg regularly reminds of in a joking manner.

What bribes Oblomov? The lack of pathos, immense respect for the "elders" (earthly gods of dishes like Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver) and, of course, a pronounced personal opinion. You turn on Druzh and get a tube atmosphere without arrogance and expansion. It was as if they had glanced at an old comrade, and he - that's good luck - had bought marbled beef and was ready to create masterpieces. However, the young talent has its own problem areas. Oleg is categorically inaccurate and contraindicated for viewing by true perfectionists. It cuts and cuts as it should, usually measures it by eye and regularly uses the holy rule of Boris Stepantsev's immortality: "and so it will do." The masses are not in a claim - they themselves would be worse off planed. But the more demanding audience sometimes turns gray, looking at the individual gestures of Grigoriev. Our second hero could not resist comment.

Stalik Khankishiyev

On the other side of the scale is Stalik (according to the passport Stanislav) Khankishiyev. A chef, restaurateur, and writer of Azerbaijani-German blood, who is popular with us and in the CIS countries, who made a name in the national Central Asian cuisine. He is known as the author of the books "Kazan, barbecue and other men's pleasures", "Kazan. Culinary tutorial", "Brazier", "Kazan, ram and dastarkhan", "Plov". We believe, catch the idea that Stalik is a master of a rather narrow focus. I gained even greater rotation thanks to the NTV channel and the rubric - guess! - “Kazan-brazier” as part of the program cycle “Country answer”, where Khankishiyev, of course, played the role of permanent leader.

Amploua Stalika is a good-natured middle-aged man (he is 54), the most ordinary complexion, simple morals and a warm eastern heart. With trepidation and a warm smile, he leads a one-way dialogue with the viewer, explains the complex and omits the obvious. To admit, you believe him, you feel the national flavor and willy-nilly for them (that Mr. Khankishiyev, that color) penetrate. Can’t this gentleman emanate light and positive?

As usual, no nuances anywhere. In the international culinary community, Stalik is not so famous. His main achievement is a victory in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the nomination "The Best Book of 2012 on National Cuisine". He also took some Chinese awards for his publications, but whose merit is greater in this, either him or the AST publishing house, is an open question.

We would have understood, if someone had fallen on Oblomov at the level of the “hellish” Ramsey. But Khankishiyev is not among the certified chefs either. A string of books, a couple of TV shows, a popular LiveJournal blog and master classes on the Dorogomilovsky market - that’s the whole of Stalik. It differs from other non-professionals except in significant experience. Formally, Khankishiyev is just as much an amateur as the Friend who upset him. In the publishing information for the book "Kazan, a barbecue and other men's pleasures" on the Ozon website, one can find remarkable lines: "The old man is the most complete self-taught, a brilliant amateur.". The characteristic is more than exhaustive.

But what Khankishiyev can do professionally is to sell. He recorded a video message to the YouTube community, standing behind a clip of his best works. An unobtrusive such marketing layout with a price tag from nine hundred to two-plus thousand rubles. "At a very reasonable price" and ". even autographed", - as if by chance the author advertises himself.

Having introduced the characters, we move on to the main conflict. On July 5, 2016, Druzh posted on his channel the fatal video "Lula-kebab. In a blender or hatchets? Kurdyuk or onion?". In it, as the name implies, Oleg conducts an experiment to prepare minced meat. In a traditional way or newfangled? The young man does not give a definite answer: from a blender, the product is objectively more tender, but hatchets know their job. As a result, the culinary chooses a non-canonical recipe because of the tenderness and juiciness.

And this is what becomes the stumbling block for the self-proclaimed guru. Stalika Khankishiyeva frankly offends the Razdolby approach to cooking traditional dishes of Central Asian cuisine. He writes "An Appeal to Culinary Video Bloggers" (spelling preserved. - Note Life).

Excerpt from it:

While lamenting about the blasphemous technologies of youth, between the lines, Stalik appropriates the authorship of the unfortunate kebab. Like, I did show and tell - why don't you do the same? "I described the kebab in this book."- he recalls to the place and again pushes the viewer a pretty volume for 1300 rubles.

Oblomov responds to comments correctly and with respect:

Oblomov's response to the video of Khankishiyev

'> With upbringing, Friendship has order, and authorities for him are not an empty phrase. He draws conclusions, learns, and even if not, in no way tries to offend his interlocutor.

Drama, in fact, is not worth a damn. One amateur accused the other of negligence and irresponsibility - he is not drawn to the fight of heavyweights. That would be the end of the conflict if Yuri Khovansky, a proven Internet fighter (and at the same time an expert in alcohol and shawarma), didn’t enter the arena. In a joint stream with Nemagia, he remembered the conflict between Stalik and Oblomov. First, the blogger accused Stalik of copying himself.

Then he reminded that Khankishiyev was recording a video, having preliminarily posted all five (actually six. - Note Life) books to the fore - all for the sake of a loud discussion in the YouTube space.

Yuri explains his rebuff by the fact that he stands up for the delicate and non-conflict Friends. But there is a suspicion that the fierce behavior of Khovansky is caused not by a sense of elbow, but by jealousy for the profile activity of the master. In his opinion, a culinary with a television background went to YouTube to extrapolate the TV experience to the Internet.

Obviously, in this case, Khovansky is no longer acting as an intercessor of Druzh (who did not have any grudges against Stalik), but as a Cerberus, irreconcilably protecting bloggers from attacks from television colleagues.

The extra warmth of history is given by the fact that the author of books about the cauldron is an odious figure. Khankishiyev writes a blog in LiveJournal, and crazy debates periodically flare up there: in the heat of a verbal battle, Stalik can send an opponent "in the ass" or "rub it in his mouth". Yes there are comments - here are excerpts from a blog post, where the master explains why pilaf should be eaten by hand.

It is not surprising that the audience of Druzh and especially Khovansky, who came to Khankishiyev to splash out the dirt, came across a powerful rebuff - Stalik answered almost everyone and all in the same harsh manner:

Yuri’s tirade spread across the domestic YouTube segment, triggering a wave of video messages from less visible speakers. In general, citizens took the positions of Khovansky and Oblomov. In addition, video blogger and chef Anatoly Borsch noted that Stalik is poorly skilled in dishes not related to the barbecue or cauldron. In particular, the famous culinary expert incorrectly cut onions for pumpkin risotto and “borrowed” the recipe from the legendary Gordon Ramsay, presenting it as his own.

We asked Anatoly whether it is possible to cut meat in a blender for cooking kebabs. Here is what the cook, documented, unlike Stalik, answered:

It would seem that the honest and peace-loving response of the Glorious Friend should negate any potential conflict. But from the horde of trolls in the comments, Stalik was even more offended than because of the kebab in the blender. For another reason, he started the half-hour video entitled “Response to some Oblomov and Khovansky subscribers - bumphs and khanovansh” with a fake violin playing (obviously, to illustrate the rule “if you don’t know, don’t take it”).

Resembling outraged by the morals of commentators, Khankishiyev compares the young growth with “Tender May”, and himself with Lyudmila Zykina. There is a subtle allusion: YouTube-cooking is a temporary thing, but Stalik will remain for centuries. "I care who will stay after me"- the master complains and for some reason begins to compare the number of views on the Friends channel with his own indicators. While demonstrating a complete misunderstanding of the methods of calculating the audience. 15 million views for him are equal to 15 million viewers.

The figures worry Khankishiyev particularly - hundreds of thousands of live subscribers on Oblomov’s channel are clearly haunted. Finding nothing better, he cranks out the maneuver we already know with book advertising and stories of their wild popularity. Friendly, they say, dust from under the nails, some blogger. And expensive Khankishiev books are sold as hot Uzbek samsa. Is this not an indicator of success and popular recognition?

The funniest thing in this situation is the contrast between respectful friendship and arrogant condescension of a senior in the shop. Reading Oblomov’s comment, Stalik relishes the wording. Moreover, it says something about winners and losers - as if it was not about a storm in a plate of pilaf, but about an all-out battle, not for life, but for kebab.

To clarify the situation, Life talked with Druzh Oblomov and received an exclusive comment:

"I was at the center of the conflict? Sorry, but I don’t know much. I know that the deeply respected culinary specialist Stalik shot a video where he scolded me for not thoroughly making a recipe experiment. I, of course, was surprised at the attention of the cook of the Stalik level to my a crooked person and even apologized. For me the story was over. I know that many subscribers hope to get some share of “hype”, expect a war, “versus” or at least a hassle, but I will hasten to disappoint them. circumstances I will not fall to the level of market hassle and finding flaws in other people's videos or recipes, and no one will ever hear a single bad word from me about Khankishiyev.

'> For me, I repeat, this situation was politely closed a month ago. To be honest, I’m giving you an interview about what I’m not participating in at all. I do not make video responses, I do not write negative comments about the respected Stalik on the Internet. I work on my channel.

To be honest, I did not watch the second video, because it was addressed not even to me. My audience has far exceeded one million subscribers. Among them there are cooks who relax after a working day, laughing with laughter at my attempts to cook something. There are family people who like to just look at delicious food. There are students looking at the recipe for a huge steak with a cup of "doshirak". People are different. Good and bad. Educated and not very. Cultural and boorish. Even if ONE percent of my subscribers are Internet trolls, then these are ALREADY 10,000 teenagers who write anything and anyone. I wouldn’t comb the whole audience under one comb ".

Life, of course, turned to Stalik, but received only "bye" and an abandoned pipe.

In general, the following picture emerges: a noisy culinary specialist from TV entered the world of YouTube noisily, defamed a talented guy, set up an online community against himself and advertised books to noises. The picture, which is already here, is unpleasant, but still incorrect.

The subtlety is that Stalik, no matter how rude he is in LiveJournal, no matter what he does with the risotto, obviously knows how to cook. And in those culinary configurations where lard, meat, onions and open fire are present, it does this expertly. His hands scurry in the frame, cut through the scarlet mutton fibers, twist the skewers, string, chop and chop. A confident voice comments on the actions, and you believe the master unconditionally. Khovansky called Stalik “a man from Odnoklassniki”, and this is true: it’s easy to imagine how a retired 50-year-old colonel carefully watches a video of Hankishiev shared by his colleague, then goes out onto the lawn and tries to repeat it.

Even the books of Stalik, around which there is so much talk, are selling well - otherwise there would be six of them (with additional runs). Yes, partly all this is due to the powerful efforts of the AST publishing house (the presentation of one of the books was accompanied by public cooking and by Leonid Parfyonov), but hardly success was due to marketing alone.

The friend, for his part, is hundreds of times sincere, understandable to us, works in a modern format, actively contacts the audience and knows his place. In a vividly painted local conflict, he is the clear winner. If only because I did not participate in it at all. Eager for cheap PR, Khankishiyev and Khovansky fanned the flames of war, in which they turned out to be distant extras in the background.

Thus ended a loud battle for the sake of advertising. With a shield, a man came out of her, tactfully remaining on the sidelines.


Top food blogger does not specify the date and place of his birth, keeping the intrigue. According to some sources, he was born on March 28, 1989, according to others - on October 4, 1990. The outskirts of Leningrad and sometimes the Leningrad region are sometimes called his birthplace.

He became the second child in a family where the eldest daughter Anna was already growing up. When he was about six years old, his parents divorced. Subsequently, my mother got married again, and he had a stepfather and half brother.

She and her sister usually spent the summer holidays in a village near their northern capital, with their grandparents, and they helped in all of them. The favorite writer of young Oleg was Jack London.

Their family often changed their place of residence, so he changed several schools and studied, he said, "reluctantly." However, the average mark of his certificate was not bad, and he, having finished school, managed to enter one of the universities of the city on the Neva. Data on his chosen profession in open sources also vary. Some write that he decided to become an architect, others say that he is an IT specialist. Whatever it was, but he soon began to make a living by developing sites, looking for orders for their creation on freelance exchanges.

YouTube Channel

In March 2010, on a popular Youtube video hosting site, the young man started his blog, which was given the name “Oblomoff”. For what reason he took himself such a pseudonym - history is silent. Perhaps he is a fan of the immortal novel of Ivan Goncharov or simply lived, like a book character, on Gorokhovaya Street of the Northern Capital.

He just did what he liked - he shot and published videos of cooking various dishes, not counting on making big money profits or laurels, like the same Gordon Ramsay. The young man honestly admitted to his subscribers, the number of which then barely reached 25 thousand, that he did not have a professional education, and modestly classified himself as an “advanced amateur”. According to him, his passion for cooking came to him from the moment he cooked an ordinary scrambled egg.

The culinary guru, most of whose videos began to gain more than a million views, studied the wisdom of cookery with his viewers. Moreover, he not only cooked various dishes according to traditional recipes, but also suggested experimenting with him, improving them or adding unexpected ingredients. The blogger did not disregard the advice of his subscribers, who noticed that he especially succeeded in grilling or grilling dishes.

In 2013, he came up with the idea of ​​releasing a new video section called “Glorious Review”, which supplemented the content of the blog and significantly increased the audience. He made an order in urban deliveries, and then assessed the level of service, the adequacy of price and quality. With knowledge of the matter, he checked the recipe, the share of each product in the composition of the delivered dishes, their temperature, weight, tasted their taste, gave advice to consumers and delivery owners.

Together with the usual chicken wings, Caesar salad and barbecue, he now delighted his fans with recipes for more exotic dishes, for example, a Japanese octopus sashimi appetizer, which gained 2.6 million views.

Nice Friend often did collaborations with other bloggers. In 2016, in company with Yuri Khovansky, he offered his subscribers a recipe for an elite hot dog, taught how to properly prepare crayfish for beer, and revealed all the subtleties of making Peking duck with Dmitry Larin. Guests of his channel were other Internet celebrities, including Kuzma, Goblin, Andrei Nifedov.

In 2015, he began traveling to different countries and making video reports on local dishes. In Thailand, he tried fried caterpillars, in Spain - black paella, from Vietnam brought a recipe for stingray on the grill, cobras in soy sauce.

In addition to the main culinary channel, Druzh actively filmed videos for Oblomoff-stuff, where he uploaded stories, interesting videos from travels, answered questions from followers, and gave practical advice. As part of the channel "The Fly did not sit" - it provided current reviews of new products in the field of electronics and digital technology. He created the Kachkov-Fools channel to share his experience in weightlifting.

Grigoriev Oleg Alexandrovich on social networks:

Oleg Grigoriev was born in a simple Soviet family on the outskirts of Leningrad on March 28, 1987. He was the second child, the older sister is Anna.

Even before the future creator of Russia's largest culinary channel went to school, his father left his family. The boy was raised by his stepfather, who is now called Glorious Friend by the name "Dad", later another son appeared in the family. He does not communicate with his father.

During the training he replaced several schools due to frequent relocations. He studied, as Oleg himself admits, reluctantly. Nevertheless, the average mark of his certificate is higher than that of many classmates.

Each summer, he and his sister were sent to the village of Leningrad Oblast with their grandparents. There the boy rested from school, learned to care for livestock, sawing and planing. After school, he entered the university as a programmer. But he left school and went headlong into freelance.

The blogger carefully hides his personal life from prying eyes. All that is known is that he is not married and has no children.

"Why Oblomoff, if you are Grigoriev?" Oleg took such a pseudonym when he was fond of computer online games. When registering a channel on youtube, this is the first name that occurred to him.

When he did this, he did not count on any possible monetary profit and an audience of almost 2 million people. The most popular video on the main channel for a long time remains the recipe for home Krabsburgers.

On the main channel, the guy leads several successful headings:

  • All kinds of recipes. In several playlists you can see the preparation of desserts, salads, soups, snacks, meat and fish dishes. Oleg loves to cook on the grill and grill.
  • Nice Review. Overview of food deliveries in St. Petersburg. The host measures the temperature and weight of the brought dish, tastes everything, gives advice to the owners of deliveries. According to Oleg himself, reviews cannot be paid, his opinion cannot be bought. If the level of service and food is poor, then on the video he will say so.

In addition to the main channel, Grigoryev is actively shooting video for the second channel - Oblomoff-stuff. There he answers questions from subscribers and expresses his opinion about current events in the world and about various situations in life. Spreads vlogs from travels. The number of subscribers on the live channel has exceeded 150,000.

On the channel "The Fly Didn't Sit", along with his cameraman Sergey, Oleg reviews the latest electronics, gives useful tips on online shopping. On the channel "Fooling-cranks", along with his friend Vova, Oleg tells everything that he knows about weightlifting, shares his experience in the gym.

For a long time, Glorious Friend has been cooperating with major sponsors - Samura knives, the Delivery Club application and Biol tableware manufacturers. The young man does not agree to small commercial offers, through his manager, because he does not want to trade and advertise something for one day.

Interesting Facts:

  • Jack London was a favorite writer in childhood
  • Oblomoff loves pets very much,
  • She dreams of building her country house with a large kitchen.


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