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Alexander Rosenbaum - a wonderful singer, whose work inspires, pleases, leaves no one indifferent. In each song, the author and performer puts a piece of the soul. It is always open to the listener and the viewer, but on the subject of personal life is in no hurry to spray and flaunt it. But it is he who deserves respect and can serve as an example for young people.

We will find out who the wife of a talented artist is, what she and the children do. We get to the grandchildren, whom the happy grandfather is immensely proud of.

Natalia - first wife

Being very young, Alexander fell in love with a student at his institute. Natasha was 5 years older than him, but this guy did not bother at all. But this fact did not like his parents at all. However, Alexander showed firmness of character and got married.

Something went awry. Maybe the parents prevented me from building a family nest, maybe they themselves were not ready for marriage, but Alexander and Natalya separated. Together they spent only 9 months. They did not give birth to children. After graduating from college, the girl left for Pskov to work as a doctor. No longer communicates with the famous singer.

Elena Savshinskaya - second wife

Alexander met his Elena also while still a student. They were once together at a party. It was there that it turned out that a guy with a girl was studying at the same institute - medical. Common themes were found, friendship quickly struck up. After graduating from college, they continued to be friends until one day Alexander made an offer. And he went straight to Lena's parents to inform them. As a result, they played a wedding. Elena has been working as a radiologist all her life.


Alexander Rosenbaum is a songwriter, performer, poet and composer, a musician working in several genres: author and pop song, jazz, rock, romance, chanson. Rosenbaum received the status of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, and then the People's Artist.

Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum was born in Soviet Leningrad in a family of medical students who, after graduating from the distribution institute, moved to Zyryanovsk, located in Kazakhstan. Here was born the younger brother of Sasha - Vladimir. Father Yakov Shmarievich Rosenbaum eventually became the chief doctor of the city hospital, specializing in urology, and her mother Sofya Semenovna Milyaeva was a gynecologist.

Alexander Rosenbaum in childhood and now

After 6 years, the family returned to Leningrad. Alexander studied in high school with an in-depth study of the French language, and at the same time attended a music school in piano and violin. Having studied at home independently, he mastered playing the guitar.

In addition to music, Sasha was fond of sports. In early childhood, attended the figure skating section, and from adolescence, seriously engaged in boxing in the younger group at the “Labor reserves”.

Alexander Rosenbaum in his youth

After leaving school, Rosenbaum entered the First Leningrad Medical Institute, as the guy decided to follow in the footsteps of his parents. As a result, Alexander became a general practitioner. He worked in the emergency department, and at the same time studied at the evening jazz school at the Kirov Palace of Culture. Having received the diploma of the musician-arranger, the musician faced a choice - to remain a doctor and continue to build on his experience, or to follow the path of a new profession. And Alexander Rosenbaum chooses music.


He began to write the first songs as a student at the institute. Basically, these were thieves' sketches on the theme of the Babel's "Odessa Tales" or medical stories. After graduating from a music school, he performed in small halls that were in the Lenconcert statement, as a member of the groups Pulse, Admiralty, Argonauts, VIA Six Young. Rosenbaum entered the big stage as a solo artist in the first half of the eighties.

Surprisingly, while working in the genre of the author’s song, which at that time was underground, Alexander Rosenbaum quickly became a member of most major pop concerts from the Shire Krug to Song of the Year. But the greatest glory was brought to the performer by a trip to Afghanistan and a series of performances in front of the Afghan warriors. During this period, thieves' songs almost disappear from the repertoire, giving way to the theme of war and the history of Russia. Also in the stories of Rosenbaum’s poems there are gypsy and Cossack themes, philosophical lyrics, psychological drama.

In 1986, in the film “Pain and Hopes of Afghanistan”, the song “In the Mountains of Afghanistan” performed by Rosenbaum is played as an audio track. A few years later, the musician’s song “Waltz-Boston” becomes an all-Union hit. This song sounds in the films “Friend” and “Love with Privileges”.

In 1991, the film “Afghan Break” was released, the musical theme of which was Rosenbaum's Monologue of the Pilot of the Black Tulip. The theme of the war in Afghanistan also appears in other songs of the musician: "A Lifelong Road", "Caravan".

The military theme continues to be characteristic of the work of Alexander Rosenbaum, but more often the musician turns to the theme of the Great Patriotic War or to the marine theme: “I often wake up in silence”, “Take me, dad, but to the war ...”, “38 knots” , "Song of the old destroyer" and others.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Alexander Rosenbaum continued his performances, but songs dedicated to the people of Israel began to appear more and more in his repertoire. So the singer paid tribute to his ancestors through his father.

In 1996, the musician first received the Golden Gramophone Award. The award to Rosenbaum was brought by the song “Au”.

In 2002, Rosenbaum’s song “The Head of the Detective” sounds in the cult crime series “The Brigade”. In the same year, Rosenbaum received the second “Golden Gramophone” for the song “We Are Alive”, and a year later the first prize “Chanson of the Year” for the compositions “Capercaillie” and “Cossack”. From that moment, the musician received the Chanson of the Year Award annually, with the exception of 2008. Most often, two songs of the musician were nominated and won at once.

In 2005, the song of the musician appears in the popular melodramatic series "Two Fates." In the melodrama plays the song "Come to us for a light ...". This song does not enter the world of cinema for the first time, the composition has already played in the 1993 comedy Tram-Tararam, or Bay-Rumble.

In 2012, Rosenbaum received the third and so far last Golden Gramophone for the song Encore, performed in a duet with Zara.

In 2014, the musician began working on a new album. The release of the Metaphysics record took place on December 11, 2015. In total, the creative biography of Alexander Rosenbaum has more than three dozen albums, some of which were released in collaboration with other popular musicians. In his creative activity, Rosenbaum repeatedly recorded songs in a duet with other performers, for example, with Grigory Leps, Mikhail Shufutinsky, the Pearl Brothers, Joseph Kobzon.

Rosenbaum most often performs either with a 6-string or with a 12-string guitar. He has his own rich style of play, as the artist often uses paired strings, giving the sound a bright color.

Alexander Rosenbaum practically doesn’t shoot videos for his songs, so the music videos that can be found on the musician’s official channel on YouTube are shots from concerts. But the singer has at least one beautiful and professional video: a video for the song “Evening Table”, performed together with Grigory Leps and Joseph Kobzon. The clip is posted on the official Leps channel.

Daughter Anna

With the advent of heirs, young doctors did not pull. A year later (October 20, 1976) a daughter appeared in the family, who was named Annushka.

Everything was fine, but the baby began to get sick often. She was diagnosed with asthma. Caring parents tirelessly monitored their health, constantly underwent examination and a course of treatment for their daughter. Probably, this reason influenced the fact that they did not dare to give birth to a second child. From childhood, Anya looked enviously at those who have brothers or sisters. She was sure that she herself would create a large family.

Personal life

The first time, Alexander Rosenbaum married, while still studying at a medical institute. But this student union lasted only nine months.

But literally a year later, Alexander creates a new family, having married again a student of a medical institute, Elena Savshinskaya, with whom she still lives. In 1976, Alexander and Elena give birth to a daughter, Anna, who will be the only child in the Rosenbaum family. The girl was a weakened, sickly child, and parents had to pay a lot of attention to her health. When Anna grew up, she married Israeli swimmer Tiberio Chucky. Spouses live in St. Petersburg. The daughter gave Rosenbaum four grandchildren.

Alexander Rosenbaum with his family

The singer loves dogs very much. He has a bull terrier named Lucky.

In addition to musical activity, Alexander Rosenbaum is a successful businessman. He is the owner of the Bella Leone restaurant and co-owner of the Tolstoy Fraer beer network in St. Petersburg. In addition, he is honorary president of the Maccabi Jewish Sports Society and vice president of Great City, a company that supports young beginner performers.

Alexander Rosenbaum now

In April 2017, Rosenbaum became a guest of the transmission-interview of Leonid Yakubovich “Star on“ Star ”.

In the spring of the same year, the musician was injured at a concert in Saratov. It turned out that Rosenbaum had three ribs broken, which is why the musician postponed the next concert in Volgograd to the end of May.

Singer Alexander Rosenbaum

Alexander Rosenbaum continues to perform on a regular basis. On May 9, 2017, the artist gave a concert dedicated to Victory Day in St. Petersburg, and then appeared in Sochi, Krasnodar and Novorossiysk.

Grandchildren of Rosenbaum

For happy people, dreams always come true. Anna recovered, grew up. She met a handsome guy from Israel and married him. Now she is not only a happy wife, but also a caring mother: Anna and Tibireo Chucky have 4 boys. This means that Alexander, Rosenbaum and Elena have as many as 4 grandchildren who live in Israel and go to school, and often come to Russia.

Not everything in Alexander's life was smooth. There were rash steps, but he managed to change his mind, because there was a family nearby. His wife believed in him, his daughter loved him, and now his grandchildren adore his grandfather. Isn't that happiness?

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The youth of Rosenbaum

After leaving school, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his parents and become a doctor, in connection with which he entered the medical institute in Leningrad. According to Rosenbaum himself, by an absurd accident he was once expelled from the institute, but he was not accepted into the army due to poor vision. In connection with the situation, he had to go to work in the hospital, but he was lucky, he was able to recover and graduate from college.

After passing the state exams, he went to work in the surgical department, but did not stay there for long and soon became an ambulance doctor. In addition, he simultaneously performed in a jazz studio, honing his vocal skills there.

He began his career in the early 80s, when he began to perform with pop groups. However, he began to write songs back in 68, although at that time they were compositions for skits and performances. Nevertheless, he wrote for rock bands, and even for some vocal and instrumental ensembles. After performing in several ensembles, Alexander Rosenbaum began a solo career, which he continues to this day, performing on tours throughout Russia and the Near Abroad, including Moscow, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod and many other cities.

Family and Children

Alexander Rosenbaum’s biography and personal life are quite interesting, the first marriage was concluded at the age of 19, but did not last long: the couple broke up after only 9 months. Rosenbaum still lives with his second wife. He married her at 21, although they knew each other long before the wedding. Like his parents, Alexander met love at the university: his wife studied with him on the same course and at the end of the institute received the specialty of a radiologist.

Elena Savshinskaya, second wife, gave birth to Alexandra Rosenbaum daughter - Anna Alexandrovna Savshinskaya. This happened back in the 70s, the couple did not have more children. At school, she studied well, was fond of learning foreign languages. After studying, she moved to Israel, where she married a local athlete - a former swimmer Tiberio Chaki, from whom she gave birth to four sons: David, Alexander Nicky, Daniel and Andrew.

The father of Alexander Rosenbaum, Yakov Shmarievich Rosenbaum, worked all his life as a doctor, being the head of one of the St. Petersburg hospitals. He died at the beginning of 2018. As for his mother, Sofia Semenovna Milyaeva, she also devoted her whole life to medicine: she brought many Leningrad babies into this world, she was buried next to her beloved husband.

At one time in the media there was information about the presence of a lover in Rosenbaum. Allegedly, this was his fan, Natalia Vostrikova. There were even several television shows about this, but there was no exact information about this. Be that as it may, Rosenbaum does not deny that he knew Vostrikova and once even filed an application for extortion against her. True, she was his mistress or not, he refused to speak.

Instagram and social networks

Almost every day the artist’s social networks are replenished with new pictures and interesting messages, from which you can learn about the celebration of the singer’s and his family’s birthdays, the release of new albums and much, much more. In addition, the writer’s community on VKontakte is actively expanding, where you can find out the poster of the artist’s performances and any news about his life and performances. On YouTube, you can find many of the singer’s compositions, clips to his songs, and even a recording of his anniversary concert.

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Alexander Rosenbaum. The fate of man with Boris Korchevnikov

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Alexander Rosenbaum. My hero

Alexander Rosenbaum - biography

Alexander Rosenbaum - poet, musician, singer, composer, actor. He has the title of Honored and People's Artist of the Russian Federation.

History has many examples when people who have their own opinions were misunderstood. They tried to avoid such people because they dropped out of the general “herd”, tried to defend their point of view, which was noticeably different from the generally accepted norms and rules of behavior. This fully applies to Alexander Rosenbaum, the successor to Vysotsky, Galich and Okudzhava. He is always honest - to himself, to the people. “You can’t deceive a people” is a line from one of his songs, and it speaks for itself.


Alexander Rosenbaum was born on September 13, 1951 in Leningrad. His parents are fellow students of the 1st Medical Institute, Jacob Rosenbaum and Sofia Milyaeva. They received a diploma of graduation in 1952, and were sent to work in the Kazakh city of Zyryanovsk. It was a real backwater, where trains did not even go. Jacob specialized in urology, he soon became the head of the city hospital, Sauvia worked as an obstetrician-gynecologist. The family lived there for six years, and during this time it became more than one person - Sasha's brother Volodya was born.

Alexander Rosenbaum in his youth

Then they returned to their native Leningrad. Sasha went to school, where he intensively taught French. After the main classes, he happily ran to study the violin and piano at a music school. He really liked the music, so he himself, without any help, began to play the guitar.

Another children's hobby of the boy was sports. Immediately he was engaged in figure skating, then he began to attend the boxing section with the team "Labor Reserves".

After receiving a school certificate, Alexander became a student at the First Leningrad Medical Institute, like his parents.

He decided to continue the family tradition, and upon graduation he received the specialty of general practitioner. He began his career as an ambulance doctor, but did not give up music.

He entered the evening department of the jazz school, which opened at the Kirov Palace of Culture. Soon the young man became a certified musician-arranger, and for the first time he seriously thought about his life path. He did not know what he wanted more - to continue to save people or to please them with good music. After much deliberation, he settled on the music.

Socio-political position of Alexander Rosenbaum

In 2003, he was elected to the State Duma of Russia from the United Russia party. He stayed in position until 2005.

Vice President and Artistic Director of the Concert Department of the Great City Society.

Chairman of the Board of the Kronstadt Historical Heritage Development Fund. “Restoring the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral and returning it to people to serve the idea for which it was created - to be the main marine church of the country,” said Alexander Rosenbaum, chairman of the foundation’s council, is a “holy task.”

On June 28, 2005, among 50 members of the public, he signed a letter in support of the verdict to former Yukos executives.

Among 42 well-known Petersburgers, he signed an open letter to President Dmitry Medvedev in support of the construction of the Okhta Center.

In December 2015, for his political position and views on the Ukrainian events of 2013-2014, Rosenbaum was included in the black list of Russian artists who are “persons non grata” in Ukraine.

Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

Co-owner of a beer network Fat Fraer St. Petersburg

The growth of Alexander Rosenbaum: 174 centimeters.

Personal life of Alexander Rosenbaum:

He was married twice.

Rosenbaum's family life began early, but the first marriage lasted only 9 months.

A year later, Rosenbaum married again, this time with his classmate Elena Savshinsky, she is a radiologist at Skvortsova-Stepanova Hospital. They got married in 1975. The couple had a daughter, Anna.

Alexander Rosenbaum and wife Elena

Daughter - Anna Savshinskaya (born October 20, 1976) - a philologist and professional translator, married Israeli citizen Tiberio Chaki, a swimmer athlete who completed his sports career. He is engaged in the beer network "Fat Fraer".

Grandchildren: David Chucky-Rosenbaum (born December 1999), lives in St. Petersburg, Alexander Nicky Chucky-Rosenbaum (born February 2005), Daniel and Andrei (born February 2014).

Discography of Alexander Rosenbaum:

Home Concert (1981)
“In memory of Arkady Severny” (April 1982) (together with the Pearl Brothers)
Dedication to the Initiators (1983)
New Songs (November 1983) (with the Pearl Brothers)
“Concert in Vorkuta” (1984)
The Epitaph (1986)
My Yards (1986)
"Draw me a house" (1987)
Life-long Road (1987)
"Concert at LOMO" (1987)
New York Concert (1987)
Cossack Songs (1988)
The Anathema (1988)
Gop-Stop (1993)
"Nostalgia" (1994)
The Hot Ten (1994)
Sluggish Schizophrenia (September 1994)
“Pink Pearls” (August-November 1995) (together with the Pearl Brothers)
“On Plantations of Love” (March-May 1996)
"Birthday Concert" (October 4, 1996)
“Return to Argo” (February 1997)
July Heat (November 1997)
Trans-Siberian Railway (November 1999)
The Real Soldier (April 2001)
The Old Guitar (2001)
Strange Life (2003)
“I see the light” (July-August 2005)
"Fellow travelers" (2007)
“The Dream of the Thieves Poet” (February 2009)
“Open shirt” (May-June 2010)
“The Shores of a Clean Brotherhood” (July 2011) (together with Grigory Leps)
Metaphysics (2015)

Filmography of Alexander Rosenbaum:

1985 - Start Over - Cameo
1987 - Two hours with bards
1991 - Afghan Kink - Cameo
1991 - Escape to the ends of the world
1991 - Insomnia
1992 - To survive - Jafar (voice acting - Victor Proskurin)
2005 - Not by bread alone - Rostislav Petrovich
2008 - Side Step - Georgy Shakhov
2011 - The best summer of our lives - cameo

Photo: Alexander Rosenbaum


In the spring of 2017, Leonid Yakubovich invited the musician to his program “Star on the Star”, and he was happy to visit the famous host.

After some time, Alexander was injured during a concert in Saratov. After the examination, the doctors found three broken ribs in him, and urgently requested to postpone the performance in Volgograd. The singer listened to the opinion of experts and postponed the concert until the end of May.

The musician continues his concert activity, and performs regularly. On May 9, 2017, he performed in St. Petersburg in honor of the celebration of Victory Day. Then he left with concerts in Krasnodar, Sochi, Novorossiysk.

Poet and musician

Alexander Rosenbaum - composer, songwriter. Many of his early songs belong to the thieves genre, and their hero is a classic image of the Odessa NEP raider. This image was compiled based on the "Odessa Tales" by Isaac Babel. A number of his early songs are also related to the work of a physician. However, Alexander Yakovlevich himself believes that he works in the Rosenbaum genre.

Also, his work is characterized by an interest in the history of Russia of the post-revolutionary years of the 20th century (“The Romance of General Charnota”), gypsy themes (for example, the songs “Song of the Gypsy Blood Horse”, “Ah, if I could ...”) and the Cossacks (“Cossack”, “Kuban Cossack”, “On the Don, on the Don”). Among his songs there is also philosophical lyrics (“The Real Fate”). The military theme, in which most of the songs are connected with the Great Patriotic War (“I often wake up in silence”, “Take me, dad, go to war ...” and others), and the maritime theme (“38 knots”) is not bypassed. , "Song of the old destroyer"). A special part of the work is dedicated to the war in Afghanistan (“Monologue of the pilot of the Black Tulip”, “Caravan”, “Life-long Road”). The singer was often in the locations of the Soviet military units, performing with concerts in Afghanistan. In 1986, at the Film Studio of the USSR Ministry of Defense, the song "In the Mountains of Afghanistan" was mounted in the film "Pain and Hopes of Afghanistan" for the chronicle of hostilities - in fact, the first clip for the artist’s songs was created.

Rosenbaum plays in a seven-string guitar without a fifth string, this is called OPEN G. A characteristic feature of Rosenbaum’s performances is a twelve-string guitar, using paired metal strings that give the instrument a timbered rich sound. According to Rosenbaum himself, it is impossible to determine the style of music in which he works, since he is a very versatile musician. Rosenbaum’s poems abound in specific vocabulary (technical, hunting (“Wolf Hunting”, “Duck Hunting”), military, prison, etc.). After the collapse of the USSR, Jewish, Israeli motifs appeared in the work of Rosenbaum (“Song of the Jewish Tailor”). Rosenbaum has a voice of baritone nature.

The song “Waltz-Boston” with a melody and complex harmony, replete with altered triads, received all-Union popularity in the late 1980s. Because of this, the song becomes jazz.

In form, Rosenbaum’s work is close to the bard song genre. However, while the bard song in the Soviet years was a recluse, a pariah of the stage, spreading only on tape tapes in makeshift recordings, Rosenbaum enjoyed official recognition and performed as an artist of the Lenconcert long before the collapse of the Soviet Union and the censorship was canceled. In the anthology "Author's song" (compiled by Dmitry Sukharev), his name is not mentioned. In the later period of his work, to this day musicians work with Rosenbaum, for whom he creates arrangements, and the musical style is very different - from jazz to rock and rock and roll.

The beginning of the career of the singer Rosenbaum

The sixties passed. Many universities have formed their own musical groups - VIA and rock bands. When the Argonauts ensemble was organized at the Alexander Institute, he, of course, took a worthy place there, being a vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. Very quickly, the team became famous in St. Petersburg, young people danced to their songs, some of them became real hits.

Alexander left the group in the mid-seventies. He graduated from the Institute, but not without incident. It so happened that he was accidentally expelled, because of which he had to recover and finish his studies the following year. Moreover, a graduate of the institute left his walls with a red diploma.

The most famous songs

1986A month, a warrior prince ...Wires —

1986Gentle thin ...Flagship march —

1986Sometimes on a nice day, long ...18 years later Reprise of the song “Carter”

1986There is Moldavanka in Odessa ...Collage Synthesis of 5 songs: “Ligovka”, “On Marat Street”, “Was it really?”, “In my yard” and “Good girl”

1986About 30 years have passed since childhood ...Thinking on a walk —

1986Draw me a house - so one to suit! ...Draw me a house It was included in the eponymous record (1986). ?How did he die ...Initiation dedication Dedicated to V. Vysotsky? The light in the sky will not go out with azure ...The song of the lad There is a rustle in the meadows, and the pointe froze sensitively ...Duck hunting I would like to give you a song ...Ay The leaves fell on the water, autumn a red cameo ...Old benches The July Heat Album Not in a dream, not in delirium, in the sixty-second year ...In the 62nd year The July Heat Album July heat. Asphalt melts in it, ...July heat The July Heat Album The road is so long on the pass ...Pass of love The July Heat Album Life has become fun, in the head mess….Mid way The July Heat Album Spring began, and thawed now ...Wormwood Twist The July Heat Album Flowers, a concert, a hotel ...My sadness The July Heat Album Well, again, I’m going somewhere in the dark ...Here you go. The July Heat Album From a neon light the eye is cold and painful ...101st kilometer The July Heat Album Here again autumn beats your forehead ...Don't say goodbye to the orchestra The July Heat Album. Dedication to I. Kobzon. Like a deer roaring on a taiga lake ...Trans-Siberian Railway Album "Trans-Siberian Railway". Oh, what’s been hurt in my chest for so many years? ...Country on the rubble Album "Trans-Siberian Railway". Give, Lord, a melody ...Give, Lord, a melody Album "Trans-Siberian Railway". Thick, smelly, yellow smoke fell ...Arrow Album "Trans-Siberian Railway". Ah, winter, you are mine, winter! ...Winter Album "Trans-Siberian Railway". They don’t meet the city with a bird’s hubbub ...Two tickets to Manhattan Album "Trans-Siberian Railway". Autumn sad colors palette ...Autumn morning Album "Trans-Siberian Railway". From the cigarette butts swells ...Bro Album "Trans-Siberian Railway". - Hello, hello, let's fly! ...Maroussia tied Album "Trans-Siberian Railway". Duet with L. Uspenskaya. We are not afraid of death today with our hearts ...Night conversation Album "Trans-Siberian Railway". Oh, why are you, why have you punished me, Lord ...You are my Love Album "Trans-Siberian Railway". Beyond the wall of voice ...You are not St. Petersburg Album "Trans-Siberian Railway". It was a long time ago…Motel, Motel, Matvey (to my dad, with tenderness)Album "Trans-Siberian Railway". On the street of Marat.On the street of Marat Poplar fluff is flying.Poplar fluff

Musicians who previously played with Rosenbaum

  • Nikolai Serafimovich Rezanov (1982-1983, 1993-2006) †
  • Yuri Kapetanaki (keyboards, 2002—2019) †
  • Arkady Aladyin (drums, 2002-2012, 2017-2019) †
  • Anatoly Nikiforov (2002-2012)
  • Victor Smirnov (1993-2002)
  • Alyosha Dulkevich (1982-1983, 2001-2010)
  • Vitaliy Rotkovich (1992-2001, sound engineer)
  • Vadim Markov (drums, 2012-2017)
  • Mikhail Volkov (bass, 2012—2017)

Official discography

(date of recording, not publication)

  • Home Concert (1981)
  • “In memory of Arkady Severny” (April 1982) (together with the Pearl Brothers)
  • Dedication to the Initiators (1983)
  • New Songs (November 1983) (together with the Pearl Brothers)
  • “Concert in Vorkuta” (1984)
  • The Epitaph (1986)
  • My Yards (1986)
  • "Draw me a house" (1987)
  • Life-long Road (1987)
  • "Concert at LOMO" (1987)
  • New York Concert (1987)
  • Cossack Songs (1988)
  • The Anathema (1988)
  • Gop-Stop (1993)
  • "Nostalgia" (1994)
  • The Hot Ten (1994)
  • Sluggish Schizophrenia (September 1994)
  • "Pink Pearls" (August-November 1995) (together with the Pearl Brothers)
  • “On Plantations of Love” (March-May 1996)
  • "Birthday Concert" (October 4, 1996)
  • “Return to Argo” (February 1997)
  • July Heat (November 1997)
  • Trans-Siberian Railway (November 1999)
  • The Real Soldier (April 2001)
  • The Old Guitar (2001)
  • Strange Life (2003)
  • “I see the light” (July-August 2005)
  • "Fellow travelers" (2007)
  • “The Dream of the Thieves Poet” (February 2009)
  • “Open shirt” (May-June 2010)
  • “The shores of a pure fraternity” (July 2011) (together with Grigory Leps)
  • “Metaphysics” (entry 2014—2015, release December 11, 2015)
  • Symbiosis (2019)

Video clips

  • The Lamplighter (1990)
  • The Flagship March (1996)
  • “Give, Lord, a melody” (2000)
  • "Country on the Block" (2000)
  • Waltz-Boston (2001)
  • Lullaby (2001)
  • Checkered (2003) (together with Dmitry Gordon)
  • "Evening table" (2011) (together with Joseph Kobzon and Grigory Leps)
  • “Love on the Encore!” (2012) (with Zara)


  • 1985 - Start Again - cameo
  • 1987 - Two hours with bards - bard
  • 1991 - Afghan Kink - cameo
  • 1991 - Escape to the ends of the world - Orey, Bard
  • 1994 - Insomnia - cameo
  • 1992 - To survive - Jafar (scoring - Victor Proskurin)
  • 2005 - Not by bread alone - Rostislav Petrovich
  • 2008 - Side Step - George Shakhov
  • 2011 - The best summer of our lives - cameo

Films in which the songs of Alexander Rosenbaum sound

  • Friend (1987) - Waltz-Boston, About Colds, Retro, Draw My House
  • Two hours with bards (1987) - “Song about the ambulance”, “Gop-stop”, “Kamikaze”, “Ducks”, “In the mountains of Afghanistan”, “What are the children of the Arbat now singing about?”
  • Snitch (1988) - “We grew up in the same yard ...”
  • Paid for Everything (1988) - “The Real Fate”
  • Love with Privileges (1990) - Waltz-Boston (arrangement)
  • Deserter (1990) - Gop-Stop
  • Hunting a Pimp (1990) - “The door opened ...”
  • Afghan Kink (1991) - “The Black Tulip Pilot Monologue”
  • American fight (1992) - “The Black Tulip pilot’s monologue”
  • Tram-tararam, or Bay-floundering (1993) - "Come to us for a light ..."
  • Throw March (2002) - Ninka
  • Team (2002) - “The Chief of the Detective”
  • Sea Knot (2002) - “Autumn Morning”, “Night Talk”
  • Time of the Cruel (2004) - The Homeless Room
  • Two Fates (2005) - “Come to us for a light ...”
  • Order (2005) - “Dreams”
  • Side Step (2008) - “Truly Believe”
  • Goodbye Makarov (2010) - “I See the Light”
  • Night Swallows (2012) - “Waltz on the Plane”
  • Chef 2 (2013) - "Draw me a house"
  • Another major Sokolov (2014) - Kamikaze
  • Everest (2015) - Zoyka

Films about Alexander Rosenbaum

  • 1987 - Face to Face
  • 1987 - “Two hours with bards” (Galich, Okudzhava, Vizbor, Vysotsky, Rosenbaum, Makarevich)
  • 1990 - “Thoughts of Alexander Rosenbaum”
  • 1994 - Insomnia
  • 1997 - Waltz-Boston
  • 1997 - Late Express
  • 2003 - “Philosophy of the Way” 20 years later (part 1 and part 2)
  • 2004 - “The personal life of Alexander Rosenbaum”
  • 2010 - Men Don't Cry
  • 2011 - The Strange Life by Alexander Rosenbaum
  • 2011 - “My amazing dream ...”
  • 2016 - “Alexander Rosenbaum. I’m closely in the ranks "

Television participant and guest

  • 1986 - "Around the laughter" (TC "The first program of the DH")
  • 1986, 1997 - The Music Ring (TC Channel Five)
  • 1994 - "Sieve" (TC "TET")
  • 1995 - "My Star" (TC "TV-6")
  • 1996 - "Top Secret" (TC "RTR")
  • 1997 - "Sharks of a feather" (TC "TV-6")
  • 1997 - The Leader
  • 1998 - "Bluff Club" (together with Mikhail Boyarsky and Oleg Gazmanov) (TC "The Fifth Channel", TC "Culture")
  • 2001 - "SV-show" (TC "M2")
  • 2002 - "Creative landing" (TC "Nevsky Canal")
  • 2003 - "Classmates" (TC "TVS")
  • 2003 - “Apology” with Dmitry Dibrov (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2004 - “Favorite of the public” with Jan Levinson (TC “Israel Plus”)
  • 2005, 2007, 2008, 2013 - “Visiting Dmitry Gordon”
  • 2006 - “Born in the USSR” (TC “Nostalgia”)
  • 2008 - “Night Talk” (TC “Capital Capital”)
  • 2008 - “He came to us. "(TC" A-minor ")
  • 2009 - “Steps to Success” with Alina Kabaeva (TC “REN”)
  • 2009 - “So far, everyone is at home” (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2009 - “Looking at the night” (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2009 - “Boris Notkin Invites” (TC “TVC”)
  • 2009 - “Time of the Union” with Igor Ugolnikov (TC “TRO”)
  • 2010 - “Personal belongings” with Andrei Maksimov (TC “Channel Five”)
  • 2010 - “Pantry Vinyl Video” (TC “100TV”)
  • 2010 - “Men Do Not Cry” (NTV TV)
  • 2010 - Meetings on Mokhovaya (TC Channel Five)
  • 2010 - Doctors (TC "TVC")
  • 2010 - Subbotnik with Anna Kovalchuk (TC "Russia-1")
  • 2010 - “One Hundred Questions for an Adult” (TC “TVC”)
  • 2010 - “Good evening, Moscow” (TC “TVC”)
  • 2010, 2012, 2016 - “Smak” (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2011 - Olivier Show (TC Channel One)
  • 2011 - “Notes of protest” (TC “REN”)
  • 2011 - “Talents and fans” with Veniamin Smekhov (TC “TVC”)
  • 2011 - Show Business
  • 2011 - “The City and the Citizens” (TC “100TV”)
  • 2011 - “Men's Company” (TC “First Municipal”)
  • 2011 - Our Time (TC "Top Secret")
  • 2011 - “Live healthy!” (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2011 - “Let them talk” with Andrei Malakhov (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2011 - “We Speak and Show” (NTV TV)
  • 2011 - "Midnight" with Vladimir Molchanov (TC "Mir")
  • 2011, 2013, 2018 - “Blue Light on Shabolovka” (TC “Russia-1”)
  • 2012 - Good Morning (TC Channel One)
  • 2012 - “The Incredible Truth About the Stars” (TC “STB”)
  • 2012, 2017 - “Searchlight Perishilton” (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2012, 2013, 2018 - “What? Where? When? ”(TC“ Channel One ”)
  • 2012 - 2019 - "Evening Urgant" (TC "Channel One")
  • 2013 - "Health" with Elena Malysheva (TC "Channel One")
  • 2013 - “Contact” (TC “Ninth Channel”)
  • 2013 - "Big Boxing" (TC "Inter")
  • 2013 - “New Year in company with Yuri Bashmet” (TC “Culture”)
  • 2014 - “Two Stars” (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2014 - “Songs for loved ones” (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2014 - “Life Line” (TC “Culture”)
  • 2014 - "Alone with everyone" (TC "Channel One")
  • 2014 - 2018 - “Three chords” (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2015 - "The main stage" (TC "Russia-1")
  • 2015 - “Distance of the Republic” (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2015 - “My Hero” (TC “TVC”)
  • 2015 - “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” (together with Alexander Druz) (TC "Channel One")
  • 2015 - “Singing your favorite songs together” (TC “TVC”)
  • 2016 - “International Sawmill” with Tigran Keosanyan (NTV TV)
  • 2016 - “Exactly” (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2016 - “Alone with everyone. Be yourself "(TC" Channel One ")
  • 2017 - “Star on the Star” with Leonid Yakubovich (TC “Star”)
  • 2017 - “Honest Word” with Yuri Nikolayev (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2018 - “Guess the melody” (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2018 - “Tonight” (TC “Channel One”)
  • 2018 - “The fate of man with Boris Korchevnikov” (TC “Russia-1”)
  • 2018 - SALT (TC REN TV)
  • 2018, 2019 - “Kvartirnik NTV near Margulis” (TC “NTV”)
  • 2019 - “Ten Photos” with Arina Sharapova (TC “Star”)


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State awards

  • Medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces of the USSR."
  • Medal "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union N. G. Kuznetsov."
  • Anniversary medal "70 years of the Armed Forces of the USSR" (1988).
  • Anniversary medal "300 years of the Russian fleet" (1996).
  • Medal "Defender of the Fatherland" (December 2002, Ukraine).
  • Order of Honor (September 7, 2011) - for his great contribution to the development of domestic musical art and many years of fruitful activity .

Other rewards

  • Breastplate "To the warrior-internationalist".
  • Medal "To the internationalist warrior from the grateful Afghan people."
  • Honorary diploma of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg (2001).
  • Prize "Man of the Year" of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (2004).
  • Prize of the FSB of Russia (nomination "Musical Art", 2007) - for a cycle of military patriotic songs.


  • 2003 - songs "Esaul" and "Capercaillie"
  • 2004 - songs "Let me write you and Waltz-Boston"
  • 2005 - song "Night Call"
  • 2006 - songs “Old Horse”, “I See the Light”, “Clouds” (duet with Lyubov Uspenskaya)
  • 2007 - songs “Susuman Lyric”, “In Memory of Nikolai Rezanov” and “Maroussia” (duet with Lyubov Uspenskaya)
  • 2009 - songs “Travel Companion” and “God Saves Care”
  • 2010 - songs “Dream of the thieves poet” and “Zoyka”
  • 2011 - songs “Open shirt” and “Koresha”
  • 2012 - songs “It was a good time” and “Classmates”
  • 2013 - songs "Will" and "Golden Cage"
  • 2014 - songs “Once upon a time in Ligovka” and “Old Thrush”
  • 2016 - songs “Once upon a time in Ligovka” and “Queen”
  • 2017 - songs “Waltz on a swan groove” and “Queue for bread”


  • Alexander Rosenbaum has more than 13 guitars. He plays not in the usual (Spanish) guitar system, but in OPEN G (open G major) - this is a seven-string guitar system on a six-string without using the 5th string.
  • It prefers Ovation brand guitars, the Custom Balladeer 1755 lineup (black lacquer, mother-of-pearl rings, chrome mechanisms), although the collection has Adamas, Taylor, Martin, Gibson, Takamine and many other, no less interesting instruments.
  • Recently, among Russian pet lovers, the song of Alexander Rosenbaum “Lucky”, which the artist dedicated to his deceased bull terrier, has become increasingly popular.
  • More than 15 songs by Alexander Rosenbaum fell into the repertoire of Mikhail Shufutinsky.
  • By order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation of October 11, 2000, A. Ya. Rosenbaum was awarded the rank of colonel of the medical reserve service.
  • The holder of the first Russian passport of a new type with number 13. The number was assigned at his request, as lucky for him.
  • Several songs from the album “Return to Argo” were previously performed by Alexander Rosenbaum in the group “Argonauts”.
  • Alexander Rosenbaum made notes of informants for the Metro Voices rallies held in two cities: St. Petersburg (Moscow-Petrogradskaya Line, 2009) and Moscow (Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya Line, 2015).
  • The opening song of each of the early issues of one of the highest-rated Ukrainian television projects “Karaoke on the Maidan” was a composition based on the music of the song “Khreshchatyk” by Alexander Rosenbaum.
  • Negative of gay pride parades and gay marriage.

Solo career of Alexander Rosenbaum

In the early eighties, the repertoire underwent significant changes. Now these were not thieves' songs, but songs about his hometown, friendship, love, war, favorite heroes of books. At that time, the cycle Gulliver's Travels, Capercaillie, Waltz-Boston, Black Tulip, and others appeared. His song Black Tulip talked about the war in Afghanistan, which the performer knew firsthand. He has been there and participated in combat raids more than once. At that time, Rosenbaum spoke a lot to the military and to prisoners.

In 1993, the audience was able to see Alexander as a cool mafia. He played this hero in the movie "To Survive." The Kinotavr festival celebrated this work with a prize.

Alexander Rosenbaum today

Since the mid-nineties, the performer has produced many CDs and cassettes. There are some of his songs that are performed by Mikhail Shufutinsky. He often began to give large solo concerts, including in the USA and in European countries.

Today, the performer is still popular. For two years since 2003, he was a deputy of the State Duma, being a representative of the United Russia party.


  • "Home concert"
  • "Dedication to the Initiates"
  • "New songs"
  • "Concert in Vorkuta"
  • "Epitaph"
  • "My courtyards"
  • "Draw me a house"
  • "A lifelong road"
  • "Concert at LOMO"
  • New York Concert
  • "Cossack songs"
  • "Anathema"
  • "GOP stop"
  • "Nostalgia"
  • Hot Ten
  • "Sluggish schizophrenia"
  • "Pink Pearl"
  • "On the plantations of love"
  • "Birthday Concert"
  • "Return to Argo"
  • July heat
  • Trans-Siberian Railway
  • "Real soldier"
  • "The old guitar"
  • "Strange life"
  • “I see the light”
  • "Fellow travelers"
  • "Dream of the thieves poet"
  • "Open shirt"
  • “The shores of pure brotherhood”
  • "Metaphysics"
  • "Symbiosis"


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