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Sofya Kashtanova
Date of BirthAugust 6, 1987 (1987-08-06) (32 years old)
Place of BirthMoscow
Citizenship Russia

Sofya Andreevna Kashtanova, genus. August 6, 1987, Moscow) - Russian film actress, TV series, commercials.


Born on August 6, 1987 in Moscow in the family of writer and screenwriter Andrei Antonov and actress Alla Kashtanova. Parents divorced when Sophia was a child, in 1998, Sophia's mother married a Mexican citizen. From 9 to 15 years lived in this country.

In Mexico, she was engaged in Latin American dances, as well as horse riding. He speaks good English and Spanish. At the age of 14, Sophia graduated from school as an external student, after which she returned with her mother to Moscow, where she entered the Moscow Art Theater School, to the course of Roman Kozak and Dmitry Brusnikin. She graduated from the studio in 2007. Classmates Kashtanova were her future partners in the series "Psychologists" Anastasia Panina and Roman Mayakin.

In 2006 she made her film debut, starring in the films "Insatiable", "Students-2" and "Detectives-5". The first major role was played in 2010 in the film "Random Communication" (dir. Olga Stolpovskaya). The picture was shown at the Moscow International Film Festival. Played by Sophia Loren in the series Thaw.

The popularity was brought by the role of an elite call girl (and later a sexologist) Christina in the series “A Ruble Officer”.

In 2017, she was included in the list of 100 sexiest women in Russia, according to the Russian-language magazine MAXIM. Sophia took 52nd place. Moreover, if the jury assigned her 84th position, but readers put her on the 25th. In 2018, she climbed to 32nd place. And again, the audience rated Sophia higher (12th place) than the jury (65th).


2005 from StudentsKristina
2006 f InsatiableMika
2006 from Students 2Kristina
2007 f Zero kilometer Brunette
2008 from Cruel businessBela
2008 from Killing in the summer seasonAntonina Kemarskaya
2009 from Indiscriminate murderKseniya
2010 f Moon moonMiranda
2010 f Zaitsev, burn! Showman StoryEpisode
2011 f Random CommunicationMarianne
2012 from BeagleVeronika Kryukova
2013 from BuildingRuzanna
2013 from Thaw Sophia Loren
2014 from Funny boysVera
2014 from Wolf sun Irina Belinskaya
2014 from On the runAlbina
2014 from I do not believeDana Vershak
2014 from Eldest daughterVika, Katie's girlfriend
2015 from A holiday romanceJulia
2015 from Concerned, or Love is evil Lena, ex-girlfriend of Glory
2016 from Kitchen (Season 4, Episode 13)Guest with a dog
2016 from Policeman from Rublevka Christina, call girl
2016 from The cycleKatya Voroshilova
2016 f I'm from dishonor to thorns (video film)Read poetry
2017 from Policeman from Rublevka to Beskudnikovo Christina, co-owner of the coffee shop
2017 from Psychologists Victoria Pokrovskaya, personal growth coach
2017 from FidelityMila
2017 from The Curse of the SleepingLiza
2018 f NO-ONE Miranda, Zina's friend
2018 f Holiday romance 2Julia Usoltseva
2018 from Policeman from Rublevka. Home again Christina, co-owner of the coffee shop, sex psychologist
2018 from Policeman from Rublevka. We will find you Christina, co-owner of the coffee shop, sex psychologist
2018 from Policeman from Rublevka. New Year's lawlessness Christina, sexologist
2018 f Praise to Denis Korablev (short film)Nastya
2018 f Shuttles. ContinuationNatasha Kolesnikova, CFO

Personal life

Some aspects of his personal life are carefully concealed.

In her youth, she had an affair with a native of Chile, whom she met in Mexico. Kashtanova is also credited with novels with actors Artyom Semakin and Ivan Nikolaev.

In 2009, during the filming of the movie “Moon-Moon”, Sofya Kashtanova started a fleeting affair with Artem Semakin, husband of Maria Mashkova. It was rumored that Mary abandoned her husband after learning about the betrayal. But soon Sophia left Semakin, and since then the details of her personal life have not been “reflected” in the press.

In the fall of 2018, information appeared about Sophia's pregnancy. At the end of March 2019, Sofia in her social networks said that she had given birth two months earlier. The birth took place in Mexico. By the way, earlier in an interview she expressed the belief that a child should live in a family. The boy was named George.

In her free time she enjoys painting.

Photo: Sofya Kashtanova

Childhood and youth

Sofia Kashtanova was born in the creative family of a playwright and actress. Parents of the girl broke up almost immediately after her birth. Mom was actively filming, little Sofia lived with her grandmother almost all the time. When the girl was 8 years old, her mother took her to Mexico, where she found a new husband. The family settled in a small town where, in addition to the sun and school, there was no entertainment for her and opportunities to realize her dream - to become an actress, like a mother. At 15, Sofia announced that she was going back to Moscow, going to the theater, living with her grandmother and dad. Mom didn’t mind.

Sofia became a student at the Moscow Art Theater. That's just the joy of receipt overshadowed by the unexpected death of the pope. To cope with grief, the girl devoted herself to equestrian sport. Mom gave her the horse Phobos, together they even won an award at the Cup of Russia. The active student liked to train, she sincerely loved the horse, which helped her through a difficult period in her life, but she was sorely lacking time for classes. Sofia made a choice - theater and cinema. She made an adult decision to send Phobos to the village, which she still remembers with pain in her soul.

In the second year of the institute, Kashtanova played the first movie roles. It was the series Detectives and the drama Casual Communication. The directors liked the director so much that they began to receive dozens of offers. As a student, she played the role of Sophia Loren, appeared in the comedy series Kitchen, Resort Romance, as well as in Policeman from Rublevka.

The difficult events that occurred with Sofia in 2010, reflected on the personality of the actress. In addition to acting, she found herself in creativity - she began to paint. Sophia painted to cope with depression, she enjoyed the process. In 2013, the actress presented the paintings to the public. Of her 30 works, 25 were successfully sold. At this period, the painting in the life of Kashtanova ended.

Sofia believes that no one should know about her personal life. With the press, the actress shared only the experience of the first, not the most happy love. Today in the life of a beauty there is a man. He became for her the only one who wants to give a child. The actress gave birth to a boy in Mexico, in the obstetric pool.

The event excited the fans, their curiosity reached such an apogee that the star decided to open the veil of secrecy. Kashtanova said that the baby’s father is not from the world of show business, that they have been together for about 2 years. The husband of the actress has Armenian roots, he adheres to oriental traditions, including regarding women, but is more than loyal to his beloved wife.

The kid has not yet been shown to the public, photographed from the back. The actress fondly says that he is a poured dad, but gradually her features are guessed in him.

Today, Sofia continues to rush between the two countries, is engaged in a child and husband, plans to spend the summer in Moscow, and the winter in Mexico. The actress is not going to give up roles in the movie, although she recalled that her husband and son will always be a priority in her life.

Sofia's determination and perseverance can only be envied. But would such a rhythm of life turn out to be too difficult for the baby - to two countries? How do you think?

Actor career

An intelligent, quick-witted girl was distinguished by a good memory and ability to learn. At fourteen, she externally graduated from high school and went to Moscow to study acting. The future profession for her was determined: Sophia grew up on my mother’s stories about the theater, performances, famous actors.

In 2004, Sofia entered the Moscow Art Theater School, a cinematography course by Roman Kozak and his classmate Dmitry Brusnikin, and the first time. Having received a diploma, the girl began to build a career in cinema.

Hobbies and hobbies

Passion for painting led to the fact that in 2013, on the advice and with the direct help of her mother, Sofia organized the first exhibition of her paintings. The exhibition was successful, 21 paintings were sold. Sofia loves to sing, she graduated from jazz vocals, but she does not build any illusions about the career of the singer.

Sofya Kashtanova practices yoga professionally, attends mentors in India. The favorite yoga position is a headstand.

As Sofya Kashtanova put it in an interview, a woman should radiate happiness. Her desire is to be in a good mood, glows from the inside and warm others with this light.

The girl is rarely seen in beauty salons. She looks after appearance independently. Cosmetic procedures are often done at home. Particular attention is paid to hair. Masks, balms, rubbing - permanent care procedures. As a cosmetic product, preference is given to burdock oil.

He simply treats food; he loves vegetables. Healthy eating is the motto for choosing food. A slender figure is supported by visits to the gym, regular yoga classes.


Sofia Kashtanova began acting in films in 2006. The creative biography of the young actress expectedly began with minor roles in television series and not the most popular full-length films. She played Mika in "The Insatiable", Christina in "Students-2" and Inna in "Detectives-5".

Sofya Kashtanova (frame from the series “Detectives-5”)

Next was a series of crime series. The actress starred in the films "Law and Order", "Murder in the summer season", "Lawyer", "Imaginary Murder" and others. Over time, Sophia decided that she did not want to participate in projects of this kind. She categorically against paintings that are negative, show robberies, blood and violence.

Kashtanova got the first major role in Olga Stolpovskaya’s arthouse tape “Random Communication”, shown at film festivals in Montreal, St. Petersburg and Anapa. And everywhere she received high marks from experts.

Sofya Kashtanova (frame from the series "Resort Romance")

In the romantic comedy "Resort Romance", Sophia's character is a kind and gentle girl who loves her husband, but only until she tastes alcohol. Then her second “I” appears - the impudent and liberated Josephine, a hunter for gentlemen of all stripes. On the set, Kashtanova made friends with colleagues Natalia Nozdrina and Daria Kalmykova. She met the latter in the film “I am from dishonor to thorns,” whose characters speak verses by Mikhail Gutseriev.

The series “Wolf's Sun” gave the actress the image of a representative of a noble family, ready to go against all, only to be with her beloved, even if he is an ideological opponent.

Sofia Kashtanova (frame from the series “The Wolf's Sun”)

Sophia knows what creative downtime is. Filming of the movie "Moon-Moon" began in 2008, then a crisis broke out, funding stopped. Closed another 5 projects in which the artist participated. In search of work, the girl went to America, lived with Galina Loginova, mother of Milla Jovovich. But Hollywood did not accept the Russian woman, and here at the Moscow Film Festival she met Valery Todorovsky. So in the filmography of Kashtanova appeared "Thaw".

Viewers and critics praised her work in this serial film. The actress played almost the namesake - Italian film star Sophia Loren. Preparing for the role, Sonya studied a lot of books, reviewed paintings with celebrities, learned Italian, even traveled to Switzerland and walked near Lauren's house, saturated with that atmosphere.

Sofya Kashtanova as Sophia Loren (frame from the series "Thaw")

In 2014, the actress starred in the episode of the 4th season of the popular sitcom "Kitchen" - her character celebrated the birthday of her beloved dog in the restaurant. Then she became a partner of Yuri Kolokolnikov in the melodrama "Concerned, or Love of Evil", acted as the girlfriend of the main character in the film "Elder Daughter."

In 2015, Sophia played the role of the lady of easy virtue Christina in the crime comedy “Police Officer from Rublevka” with Sergey Burunov. The role of Kashtanova was considered secondary, but the actress appeared in all seasons of the mini-series.

Christina, according to Sophia, is a good man, but unhappy, with many complexes. She either believes in love, or does not believe. Therefore, by the end of the 2nd season, it became clear that her romance with the character of Alexander Petrov had no future. In season 3, the man has a new relationship, and the girl is left with nothing.

Sofya Kashtanova (frame from the series “Policeman from Rublevka”)

In February 2017, the actress appeared in the secondary role of Mila in the 4-episode melodrama “Fidelity”. The mini-series shows the life of the village, in which the urban businesswoman comes, who turned the heads of local men. In the same year, Kashtanova plays in the melodramatic film "The Cycle".

Sofya Kashtanova and Egor Beroev (frame from the series "The Cycle")

Partner Yegor Beroev left the girl unpleasant memories:

“He didn’t differ in tact, he pressed me very hard, didn’t choose expressions, his words sounded humiliating.”

The series "Psychologist" is an unusual project for Russian television. Sophia, together with Anna Starshenbaum and Anastasia Panina, in the role of psychologist friends, discuss official matters with their husbands and transfer personal problems to the work plane. Psychology in this project is generally given a lot of time.

Sofya Kashtanova (frame from the series “Psychologists”)

The actress said that she herself resorted to professional help in order to pull out hidden fears, talk out, and throw out emotions. If this is not done, it will turn out like Elena Mayorova, who was destroyed by internal passions, Kashtanova is sure.

In June 2017, Sofia starred for the cover of the glossy magazine Maxim, where she appeared with her bare chest. Kashtanova also gave the magazine an interview in which she talked about life and about filming in the role of a prostitute in the comedy “Policeman from Rublevka”.

Parental divorce and a new country

Sofia was born in 1987 in Moscow in a creative family. In her family were Italians, Poles and Germans. Her father, Andrei Antonov, was engaged in writing, and was also a screenwriter, her mother, Alla Kashtanova, played on the stage. Her mother graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School, and then took up the profession, which she simply adored. She often rehearsed at home and read poetry, and the girl enthusiastically looked at her mother and absorbed the love for this profession.

Sofia Kashtanova in childhood

Unfortunately, the parents were not together for long, but even after the divorce, the girl continued to communicate with her father, whom she loved very much. Mom was constantly on tour, so her grandmother looked after Sofia. One day, Alla Afanasyevna went to work in Cuba, where she accidentally met her future husband. The man simply fell in love with her without a memory and asked to immediately become his wife. Sofia’s mother did not immediately decide to communicate with a strange Mexican, but then she received beautiful verses from him for half a year. The woman soon decided to have close contact, after which she agreed to marriage and relocation to Mexico.

mom and stepfather

The 8-year-old girl also followed her mother, she became friends with her stepfather and mastered Spanish and English. Soon, the future actress found friends, however, she was saddened by the fact that in this small town there were no clubs and theater studios, because even then she thought to follow in the footsteps of her mother. Kashtanova missed her grandmother and father, who remained in Moscow, so she often flew there and lived for some time.

Decision to become an actress

At the age of 14, her mother took her to a model school because she wanted her daughter to have a direct posture. What the girl just did not do for this: she went to the pool, was engaged in horse riding, wore a special corset - everything was useless. Classes that were held at the model school helped her get rid of this shortcoming.Sophia learned to walk the catwalk and even felt like a beautiful girl; she did not become a successful model because she had a different dream.


Soon she returned to her homeland and entered the Moscow Art Theater School. Her father did not live up to this important event, after his death, the future actress began to depression, and then auditory hallucinations began to arise: she imagined that it was as if dad was next to him and spoke to her.

To distract and recover, she enrolled in the equestrian section. Her horse named Phobos became her favorite, with her she won second place in the Cup of Russia. But it was difficult to combine sport and study at the university, and I had to part with my beloved pet, which was given to good people living in the village.

Creative work

Sophia began her career as a student, at first she played episodic roles ("Insatiable", "Detectives", "Law and Order: Department of Investigation Investigations-2", "Tricksters", "Lawyer-6"), but soon she was overtaken and popularity , which she received after filming in the drama "Random Communication".

Cruel Business (2008)

At that time, the role of the “fatal beauty” was firmly entrenched in the beginning actress, and the directors gladly invited her to their projects. Valery Todorovsky did not stand aside, offering the girl the role of the legendary Sophia Loren in the film "The Thaw." This role was small, but she happily plunged into this image. Kashtanova reviewed all the films with the participation of the movie star, studied the details of her life and even learned Italian.

In 2014, she starred in the project of Channel One - “The Wolf’s Sun”, where she had a love story with the hero of Gela Meskhi. Sofia got to the shooting of this film thanks to cameraman Vladimir Basht, who suggested the director of the series Sergey Ginzburg to try her for the role of Irina Belinskaya.

The Thaw (2013)

Her career was developing rapidly, and in a few years the filmography was replenished with such paintings as:

  • "Kitchen",
  • "A holiday romance",
  • "Policeman from Rublevka",
  • The Curse of the Sleeping
  • "Psychologists",
  • “Shuttles. Continuation "and others.
Resort Romance (2015)

When starring in Psychologists, Kashtanova brought outfits from home, so her character Vika appears in her things, for example, in a blue dress with bare shoulders, which was sewn and presented to her by a friend. In the summer of 2019, the movie star showed her fans vocal abilities, performing the main soundtrack in the new series “Teachers”, in addition, several more songs will be performed in her project. The most recent singer is very interested to know what impression the audience will make on her new experience.

Secrets of personal life

The actress hid her personal life for many years, so all kinds of rumors about her novels appeared in the press. But about her first love, a Mexican named Domian, the girl did not mind sharing. She met this young man at the age of 14 at a disco.

Sophia felt happiest when she walked with him in the evenings, but one day he no longer went on a date. As it turned out, his ex-girlfriend returned, and their romance started again. Then the young man tried to make peace, but Kashtanova no longer accepted him. Now she recalls with a smile her first serious feelings, but then she was terribly worried about the breakup.

Returning to Moscow, the future actress plunged into study with her head, and she had no time to go on dates with guys. Despite this, the rising star of the cinema attracted the attention of journalists who talked about her novels with partners on the set.

For example, after filming the movie "Luna-Luna," she appeared in public with Artem Semakin, but Kashtanova herself said that they were connected by friendly and business relations. Then there was a rumor about her visits with Ivan Nikolaev, however, this time the expectations of the fans did not come true, and they did not know who the actress’s real lover was.

Sofia Kashtanova with her son. Photo https://www.instagram.com/sofiacastanova/

At the end of spring 2019, a post appeared on Instagram of the beauty, from which her subscribers learned about important changes in her personal life:

“It has been almost two months since I became a mother, and there is nothing more beautiful on earth. Now I can be more sociable with you in my social networks. ”

Sofia admitted that she did nothing on purpose to hide her interesting position, because her second home is in Mexico, so she left to give birth to that country. She starred almost to the last, in addition, she played in the play “Dance Teacher”, in which Yevgeny Papunaishvili was her partner. At rehearsals, Kashtanova had to master rhythmic dances, with support and somersaults. Being a very responsible person, she could not let people down, so she went on maternity leave only when the premiere of the play took place, then she was replaced by another actress. Sophia's husband then worried about her and the unborn child, but he knew that work was very important for her.

The star of Psychologists understood very well that medicine in Mexico was at a low level, but she had completely different plans: she wanted to give birth in natural and natural conditions, without using various painkillers. Kashtanova looked after herself a good doctor, a German Aneke, whom she met on social networks. The birth took place in a clinic where a special obstetric pool is equipped. When the fights began, another 20 hours passed before the son was born. At that time there was a mother with Sophia who supported her.

with mom and grandmother

The baby was given the name George, while the movie star protects him from prying eyes, so the photo is taken only from the back. For some time she wants to devote herself to motherhood, and then return to the cinema, because you can always come to a balance and correctly combine family and work. Kashtanova plans to take the baby with him to the shooting so that he is under her supervision. Four months after the birth, the actress returned to her original form, which is very important for continuing her career.

Now the actress reveals many of her secrets, including telling who is the father of her son. Her husband does not belong to the world of cinema, but respects her work. He has Armenian roots, and, as an oriental man, has his own idea of ​​the role of women in the family. Spouses have long known each other, and they do not have disagreements on these issues.

Milos Bikovic started an affair with a 23-year-old model from Belgrade

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The star of the “Serf”, 32-year-old actor Milos Bikovic does not advertise his personal life. But as it turned out, the actor has a girlfriend, his compatriot, aspiring actress and student Barbara Tatalovich.

Her candid photo shoots drive men crazy, but no one knows who the star of the “Policeman from Rublevka” gave her heart to. Sofia Kashtanova has long protected her personal life from strangers and still has not named her husband.

“Priestess of Love” Christina from a comedy about police officers, Victoria from the TV series “Psychologists” - each heroine of Sofia Kashtanova has not only a spectacular appearance, but also a strong character. To get used to the image, the actress herself came up with the characters the past.

She is ready to talk for hours about work, but she prefers to remain silent about the personal. Perhaps this is why the star of the “Policeman from Rublevka” was often credited with novels. There were rumors that Kashtanova met with Artem Semakin and took him away from the family: just then the artist broke up with Maria Mashkova. However, soon Sofia and Artem stopped appearing together in public. Over the past years, fans have been wondering with whom the actress connected life.

In spring, Kashtanova said that she became a mother, but she did not introduce the father of the child to the public. So what is known about the star of the series, which today celebrates its 32nd birthday?


Sofia was born in the family of playwright Andrei Antonov and actress Alla Kashtanova. However, the girl’s parents did not stay together for long. After the divorce, while my mother toured with performances, the child was often left with her grandmother. Alla Afanasyevna found a new love in Cuba, which radically changed not only her own life, but also the fate of the heiress.

Sophia was eight when her mother decided to get married again and move to Mexico. The sunny country has become the second homeland of the child. Here, the girl learned to communicate freely in Spanish and English, however, she suffered from the lack of circles: the town was too small, so there was no talk of occupations with professional creativity.

The girl was very upset by the death of a loved one. At that moment, Kashtanova even started with auditory hallucinations, it seemed that dad was nearby, talking to her. “I was engaged in equestrian sports then, it became for me a salvation, an outlet. Mom bought me a horse named Phobos. At the Cup of Russia in KSK “Bitsa” we became the second in a show jumping with him. Of course, combining training and study at a theater institute was disastrously difficult, and at some point I had to part with Phobos - we gave it to good people who lived in the village. Until now, this is a sore subject for me, I even have nightmares, it seems like I betrayed and abandoned Phobos, my friend, ”the actress recalled.

As a second year student, Kashtanova began acting in films. She played in one of the episodes of the series “Detectives”, and gained popularity after the drama “Random Connection”. Soon, the actress gained the fame of the “fatal beauty”, and the proposals from the directors became more and more. In the film "Thaw", the artist even got the role of the legendary Sophia Loren.

“Kitchen”, “Wolf's Sun”, “Resort Romance” - critics praised the actress's game in each of these projects. Viewers especially liked the heroine Kashtanova in the comedy "Policeman from Rublevka" - an easy-going girl Kristina, in love with Grisha Izmailova. The bright character of Sophia in Psychologists also fell in love with the public, as did her work in the TV series Shuttles. Continuation "about the difficult life of the 90s.

Despite success in the movie, Kashtanova was not limited to the role of the actress. Thanks to personal drama, she became an artist and not only coped with depression, but also began to earn money from selling paintings.

“In 2010, a very difficult event happened in my life, which is difficult for me to remember,” the artist explained. - It was a serious shock. A friend advised me to try painting. I have not had any such experience before, one might say, in this matter I was mediocre. But she began to draw, began to receive tremendous pleasure from this. I got out of depression and through art found a way out for my feelings. ”

In 2013, with the support of her mother, Sofia opened an exhibition of paintings. At a small auction, 25 of the 30 works were sold. However, subsequently, due to employment in the cinema, Kashtanova almost abandoned painting.


Sofia Kashtanova has kept her private life a secret for many years. She hardly spoke about past novels. “This is a story that does not need to be shared with anyone. That is my position. As Akhmatova said: “You cannot confuse real tenderness with anything, and it is quiet,” the actress noted.

Without hesitation, the star of the “Policeman from Rublevka” spoke only about the first love she found in Mexico. Sofia met a young man named Domian at a local disco. The girl was only 14, and she felt like Juliet, walking in the evenings with a handsome guy. But once the boyfriend suddenly disappeared: he did not appear on a date, breaking the heart of the future actress.

Upon arrival in Moscow, Sofia plunged headlong into the study of acting, and then into work in the cinema, so there was no time for novels. However, this did not prevent the rapid appearance of rumors around the artist. So, after filming the picture "Moon-Moon", fans started talking about her relationship with colleague Artem Semakin. The couple went out together and, although Sofia Kashtanova denied a love affair with Artyom, just then he divorced Maria Mashkova.

“The work brought us together, and she got us apart. We parted with Masha because of my betrayal. This fact happened, I couldn’t hide it and make sure that what happened did not affect our future life together, ”Semakin commented briefly on the divorce.

If there was a romance between Sofia and Artem, it soon ended. There was a period of silence - those around did not know whether Kashtanova had found the second half. At one time, fans thought that the girl was meeting with colleague Ivan Nikolayev, but the couple only laughed in response to rumors: the artists were connected by long-term friendship. But could the actress, two years in a row included in the list of the sexiest women according to the Russian version of MAXIM, remain lonely?


Even last September, surrounded by the actress, they talked about her interesting position. However, Sofia refrained from commenting, despite the fans' questions. She continued to star in the series, but increasingly flew to Mexico with her mother and stepfather. On one of these trips, the actress gave birth to a son. The movie star shared the good news at the end of March, two months after the baby was born.

“Before the flight, I practically did not recover, it was difficult to“ suspect ”me in pregnancy. I remember how, being in the third month, I went up to the director of “Policeman from Rublevka” Ilya Kulikov and spoke about the upcoming changes. He said: “Well, until the abdomen is visible, we can handle it, we will shoot without rewriting the script. But you need to get in shape as quickly as possible after childbirth, hire two trainers and come back! ”- the artist recalled.

Fans were happy for the actress, but they were still tormented by curiosity, because Kashtanova did not say anything about the baby's father. The child was called George, and this prompted the audience to the idea that a foreigner became the lover of the star of the series. In addition, Sofia chose a Mexican hospital, so there was an assumption that the artist repeated the fate of her mother and married a resident of a hot country.

According to another version, Ilya Kulikov could become George's dad, but the actress many times denied the romance with him. To clarify the situation, Sofia noted: the baby's father has no relation to the world of show business, and the lovers have known each other for more than two years.

“To decide to become a family, one must trust one hundred percent. The decision was conscious for us. Georgik is a welcome kid. My husband is half Armenian and has a more oriental view of family and women's responsibilities. Alas, I do not fit into this framework. But we have known each other for a long time, so he treats me with understanding, ”Kashtanova emphasized.

The star protects the baby from prying eyes and so far photographs it only from the back. “I do not want, he is still small, and we did not baptize him. But I can say that when I saw the child, I realized: he is a copy of the pope. From me there was nothing at all. Now Georgik is changing, and I notice his features in him, ”the actress admitted.

Now Sofia is enjoying motherhood and plans to still live in two countries: to engage in projects in Moscow in the summer, and to fly to Mexico with her son in the winter. The actress intends to continue working in the cinema, but leave the idea of ​​playing in the theater until George grows up. “I have long set priorities for myself: family and the child are the main things in life. I believe that you can always find a "middle ground" and learn how to combine family and work. I think I will be able to find a balance, ”the star of the series concluded.

Photo: frame from the series by Sergey and Yulia Krasnov “Shuttles. Read more


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